My Disney Experience

4.6 (2.2M)
510.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Disney Experience

4.63 out of 5
2.2M Ratings
4 years ago, AudreyH1962
Confusing for a large planning party
We are a large family of 10 with multiple households. It was unclear about linking tickets. We are managing through the bumps and bruises but it has been somewhat difficult. As the vacation planner setting everything up, I didn’t realize until it was too late that children should be set up by their parent. Once all the tickets were entered and I began sharing family & friends we realized I couldn’t share their info with their parent. We also lost a member from the list when invites were accepted from the same email, that person received 2 tickets under their name in their account. Once we got that figured out, we realized he had also been deleted from our park reservations. I could no longer add him back to correct it since the ticket was now linked to another account. It looks like she can reassign the ticket to the proper account/ticket owner. It also appears that you must share with each person individually or you don’t all see the entire party that was originally set up (a security feature?). As we sent invites between us we began to see the list of family & friends grow. All in all, it’s not as seamless and easy as it seems if you are a large group. We still have to call for help with corrections for fear of deactivating or ruining our tickets before we ever get there!
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1 year ago, RollTidenTX
Nothing will link and app is frustrating to use
I have tried numerous times to link my resort reservation to this app so we can book reservations for dining etc. It will not let us use our reservation confirmation number. We have called support 3 times over the last week and got no resolution to the issue. Each time the cast member gave us a different answer for how to resolve it. None of it worked as we attempted to get this resolved prior to our 60 day mark. Now we are at the 60 day mark and some of the reservations we wanted are not available. :( Also, went to Shop Disney on the app to purchase a new Magic Band+. When the purchase was trying to go through the page would freeze and appear as if the transaction didn’t go through. I would try again over and over. My cart would still be full and I never got a purchase confirmation. The next day I got an alert from AMEX, my card was charged 5 times for the magic band. I called AMEX and they flagged the charges. Then I had to call Shop Disney support to verify that the purchase was for one magic band and not five. The cast member said none of the sales were completed. She completed a new one on the call but said it would take several days for the other five charges to fall off the card. Let’s just say that the app is unpredictable and doesn’t work very well. Keeping my fingers crossed that all of this can eventually be corrected and will work for Genie+ etc. once our days in the parks happen.
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4 years ago, Heartbeat21Days
Terrible & ruins vacation
Don’t count on getting in to Rise of the Resistance even if you get up at 4:30 am and arrive at the park at 6 am... even though all members of your party went through security an had admission scanned at around 6:30 am, and are standing well inside the park by Grohman’s theater....BECAUSE you MUST use that lively My Disney Experience app to join a “ boarding group”...and as people around us were getting group 35 , the Disney Exoerience did NOT work for any of our phones until my husband pulled his out and got us Boarding Group 105...Which would still be ok, if we didn’t need to leave and drive 4 hours home today. So while people around us had their groups called at 8:30-9:30 am... we are still sitting here, knowing our “group” probably won’t be called until late afternoon or early evening...too late for us. Ift wouldn’t be so bad if we just didn’t make the group but to be here and only because of Disney, not be in the group is EXTREMELY frustrating. Cast members were not helpful or maybe we won’t be renewing those very expensive Premium Annual Passes after all. And this is all with having a DAS card. Getting too old for this 🤔
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7 months ago, b23400
Not good for reservations
I have had nothing but trouble trying to make reservations. Some websites say if you are staying at a Disney resort you can make reservations 60 days out from the day you check in. I tried to book Star Wars building light saber for hours it said unavailable/no times available, when I finally got in, there were plenty of times to choose from on that date, it also let me book 62 days out (I’m staying at a Disney resort). Then I went to book bibbidi bibbidi boutique 61 days out, it would not let me click the date I needed even though I could do light saber building 62 days out. On 60 days out it says there is no times available??!!!??? This is a joke. Are we booking Taylor swifts tickets or trying to make a reservation? We need better guidelines on booking. How many days for Disney resort stayers vs non stayers, what time exactly we can book (12am, 6am, 8am, etc). I got in the website 61 days out, would not let me book for 61 days out. then I get on the website 60 days out and you can book up to 63 days out? But the app will only let you do 60 days out? This is horrendous. It makes no sense and it’s not the same day to day. Also why are the individual lightening lanes called lightening lanes if you call lightening lanes through genie plus the same thing? Change the name of one or the other because it’s extremely confusing trying to figure out what this means. Genie plus with lightening lane and fast pace or something! Stop calling it the same thing!
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6 years ago, MikeL200
Necessary Evil
It's annoying to have to book a rides daily for a week a month (or two) in advance of our trip, more annoying dealing with the constraints of being there for 3 weeks and coordinating with friends/family coming & going in that period. This app adds insult to injury since it often crashes, lists bad/outdated data, and requires repeatedly scrolling to the day you're interested in. I've had to redo plans multiple times to adapt to available rides and accommodate friends/family who don't yet understand how mandatorily it is to know exactly what park and ride they're going to be at 30 days in advance at 7am. Often the app lists the old fast passes plus new ones, sometimes with the correct # of people and sometimes not. Clicking on old/canceled ones results in an error. I then have to scroll all the way back down to the day/time I was viewing in the my plans screen to continue where I left off (that happens even if no error, when returning to the list after viewing a fast pass or mean reservation- be annoying it doesn't remember where I was). I've found the only way to clear old data is reinstall the app, and I've done that many times on my iPhone, my work iPhone, and my iPad while planning this trip. I can't wait till my vacation comes and goes so I can delete this app for good on all my devices! This needs to be better Disney! My advice is to use the website - it's got it's own errors and drawbacks, but works less badly than he app.
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5 years ago, 34ahdh
Crashes constantly
I hate this app. It constantly crashes. It’s supposed to work with magic bands, reservations, fast passes, pictures, etc. the problem is it constantly has issues. It tries to log in EVERY TIME. And you’re using it at least 30 times a day to keep track of everything or figure out where you’re going. I have the worst time getting pictures to link with others in my party. Or trying to see wait times or where dining options are nearby. In theory it should bring all this up but in reality you stand around either waiting for it to load or closing the app out for for the 5th or 6th time while you wait for it to just come up at all. And I have a current phone with current iOS so don’t use the excuse I have older generation hardware. This app seriously put a damper on our trip because you have to use it for EVERYTHING. To add to it because the app doesn’t work well it slows down traffic in the park. People are constantly looking at their phones and trying to get the app to work. Whole families slow down in the middle of the park and then have to pull off to the side while they wait for fast pass times and schedules to load. Seriously Disney? You can’t figure this one out? You make mechanical dragons breathe fire during a parade, seems like you could take a little time and make an app that is CRITICAL to the park experience at least function 80% of the time. Call Apple or Microsoft. I’m sure they have an engineer who can help you.
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2 years ago, zulu22134
Very disappointed in our visit to Disney.
Your technology was awful. Stayed in a Disney resort and ordered food ahead by using the i-phone. wWent to pick up and phone said our order was being processed. Waited about a 1/2 an hour and when we went to check on it, they didn’t have our order and had to reorder and wait again. We paid extra for the Genie plus pass . Tried to use it and wound up canceling because rides were down and decided to go on regular line. We waited for one ride for 2 hours and 40 minutes. The signs in Hollywood Studios were hard to find and the map was no help. There were no signs on shops telling what it was. Very few people around to help you find places. When we brought are kids in the 80s and 90’s it was a great experience, this time when we brought our grandchildren, I don’t want to come back.😡We have super grandchildren and they deserve better. Start improving your technology so it’s friendly to everyone and improve your signs. Also improve your garbage cans. Label the place where you are suppose to throw the trash and make that section bigger. I was standing on line and this jerk went to throw his milkshake out pushed on the unopened side, dropping the milkshake on the ground and having it spray all over me. Yelled at him because he wasn’t going to pick it up and waited for an apology that I never got. I hope you make some improvement so Disney can live up to it’s former reputation.
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4 years ago, Central FL Domestic Engineer
No support
We downloaded this at the ticket counter when the agent said it is the way to reserve fast passes. Since it was the day of our visit, there were no fast passes available, but we could use it on future days. That’s not their fault, that is just my ignorance in believing that there was a “fast pass”benefit for each day of use. The next time we were armed with experience and ready to plan our fast passes for our next visit. However, the app wouldn’t properly scan my card. I had it in the system the first day, but it was no longer there, so I scanned it again, and again, and no avail. After way too much time trying to get my ticket scanned so I could order a fast pass with my party, I tried to search for “help”. To be told by the app that there is no “help”. There is no phone number, there is no customer service, there is no frequently asked questions, there simply is no help. So, we’re back in the same boat of not ordering fast passes before going. Hence, what is the point of having the “Disney experience” app, if our only Disney experience is the one that makes us wait in the stand bye lines on every single ride? If I were to do it again, I would not buy a pass assuming this app would allow us to use fast passes. Instead, I would only buy a single day ticket with the understanding that lines are just part of the Disney experience.
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5 years ago, globetraveler2
Horrible App
There are very little things in regards to Disney that I could ever see something wrong with, but that was before using this app. I am shocked Disney pushes this app onto visitors. I was told I HAD to have this app to make dining reservations, special event packages, buying tickets, and the memory maker. It was a bold face lie. I bought my family’s tickets to Epcot via the app-stood in the security line, got up to get in the park and was told I had to buy tickets at another gate! I had to go to a completely different line, buy tickets in person, get a ‘card’ then get back in line to go inside of the park. Another problem I think is horrible with the app is their dining reservation tab. First you can’t search for a restaurant or even by park, only by meal time. Most importantly and annoyingly though was the reservations are useless. I couldn’t get a reservation on Christmas Eve to a restaurant in Disney Springs, well my family and I were getting hungry about 7pm and decided to walk around to that restaurant just to see what the wait would be—-absolutely no wait at all! The app tricks you to think that if the restaurant doesn’t have reservations then you can’t get a table but it isn’t the case! The mobile ordering didn’t work on our entire trip. And every single time I opened the app I had to re-sign in. I expect better of Disney and I don’t like being lied to. The only reason you have to have the app is for Memory Maker. Do not use this app.
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2 years ago, MiniMouseintheHouse
Disney World Vacation
We had the best time at Disney Work Resort French Quarters. The food was good the parks were great and alive. Although it was extremely hot and humid. I would do it again I’ve been there before with my daughters that are now grown. We had the greatest travel agent. Her name was Tara Radulski. Off to Neverland. She was the greatest! She did everything and anything possible for us. But now I got to bring my little 4 year old granddaughter. And it was great seeing it through the eyes of a parent but it was more great to see it through the eyes of a grandmother. It is the most magical place on earth. We will do it again when my granddaughter is older. We stayed a week and honestly could have stayed another but we had to come home. I have so many great memories of Disney World. Since I was young with my parents. Now I’ve added a little more with the help of our very own TinkerBell 💫. Tara Radulski. Thanks to her our vacation was the most enjoyable most memorable one I’ve ever had. Much Thanks to Walt Disney for being so smart as to make this enjoyable place. That is Disney magic 💫❤️❤️❤️ Marcie Tessa Tara Bragg and Ryland 😘
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6 years ago, Switch Tha Weirdoo
One Time Situation
Now, normally I’d give this app a 5 star. I’ve had it for years and have been using it in every trip to any Disney Park I’ve been to. UNFORTUNATELY, however, this trip that I’m currently on while I write this review seems to be a little different. This time around the app seems to have gotten VERY slow and buggy, contrary to recent years. Every time I try to check times on Fast Passes, check the times of a restaurant or peek at the map to make sure we know where we’re going, the app takes longer than convenience would want. I even manage to make it to my destination every once in a while before the app manages to finish booting up. Fun stuff. Bugs and lagging aside, I don’t want this review to be seen as something of a “Do Not Download.” This app is EXTREMELY useful and if it ends up running smooth for you, it’s a MUST DOWNLOAD in any of the Walt Disney Parks. Between Fast Pass reservations, to the maps, to the restaurant times and times/places to meet characters, the app will ABSOLUTELY make your trip a neater, easier and more enjoyable trip. As the title hinted, this review is based off a one time situation. Disney normally never fails to deliver and I hope they fix these bugs so I can get back to praising them for their awesome delivery of service and experiences for guests of all ages!
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4 months ago, Bjaminn69
So very Frustrating
Trying to plan a three day trip to Disney and I have to figure out what I need to reserve, whether it be a park, or a ride, or a live show or a restaurant and if I need to reserve them ahead of time (apparently some restaurants need 60-days). I just don’t understand, with all the technology available, why we cannot just select the rides and shows we want to do, in order of importance (Greatest to Least), the restaurants we would like to eat at (again by order of importance) and then the app (or system it is attached to) would return us results of what we would be able to do during those dates, even suggest other dates that might give us more of what we want etc; kind of like booking a flight. You, as the customer, don’t pick every stop and try to figure out which plane will get you from c to d so that you will end up at e, the system does it and returns options; I digress. Then once you decide if those dates at Disney work, it will finally give options as to what dates for which parks are currently available as well as tell you where to be for which rides.. Boom, Frustration gone.. For the Most Magical Place on Earth, and maybe one of the most expensive, we the customers, sure are having to do a lot of work just to get there and ensure it really is, and even then we still don’t know if we are doing it right.
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2 years ago, Leverses
Worst App ever
Seriously Disney my experience app went from hero to zero. We became major fans of Disney parks about 4 years ago and got obsessed with Disney after our first trip! The ease of the parks, the help of the fast passes and estimated wait times helped up navigate the park like pros. When Covid happened Disney did away with fast pass and replaced it with lightening lanes embedded on the my experience app via Genie and Genie+. Total disaster. You go to book lightening lanes and the time changes instantly. Then you are stuck with a time 4 hours away from when you clicked and you paid for LL for the whole day and get to use it maybe 3 times. Total waste of money. The genie app addition by itself is completely worthless and totally annoying. Doesn’t help in anyway and just makes it so that more guest in the park are waking around with their noses stuck to a screen(because it’s not user friendly). The amount of times my husband had to help families in the park that were just completely confused was astonishing. He honestly should get paid. We’ve traveled from Michigan 5 times in 4 years and this has been our worst trip yet. So many things have changed. So many of the perks of staying at the resorts have changed. It’s crazy to me and I feel really bad for families that saved all their money to come here only to get to ride 3 rides.
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1 year ago, Veteran Diva
Rude Disney Ferry Line Monitor
May 11, 2023 Thurs Night at Magic Kingdom waiting in Ferry Line to exit the park, a short White lady was line monitor. She was being aggressive, rude and totally disrespectful to customers. She kept yelling this statement “ get close to each other, move up the line, if the person in front of you is not moving, go around them, it is their fault they lose space.” Does she not understand coming out of a pandemic people may want/ need personal space. Does she also not know “that is how fights/ or violence can start when you intentionally tell people to cut in front of someone else all because the person is trying to keep distance between theirself & the person in front.” People were truly complaining out loud about her actions, and people in wheel chairs & kids in strollers were being boxed in literally with crowds of people being pushed together. Disney is supposed to be a fun and family oriented place. Employees like this lady need to be trained properly on how to handle large crowds: but telling people to get tight, cut around people, etc; this is a fast way to cause violence.
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2 years ago, H0tPanistan
Convenient but still a lot of bugs
Overall it is a good app in concept. It is very convenient linking tickets and reservations for a whole family/group. You can let people go separate ways and still coordinate activities. For example we were able to park hop from animal kingdom, and then park hop and meet up with our group in magic kingdom. Being able to sort and filter by wait times, find bathrooms and other amenities was very convenient. Features like booking lightning lane, mobile ordering for food and shopping really help maximize your day. It seemed there were a number of bugs, though. First off you’re competing for bandwidth with thousands of people, which may have affected some of the functionality. There were several times all the wait times would drop off, making that function worthless. I also experienced random problems. For example my hotel reservation inexplicably dropped off on our last day, and I wasn’t able to take advantage of early lightning lane, missing out on some of the more popular rides. The chat feature is not sufficiently manned. Trying to ask for help took 6 hours to get a response. The
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6 years ago, NewSassySarah
AMAZING!! But I have some requests!
Hello! This app is amazing, you don’t have to use a physical map where you get confused or anything, and you can track your resort room and use the cool watches the let you pass through. But I have some advice for additions to the app. First off, can you please add more mobile pick up to restaurants? It is very convenient and helps many who are rushing to get their food easily. Another thing is I think you should improve the map a bit. When you move it’s frozen until you reach a point and keeps going. I know it doesn’t seem bothersome, but when you are trying to go somewhere and it’s frozen and you forget a turn, it gets frustrating. Another thing are the photos. When I’m looking to book and attraction (fast pass) or just looking at it, I want more photos so I can see what it’s like and more of a description. Finally I think you should put more merchandise or different merchandise in different shops. Most shops have mostly the same stuff, so nobody even bothers to enter because the last few shops were the same. Please take my advice to improve the app, and the Park. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, dissapointed DVC member
Genie Plus
We are DVC and this is our first trip back since Pandemic. We were set to enjoy Animal Kingdom at 7am this morning. We arrived at park at 650 am and entered, my wife purchased the Genie Plus feature for the four of us. We made our way to Pandora and purchased the Lightning Lane for our family. Upon entry to the ride, we were told there was an issue my me not being linked to the Lightning Pass. We showed staff members, who were not accommodating at all, my wife and I were forced to walk back to the guest service area, the rep indicated he understood the issue but was unable to assist, so our twins went on without us. The whole reason we came this early was to enjoy family time. We were deprived of our experience on Avatar. My family has over 25 trips to DisneyWorld, and this Post Covid Disney experience is incredibly sub standard to our past trips. We were sold DVC and Annual Pass programs based on certain expectations, it has significantly deminshed our experience. It’s amazing how the Disney Bar has been lowered. PS Bring Back Fast Passes
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5 years ago, Tlbanks
Love the Mouse...just not the app
The My Disney Experience app is definitely the tool you need when visiting Disney parks. As advertised you can access your reservations, fast passes, see wait times, etc. However, the app is incredibly painful to use. It frequently logs you out and when you try to log back in to view your plans again it will freeze or be unable to load anything. It’s also incredibly slow to use in the parks, which may be Disney’s WiFi in general and while it’s nice and free you certainly aren’t getting the speeds you’re probably used to at home. It seemed that on very busy days at the park, the app was even worse than normal, presumably due to high volumes of users. I would love to see an app where, 1. I don’t have to log in every time I open the app, 2. It reliably opens my plans and allows me to edit them quickly without slow wait times. I did enjoy the mobile ordering feature for a couple of quick service meals and it did process our meal plans correctly. My family and friends is not a feature that’s easy to use, and actually had to go to our concierge to fix it because only half of our planned fast passes were showing up correctly. For now, it’s a necessary evil but I would love to see some dramatic improvements before my next Disney trip!
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3 years ago, Runner1983
Another Horrible update (zero stars)
This is my 7th review of the My Disney Experience app over the years. The update they did yesterday is probably the worst ever. It is so bloated with crap, that it is difficult to find anything. It appears they’ve removed the “my plans” section from the app, which I think is incredibly stupid. To find my future plans or to do online check in, I had to do a search. After the search, they disappear again. I tried to do a chat, but of course, they’re flooded with requests. I did get an automated response that implies you need to use the website to see your plans. How dumb is that? I shouldn’t have to go back and forth between their app and their website to do everyday stuff. It is annoying. I hope they fix it soon. Update: I received a response from Disney from a chat I tried to do, but of course, it takes them hours to reply. To see any future plans, you go through the stupid Genie service and choose my day. Then you choose the option to change your day. But it doesn’t help at all, since you can only see one day at a time. I want to be able to see a complete list of my future reservations/plans and my family and friends reservations like in the past. It might not matter soon, because my Disney trips may soon be a thing of the past.
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2 years ago, beckbeer
I love Disney World I came here the first day it ever opened that’s how old I am but now I’m here with my granddaughter and my great grandchild and I find great confusion and I have young minds to handle all the technical things my husband is handicapped we were told at least three different stories on how to make it easier for him we followed checking in at City Hall at magic kingdom he can only stand for maybe 10 minutes at the most I can walk possibly 30 feet she said I’m putting this in but I’m gonna give you the card to go to the first amusement ride we were going to thank goodness we had it when we went to the second one haunted mansion they said we don’t even have any information on you you have to go to guest services we went there first of all the lady handling on the verge of rude finally she said you were declined we do not have anything for mobility disabilitiesWhen we went to jungle Cruise absolutely no problem Very polite considerateHopefully all management and supervisors have meetings in the morning so everything can run correctly throughout the day it’s very difficult and inconvenient for people that are hate to say it a little older and have disabilities Carol Beck
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8 months ago, Namnori08
Magical disappointment. Absolutely terrible app experience.
We come to the parks ever couple of years but this trip was supposed to be special. We are here to celebrate our anniversary and reminisce from our honeymoon experience here 26 years ago. There are only a few rides we’d like to ride. We woke up well before sunrise just to get into a required virtual queue. After waiting patiently and refreshing over and over for 7 a.m., we found we can’t get into that queue even with all the extra purchases required. This is an absolute absurdity with the app constantly failing to update appropriately and now without access to the very ride we planned on for months. Our only choice now is to spend an additional $27 per person to gain access. As if the $1,700 for two days and genie + pass wasn’t enough? This experience is horrible and has taken all of the joy out of our anniversary celebration experience. Throw in the fact we’ve waited for 45 minutes for a bus to Magic Kingdom from Port Orleans and are now well behind the opening of the park PLUS all the expenses we’ve paid, it should be quite understandable why we will likely not return. We’d simply be happy to stand in a line all day but, that’s not even an option. Magical disappointment is more descriptive of our experience.
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3 years ago, EndersonJoseph
Hollywood Studios
My experience only gets 3 Stars because I booked my vacation 3 months ago. And one the reason why I came to Disney is because of Star Wars Rise of the resistance. Once I got to the park, come to find out a I needed a reservation to attend that attraction. I not only was not able to book a reservation that same day. My park ticket was swapped from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood studios on my final day so that I can attend the ride however when I tried booking at 7am in the morning within 30 secs the ride was already booked for the day. Out of all the years I’ve attended Disney Parks this has been the most disappointing. It makes no sense. You need a Park reservation and tickets to get into the park yet on the day you arrive one ride has reached its capacity within 30 secs of the ride being opened for booking. I should’ve gotten an email or some type of communication from Disney letting me know that I had to make a reservation for this ride. Now that I know I will tell all my family and friends about this experience and how who ever you speak to tells you they have no control over the booking system. This experience has truly left a bad taste in my mouth and has forced me to consider attending other Non Disney Parks
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7 years ago, Beezer80
Waiting to be impressed.
We are disney fanatics. We have enjoyed the many visits to Disneyland and California Adventure and have always been blown away by their customer service. This is far superior than what our experience has been so far at Disney World. The resort rooms are not worth the money at all for the lower budget rooms. They are CRAZY small and ours was not clean to the Disney standard. We were recently traumatized by the Northern CA fires and we couldn't get our mail as planned due to significant delays. Some was Disney attire (costumes and such). I called the resort and asked if they would accept a package. They were so gracious about it. Come to find out Disney is CHARGING us a handling fee. Never mentioned that and it's like we are being punished for having having fire wreak havoc on our beautiful county. We ate at Art of Animation and it was disgusting. Best of all- they lost our stroller. We never received it from the Magical Express and they blame our airline, Virgin America. I checked it in. I watched them load it on the airplane. We are at the parks with no stroller. It was a simple umbrella one but our 5 year old gets tired. So now we have to PAY to rent one each day. I'm shocked Disney. I expected more from you and hoping to make the next few days magical...just waiting for that to happen.
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5 years ago, ugdfdgisewsgh
Very helpful app but Adding Guests for Planning needs better explanation
After spending an hour on the phone with support to clear up the mess made by some very excited adults in our party, I was told that it’s actually very common for duplicates and triplicates of people to be made and shared in the family and friend lists when people start connecting; leading to tickets being assigned to the wrong place, etc. My simple idea to fix this would be to change the wording under “How will you add this Guest?” It should say “Find through a Connection’s Party” or “Add a Managed Guest (recommended for small children and other dependents that will not have an individual Disney Account)” or “Invite this Guest to Connect by Email (recommended for teens and adults).” Those last two options should THEN open the menu to add biographic information. Once this information is input, the app should check for duplicates within the parties of connected guests and give a warning that “You only need to Connect with the Adult who manages this Guest, not the person individually.” This would prevent a deluge of emails with different invitations as well as prevent duplicates!
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5 years ago, ARUSSE52
A MUST for a stress free Disney vacation
I love the My Disney experience app. It is a MUST for a stress free Disney vacation. Do you hate waiting in lines... yes, duh! The ability to book fast passes and change them easily, check wait times, and plan your day in the park is the best! I would say sometimes when booking fast passes for a large group it will glitch and only show it’s booked for 1 person, but in reality it has everyone on the system. Only once when I changed to a fast pass did it not sync but the cast members were very helpful. I like standing in line picking the next ride for my family, it makes visiting the parks effortless. Waiting in line to eat... Not about that life... I like ordering food in the app and just skipping past the queue for my food. When character hunting this app is a the best map! I’ve been able to see when hard to find characters are out in the parks and their exact location. Recently, I have been using it to open my resort door which is nice. I also use it to show my annual pass to get the discount on merchandise or food. Again my only complaint is sometimes it is a bit glitchy and I have to re-start the app multiple times. Overall 4/5 stars for making my Disney vacations stress free and magical with my family!
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6 years ago, Plinkybtch
Good app but could use some improvements
Works really well to book your fast passes and dinner reservations. Canceling and changing fast passes is a little buggy in the app. For example if you try to cancel a fast pass you might get a spinning wheel of death and you force quit the app. When you go back into it, it will say you still have that FastPass but at some point it will cancel but it might take hours later and could mess up your plans. The biggest improvement would be to offer a Watch App where it could give you notifications of upcoming FastPasses or dinner reservations, with walking directions as an option. The dinner reservations are really slow. The wheel just spins when you try to go back to see a different restaurant. Would be nice if there was an option to pick a restaurant and see all the available days and hours for your selected time period. Instead you have to look by Day and time and then see which restaurants have availability so it takes a long time if you’re looking for a specific restaurant’s open reservations.
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5 years ago, AriLikesUnicorns
So, i have a few complaints. First, the whole system with linking your family and friends so you can fastpass together is so unnecessarily confusing. None of us could figure out if we needed our ticket numbers, and when i put it in for my friend it linked to my account and had to call disney to fix it (i was also on hold for 30 mins but that’s a different story). After you link your friends, they randomly linked some of my friends, but not others, and only one of the tickets would link after that. Within ten minutes, i finally was forced to exclude two of my friends, the avatar ride was completely booked. Secondly, this app can’t even function on its own. If any other app is open, this app simply will not work, which is very inconvenient if you’re plugging in a number from your camera roll. The app frequently glitches not only for me, but for almost everyone else in my group as well. When everything surrounding your vacation is depending on the performance of this app, and the app doesn’t function, it makes us very stressed. And we’re high schoolers who are coming for marching band, so we’re already stressed about a million other things. Overall, it’s great when it works, but that’s not very often.
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6 years ago, amanda saso
Park tickets
We too love Disney and spend every new year holiday with them. Why in God’s name can the resort not get your park tickets linked to your magic band??? Going to customer service at the park is horrible!!! A little bit on my magical experience dies when the resort staff says they do not have that ability. Why????? Also, the new hall of presidents is horrible! New voice (I miss Morgan Freeman) and new theme. I’m sure it’s to prevent the audience from booing our current president but it’s still just not the same. Your staff that works before the fireworks are exhausted I’m sure but still quite rude. ( both feet have to be inside the white line! ) we were not allowed to be in one section because it was full and moved across then 30 minutes before the show, it was packed with more people than before. Even not during the holiday season the staff has lost something. 10 years ago they were awesome and fun. Now they’re hurried teenagers pushing you to “get out of the way” and talking over you when you’re asking a question. I hope they can get it back one day.
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2 years ago, JohnNDyan2000
Getting Too Expensive! No Longer Worth It!
We have been coming to Disney for 25 years and have been vacation club members for 10 years. The service has been deteriorating for the last five years and continues to decline. The costs have risen 50% during this time while the quality has decreased by at least that much. They terminated all of the long term dedicated and loyal full time employees and replaced them with part time students and retirees who do not provide the same level of service. The wait lines continue to be outrageous while the rides are continuously either breaking down intermittently or are closed “temporarily” for repairs (splash mountain has been out of commission for over a year). Most decent guest conveniences have been removed completely or have been replaced with paid options (fast pass has been replaced by genie which can cost $80 per day extra for the same service that used to be free). Charge me $110 per day to visit a park and then charge me another $80 to fast pass rides that I used to get for free? No thank you. This will be my last Disney trip until Disney starts to respect their customers by getting rid of Bob Chapek, who is a money hungry corporate clown, and bring back Mike Eisner who knew how to lead a family friendly company.
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2 years ago, Mrblonde2u
App Failed
Hi - today was the first day I could make dining reservations. Had to use the app since I had to commute to work (bus). Every time I tried to book a restaurant, kept getting a spinning wheel when I picked the time. I would not move forward. I switched to the browser/website on my phone. That worked, but was much harder. The website wouldn’t recall my credit card on file, and it made me manually add it for every reservation. Not a good experience. While I have you, for the love of god get rid of the park reservation. The parks are still ridiculous crowded, so we’re seeing no benefits. In top of that, Parker hopper costs the same if not more, and you have to wait until 2pm, and you must go to your reserved park first. Just awful, inconvenient, and stressful. I blame the guests to a point too. Idiots complained about making their fast passes ahead of time. Well guess what, now you’re paying for the fast pass, you may get one or two good ones if you are lucky, and now you need to know what park you want to go to each day MONTHS ahead of time. Really, who is making these awful decisions. Sorry, sure you hear it a lot, but you need to keep hearing it until you come to your senses. Clean it up, your better than this. At least you were. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Need a beach
Let down
The quality of the Disney experience is lacking and yet the prices have went up and no meal plans are quite frustrating and the food prices are ridiculous high. This is supposed to be a family experience not a squeeze every penny out of people experience. Walt would be extremely disappointed in what Disney has become!! The park hopper is a joke now, but you still pay extra for it. Having to reserve a time for certain rides is also frustrating because the only time you can do it is if you have that park reserved for that day or are in that park. When you have to do this at 7am or 1pm you can’t even use the park hopper to get to that park because you can’t park hop till 2! Also in the personal experiences trying to reserve a time to do an activity is a joke seems there are never any times. Ppl should be limited to so many times in a day as not to hog them all. Our family has been very disappointed in this Disney experience. We had great ones in the past! Expected so much more seems corporate greed has ruined the Disney experience!! Disappointed majorly!! Again as I said earlier I believe Walt would be extremely disappointed in what Disney has become!!
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6 years ago, GSpiff
Sometimes progress isn't a good thing
This app has been one of the biggest downfalls of a Disney vacation since it was introduced and it continues to get worse. Currently, you have to log in every single time you want to use the app, which when you're on a vacation that relies very much on this app, it becomes tiresome and frustrating. "Sorry kids, hang on, daddy has to enter his password for the 50th time to figure out where our next Fastpasses are for again." Kids live sitting in the 90 degree heat for that. Oh yeah, there's a nice Touch ID box that looks great and does nothing. But, this is all assuming your tickets link to the app in the first place. Two times on one trip we sat with 4 kids at a window while cast members had to fix errors with our tickets not linking correctly. Want to eat somewhere? Figure it out ahead of time. Not one single menu at any restaurant on property loads in this app. Use the handy order ahead feature? Sounds awesome, won't load anywhere on property. Things were not broken when Disney didn't rely on MagicBands and Fastpass Pluses. Now that your entire vacation will revolve around an app that is so riddled with bugs that it lacks basic functionality, be prepared to feel completely robbed of your hard earned money after your next trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth.
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2 years ago, juhnene
What has happened to Disney?
We have been to Disney world a number of times. Every time has been wonderful. Every phone conversation has been perfect. All I want to do today is add on one more day at the parks to our 5 days. I cannot do this on the app, of course. I called and waited over an hour. I also went on a chat and nobody ever answered my chat. Finally someone answered my call but he wasn’t able to help me add on a day so he put in a call-back with someone who could. They called me back a half hour later. They were in the middle of taking my information when the call randomly ended. You’d expect that person to call me back but they did not. So here I am. 2.5 hours later. I really needed to book my park days tonight so that I can book dinners tomorrow. Everyone knows if you don’t book your dinners exactly 60 days out, you can’t get into the restaurant. This is extremely frustrating. We are going to spend probably 15K on this vacation and nobody can call me back.
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2 years ago, sarahoooneill
Not user friendly but not impossible
As someone who uses the Disney + app I can say that the same amount of effort, money and thought was not applied to this app. I can also say that I am not a Disney World regular. Because of this the app is not easy to use AT ALL. It’s confusing and there really isn’t that much information or help in the app itself. It’s slow to load. It takes forever to load any of the times of the rides. This makes trying to get Genie reservations at even 7am hard (and I won’t even go into how ridiculous all of the rules for Genie +. It barely makes sense and is not easy to understand). The app also takes so much battery power. I’m order for park information to stay up to date they recommend having location and Bluetooth on at all times in the park. My battery was dead by mid afternoon the first day. I also work in IT with customer facing apps and the user interface is not easy to navigate or understand. How about a simple link for checking rides at the park you’re at? Is that to easy to ask for? Instead it took me a good 2 hours to figure out where I needed to go to find this information regularly. All in all, I’m very disappointed.
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3 years ago, 300Lava
Disney Genie, Genie+ and Individual ⚡️ Lane
Disney Genie is embedded into the My Disney Experience app. I didn’t really have any issues with the old app. Disney Genie has made it a little more cumbersome to navigate. I did not find My Tip Board helpful as it had us pinging all over the parks based on our recommendations of interest. We just really use the map and looked at wait times (which was there before Disney Genie). I do like the waitlist concept for restaurants but they were always full. This Disney Genie+ awful. It is not worth the money. Do not pay up front for your whole stay. We paid for it on the day we went to HWS and only got TWO lightening lane passes! We parked hopped to Epcot in the afternoon and only got TWO additional rides (4 - $60). We should have complained and asked for a refund. We also paid for individual lightening lane rides which felt like we were being nickel and dime by Disney. Lets see, Remy $36, Pandora $32 (only 2 out of 4 in the group) and one day of Disney Genie+ $60. I can’t image this is Walt’s vision. I’m disappointed with the direction Disney is going. At least make it more like Disney MaxPass, so I can make 3 at a time. Also, if you are going to charge me a premium, I should be able to ride whatever ride I want, as many times as I want.
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3 years ago, mikeswee
Needs Imagineers pixie dust
The app try's to be one-stop shop for all things WDW but has execution problems due to back-end interconnectivity & great bandwidth needs for ease of use. Disney may want to rethink one app concept & come out with a couple of specialty apps or figure out a better way to import content from multiple sources. Populating reservations is hit & miss. Sometimes it's automatic sometimes you have to manually put in. No historical reservation access so if you're waiting for an attraction & reservation lapses there isn't a way to show you had one. Very clunky switching between areas of coverage & not very clean interfaces. May want to revamp interface so it's more intuitive, more visual & more Disney- like. Nothing magical with interface; aside from picking an icon that ID members of family etc there is nothing that's says Disney in the interface. Would like more 411 options, more "realtime insider" stuff tied to gps. Like alerts the parade is 60 min and best place to watch from your location is - restroom tracker, table availability, character alerts. Sync magic band to app for better in park experience. Maybe desktop version or a iPad version with more muscle. Need imagineers working on app not generic IT hacks without Disney experiences to draw from.
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5 years ago, Cooking Organist
Cumbersome & an energy hound
I downloaded My Disney Experience for a one-day visit back to WDW. In the rare cases in which logging in was actually successful, it took a long time and used many % of my battery’s charge. Usually, logging in failed, and I had to force the app to quit, having accomplished nothing but draining more juice from my battery, already a precious commodity on a busy Disney day, when recharging is difficult to arrange. In addition to the app’s own problems, I have a bigger criticism: Disney has taken all the joy of spontaneity out of a theme park visit. Everything has to be booked weeks in advance or the Guest is assured a day full of long lines, missed opportunities, limited dining options, and general disappointment. Standing in long lines was never fun, but having to plan a day at WDW like a military advance on an enemy nation is no improvement. It’s a shame that Guests who might want to let inspiration and surprise be a part of their day are likely instead to feel deprived of not just some but all of the resort’s highlights, and as if both their time and money was wasted. FastPass+ is a real joy-killer.
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7 months ago, JProutytron
Excessively buggy and complicated.
I am not a person who gets aggravated with online apps and ordering. However, buying tickets to a Disney park today was extremely irksome. I experienced lag and redundancy in many places. Not to mention that information about the individual parks is also lacking, like hours of operation (at least two clicks away from ticketing page), having to buy tickets and then immediately hat a reservation (I checked availability to Hollywood studios before buying tickets, but couldn’t order a reservation because I hadn’t gotten tickets, then I bought tickets and there were no longer any reservations left.) I used to go to Disneyland when I was younger and lived in California many times a year. Now, it would take a lot of convincing and a lot of my child begging to even consider a return trip. Add to that that I pay an arm and a leg for a hotel room and there is no continental breakfast or complimentary fountain soda. I may as well go to a Six Flags and stay at a LaQuinta Inn. They might not be the happiest places on earth, but at least there I can afford to live in my moderately happy home after visiting and I won’t get an aneurysm from the booking process.
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7 months ago, Jvwonder
Love DisneyLand, HATE DisneyWorld
My family of four went to Disneyland last November and it was the best trip ever. It turned me into a raging Disney mom, and I was so excited when my parents surprised us at Christmas with a trip to DisneyWorld. I’m so let down by the entire experience, but I’m only going to complain about app”ish” related problems. DisneyWorld makes you buy Genie+ the day of, for the park you’re going to. I prefer how DL does it where you can get all your park tickets and Genie together. Each morning I’d have to log on and buy the passes, and it was a waste of time. Disneyland also gives you a PhotoPass with your genie+, and I didn’t realize that DisneyWorld doesn’t do that. So, my sister and I were getting pictures on everyone’s phones where everyone in my party of ten had some pictures each day that we thought came with the pass. Come to find out it’s 75 a day extra to get the pictures, and we would have to do that on each phone that had pictures we wanted. Insane! Not to mention the expensive parking each day, I hated DisneyWorld so much. The employees were rude and unhelpful. At Disneyland they went the extra mile non-stop. I can’t wait to go back to Disneyland but I’ll never visit DisneyWorld ever again.
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3 years ago, capones273
You need to hire a travel agent to visit
Disney has kind of lost its zest. If you plan to eat while your there everything has to be reserved on and off the properties. I also added everything to the app and had to stand and line and do the entire process all over again while at the 1st park. We are used to the lines by now but it is very unfortunate that there isn’t a way to healthy unless you reserve a dinning seat and even then the options are limited. We are traveling with a vegetarian so we had to run to Publix in order for them to be able to eat. Also being a smoker which yes is taboo but there were no signs saying you can or cannot smoke. I asked one of the staff members who were very helpful. But she mentioned ppl just light up and then it’s a whole thing. Well how are ppl who do smoke supposed to know? I understand we are coming out of covid and staff is limited but for what you are charged I am not sure it is worth doing more than once anymore. We celebrated a 6 year old birthday I was hoping it wouldn’t have been so hard to just eat. Maybe next time we will do groceries if we decide to ever come back.
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5 years ago, Agentmg17
Great app just needs some bug fixes
So the original review is down below but I want to add that the app has been crashing more and has been insanely slow! I went to epcot last week and I could not even open the app once to check my fastpass times because of the crashing so I just went through google chrome. I would say making this issue a top priority I love this app it’s pretty easy to figure out and it’s great whether your planning a vacation or you have an annual pass and are able to go often. I live a couple hours from Disney and it’s nice to be able to plan even the day of and get some fastpasses, dining reservations, and check wait times or times of parades. The only thing is the app does crash way too much. I was about to get a fastpass for 7 dwarves minetrain and boom it crashed on me. Super disappointed since that’s such a hard pass to get. Not a huge deal for me since I have the ability to go often but I know this would be upsetting for someone that is planning a trip and has to travel a long distance. I agree a fastpass notification would be great, the app being faster and not crashing would be the best thing though
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2 years ago, STK-rhfdghb
Disney lost its magic!
This is utterly ridiculous! Instead of waiting in anticipation to go enjoy my time at the park my family and I are stressed trying to coordinate and plan our day. After spending a splendid day at Universal (which was extremely enjoyable and easy…. unlike a similar park) we were exhausted and waking up at early hours to try and get tickets and lightening passes was just awful. The kids were tired but wanted more than anything to get on the famed “Ride of Resistance” but the app carried a host of issues that made it next to impossible. First of, the app was down and my daughter (who may be the BIGGEST fan in the world) could not join our party and we would rather not get on the ride at all than go without her. Second, it made a lightening pass reservation FOR US which made it difficult to get lightening passes for other times and rides we really wanted to go on. Third, WE NEVER EVEN GOT ON RISE OF RESISTANCE! I could write a whole other review on the “Rise of Resistance” ticket choice because I am most definitely not waiting 3 hours to get on that ride. I do enjoy Disney and believe they have a lot to offer but something needs to change. We will not be back unless they figure out a better way to do this.
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5 years ago, Emilyjohnson4848
Responding to 34ahdh
While I understand your dismay as well as concern, I believe that it was improper to rate the my Disney experience app so poorly. There are wait times and photo-pass options right handy whenever you need them, and yes the app logs in every-time you use it, but only to prevent theft and improper activities. I am a huge fan of Disney, I have visited many times with my family and I enjoy it very much, many times the my Disney experience app has helped us to plan our meals and fast passes, and gotten us out of trouble planning and prepping, we know where to go and where to be, when we want to be there. As a long time Disney lover, I suggest that you take your concerns and badmouthing elsewhere, because the designers of this app have work to do, keeping many families’ schedules and vacations happy and magical. I don’t mean to cause trouble, but just as you came out and expressed your discrepancies to the people who try so hard to help you, I decided to express my discrepancies with an ungrateful user. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Dark Raven 710
On the edge of Galaxy’s Edge
I love Disney World! It’s my favorite place on planet Earth and I come here from out of state at least 2-4 times a year. I came here this time specifically to go to Hollywood Studios to experience the new attractions, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance & Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. I was informed that we had to do a virtual que for SW: ROTR at 7am or at 2pm. We asked a very helpful Disney cast member about how to get to it on the My Disney app. At exactly 1:59pm I waited at the que so I could be on time to join and not 1 second after the clock turned to 2pm all the ques were full. This was the main reason I even traveled to Disney World on this particular trip. I even booked our stay at the Disney Four Points Resort so we could have a very merry Christmas trip (which we still are), but this was very, very, very disappointing, especially for me because I am a huge Star Wars fan and I was really looking forward to experiencing this attraction. However, I fullyunderstand the times we are currently in due to the pandemic so I will still make a magical day out of the wonderful place Disney World is. I just wish there was some way I could’ve experienced this awesome ride.
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1 year ago, muzzit30
The Grand Construction Zone
My family and I are staying at the Grand Floridian Jan 6-13. We have waited a year for this vacation. One of our favorite and more relaxing moments is when we sit on our balcony, soak up some sunshine, and listen to the classic 40’s style music that plays over the PA system. However, this year, the Grand is under major renovation and all we can hear is machinery, power tools, and construction workers. Yesterday, a construction worker was blowing dirt off of the sidewalk and blew it right in the face of myself and my nine year old daughter. Ever hear of a broom? Anyway, I feel I’m being generous with 2 stars. I get it that these renovations are necessary. However, if it had been disclosed to us that this much construction was scheduled, I would have either changed my vacation date or stayed at another resort. The fact that I’m paying full price for this stay is all the more aggravating. I did not pay this much money to hear construction work from 7-4 everyday of my trip. I don’t feel like Disney was upfront and honest about the noise, inconvenience and commotion we have experienced during our “vacation”. Furthermore, I doubt they really care.
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2 years ago, SSongLLind
Terrible App
Please fix this app. It’s an embarrassment that a great company like Disney would endorse such a poorly designed and dysfunctional app. It could haven been a tool that genuinely maximized the enjoyment of our Disney experience, but instead it has been a headache which has only been useful for ordering food and using the map (which itself was often ineffective for guiding us where we wanted to go). It’s great that I can search for restaurants, but not great if the restaurant is at a completely different resort or in a park that I don’t have a ticket to. Enabling users to sort what exactly they’re looking for would be a great step towards allowing them to use the app to effectively plan the day. I want to know what’s going on in the park that I have tickets to. We were pleasantly surprised when we happened upon 3 different live performances in the Animal Kingdom during our visit, but we didn’t even know to look for them. Presumably, someone has a schedule that they would be able to publish in the app, and can figure out how to tailor it to the park that the guest is actually in. If any of this app’s developers are reading this review, please, for the sake of future visitors’ experiences, fix this terrible app.
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2 years ago, C C Rodgers
ZERO STARS! Stressful and Inconvenient!
I booked a trip for my family and it has been a nightmare for weeks, and we havent even gone to the park yet!! I have had to call customer service 5 times and wait for hours because every time I log into my account all of my tickets and reservations are either completely missing, or they have our ages all mixed up and one family memeber missing! After my last call they assured me my account was all fixed (again), so I paid thousands of dollars, then got an email ** the next morning at 3:35 AM ** saying my family no longer had admission and my reservations will be canceled in 24 hours!!! Then I come to read other peoples reviews and find out everyone is getting denied access to the park for these reasons! I am so stressed about this trip already.. I would just cancel it if my 5 kids wouldn't be completely heartbroken!! Disney really needs to make purchasing a park pass much more simple! Why does their system keep switching my tickets and canceling things for no reason??? This does not make me excited to drive my family across the country to a place where I'm not sure if my money actually purchased the things I was promised..
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6 years ago, StrbkAddict
More Issues
This App would be amazing IF it worked as designed (minus all the bugs). The newest version may fix existing problems but it also created new ones. As soon as I updated the app my existing (previously linked) Disney Resort Reservation was deleted and I was unable to re-link it to My Disney Experience account through the app. This meant that I was unable to make fast pass + reservations for my trip (which is still more than 30+ days out). While sitting on hold for technical support for 20+ minutes I went on the computer and was able to re-link it there. However it still isn’t showing up on the app. This app has a lot of potential if it actually worked; however, instead of enhancing my “Disney Experience” it has been a source of annoyance, frustration, and wasted time. IMO Disney needs to allocate more of its resources, in order to bring this up to the standard that I have come to expect from this company and its subsidiaries. That’s why people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to visit Disney Parks; believe me it isn’t because the food is great, the weather perfect, or the lines short.
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5 years ago, AWSOME!!:)
Room to room
We were on our way from airport to our hotel at Pop Century and received a call that we were awarded an upgrade to the Art of Animation. Were told our room was bigger and would have a two bedrooms one with a king and one queen. With it almost being midnight after along travel day we were ready to settle. Once we got to room we discovered it was a wheelchair accessible room and not accommodating to what we were to have at Pop Century. Room was also very dirty. After a very long phone call to front desk, by now 12:30am, manager said they didn’t have any rooms like that in inventory and didn’t know why we were told that. We did get moved again to another room. Still not what we were told we were getting from having to be moved from Pop. We have had our reservations for almost 7 weeks and still don’t understand why we were moved. On top of all of this, as I write this review our room is at the end of the hall and I can hear every individual going in and out and every conversation going on. Disney is and can do much better than this. We are very frequent visitors and our experience has been anything but acceptable for the first three hours.
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5 years ago, 1974B.C.
Crashes often, frequent errors, very slow, burns battery
With the app exception of the insane battery drain, It looks like many of the problems with this app are server side errors. The server errors manifest in the user interface as being super slow at times, popping error messages to tell you to “try again” and outright crashes. The app burned through 40% of my battery on a new iPhone XS Max in an hour of use trying to plan our trip. Battery on my iPhone usually lasts 1.5 days. Disney can do much better. Their app experience should be as good as their cast member customer service in the parks. Also, Max Pass at Disneyland is WAY WAY WAY better than FastPass Plus at Disney World. Getting secondhand shot at fast passes to resort hotel guests is bad enough. The resort guests already get “extra magic hours”, they don’t also need first shot at fast passes 60 days out. But worse, you can’t get more fast passes until you use ALL THREE. So if you want to go to an evening fireworks show you get only three fast passes for the whole day and the resort guests take all the early fast pass times so they can re-up midday for their extra magic hours in the evening while you get to wait in line. Disney World has much to learn from Disneyland.
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