United Airlines

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United Airlines
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User Reviews for United Airlines

4.77 out of 5
6.2M Ratings
2 years ago, Thomas Lawhead
Incredibly frustrating experience!
Not sure why your app does not notify of changes to seats we’ve booked for months. Went to check in and saw my wife and I were separated by 12 rows AND on opposite sides of the 787, without any notification. This is unacceptable and too easy to remedy. A simple e-mail or text would suffice to let me know to work this issue, but no, you just separate us without a word! Then, spent 50 minutes on hold to change seats way back in economy and had to ask to get economy plus bundle refunded. Now on hold to talk to a supervisor because the representative is not authorized to do anything other than change seats and give us a refund of our bundle. Though she was very nice and efficient (after 50 minutes on hold) she was not authorized to do anything to bring me back as a customer. I am reconsidering United as my preferred airline. This has been incredibly frustrating. Oh, and to register a complaint, I have to go to your website and “fill out a form.” I would expect to be contacted by a customer service rep directly after this poor service. Sincerely, Thomas Lawhead
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8 months ago, Grandma Amanda
Great Agent Frustrating online system
And checking in I had two experiences: the first was online, and was extremely frustrating, and did not provide options, reflecting my personal circumstances. Additionally, I couldn’t find a phone number for customer service while I was trying to check in and encountering problems, me so I had to engage a separate search. The second experience wash great: with the help from your agent Gretchen. Gretchen positively delightful. I explained my handicap to her and she help me find appropriate accommodation. She however didn’t have authority to help me with the United online system failure regarding my baggage check. Luckily with her help and encouragement, iI reengaged the online check in. I want to make a special point of stating that with Gretchen’s help and courtesy, what seemed on the verge of becoming a very bad experience ruined to a satisfying one. She was very charming and polite and found creative way to sort out my personal problem. The problem she was not able to help me with, is my coming that comparing United economy class, to those of other airlines like Jet Blue, American Southwest Delta, and and all the international airlines I use. The best airlines (Southwest, Jet Blue, Jet Blue, for example allow economy customers one free, checked bag, and addition to the carry-on. Except for the lovely agent, Gretchen, I was very disappointed in United Airlines performance so far with regards to this flight.
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2 months ago, Schmebulock
Frustrating experience
Had a bad experience last night at Aspen Airport. Flight was delayed because of an incoming aircraft delay. Notification was horrible, leading many people to go to the airport and wait for four hours. Fortunately I have a residence nearby and was able to go back to my house and wait there. There was, of course the expense of the Uber. Then got back to the airport around 945 pm and everything seemed good -we loaded on the plane and pulled away from the gate and then had to cancel because of lack of deicing equipment. I was automatically rebooked to this morning. That flight time changed suddenly a little after 7 am and then when I went on your app to rebook, it offered the option of choosing standby without losing your original confirmation. I went to do that, but was unable to do anything other than confirm a different flight. I did that, despite that not being my preference, and then was not assigned to a seat. When I went to choose seats, the first class seats which I had paid for in my previous flight were not available. No big deal. But when I went to choose an exit row seat, it wanted to charge me $69 more despite the fact that I had originally had a first class booking. I spoke to an agent via the text option and she was unable to help me! What’s the point of having a customer service agent if they can’t provide service to the customer? overall, United has some big issues and needs to understand that there has to be a focus on the customer.
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3 years ago, robertallenpayne
App Devs - Hope you read
I dislike leaving a “review” when I really need to submit a product complaint, but United leaves me no other obvious choice to submit feedback about the app. Overall, it’s a great app. But now that you must put in your card information into the app in order to make purchases on board, there’s a problem. I am NOT going to verify my card every time I check in for a flight. That’s just stupid. I do it once, and that should be it. I take at least two flights a week on United. So at least twice a week I’m being asked to verify a card that I verified less than 4 days ago. You may say that “we need to verify the card is still in your possession” or some other reason. Sorry. But that’s your problem. If you require us to use the app instead of presenting a card, then there are certain risks you accept. Sure. Some guy that flys once a year? Make him verify the card. Your Platinums? Stop hassling us. It’s easier for me to skip on board purchases than to have to go through a verification every time I check in. Especially since I have to click all the extra boxes now because some people are too stupid to know to not fly if they have Covid and that they have to wear a mask. I hate the dumbing down of America to its lowest common denominator. So ease up on the card verification or go back to taking cards in flight.
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2 years ago, Jdunknessaweso
Rain, Wind and Canceled Flights
We set out for our trip to Florida for my brother’s wedding on Thursday, April 7th, for a 3:07 flight from Newark to Ft. Myers. We boarded hours late, un-boarded, boarded again, taxied out and sat there for hours while other planes came and went. We were told by our pilot that our plane could not handle or navigate the “cross winds” that had picked up at our airport. We are not surprised. The plane was like a sardine can with wings without even a plug for your devices. $500/person to fly 2.40 hours on a plane that can’t take off in wind. We taxied back in, unboarded and were dumped back in the airport without ONE uniformed United representative at the gate. The ground crew booked it out of there, heads’ down, and we were all left to figure things out for ourselves, which did not go well for anyone. Families stranded with children falling apart after, at least for our flight, ten hours of being in that airport. It is one thing to have cancelations due to weather. It is another to be so unprepared that you leave your customers without guidance, comfort or help. It was one of the worst customer service experiences we have ever encountered in any and all the traveling we have done over the years. It shakes our faith in United and in the airline industry as a whole. Going forward, we will be much less likely to book trips that require air travel. Oh, and we missed the wedding since we are still here in NJ waiting for a flight three days later.
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5 months ago, Pisses beyond measure
My last experience
So, my flight was delayed 3 hours causing me to miss my connection. When plane finally arrived was forced to check my carryon. Messaged customer support only to find out I have to sit in this airport until 6am for a flight. My carryon was rerouted to Chicago even before my plane landed. I asked baggage claim to see if they could intervene as I wasn’t understanding how my bag got on a different flight when it was loaded at the gate. Recommended I pick up in my final destination with my ID and claims ticket. Arrived in Denver and went to customer service. Was told, I’m sorry, we have you on a 6am flight tomorrow. I’m livid to say the least as my luggage is missing and I have to sit in this airport for 12 hours due to no fault of my on. Never again!!! I will be an American customer for the remainder of my life. This flight wasn’t booked by me and was cheaper for the company. My brother’s wedding is 6p tomorrow. I arrive to the airport an hour and 10 minutes away from home at 555p. No clothes as who knows where my bag is. Absolutely unbelievable. There’s about 75 others in the customer service line as I type. I was forced to check carry on or change flights. After I boarded, others boarded with their carryons. Make it make sense!!!!
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2 months ago, Aloha Hallie
My family will NEVER be doing this again!! So yes I fly to economy. Yes a lot of airlines charge for a checked bag, but NOT for a CARRY ON! They won’t even let you download your boarding pass to your phone unless you have paid for a carry-on or checked bag because all they allow you to bring a purse. Who travels with just a purse??? unless you’re going and coming home the same day which is highly unlikely if you’re flying over a five hour period. I had to play a feed to make sure I didn’t have a middle seat going there or coming home and could not pay them in one fee and then had to pay $40 in two separate transactions equaling $80 to check a bag. If I wanted to carry on my bag, it would be $99. so my flight ended up being about $200 more than the price listed. if I knew this was the case I would’ve paid an extra hundred dollars to fly with an airline who takes care of all their passengers and I am simply able to download to my phone a boarding pass, let alone not have to pay for a carry-on. so I had to give them my credit card number not once not twice but the six different times and this was over the phone. needless to say, I will not be going through this headache again the agent I spoke with name was ICE she of course, said she understood all this and agreed on most of it.
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6 years ago, pltandy
An awesome time saver!
Access to my ‘ticket’ and flight information is so quickly is awesome! Wow, I remember having to go down to a ticket office(30 min) and spend an hour having someone else tell what they thought my flight options were (60min) and then having to print a ticket and keep up with it(never) and then strategically place the ticket where I can present it to 4 different people so I can make it through the airport including checking in for flight (60min+) then security, gate agent, and flight attendant all while stopping to check the board for which gate (15min) and any updates and heaven forbid I have a connecting flight and another flight coupon! Only complaint is I seem to have to closedown the app to get it to update added reservations - even if I made the reservation with the app. But maybe that is because I have gotten so used to having the information right away! It actually seems like the app, through notifications, gets the updated flight information quicker than the gate agents and flight crews! Makes me feel like a seasoned traveler - Well Done! Keep those updates coming.
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3 years ago, TheGordonFamily
Big changes to flight without warning…
I have always enjoyed United when we have used this airline, but this time was very disappointing. Only 1 day before our trip, we had looked to see what size baggage we were allowed and came to find out—not only were we leaving and coming at different times—but our layovers had changed from around 1 hour to 5 HOURS— both ways—with our plane changes in a DIFFERENT CITY! The disrespectful part? WE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED BY THE AIRLINE. When we agreed to purchase these tickets with no refund—4 months before—paying close attention to the times & layovers, & committing to our purchase, we expected United to honor their end of the deal or, at the very least, let us know! These changes greatly affected our travel plans because we were visiting our elderly parents on the farm who needed to travel several hours to pick us up from the airport and take us back. Fortunately, my husband called & after several hours of being on hold, getting disconnected & so forth, the United representative helped us fix some of the bigger issues. And—I am grateful for that— but due to the unexpected changes & never being notified, I can only give United 3 stars this time around.
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2 years ago, wedding bracelet
United Ticket agents
Horrible! My daughter lost her wedding bracelet on the plane to baggage. the United agents would not help her or us! Time matters. We had the Houston police department in the airport get my daughter back to the arrival gate 2 1/2 hours later. If the United agents would have help we possibly could have found her wedding bracelet. Again, time was of the essence, before the next flight left! United agents, didn’t care, sent us on goose chase. Go to lost and found, go talk to TSA! I finally went to the in-house police department who did United’s job. We will never forget the way she and I was handle. Karma happens. What goes around comes around. The 3 agents stood out side the front of check chatting with each other and not having any care or compassion. I saw them as they left their shifts 2 1/2 later so sad with United! Customer service stinks! All you carried about was chatting and getting off work. I would like to thank the TSA agent and the Houston Police chief for having compassion and care. United I will never forget this!! Premier K1 customer as well
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5 years ago, CodyMafatu
Disorganized, confusing and not convenient
This app is not only not user-friendly but it’s counterintuitive. Why do we have to search all over the app just to check in for our flight why do we have to type in our last name when we’re already signed into the app and why do we have to search everywhere to pull up our boarding pass, why do we have to click link after link in order to access the flight information - no one appreciates you rearranging everything every couple of months. This app is one of the worst flight apps I am a frequent flyer and this is by far the worst of all airline apps. How would you like it if somebody snuck into your room and rearranged everything and then you can’t find anything- well that’s exactly how it is every time I open this app and you’ve updated it. You still haven’t found an easy solution - there’s only three things we need from this app one, east check-in and easy access to a boarding pass. Two, easy access to the boarding times and to see flight information, standby information etc. And three, the information on where to go for our gate. Currently, the boarding pass doesn’t even have the gate information and there’s too many links and too many options. it’s unclear, unorganized and confusing. Whoever you hired to create this app was obviously an amateur.
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1 year ago, DaltonC.
Worst app I've ever used
First a warning, after total frustration with the App, after many calls to United, someone thought to ask me my OS. Turns out the app United kept shunting me to when I tried to access UA on line was not designed for iOS. I wrote a complaint and later did find a differentiation meant to direct one to the correct app. Tried unsuccessfully to use it again today. I don't know if it has backslid and sent me to the wrong app again, but again it was determined not to recognized my info. Then it asks questions to determine if it's me, saying I won't have to enter this info again. But every single time in fact I have had to go through this same ritual. When I enter a confirmation # to find a flight, it says that the # cannot be found. Again, repeatedly. I got to the flight info I needed via the United Plus heading but couldn't find a way to change the flight. Then I couldn't find a ? to ask how to find a way cancel a flight. Finally I had to telephone, and they easily found the flight from the confirmation #. My conclusion is that the App doesn't have access to some of the United data it needs in order to accomplish what it should be able to do.
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2 years ago, hfgfg&gsvuf
I purchase a flight in March 2022. I was suppose to leave this morning on a 9:44am flight to Santiago Dominican Republic with my family. I live in NC so there isn’t a direct flight from where I live. I had a family emergency in New Jersey which force me to call united and asked if there was anything they can do to change my layoff from Charlotte to Newark and bring me to Newark on Tuesday. I was very clear I was traveling with my family on Thursday morning and that for no reasons they should make any changes to my Newark to Santiago Dominican Republic trip. However they chose to cancel my flight for this morning and offer me 10 different other options of different flights that will cost me anything between $700 to $2500 more let’s not mention I had already pay $310 to make the changes to my Charlotte to Newark part of my trip. I spoke to 10plus different agents and management and not one of them fix there mistake. I been in customer service management for 20 plus years and have never experience such poor customer service. Little to say the first trip got cancelled 5 mins after I received it which force me to pack , get another ticket n be at airport within 4 hrs. By the way I’ll be leaving sometime tonight and getting to my six month plan family trip in the middle of the night. Thank you United.
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2 months ago, ShelleyDenver
Some UX changes would be nice
There are many features I love about the app (baggage tracker, the new time feature). I think a few improvements are necessary. On my last trip, my first flight was delayed. When I checked in for my next flight, it told me my flight was delayed but it wasn’t. That was from the previous flight. It kept asking me if I wanted to book a new flight. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Luckily, I checked and it was clear my flight was delayed. I imagine for a less seasoned traveler this could cause a bigger challenge. When you want to change your flight, it is not intuitive within the app once you checked in to do it. There is no option on the flight status page. You have to go back to trips, click on the three dots and then change your flight that way. Then it takes you to a page with a bunch of other options not related to changing your flight and you have to click on change flight again. This is bad user journey. Do you have product analytics? If not you should check out Amplitude to support your product development process.
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5 years ago, Deadharted
Total joke to checking in online
I always checkin 24 hours before departure on any flight. I purchased my ticket knowing I did not need to bring a carryon bag or check in anything. I do this because I like to go straight through security and have my boarding pass with me on my phone, and when I land head straight to my shuttle without waiting for baggage and head straight to work. However, trying to check in with United they say because I didn’t have a carryon or checked bag I need to see a ticket agent for my boarding pass! The whole point of basic economy was to not bringing anything to check in. So this forced me to purchase a carryon. So I do, and pay the extra $30, (which was the only charge the representative over the phone informed me of) and I will walk my carryon to the gate with me as I do with all other airlines. But, United says they will still force me to pay an extra $25 gate handling fee on top of the $30 to have them carry it from gate as I board to the plane. What is the definition of a carryon if I don’t carry it on and off myself!? Now I have to wait at baggage claim at my destination to get my carryon?! Ridiculous! Huge joke and will try my best to never fly United! Just another reason to fly a different airline. Thanks but no thanks! United I stand with all my family and friends to never fly United airlines with this experience.
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4 years ago, 26z3sailedawayxn5p
My experience w United
I flew in from EWR to GDL and the my one suitcase WAS NOT PUT ON THE PLANE from Houston to GDL. I was told that I am to wait for my luggage and that it would arrive sometime the next day. When I tried to phone United and gain information where is my suitcase and when it will arrive, I was transferred to a company in India and the horrible experience continued. Hours of waiting to speak to a person, lies over lies and promises to attend to my issue that were not meant to be kept. At that point I lost my trust and asked to leave the suitcase in the airport and I will pick it up by myself. I was promised that my suitcase will wait for me in the airport. The next day I drive an hour to the airport to find out that my luggage is on the United truck and the driver is in front of my rented accommodation, with no one to receive my suitcase. The company in India promised I will be able to get my suitcase in the airport and they lied again. At this point me and my suitcase were in limbo. I am a long time United/Continental customer and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the way this was handled. It costed me TWO days of my precious vacation. Rivka Soloway
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3 years ago, goodeMe
So disappointed!!!!
I have been flying United overseas & across the U.S. for my Active Duty service and for personal, leisure travel and I have never been so disappointed with booking & travel services. Purchasing a ticket on Cheap-O-Air does not mean I am taken advantage of… No carry-on baggage when I am flying on military orders is absolutely unacceptable. When I am told I must check my government device…absolutely a breach of trust with the airline. I have never…I mean never been so demeaned and humiliated! I even had to try multiple times to add my Frequent Flyer number prior to the system recognizing and associating my number with this trip…do I not get credit for the travel either? Getting a supposed group-purchased ticket rate should not negate travel mile credit!!! After all the ticket was not FREE!!!! Fleecing of America…you want my business, but you don’t respect me as a customer! That is why we hesitate on being loyal to business’s…there is no appreciation & only a desire to increase the bottom line at the cost of the customer. UNACCEPTABLE!
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6 years ago, 8627352
Poor experience on my recent flight- Expected better service for Premium Golda
Had booked a round trip from EWR to Delhi. While the flight to Delhi was smooth, the return flight (August 11) was delayed by over 18 hours. After haggling with a United representative on the phone for over 45mins I was told that I could only be given a flight back option from Mumbai if I made my own arrangements to fly to Mumbai. I needed to get back to Newark by Sunday and did not have many options, I was finally given an option to fly via Munich with about a 4-5hours layover in Munich. While I my original booking was on ‘Premium Economy’ my booking on Lufthansa was done on a regular coach class and was given a middle seat to travel overnight. At Munich I went to the Miles and More lounge and presented my United Club pass (knowing that they are part of Star Alliance), however, they said that the United Club pass is not acceptable at their lounges. So I had to sit around the Munich airport for the next 4-5hours. Overall, was a painful experience and I expected better service for a Premium Gold member.
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5 months ago, Chuckhsu
United Airlines Racist Person Behind the Counter
I was on a return flight from the Salt Lake City airport and the person behind the counter kept yelling at me to return to the kiosk even though I was trying to change my flight. The woman behind the counter then preceded to talk quiet nicely to the people behind me and just ignored me. I reported the incident and then two weeks later got a call from United. They told me they would look into the situation and I never heard from them again. I am actually very upset about this situation and I am upset that nothing was done. I have been a loyal customer of United for over 15 years and I have noticed that United has a standard practice of canceling flights and placing people in later flights which are massively over booked and placing me in an uncomfortable seat even though I paid before hand for an upgraded seat already from the previous flight. If I want a comparable seat I have to still pay the difference. When I should get any upgrade credited for my inconvenience. This is unacceptable too me. The point I am making is United has gone down hill and I don’t see why people accept this.
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5 years ago, Sjdudjsosjxb
Maybe it’s me....
I find this site extremely difficult to manage from my cell phone. Even when I’m able to sit and take my time, I cannot find the information I need. Sometimes I’ll try to check other flight options and I end up losing my original option. Trying to find an updated standby list while you’re in a hurry? forget it. Yesterday, my flight was canceled and the App did not update to show this for almost 2 hours after the cancellation. Today, I went to the gate listed on the app (as a hopeful standby passenger), when I got there the screen said “gate change, ask associate for details”. There were no “associates” to be found. The app still showed original gate. Finally found a monitor which showed new gate. It was .9 mile walk to new gate (literally, not exaggerating). Once at new gate, I asked where I can find the standby list (because I cannot find it on the app) They laughed at my unrealistic optimism and told me to check the app. So I used the archaic app to look for additional flight options. When I did this, I apparently removed my name from the existing standby list.... if I ever get home, I will make it a point to delete this app and go back to waiting 30 minutes to speak with a representative on the phone. The app is almost as bad as the airline, itself.
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3 years ago, dibamus
Awkward app on multiple fronts
It does get certain jobs done (check-in, give travel info etc.) — but there is lots of room for improvements. For instance, each time you want to go back to your reservation information, you have to re-type your confirmation number and last name, even within the same session, which is really awkward. When I scanned my passport, the app uploads it but then it complained that my name was incorrect — which was not true, but it did not get my middle name. There is no way to correct or add that. You can only cancel the process. So, the whole check-in process is cancelled because of this flaw. After I had checked in (without passport, which is possible) using the app said the boarding passes will be emailed. But they weren’t. I only got an email notification that my check-in had failed. So, what’s the point? Why not just say that in the app? Finally, today (Nov 3, 2021) the app tells me I cannot use the Travel-ready feature because my app needs to be updated first. This was RIGHT AFTER I had updated it. Helllooo??
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5 years ago, RB Dawg
I’ve been using the app since about September. Worked great. Like everything about it. The last 2-3 weeks it seems to not work correctly. I had flights canceled then rescheduled and seem not to be able to use the app. When the flight is done it should get off the app. No need to see my flight from yesterday. I’m now trying to check in and it shows my flights from yesterday and today, even the canceled one. It needs to clear out. I have shut the app down cleared it from history. Sign in and same thing. How am I supposed to check on flights this way. I then tried to put in my reservation number and name and have to tap the screen several times and wait. I know it’s not my phone because if I tap “search” once it tells me I have to put a reservation number and name. Duh! I’m trying but it won’t let me unless I tap my screen 20-50 times. Then I have to go through the same tapping for my name. Very frustrating. This needs to be fixed asap. I gave it a 4 star because when it’s working I really don’t have any complaints. I like it better than American Airlines app.
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3 years ago, SeeMikeRow
The contactless payment flow is broken
I downloaded the app before a flight to Hawaii and added my card info. It mentioned in hemisphere that there were extra steps to take but nothing i tried to do matched the instructions given. By the time the flight took off there was a short period of time to try and navigate through the app to get my payment info “verified or replaced” before we would be over the ocean without any internet. At some point i reached out to their support chat but that didn’t seem to have a path to get the issue resolved. If you’re logged into the app before you lose connection then you can still navigate to some of the features but if you log off, you’re not getting back on until you’ve got a connection, and the flight attendants can’t accept google or Apple Pay, which could have made this so much easier. I understand it’s a way to get people to download the app if that’s the only way that they can purchase snacks but the flow needs work
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10 months ago, H Perlmutter
Decent, but changing flights super glitchy
Looking for my locator number, checking in, cancelling flights, and managing in-flight purchases is about all this app is good for. While that’s not nothing, hence the three-star review, the true nitty-gritty of booking comes to bear when changing an already booked (or more daunting still) already checked in flight. The potential for an iPhone app to streamline this process is enormous, and the United app as it currently functions (August 2023) fails abysmally on this measure. It fails to connect to the server, or hangs kid-process when changing flights. Also, the password entry requirement to sign into mileage plus every time the app is opened makes referring to my email account or using a web browser a more efficient option. The point of an iOS app is to make ALL functions so streamlined that more traditional and cumbersome platforms (web browser, email search, notes in iPhone, , switching between all the above and others) become unnecessary. This app isn’t there yet. United developers, please take a hard look at these issues, as the app has the potential to be FANTASTIC.
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3 years ago, GooseVarg
In flight entertainment
Overall a good app from a developer’s perspective. There are a few improvements to make with in flight wifi entertainment. 1. Navigating to the in flight entertainment was tricky. The menu option is tucked away under “more options” and the instructions do not point the user there. My guess is it was supposed to auto detect that you are connected to a united wifi access point and show you in flight options on the dashboard and that didn't work. If that’s not an existing feature, it may be a good feature to add (rather easy to implement). 2. I wasn't able to continue watching the movie I started a few hours ago on my first flight. Ford v Ferrari disappeared. However, i noticed it does take me back to where I left off during the same flight (but sort of flakey and may need additional testing there). 3 Lastly, i kept being disconnected from the access point every few minutes. This is most likely the cause of the router and not the app.
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6 years ago, peter h klein
Having already checked in on line I assumed the untied app would have that information but it did not. Then had to start “check-in” process on app to be recognized. That process then required I have the confirmation # ready available which has to be found in a previous email or paper document. Also, the mileage plus number in NEVER listed, save the last three digits. WHY! Working between the online platform and United app simply lacks any cohesion or friendly interface. While online “super security” is appreciated on the large scale, it, and other factors makes all of United’s user platforms feel clunky and unwelcoming. Final example: when checking in online it was nearly impossible to add Milage Plus numbers to get credit for this flight. My wife, Theresa Klein, had to go through a paper file we keep with travel records just to locate her MP # and mine could not be located so miles will be lost unless I take the time to sort through more papers or d emails to eventually find the number for Peter Klein...SO FRUSTRATING.
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1 year ago, calgator
Back from Covid and the road back to Global begins yet again
Despite the poor treatment by two folks on separate flights to see my daughter yesterday to celebrate my 52nd birthday with her (she’s attending college in California and I reside in the east coast/NYC area l) it’s nice to see that United is doing a better job providing for less human engagement for efficient travel booking. As a continuing loyal United traveler now that I’m back from a lot of no traveling during Covid - I was prior to Covid a Global Services Member for many years with 1K status now - I don’t let one travel experience decide my opinion on such an important loyalty program for someone like myself. United listens and it’s clear that your loyalty program with its nuances and need for better automation clearly to me has arrived. I was missing the Global Service staff but have found the app this time flying (been slowly back with January ringing the bell back to Global I’m sure in the foreseeable future) I am happy to be flying with United…again. Loyal flyer
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1 year ago, dovebird
Great when it works!
When this app works, it is great. It doesn’t always work. As a user of two+ years since switching to United, I have never been able to get a flight status. The app asks me to pick an airline, but the app’s drop down list is empty. Therefore, I can never pick and airline to remove the error message and I can never view a flight status. Yay for Flight Aware. I am also unable to buy a fare lock. The app gets “stuck” asking me to verify travelers and not allowing me to purchase. No error messages. Simply an agonizing and repetitive circle of pushing the “verify traveler” button. Finally, in flight entertainment is a random adventure. Sometimes I can connect and get movies. Sometimes I cannot. People around me are fine (same phones, different phones/tablets). I ensure VPN is off, reboot a few times, turn on/off internet, dance on one foot with a foil hat. Sometimes, such behavior fixes the issue! Sometimes, it doesn’t. I wish I had better data/science for this feedback. United is dedicated to the app with limited, useful customer service. Please help make the app work better. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Tonyo01mx
Connecting flight information
Our flight from Toronto was delayed. Upon landing in Chicago, I received a notification saying my connecting flight to Columbus had already departed. The information was “confirmed” by the gate agent. After waiting two hours for our “retrieved” luggage, we were informed our luggage was in Columbus. Apparently, our connecting flight was also delayed and our luggage was transferred to it, but yet, the information sent by United’s system was that the flight had departed by the time we landed in Chicago. I understand weather is not United’s fault, but how the communication was handled, and the accuracy of the communication in your system (including this app) is totally on you. The app is very user-friendly, none of that matters if the information in it is inaccurate, to say the least. Chicago is a great city I called home for 17 years, experiences like this one makes you want to stay away from connecting at O’hare. That means avoiding traveling with your company
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6 years ago, ADT fan in distress
Good App - Terrible Company
What goodness does an app add if the “state of the art” Entertainment technology is useless when the plane WiFi does not work? Many upset customers, Bose and iPhones ready, asked the attendants if this was common. “It happens all the time”. Coast-to-Coast without Entertainment. What good is it to be able to “manage” your miles when United uses de PQM miles scam to credit miles (got less than 30% of my true miles credited, it will take me years to build enough miles to get a domestic free ticket)? But it won’t happen because I avoid United with passion and even cancelled their credit card. What’s the point? My problem with United is United, not the app. United has forgotten its customer focus and to reward loyalty. Forget even the flying experience, just take a European carrier and compare. United apps would be really useful if they were built on a platform of customer service, clearly what United is not about anymore. So I avoid United at all costs, gone to better carriers with more inferior apps.
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5 years ago, Qf5ve
App so Good I started flying United again
I love this app. It’s like Fedex plus Amtrak. Thank you United for making a quality product that actually helps me. I don’t ordinarily even leave reviews, but I fly a lot and I truly appreciate that this app makes flying more convenient. Dear people who made this thank you for adding all of those seamless features. And thank you for the in airport texts and updates too. Thanks to your app, instead of having a hair-pulling experience due to holiday traffic surrounding the airport, I was able to rebook my flight from the uber, eat a leisurely enjoyable dinner in the airport while charging my phone and taking a conference call, purchase a couple of magazines, and stroll happily to the correct gate with a confident awareness of the flight status. I had important things in my checked bags, so when I arrived I didn’t stress when the bags took a while to come out at baggage claim because I checked the app and knew they had arrived and were on their way to me. In conclusion, I love you.
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2 years ago, PrincessSherry1
AMAZING Customer Service - George Guerrero
I was notified on August 7, 2022 that my Tampa flight to Newark, NJ was canceled due to severe weather and thunderstorms. The email was received only a few hours before the flight so I quickly searched for another option and chose an earlier flight for that day at 2:55pm. I get to the gate and was on standby along with 25 other frustrated travelers, especially when we couldn’t get on that flight either since this plane filled quickly. George Guerrero, a United employee, assisted the crowd by answering their questions in a calm and positive manner despite different negative attitudes. When my turn came, Mr. Guerrero, empathized that my original flight got canceled and the second one on standby did not work out. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of the system in quickly providing me options and letting me know that he would monitor the next flight for a seat since it was already full. He also gave me advice for a local hotel stay, picking up my luggage and downloading the United app. Within a couple of hours, Mr. Guerrero confirmed a seat on flight for me and I was able to track everything on the app. Mr. Guerrero went above and beyond in deescalating other travelers. His charismatic personality is quite refreshing whereas we expect a robotic experience behind the counter. This gentleman helped me with ease, efficiency and a smile on his face. He is an asset to the company and an exemplary employee!
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2 months ago, Loveshergrandkids
Poor customer service
I’m a regular flyer with United. Yesterday I made a change to my ticket to get on a flight that left two hours earlier and all of the rest of my travels hinged on that. I was shown a screen that showed the cost of the flight change plus choosing an upgraded seat location. Total cost just under $170. Entered my credit card number an screen showed my ticket as UPDATED. When I went to check in today it showed the later flight time. When I called, I was told that the payment haven’t been received on their end and they would not on that upgrade price today it was $100 more expensive. I had to be on that flight so I had to pay almost $260 to fly two hours earlier and $100 more than it was going to cost me yesterday. The agent and supervisor said they were unable to give me yesterday‘s price. In addition to that the agent told me that she had assigned me seat 31C as I told her that it is very difficult for me to climb over people because my arthritis is so extensive. When I went online to check in to this earlier flight, I was not given an aisle seat. I was given a middle seat!!!!! all around. I am just extremely disappointed with United.
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11 months ago, 236Hokie
The problem with the United app is that it is not seamless for all the different things that happen in travel. An example is that I was just checking in my flight and it does not recognize that I have free baggage status plus a ticket that has free baggage. So when I checked in, I could not check in the baggage without paying a fee. Who wants to go through all that? Also, when somebody else buys you a ticket it’s haphazard to get that ticket into the United app. Another issue is the in-flight entertainment. I would say it’s hit and miss on working, but it’s way more missed than hit. It seems like a different reason every time it doesn’t work from no reason at all to the Wi-Fi is down to “I don’t know what’s happening”. And don’t get me started about flight delays, sometimes the app is timely, sometimes it’s on the airport schedule board first, sometimes announcements come out of nowhere that are on neither the board or in the app. If you’re going to have an app, integrate it with the status updates of your flights. Seems like one of the requirements you would have when you decided to put an app together.
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2 years ago, mp1081
Consistent inconveniences, declining service
You’re using weather as an excuse to delay flights so you don’t have to pay for customers inconveniences or expenses. Checked the weather and there are no storms or lightening anywhere near the airport. Husband’s flight was redirected, delayed flight next day and missed connecting flight last week, this week my flight is delayed, missed connecting flight and I have to pay for hotel because I don’t get reimbursed because of “weather”. Even Houston locals are asking “what weather” when told my flight was delayed for that reason. Maybe you should ask airports in Florida how they handle storms so you can implement their protocols in Houston or you’re going to lose lots of 1K and other customers because you’re service is starting to look like American Airlines. I went to pick up my bags because I had rebooked my flight and the ladies said the ramp was closed and I had been lied to- so I was not getting my bags tonight- after 2 other employees had told me where to pick it up… let’s just say- This trip is a nightmare and United is leaving a really, really bad taste in my mouth. If this type of service continues, you will lose our business.
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6 years ago, United passenger NC
Disappointing 1st flight in years!
I haven’t flown in 15 years, so I decided to take United after hearing good things about them. My experience was less than enjoyable. After deplaning in Houston and being unfamiliar with airport, I discovered my my next flight was leaving from a gate clear across the airport, so rushing through to arrive at my gate on time, I discovered the plane was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather in NJ. Then, they call us to board only to find out that there was a problem and we would be delayed another 15 minutes, not a huge deal. However, these delays continued for another 2 1/2 hours! We were given ridiculous excuses, one after the other, without a sincere apology or the truth. Perhaps the airline thought we should all understand and comply without a genuine explanation or compensation. They did allow us to watch a movie for free, but still charged for alcohol. When you have friends or family waiting for you at your final destination and it turns out to be 3:00 am, I think the responsibility lies with United to be sure everything is taken care of before asking passengers to board.
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5 years ago, page 4456
abysmal customer service - do not fly
I have been a United Mileage Plus member for 6 years and flown almost exclusively United. Huge mistake. Due to a technical issue on a United Aircraft on Oct 6, 2019, I was stranded over night away from home. I spent two + hours on the phone with “customer care” and the best offer I received was that United Airlines the would “change the waive fee” for a flight the next day. No hotel, no offer to put me on a different airline, no compensation for Uber to and from the airport or meals. Nothing. Truly abysmal way to treat a long-time (now former) customer. Especially when I saw (on the same trip! on the way to my destination) a man get offered $500 in compensation to take the next flight out. At his convenience. When I was very much inconvenienced, at United’s pleasure, I was offered nothing, even upon request. My girlfriend was stranded the same day in another city on American Airlines and she was offered a hotel voucher, Uber voucher, and a meal. She didn’t even have to ask. FLY ANY OTHER AIRLINE!
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12 months ago, thezygo
Rebooking my canceled flight
In April I booked a round-trip non-refundable flight from Rochester, NY to Chicago, IL, but I had to cancel it because my husband had to have emergency surgery. I tried to rebook my flight online, but that didn't work out very well. I called the customer service number and was on hold for at least 20 minutes until I was finally able to speak with a customer service agent. Her name is Sid and she is in South Africa. Sid is the most delightful person that you could ever meet. We had an awesome conversation with much laughter. We probably spoke for at least 20 minutes about everything from the shape of the world to her story about her dog which was very sad. I had plenty of my own stories as well. She was extremely helpful and got my trip rebooked with no problem. She is a great asset to United Airlines and the world. A wonderful, sweet, caring lady. She was professional yet human and my experience couldn't have been more delightful. Thank you, Sid!🤗❤️
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5 years ago, mkc58
I was prompted yesterday to go on another flight with no change fee. It wasn’t obvious that the flight options were for the *following* day. I selected, realized I made a mistake, and called right away to correct. I was then on hold more than a half hour, and two agents and an hour later I received no help. All after a day when i traveled to be at a funeral. Today, when I went to check in, the message was clearer that you were looking for people to change flights. I have been a customer and mileage plus customer for decades. Also a credit card holder. I am extremely disappointed in the service and considering canceling my card, and United as airline of choice. It’s clear United dramatically overbooked flights the entire weekend, which is irresponsible from my perspective. While I was on the phone with agents last night, I could hear other agents fighting with customers like me in the background. Please try to be better to customers in the future. Thank you
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1 year ago, Illinifan2010
Warning about refundable tickets
This app, like the website, is horribly misleading regarding refundable tickets. If you book a flight originating internationally, they will offer you an “Economy (fully refundable)” fare that usually costs about 10-20% more than “Economy”. Well I booked the refundable option because I knew my plans were tentative, but when I went to cancel all they would give me is a flight credit. Well after an hour long chat with a United agent who assured me after looking at my flight that if I canceled and filled out their refund form I would get the fare price returned to my credit card, 2 days later I get an email saying it was denied because the flight originated internationally and those fares are not refundable. So why exactly did I pay extra for a “fully refundable” ticket if the fare is not actually refundable? The stupidity of the policy aside, if that is their policy “fully refundable” should not be offered as a fare option for internationally originating tickets. This is nothing short of theft, selling you a product they know they do not offer. I’ve seen a lot of bad business practices but this is one of the most egregious. I will not be flying United ever again.
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2 years ago, MJS1350
Terrible (i.e. Lack of) Customer Service
My international flight left gate early. After taxiing, plane came back to the gate about 30 minutes later due mechanical problems. Flight got canceled 30 further minutes later because crew hours would exceed allowed limit. The only assistance we received was a phone number to call to rebook. Luggage did come, but 2 and 1/2 hours after we deplaned. United did not have a customer service person on site to assist with this extraordinary delay. The customer service phone number was difficult to navigate but did get someone to rebook. Unfortunately, the rebooked flight leaves 20 hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. Again, since there was no customer service rep on site, we had to ask the phone rep about food and a hotel. We were told that we would have to find a hotel on our own in a foreign city we were not familiar with. All the hotels we called were all booked and the taxi dispatcher could not do any better. So here I am sitting at the airport with my family without having slept for 26 hours and my rebooked flight isn’t for 15 more hours and no United service rep on-site to help.
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3 years ago, Marie5555!
Terrible flight personnel
Asked to sit in emergency row and they asked to look at my ticket. After seeing my boarding pass they looked at my seating which was all the way in the back and one older lady insisted that I paid the least amount god my ticket and said it costs more to fit in the emergency seating because there is more leg room. As I let her know I may have paid less but it was only because I booked my flight much earlier $200 is not a cheap flight and I paid $700 for a flight for my son at the same time while only flying from Florida to Va 2 hour flight. To that I say she needs to find a new field that doesn't include customer service. She was down right rude and I am wondering as an after thought if it wasn't due to my darker skin color. (I am Hispanic and have been sun kissed due to my vacation for 30 days) The entire emergency seating row was empty with only one passenger seated on the left side of the aircraft. Everyone was already boarded. WILL NOT FLY WITH UNITED AGAIN! SHAME ON YOU! The female who was sitting in in emergency row was about 90 pounds soaking wet... I bet everyone on the flight felt real safe having to depend on someone of that stature sitting in the seat to help everyone.
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1 year ago, idontwanttoleaveareview
Carry-on bags Vs. Personal items
My ticket itinerary was not clear as to whether I was permitted to bring a "carry-on" (A small suitcase on wheels, that would fit in the overhead compartment.) Plus bring my "personal item", (my purse). I looked it up on your website, and it was no help either. Your vet age is very confusing! If I am not flying "First Class", and I sm not a United Airlines Credit Card Reward Member, am I flying "Economy" or "Basic Economy"? Is there a difference between the two? I had packed my small suitcase on telescopic wheels for my trip. But when I received my check-in notification the morning of my trip, it made it sound like I was NOT permitted to bring a carry-on item PLUS a personal item (my purse) or I would be forced to check my suitcase at the gate, pay the checked baggage fee PLUS a $25 fee. So I frantically unpacked my clothing from my larger size suitcase into a smaller one that would fit under the seat in front of me, with my purse inside, and all of my medications. I want you to know how inconvenient this was for me, not to mention that I only had room for three days of clothes, for my 14 day trip! When I arrived at my gate, I asked the gate agent to please clarify whether I was allowed a "carry-on" PLUS a "personal item". He said: "Oh, you're good with both." So I COULD have brought I enough clothes for my trip, and not have had to wash my clothes every three days of my 14 day trip! UGH!!!
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2 years ago, JJJUNEBUG
Cancelations without notice
Between yesterday and today there have been two canceled flights neither of which were we provided notification even after installing your app. This forced us to stay at a hotel due to cancellations which costed us an additional $500 with no offer any vouchers or assistance to accommodate this inconvenience. Also the hotel we were forced to stay in was not near the caliber hotel we had booked in Michigan. My husband has a bad back and we had a jacuzzi and breakfast at our previously booked hotel. The hotel we had to stay in didn’t offer half the amenities that we had already paid for. Additionally the hotel that we had previously purchased a two day stay at we were unable to attend due to the cancellation. It is my hope that you would accommodate our hotel stay here and in Michigan for last night at least for this inconvenience and expense due to the fact that there was zero notification. Additionally we have made two separate trips to the airport to only find out that our flight was canceled once again with zero notice. Please call me asap to discuss how we can remedy this awful situation. Sincerely, Jennifer Johnston
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3 years ago, Mooshupork1
Flight segment left off trip
I called a united agent to book a trip for my fiancé and I to Scottsdale with a return trip from Las Vegas. When checking in today our Scottsdale segment only had one traveler booked, leaving my fiancé without a seat and with only 3 of the four segments we booked and in our folio. With no options and no help from my premiere desk representative who told me “sorry, we are human and make mistakes but there is nothing I can do to help you” I was forced to use 53,300 miles to book a first class seat for a flight that when I booked cost $120 for a ticket that was never processed by United with a travel reward I was using from a covid canceled trip. This is unacceptable and a failure on the part of United customer service to complete my proper booking and leave me in an untenable situation and force me to spend 5x the value of my original ticket to book a first class seat. I am demanding my reward points be put back in my account since this was agent, not customer error.
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2 years ago, fkatnik
The Best
I love flying United Airlines. Their onboard service is excellent, their coffee is so good, and the app they’ve designed works the best of any airline and sets the standards for others to follow. It makes checking in so easy. I love they have a map that shows where you are in the airport and how to get to your next gate, and all of that is possible through intentional technological design that works seamlessly, due to conscientious testing, debugging, and thoughtful programming. In addition, they were the first major airline to implement a recycling program, and have set lofty goals for alternative fuels. And the company is innovative as well, creating their own training program called Aviate, and are recruiting women and people of color to the training school. Their safety record is excellent and they do such a great job training their pilots and flight attendants to give the customer is the safest flight possible. United is the best and I’m grateful I get to fly them.❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Natttttt D
Bad experience, good app
I flew United for the first time in a while and I found that, compared to other airline apps, their flight statuses were updated the most frequently/accurately. It told me about delays before the gate clerk even knew. As you could’ve guessed, this unfortunately means that I was on a delayed flight which caused me to miss my connection on the last flight out of Newark for the night. The app let me know right away when my connection took off, preventing the hassle of running to the gate to check, and immediately presented me with options for next steps. It provided the next United flight out of Newark and guaranteed me a seat, while also showing me flights out of nearby airports, like LaGuardia and JFK, in order to more accurately assess options and get to my destination as soon as possible. Thank you so much for alleviating the stress in a tough situation! I’ve never booked a flight using the app, so I cannot speak on that, but my experience was great.
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8 months ago, ulullani
Hawaiian trip #22
Wow I have been to Hawaii 22 times after living there 40 years ago and all are with continental airlines and when United took over well what can I say … when you’re good you’re good ! 🌺👍 I even traveled to Germany many times with United and I always had a great experience! Thanks for the good service I have received over the years and my new husband loves Hawaii… it’s his second time flying to the island with united airlines … last year we flew in 1st class and what an experience it was …. I was going to upgrade to 1st class again but all seats are already taken … oh well that’s the way it goes ! We both have birthdays, I just turned 78 years young and my husband of almost 5 years is going to be 80 in November! I just would like say how fortunate we are to have United as our airline and we are truly blessed with the service they provide every time I’m flying! No other airline will do ! Thanks 🙏! Ulla Langford
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2 years ago, Joykum69
Internacional airlines
I leave from here on the September 18’2022. From EWR-CGK. From here EWR UA79 I know I’m in the economy the flight attendant so rude and treating so poorly I paid not free in that airlines and I changed from Japan to Indonesia which is different airlines operated by United airlines so differently super nice and respectful . And I coming back again OMG with same all flight attendants they should retired so old. One of the flight attendants I ask do you give it away the a kita (socks,toothbrush etc) and she said NO, and guess what she give it front of my chair that kit what I ask for and guess she say I heard don’t tell anyone I give it to you wow 😮. And I’ll try to different flight attendants and they say to me we don’t carried it. Seriously I apply with this explorer card I think they treated you respect I guess so poorly. Again they way the talk so super super RUDE and coming back to US same flight attendants omg UA 78 October’13 . I take this airlines international 3rd time I thought they will change flight attendants I guess same person different with other airlines they will give what the customer wants. Not only complain in the plains I see almost people in the plane say OMG they all so rude .
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6 years ago, Everynicknameeveristaken!!!
This app is good for one thing, making you miss your flight. It will repeatedly fail to update you on flight changes, in my case it told me the incorrect gate, causing me to almost miss my flight. Unfortunately, United has also caused the most unforgivingly miserable and unprofessional flights of my life. My flight was supposed leave at 10:36pm, the time is important. Got delayed till 1:30am. I waited until 1:30, than I received the notice that the flight was delayed until 10:35 in the morning. The best part, 12 hours is a full refund. But because it's at 10:35 not 10:36, that one minute makes sure I don't get a refund. The result? Cozying up on the floor of LAX all night. The customer service will be sure to make your experience even more miserable. You can enjoy waiting for over an hour, to than be fed misinformation about upcoming flights, claiming there were no more flights headed to my destination. However, all morning I watched as people in the wait list slipped on to more flights, flights that customer service claimed didn’t exist. The bottom line is, this app is an impressive reflection of what flying United is like. You shouldn’t need this app, because you shouldn’t fly United.
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