5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

4.7 (190.9K)
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The Third Stone Holdings Limited
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2 years ago
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10.2 or later
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User Reviews for 5miles: Buy and Sell Locally

4.7 out of 5
190.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Osteopath
Great market app !
Really and truly one of the greatest local market apps available . Can get good deals on everything from electronics to housewares . There is a feedback system so you can get an idea of who you are interacting . On a couple of my meet ups the other person mentioned that they were nervous about meeting up with cash to buy something. I’d recommend to those who are wary of meeting a “stranger” in public , pick a place like the DMV , a police station, or meet inside a store. Meet during daylight hours as opposed to nighttime, this way you could feel more secure about meeting up to trade . Don’t let the possible (if any) bad apples ruin the experience of using a market like this .
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3 years ago, blaqmare
Quality of sellers has gone downhill
Used to love this app years ago and my experiences on it were largely positive but lately I have noticed a disturbing pattern: sellers are either putting up fake ads, don’t seem serious about selling or will leave conversations hanging in messages with no explanation or resolution. I see it happen on 5miles way more than I see on other apps. I use apps like offerup, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace and my experiences are much better at these other places. People on these other sites seem motivated to sell and will respond in a fairly timely manner and usually resolve the conversations whether it leads to a sale or not. I’m not sure why this trend of lazy, unmotivated or rude sellers on 5miles but it’s been happening way too much and so I wanted to share that on here. Not sure if 5miles can do anything about this disturbing trend but bottom line I think they should know how buyer experiences compare at other places. And no, I’m not low-balling sellers or being rude to them when I contact. It’s just a consistent pattern I have noticed these days that sellers on 5miles seem unmotivated and often leave conversations hanging way more than I have seen at other selling apps or websites.
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7 years ago, NDIBRO
“Fake users”
I can’t 100% prove it but I get messages from people who have not been active in multiple days or weeks. I think the app is looking at products that are not selling well and it sends automated messages from inactive accounts. The messages are asking questions like “ Do you have more pictures?” I always have at least 5+ pictures in my listings. When I ask what other pictures they want there is never a response. They ask “Can you give me more information?” I over explain each of my products to make sure that there is no confusion later in the process. But again when I ask what other information they are looking for, no response. I get the question are they being sold as a group or individually and in the listing it says “I am pricing/selling them individually.” Shocker no response from them either. I have yet to sell anything on here because the couple times I have had real interest the people don’t show up or they are expecting me to deliver a $15 product 30 miles from my house for free. Use a different app this one doesn’t seem to have an ethical setup!
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5 years ago, buysellfanatic
I have had the app for a few years now and started running into an issue with posting. I wasn’t able to get past a certain point and kept giving me an error to where i couldn’t post any new items or even edit current posted items. I got so frustrated that i emailed their tech support to get the issue resolved. I emailed back and forth with now going on 4 people. At first they kept saying restart your phone and try reconnecting your internet and so forth which i thought was weird seeing as though my issue had nothing to do with any of those solutions. I then got an email from another department saying the reason for by denied purchase was due to not having enough “friends”. That’s when i knew they weren’t going to resolve the issue. Why is it so hard to fix a cliche on the app. I haven’t had this issue before so I’m not sure why it started now. It has made the app impossible to use which is very disappointing. I’ll be using other apps for my selling needs and keep this in mind when reaching out to a company like this. My issue is still currently unresolved.
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6 years ago, Nunya biz ness
Entire system is flawed
I’ve tried so many times to sell stuff through this app and have been disappointed every time. Seems like the people that are “buyers” on here don’t do anything but waste your time asking lots of questions and basically wanting you to give it away for free only to leave you stranded in the end. They have no means of screening sellers and buyers to verify if they are even who they say they are. Also, I tried to advertise a yard sale and posted pictures of the things I’m selling to encourage people to come and check them out in person. In the end I get flagged by 5 miles and my listings get pulled for “duplicates”. Why? Because I used the same pictures for my individual listings as I had in my yard sale listing. So dumb in so many different ways. Just save your time people! If you want to safely and efficiently sell your stuff take the cut and sell through EBAY. Heck, at this point even offer up has better options for sellers than 5 miles. This app is nothing but overhyped due to their “duplicate” commercials on social media.
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6 years ago, geaux4two
2 days into the 24 hour “order pending” process
I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, other than a commercial that used to be on TV were customer service personnel were only authorized to apologize, repeatedly… Apparently there is some provision somewhere deep within the details of 5 mile, that allows them to suspend your transaction by placing it into pending status, due to a nonspecific issue that no one in customer service can identify or communicate to you, even though your credit card has been billed and the seller has selected a meet up location and scheduled to meet you. I wasted four hours of my time on Friday while waiting for Customer Service to get to the bottom of what specifically the issue was, but they seem completely unable to do anything other than apologize; which to their credit, which they have done repeatedly over and over again for the last 36 hours…. And fine apologizers they are indeed… however, eventually become you’re really aware but they seem to have the ability to do nothing but apologize, as they have no information, can’t get any information, can speak to no one who has any information, and provide no solution whatsoever for your dilemma… An amazing experience, because I have truly never seen anyone be so well-trained and polite while providing no information or solutions whatsoever… Truly remarkable.
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5 years ago, Ryan Stout
Not a good experience overall
I got the LetGo app as well as 5Miles. Photos: One thing I loved on 5Miles was the ability to select several photos during the photo upload process. Whereas LG only allowed one photo selection at a time and I had to wait on each photo to load before I could select the next one. Wrong Category: The other thing about 5Miles, two of my toys were categorized wrong. Why? There was not a toy section, so I put it under Other. When I got notice, I looked around and guess where I found Toys? Under Fashion and Accessories. Really? When is a toy a fashion or an accessory? No, you guys have the category mis-categorized. Plus, you can’t just select a new category, you have have to delete the post and start over. Time consuming and ridiculous. Sales: Even though I only had seven items posted I got no likes, no interest and no sales. On other sites I got likes and questions. Folowers: I got two followers. Both Male. I know anyone can follow who they want, but I thought it was weird being I was selling kids toys, baby blankets, woman’s dresses and house shoes. I felt like this is not a dating site and felt uncomfortable. Especially since I never had that experience on other selling apps. Other than that, I don’t like the auction on the site at all and things kept telling me I need to boost and stuff. Not interested, so I deleted the app.
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6 months ago, Smart City Texas
Customer service is top notch for business.
As many of my colleagues know it’s a tough world out there and all it takes is one unhappy or fraudulent customer to try and ruin. Your reputation and business on this platform. I must commend 5 Mile for I have maintained above a 93% rating since 2016 and generate revenue off of here because the platform rewards performance and also protects you by removing hit jobs from clients that will threaten you to finish things for free.. in a perfect world everyone would be happy. At least this platform is far better than most in being there in support. Thank you 5mile.
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6 years ago, Mark@Boston
App for Scammers
This app is plagued with scammers, and 5miles does absolutely nothing to protect the customer. On eBay when a buyer makes a purchase you know the sellers real name, email address, physical address, and phone number simply by conducting business with the seller. For some reason 5miles chooses to hide basic contact information from the buyer, so if anything goes wrong with the transaction the buyer is screwed. 5miles response to me was that that would be a good future update for the app to allow buyers to see the sellers contact information. My scammer’s account has yet to be banned, but can you believe the scammer was actually allowed to block me!? What’s even more ridiculous is that 5miles is unwilling to provide me with any of my sellers contact information unless I get a subpoena. Has anyone at 5miles even offered to reach out to the seller in an attempt to retrieve my money. Absolutely, NOT! eBay, why did I ever leave you!
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5 years ago, Ridestherange
Great app except for photo limitations
This is a great user friendly app for the most part. The only exception is that they require all photos to be square and limit the number to twelve. If the photo does not meet their square 2:1 ratio photo limitation, they will not approve the post and therefore it cannot be sold on their site/app. Perhaps it is a limitation of their software developers but, not all objects are square or can be edited to be square without distortion of the object appearance, which would then be a misrepresentation of the product and fraudulent. Please develop a way to give more allowance for sellers. All other marketplaces allow for rectangular and circular photo uploads. That is the reason for the four-star, instead of a five-star rating.
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5 years ago, Johnnyp12759383
Just a terrible app.
If you look through the reviews you read reviews that have 5 stars but everything they said was a negative about the app. This app is filled with spam and advertisements, it does not feel authentic. It links to other apps like “burner phone” that just want to make you subscribe for payments to o use. The speed deals that you bid on are just cheap items from china that show an original price that is completely made up, a scam I hope people do not fall for. User-ability is terrible and difficult to navigate. I also believe messages are fake to think your products are getting interest. The final thing. I have never heard of this app and found it by just strolling though the app store. I have never heard of anyone else actually using this app. Stay away, there are way better apps and websites you could use to sell your items.
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6 years ago, JodyDebi
“-The 1st Time I opened the APP, I filled directs and registered, then W went to the EXACT-CATEGORY, and literally in 5 minutes found JUST what We desperately needed and the ASKING PRICE SEEMED SO FAIR, and the Gentleman so POLITE, I felt it was a “Fair & Square” Deal!!! I did not ask for the discount (which could not be much...the price was immediately satisfactory (I’ve been shopping-around BECAUSE I AM 60 YEARS OLD, TERMINALLY DISABLED, and on a ‘FIXED INCOME’ that barely allows Me an extra $400 monthly. But, that covers ZERO because mostly it’s for food. Potty paper. Toothpaste and CLOTHING from Goodwill. So, when I immediately FOUND IT... “I bought it!” (THAT IS HOW THESE APPS ARE SUPPOSED TO “WORK”)....! - -Right??! “-ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!” P. S:My Wife and I really feel the need to say “THANK YOU ‘5’-MILES”! You and My ADULT SELLER turned Me from “A BROWSING PERSON” into a “BUYING Person...In just “5 -MINUTES!”. (-that’s gotta be a RECORD!) -a little miracle happened!) lol!
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7 years ago, WordsYO!
No thanks, I'll use a different app
The profile photo upload is terrible. It won't center how you set it, and it has to be square or it's impossible to crop it correctly. Then, even when you do finally get it right (I had to go into a secondary app to crop my photo and then come back), it didn't center it as I had selected. It just showed the top left corner of the photo. Also, you need my phone number for verification? No, I'm not doing that. I've had way too many problems with apps and services sharing my phone number, now I get spam and scam calls all day long. So, I'm sorry if I don't trust you, but I just don't trust the situation anymore. Furthermore, if you need my phone number and won't budge on that, fine. Could you tell me BEFORE I typed up my whole first ad and cropped all the photos of the item (keep in mind, I had to back out and use a secondary app to make them square first and then come back to upload them). That was terribly annoying and insulting that you would try to make someone feel "forced" to submit personal info once they've completed their ad. I just started trying it out a few minutes ago, and you've already greatly annoyed me twice. Thanks, but no thanks. I will not be using your service.
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3 years ago, oh-mercy
TERRIBLE! Deserves no stars.
This app is awful. It’s supposed to be 5 mile distance but I get listings from the whole eastern seaboard. I went to settings over and over and over. I set the distance for 10 miles, set the sort order for closest. When I go back it’s the same, I tried re entering my search, it’s exactly the same. I go back to settings, it’s all back to default. There is no way to save your settings. Then there are the constant ads and multiple listings from commercial companies. Sometimes there will be a dozen of the same commercial listing in a row. Also, after scrolling endlessly and finally found a couple of listings In in my area they were over a year old- and no wonder- trying to find what you’re looking for is not worth the time. Do not waste your time. This is the worst buying/selling app I’ve ever come across.
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5 years ago, Loisangel
Absolute garbage. Use ANY other sales app instead!
I haven’t had ANY positive experiences with this app. I spend the time to type out detailed listings, add my pictures, etc. only to have my listings removed with ZERO explanation. When you click the option to appeal, it immediately gets denied, again without explanation. If you email them for clarification, it’s the same thing. I tried getting more information, and they told me that nobody can sell those items, yet there are LITERALLY dozens of them listed! They said I could report them, so I did, yet over a week later & theirs are still up. I’ve NEVER had a listing removed in the other selling apps! In fact, with this app, I’ve never had any real people inquire about my items. Maybe the previous reviews I read were accurate. Sorry if this review sounds like a rant- I’m frustrated!!
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5 years ago, Prelestnica
The worst of the four popular classifieds apps
1. Takes forever to load compared to Craigslist, Offer Up and Letgo apps. 2. Generates the fewest sales compared to the above listed apps. Namely one sale compared to a few dozens througout the other platforms. No wonder, how many users would want to stick with 5 Miles considering all the drawbacks? 3. Limits photo size, allowing to load any shape photo and then removing (!) the entire ad a few minutes after posting because “one of my photos was too long”. At least allow to edit photos instead of having me post the entire ad all over again! 4. Persistently displays new activity notification on app icon even when I already reviewed it. 5. Counts app generated nonsensical notifications as messages making me check the app way too often with no way to turn them off and keep the relevant buyer message notifications. Update: after a few of these before noon today I did change the rating from 2 stars to 1 star. 6. Gets stuck on some screens making it impossible to continue without closing the app and reopening it again. 7. The ads are as irrelevant and ugly as could be (think advertising gross pics apps over and over again).
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4 years ago, Hungryguitar
5 auto listings
After 5 auto listings you have to pay So in other words if you have car parts of any kind you can only use this app about 5 times before you have to pay. This is a short term app and it is not worth paying for. There is other things they can charge for but this makes the app completely useless. Apps like offer up work much better, same with facebook market place and even the classic craigslist. You don't have to pay with them to post there is no hidden fee or monthly payment just post and sell which is how it should be. If you want to charge people to sell then offer a premium account with features better than stock but if you start taking features away and force people to buy a premium account most of them are just going to merge over to another app.
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5 years ago, Dax210
From OK to really bad. From Offer Up to Deal Dash?
This app used to be pretty OK. I used it just like offer up, Facebook marketplace and let go. Unfortunately it has taken a really rough turn trying to be a bidding site. This is extremely unfortunate and is prone to all kinds of fake sellers, items that you don’t have enough time to read the description on before they are a bid off, they really need to go back to what made them good to begin with. They are not eBay, they are not Deal Dash , Now they are not even offer up or let go. I’m not sure who is in charge of the site but they really need to reconsider the direction they are going or they will not be existing for very long. I honestly do not even have them in my buying and selling folder anymore
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5 years ago, Gogo gal
5 Miles bidding “Dash” scam
SCAM Alert! Beware of 5 miles “Dash” bid buying! You won’t get items or if you do get them the items received are cheap knock-offs, broken, or wrong item won. And by all means don’t make complaint to sellers or 5 miles because then your account will get suspended like mine was after I lodged complaint over 8 items won, paid for & not received. I was told by multiple customer service reps that a supervisor would contact me; and that has never happened (over 6 weeks ago). No refunds either! I’m done. I have 100% positive reviews from selling & buying on 5 miles since joined years ago. Before you get pulled into their new Dash scam, suggest you read the comments and account questions on 5 miles and you’ll see I’m not the only one. Scammed & DONE with 5 Miles.
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5 years ago, mbkta
Fake Messages
This is also, as others below have described, been a big issue on the app. People messaging you that haven’t been active for more than 3-5 days or more that message you out of the blue with one or two questions in badly written English. “Can pick up today”, “I would like to buy”, “need more information before I buy now”. These messages are not sent by the buyer but the app itself. Please do NOT use this app to sell your items unless you know it is a REAL person and will actually be in your area to pickup items. I cannot stress enough that someone that hasn’t opened the app in more than a week will not send a message at all. Please fix this in your app, your obvious malpractice of selling, or I will make sure to find a way to get your app off of the App Store.
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4 years ago, Saltzo
No users, makes up for it with bots
4 people have messaged me about a listing, 0 views. Wonder how that happens? Oh yeah, because they’re bots. They all follow a basic script asking about the item, you respond and the communication stops. Then a couple days later the same thing. Don’t waste your time downloading the app. Either the app used to be good or more than likely they’ve been paying for reviews. Also, filled with ads. Every time you open it you have to close out of a full page ad to proceed. Plus they give you a “currency” that goes up the more you’re in the app. Either they’re using your phones computing power for something or wanting to mine your data.
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5 years ago, STOP - bad apps
0 stars - STAY AWAY! Foreign LLC
After all the comments, is a *class action lawsuit* warranted? No, terms of service say binding arbitration. There seems to be zero accountability for this Hong Kong based private entity. I never comment on apps - the experience was SO bad - I write to warn you- “stay away” “don’t waste another second to download”. Seems like a sham app created for harvesting your personal info — bank #, cell #, FB... I had zero sales. Spent lots of time creating listing only to have it repeatedly rejected with a template explanation.... like a chatbot getting it all wrong & then suspending my account. There’s no way to turn off the unwanted “refer to friends” for everything I post. Finally, this app seems to really be a fishing tool for cell phone numbers that result in spam calls... it seems like a sham for something else going on behind the app... info gathering - links to your Facebook wants access to your data & also your purchases & selling habits. I read the terms of service, which confirmed my suspicions. All those generic 5-star ratings seem to be employee, marketing manager creations. Go with Offer-up, Letgo, eBay, ... anything but this.
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6 years ago, soopernacholicious
Frustrating app, high online pay fee ☹️
I first have to say the chat support people are great and response time is instant. However, my issue is that listings “default” to accept cash AND online payments and I am a new user and wasn’t aware of this - a buyer also was new to this feature and used it. Online pymt has EXPENSIVE 4.9% fee of the total Then when you get ready to transfer the $ to your bank a pop up message warns you better have the right info or be charged $2 on top of that fee. Go figure, my transfer got a massage saying it was rejected! How, i don’t know since o double checked before sending. A few more tries and I’ll have nothing left of the money I got for my sold item that alreasy was a loss. 😡
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7 years ago, Miscre8tive
Favorite Resale App -lots reasons why
I like 5 Miles for these reasons in no order: 1) free/donation category 2) can post video or pictures and up to 6 pics 3) allowed to select thru albums and not just camera roll when posting 4) can select multiple pictures in one post instead of individually 4) you can translate foreign languages via the app 5) BOOST for FREE! (Only one that I have found w/o fee). 6) several categories 7) notifications on new prices of favorited items 8) the level scale based on your reviews (1-5) 3 suggestions : 1) Favorites board that allows one to categorize their favorites or saved items. Offer up does this. 2) more picture allowance. I post wear of my goods, plus measurements and sometimes I have more than 6 pics. Craigslist has most allowance so far that I have found. 3) option to swipe to next item like Letgo
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3 years ago, Peter Weisskirchen
3 stars and I write why
The App itself is actually good. Giving points or coins is also a good idea. Good to handle, easy. But here the cons: I never so,d or buyers anything here. In fact today I deleted the app, because I posted a car for sale. The statistics in 8 hours are: 135 answers in FB marketplace (including some local sales groups I have to admit). 24 askings in OfferUp (Letgo). 5 askings in the local neighborhood page Nextdoor. Not a single one in 5 miles. Every time I tried to sell something or buy something, 5 miles wasn’t a big part of it. I am sorry to write that, but somehow nobody really using the app. It just make me do some work for nothing. The intention and making of the App would make me 5 stars. The reaching out to customers just only one. If ther will be a better marketing and advertising to reach out for more people, I surely consider to re-I stall. As I said. I hate to make bad reviews. But sometimes things have to be said and maybe for a better reason making a change. Thx 5miles and maybe another time
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3 years ago, wifivmvmgldksldn
Not enough users
The app is fine, it’s general premise is the same as offer up. The problem is they have like no users. Maybe it’s me but I will post something and after a week have less than 10 views while the same item on offer up has several hundred. I have sold two items here while on the other app I have sold closer to 50/60 in the same amount of time. It’s time to do a marketing push here, there are basically no other local selling apps other than the one I have been mentioning, all other apps take a large percentage and charge to ship (even in local situations, Mercari ) This app would be great if people actually used it!
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5 years ago, lc012477
Getting worse with every update
Now there is no way to set the distance & they’ve added something stupid where you can bid on items. I won a bid & they expect me to pay for it & you can’t even tell them your size. I’m not paying for anything if your not able to have it sent in my size. Stupid addition to 5 miles. Also, this app never boosts my items, even after 2 days. I notice everyone else’s items are boosted. I’m not selling anything that is prohibited, so there is no excuse. I got rid of this app in the past because of the same problem with boosting, decided to see if the problem was fixed, but nothing has changed. I don’t expect to get a response since no one really cares about reviews unless it’s a good review. Totally useless app.
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4 years ago, 1jass1
Slow helping staff
I have this member who wrote a false review, which I’ve never sold or bought anything from this person. And have yet to hear anything from their support staff, I don’t believe a person should be able to leave a review without me buying or selling an item to them or at least should be able to write a review back but for some odd reason this person was able to write a review on me but I wasn’t allowed to write one on them plus I had blocked them so they should’ve never been able to get onto my profile. Major bugs need to be fixed Now I’ve been dealing with harassment from the same user for an hour. And yet to hear anything for support and hopefully they ban this user but from the looks of it probably not
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4 years ago, Xstina123
Improve on the way you make a post!
Dear developer, Please make pictures bigger after you choose them. It’s so tiny and there’s no way to view the picture bigger before posting. Also, when looking at your listings, please make the pictures a lot lot bigger. Also, when going back and forth on your selections when making a new post, the text keeps getting deleted. Please make it a way for the text to not disappear. Sometimes I forget to click on a different picture to post and I go back to the option where you choose pictures. I already put the description and when I go forward to the next screen, all my descriptions are deleted!
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6 years ago, Hóok
False messages?
After reading a few reviews I feel like I’m getting the same fake messages from folks. In the past week I’ve gotten 5 seemingly interested people either asking if an item is available or requesting more information. As others have experienced, there is no response back to my reply. On other platforms, even when it is a mistake of just saying they like the item, at least they respond letting me know that’s the case. I’m not sure what’s going on here. As an added note, not a single person that has sent a message has been from remotely close to my area.. mostly from about 90 miles away. Again it just adds to my suspicions. I’ll probably give this another week before I delete the app.
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5 years ago, starrs metalworks
Not good for the Ganges made
I have had this app for a year or more. And list a minimum of 75 listings. But sine you can only boost the list 3 times for free and just pay for featuring after that my store activity has dropped by 90%. Abductors boost all of my listings would be almost $400 for a week. This has made it not worth my time in list or even selling on this app. I will go elsewhere , when at one time this was a productive and gainful of list my jewelry and art that I do . It’s a waste of time and I won’t spend the money they ask for to feature a proxy that I shouldn’t gave or it basically falls if the radar. Bad move on thier part
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5 years ago, SPIKEDT
Decent, but there’s better alternatives...
Decent, but there’s better alternatives out there. I’ve used 5 miles for quite some time and I’ve sold and made purchases on it. Most recently I was searching for workout equipment and saved a search and requested notifications. While I do receive notifications, I am unable to open them. I contacted technical support and requested assistance. I advised them that I have an iPhone 9 running the latest software and that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app without success. They have contacted me several times stating that my request was received, updated and finally resolved. I said that’s great, would you care to share with me exactly how you resolved my request since I’m the one that requested the help and I still can’t open my notifications. They again sent me a reply stating my request has been updated. That’s great, updated to what? All I get is cryptic replies that mean nothing. If you don’t know how to fix it, I’d appreciate the honesty a lot more. I’m deleting my account and like I said, there’s a lot better alternatives out there. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Rvw
poorly designed app
I spent about 15 minutes creating my first post, part of that time trying to figure out why they were automatically listing my price in a foreign currency (I'm in the US) and not allowing me to list in US$. After finally sorting that out, it turned out that the app won't post my item because I don't have a cell phone and therefore can't be verified. So, I tried to delete the account (apparently they don't actually 'delete', rather they 'deactivate' your account). It forwarded me to their website on my browser, and repeatedly had me complete captcha tasks, even though it said i was completing them correctly it won't sign me into my account on the browser, even though it works on the app itself.
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6 years ago, Hataritunes
Haggling problems
The destructive and provocative haggling culture of some people, apparently has made 5 miles ban bids lower than a certain ratio of the asking price. Today, I tried to bid $150 on a used Apple Watch that the seller was asking $350 for, but 5 miles said ”please five a reasonable bid”. So I went to Walmart instead and bought a brand new Apple Watch for $149 with warranty and the exact color I wanted. Cheaper than the offer 5miles did not let me place! When I sell I am honest about my asking price but I get these lowballers from hell all the time. So 5 miles = overpriced garbage and unserious buyers inflating the asking price. For some reason, 5 miles seems to attract the absolutely worst people on earth.
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4 years ago, Dominic Koponen
5 Miles has been useless for me
I’ve listed multiple things over the past few years on 5 Miles and have never sold a thing on it. My listings on Facebook Marketplace and even craigslist have sold very quickly so I wouldn’t really recommend this app. Also, the functionality of 5 Miles is really annoying, you MUST download the app if you want to edit your post as opposed to editing it on the computer. I listed an item almost a year ago, sold it on FB Marketplace, and am still getting people trying to underbid me because I don’t even have the app to respond. Therefore, instead of just going on the site to mark it as sold, I must download the app again just to say it was sold long ago on another platform.
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6 years ago, VictoriaMG
Total Ripoff!
I bought an ad to advertise for a moving sale. Since there was no category for “moving sale or estate sale,” I picked their “yard sale,” which seemed to be the closest thing to what I needed. The day of the sale, I went in the app and it realized that the ad was never posted, Bc it was in the “wrong category.” I appealed, but by the end of the day, it was still not posted. When I asked customer service to refund my money, Bc they did not provide the service for which I paid, they said no. Thieves! My advice? Don’t bother. Facebook’s Marketplace is where it’s at anyway. I have been on 5 miles for a couple of years. I’ve sold nothing. I have been on Marketplace for 6 months, and that’s where I sell the bulk of everything.
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5 years ago, Burnfan1
Falsely advertised items, Fake coins sold as authentic
Fighting with these people to get a refund for coins sold as Authentic US mint rare silver dollars” they are NOT! They are all replicas, and only recently have they added a small blurb that does not show when you are bidding. They know these are FAKE now yet they allow the sellers to continue to seek and advertise these as Authentic antique/ vintage US mint silver dollars and other Authentic coins, but they are all replicas and FAKE WORTHLESS junk from China. The site is as crooked as the sellers since they are endorsing this thievery by allowing it to continue with the same FALSELY advertised claims on the bidding page! They have not yet refunded me and I am starting a complaint with the Federal trade commission, Google and Apple to have them shut down
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6 years ago, Ashley5589
App is a joke
This app is a joke. There are so many fake users asking for your number and they do nothing about them. And then when you list your household items under the household category they remove them. I had my treadmill removed from household and when I sent them a chat asking where it should go they told me it needed to be under fashion and accessories and health and beauty!! How does that even make sense over household and when I questioned it they said it was the only category they would allow treadmills in. What??? This app has great potential but they need to get their crap together. For now I will just use let go and offer up. They don’t give you any hassle and are much more user friendly.
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4 years ago, ThatTXGiRL || ATXGRL
Sell your stuff convenient & fast!
Out of all the apps for buying and selling I would have to say I thoroughly enjoy this app the most. 5Miles app makes it super easy and convenient for you to keep in touch with your potential buyer and even know when they read your messages. Too many good things to say about this app and extra features they have that are free to you and also easy to use and navigate around without getting confused or lost.
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5 years ago, Diamond Princess Presley
I’ve been using 5 mile for a few years. Recently I found out you need to ((pay)) to boost your items you are selling. I have a lot of items. I’ve worked hard to get them. I’m trying to make money with the stuff I am selling. Money is tight and this gets me by. Anyways why do we have to pay you in order to boost. I’m trying to make money in the first place. Why would I pay you when I hardly have any. It’s been free to boost forever. I had over 50 items that I was selling and now since I’m being charged a few dollars an item I decided to unlist and delete all of my items off of 5 mile. This is ridiculous. I’m not going to pay you anything. I am deleting the app and going elsewhere. 😡
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6 years ago, Speechless in DE
Useless App
It doesn't have a wide reaching range in some areas. None of my friends in my area has even heard of it. I had more inquiries from people way more than 5 miles away. I was suddenly getting "followers" from far away places that had never inquired nor bought anything from me. That was odd all in itself. It randomly stopped allowing me to upload photos. I deleted it b/c nothing was selling unlike the other apps I use (Letgo & OfferUp). I'd stay away from this app. It doesn't function well and their customer service option is hard to find w/no responses. Just seems like an overall useless app. I will say that the concept of having an online store that is free is great but again seems useless.
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6 years ago, bring-the-old-snapchat-back
Reviews were right about Spam Calls
I really tried to give this app the benefit of the doubt that maybe the spam calls are from people who did not switch the courtesy calls setting off on their phone. I downloaded the app, turned off those notifications, and then tried to sell some of things bcus I was looking for as many platforms I can sell my things at such as letgo and OfferUp. But as was mentioned, now I am being called every day, several hours throughout from spam/marketing calls. It is really annoying and having to block those numbers out. Deleted the app and never using again. DO NOT TRUST by verifying with your phone number unless you want to be spammed everyday.
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5 years ago, Lisdeanne
This app was great but not anymore
I have been using 5miles for 3 years and sold a bunch of stuff using the free boost option. Now the free boost option is no longer available. You get 4 free boost when you list your item that’s it. I will use those 4 free ones in 1 day. I can’t pay to boost listing I am selling items under $20. If you must charge to boost do on items over $50. Why charge people on these small inexpensive items. Those of us who sale “cheap garage sale items” should be given a break. I will be switching to OfferUp. 5MILES if you ever bring back the boost option for items under $50 I will be back. Review from a disappointed former 5miles user.
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5 years ago, Penguin_LIFE
The new update is AWFUL
Why are there two tabs to bid on items now? That’s beyond excessive. I don’t use this app to primarily bid on items as I don’t think anyone else does either, it’s really annoying that this app now majorly highlights that. Not to mention getting rid of the amount/price ($) on pictures for things being sold locally? It doesn’t make me want to click on an item if I don’t know how much someone is selling it for up front. If you put up an item for sell, it will now get lost amongst the countless pictures of other things being sold and you will get less traffic to that item since the price will not be listed on the “local” tab your post is found. Really awful update.
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5 years ago, Knight Omega
5 ad ad ad ad ad ad mile
Yep that’s what you get ads nothing but ads. Search all you want and you get an ad pop up. Start the app yep there’s an ad. Goodbye 5mile get your ______ together it doesn’t take 50 million ads to run an app. Make a paid version if you feel the need to make money but I click close and it takes me to the site you’re advertising!! That’s not a close option that’s fake business practices. And only ticks off your user base. Now you can find me on OfferUp.
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6 years ago, ReDeMpTiOn808
Overall, I’ve been pleased with this app. I’ve done a lot of successful transactions. The app itself has his hiccups here and there but they get corrected on updates. One thing I would like to see on an update would be the ability to choose as many “SEARCH ALERTS” as you like. Not just five. This is rather an inconvenience when your trying to get alerts from multiple items your watching but can only have 5. Common guys make this happen & it will be a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, Mik brick
Let’s see an advertisement reduction!
The commercial ads are getting ridiculous one as soon as you open the app immediately and then by time you click on a post you get slapped with another ad! I mean I understand how this all works and keeping it free for the users to use I almost a clicking on the ad just because I know it’s gonna take 10 minutes find what im looking for. At that point you still have to shop around and see what kind of deal you can get retirement said and done you’ve already seen 20 ads and 10 of those are repeats!
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6 years ago, REEPER_f_u
Worst marketplace app
5 mile seems to only attract scammers and crooks , customer service is horrible they suspend your account for not allowing yourself to be harassed and cussed out because a possible buyer wants you to do his deal you say no, he than cusses and harasses you he get a warning while you get suspended, or they can continually harass in the review section they are allowed over and over edit their review because you blocked them because of harassment but they still harass thru there and 5mile does not do nothing even when you contact them on it they tell we that’s just part of the 5mile app , again app is horrible if you sell on there just beware you will get harassed and cussed at constantly!
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5 years ago, nejjj
Annoying push notifications
If you are installing this application for the first time be prepared to receive lots of annoying push notifications asking you to upgrade your account or other promotional notifications at least once a day. This can get annoying if you are trying to buy/sell something since when you see the notification at first you think it’s because of an item you are interested in or trying to sell but instead it’s the app asking you to buy their 12 month membership because of some promo. Deleted the application, I rather use LetGo or OfferUp or Craigslist, their applications are much less chatty.
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4 years ago, fffsqf
Not for me..
I must’ve had an account already made or something but I noticed it pointed out my address. Don’t give no one my address!! What is wrong with you in saying you try to keep the community safe but give them our address. I changed my address on there now i know not to put on use my location EVER. There’s also a phone number you need for this like what if I came on this app to buy a phone? Not a good verification method any creepy weirdo can have a phone number. I feel like there’s some better apps like OfferUp and Letgo & this was just another selling method for me i dont like it honestly
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