AARP Roadside Assistance

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Signature Motor Club, Inc.
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for AARP Roadside Assistance

3.92 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Jonami15
Great App with Minor Issue
This is the first time I’ve used the app, but it made the whole process way easier than talking to an AARP rep. The app is simple and user-friendly, but when I was tracking the tow truck, the ETA never updated. The map also updated very slowly, so I had a hard time figuring out how long I actually had left to wait. Overall, I am very happy with the app and will probably use it from now on.
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5 years ago, Palpatroll
No help in an emergency
I blew a tire on an interstate about 3 hours from home. The entire process was such a negative experience. The worst AAA experience I’ve ever had. The business they contacted to help me ended up canceling without contacting me. One time the phone rep rattled off the identity of my car but it wasn't my car’s make or color . At that point, I started to lose it. I don’t lose it. That’s not in my nature. I am sitting alone, now in pitch black nowhere, with semis and cars shaking my car when passing. Only one person stopped to help but I cheerily told him AAA was on the way. On the phone I had to go through the same spiel every time to get to a human . AAA was no help at all whether it was the app, a robo voice or an actual human. What one rep told me another rep said it wasn’t true. I know how to change a tire but the one needing it was too close to the speeding traffic; I wanted a pro who had experience in this situation and could act quickly. Who rescued me? A sheriff deputy and my son’s friend who lives 20 mins away. 5 (!) hours after the tire blew I was back on the road and since AAA’s debacle I had to get a hotel room. This has cost me time and money and I probably won’t make my staff meeting tomorrow. I am thankful the ordeal is over. I would give it 1/2 star.
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4 years ago, Flatulent Prince
Don’t use this App!
My car decided to stop working after getting off of work one night. So I decided to download this app thinking it would be much easier to the serviced and easily track my aid that way . I requested for the towing service (or so i thought). After waiting an hour or so for the tow truck, I decided to give customer service a call to see what was going on. I got through to one guy who kept me on hold for 30+ minutes only for the line to cut off. I called back again, this time l got through with different person, and was told my initial request didn’t go through. So I had to repay an additional towing fee on top of the one i had already paid for. At this point I had been waiting for two and a half hours to be serviced. Thankfully, I was stranded at work and not some sketchy road. Finally, after waiting forever, my aid finally came through and miraculously got my car to work via an unorthodox jumpstarting method. On top of the the money I had already lost, I had paid a tow fee for a simple jumpstart and was told it couldn’t be reversed. Anyways, I was told I would be refunded that initial tow fee amount that was lost in the system, but to this day I still haven’t gotten my money back. It’s been two weeks.
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6 years ago, mad 80 year old
Bad service! Bad app
Called for help with a dead battery last night and the recording told me I would get faster service if I downloaded the app, which I did. The app said they had found a provider who would be there in 45 min to 1 hr and 15 minutes. I decided while I was waiting I would try to get my sons to help. They were not home. After 30 minutes I decided to call the provider AAA said they were sending. When I reached them, the dispatcher told me they had told AAA they were not available to furnish service so I called AAA back and asked if they had someone else coming. They said “no” but she’d try to get someone and call me back. I said I’d stay on the line while she found someone. She came back and said Shamrock Towing would be there in 20 minutes. Shamrock actually was there in less than 10 minutes and took care of my problem. The process took over an hour and I looked at my app this morning and it is having “technical difficulties” Sure glad I was in McDonalds parking lot last night and not stuck on the freeway somewhere. The app and the service were terrible.
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4 years ago, standed by Allstate
Poor app/customer support-use AAA
Used this app last week to get my 4WD car out of my garage driveway to dealer to fix Anti-theft lockup problem. App has no provision to guide correct towing vehicle assigned. First towing service came with flatbed and said he couldn’t do it because of my driveway (short&steep). Agent swore they’d correct this. On the second day, a second & third trucks arrived, same result. Meantime Allstate App closed my tow request saying I had used my available towing services for the year. On second day, agent said they’d correct this. Fourth truck (lift w/wheel dollies (4WD& driveway) was dispatched. An hour after estimated arrival, I called towing company & was told they’d arrive soon. Called 2 hours later and was told that service was canceled. Called Allstate & customer service supervisor who said he’d correct the problem with the app and reinstate my covered tow but it would take 24 hours. So far, 3 days later, it hasn’t happened!
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4 years ago, doggerel_22
Very convenient—when it works
Needed some service for a car that would not start. It was very easy to put in the information and got the assistance we needed. Now, however, the app says that my service has expired, even though the check for the renewal cleared the bank 2 months prior to the expiration date. Called customer service (twice) spoke to people with accents difficult to understand (come on, AARP. As we age we have a hard enough time with our hearing without adding thick accents in the mix.) one call apparently got dropped. The second service person said just to try later and it would work. Not so much. I’m soon to go on a trip and it would be great for the app to work. Very unhappy that it’s not.
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6 years ago, stukhere
AARP so bad, app doesn’t recognize AARP!!
I wrote a bad review of AARP the last (and final) time I used the AARP Roadside asst. I apologize that I did not reread before posting. For some reason, every time I typed in AARP, it entered AAA. AAA, I apologize to you for even posting such a horrid review and put your name in it! I am not apologizing for the horrid review, everything I said is true about AARP! From the call centers in countries with extremely limited English, to the laziest, low priced tow companies that think it’s funny to leave people stranded, that will contract with AARP! After all is said and done, AARP sent me an email about how can they make my last experience better? Make it better? Your lazy, horrid tow company left me stranded! How are you going to fix that? You want me to send you a ‘private’ email. BS! I want any correspondence to be public so others know what a CRAP company you are!
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4 years ago, Buffyjack
Far exceeded expectations
Filled out the online form. I tracked the call and I believe it said a 45 minute wait. ETA 6:30. The representative arrived shortly after 6, took about ten minutes to get my very dead battery to work, and even showed me how to lock my car with the key; a new skill for me. Felt so much better knowing I could let the battery charge and not have to sit with my car. Bottom line, arrived early and was on his way before the original arrival time. Outstanding. Thank you!
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4 years ago, kennedynina
Worst experience ever
Too long to have to go into the long description of what went wrong today. Suffice to say that requesting assistance through the app is a mess, and apparently you have to request through the app. When I tried to call the phone number listed on my membership card all I got was a recorded message - could not talk to anyone for assistance. I also had to pay for the assistance, which is not what the terms of this plan stated ( supposed to get at least 1 free jump start or tow a year). I used to be very pleased with this roadside assistance plan, which I have had for several years. Not any more. I will be cancelling my membership.
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6 years ago, Foxyoroxyo
Great service! App gets the job done!
I’ve used this service 6 times lately for a bad battery that I’ve been meaning to replace. Whether if it’s through a phonecall or the app, AARP comes and helps me start my car back up each and every time. The app is simple to use. They’re able to find my location based on the address I put in, and the service was always done with a smile.
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5 years ago, Queen Bee1
App needs lots of work!
Used the app to submit tow request because they said you get faster service through the app. It is not user friendly. Had to add our cars and the interface to add is awful. Finally got that done and entered info for the tow and submitted. Kept checking tracking and call was never assigned. I called customer service and even though I submitted a ticket successfully, it really did not submit the request so we wasted almost an hour for nothing. Had to request over the phone. Will not use this app again and seriously considering going back to AAA. Absolutely awful app!
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5 years ago, Mars emus
My son had a flat tire in a McDonald’s parking lot. I called roadside assistance at 11:43 am. Call was answered from another country. Bottom line I kept being told a company would be coming out. I called that company and he said he denied the call because he was three hours away. At 12:50am The AARP Roadside lady said that they have no one to come to help us. Did we know another towing company that could come? Thank God he was in a McDonald’s and not on a highway or in a dangerous area. Extremely disappointed I guess I never should have never left AAA for Allstate. In order for this review to go through I had to pick a star. It doesn’t even deserve the one star
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4 years ago, Hawkeye1k
App doesn't update if you stay logged in. It kept telling me that my acct expired 6 months ago. I called customer service and they confirmed that the acct was in good status and the problem was in the app. They recommend logout / delete and reinstall app but actually just logging out and back in resynched the app with the acct. Not a serious issue just unnecessarily annoying.
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3 years ago, puzzlemenr
AARP road assistance app
I previously had the app prior to November 2020. The app then showed my membership had expired in spite of my dues being paid. A call in January to the program’s headquarters was dropped. On the second call, I talked to an accented woman who verified my dues were paid and said to delete the app and reload it in order for the app to be usable. I did so, and the app now says that the app is no longer available as of October 15 but it does apparently provide a link to their website to secure service. I can’t figure out why there is an app in the App Store which is not, in fact, a usable app.
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3 years ago, lmheuton
Very disappointing
Earlier when I tried to use the app I was told my membership had expired. Fortunately a Good Samaritan assisted with changing a flat tire. Once home I confirmed my membership was active. Just recently I tried to open the app and was told it was “unable to locate your membership “. Again, I confirmed my membership is active and was transferred to App Support. My call was dropped and when I called back it was dropped again. Very dissatisfied.
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3 years ago, PetiteStar
What happened?
I’ve use this app. so many times and it was always always so wonderful and easy to use. Now all of a sudden I can’t use it because it says that my membership is expired, but I just called customer service and they verify that everything is valid. Come on AARP! This was an awesome app to use!
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4 years ago, water minded
Not up to date
Does not list correct models of vehicles
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4 years ago, Greenfixit
Great road service package
I’ve been delighted to have been a member of AARP’s road service for the past 10 or more years. It is easy to use and always sends a competent operator to the emergency site. I’ve never regretted my annual renewal even if I didn’t have to use it the past year. One event often covers the annual fee.
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5 years ago, JJ the Doggie
Bad app
I had d/led this app and hadn’t used it for a while and once I logged back in, I realized why I did not use it. First off, it said my subscription to the service had expired so went to the car and got my membership book out. Had to call AARP to find out what was the problem. I was told to log out and back in which resolved that issue. App then wants you to add you vehicle and my model is not even listed under the Chevys and to call. I think I will leave that for another day. How annoying!!!!
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4 years ago, stuck in the app
I can’t get it to work
Tried to enter my car and can’t, when date is entered only option is “done” and kicks it back to start. Thank God I haven’t had to get a tow, I can’t even get registered. The number that pops up for assistance to call is not help registering it is for tow help. Having trouble contacting customer service after corona, and the review popped up before I got finished. This app seems all messed up. I will give it some time to get lined out, and hope I don’t have a flat!!!
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4 years ago, 75under
Terrible App
The AARP roadside assistance is great, when you get through to a human agent. The App however needs work. The App said my service had expired even though I had renewed earlier this year. I had to call an agent who saw immediately that lack of payment was not an issue. The AGENT put me on course to order roadside assistance. I could not initiate this course of action myself. What good is the app if you can’t get to the first stage without human assistance? I understand this app was just, what happened?
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4 years ago, Never again back to AAA
The worst
Twice I had to use this service. The first time was for a dead battery. I had to wait over three hours for someone the come to jump my car. An recently my car die just as I was getting on the highway after work around 5:30PM. Long story short the tow truck show up at 11:30Pm. I sat 6 hours in a cold car on the side of the highway with cars flying by. Calls to the service get you no where as your routed to call center I suspect is in India.
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5 years ago, StarService#1
Flat Tire Fixed
Hit a pot hole on the way to a meeting. Kevin Flint called within 5 minutes of the time I hung up, and got to me in 6 minutes, changed my tire. He helped me feel safe again. Thank you, Kevin for your help! Thank you AARP for sending him my way!
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5 years ago, rubystella
Does this even work?
I just downloaded the app. The ‘add a vehicle ‘ doesn’t work! I download the app because of a bad experience last month trying to get service for dead battery via phone. Bottom line - I had to get help from others nearby because they didn’t show up. I was hoping the app would be an improvement, but so far no good.
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6 years ago, Echodale
No benefits if car is towed behind a RV
When I ran critically low of gas while driving in sparsely populated Arizona desert I called and requested assistance. My request was denied because the benefits do not apply to recreational vehicles, even is towing a car (also on empty). A most inconvenient place to run out of gas. It was alarming and frustrating to learn, after years of membership with few service requests, from an unsympathetic representative that I was stranded in 117 degrees.
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4 years ago, Sneuby
Senior Moments
Lock my keys in the truck visiting an REI in Winter Park, Fl , long way home from there, did remember that I was AARP member, used my mobile app, the guy call me and he there and done 30 minutes, good job thanks
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5 years ago, Richie Rich OC
Easy to use!
I’ve requested service via phone in past and today I used app and it was easy and worked out just fine! I’m renewing my membership for sure!!!
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5 years ago, Wheeliedog
A Good Experience
I used the AARP roadside service this summer when I had a flat tire, and I am very happy that I did. The whole experience went very well, was quick, and quick.
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2 years ago, review098765678
This app is terrible!
I think the app is terrible, I go on and it says my membership was cancelled last year… but I have a letter saying my 2022 renewal will be charged to my credit card in 10 days. I call, and someone I can’t understand very well tells me to sign into my account on my computer… which does nothing.
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4 years ago, Cogito et percipio
Non-functional app. Needs work!
App incorrectly stated I did not have a valid membership, required credit card info, would not complete scanning my card, failed to recognize official address for my location, and did not provide any help. I have no idea what will happen to the credit card info the app required me to type in. Never again!
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4 years ago, Mogalbevvie31
Dead battery.
Wonderful service. I received a lot of information on correcting the problem. Exceptional response time. Melanie was the drivers name. I give her a 10 star rating!! BEV BISCHOFF.
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5 years ago, ksted236
Only works if AARP actually pays attention to the app
We called for service after we locked our keys in the car. The phone message said it would be faster to use the app. The app was easy to use HOWEVER after waiting 45 minutes we called to see what the status was. They had NO RECORD of the service request! Pointless wast of time.
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4 years ago, Dntzpat
I am relived to have my tire changed and back on the road. Thank you for sending a competent drive with experience and courtesy. I feel safe to know that AARP is caring to members.
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4 years ago, Magnasty
Roadside assistance app WRONG
When I tried to schedule roadside assistance on the app there was a message that says my membership expired. I’m on automatic renewal so I called and the customer service person said my account was active and in good standing. The app will not let me schedule service and the wait time on the phone is horrendous. This needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Jd4133
Worth Every penny for the peace of mind
I have been a member for many years. Wait time for help to arrive is reasonable. With 100 mls of included towing my choice of repair shops are vast!
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5 years ago, Cconcepcion6
Will call agin.
Very professional rescuer from. Miller towing Llc. Took my car right to where I wanted it and handled it like if it was his own. With care. Thank you.
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5 years ago, macaward53
App repeatedly fails
Called twice (different dates) for a jump start and was advised to use the app for faster service. In both cases after 15-20 minutes a box appeared announcing technical difficulties and I needed to call for service - the requested service never went through. The app seems pointless.
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6 years ago, Alvera g
More Options
Your app needs updating to include more Toyota models. The Highlander is not included on your list of vehicles.
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4 years ago, Razoulic
Brutally old school
The log in page is to cumbersome. Put in an option to use a pin or fingerprint please. Needs more “meat” as far as options concerning your situation is. I too have had a contractor cancel and not finding out until I called to see “what’s up” Come on folks this is 2020 for crimped sakes!
Show more
4 years ago, Jzone2020
Super great service! 👍👍
Love how efficiently everything went by. Good stuff I would recommend to anyone.
Show more
4 years ago, iuzuop
Don Turner
Just changed to AAA. Had unpleasant experience when needed help. Couldn’t understand person on line for AARP. Car problems can be very stressful and having issues with communication exasperates the problem. Not what I want for my money.
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4 years ago, me bonnie
Says expired every time I try to use it
Every time I need to use the app it comes back and says my membership expired but it hasn’t and on the phone call that I have to do next it tells me it is valid. Not sure what is up with the app
Show more
4 years ago, Chicken_And_Rice
The interface is not very intuitive.
Service was fast.
Show more
5 years ago, gnngfgBre
My rescuer
My rescuer did an amazing job of getting me back on the road
Show more
3 years ago, Willmark2831
Always slow
Everytime I have to use these guys it’s never fast always 2 to 3 hours. Here I sit it’s been 45 mi items just to get someone to come and jump my car.
Show more
6 years ago, Kdm313
First, they claim your service will be faster through the app. I waited 2 hrs for a tow truck to show up. Second, I requested a tow for our suburban & the tow truck showed up expecting our small SUV. I’m 100% sure I chose the correct vehicle. App doesn’t work. CALL IN.
Show more
4 years ago, Waddle2402
Great job!
Professional service!
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2 years ago, BellaVida333
Not actually an App
when I try to use the app, I get a message saying that "as of Octover 15, our app is no longer available"---and I'm directed to a website. On my phone. For greater ease.
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3 years ago, mh in mn
Why is this app still listed? I downloaded and opened it, but the first thing that appeared was a message saying the app was retired and directs to a website. NOT HELPFUL if your phone battery is on fumes, and there are no cell towers nearby or wifi.
Show more
5 years ago, Themizb
No help
I was stuck in the freeway this am and was told it would be 90 min wait the police came and towed me to impound because I was in a dangerous situation so I then called roadside they kept sending to the same person and one said I was declined wth
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