ACME Markets Deals & Delivery

4.8 (91.6K)
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Albertsons Companies, LLC
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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ACME Markets Deals & Delivery

4.77 out of 5
91.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Julie DV
Easy to Use, Great Deals
I just recently moved from Virginia to NJ so had to switch from shopping at Harris Teeter and Food Lion to shopping at Acme and I used the apps for the previous two also before my move. The Food Lion app wasn’t terrible but the Harris Teeter app was, I love the Acme app and use it to help plan my grocery shops and also have started using the recipes. I’ve shopped for pickup via the app also and that’s probably the only area where y’all could use a little improvement. It’s just such a vast selection sometimes it’s hard to narrow it down/find what I am looking for but honestly shopping Whole Foods for pickup I have the same issue. Might want to just consider adding more specific product refinements, tightening up your search results or breaking down the taxonomy a little bit more, but overall probably one if if not the best grocery shopping app I’ve encountered.
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5 months ago, Pro Michael
Parking Concern
We moved into the Woodstown area two years ago and have only the Acme in close enough proximity for practical shopping. We have spent thousands of dollars (about $200 per week) over the last two years. A few months ago I noticed a vehicle taking up two priority parking spots. I took a picture and let it go; at the time there were plenty of spots available. This afternoon I saw the same vehicle again taking up two priority spots. The parking lot was close to being maxed out. I took a picture and went in to shop. After making a full purchase I stopped by the ‘curtesy’ desk and spoke with the manager on hand, showing her the picture. She proceeded to tell me that it was her car, that she has been parking it that way for the five years she has been working there, and that it didn’t matter what anyone said. When I was loading my bags in my truck I noticed that five other employees had come out to watch me. I rolled my vehicle up to them and reiterated my concern and the perception that was being projected. They reiterated the explanation of the manager. I felt like I was dealing with a corrupt gang. I plan on taking my shopping to Swedesboro. I’d rather pay for the extra gas.
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1 year ago, nicknameistaken99999999999999
It’s helpful but has flaws that need fixing
It is easy to order but if you have multiple accounts to acme in your household. It makes it hard to sign out of one to the other. If you are using an ebt card it makes you go from the app to their site to use ebt card. There it shows no Order and you have to sign in and out to get it to show up. Then you can check out with ebt. That needs to be adjusted in the app. The other thing is it says you can adjust your order after checking out up to a certain time. I adjusted it two separate orders for though the app. It shows the item is removed and the cost from your total. Then add something else and it adjusts the total. The next morning I pick up the order and it received the items I canceled. Never get the Items I added after check out. Only resolution is a $10 credit to the account for the inconvenience. I have to take the unwanted items back to acme to get them refunded and then pick up the missing items. We Wouldn’t have to do those extra steps if the app saved the adjustment.
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2 years ago, mark4flies
Can’t See or Use Weekly Ad, Et Cetera
I tap Shop and land on a view that has blank and inactive images of the weekly ad and other shopping options. Tapping anywhere in these views will illicit no response. This important feature is broken. I am using the latest version of the app, iOS, and iPhone. I have deleted and re-installed the app, but this feature remains broken. Also, the current categories are somewhat useful, but each store has a different layout and the aisles are not standard. It would be great if the categories were more granular and the order could be customized. It would be spectacular if the order were automatically arranged for my local store. I depend on this app.
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3 months ago, Cjjlfam1
Some flaws that need to be updated
I’ve been using this app for a year now I guess it feels that long. However, some things that I’ve noticed that need some fixing or when you go into choose to substitute or not. I will choose my first item to substitute and it’ll ask me if I want to continue substituting my other items I will say yes however when I substitute them and save changes and error occurs. Last time I ordered, I had to go in and out of the app and save each item, one by one for it to register and save. This last time right now as we speak, I don’t even have an option to substitute or leave a note or anything. When I click on the item it takes me to the item to add to. now I have to call the store and tell them not to substitute any of my items. However, overall, the app is a great easy, user-friendly app and I love it.
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4 years ago, PixelRo
Bad on so many levels...
First experience buying online with Acme...disaster.. 1) Where is the shopping cart? You will find it after hunting around, after a bunch of app loads. 2) We go to place the order through the Acme app. Ok - done. Order went through as expected - however no order number, not a single order on a single page, receipt, 3) We get a call from a Filipino call center stating the order with problems with the order. What?!! What is foing on?! Somehow we went from the ACME order to Instacart order, and Instacart is a third party service. Awesome. Now caught in insane call center hell refusing to help beyond company recited lines...escalations are refused. "Sorry sir, but in this case sir " "Upon further checking, sir, ' - rinse and repeat. 4) Next to impossible to communicate with Acme. Chasing my tail, every person points us somewhere else. Acme Home Delivery (the real owner) even sends us to Safeway. Safeway says that is Acme - go there. Local store afraid of anything corporate, will not help. 5) We learn there are restrictions, policies - but the app never mentions. Order was placed fine, and nothing but problems ever since. ***** Terrible first impressions. Issue never got resolved. Spent days in discussions with management of all the companies with nothing but apologies. Please do it write back with statements of apologies or empathy...empty meant less words.
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5 months ago, I’m frustrated II
No ability to edit order
It’s a major flaw that you can’t edit the order after paying, as you can with Instacart. Thought I’d ordered an item, the main reason I placed the order, then realized I hadn’t. Edit option wasn’t available. App said live chat was unavailable but did get to someone after finding a way to tell chatbot to put a human on there. There were other tech glitches. It wouldn’t accept the accurate info from my debit card so had to order through PayPal. When it told me live chat was unavailable it prompted me to log in even though I was already using the app. When I tried to log in to whatever site it took me to and I didn’t have the right password, it prompted me to create a new account! It was leading me down a frustrating dysfunctional rabbit hole so I closed the app and reopened it. That helped but couldn’t update the order regardless.
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2 years ago, edith piaf
The store. The people that work there. The produce. The cleanliness are all 5 Star
I can’t thank the Acme in Blairstown NJ. Rt 94. Enough.I love shopping here it’s so clean the people that work there are friendly and kind. I fell like a princess when I am in the store. People help me with my stuff and I’m handicap so I need the help. Nobody makes me feel disabled. I think they are top notch and should get an accommodation. I tell everybody I know how my shopping is such a great experience. And it may be a little more money than ShopRite butYou get what you pay for. It’s much more convenient and less crowded cleaner and the people are nicer they all deserve a raise. Sincerely a satisfying customer Theresa Maresca
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7 years ago, WantShoppingEase
Need update
The app needs an overhaul. Agree with previous review - it desperately needs a search function. Also needs a fix so you can easily add an item to your shopping cart after clipping a coupon. Now you have to remember specifically what it was and type it in. Ugh. Should be able to select it and add to shopping list. Merely having all clipped coupons in a shopping list is not actually a shopping list - and with no search function it is useless. Also the gas rewards area to find a station location often is incorrect. For example when I select to find directions for the Sunoco parsippany NJ location - it brings up the Summit NJ location. Happens for the Fairfield NJ location too - brought me to Bergen NJ. I finally gave up.
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2 years ago, Eileen 25
Good but could be better
I am Catherine Menichelli, I grew up shopping at Acme with my mom at nine years old. I turn 71 next month. Most Acmes always have fresh products. I just wish the one on Wellington Ave in Ventnor was just as fresh. I remember when Acmes signature meat brand was from Lancaster and the absolute best. I still love Acme, but know they can do much better. I get tired of paying good money to find out my mushrooms are rotten, potatoes are black in the middle, and celery is soft. Almost everything hubby purchased there goes bad way to fast. As I said Acme can do much better. I only gave the four star from my childhood memories. Back then it would have been a five
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12 months ago, The Best Acme
Excellent service
I am a shoppers at the acme in Saddle Brook, NJ. All the employees at this acme are friendly, helpful and personable. Everyone knows my first name and always trying to help me. I am handicap and they are so helpful and nice at all the times. If I need the motorized scooter they are very helpful bringing it out to my SUV. They will load my SUV with my bags. The stuff and also the Two Managers are always their to answer my questions at all times and if I can’t reach an item on the shelf they will come over and help me. I love shopping at this Acme it’s like talking and dealing with a family member and they get to know their customers. Excellent service A+ Cathy Anne Johnson
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10 months ago, cass1721
Error while ordering pickup
I usually love the acme app, it saves me so much money since i know exactly how much I’m spending as i add stuff to my virtual cart. I normally order pickup once every other week. Unfortunately, the app keeps popping up with an error message related to payment. After deleting and redownloading the app, trying to order on my computer, and just waiting to see if the issues fixed itself, i finally got ahold of costumer services who said it’s a technical issue they’re aware of and there’s nothing I could do to place an order at this time… it’s been over 24 hours and the issue still persists and I’m still unable to order. Shouldn’t they want to fix the issue that’s preventing them from making money??
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3 months ago, Produce#1
Glenn mills pa acme
Everyone that works there is very nice. They are eager to help find what you need. The store is very clean and they take pride in their work. I prefer this acme over wegmans and Whole Foods!! Even though they have higher prices then some grocery stores - the quality is excellent. They also mark where the fruit, meats and seafood come from which is very important to me. I want to support American farms if possible and knowing where these products come from matters. I love this acme and can’t say enough positive things about the employees. It says a lot that many of them have been there for many years.
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6 years ago, crushedbydwarf
great idea, missed UX opportunities
First the good: integrating coupons into an app so you do not have to log those terrible paper coupons around is a perfect way to shop and use an app. Bravo! the bad: it is clear that the designers of this app does not use it themselves because the UX is lacking the most basic tools. Most of these are mentioned by others, such as order of the coupons and inability to remove any coupons. designers only need to introduce 4 or 5 very simple fixes to make this a perfect shopping app. Finally, there is a shopping list but it only contains the coupons you cut and does not integrate the store's database, so no actual products exist other than your coupons and the user has to built the entire shopping list him/herself, again very bad UX. Surely you have a list of the products you sell somewhere!
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1 year ago, log in paypal
The app & website are horrible
Sometimes the digital coupons have such an annoying delay with processing them to your list and/or checkout. You constantly have to go through a refund process due to the coupons never wanting to work at the time being. It’s very frustrating because it’s been like this for a couple of years now & you’d think with all the money they make, they can’t put a dime & time to fix this issue. I’ve talked to a couple of live agents these past couple of days to use a really good coupon towards my online order & the best they can offer is a refund if it doesn’t get taken off after the transaction. Obviously it’s not going to come after after paying because it gives you the final total at checkout. Acme needs to do better with that. Very unhappy!!
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3 years ago, Sammy1183
Terrible Update
This was a great easy app to use for all ages before. Ever since the new update, it’s terrible. The layout and colors mesh together making it not as easy to read as before. Also when you clip the coupons and try to add them to the basket, you have to try and click a specific point in the dim dot. If you do not hit the right spot, you open up the coupon and have to close it out and try again. It happens several times, even for one coupon. ACME please go back to the old design!!! Why fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with!!!!
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5 months ago, HammyOwen
Great app, but needs 1 major change!
This is the best grocery app I’ve seen. Giant’s is terrible, Kroger’s is ok. But, it would be perfect if we could remove items from our “Buy it Again” section. There are items there that the store no longer carries and items that I don’t ever want to buy again, either for dietary reasons or because we didn’t like them. It’s honestly a waste of time to have to scroll through all of those items every time I place an order.
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2 years ago, Giorgiosbirro
Hate the App
I am a senior citizen as are probably 80% of Acme’s customers. The app is cumbersome and does not work correctly at all times. Some of us do not have a cell phone so those people either have to pay full price or shop at Shoprite. You must have the app and show it to the cashier to get the Digital Sale Prices. I did yesterday and their scanner could not read my display so each article had to be corrected by hand. The cashier could not adjust my free 2 cloves of garlic so I wasted another 10 minutes at the courtesy desk to explain and get refunded my $1,59! The app is a failure. Don’t listen to some snot- nosed MBA who thinks it’s cool. Look at your customer base; they are not cool kids.
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7 years ago, sonofakit
Good but needs improvement
Like a number of things and believe there are good features I should use (recipes coupons). Should be able to enter a missed purchase by entering the Transaction Number. For example if you forget or because of timing the emptying of the cart and bagging you miss entering your phone number and thus loose the gas points or coupons. There is not a search option in the 'clip coupon' function so you have to scroll through coupons to find products you are looking for. Particularly annoying in the store where a display tells you to use a mymixx coupon but you can find it in the app. Then you know you won't get the low price.
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2 months ago, auntbshoe
Mrs Shoemaker-online shopping
I used to be a shopper in another well known store (just down the road) but now we only shop at Acme. It is the store where I (a disabled shopper) can shop online and find the same great deals and quality foods that are found in the store. Your online shoppers shop like they are shopping for themselves. My roast on my last order was perfect. I am looking forward to my next order which will be picked up tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for making my life easier, Barbara Shoemaker
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3 years ago, Lunasquirl
bug fix please
app crashes when I click on "email list". because of coupons, just for U and monopoly items, my list is pretty large and being able to email and print it would make life considerably easier. last time i wasted over an hour trying to hunt and peck for the items on my list while dealing with the clunky functionality of it and didn't get half the items. ended up finishing my shopping elsewhere a few days later.
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10 months ago, deebee412
Works when it feels like it. Lost many deals due to service errors in Knollwood Rd Greenburgh store. Staff tries, quite a few times, including telling me to try going outside market to add deals. Great idea! Go out… add deals… go back in store and check out with no service nor connection. Every clerk says the wi-fi in store is a constant problem. Can’t calculate how many hundreds of dollars I’ve lost in my local store with this app. With inflation and an unqualified ACME IP design staff plus the losses from customer’s inability to add deals, makes shopping in ACME a rip- off. No way to recoup losses. In addition the apps’ convoluted design makes you stay in store at least 15-20 minutes longer trying to enter data from product alleyways into the wallet. Boo….
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6 years ago, DEashBabs
Not very good
This is not a high tech app at all. I suspected that I was frequently and mysteriously “losing” reward points that I literally just earned and today I was finally able to prove it. I bought a bag of chips 1 day ago which brought me to a rewards total of 33 points. Fast forward to today and now my points are zero. This happens quite frequently and now that they are finally back to emailing receipts and in addition to putting the rewards on the receipts, I can very easily track the reward points. Shame on you ACME for cheating people.
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1 month ago, Every name is taken-I give up
Friendly, helpful staff
I shop at the Hopewell Junction NY location almost daily. Sometimes just to pick up a newspaper-other times to do a big shopping. I am so impressed by the people working. Jason & Dave in Meat dept, all the guys in Produce & Isabel, Fi, Chrissy ( in fact, all the cashiers that I see each morning when in the store.) Everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I could go to another supermarket as I live half way between the 2 local markets but I choose Acme because of the people.
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2 months ago, Kathy'O
Acme Grocery Delivery
Acme Grocery Delivery is the Greatest Thing since Sliced Bread! As a Disabled, Senior Citizen, I Love to be able to Receive the Weekly Sales and Deals on my iPhone to choose what items I am running low on or in the mood for. It’s become increasingly more difficult for me to drive and walk around my Local (and Favorite) Acme Store. Joining the Annual Delivery Service was both Affordable and Convenient. I’m given the option to select an Alternative Brand in case my First Choice is not available - so I am not disappointed by not receiving anything in its Place. The Delivery Persons are always Polite, Friendly Kind, and Arrive within the Timeframe I choose. Thank You Acme, for having the initiative to assist people like myself, who are in need of this assistance and appreciate your efforts so I can remain a Loyal Acme Customer. Sincerely, K. Oricchio East Brunswick, NJ
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9 months ago, TAK928
Stole my money
I placed an order for delivery. The order was shopped an hour before the delivery window. I accepted the substitution. I waited the full 4 hours and after 30 minutes past the delivery window. My order still has not left the store. I hopped on chat who offered me to reschedule. I decided to call my local store (the person on the chat confirmed the store location) and the employee said that they do not offer delivery and then hung up on me. So who stole my money? I asked the person on the chat why I was able to place and order for delivery if they do not deliver? No answer. Oh and guess what? This was my grocery order for the week since coming back from a weekend trip and now I have nothing for dinner. At 9pm at night.
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6 years ago, Favauntiejenn
Needs an Update
This app needs an update... fast! It would be SO helpful if there was a search feature or you could scan the barcode of what your purchasing to see if there was a coupon. The least that could be done is to add better and more specific categories to filter by. While it’s great if you’re looking for laundry detergent and you can filter to ‘Cleaning Products’, but then they lump all food together in ‘Grocery’; they could at least break it down into dairy, baking, frozen, etc. It isn’t organized in anyway and so can take significant time to find if there is even a coupon for what your buying.
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7 years ago, Holiday Procrastinator no more
You'll save at Sunoco and at Acme
Best app ever for saving money and it's very easy to use. I just got $1 off per gallon at Sunoco with the gas rewards. Not only that, you can "clip" coupons on the app itself and just punch your phone # in at the register to access them - no need to worry about forgetting coupons anymore. The coupons are automatically applied and deducted from your grocery bill after you enter your MyMixx# (your phone#). Great user-friendly app that will actually save you $.
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3 years ago, Megess
New version is now inconvenient
Ever since the major app change, everything has now just become a major inconvenience. It harder to locate things such as the rewards. Almost everything being white now instead of red and the change in font is inconvenient to ones eyes. And the worst change is that now you have to remember to redeem your rewards a couple days in advance of you shopping trip because rewards will no longer come off the day you clip them. Before, the rewards would come off the day you clipped them. Again ever since the major changes this app, everything is now inconvenient.
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3 years ago, DIDE2020
ACME is my main grocery store and I recently started to use their pharmacy as medication is much cheaper than at the CVS I used before. I clip the coupons and rewards every day and I save a great amount of money. My only complaint is, after the big update a while ago when they changed the design of the app, I can no longer access the receipts or the wallet, they’re both on the same page that tries to load forever. My internet is fine, the problem must be on their side.
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5 months ago, Longtime Friend of Acme
Acme Memories
My first memory of a food store was in the 1960’s. My best friends dad was the butcher at the Haddon Township, NJ store. Everyone went there and everyone knew everyone. My first time going by myself I bought salt for my grandmother who lived 3 houses away. It was 9 cents! In this day I get my ad, mark it, load my digital coupons and yes still write a list. My Acme now is in Voorhees, NJ and I will be there tomorrow morning. It is nice to know some things are here to stay.
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2 years ago, Njg5069
The worst
Worst app. Used it numerous times prior with much aggravation. This time it was supposed to take it out of the EBT card and the toilet paper out of my credit card. Well, even though I clicked for ebt card (which has over $400 available) it didn’t process any of it and now my credit card is over the limit and will have to pay an extra fee for it. Stopped wanting to go inside the store since they have the most ignorant employees at the store on red lion. The one young chick at the deli counter doesn’t even say goodbye, hello, how can I help you just stared at me. The older lady who usually does the register for beer is so ignorant and yells at you. Going to ShopRite from now on.
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1 year ago, Shea331
Points toward the Next Reward
The app used to show your current points toward the next 100 points for the next reward. Can you add your current point total back to the app, please? Also, it would be better if your current points do not expire at the end of each month. You spent the money and earned the points. The points should just keep going forward to earn rewards.
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2 years ago, MinaMayneminks
( A Life saver)
This market always stays clean brightly lit, and during the pandemic and on a daily basis they always have everything that you need ,and for the most part they don’t sell out of items to the point where the shelves are empty which has been an experience that we’ve been having to deal lately,everyone here is friendly the staff is always helpful and tends to remember your face.😇😊🤗
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3 years ago, Moondancer5
This app is awful. You have to have a $30 minimum even just for pickup. After I put the order thru, I got texts confirming the order but nothing showing in the app at all. No phone number to call & ask. Thankfully someone from the store called, and said she’d gotten my items but saw that the order was canceled and thought it odd & wanted to check. Thanks to her for checking! I had to put the order thru again. When I got home I wanted to look at the finished order in the app, and there is nothing showing again, no receipt, no “previously ordered… “ Lots of noise and deals & coupons, but functionality is horrible.
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3 years ago, psu_lala
1- it’s nearly impossible to browse by category. The menu makes you you click down into a specific subcategory vs browsing all fruits, for example. 2- there’s no way to add items to you cart from the weekly add or from your list. 3- there’s no way to select specific alternates and the store ignores notes half of the time. The substitution categories don’t cover all potential options (eg give me 2% milk instead of 1%) These are all pretty substantial user gaps for the app. But other that the above, it’s a solid app.
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6 months ago, Briscoecamp
Great stores
I love the ACME store brand products. They are good quality. I prefer their seafood department to other groceries stores, especially their salmon. I also like the rewards program. The stores that I have been in are clean. They have self checkout aisles which I like but they also have employee staffed aisles if you don’t like self checkout. I feel that the stores are well staffed to keep up with the customers.
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6 months ago, 5 penny mom
Rehoboth Acme is great
I used to primarily shop in another a market but stopped in a few weeks ago and was pleased with the products availability and prices so have become a frequent shopper. The store is clean, service great always with a helpful smile. If I can’t find something they don’t just point you where to go but take you there. The pick up service is excellent with pleasant delivery , good service.
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1 year ago, shopfrugal
App review
While I have no problems most of the time I have noticed on the day the sale starts all deals are not added. I have to wait until Saturday for all of the deals to load which then presents problems at check out as well as missing out on some deals. Also I am not able to take advantage of these deals because I have already been to the store.
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10 months ago, tessap3
Whatever you did undo it !!
I’ve never had a problem with the acme app , but after this last “fix” I keep getting a pop up notification that says there is a service problem!! I don’t know if something happened when the adventure game was removed but please fix it ASAP I need to go shopping 🛒 and I can’t get any coupons to download to my account
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1 month ago, Jade Mercedes
I cannot say enough how much I love acme and this app I have recommended all my friends and they have also saved so much on everyday groceries. This app shows you every single one of their amazing deals they have to offer which they also have in-store!! Being a member also has so many perks for better saving. Thank you acme for making things easier in such a rough time !!
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1 year ago, Crys Cooper
Helpful and Clunky
The app is helpful in general. Since the Apple software update this month I haven’t been able to use the app though. It just stalls on the initial page. In the story it freezes up which stinks because I like to use it as a shopping list. I wish the aisle location of the items were also visible in app. I like the coupon part of the app. I wish there was a button so I could click all the coupons at the same time instead of each coupon individually.
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6 years ago, Elctricmike
Acme is the TOP of the food chain
What a change as they have been renovating their stores little by little. Whether I am in north jersey at family's houses or my house down the Jersey Shore--they have made a huge turn around in the last few years. Their meat and seafood is by far the best out there. The new organic fruit and produce is exceptional. Overall, their pricing lately has been great, spending even less than I used to at the so called "Rite" price store. I mean seriously, the prices are top notch, the organic selection and prices rival that of the "whole" store without spending my whole paycheck. Customer service was great, manager had a smile, and the deli department was quick. Couldn't beat it!! Check it out, you won't be upset at all. They may be the NEW low price leader.
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3 years ago, ba494
Frustrating app
This update to the app is horrible. It is not user friendly at all. It takes too much time to figure out how it works and there seems to be a lot of steps just to get an item in the cart. I lost all of my reward points and I’m not getting any discounts at check out. It’s very frustrating. Go back to the my Mixx it was so much easier.
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2 years ago, EmSam2
This app is a total scam
I’ve tried to sign up a bunch of times and always had problems. The latest is that it only gives me options to chose a store in Ohio even though my address is in NJ. I am so sick of trying to sign up for this rewards card and having problems. I actually stopped shopping at acme because it is so annoying. Why do these stupid stores have to make everything so difficult? Obviously there are huge problems with their tech which they don’t fix. I’ve tried to sign up about 20 times in the last couple years. I’ve never seen such a poor platform!
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1 year ago, MissOhioakaDel
What an amazing store
Hi Miss Ohio, a.k.a. Miss Brenda here! I want to tell you just how much I love this store from the greeting of Jason, Chris, and Austin. These young men are so amazing from the walk up to the store. Always greeting me with a smile. We share laughs and talk about our day. When you walk into lovely, smiling faces from leaving the parking lot. And you’re greeted by Don, Susan and the rest of the girls that run the front end! I frequent the store and shop very Avonlea daily, because I am a personal shopper for many clients. It is always so lovely to come somewhere that you live live in local and make your own 💕 Famous! It is such a wonderful experience every time I visit the local Rehoboth, Acme! Keep up the great work. I love you all.
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3 years ago, DrMerc
Poor user interface
This is the worst grocery store app that I use. It’s interface is confusing, and it seems to encourage errors so that the sale items are not applied to the order. You need to first clip a coupon, then add it to your basket. But the basket items sometimes comes back even after you leave the store, leaving additional items there that don’t seem to make any difference on the last or next visit! Please just simplify the interface. Clip a coupon and apply it to my current order. Period.
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11 months ago, Ringmastr1
Report problem for app?
My wife and I generally like the app for managing our Acme shopping list. We both use the same account on two different iPhones and they do not appear to be synchronizing at this time. We have both rebooted our phones to refresh the app, but the lists are still not synchronizing like they used to. I can find no way to contact Tech Support about this problem
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2 years ago, Ms Johson 123
Why I love Acame
Ms. Judy a very hard working, Mr Ryan a very easy person to talk to, Lala Johnson always have a smile on her face, Avery always helpful to me I have very bad eye site, Mary and Ms Ann a joy to talk to Mr Bud never complain. Gregg first time I met him, up untill now never change. I feel like family when I go there. All of these hard worker need to be recognize, because I see and hear what they have to put up with.
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12 months ago, BritttheDancer
Does not work in store!!
It was my first visit to ACME so I downloaded the app and was pleased to see the great deals and the new member welcome gift and so I “clipped them” only to discover at checkout NONE OF THEM WOULD APPLY!! According to the store clerk it’s a glitch with the app and you have to clip them 24hours before you can use them. Fast forward a week or so l later, I went back to use the same coupons and they still didn’t work!! I shop produce by the circulars and I had to go to customer service. It’s added up to $13 worth of savings! This app is beautiful but USELESS if it does not ever work in store. 😖
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