Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art

Graphics & Design
4.5 (32.4K)
856.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art

4.54 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
4 years ago, .......-
I’ve been so anxious for this to come out, but I also didn’t have high expectations. Most of the time, when computer softwares make an app, so many key features are missing; the apps feel clunky, and it’s always a pain to use and re-learn. I usually end up deleting the app and just sticking with the original. This is NOT the case here! It truly feels like an extension of AI, and working in it is like second nature. All the basics are there, and bouncing back and forth between my iPad and laptop is seamless. I LOVE that I don’t have to worry about saving or exporting, loading to a cloud, then converting my files. I’m literally drawing vector lines with my Apple Pencil from the get-go, already in the format I need. Game changer! No more having to trace and clean up later. Also, manipulating points with my pencil is sooo much easier than clicking with a mouse. Thank you guys for making such an incredible app, right out of the gate. Admittedly, I haven’t been in love with other iPad-version Adobe products, but this is truly amazing!!
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3 years ago, xxtinastudio
Adobe needs to get it together
I’ve tried to give this time, but it’s almost like it’s spiraling and becoming worse with each update and ‘added’ features. Every time there is a small update for “bug fixes” and “stability,” it seems to only bug out worse than it did on the last update. You would think that Adobe, a billion dollar company noted as the leader for software and industry ‘standard’ for graphic design application tools, would be able to manage an at least semi-functioning iPad Pro application for one of their most used desktop apps. This (long anticipated) app was first launched nearly 6 months ago, and yet, you still are unable to export a high-resolution raster image (other than a PSD), one of the most, ummm, necessary features of any design software. The app has crashed on me or completely frozen *at least* 15 times today. AND did I forget to mention they make you pay a very hefty fee every month just to use something that works only half the time? I really wish somebody would scrub the entire software development department in charge of iPad applications and just start from scratch because this is ridiculous, and there are unfortunately no comparable alternatives other than affinity, but I don’t have time to learn an entirely new program in an industry that de facto requires you to be subservient to Adobe products. Sigh.
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1 year ago, ShyDrag0n
A disappointment
I have been using Illustrator on desktop for years, and I love it. I more recently got an iPad for art purposes. Because I like to draw, I got Procreate, but my one frustration about Procreate is that there’s no way to work in vectors. When I learned that my beloved Adobe Illustrator was available on iPad, I got so excited… until I downloaded it and tried using it. The pen tool barely works and I can’t edit my points without major frustration. Many tools are missing, but there are so many lists about this that I won’t go into depth here. If I can’t even use basic tools like the pen without major upset, that’s just sad. I was really looking forward to working in a more hands on way, as I’ve always found mouse and keyboard to be unwieldy, but this crushed my hopes. After the initial frustration wore off, I decided to do some looking, and stumbled across Vectornator, which is exactly what I had hoped Illustrator’s IOS version would be. If anyone is looking for a art and design app that works in vectors, Vectornator is the one. It doesn’t have everything, but it’s pretty darn close, and it can export to an Illustrator file. This is perfect for me because I can do all the drawing and shaping in Vectornator, and finalize in Illustrator on my computer.
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3 months ago, CaptainMorgin
Why is this app even in the App Store?🙄
This app is so 2019… and it’s 2024 now. They really brought over the adobe logo and some tools from Illustrator that do next to nothing.. and for what? A buggy experience and not-so-fast load times? You can download other & even free vector apps from the App Store that do so much more and have consistent updates by developers that genuinely want to improve their software for their creators. Fortunately I don’t pay for this standalone app because I use various Adobe products on my iPad and Mac. I’ll continue using the desktop version but until this app gets any sort of updating, this is on the back burner. If you need a vector drawing app for the iPad then I’d recommend ‘Affinity Designer 2’ .. I downloaded it over a month ago with a free trial first, it’s a one time payment of like $13 or somewhere around there so it’s like pennies compared to the smallest Adobe subscription. I’m blown away by all the capabilities it has for the iPad. There’s also Curve(used to be vectornator) and it’s free although now you have to pay if you want more than 3 documents . Another one is Vector Q and I believe it’s free so you can try it out but to export you have to pay a one time fee of like $5 which it’s worth it, in my opinion. So there’s plenty of options beside this. (:
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4 years ago, RolekVed
This is great!
Fresco is great too, but I love vector with points! The align and snap features work pretty well. More features would be nice, like object scale and rotate commands. I’d love to be able type in the angle I want to rotate an object too! Was skeptical how using just fingers would work but it does quite well, as I said the snaps are excellent. Using the curved points is a little tricky, but this is also challenging with a keyboard and mouse; however, I do find my self missing the nodes and handles more often than I’d like. One thing I do like better in fresco (besides that it’s free) is the free rotate on the art board not sure why its not a feature on this version of illustrator. I know that’s how it’s always worked, but seems like a missed opportunity on the mobile, iPad version.
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2 years ago, TC8512345
Basically Useless, get Affinity Designer
I was excited for full Illustrator on the iPad, but this isn’t it. Every project I have started on the iPad has been switched to the PC pretty quickly because the iPad version lacks the ability to do many basic tasks due to the drastic change to the interface to make it touch friendly. Most of the tools that I use frequently on the PC either don’t exist or work so differently that anything I want to do requires tedious workarounds to get done. Smart guides are even more frustrating than on the desktop and I often find that things are misaligned because they appeared to snap to something, but shifted when removing the pencil from the screen. Palm rejection could use a lot of work. I frequently end up moving around the art board when I’m just trying to steady my hand to place something precisely. The radial repeat feature is nice, but is pretty much unusable with snapping turned on, so good luck doing anything that requires precision. Trying to edit anything in a radial repeat object leads to a lot of clicking different things, trying to figure out what is selected because they show up as one big object in the layers panel with no further break-down.
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7 months ago, ReddWritingHood93
Was great Until the update
I love adobe illustrator and I love all of their products. I use each and every one of them for school at RMCAD and I came to the realization that every time I open illustrator to use it for school it crashes. I have done everything imaginable to rectify this issue. I have uninstalled it and the reinstalled It. Cleared my cache everything, but nothing will work. I have the latest iPad with my Apple Pencil and if you so much as hover on it the screen goes black and it crashes. I wish I could roll back to the previous version because it never did this and I was in love. Now I’m falling behind in school because they essentially broke their app. Hopefully, another update will come out to fix it, but if you have the ability to purchase / use another software that’s reliable I would do it. Illustrator is great, but the developers have no clue just how damaging it is to us when you break the very thing we pay to use. I’ll be looking for another approved type of software that the school will accept. But, until then, run. It’s not worth what you pay when you literally cannot use the app at all.
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3 years ago, Khadgra
I converted to Illustrator because it came out on the iPad
I’ve been a loyal Photoshop artist for over a decade, and never really liked the way Illustrator worked (vector, paths, shapes, etc.), and only now that it’s come out on the iPad do I feel I can fully have a more intuitive art experience instead of pulling pins and shapes and I really have converted now. I only leave out one star out as it still has many things that it has said to offer, but still does not have (live paint, sketch to vector). I never want to use Illustrator on a desktop, so I hope that they model updates more after something like Procreate instead of simply providing more features from the desktop version. For example, I would like something to make drawing in one or two-point perspective much easier and efficient, but from what I’ve read about the desktop version, no one even uses the perspective grid tools and most usually resort to methods that can’t be done on the iPad.
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3 years ago, Bbear84
Exciting, Promising (buggy) Start
Update: bugs everywhere (removed one star). I’m still super excited about Adobe doing this and what it will (I’m hoping) become—but this product is riddled with bugs. Every product starts with a version 1.0 and this is a worthy first step toward a great product. It is buggy yes and random stuff occurs, but that’s not unexpected with a 1.0. Radial repeat is a game changer and I love that they put it on iPad first. You really need to give people a reason to use this and focus not only on duplicating desktop features (yes, necessary and much is still lacking), but also push the tools further than has ever been possible. This is what Adobe is doing with radial repeat and I love it. Also, the necessary screen real estate efficiency on iPad has potential to push the UI forward which could improve the desktop version also. The little menu that pops up under selections (perhaps stolen from the excellent Concepts) is one such advancement. I hope Adobe adds more keyboard support.
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2 years ago, malloryvinart
Annoying for experienced digital artists
The UI drives me insane. I’ve used almost every big illustrator apps on my iPad, but Adobe ones usually take the cake for having the worst UIs. Adobe draw was the first one I ever used, that’s where I started making digital art. Once they made fresco, I switched to that. Fresco was better to me, it had more options of tools and settings- but took up so much space on my iPad. Got rid of it once decided I’d try procreate, and absolutely loved it. I sacrificed the vector programs for procreates raster program. Although my logo and other works suffered from that change, it relieved a lot of stress from all the problems with adobes apps. Years later I need to make somethings vector again so I decided to give illustrator a try. Paid for it, watched their tutorials, and tried to get started on my project. I’m still working on learning everything but I’d rather just cancel my commission lol. I really don’t understand why it’s so confusing. Also crashing is a huge problem when importing projects from my Adobe cloud
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3 years ago, Frumtript
Lots of missing features
While I’m incredibly excited to finally have this on a tablet, I’m disappointed that what seem like basic and very relevant features do not exist. I use the pen tool and brush a lot on desktop, and do A LOT of line art. Not being able to o make or download custom brushes seems odd to me. Every time I draw a new stroke with the pencil, the line profile resets, and as far as I can tell there is no way to change this. The brush tool is really cool, but not having the option to use the brush tool for simple strokes also drives me a little crazy. I’ve only used it for about 30 hours or so, but it seems like every few hours I find myself thinking “Really? There is no function for this on the tablet? But it’s such a simple thing!” Things like saving swatch libraries, using custom brushes, expanding the appearance of strokes, etc…. I frequently find myself swapping back and forth to my Mac just to quickly do one function that isn’t available on the tablet. Tutorials and answers online are few and far between, and everything just seems to cover basic functionality. Hard to find answers to questions. Some of the functions I’m looking for may indeed be built in, and I just don’t know it because I can’t find any answers when I search online. Overall, happy with it. But really hope to see some simple expansions of features in the near future.
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4 years ago, PinkStrwBry
Adobe probably won’t listen but...
Honestly, i’ve been waiting years for this to come onto iPad as I’m sure most designers have. It has 1 cool feature that is not available on desktop. But other than that it lacks tons of staple tools a real designer needs. There are no rulers, or ruler guides you can drag down. You can’t export with a bleed and printer marks which is an absolute must for print designers. I pay for the cloud subscription for all apps and this is what Adobe came up with?! I do not want to have to switch between iPad and computer, which is something they are so proud of 🙄. It’s one or the other. Affinity Designer is cheaper and much more capable. I just don’t understand why bleeding people for money is more important then producing a capable program for iPad. Just so disappointed. And just FYI I’m speaking from the POV of a print designer, this is not my hobby but my job. Instead of making the iPad version a stand alone subscription include it solely in your cloud service and make it more capable. Listen to your customers.
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2 years ago, Will Notbuythiscameraeveragain
Why did you have to kill off sketch and draw?
This is horrible! It doesn’t show thumbnails of my work. Only blank files and a number. How am I supposed to find anything? Who came up with this brilliant idea? There wasn’t a darn thing wrong with draw and sketch. So, you had come up with something that’s worse. If you’re not gonna support dry sketch, why the heck do you lock me out of it. Why can’t I continue to use it. I don’t give a dog gone if you support it or not. I could still use it. But no! You have to lock people out of it. That’s just disgusting. I can’t even get my artwork out. Hundreds of hours of work lost. They worked great, easy to use, and it did what I needed to do. Adobe discontinued it replaced it with fresco which is a nightmare. The thumbnails don’t show the actual art. All it is is a gray folder. How can I find something if I can’t see it? Please fix that. If things don’t improve, I am dumping Adobe all together and going with another program. Very frustrated and very disappointed. Fresco is a huge step backwards.
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3 years ago, DeMoNaStArOtH
Fairly Reviewed
I’m giving this app 3 stars, but only because it continuously crashes on me. I can’t justify anything lower because I have been so pleased with its use and integration with desktop projects. Prior to the most recent update the stability was great and I thought “FINALLY! This is so amazing!” But now… it crashes within about 5 minutes of use and sometimes it saves and sometimes it doesn’t. This app would easily be 5 stars - EASILY (even with it missing some desktop functionality) but now I am constantly on edge that the work that I have done will be lost because the app force closes so often. Edit: updating to 4 stars - 1 additional for the response that they’ve given (hopefully 5 with the fixes!) looking forward to sending them errors and helping them update the app so there are less bugs! Great customer service!
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9 months ago, ungybungysho
Useful but a bit buggy
I have Adobe Illustrator installed on both my laptop and iPad, and while both versions are simliar(exluding some features), the iPad app has some flaws. I suppose that's to be expected, given that it's running on an iPad though, so Im not too upset LOL. The main issue I have with it is that sometimes the bugs can interfere with drawing. There are times when the app might freeze, your vector might pixelate, your drawings might disappear for a moment, your layers won't show up. When this happens, you have to exit the app and then open it up again. Fortunately, Adobe saves your progress automatically, so you don't lose that much work. Overall, the app is quite handy, especially if you are on the go or dont have a tablet for your computer, and I intend to keep using it, but it does require a bit of patience LOL.
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4 years ago, uxrobinson
Drawing challenges
Keeping in mind how new this app is, perhaps things will improve with time. But for now, I find the app annoyingly makes assumptions that you are attempting to create shapes and not lines, auto-joining two ends based on what seems to be some percentage calculation based on the “shape” drawn. This means that even when drawing very large drawing, on say an A0 page size, line ends are automatically joined. Meaning the app assumes that two line ends which can be even over 5cm or greater in distance, auto-join. Given this is an automated extra step, Adobe could and should make it that “undo” simply removes that last automated step. This would still be annoying, but an effective workaround. Of course, there may be some hidden setting or technique to avoid this, but Adobe support is terrible, and this far I’ve not been able to get any answer on this from Adobe nor the online community (however I did receive badges for my community interaction... Adobe, you are not a social network, please just focus on offering exceptional service, which this is not}
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4 months ago, spiritusmentis
Extremely limited, even in 2024
It's just one of the worst Adobe products I've ever used. Try exporting your artwork to anything other than PDF and see what happens. The PNG export looks like a 10KB JPEG and PNG is supposed to be lossless. SVG is even worse, basically unusable. The best thing you can do is save all your work in illustrator format and export it on a PC or Mac. These joksters added a ' livestream ' button as if that's the most important and sought after feature. Really? Is the product design team really this clueless? Fix basic functionality first before you clutter the UI with teenager gimmicks. No one wants to livestream while they're concentrating on making art. It's already bad enough how Apple makes it impossible to move your files out of their ecosystem, now there's Adobe messing with export quality. Eventually people will go back to using traditional tools if you dorks keep this up. This half finished product doesn't deserve the illustrator icon. Sadly there are no real alternatives on the iPad. Oh well
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4 years ago, KK________
Finally! Better than expected!
After having used Illustrator all my professional life in design I was eagerly waiting for it to come to the iPad - just makes the iPad so much more a complete work tool for me. I tried all the other vector graphics programs on iPad but something was always missing or awkward in the operation. I am not using all of the bells and whistles of Illustrator, by far. I am fine with the tool set from the old Illustrator 8 or 9. This iOS version of Illustrator is just that. And it makes elegant and effective use of the touch interface and Apple Pencil. It is just the tool I had hoped it would be and didn't dare to think it would actually turn out to be. Illustrations and Graphic Design on iPad has just become possible for me.
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3 years ago, Offenhoffer
Wishing for more, but enjoying what I have
I finally started figuring the work flow between my desktop and iPad, and while Adobe CC leaves a bit to be desired (simultaneous editing between two devices for instance) it’s really nice to be able to make a document on my iPad, save to the CC, open it on the desktop, apply any brushes I need to, move it back and redraw or move points, and continue from there. At the moment the most useful part if making individual files with elements to use in a larger, more complex and complete desktop file, instead of working on that larger projection the iPad itself. I like: • The smoothness of the pencil with the vector tools • The simplicity in design for powerful effects and productive work flows • The addition of all the pathfinder options, repeating options, and access to your library I wish: • It could be used almost like a tablet connected to the desktop without the lag you get from other apps, for less back and forth on the CC • More access to the CC library for brushes, symbols, etc. But that’s a CC Library note more so, be great to have actual symbols and not images, or brushes instead of objects that hold those brushes • Pattern and art brush creation within the iPad app
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2 years ago, Morgan Germani
Should be 5 stars…
It all comes down to the fact that they require you to pay them $10/month forever to use this app on your iPad. That’s $120 a year for every year. I’m not doing that anymore. I miss the days of buying expensive software with at least the promise that once I buy it, I own it and that’s it. Now with the release of Affinity 2 apps like Designer, I no longer need Illustrator. I paid $12 for Affinity Designer 2 and I’ll never have to pay more than that for it. If Illustrator ever had a way to outright buy it for iPad, even for $120 but it’s for life, I would have jumped on that opportunity. I hope someday we see a resurgence in owning applications instead of renting them. Aside from my gripes about the subscription model, the app truly is top tier but for the price you end up paying month on month, it’s not worth it anymore especially considering the alternatives coming out these days.
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3 years ago, WhiskeyRM
Magic Keyboard Issue
I love this app. It’s super handy. Although there are some things that I could really use on a regular basis that are not integrated yet for the iPad, most of the time I can find my way around it. The latest update though has completely messed with my ability to use my magic keyboard without completely restarting my iPad. It works intermittently. But then it completely stops, and not even closing and reopening the app makes it work again. This makes it super inconvenient. So Adobe, if you’re reading this. Please make the fix sooner rather than later before I throw my iPad across the room. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Curry_Puff_tastic
So many bugs! Please help me!
I’m an artist/ illustrator and I use mostly procreate for my small business. I used to working with photoshop on desktop but I recently found illustrator for iPad. The app has way too many bugs. For example when I zoom in on the canvas to work of parts of the drawing the app glitches and stops working. I then have to exit out of the app and completely clear the history before restarting it again. I also notice when I select one layer to work, it sometimes doesn’t select and I’m working on another layer! This is extremely frustrating! Please help me! I’m paying money fees to Adobe and the app isn’t working. The only reason why I’m trying to use this app is because I need a great vector software to turn my work into products. If this isn’t resolved soon I will be forced to cancel my contract with Adobe and look for alternative software.
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3 years ago, benbeenthere
Actually, pretty bad
I don’t think I’d call myself a professional, but I am a Junior Design major and use the entire desktop Adobe CC Suite on my MacBook on a daily basis extensively. My laptop is off for repairs and I decided to try and use my large iPad Pro as a temporary replacement. I know that this app is only version 1.1 but so much of the app feels half baked and very poorly executed. The app supports keyboard commands and shortcuts but a lot of them just don’t work, like CMD [ or ] to move layers. Also transforming and moving images is a nightmare, it jumps around and seems that it only lets you move images in 15 degree intervals. And for some reason if you select an image and try to transform or move it it with the mouse everything freezes and you can’t deselect anything. If you want to create vector based graphics on your iPad don’t waste your time or money, use Affinity Designer.
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1 year ago, JakeyJake225
Good but still buggy
Great app but I did find a bug when editing typed words. The keyboard locks into the original text when you make a duplicate. When you clear the text to add new text, the keyboard shows you are adding to the previous text and even gives an option to save new combined word to dictionary, even if that word does not show in the raster. When I attempt to delete the nonexistent text, it removes each letter one by one in the keyboard suggestions, until the last letter is removed, then repeats the word again indefinitely. The main issue I have with this bug is that my autocorrect is constantly broken because each thing I type is combined with the last word I typed, within the keyboard suggestions.
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2 years ago, cash app support wont help me
No save now, no warning auto save stops for hours,crash
Like I said above, there’s no save now button, you have to leave your document in order to save it. It’s happened to me with this app as well as other Adobe apps, the app will stop auto saving for hours, not tell me, then eventually doesn’t save upon exiting or crashes in general, deleting hours of work with no warning. It’s consistently messed up my deadlines, and I wouldn’t advise using Adobes iPad apps for professional work / commissions or anything you care about too much about
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2 years ago, Purple_elephant_25
Good aside from being a little buggy.
The tools that I’ve learned thus far work quite well once I got familiar. The tutorials are good, but could be more detailed and have the ability to adjust playback speed. Beyond the basic, I’ve resulted to just playing around with each tool to see how they work. I have noticed some lagging here and there and need to close the project or app to resume working. Most important, I was very frustrated to lose over an hour of work when my project didn’t save properly. I can’t Imagine what its like building an app like this, so I’m trying to have patience and hope Adobe will continue to improve the overall stability of the app.
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3 years ago, NYC Designer/Illustrator
Not great, corrupted file issues
This app, like so many of Adobe’s iPad apps is clunky, buggy and can straight up ruin your files. Many times I’ve transferred files I started on the iPad to my desktop and it’s just corrupted them out right. Sometimes they will open but it will chop up all live type into single letter assets or messes with color. At worst it says they are unreadable. This app crashes or bugs out a ton and is often so limiting or frustrating I forgo messing with it. As a professional designer of multiple decades I’ve moved to working a ton on my iPad within the last year. This just isn’t reliable enough for me to put effort into. Losing those creation hours to bugs or corrupt file transfers is too costly and just not worth the risk. Get your act together Adobe, you’re too expensive to release products this unpolished.
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1 year ago, smithdandr
Major errors that can render app unusable.
When it works, it’s great. Theoretically, the idea of being able to hand draw on the iPad and then continue working on a desktop is fantastic. In practice, there are errors and limitations that severely hinder the utility and reliability of the app, often to the point where it’s not worth using it at all. The latest problem I’ve encountered is an inability to save files. The autosave feature has always been spotty, but now there are times when it’s not even possible to save manually. I’ve had to restart a project twice now because the file failed to save, which meant hours of work were lost. I love the idea of an Illustrator app and hope these problems will be fixed, but if you can’t even reliably save your work, it’s too much of a risk to use in its present state.
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2 years ago, livwinterz
Only good for 2 minutes…..
I have been working on the same piece of art for about a week now because I can’t work on it for more than 2-3 minutes at a time before I either have to go back to the home page to let it save my work or before the app just straight up quits on me without saving the previous 2-3 minutes of work. I am straight up sick of having to go back in and redraw the same 6 lines after each time it quits. I’ve uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, restarted my iPad (iPad Air iOS 15.2 that is less than a year old), updated my iPad, updated the app, I literally don’t know what else to do. I’m so tired of this, all I want to do is work and draw and illustrator can’t even handle itself for more than two minutes at a time and continues throwing my money for the subscription down the drain. God. Wow.
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4 years ago, GA 60
As a long-time user of Illustrator, I’d like this to be higher.
As the title says I am a long-time user of Illustrator. It is and has been my go to program for creating anything from original vector art to doing assignments that include page layout and magazine cover design. I was elated to find out that an app had been developed to be used on the iPad platform, however much to my dismay as I had been in the middle of doing a project, it froze up. All I was trying to do was replace fonts that did not translate over from the fonts stored on my computer. Perhaps it’s a small glitch and a simple note to your attention Will provide a resolution. If you can address this, especially if other users are experiencing the very same thing, I would be happy to rate higher.
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3 years ago, adobecloudkilledadobe
Why would I pay for your company to profit off me?
Adobe is no longer a professional design solution but a data mining GREETY marketing firm. Crap overpriced garbage that YOU pay for then THEY turn around collect abuse and sell your data for even more profit. Worked fine until cloud happened and they wanted to be just like Facebook because they are greedy..... Facebook is free though.... and not a professional software solution, so why in the world would I pay for Adobe cloud especially because they don’t own vector making there’s plenty of other options now THAT ARE CHEAPER TOO... can’t wait until it’s no longer industry standard to use Adobe and i hope Adobe gets run to the ground and goes bankrupt for trying to be something it’s not. Prob won’t happen though they will find a way to stay in the game of data mining. Hahahahha get procreate y’all ADOBE IS THE WORST
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4 years ago, Awcress
Actually pretty decent so far
Considering the roll out of the last two, fresco and photoshop ... this was released with more features including the basics..I say that because the other two lacked simple tools (smudge, rulers, etc. ) until just recently(over a year later). Ai seems faster also, it’s not the full spectrum of the Ai you get on pc, and it shouldn’t be so don’t expect it. This is meant for on the go , quick work. Do I wanna pay monthly for it...... I dunno. Only because I feel like I’m paying monthly for Adobe to roll out basic features over a course of time in which really, those should Already have been available in the app all together. But if you did that... I guess you wouldn’t have much a reason to charge...
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4 years ago, um idk what to put
Look this is so exciting that it’s finally on tab but..... ITS SO GLITCHY hey I know that this just came out but I have to point some out here they are: #1 when you you the eye dropper tool it doesn’t get the right color! It’s really frustrating!!!! #2 the eraser is a pen sometimes the eraser star writing in black even when I set it to white!!!!!! #3 the layers don’t work I don’t know how to explain what happens but... it just doesn’t work sorry. #4 ok I was making a cover for my comic book thing and I had to draw on the background and the cat on it was an imported pic and I wrote on the layer BEHIND the cat and not even where the cat was it was of to a corner but IT ENTIRELY ERASED THE CAT not any of the text though and I looked in layers.... AND THE CAT WAS HIGHER THAN THE LITTLE LINE!!!!!!!! That’s all the glitches I can think of but there are a lot more. The only reason I gave this 3 stars instead of 1 star is because I think this is a great app for just coming out. Sincerely A comic boor writer. Ps did you release this because of a deadline like sonic 06? Not like it’s actually bad like sonic 06 but I mean with the glitches just curious!
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3 years ago, aspadticsquirrel
Eh. Needs lots of work.
Love Ai on the computer— but this app, I love far less. I know it’s pared down, but aside from it lacking some tools I find necessary (variable width strokes for one), it still has some functionality issues to work out. I frequently need to force quit the app because it still displays deleted layers and starts acting weird when I try to edit clipping masks etc. The blob brush is SO SLOW and doesn’t feel super responsive to pen pressure. It’s very hard to control. Another huge complaint is how non intuitive the menus are. It took me like 20 minutes just to figure out how to copy/paste something. Procreate is so easy to navigate if you’ve never touched the software before. This- not so much. If it’s not copy righted, consider sampling some of the functionality from them. Basic things like sliding left on a layer name would bring up a menu that includes things like make mask, duplicate etc. Im on a first gen iPad Pro and it’s still struggling to function properly. Keep trying Adobe. Hoping you get this right eventually.
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3 weeks ago, bbird44
What are folks talking about?
There are some reviews here that seem to have had problems with the Adobe Creative Suite. My experience is the complete opposite. I use a 12” iPad Pro for my professional and personal work and have had zero issues. The developers are attentive and always working to add new features to get them running in a similar way to how they function on desktop machines. No complaints here and happy to have a bundle on a portable device and ditch the desktop. In the utopia Lightroom would be included in the bundle. ;)
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2 years ago, NavWombat
It seems I try to give this app a second chance every couple months but within the first minute I find some thing so bad that I’m baffled in the stupidity. So instead of writing a list of bug reports as usual, I will just leave this short note. I heard the pencil has been updated to be better, so I gave it a shot and immediately it is drawing without any stroke attached. Imagine buying a pencil without graphite, then you have to go look through their UI to remind them the point of a pencil is to make marks… even after having your stroke set up in advanced, the next time you use the pencil it will deactivate again as if it’s confident you want a pencil without graphite, made of straight wood… maybe consider replacing that Icon with a wood stick if this is intended.
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4 years ago, Mksballerina
Much Better Than Expected!
Coming from an experienced, long-time user of adobe products, I was quite impressed with this app! Hoping to see more features such as image trace, etc. be added later, but all the main buttons are there. So much easier to use this instead of mirroring my ipad with my MacBook - no lag and the pencil response is more precise. What’s even better is the app works with the new magic keyboard and track pad! Now I can leave my MacBook at home and just carry the iPad to work on some of my tasks.
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6 months ago, Tsumtsum9
Completely dysfunctional. Crashes and Won’t Save.
For the two months that I have been using illustrator for a school assignment, I have had to open the app at least 5 times before I can see the file without crashing. I have gotten every update and tried multiple online fixes. If I am lucky enough to be able to see my file,I need to save it after I make a single edit because I keep getting an error won’t save message. I have wasted hours of time hoping adobe will work and save just one stroke. Please fix the crashing and saving issues.
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4 years ago, Lis Strasser
Solid start
If I wasn’t a user of Procreate I would have given this four stars. I wish Illustrator for iPad had certain UX functions like Procreate’s that really takes the iPad user into consideration such as I’d like to rotate the canvas with my fingers , instead of rotating the iPad itself , as I must with illustrator. Another example is brush size, with illustrator app I must tap once and then swipe up to increase size, where as I intuitively want to merely swipe up or down and have the brush size change. Small complaints and I’m sure I’ll get used to these particularities, and definitely happy I don’t have to fumble around in adobe draw. Looking forward to app updates that make the experience more intuitive.
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4 years ago, Gothshots
BIG Export issues
At first I was really excited about this app and I had to try it. I felt completely satisfied until I wanted to export my illustration. There are almost no exporting options, little freedom and everytime I try to export as a PNG it turns out the image is really low quality and pixelated. It doesn’t make sense because I never had this issue with the desktop version. (It did save well when i exported the AI file to creative cloud and saved it as a JPEG) but I had to export the AI file to affinity designer in order to resize and then I was able to save as PNG with good quality. Can someone give me light on this? I want to use the app but nobody is talking about this issue and what’s the point in using it if my work is going to look awful when I save it?
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3 months ago, Lu’kah
User Friendly
I like this version of illustrator as opposed to the desktop version for 2 reasons: 1. The desktop version can be overwhelming sometimes with all the different buttons and abilities so its easy to get lost in the sauce. This version is more straightforward and very easy to use especially with the Apple Pencil. 2. It’s pretty beginner friendly for the most part because of it being so straightforward. I use this to make fashion CADs and it only took me one tutorial to get comfortable with this app. It’s a yes from me dawg.
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3 years ago, Withlove_adriana
Unresponsive commands and closing app
I downloaded illustrator not so long ago and been playing around with it in order to refresh and get a feel of how some commands work. I’ve watched couple tutorials and I also go to the section where the commands are to try them out but some just don’t work. For instance I can try a command and it works perfectly fine, five minutes later I try the same command and it doesn’t work at all. I also been having issues with the app closing randomly and it is very frustrating. I do have the iPad Pro and it has a very decent amount of gigs so I just don’t quite understand what’s going on.
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4 years ago, luckybooka
AI tutorials
Slow down, and talk to me. Show me and tell me. Please show me examples of each tool in use. Follow a project from a blank sheet to completion. A graphic design project and an artists drawing project. They are completely different and I am in the second category but I can already see the value. Use every tool multiple ways. More experienced users can skip over the basics. Not everyone comes in with previous experience with the adobe world and tools, or is in a class focusing on learning and using AI. I can tell this could be fantastic for me, but it will take longer than the one week trial to even touch on all the tools. Thanks, Jill E
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4 weeks ago, ResistanceUnit
WHY are there no tutorials specifically for iPad users?
I have wasted literally DAYS! of my life trying to figure out how to make sure the background of the art board in Adobe Illustator on iPad Pro is transparent, and have found NO available info. Yeah I already know about png files. I need to convert a png from Adobe Fresco that I opened in Adobe ILL. but when I save the file as an svg the white background from the art board is applied to it. HOW do I make the art board transparent in Adobe Illustrator on the M4 iPad Pro???? I swear to the gods I’ve never in my life worked with a more frustrating software than anything made by Adobe. I just cancelled my Adobe Animate sub for my iPad because what should be an intuitive interface isn’t! I’m about to cancel this Illustrator sub too!
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3 years ago, Fingers0689
Having some issues
For the most part, the app works great. However, some things are bothering me. Recently, when I try to open a file, the app crashes without any given reason. Other files are fine, but this one in particular causes a crash every time. Also, my files do NOT “seamlessly transfer from one app to another”. Every time I move from illustrator to photoshop, I get an error saying some things cannot be transferred over and the file basically becomes useless. With more of the desktop features were available as well, but guess it can’t be exactly as powerful as the pc version.
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2 years ago, Treesha13
Not what it’s cracked up to be
Coming from desktop Illustrator on a Mac, I have been trying to use the iPad version on the go for touchups and last minute tweaks to designs but there’s so much missing it’s hardly a complement to the desktop app; if someone were to start using the app without ever having used a desktop version of Illustrator they MIGHT find it useful, but as they try to do anything like merge, flatten, and combine shapes they’ll start to find a lot to be desired. Too many features are missing to be truly useful. If they add in more of the desktop features I may find a use for it, but it’s far from being a complement, let alone a replacement, for the desktop app.
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2 years ago, Jazmin:)!!!!
It’s okay
It has some features similar to the computer application but not all. I would also like to see it compete a bit more with procreate in some ways because I still prefer to you them because the usability is just easier in my opinion. The application lags a ton when adding text and when you’re trying to add lines to create your own typeface, real disappointing. Some areas are okay but again I prefer to use procreate when illustrating and only using adobe to MAYBE do a crisp outline. Unfortunately I can’t do all in one but maybe one day adobe will step up to procreate…
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5 months ago, FalseSet
The state of this app is embarrassing
Illustrator is an immensely powerful tool and the ability to take it anywhere in the form of an app is incredibly promising. Using it in practicality is somehow the most frustrating experience I’ve been through with my decently long history using Adobe products. Needing to restart the app every few minutes as it stops supporting the use of basic tools or peripherals is unacceptable in my mind. I’m also shocked at how hard specifically selecting text seems to be in this app while even the default feature in things like notes are way easier and far more reliable. I’m so glad I can make vector art on the go with the features I know and love but I’ve absolutely hated my time here.
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1 year ago, SuzieBadu
It’s Buggy
I’m a faithful user of Adobe Illustrator on desktop, and was really excited to finally have an iPad to experiment with the iPad version. The interface is as intuitive as the desktop version, but the bugs quickly undermine the user experience. Each time I’m attempting to make edits on a new layer (e.g. changing the stroke or color of my brush) it impacts linework on layers that are locked. What’s the purpose of having layers and being able to lock them if this functionality is bypassed? This makes it entirely impossible to finish an illustration using this app. I hope this issue will be resolved, however forums from November 2022 reveal that this has been an ongoing issue for months.
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3 years ago, MisterFox
Waste of Time and Energy
Adobe being Adobe, as has been the case for what feels like their entire existence, they pull yet another bait and switch. This app appeared to be an option to replace the FREE versions of apps they’re abandoning. I don’t have the budget, nor the justification for spending what Adobe demands (for how many apps?!) on top of the existing subscriptions that simply allow me to turn on a device anymore. If I could swear in these I’d certainly have plenty of expletives to share. This is an ugly model, wasted my time AND data I have to pay for, and is all around what I’ve come to expect from Adobe. There ARE other options out there. And when you compound the shady business practices with their even shadier data collection, we really have no reason to keep this vile company afloat.
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