Adobe XD

Graphics & Design
4.7 (10.5K)
86.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Adobe XD

4.71 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Lovequeenemerald
Loved this program
If only Adobe would see its potential. It just needed a little more features and it would have been on par with figma. I now have to pay a separate subscription for figma alone; potentially kicking me out of the Adobe creative suite as a UX designer. As a suggestion, making actionable items like you see in PowerPoint would make these prototypes absolutely stunning, even figma doesn’t have such a thing. I’ve seen people make literal video games from PowerPoint using action items.
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5 years ago, elstinko
Void of basic UI controls
First, I can’t understand the 5 star reviews of this mobile app specifically. For starters once you choose a prototype to view, it fixes to the art board viewport leaving black space around board. If you extend the viewport in XD desktop and republish to full vertical, the artboard appears as a narrow strip in mobile app. That would be ok if the app supported ZOOM. You can’t zoom in on any artboard like all other prototype apps in the market do. Zooming is an intuitive must have for any object. Second I found it almost impossible to go back to the prototype menu. I tapped everywhere on screen to try to access their limited menu drawer. A few times it appeared but I don’t know what I did to access it. Still a mystery. Many of us would like to use XD for web design, not only mobile apps. Clearly Adobe has not really considered web designers as a user of XD. For one they don’t support color management making any color you design completely off when deployed in this app. Adobe start by observing your competitors and copy their base functions that we users intuitively expect. Then throw in your Adobe Sensai to give you distinction. The lack basic functions makes this workflow inferior in every way.
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5 months ago, ezblues
Love the mobility
I love the simple shareable features this app provides. At a spur of the moment time I wanted to show someone the prototype. I didn’t have access to my computer to use XD so I thought I would go on the iPhone Apple App Store to see if XD was an option. And there it was. I download it, I signed in, and then I was able to access my project to show someone my prototype. What’s even cooler is I saw that there was a feature I can share or invite someone to this design and it was great. Elijah Zanw
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7 years ago, peacetype
Great addition to CC!
I started using XD when it first came into beta. Glad to see that it’s s full-fledged product now. It’s great to have this kind of design program in my Adobe toolset. Way faster and more streamlined workflow than working in Photoshop & Illustrator. Great for making a quick vector graphic, or designing whole screens. I used XD for a large iOS app design project when it was in beta. It was a little buggy then but seems more robust now. I love the addition of real-time feedback on your device! Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, karl4356633
Personnaly find it amazing
Like every product Adobe need to get its products a little paid to keep the app available on the store and keep the domain remaining of the website and pay its employees as any company in the world but what I found cool that there is a free starter plan that is not that limited tho thank you Adobe for that option that makes your platform accessible to everyone ! And also it’s so intuitive!
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6 years ago, aberrantartist
Good, but so much more potential
Often this app is very slow and does not even allow me to preview documents, which is currently its only functionality. Since it can’t do this, I deleted it. Is this going to be fixed? I am using an iPad Pro, and it doesn’t work on my Google Pixel phone either. For me the features that would take this to the next level would be the ability to create wire frames and prototype them right here on the iPad Pro and have a seamless sync into mechanism across iOS and desktop software so that you could create on both devices whenever, and wherever.
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5 years ago, GaaraSaru
An Amazing Boon To Application Design
It’s one thing to be able to test an application after the developers have created a prototype and a developer profile to download on a device, but it’s incredible to be able to design an app, see how you like the look of it in action, and course correct before passing it down the line. This has been a great help to me in my design efforts.
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5 years ago, Heleva
Not 508 ADA Compliant
As an Adobe user, developer, and someone who’s vision is aging and needs applications and websites to be compliant, I am upset that Adobe has not bothered to adhere to the best practices for accessibility of their products. There is no responsiveness or rotation or even an option to increase fonts etc for accessibility making the interface look as though everything is written in a 2point font. I think it is time where those of us who have been paying through the nose for several decades on Adobe’s products and services use the power of our long term association to get Adobe to address the elephant in the room. More accessibility!
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3 years ago, aaaronislit
Very nice, but...
The Adobe XD iPhone app is very nice. I am able to view my apps on the go, and see some information about it. But, I am not able to edit. It would be nice to have some basic editing tools for the app, or at least for the iPad. Thanks!
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4 years ago,
It cool but also sorta useless.
Having them as a reference is cool. But you can’t edit or do anything meaningful. This is basically one level above screenshooting I mean we are 2 weeks away from full illustrator on iPad. All these other photoshop type apps. And Adobe can’t even make these work on anything other than the computers. I love the Adobe line of products I’ve been with these guys for 8 years +. But this is starting to get embarrassing how far behind the game you guys are on mobile.
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3 years ago, Mruniqueid
Some Serious Issues
Content doesn’t consistently update automatically on my mobile screen when I edit it on the desktop app, and none of my text layers render correctly at all — they’re just jumbled characters. I’ve barely dipped into this app, and on day one these things are making it unusable as a professional application. The basic function should be to show you accurately what your design should look like on your mobile device, and it’s not fulfilling that use case even remotely competently.
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6 years ago, martoon
It ready for prime time
Although the desktop version looks promising, this mobile effort doesn’t feel fully implemented yet. There was no clear way to get my desktop file over to the mobile. And there is no way to make prototypes from scratch on mobile. It says use the cloud or connect to the desktop computer, but my work machine cloud ID is different from my mobile and the work machine is locked down so I cannot connect they mobile to the desktop. Adobe’s walled garden is not ideal. Avoid until they work out the kinks
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2 years ago, LaStellaMike
Great! But…
I really like using this app with the live changes preview. Really helps me see what I’m doing. However, the other preview setting ( directly from the file) is so unbelievably laggy and slow. Sometimes it doesn’t even load images. If this could be fixed so my animations don’t look like they’re going at .3 fps, this app would have 5 stars
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3 years ago, ellarrrrrrrr
Not user friendly on accessing the prototypes
It’s kind of annoying that you have to bring a USB cable to connect your prototypes when you can actually connect it by accessing the project. Can’t just reference some other brand that once you click on the prototype it will show directly on mobile? And it will go to desktop prototypes in mobile view and it’s hard to find the navigation tools or buttons once you’re in that view.
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3 years ago, RhiannaWasHere
Glorified Testing App
I love using XD on desktop, it’s my go to for web design. I’m just very underwhelmed by the iPad version of the app. It’s good for previewing stuff, sure. But I’m disappointed that you can’t edit/create your designs without plugging your iPad into your desktop. I like being able to do stuff on the go with my iPad, but having to use a computer for editing holds me back from doing that. When can XD get a full iPad version like photoshop?
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5 years ago, dbmfbc1
Where did my files go?
I love this app but after a recent update suddenly I can’t open any of my files. They’re all stored in the cloud. I can get to them just fine from my browser, but they’re not showing up here. I tried signing out and back in, but still no luck. I’ll put the rating back up once it works. M
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5 years ago, Jordunit
Fonts have never worked for me.
I have been an XD and typekit user for almost 2 years now and there is a constant problem of fonts not showing correctly in the XD app after downloading from the cloud. It’s been super frustrating an really slowed me down while trying to work with clients. I have tried everything I could to make it work and the only thing that seems to help is removing and redownloading the app every time I want the fonts to load correctly.
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5 years ago, MacPhilly
New “Cloud Documents Feature Makes it WORTHLESS
Until the latest release of XD CC and the reworking of how you saved your documents (published and shared) this was a serviceable means to look at prototypes made for phones. Now it is UTTERLY USELESS. I don’t want to have to publish for viewing on the web and save to cloud to view in the app. I have cloud storage, we have our projects organized in folders, why the bloody blue blazes would I want to have a different version? Let us access our documents the way we want to, not the way you want us too.
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5 years ago, Edward Grubb
Adobe’s Cross-Platform efforts are paying off
Bring a cross-platform developer who is doing more mobile engineering than ever, I appreciate all the tools Adobe is releasing. I’m not a designer by any stretch of the imagination, but tools like Adobe XD helps me mock-up my visions. I’ve not yet dived into all the possibilities of the XD desktop and mobile app, but I hope this helps me save time when etching out the GUI for cross-platform mobile apps I’ll be creating in Xamarin. The last thing I’d like to mention is how much I appreciate that Adobe focuses on making the experience in all their apps the same in Windows and Apple OSX
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3 years ago, odh3
Keeps getting better
What I like most about Xd is that it keeps improving at a pace rarely seen even in other Adobe apps. For rapid development, prototyping, collaboration, integration with Illustrator, and presentation, I give it a solid 5/5.
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6 years ago, Joshadik307
Used to love this app but...
With the latest update, I know longer have any idea how to exit a specific project, or even view all the screens in the current project. I used to be able to do both these things with a simple long press on the screen, but now all this does is have a blue bar appear on the very top of the app, which I assume is meant to signify some sort of voice command? Anyways, this app is unusable in its current state, and i will leave my 1 star rating until something changes.
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3 years ago, ComeOnThisCantBeTaken
Unusable on iPhone 13 Pro
When viewing a prototype, this app seems to cause the adaptive refresh rate to lower to its minimum of 10hz causing the prototype to feel incredibly laggy. At such a low frame rate, you miss entire animations and miss pages while scrolling. In case anyone else has the same issue: A workaround I’ve found is to turn on screen recording while viewing prototypes. It seems to force the refresh rate to stay higher
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7 years ago, ck_123456789
Runs way too slow
I spent the past two days building a high fidelity proto and then try to run it on my phone: iphone 6+ updated with the latest version of the app and the latest version of xd on my mac. the prototype ran so slow it was utterly useless. The hit state prompts (which i need for this test) take anywhere between 5-20 seconds to prompt and disappear and the pages take 2-5 seconds to transition, even when i turned transitions off. i am so gd frustrated with this tool bc every time i try and fully integrate it into my workflow i find out that the freaking app/tool doesn't support some absolute critical functionality. EXTREMELY frustrated and i think i have to just say f-adobe and go with sketch, principle and zepplin bc these guys have burned me 1 too many times.
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5 years ago, Bobthedragqween
It’s meh
I feel Figma’s mobile viewing app is leaps and bounds ahead of this one. For one it doesn’t refresh automatically. I have to back out of the viewer to where my files are, refresh the files list AND THEN go back into my project to see any changes. I also don’t get a true sense of how my mockups look as fonts come up missing. It’s an incredibly basic and at times, frustrating experience.
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6 years ago, stan_alexander
This app is pure garbage
How is this app 5 stars? It is virtually unusable. It caches old art boards that are impossible to purge and restarting the app does not help. Working on your prototypes/wireframes is a nightmare with this thing. Also, you already have a developed product that is 100% identical! Adobe Preview works great on Photoshop! So why not use it in XD? Why creat the same thing twice, but making the second version absolute trash? Just use Preview in the desktop version of XD! Your company is NOT efficient!
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6 years ago, dancamera
I see some glaring additions that would make this more solid. Having that being said, I really dig the ability to view on devices while laying out, it’s crazy easy...
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5 years ago, Phil Tate Dave
Use this everyday!
Love the ability to move objects in real time and see it on mobile. Recently though my prototypes for larger/new iPhone screens are no longer full screen... was there an update that made this no longer a feature?! I loved showing people my prototype on my XR.
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2 years ago, The Ledford
Why not?
I am a us design student looking to prototype for companies. Having a opportunity to function XD fully from iPad should become a thing. I love adobe and look forward to using it on iPad hopefully soon. If you ever have ux design job let me know!
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1 year ago, AdamRickMan
Adobe Fonts Not Loading
You would think using active Adobe Fonts on Adobe XD would work, but no they don’t load. Uninstalled app, log out, and still nothing. Going to manage fonts shows that they are downloaded. The saving grace of this app is the live preview as I’m working on my Mac, the mobile device is updated.
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4 years ago, stingzon
Can’t even get in...
I’m willing to change my review as soon as I can log in and actually review the product, but it seems like I can’t even do that? The login page offers the ability to log in through Adobe, Apple, Google, or Facebook. All buttons seem to work except “Continue with Adobe.” I’m absolutely willing to admit user error when it’s present, but all arrows point to a broken button. Adobe please help!
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4 years ago, dwjr206
Font issues and can’t open on other platforms like windows. Using on an iPhone.
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5 years ago, tk4ga
Amazing. The ability to be able to use this feature on my phone as well as on my laptop
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3 years ago, Tswiftasdfghjlgldpspa
No reason not to have desktop functionality
No reason not to have desktop functionality
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3 years ago, NuttyBuckeye
Pls add Wireless Connectivity
Please add the ability to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. You can if you upload you files to the cloud, but not reliable. I don’t want to keep my device plugged in all day and constantly changing, which kills its batter life.
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4 years ago, mgd09292007
Works, but could be better
It’s helpful to have a companion app to XD for testing prototypes, however, it’s somewhat ineffective when certain interactions and fonts aren’t able to be displayed in the app. So while it works, I think it should just work without extra preparation when viewing an XD prototype.
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3 years ago, chaise2jardin
Randomly laggy and freezing on iPhone 13 Pro Max
Randomly freezes and lag during designs previews on iPhone 13 Pro Max (using build 45 and iOS 15.1). This makes the app 100% unusable as it can’t even scroll properly. Tested same design on iPhone 11 Pro Max and it works buttery smooth. Deleting and reinstalling the app does not fix the issue. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Georzey
Absolutely Fantastic
The easy copy and paste from other adobe design tool is an amazing feature. Makes it extremely time conservative. 🙌🏿🙌🏿
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6 years ago, cardmac
This doesn’t work
Adobe has been pushing a lot of crappy updates recently. This is just the latest. Once you preview an XD file in this app you are locked in. There is no getting out of that view. Not to mention that the view couldn’t display custom fonts and the layout wasn’t even close to representing what I designed. Agile doesn’t mean push crap and fix it next time.
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2 years ago, Mason Dyer
Great but
Make it easier to browse all art boards. I.e. A better experience, and more filter options
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2 years ago, Limefaze
Bad with iOS 16
I updated my phone from IOS 15.8 to 16 and now all my projects I try to render are extremely lagging to the point where I cannot simulate or test my build. I tried different Wi-Fi, redownloading app, resetting phone. Nothing works. Extremely annoying. I shouldn’t have updated IOS. This needs to be fixed. I’m using a iPhone 11 Pro.
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6 years ago, StarlaSaz
This app is such a vital tool for our design process. It works flawlessly and lets us see exactly what our designs and UX feels like on a device.
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4 years ago, nickname087
Adobe XD price going up for “premium” features
Why make a program for people to use and then after a while say certain key features are “premium” which in all actuality are very basic like not being able to save locally to your own computer and charge a higher price for it? Adobe you just never learn from your mistakes which is disgusting.
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3 years ago, GCVigilante
Just the basics
I appreciate the real time viewing via USB but would love to see this turn into a fully fledged XD app for editing on the go. The iPad Pro is faster than my computer now! We have Photoshop and illustrator on the iPad now let’s bring it home with XD :)
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4 years ago, jaherron
Good app, cannot load files from anywhere other than CC.
This app would be perfect if it had the ability to load files from the Apple Files app instead of only allowing loading from Creative Cloud.
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6 years ago, Lindamxin
Can’t access creative cloud files and missing fonts
Can’t access creative cloud files!! And fonts are sometimes missing and sometimes available..
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6 years ago, Enigmaverse
Needs Editing Capability
When I first saw that XD was available on iOS I was excited that I would have yet another platform I could edit my design in, keeping my process inside the Adobe suite. I am completely disappointed that the app is little more than a viewer. Having an app that would allow me to effectively develop interactions on iPad would put Adobe on par with its competitors.
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6 years ago, Mattcat187
Nice start. Needs work
I was elated when Adobe announced this tool. I was hoping it would be more robust. I’m sure they will continue adding new features along the way. But as for now. Too many crashes, bugs and lack of features to call it a “prototype” tool. Looking forward to the next updates.
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4 years ago, Xingyuasong
You took away the zoom feature
Compared to the actual platform, the mobile experience feels neutered and neglected. Even more so now that u can’t zoom in to view your prototype or scroll longer artboards
Show more
1 year ago, b. aqar
I wish i could record from the iphone
I wish i could record from the iphone
Show more
4 years ago, jkrosado
does what it does best but needs more features
you’re porting all of your CC apps to iPad in full, but you still can’t get a basic app like this to design and create. only test. also was the ios 12 support drop really necessary?
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