Advance Auto Parts

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Advance Auto Parts
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2 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Advance Auto Parts

4.82 out of 5
69.5K Ratings
3 years ago, aya.xa1
Good app, has almost everything
This is a good app overall. I use it anytime I need to buy car parts or even just price-check items. It's easy to use, quick, and let's you view/use speed perks rewards, apply coupon codes, and has many other useful features. It has all the things you'd expect from an app compared to just using the website. Well, almost all.. You can't view the sales flyers, or the current items on special discounts / bonus points, like you can on the website. There's also no 'bundle & save' on oil+filter like the website. Kind of expected that to be updated by now since I got the app when it first came out and still those aren't features. It also let's you see your current speed perk points. Right now I'm a vip at -784? I guess we're doing negative numbers because of a partial return; I'm not really sure, but it shows me!
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4 months ago, Solá BBW
Buying brake pads
I saw that online I would get between 15%/20% so I came into the store on flamingo and St. Rd 84. I was immediately greeted and the lady at the counter asked if I needed help finding something and we proceeded to find my items. She was able to give me an accurate estimate on pricing with a military disc, and also let me know it may be better to order online since I was offered the other percentage off. I asked her if the items in my cart were accurate and she even printed out the part numbers for me so I could verify (match up the numbers) and make my purchase. She let me know it would be a minute and the other two gentlemen were all patient with me waiting in the store(as I was the only one) but we’re all about to multitask with their own “work assignments” and help me. They were awesome!
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6 months ago, Pro Street Mopar
Good Parts, Better Service
All parts I get from our local Advanced Auto are always the right parts. They go above and beyond to get me the best deals they can, I buy a lot of parts from them. For someone on a fixed budget that’s very important. Before I started going to this Philippi Advanced Auto, I would never even use Advanced Auto, I’d drive to Clarksburg /Bridgeport, Buckhannon or Elkins from Philippi to Autozone, Parts Plus, Napa or to O’Reilly (which I really miss who used to bring me parts when I was in Texas) Wayne is especially awesome. It’s important when you walk in to a parts store to feel like you’re ordering a part from a friend, parts places need more of that type salesman that will work with the customer to get them the best deals. Thank you all our sales people at our local Advanced Auto.
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2 years ago, ben819
Not a great app
This app often lags/crashes it needs to be updated to improve browsing efficiency. Also there needs to be a (save for later) option. I am often using the app to look for parts and items that I don’t currently need but am planning on buying the same day buy would like to in the near future. There is no option to save these items so I can buy find them again easily. The only way to do so is to add them to your cart however if you decide you want to buy some of the items you have saved in the cart but arnt ready to buy all them you must delete the ones you are waiting to buy a different day and once you do that they are lost and gone forever and very often a pain to find again. Please improve the shopping quality
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6 months ago, MVSWANN
Advance auto app purchase
I have been enjoying Advanced Autos purchase app and the discounts they provide. The discounts plus the speed perks and fuel points make it a no brainer to purchase parts from Advanced. Would like them to be able to apply military on top of the other discounts but for the saving I already get, I can’t grumble to much about the price. I would be nice to be able to order parts through the app even if they are at another store and have them brought to my local stored instead of having to call. The staff at my local store are great, it’s just to hassle of calling and having them find the part and then order it to my store. They have to put it on inventory so I can then add it to cart and purchase it to take advantage of the discounts.
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1 year ago, beantownzfynest
The app is awesome
I love this app . It’s extremely easy to save my car or truck on here / then I just look for whatever part I need without having to worry if it fits . And then after I pay with card and I pull up the stuff is always waiting on me - no lines or looking down lanes for the stuff ya need or asking for assistance from the person who works there . I wake up while in bed I order what I need get ready for the day pull up - they install wipes -batt- while I sit in car and makes calls and then I’m on my way like fast food but better becuz it’s my car and she’s very important to me 😎
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2 years ago, Jt#28
Advanced read this
I give it a one star because of the user experience. For one I’m a technician and appreciate the reward system. My experience is with the app not the company. If you scroll through parts it will lag and lag and glitch. It takes forever. Then when you find the parts it will sort her say in stock at your store or near by. But 90 percent of the time, near by means you must order and have it shipped because they really don’t have it near by. Then when you have a job with multiple items and an online order. Keep track of which stores you order through or you will have to pick up at multiple stores because you can’t lock down one location. Then to add to it if you mess up you can’t cancel your order unless you call or wait for it to stop pending. The Napa app is worse but this doesn’t make advanced better. Update your freaking app, it’s not 1990. We need apps to work smoothly with little to no hiccups
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3 years ago, enb4269
Overall Good But Glitchy
As far as product selection and availability, choosing pickup and shipping methods, the site is easy and helpful to use. However, when you’re scrolling through products the app gets glitchy. Say I’m searching through motor oils. As I scroll down list, it will open a product I didn’t select and then won’t easily return to the option list. The deeper into a list I scroll, the more it starts freezing and slowing down and the search becomes too time consuming. The only way to find a product quickly is to type the name into the search - which is fine only if you know the exact name of the product you need. Seems like something a simple software update could resolve.
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1 year ago, dfghhjvxd
The app is just okay. I was looking for exact match brakes for two vehicles. When I select to arrange search by price from low to high, I get a huge list of stuff that does not fit or junk that’s not for my vehicle. Secondly, when someone, like me, wants front and back brakes WHY doesn’t it plainly show that they’re front or back brakes. That’s pretty important when shopping for brakes. When someone buys a certain style of brakes for the front, I’m sure they match the brakes on the back. Kind of a no brained that it should automatically show the matching set! Thirdly, It also lists parts from all the different stores. I don’t want to drive all over town. I want to shop ONE STORE! Why not have an option to order the “out of stock” brakes and pick them up all together when they arrive “in stock”. That way the store can adjust inventory to meet demand or have them transferred from store to store.
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1 week ago, shannon whitman
Lost over $200
I have use this app for a long time now. Spend a lot of time and money at advance I own a tow truck company so I do a lot of parts buying in return have received numerous speed perks. I am an elite member on the app so it allows you to combined up to $20 off of $20 I had over $200 in $20 off $20 coupons that I have a accumulated from combining other speed perks I had received received an email this morning telling me that I had more speed perks but when I open the app it said that I had zero speed perks available and zero expired perks available so when I spoke with customer service, she informed me that there was a lock put on my account just for the speed perks, and there was nothing that she could tell me why and there was no way to refund them so that I would have to start a new account and start all over so just beware it could also happen to you
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3 years ago, Chachacha charmin
Best automotive parts for immediate need.
Advance auto parts best automotive retailer out there. Free same day shipping and free. Can’t beat that anywhere. I am loyal forever! I don’t care if some parts are more expensive than others, if I need them right away same day, this is the best retailer for it. Alot of parts for same day. And alot of discounts for many parts!!!!!!!! Autozone has nothing on advance auto parts. The only suggestion I would add is better navigation, sometimes parts are easier to find and google and get redirected to the app or website. Some terms have synonyms and the app isn’t able to find those and also once you setup a vehicle it will auto search for the vehicle and sometimes you looking for general tools or parts and it cannot find it. It would be nice to ask if it’s for that vehicle, instead of hitting the x on the vehicle info and researching again. Best out there ✋⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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10 months ago, That guy+pi
Deals are nice, average price not so much.
I’ve been a customer of theirs for some time now. Between my own truck and family/ friends cars I’ve spent plenty of money and time with them and their stores. There’s definitely been times where they’re competitive with prices when a sale comes on. And then there’s times where that same sale will clean them out of what you need and leave you with overpriced junk as alternatives. Shoutout to the Rockville, VA store for trying to sell me an alternator I don’t need at $175 when i bought one off Rockauto for $90 with a $35 core charge I still haven’t taken In yet.
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6 months ago, premiermgt
The website is decent on a computer. However took me 30 minutes to figure out how to pay. Finally discovered the pay now button outside the main screen in bottom. Highly recommend moving this to inside the main description area. I’ve not bought stuff online in past as result. Almost quit this time to. Finally bought using my iPhone because the Pay now button is very easy to find (within the main screen)
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2 years ago, Badpicker
Dirty Pool
Two beefs, the first is with Advance. I entered the discount codes for my brake part order to find they are not eligible for the discount. This is a no-go in my book. Advertised ”discount codes” that have exclusions (of basically everything you need to shop for) are misleading and infuriating. This is why I do not shop Dunhams (same filthy practice) and am now officially boycotting Advance. I’m moving to my new favorite parts store down the street. Second, the app for iPad is glitchy. I have to reselect my saved vehicle every search because it keeps defaulting back to the top vehicle in the list. It also doesn’t use the full screen. It feels like an app designed in 2007. Too bad Advance decided to play dirty with their discounts. It just cost them a long time customer.
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10 months ago, Notrighttohave ads
Don’t Bother - Used To Be Good
ZERO STARS!! Ive used this app for over 5 years and it was my go to app when I needed parts for my car or tools. I can’t tell when the update that killed the usefulness of the app was made, but I just found out the hard way about it. Gone completely is my total purchase history of over 5 years. Now, purchase history is limited to the last six months or so! Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea? Sorry, Advance Auto, you’ve just lost me as a customer.
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2 years ago, 8241DJD
Slow Website / Clunky Navigation
I have placed numerous orders on this website and I have always found it to be very sluggish and clunky. You should spend some money to improve the sites performance. It is very slow to load and slow changing screens. The response from your developer, which I just received, indicates that the site can be slow on occasion. Wake up! It is always slow! It is slow navigating from one screen to another. It is slow loading all of the offers that are currently available. It is just slow.
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2 years ago, xXSOUTHKILLERXx
Everything is great, except one two things
I use this app daily when I have to find a part. The only thing that is bothersome is trying to focus on the very small “Part #” digits. Its like I need to use a magnifying glass to look at it. If the letters were larger and easy to read, it would be a great app. Also, removing items from the cart becomes a hassle. I have to wait for every item around 10 seconds for it to be removed. If an item can be removed right away from the cart without having to wait 10 seconds, this would be a 5/5 app.
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2 years ago, 261 Choctaw road
Very friendly and helpful staff
I visit this part store offer and have nothing but good to say about the people and how helpful they are just wish that the store would carry more of the parts I need on visits also online I find the website hard to use and sometimes even get the wrong fitment part when ordering it would help out a lot if they had better descriptions of the parts sold online. But all in all awesome customer service can’t complain give them a try.
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2 years ago, WASand2
New version has issue
The app has always been good as long as I’ve been using it, until this last update. Now when selecting a part to look at the screen is very slow and jittery when changing. The screen doesn’t switch it overlays the info (sliding in from the side), it seams like that is what is causing the problem. It also happens when looking at the images (they slide in from the side also). Not sure if it’s cause I’ve got an iPhone Xs, but it makes it very hard to use. All other screen changes switch normally.
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1 year ago, R&JHood
Great place, good peopke
I’ve always enjoyed doing business here at the Hull St location near Chippenham. The staff has always been knowledgeable, helpful, and when my wife is there and needs some help putting something in the car , they always help when they can. I appreciate that kind of service. I like that there are many prices and brands to choose from. Well stocked, and if they don’t have it, they will go get it for you! Highly recommend location
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2 years ago, gordondog278
Advance cares
I order a part with 1-2 shipping, I was upset because it took two days till processing was done so no way I would get it! I called customer service and got no help….. till someone with some authority called back to apologize for the disrespect and untimely delivery! Said he would change the way things are done and offered a refund!!! That is all I was looking for someone who understand there is a problem with next day service sometimes!! I appreciate the call and hope things get better for my next delivery!!
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10 months ago, Acalde9
I had a fantastic experience with Advance Auto Parts' online purchasing and store pickup services. The website was user-friendly, making it easy to find and order the parts I needed. The store pickup option was incredibly convenient – my order was ready quickly, and the staff at the store were friendly and efficient. Overall, a seamless and hassle-free process that I highly recommend to fellow auto enthusiasts!
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2 years ago, Puma956
No cross-store inventory
I was in a need of the severe-duty break pads I purchased at Advance before and had worked great for my truck. When scrolling through options, my brake pads stated “available in your area” but selected each store individually and no stores had them. This app needs an option that will tell users WHICH store carries the selected item; and not have to go through a process of selecting a different store and back to checkout to find out to if they actually carry your selection. An option to hide out-of-stock items would also narrow down searches.
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3 years ago, Unlike this!
Overall a solid app, but…
This latest version seems to have torpedoed my ability to auto-fill credit card info on my iPhone, and the card “scan” function simply doesn’t work. All the borders turn green which should indicate all is well, and nothing happens. Ordering and everything else works great. Disappointed in the loss of function which is a real pain. Fix the credit card nonsense and it’ll go back to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, jumbalaya82
Best experience ever!
I love the ease of the Advanced Auto Parts app. It is easy to use an I live seeing my perks and all the coupons that you guys offer. The last few years have been exceptionally hard with everything going on. As a single father raising two kids I try to save all I can and I will always used Advanced Auto Parts for all my needs. Thank you so much from your biggest and most loyal customer! Thanks again! Benjamin W.
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2 years ago, Defuzer1998
Can’t Buy Anything
This app is good for finding parts and checking availability at local stores. BUT…I cannot complete a purchase because when I attempt to enter my card information (both during checkout and from my profile’s “stored payments”) I just get a blank screen from which I can only go back to the previous screen(s). My payment info never registers in the app. Reinstalling and restarting have not fixed the problem. I would really like to take advantage of the online-only discounts, but the app will not let me. If I just need to browse for parts, I might as well use a browser since that is where I will have to go to complete the purchase anyway.
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2 years ago, Elmoscaresme
This the worst mobile app on my phone. Currently, it won’t let me check out thru PayPal, so when I enter a credit card it tells me my cart has changed and I have to enter it again, it always shows me random parts that won’t fit the car I’m working on, trying to scroll down thru the parts it does bring up for the car is so freaking frustrating, if it isn’t freezing it’s jumping to the item you touched while scrolling causing you to have to go back to the list. If you’re a business needing an app, absolutely DO NOT hire the idiots that developed this app! I own a repair shop and I love Advance Auto but this app is pushing me to use their competition more and more.
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2 years ago, Surgikalstrike
Speed perks from landline still coming-soon since the day app was created
The app has been saying the landline link is “coming-soon” since the app was created. Without this feature purchasing from this app will never happen for me or others whom have accumulated points. Great app otherwise but useless as I have to go in store have my phone number looked up etc instead of letting them scan my app. Hey developers please fix this long overdue problem which renders this app useless for purchases. I can assure you I’m not the only one who will never purchase anything from this app until this gets fixed.
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3 years ago, BeauDad
Like convenience but awkward at times
Love to order ahead and pick up. Getting around apt has taken me time to get used to. I have 3 cars and forget to switch when looking something up. Also when I look for something it doesn’t always return the expected result. This might also be me calling something not exactly what the apt calls it. I needed an oil pressure sender. I was first given wiring. Had to add to description to get the switch.
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7 months ago, pdfflyer
Diehard U1-3 Battery
The store manager provided me with a good test of my previous battery and I determined it was time to replace. I am overwhelmed with the fact that I get a three month replacement warranty, and I can use the start the tractor in order to snow blow this winter again the store manager was my decision making thoughts when it came to replacing my battery because of his knowledge of the product and his Customer Service and pleasing smile. Thank you. Paul Francis
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7 months ago, Krymdawg
My first purchase!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
We will see how it goes. So far so good. I actually ordered the part on another site that I love and the transaction got denied on my card “not their fault but mine” and then I couldn’t get their site to let me back in and then it was sold out and they wanted me to buy both sides so I said we let’s look to see what I can get here locally but these folks offered what I needed at lower cost delivered to my door so here I am!!
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1 year ago, Kimcheesong
Had to order my own part.
I went into the Advanced Auto Part store at 175 Broad Ave Fairview nj to get a part for my car. The sale man found my part in the system but wouldn’t order it for me because it would take 2 days to get here? I said ok then he said sorry and closes the computer and walked off. So I just ordered it myself online. P.S. I’m not complaining I’m just confused. I’ve been ordering my car parts through them.
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7 months ago, AmayZing Nio
Easy to use
This is a great app and easy to use. Inputting promo codes and seeing exactly what you save is also nice. The categories split up make it easy to navigate. When the category doesn’t seem to be available, there’s an easy search button to look for what you want/need. When you put an item in the shopping cart, I like that you can easily decide for store pick up or for shipping.
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12 months ago, Hottchocolate35
Car parts
I got a axel,Breaks and etc everything is always working and official in good condition for me I have not had a problem with my parts. Plus I had a problem with finding my receipt for when I bought a battery but they help me with the problem and it was handled. But than I found it I love Advance auto not going nowhere else!!! Thank you all for all the good help that you give me
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3 months ago, dhct fdhc
Updates Needed
I am a big fan of Advance Auto Parts, and I shop there almost exclusively when possible - especially our local store; they do a great deal to support our community! I went online to order five items over 1 1/2 hours ago. Some items that showed available on the site became unavailable in the shopping cart. I attempted to remove them at least 10 times without success. I decided to add the app to my phone to see if I could start over and have better luck with that. it did work a little better, but it was still problematic.
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9 months ago, Jelloguy
Great app and easy navigation
Good app performance, easy navigation of site and being able to save a fleet of vehicles on it makes it even easier. Better than logging in on line every time and or walking the store to find stuff. I order parts and it’s ready before I show up, or before the wife shows up because I’m still under the car lol.
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10 months ago, SexyBadger
Advanced is the best place for parts
Advanced auto is the best place for parts. I used to hate going to these places for car parts. They’re usually all the same. But advanced auto always has really good deals and promo codes when you shop for parts online! I would 100% recommend shopping through advanced to any of my friends. Keep up the good work!
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4 months ago, Sl!ckR!ch
Making life easier.
I was thrilled when Advanced auto parts came to the LA area. Advanced has always been my go to auto parts since and the app makes it that much easier. The app is easy to navigate. You can checkout with Apple Pay. It also helps you save money if there are promo codes and you can apply them. This is the best app for auto parts.
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9 months ago, Donal Conway
Very Helpful
Northport Staff were awesome. Called about a part that their computer said was in stock. She checked and had the manager check and said they couldn’t find it ( instead of believing the computer, they took the extra step to check saving me an unnecessary trip). They then offered to check with another store. That’s customer service. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Dewey1848
Yes! At last!
Love Advance. Been shopping there for years now. Couldn’t believe the app took so long but I’m glad it’s finally here. And it’s so smooth. The UI is easy and intuitive. A secure payment option like Apple Pay would be great but hey, I’m just glad the app exists and that it works well. As an Elite member, I can see all my points and Perks Bucks. Great design. Thank you developers for creating a smooth, well thought out app. We appreciate it!
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4 years ago, ozconish
Finally I can do my shopping on the fly, it’s great. I can save my vehicle info. finding parts is easy and usually cheaper than in store using the codes offered in app. And the best part I can easily access all my rewards coupons and have them scanned right off the app, no more searching through emails. Definitely a must if you do a lot of your own work and want quality parts.
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4 years ago, Tjm64
Doesn’t work
Tried to find 5w-20 oil. Clicked through the filters in motor oils and selected 5w-20. The app said that it couldn’t find a match because I selected pennzoil as my preferred brand. Out of curiosity I tried to do the same thing on their website and it worked perfectly. So then I tried to add my car as a workaround. When I got to the final step of selecting the engine, which the car has only one option, when I click to select it nothing happens. Click until your finger falls off but the app will not let you select your engine. I’m forced to uninstall. AutoZone may be slightly more expensive but at least their app actually works.
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1 year ago, Gmyatko
Really like the store
I wish the app was a little more friendly allowing you to easily switch stores. I’ve been buying a lot of items recently on here, and each time I was im a much different area than my “home store”. For your app, imagine your grandfather trying to switch stores. I waste five minutes each time I use the app, just trying to change stores. Other than that, love the discount codes.
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2 years ago, Mattsf198526
Would love to give you 5 stars but…
I would truly love to give this app 5 stars, finding what I need is (mostly) easy, ordering and payment processing is a breeze. What I have an issue with is the fact that my vehicle never saves in my garage, every time I open the app I have to add it back in to look up vehicle specific parts. If you find a way to fix that small bug I would absolutely change this to a 5 star review.
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5 months ago, Stacalan
What the heck!
I picked my oil bundle, I entered my gift card and it took the $25. Off my order then when I placed the order it ignored my gift card and charged me the total price. Y’all need to get this fixed or I will purchase my parts somewhere else. Last time I had problems with this site placing an order I stopped using Advance Auto for almost two years. I would also like an explanation to why this S___ happened and what has been done to correct it. I headed to pick up my order and if they can’t refund my $25 dollars. I will cancel the order and go to the O’Reillys next-door.
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1 month ago, Cliffm84
The best
You have your ups and downs every auto parts store if you know what you want and know what you’re getting advance auto parts is the way to go. These guys help you out in every way possible they’re cheaper than AutoZone and if one store don’t have it the other store does, this is the way to go. I’ll do all my shopping here.
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2 years ago, Johnny Freebie
Overall 4/5
The prior app design was better; it was quicker and easier to use. Out of all the auto parts apps this is the best; most attractive and easiest to use. I just wish the new app design didn’t lag when you scrolled past the first few lines of parts…the main screen is also too much information. Honestly, the prior design was just simpler and far easier to use and quicker.
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4 years ago, DYImechanic
Adding items to cart and choosing stores
When trying to look at a item description as well as trying to choose a store the page flicker back and forth with item description and stores there then not. This makes it very frustrating when trying to look up items and add them to cart. Other issue is when it say in stock at store near by but only shows 3 stores at a time and all are out of stock. So now I have to start guessing where this parts in stock.
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2 years ago, bighorn guy
Missing key features
In the big scheme of things, this is a shopping app. I don’t know of any other shopping app that doesn’t allow you to save items as favorites. Why do I need to look things up every time, when it would be much easier simply to save them as a favorite. Also when scanning in receipts for perk rewards, barcode scanning is not enabled, forcing manual entry. Why? This version of the app has not been updated in over four years, maybe it’s time for an update that includes modern features.
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4 years ago, GPatrick
Why No ApplePay or PayPal?
The app seems to run well, and it has been easy to find the products I need and apply account-based discounts, but then at the payment screen the only option is to enter my card details. Why is there no ApplePay support? Why is there no PayPal support when your website has it? I don’t enter card details with any merchants due to security concerns, which makes this app useless. Now I have to use the mobile website anyway, which is a lot clunkier than this app. Really wanted to like it, but not being able to securely pay is a deal breaker.
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