AE + Aerie

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American Eagle Outfitters
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10 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for AE + Aerie

4.87 out of 5
876.8K Ratings
3 years ago, DeeJenne
Covid friendly shopping
I really enjoy using the app to shop since I’m avoiding shopping in public due to the pandemic and also being disabled. It is really helpful, pandemic or not but especially with any disabilities, it is great to be able to shop through the app. It is especially great that if you set up an AE card you can get free shipping and returns. I think this is the essential reason I love shopping with AE because I don’t have to go into a store to try on clothes that always need to be tried on for size and comfort like bras jeans and pants. It saves me a lot of money being able to utilize the free shipping and returns option. Especially since they closed the AE store in my city, we used to have one but it closed in our mall and now the only store is over an hour drive away from me which is difficult with chronic pain and disability. I have been a fan of AE clothes since I was in middle school (I’m 32 now) and I still think they are amazing quality and best fit for my body type. I love that I can actually afford to buy clothes here because they have awesome end of season sales and reasonable prices. Thank you AE for doing the free shipping and returns, it makes it so us middle to no income people can afford to shop and try on clothes remotely, and again is especially great for people with disabilities who have a hard time getting into stores and physical challenges. I love AE.
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6 years ago, Josie_meeks
This app is amazing but I have some suggestions (:
Everything about this app makes it easy to shop and order things online. It works smoothly. I’m on it a lot! The one thing I wish I could do is organize my likes/favorite clothing. It’s difficult to find a certain shirt or whatever because I may have liked it a long time ago and have to scroll all the way down. It’s just hard to find and is sometimes faster to just go look. For it on the regular page. I also hate how when you’re in your likes and you press on a piece of clothing then go back it takes you all the way back to the top of the page! I also think another great thing to have is a notification when one of your likes/favorites go on sale!! I would absolutely love this. One last thing, I wish you could save the size of a likes/favorite piece of clothing. I’ll sometimes try it on it store and decide that I’ll wait till it goes on sale or order some online only clothing with it for a better deal and I don’t always remember the size I tried on! It would make it easier to save a size also. Overall great app, but I think these things could make it even better
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4 years ago, LoyalButLosingPatience
Annoying Glitches/AE app for iPad/ Shop Runner for app
Ever since the update to the website (which caused the inoperability of the website for several weeks) there are noticeably many glitches that need to be fixed. The update resulted in my older order history to be wiped. I can’t understand why AE would think that would be okay and that customers wouldn’t notice. I can no longer look up my historical orders, which has been frustrating and all my points were lost/wiped as a result! Please bring back order histories. Also, the app doesn’t retrieve my order details for ALL my orders when using the app, does for some but not all (appears to retrieve on the website though). Also, I noticed the deadline on pricing for sale items for west coast customers are disregarded, really frustrating when you think you’re getting the sale price but then, bait and switch. It appears the algorithm doesn’t factor in Pacific time zone customers. Also, it would be helpful if there was an app for iPad users. Annoying that there isn’t one yet and we are in the year 2020 now. Additionally, it would be extremely helpful if there was an interface to login to Shop runner from the app! I’m a loyal AEO and AE customer but these issues and my wish list are long overdue and my patience is wearing thin. Thanks for reviewing and considering my request for updates and fixes.
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10 months ago, Kensshortcake
I have been convinced…
I use to think that AE clothes were just over priced and you could get great jeans anywhere. That is until my daughter became a teenager and wanted to check out AE. She had out grown Justice clothes, which at the time, were on every preteens wish list. We went in and I realized you could get AE clothes at a decent price. Bought her a few pieces and didn’t think much of it. I am very petite. Like…my legs are about as long as my arms are. Lol…Complaining to my daughter how even short jeans at XYZ were too long for me. She says…You should really check out AE’s jeans. They carry extra short. So I thought…what they heck. So I bought a pair and they have changed my whole jeans game. I really, 9 out of 10 times, only wear AE jeans. I love them!!!! Now…If you could sell more tops that have the lower half of the shirt…I would be overjoyed, but I know these clothes are for the young shoppers. Also, if you could carry just a couple of bathing suits that cover your tummy…That would be awesome! Great store, great prices, great clothes.
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6 years ago, Aytrot
What Did You Do To The App???
Let me begin by saying that my rating has NOTHING to do with AEO, the quality, or selection of their clothes! I’ve been a customer for years and have shopped via app on countless occasions. I recently updated my app and I am less-than-thrilled with the bugs and glitches that I ran into during my last purchase. Most of the functionality was fine, but during the checkout processes, it took three tries to complete the transaction because an “item couldn’t be shipped to the country selected” (the US)- this happened twice, and then after clearing that up, I try to complete the transaction and now I’m told that one of my items is no longer available. That should have been addressed three steps ago. Okay, fine, try again, go to complete my transaction for the third time and the total jumped up $10. Turns out, it takes some time for tax to be added... This was more irritating because while I browsed products, when selecting an item of interest, an error would display telling me that no information could be found for that item. Huh? I love AEO and will continue to be a customer, but please fix the app. It’s not the end of the world, but it is frustrating.
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6 years ago, awesome/suggestions
I love the app! You can find more stuff and higher sizes in everything, Jeans, shirts, shorts. then you have more in clearance section that you wouldn’t find in Store like accessories. The app is easy to use, you can add to bag or put in favorites to save later. The size charts are easy to use, as long as you’ve bought or wore AE before. If not you will prob def get wrong size. Cause I wore a 10-12 in jeans but in AE I was in a 6. And this was before the new flex stuff came out. But when it comes to bras & undies they are true to the size chart. The app u can choose to save your info if you have an account so if I’m signed in (even with my finger print) when I place a order I hit order button, put any promotional codes I have (if any) then hit submit & your done. Only issue I have is I wish you could use more than one card to pay. Like if u only had so much $ on one card & some on other & u wanted to use both to pay for it, like split the payment. You can use your card & a gift card like that but not a different reg credit card.
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5 years ago, bryyyhgkfddjjd
Can’t login or see cart.
I have never had any problems with the app and I absolutely love it and I buy stuff alllll the time, but I am quite frustrated with it right now. It has not let me sign in for WEEKS now. I’ve emailed customer service and no response. I can’t look at my saved, my cart, or my points. I’ve re-downloaded the app and even tried going on through my computer and still nothing. I gave up and just started putting things in my cart in the app (still not signed in) and I put at least 200 bucks worth of stuff in my cart and the icon says I have items in my cart, but when I open it tells me it’s empty and won’t let me see anything. It also won’t let me check out at all, signed in or not! AE is my absolute favorite brand and I’d like to keep it that way, but this is beyond frustrating. I understand that apps have bugs and problems happen but it’s been weeks and I have look online and there are other complaints like mine and AE has not publicly said anything or responded to me.
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6 years ago, Apwhite51
Good App for Smart Shopping
I am big fan of shopping! I also love AEO due to their very comfortable, casual yet stylish clothing. However I’m not a fan of crowded malls, and stressful parking situations. Since AEO is my first stop for anything trending, as well as jeggings, leggings, and wardrobe basics, the app allows for convenient and easy to navigate online browsing including hard to find items that are sold out in stores. Some other great customer centered features are the rewards coupons that allow you the ease of applying them upon checkout. I also love the no fuss returns process. The AEO smartphone animated stickers are also super cute. Nowadays, it’s just more efficient and smart to shop online first before physically going to a store. Online shopping apps at our favorite stores allow us to see what’s in stock, reserve items, and find deals online we wouldn’t normally find in stores. This app has all the things I love about shopping! (Except when something I really like is out of stock!! :-()
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4 months ago, JazzMiklaszewski
#TallGirls #TallWomen
I LOVE how tall & short girl friendly American Eagle is and I hope they hat American Eagle can start creating 38 inseam pants for women and not just 36 inseam pants and add a tall option for all of their shirts and blouses as well because us tall chicks need longer sleeve shirts as well. ❤️ American Eagle please start carrying your extended length size pants for women in the store and not just online only. Tall women deserve to not have to always order everything online. After all we are the models of society for so many fashion companies and runways so please be the first store to start being more Inclusive when it comes to tall girl friendly clothing in store and not just online. I’m humbly taking a chance at also requesting Tall Extended sleeve length coats and jackets as well. The pants are tall girl friendly but I’m hoping for there to be a tall girl option of every item of clothing in the women’s website.
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6 years ago, Jtaacneyna Bryant
I love American Eagle
I have been wearing Hollister, Aeropostale, Express and Abercrombie most of my life. Well I was shopping with my stepson this summer and he said the way you like Hollister you’ll love American Eagle. Now the week before this Hollister had just had a $25 Jean sale and I bought 9 pairs!!! Needless to say, after I tried on a pair of American Eagle jeans I realized he was correct. Now I have seven pair of pants just sitting with tags on them because nothing compares in comfortability to American Eagle jeans. American Eagle is my new favorite store, and my hubbys too. We haven’t shopped anywhere else since, especially for jeans. Ordering online is easy and every store I’ve been in I’ve had good customer service. I am completely happy with my purchases, and with my app. The only thing I can say is for some reason we can’t save favorites, they just disappear over and over. If I could fix that it’d be perfect.
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5 years ago, FordFamily4
AE long time loyal customer
I am please to say that, so far, the amazing quality that you had many years ago when I shopped for me is still there in all that we have bought our teen boys so far! You have also keep up trends and classics like shorts, flannels, and jeans. Our guys like the joggers and sweatshirts (both performance and comfy cotton), thank you because that’s not easily accomplished with them! The men’s jeans are THE BEST in style and comfort and it’s easy to find the sizes they need either in store or online. They also love the chinos (khakis) too! I gave 4 out of 5 because I would love to see something that I could “click on” that says “Please notify me when this item is back in stock”. I was shopping online because I did have time to run to the store that day, so I only purchased ONE pair of the “longer length khaki” shorts. We had 30” waist but newest, best fitting jeans are 32” ...SO I ordered a charcoal/dark gray color (he didn’t have) in 31” waist and they’re perfect fit! (Passed the 30” waist khaki shirt down to our younger son.) NOW The “light grey” are out of stock and it’s the beginning of the season. I’m going to HOPE that you get MORE in stock and I check back in time. I think the AE app works well. Thank you! Sincerely, Long time loyal customer
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5 years ago, ChrisCMitchell
App never works properly
I try to pay and order, and it always an issue!!! Literally this is the third to forth time I have placed and order since October 16, that something has not worked properly when I’m trying to pay. (It’s not November 29). I am so annoyed! The majority of what I’m ordering is for my teens. If they didn’t love your products, and fit them so well I would not make further purchases. I don’t have the time to drive to the store. Online ordering is how I get things done, I have a family of 6. Please make it easier for me to sign in during purchase. I am also further annoyed as I am signed up for rewards. All four times I have tried to make purchases this way, I literally have had everything in my cart on the app, and have been signed in. I checkout and I am told to sign in again after confirming my order; I am signed in though so what is going on here?!?!?! Ae/Aerie you need to get your app in better working order as I KNOW I cannot be the only one having this issue and I gaurentee most are just ordering elsewhere, and your loosing out on a lot of sales and $$$!!!
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7 years ago, Janet852794
Could use some small tech improvements
It's not very responsive, you have to wait til it's ready to tap something like your cart or it won't get it. Find myself waiting a lot in the app. Also wish pressing the X in the search bar didn't exit the search bar, and you could swipe right to go back instead of reaching for the back arrow. And it would be great if you could start zooming in on a pic without having to click into it first, like in other apps where the zoom counts as the click, takes out an extra step and extra time, and makes it that much more integrative and easy to use. What really annoys me is how your favorites page refreshes every time you click on something, and then takes even more time to load back to where you were. Oh, and of course as everyone says, the inevitable crash. Overall the app has some useless time-consuming qualities and renders me impatient at times, but I look forward to using it with improvements.
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4 years ago, youngshoe1972
I have been trying to place an order for over an hour on the app. Every time I tried to log in it would say invalid password so I would choose the “forgot password” option. Upon following the directions to reset password it would say that the new password must contain at least one number and one letter( which I had) and I would try again to then have it say the link was expired. I would request another link. When I would check my email not only would there be another reset password email but also an email that said I changed info on my account. I even tried to ask for help through live chat 3 different times in which the only thing they did was send me another link which repeated the same results. I finally just ordered it as though I was a guest but I know that I have rewards to use and couldn’t use them!!! So frustrating!!! Stop worry so much about what organizations you are supporting and worry more about your customer service online!
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2 years ago, singer38509
My fav store! App could use a few updates
Love love love AE + American Eagle! My fav stores! The app is great and there are always sales! However the only gripes I have with the app are that when I have something in my cart, and I click on the item, if I want to add another of the same item in either a different size or color, it doesn’t give me the option to “add”. Instead it only gives me the option to “update cart”. And lastly, orders - I can’t see in-store orders, and for online orders, I can’t click on each item directly that I’ve ordered in the past. I have to go manually search for them based off name. I’d also love an explanation on what the different jeans styles are, like the web version does. With these few updates, the app would be perfect! Other than those few things, I love it and shop on the app frequently!
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7 years ago, Hyperhamster101
Mostly Love It but...
I love how this app lets me instantly access my AEO reward points and by having my favorites all picked out on the app, whenever I enter an AEO or aerie store, I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used to be because I already have ideas of what I want and I know the sales/deals. WITH THAT BEING SAID THOUGH, I have 1 pet peeve about this app: when I’m on the favorites tab, after scrolling down that page and then tapping on a specific item that I’ve favorited, and then returning to the favorites page in general, rather than going back to where I left off scrolling, it goes back to the top of the favorites page everytime. It gets super annoying after a while, especially when you’re deep down in you’re favorites page looking at old items you favorited a long time ago.
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3 years ago, Donapa02
The Worst Online Shopping Experience I’ve ever had
If I could give zero stars I would. The worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had. The system kept glitching and messing up my billing and shipping address- therefore canceling my order. I spent 2 hours trying to call support to see if anyone could just manually place the order for me (they were Christmas presents and needed to rush order). No one even attempted to help me and one woman even demanded to know why I had a different shipping than billing address? The others just said they couldn’t do anything and put me on hold for 30 mins till the line dropped. I have never written a review before but these people and this website were so awful I had to.
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5 years ago, Lizzybeth323232
The new update is terrible!!!!
I absolutely love AEO and will continue to shop there for almost all of my clothing (I’m obsessed) but this latest update is just awful. My favorites were gone or completely rearranged, sometimes it won’t let me move an item from my shopping cart to my favorites, and sometimes it won’t let me favorite an item all together! The app used to be amazing and I used it all the time when shopping online, which is how I shop at AEO mostly. Now the app is very inconvenient and frustrating. I’m all for updates if they better the app, but this latest update just seemed to make it worse. Like I said. I love AEO and this review has nothing to do with their clothing or products and all to do with how the app is working.
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3 years ago, Tallansmommy
Best shorts and jeans ever
I’ve literally been wearing American eagle jeans since I was 14 and I’m 28 now. I have a strange body type, I’m German and Italian, so I’m tall (5’7) & I’m curvy. American eagle jeans have always been the only jeans that fit me properly and fit comfortably. Especially as a teenager, by 7th grade I already wore a size 8 in women, and was much curvier and developed than 90% of the girls my age! I’ve always shopped American eagle, I love the fit of the Jeans, my only suggestion is please keep the high waisted jegging/skinny jeans! And please keep the bigger sizes in stock! Sizes 12-18 always go out of stock quickest! So please please keep those sizes in stock more frequently!!! ♥️ other than that, but other than that, I’ve been one happy loyal customer for 13 years! ♥️♥️
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7 years ago, Gia1020
So close but still needs work
App closes randomly which is super annoying and it crashes often during sales. Takes way too long to pull up order history. Inventory numbers lag - you can select all items then during check out receive random IT error messages and have to figure out which item in your cart is no longer available. Wish there was an option to set all your size preferences once and save them instead of having to re-enter them over and over again. Image and page load time should be faster. Wish all items were shown on a model and had complete product details. Login once to app and rewards simultaneously.
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7 years ago, genevieve308
Technical bugs and shipping could improve a lot
I love using the app and I find it extremely convenient. For some reason when you are in an item page you can add said item to your cart, only to have to remove it when paying because it is out of stock. There are other technical glitches such as automatically signing me out, removing promo codes, glitching out etc. As far as shipping goes, I have received the wrong item twice now with two different orders and have also noticed that the price values on my receipts are wonky. There may be something I don't understand but sometimes on the packing slips the purchase price and the return values are different. Sometimes the return value is more than the price paid and sometimes it is less than the price paid. I do have to give credit where credit is due though, the customer service and willingness to correct any mistakes is wonderful.
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6 years ago, Greatest gift EVER!
Overall good app
AE is the only place I shop for jeans and shopping online is my favorite and typically the only way I do it. The app is clean and easy. I can find whatever I’m looking for quickly. The search option responds very well with any inquiry. The categories are broken down for easy shipping. Sometimes after clicking in an item to read the description and go back it takes me all the way to the beginning of my scrolling and not to where I left off and I have to scroll all the way back through just to get where I left off. Also, sometimes it lags a bit like there are so many people using it at once it slows way down. Other than that, I love it and I’ll continue using it to shop.
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5 years ago, BP Jammer
Love AE, but app needs some updates
I love AE, but the app could use some updates. First, when you go to your Favorites, click to view an item you have saved, then go back to your Favorites list—it kicks you back up at the top. This is a big UX error and it’s annoying when I’m trying to decide what to buy (it actually dissuades me because I spend a lot of time trying to find where in my Favorites list I was at). Another thing: I don’t love the notifications/messages. They usually mirror what sales are featured on the home screen so it seems repetitive and it’s annoying to have to select through the messages to get rid of notifications. As a front end designer and art director, I really notice things that dissuade me from using an app. If these things were fixed, I would give AE a 5 star!
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1 month ago, Sponge-ruiner
Great app but coupon codes are glitchy
I really like this app! They show numerous model sizes and it’s great to hear real buyer reviews and see their photos. Ordering is easy, specially if you are an AE card holder. My only gripes are that when using coupon codes, the app often won’t take it or throws an error at you. Sometimes you can all customer service and they will process the coupon with your cart. Also they now make it seem like you have to RUSH TO BUY IT BEFORE ITS GONE and literally if it’s been half an hour and you are still shopping, items are removed from your cart and you have to go track them down again. Other than that- it’s a good app, very organized, easy to find your size and categories, just don’t fiddle around!
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6 years ago, FeminityDZN
I didn’t always used to love AEO, I actually was a huge Urban Outfitters fanatic, but their prices always had me overthink my spending habits at that store. It wasn’t until i met this guy on a cruise, who so unbelievably handsome and was great looking! I asked him where he bought his clothes because i loved his style and he said “American Eagle, baby! Why you wanna wear my shirt?” and we both laughed and i said yes. Haha. And so he gave me his shirt and i wore it over my bikini- and lets just say MOST COMFORTABLE SHIRT EVER! So after the cruise ended, i have been obsessed with American Eagle ever since! I collect all their skinny jeans, all of their “oh, baby” tee shirts, and all of their Norte Dame shirts to make my dad proud 😂😀 Definitely trust worthy and lovely brand and hardworking workers over at Christiana Mall! AEO ALL THE WAY! ❤️❤️
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3 months ago, Great fun shopping and stores
AE and Aerie are the best clothes ever! This report is from an AE/Aerie custom for over 25 years!
I started buying American Eagle/Aerie clothes when my then teenage son asked me to buy his clothes for school there. While he selected his clothes, I wandered around the Store and found the best fitting jeans in the world! I also discovered really comfortable cotton t-shirts, and camisole’s with built-in bra support. I bought my son the clothes he asked for, then I proceeded spend more on clothes for me than the purchase for him totaled (I bought everything he asked for). He is now a grown up professional man who can pay for his purchases. I am now a grandmother of two and I still buy all my clothes from American Eagle and Aerie!
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6 years ago, LoloK
Very Annoying
They told me after I went to checkout that some stuff wasn’t available or wouldn’t ship to the US, and for the items that wouldn’t ship to the US they weren’t specific on what until I kept scrolling and looking then I found what wouldn’t ship. Confused? Me too. Definitely needs some work done and needs to not let you put something in your cart if the item is not available, It’s false hope. Also, after I reset my password for my account I had to redo everything because if I didn’t it would say “Error” . Other than that (took me over an hour to figure out all three issues) I still ordered my things and was finally able to give them my money.
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1 year ago, Pastagurl
Love the clothes, hate the app
I love AE and their clothes but wow do I hate this app. When I have an order that hasn’t been delivered I can’t even see the item(s) I ordered, like the order page won’t show me the actual item, just the price, method of payment, and delivery address. And it’s so inconvenient not to see what I ordered on the actual order page, I have to click each date to figure out what I ordered when. And if an item is out of stock you can’t click it at all…even though it’s out of stock I’d still like to be able to click into that item to see reviews, item description, etc. (Sometimes I want to see the pictures of how their models are wearing certain items after I’ve purchased them, but then it won’t let me click on the item bc it’s sold out.) It’s all these little things that make the app so frustrating.
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4 years ago, Elton053014!
Purchase through website
The app does what it needs to do. It’s convenient, quick and easy to use. But with that comes things that you miss that you not noticed. I recently made a purchased and was impatient so I did two day shipping. After getting my receipt confirmation, I noticed how on the shipping part, it said shoprunner two day shipping. I never knew they were part of the program. I have been buying jeans through this app, paid for shipping a couple times, others been free, but missing out on free two day shipping on a program that I’m part off. The option to sign in for shoprunner is of course available when I buy through the browser but not the app and that’s a problem. Easy to browse through app but won’t make purchases through it until they put that ability on there...
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2 years ago, Awesomerika
This app is seriously one of the best shopping apps I’ve ever had! It’s easy to use, functions great, and makes it really easy to shop. There are times where there have been glitches in the past but contacting AE support is so easy that it makes those glitches almost seem minute. I’ve been wearing a jeans since I was in middle school and I have always supported them and their knack for executing customer service has always been amazing. Thankfully while on vacation an associate convinced me to get the card and I don’t regret it one bit! Love all of the sales and I really love the exclusivity. And overall great company so I’m not surprised it’s an overall great app!
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1 year ago, Iceeirony
Easiest Shopping App
I love AE. I started shopping here a few years ago due to jeans. No one had them in my size the way I like them to fit except AE. The only 4-6 pairs of jeans/pants I have are from AE. They last a while and they’re comfy. Applying AE rewards and coupon codes is easy, checking out is easy, but sometimes it gets a little laggy and then the app shuts out entirely after an order is placed. Not as much as it used to but I go back in to make sure my order went through if that does happen. If I had to change anything it would be improved font size - seriously, it’s utterly small. I can’t read it without my glasses and even my boyfriend who has intense glasses prescriptions thought it was small! - and improved barcode readability for the correct item on the app when in stores. I scanned a barcode to read a sweater two days ago but it gave me T-shirts and men’s clothings. Not even close and I tried three times. All in all, ease of use makes it also easy to spend money and keep earning rewards that can be used later.
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1 year ago, summergurl111
Shopping experience
I love American Eagle and all of their clothes. I have recently not been shopping with American Eagle due to the fact that sizing is so limited on the things that I would wear. If you know you were bringing out a longer length as a company and you have been lacking that it would make sense that you were going to sell it like crazy. It would be great being that American Eagle does carry my size extra large if they actually had something in stock that I would wear. I should not have to settle so that my rewards points do not expire, especially since they have been earned.
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6 years ago, clairelw__
Update faster
I LOVE American Eagle! It’s the only place I buy jeans now. They’re such great quality and look great too! The only problem with the app and website is that it doesn’t update when jeans aren’t available fast enough. I was looking for new jeans for school and it said they had my size. I put them in my bag and went to checkout. After putting my credit card info and shipping address it said it no longer had my size. So I thought someone must have just been a little quicker at clicking the mouse then I was. But then I looked at other jeans that I like. Same thing happened. It happened with two other pairs of jeans! Otherwise for the lack of quicker update I love American Eagle and their large and cute variety of styles and looks.
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1 month ago, gtgr8278
Terrible Shipping/Does not refund
DO NOT trust Aerie/American Eagle to ship your packages. They contract out to random low quality shipping companies and they will not refund you if you don't receive your package if the company marks it delivered. I had proof that my package was not left - we have an electronic locker system so every package is logged. The company took a picture in the locker but no package was logged for me or my apartment that day. Aerie did not care and would not refund me the $140, even though I have literally spent thousands with them over my time as a customer. I will never shop with them again. They just told me to take it up with the delivery company. The delivery company has a 1 star rating on every review platform I checked, and when I tried to reach them I just got an automated response that repeated itself every time. I contacted AERIE multiple times about this and they didnt help.
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7 years ago, LydiaKD
Trouble linking to existing rewards acct
There was no way to immediately link our existing rewards account for use on this app. Had to trust their customer service email reply indicating new account would be merged with previous existing rewards account. The link “Already have a rewards account?” was not active so therefore went nowhere. Also, had trouble adjusting order by swapping out conflicting promo codes. Acceptance of one seems to lock that one in excluding the opposing promo which might have been better. Neither was it readily apparent how to add to the order to exceed the free shipping threshold through something like a “back to shopping” link, although I guess we eventually navigated our way around that somehow. Products are always top-notch but APP & website could use improvement.
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3 years ago, sadshopper404
Sudden nosedive in quality
Used to be a really good app, but now I’m literally unable to access it. I’m stuck on a loading screen that doesn’t go away no matter if I redownload the app or restart it on my phone. Also, please add more characters onto your address bar. I’m a college student and have no mode of transportation that I can use to get myself to the nearest mall that has an AE, so I heavily rely on mail to get groceries and clothes alike. My address is really long and I can only put in half of it into the address bar, which as I’ve found out makes the entire order fail. I know I’m not the only one with this issue, please add characters in your address bar. Good clothes and good prices, but I’m literally unable to purchase anything!
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4 years ago, 1,000'th review!!!
I’ve had this app for years and one issue i’ve noticed is that oftentimes when I go to view a product the app will suddenly close. I used to ignore it because I thought that they would eventually fix the issue, but recently it’s been getting a lot worse. This app updates a lot and they seem to be always fixing bugs but they’ve never fixed this particularly annoying one in all the years I’ve used it. The app is great (despite the issues I’ve run into from time to time) and is MUCH better than the website, but whenever it crashes I normally just go to another app and end up not buying anything, which seems counter productive for a shopping app. If you like AE, yes, get the app, but don’t be surprised when it bugs out sometimes.
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6 years ago, Jaykrause
Great for browsing but wouldn’t recommend it for buying..
American Eagle is the main place I shop. I order more items online than I buy in store. Unfortunately this app is glitchy. Often times I’ll have items in my cart, I’ll go to check out, put in my card information and address and it will say an item is no longer available even though it shows it is available when you search the item. Even worse, it sometimes says the item is not able to ship to your country. I live in the United States so I don’t think this is the right issue or error. However, this app is great for checking your order status or profile status. I like to browse on the app but buy online. The app does have great promotions such as 25% if you use the app.
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6 years ago, Argus Lucem Schjei
I’m a big guy, six foot eight. Nothing fits me. For some reason AE does and if it doesn’t I can return it no problem! I love the quality of the clothes they offer! Pants last me 6 months at least before I bust a hole in the crotch and the zippers on the pants almost never work. Idk why?🤔 Thankfully, I have sewing skills. The life of a giant is difficult, AE is exacatally my style and they offer great prices and screaming deals! I sign up for their text and email notifications so I’m always getting the best deal for quality clothing! Thanks AE 💜 You've got a lifelong customer in me! If only you catered more to giants like me then I’d be styling in my grave! I’m talking 34 length jeans and extra tall tops! 😉 A giant can dream!
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5 years ago, alismundi
Latest Update is Awful
This app has always been easy to use and well organized, until the latest update which I had to install yesterday in order to use the app. Like others have said, my favorites have been disorganized or removed, and stuff I had previously removed myself ages ago are somehow back in my favorites. Also, a lot of products that had pictures of the models as the main image are also gone? Now you have to click the item and scroll through the images to see the model images. Makes it a little less convenient to quickly scroll and browse and see how the products look on a person. App performance is also slow which makes it hard to navigate. Overall, the update needs a lot of work and I hope AE can go back to how well the app used to perform. Updates are great, but just as long as they work!
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4 years ago, nico123s
Glitchy app
(Quick review for the app developers) Mid shopping experience the app crashed a couple of times, no big deal. Once you scroll to the bottom of a page of items, the app reloads more items constantly.. I was wanting to click on the item that was at the bottom of the page but it continued reloading and reloading and reloading..making it difficult to click on desired item. Kind of frustrating but just gave up. I haven’t updated my iPhone though which may be a factor. Just thought I’d share my experience since this is technically a missed opportunity for a sale! Thanks! Hope this helps! Love Aerie!
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4 years ago, Rhy----BREad
When it works it’s great
This app is easy to use for shopping, rewards, and tracking orders and generally without problems but I updated today and now I can’t really use it anymore. It says there’s a problem when I try to login and so I can’t track my order or shop using it because it doesn’t save my favorited items or the items in my bag without my account. It’s strange because it still says ‘Hi, My Name’ when I click my AEO but it needs my password to view anything as if I’m not logged in? It’s really weird and frustrating, but otherwise it hasn’t had many problems and I’ve had it for years now. It had an issue with crashing before but that’s seemed to be fixed now. When the app is running smoothly it’s a great design, though.
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6 years ago, CatieK
Won't let you use ShopRunner in app
The app is easy to use and much more streamlined than the mobile site. I would give it five stars except for one glaring issue - if you have a ShopRunner account you can't use it in the app. You have to go to the mobile site. At the very least, when you go to the mobile site and log in, it remembers your cart in the app. So it isn't a complete waste of time, but I shouldn't have to switch between two apps because one doesn't recognize ShopRunner. If you're going to bother having a relationship with a company, why not make it available on the app as well?? It's incredibly stupid and irritating.
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6 years ago, My Reviews and Opinions
Website Error
This website is amazing! I can easily choose and have the option to customize my selections and it isn’t a hassle at all. The only issue that I would like to have solved is when I reach the ‘place order’ button, it shows in red lettering that some of the items are out of stock and it’s upsetting because it showed they were available. I understand that the updating isn’t completed; however, it will be days and weeks that it still happens. Hopefully this issue can be solved by having it updated correctly. Besides that I am still satisfied as a customer when I recieve all my shippings (:
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10 months ago, MaryTaylor0922
Love AE and I love their app!
I do most of mine and my girl’s shopping at AE. The app is much easier than tackling the mall crowd. I love the simplicity of the app. It’s super easy to load my rewards and also access my AE credit card. It’s all right here together in one place. Just a simple click of a button and I’m viewing my credit card transactions. Thanks AE for making such a wonderful app that makes my shopping experience even much better!! Oh and shipping speed is super quick! We have had to overnight sometimes due to traveling and it was only $25, which is rare for overnighting! So thanks for that too!
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6 years ago, HappyTogethers
Would like to see improvements
I love having access to everything in one spot (ie: shopping and my AE card), but I get a lot of loading errors. Sometimes items just won’t load the details or an error will occur when trying to update an item’s size that’s already in my cart. I’ve also put items in my cart and upon checkout received a message stating that the item is not available in my country. I would like to only see items that I can actually order. I also wish that completely out of stock items would not be visible in the feed. I think some simple improvements and bug fixes would make this app one of my favorites! I foresee it improving over time.
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6 years ago, lar.lar
I love AE and I love the app, but finding certain stuff in Favorites is hard to do. I think it’d be a lot easier if once you “hearted” an item it was automatically put into a category under the Favorites tab; like if it’s a shirt then it’d be put under Shirts. Or maybe if shoppers could make their own categories for items, so that if you wanted to sort all your clothes by season you could have different sections labeled Summer, Winter, etc. I think it’d make finding items of a specific nature that you’ve already “hearted” a lot simpler and quicker. Especially if you’re like me and have over 100 different items in your Favorites.
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3 months ago, StayRich81
AE Addicted!😍
I love shopping in stores and online @ AE! I always find something I want when I shop here! The only Jeans in my closet are AE. I love the stretchy material, makes active days more comfortable. They are also long lasting, I have jeans that are at least 5-8 years old! Most of my shorts also come from there! The best part in all this is the deals, coupons, and promo codes I get for spending money. I’ve gotten clothing items free just by using the coupons. I love the earning system too as after buying 5 pairs of jeans I get 1 pair free! The APP is user friendly even for those of us that aren’t technology savvy.
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5 years ago, fahn b.musa
My concern has been drawn on a recommendation of AE adding kid’s clothing online
I am a loyal customer with you guys for the past two years now n am still maintain my commitment to your brand due to the quality materials you people sell to us. I am kindly asking you guys if there is any chances of you people adding kids materials to online shopping cuz some of us don’t have the time to shopped within the store. I feel guilty wearing quality clothes n not seeing my kid wear the same brand. I hope you guys will see reason to let the CEO know about my concern n plight of you guys adding kid’s clothing to online shopping. Kindest regards yours loyal customer Musa from Maryland state.
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5 years ago, meieya
Many problems with connecting
My first round of problems with Ae app was that it would not sync with the account I made in store. So point that I accumulated in store are nonexistent in the app and the second round of problems is when I’m trying to pay. I tried to use PayPal and it would come up with a error saying my name is too long so then I input a card and it decline it for no explanation. Finally after putting in Another card it accepted the payment. Hitting obstacles left and right with the app quite frustrating but I love Aerie and AE to much to stop shopping , just going to have to go in store like I normally do 🤷🏽‍♀️
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