AfterShip Package Tracker

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AfterShip Limited
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AfterShip Package Tracker

4.72 out of 5
142.8K Ratings
2 years ago, master red fox
Additional tracking info
I decided to get this to clarify when the tracking information is left with gaps. I happen to live in an area where reading address labels is problematic for the delivery person which creates problems with me getting correct delivery. I also want better information on the package as it travels across the route, no matter what transport used in transit. You would be surprised at how many spots don’t acknowledge the package has passed through, which you need to know to insure your package is in route and not lost or stalled in process. This app makes all services that process packages give them the information ( sometimes faster ) than they give you directly plus it contains a better tracking history. This helps me better follow my packages in the transit process. There’s a slight delay from the tracking information from the individual carrier but I get more information about the delivery process which explains better the delivery process. Certain areas are not as professional along the process which causes lost packages to disappear from the system. I had one package that sat at one site for days because it probably was buried under other packages because of its size and didn’t move for 10 days. The best is getting a message from the carrier that the tracking information is too old to track even though the package is still in transit. Using this enables me to tell them exactly where the item is and to hasten the process along.
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3 years ago, dlaurenn
Loving it!!!!! UPDATE: Still loving it!!!!
**UPDATE: I’ve now had this app for a very long time. I use it not just for medical supplies but for everything since COVID-19. And I am beyond pleased with this app! You will not regret using it!** I haven’t had this app long. But I receive packages from multiple carriers due to medical supplies. And this truly eliminates the need for all the carrier apps, and allows me to track all in one. Sometimes I can get more info off the carrier app or website, but mostly I get more info off of THIS app! I’m loving it so far and recommend at least trying it out. If you get a lot of deliveries, it will absolutely help out a lot! Thank you AfterShip! You save me so much time and hassle! And your app is very user friendly :-) Just an updated after having after a few shipments. This is been amazing! I get to see some of the smaller stops that USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc... do not show me. And it’s nice to know when I haven’t had an updated from the carrier, that package is still moving. I guess it depends on your need for this. With medical supplies always coming, me ordering everything online right now (constant shopping 🛍 in quarantine lol 😂🤦🏻‍♀️) for me and my family... we have a lot of packages. So this is extremely helpful. If you don’t get packages often I guess you wouldn’t really need this all that much. But either way it’s free and it’s helpful!!
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7 months ago, TJ1966
Best Tracker by Far!
I’ve just had to add to my original positive feedback. While nothing in life is perfect, this app is pretty close. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t work right. Sometimes shippers are slow to update, but that’s on the shipper, not the app. It even tracks most of the mainstream shippers from overseas. Almost every time FedEx sends me a notification that my package is delayed. Follows by a message that it’s on the way. You won’t get that type of thing from this app. Just as close to perfect as I’ve seen. Developers, thank you for giving us such a great app. I’ll have to say, sometimes the UPS or FedEx tracking apps are a little more accurate, or should I say rarely. But to say the above, at least weekly and usually multiple days per week, UPS, FedEx, and the USPS apps and websites are down and not working at all. After ship has been the most consistent, most accurate ways of tracking the above as well as multiple shipping companies from China, Japan, the UK, and Australia. It just works, it’s more detailed than most of the others and unlike many of its competitors on the App Store and Google Play, it’s completely free. And if it has ads, I haven’t seen any at all. IT JUST WORKS!!! Thanks for a great free app!!!
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2 years ago, Genobi
Great package tracking app. They really want access to your email.
Update: Responding to the dev, I really want to like this app, but “trust us” is the wrong answer from a dev. As a dev, I don’t ask for trust when asking for access to your emails, I would prove it, and respect user choice (unless that’s how we make money?). “Hey, we'll work to make the email access request less intrusive” is the right answer. Original review: I love the app. It has great features, no real ads and just keeps working. I love the notifications. But there is a less favorable side. They really want access to your email. I get it, it’s one of their defining features, pair it with your email and it auto adds packages. But it has full access to your emails. I know they say they use it supposedly only for finding packages, but they are so insistent on you linking your email, it could only be because they are using your email data to sell to other people, anonymized or no. They have to pay their staff somehow, there are no ads, and they really want email access. Even after setup, creating an account using a regular email and password, they keep asking every time you open the app. If you do SSO via something like Google, it only works if you grant them access to your emails too. I like what they do, but back off on asking to gain access to my emails. I’m not interested. My emails are for me only. I’m happy adding tracking numbers manually.
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2 years ago, Puzzledn'Perplexed
Really Helpful App!
It’s so great to be able to see all of your active online orders, in one app! I no longer have to go each store I shopped from to see when it’ll be in transit and/or delivered! With AfterShip, if you shop a lot, you can click back from the App to the order to refresh your memory of what you purchased. You have several options as to how you’d like your App arranged. They have numerous categories and labels within, like Current Orders: Shipment Being Prepared, In Transit, Out For Delivery, etc. AfterShip’s information is completely dependent on the information they’re able to access both by you and the business you purchased from! Some businesses a are better than others, but overall, I haven’t run into problems, much at all. Whether you the things you bought are coming via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, etc. it will show you and give you how many days until you get you stuff in 1 App! No more chasing around to every store! If you want to make your life a little easier, download AfterShip, it’s free!
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4 years ago, hermiee
Great app! A few hiccups
This is probably my favorite tracking app that I've tried so far, and I've downloaded nearly a dozen. It has pretty good UI, an extensive carrier list, and tracking updates that are always on time. However, tracking for Korea Post doesn't work - it's always stuck on "waiting for updates," even for parcels that I know have already been delivered. I order and ship a lot within Korea, so this has forced me to find alternative apps instead. This is the only thing that keeps me from switching over to Aftership completely. Until this is patched, I'll be using competitor apps. Devs, please look into it as I love this app and want to make it my main tracking app! Edit: carrier problem is fixed! However one more thing prevents me from giving 5 stars. I wish there was a way to set your time zone. I don't know what time zone aftership uses, but some of my shipments will have really random timestamps (for example saying something was delivered at 3am) and the like. I've also stopped receiving push notifications despite having them turned on in Settings. Any future updates addressing these issues would make the app near perfect!
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3 years ago, annettew05
I use this app all the time even add my ups tracking as it’s tracks my packages 100 better.
I had to add that I ordered a shark purse through this company a little over 2 mo ago. It was one of those companies you order it they say you will get it within 30 business days I am being very specific so people pay attention I paid March 16th 2021 I got it yesterday May 7 not through the company they told them they were sending through here pretty sure it’s because it’s because they sent me an email on April 1 saying this . So I kindly write them back not once but twice saying nope it was showing missing through your wonderful app . I want you to know that funny I got it from New York in a new package because I checked the tracking # from the first set to on 2nd package they were different. Without your app I might not have gotten my product as they tried to say I received it when I hadn’t. I have bought 2 other products this way no problem . Thank you so much . Tracking # on shark purse that I finally got in mail is this tracking I am reviewing plus you know the other one . It’s the first one I joined with. Can verify all with my emails if need be. Thank you. My granddaughter is so excited . So I kindle write them back not once but twice saying nope it was showing missing through your wonderful app Hi Annette, We fulfilled your order from our store Tiamo Stores 14 days ago and would love to get your feedback. What do you think about Whale Shark Shoulder Bag?
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10 months ago, Briscoe007
All Carriers On One App
I have been using this app slightly short of a month. My wife and I, on average, have nearly 20 packages sent to us from around the country, so I can criticize with some assurance. This app is awesome because it tracks all major international and national carriers, which allows you to remove others apps (FedEx, UPS, etc.) that’s taking up GBs of data on your phone. Also, if your package is arriving late or is held up at a hub after a few days, it will alert you to call the sender or carrier, nice. An improvement I see is the tracking number omits the last four numbers, I don’t know why, it should show the entire tracking numbers for an accurate verification. Hopefully support will read this and correct the problem. *The new version is total garbage, as of March 28, 2021. You cannot remove the update notification dot, your screen is frozen when you try to clear your new notification(s). A new version is needed on the new version.
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2 years ago, J Sox
Best ad free tracking app
Tried quite a few tracking apps even the official UPS one which was full of bugs to the point I wasn’t even able to update my address… also most of the other tracking apps that are decent have ads or limit the number of deliveries to something silly like 3 at a time unless you “subscribe”. I can see an app like this charging a subscription fee for business use, but they should create a separate application or section in the application intended for business owners, etc who realistically would use the app on a consistent basis for customer order tracking and tailor the paid features around that without limiting regular users or annoying them with pop ups, or calls to action beyond an initial one-time screen advertising the business features. Most regular consumers will only use this app maybe 1-3 times a month if that and would certainly not justify a subscription fee.
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3 years ago, mlj92108
Peace of mind
I used to love the SHOP package tracking app, but it is terrible now and misses more than tracks! So far AfterShip has been good and very simple to use, there’s just a few things that would need to change for it to be #1 and 5 stars again. When I first switched from the SHOP tracker (which I still use when I get frustrated here) I was so happy...... then they did an update that really mucked up the simplicity of this tracker, therefore forcing me to swap between the 2 trackers. I may be suffering from a severe mental dumb down moment and just need easier more clear user interface with instructions or it has gotten a little more complex, for what I can see thus far, very dumb updates. I don’t need all the fluff of package info, really less is more, just shipping label created, package with carrier, package in transit, package delivery, and of course any fail info. Everything else can go bye bye. The biggest thing I miss about the SHOP tracker is the map real map package tracking. Get rid of the fluff add some user control instructions as well as a tracking map and I WILL PAY FOR THIS APP because it would be perfect!!!!! 🥰
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2 years ago, Spetznatz1
Has been great but acting strange lately
The app has worked great in the past and I’ve seen packages delivered when I was at home and the app notified of the delivery within a few minutes. Lately it has been much slower to notify me and sometimes it’s as late as several hours later. I’ve also seen discrepancies between the package movement timeline and the map. The timeline will show that the package has moved from its initial point halfway across the country to my state and up to the package service near me but the map will show that the package is still halfway across the country. Today I got a notification of a delivery while I was at home, but when I checked my mail, nothing had been delivered. I looked at the app again and it stated “delivered”, but then in the timeline comments it stated that the package is still out for delivery. It also shows that the package was delivered at 5:00am!!! Seriously, the USPS, (and I think almost all delivery services), do not make deliveries that early, unless it was something extremely critical and my package is not.
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2 years ago, springfoss
Wonderful tracking!
Aftership was recommended to me by my manager at work, so I downloaded it to track an international package. Before, I was logging in to UPS every time I opened the page just to be able to see the details of my tracking, and I only got a notification when it was delivered, despite what the website said. With Aftership I got notifications for every stop my package made, and when it was transferred to USPS for delivery, the app automatically picked that up from my email. Obviously, the app’s accuracy is only as good as the courier’s (USPS has absolutely terrible tracking. The site- and by extension, Aftership) told me they hadn’t even received it yet, then suddenly it was delivered) but obviously that would happen anyway. When there actually were updates I don’t have to log in to a website to see them. 5/5, I’ll definitely be keeping the app even though I don’t order that much online!
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3 years ago, singh honest review
The honest review
First thing first I’m not the guy that normally leave reviews I understand things happen and you can’t please everyone especially being a business owner myself I understand people can be difficult to deal with sometimes but these guys are a complete joke!! This is why I’m leaving this bad review on here I was shopping for a good product for my shoes to not get creased and one of my friends told me about kickshield so I checked them out they seem legit I ordered some of there products as I was ordering them they made me download there app call ‘’AfterShip’’ when I download there app to track my shipping it said it was in India so I waited as it was getting shipped I waited 4 weeks thinking that would be a enough time for them to get it to me after month of wait I reopened the app and it says my order was fulfilled so when I shot them a message on Instagram and they left me on read and never responded these guys are a complete joke don’t spend your money on them all there gonna do is take your money go somewhere else you’ll have a better chance of getting the product I also have the Proof if someone thinks I’m lying Kickshield is a scam!!!
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3 years ago, 919MoonShine
After ship is a great app to find out about your package. After ship let’s you know when the shipping label is created and will also inform you if your package has been shipped. Just because the label has been created and the sender says it’s been shipped after ship will alert you that package has not been shipped just label was created. Then once the sender does ship package After Ship will then start tracking your package. Also if carrier does not scan package After Ship will alert you that no update has been made on your package in however long in has been since last update from USPS or whoever your carrier may be. After Ship will also track foreign Postal Services. So if you have a package coming from Canada After Ship will track the Canadian postal service and once your package enters the USA After Ship will pick it up from that min until it’s delivered at your home. I highly recommend After Ship
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3 years ago, captain red
Review of AfterShip
I really like this app. I like the tracking map of the packages from start to delivery. The heads up is great so you can go pick up your package from the outside before someone else walks off with it. Thanks for creating this app! This app has been a god sent. The one thing that I would possibly change on this app is like in a circumstance that I had where the postmaster delivered my mail to the wrong address and they were sending it back to original sender, if there’s a way I could have caught it before it got out of my post office and had it directed back to my address and not missed it period than that problem would have been taken care of instead of me having to contact them and the company having to resend the package. I tried to contact my post master when it happened but couldn’t so I would be greatful if y’all could work that out on this app. Thank you. Shalana Russell!
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3 years ago, 23$)frd
My item was supposed to be delivered in 5 to 15 business days. It would have been at least a month if I wasn’t assertive and after contacting pilot and the company where I purchased I’d probably still be waiting. Thank goodness it wasn’t a gift. I ended up picking it up at the delivery center in Latham. They were very nice there, but the incorrect tag information wasn’t on the label. I’m lucky they found it snd it was sitting there for at least 5 days. Not sure who was responsible for that. The tracking app is fairly useless as it never showed progress. After leaving countless messages, whereas no returned my calls even though they had called me with a tag number, going in circles with the contact us phone number I finally got through to someone out of state who actually hung up on me the first time. Infuriating. When I did pick up my item the box was damaged, but luckily my item was not. The wear house person was extremely nice, but I’m very disappointed and will never order anything that uses pilot delivery. Lesson learned. Free shipping isn’t always worth it. Use ups or fedx and pay if necessary. I hope this review inspires change.
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4 years ago, Deca Man
Best in Class
This is a new class of live service and so useful to me. I’m living overseas so I can really monitor the long and winding road to my deliveries. I started out with another app that would tell me when my package would “arrive”. That app was snappy and had a cool animation of the transit route. But it often lost track of my packages. It was also inaccurate many times. I’ve been using AfterShip side by side for five months now. AfterShip is no-nonsense accurate and simple to use. The other app morphed into more than a transit app and allows more functionality but it does that poorly. I’ve stopped using the former app and now dutifully use AfterShip for every purchase. I do wish I could get more detail on the locations of “partner facilities” and that the app would stop asking me to monitor my gmail account for shipping notifications. I would never let Google monitor my purchasing habits so I never use gmail as a customer email. Privacy is king!
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3 years ago, TracyTrudgin
I wish I knew how to make apps
This is a brilliant app that I wish I had created when I thought if it several years ago. I am a business owner and we receive packages from all courier services. I love the idea of a one stop shop. What’s really nice is it takes about 30 seconds to enter the tracking number and the app does the rest. The only thing I wish they would fix and it is probably an entry thing, but I wish for international shipping, when the package reaches customers in the US, the tracking information is automatically entered with all of the tracking information. It’s hard to track an international package in this case. They offer will have another tracking number associated with the package from the initial courier but the switch to domestic tracking number once the package reaches the US often doesn’t automatically populate. Still 5-stars. That one thing is more of a human entry thing I believe.
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3 years ago, XanderTM
Great app. Way better than the actual couriers services.
Love this app. It works great and I love the syncing with your email. Makes it effortless mostly. I really appreciate that you can add a shipment that hasn’t reached a drop off point yet because usps won’t let you do that and it’s extremely annoying. It’s also very nice to be able to rename the packages to their contents so your not getting a 20 digit number blasted to your phone from usps amid many other packages. So easy to lose track of what your even receiving. Would’ve given 5 stars if: 1) you could link multiple emails to it because I’m constantly switching between 2 emails to take advantage of “newsletter signup offers” so I don’t consistently use the one email I have linked. 2) the gps map actually worked decent. Not that it matters much cuz I really don’t look at it too often but it just flat out rarely works correctly for me. If I have a package that leaves let’s say San Antonio, TX destined for St. Louis, MO it may not even show the correct departure city and then it’ll most likely show that it’s either en route to or in some random city super far away like Indianapolis, IN and usually will not update anything past that despite the actual text notifications changing saying that same San Antonio package hit Oklahoma, KC, STL and then went out for delivery. Just a strange feature to have if it’s not going to work properly.
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2 years ago, Ndugjskthfofusjf
Very helpful
As a consumer in this day and age, you, like many others, are likely impatiently waiting for your package and wondering of its whereabouts. Well I’m sure you’re also tired of the inconvenience of checking multiple different carriers for their tracking numbers and hoping you don’t misplace them, right? Well this app, this baby right here can help you solve that issue in no time! With the automatic email sync, you can save more time being a consumer and less time waiting to consume! The tracking information is updated nearly as fast as the carriers’ website, with the bonus feature of a convenient map and contact information! Solid app, great details and easy interface, need I say more? I hope not, because it should already be on your phone as we speak. Download it. Now. Do it. Click the little button. Do it now.
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10 months ago, Parmesan Confetti
Mostly good, a little not so good
App is bar none the best app to track packages because it conveniently crawls your e-mail and adds them automatically, sometimes instantly (as soon as the e-mail is delivered). However notifications are absolute trash. They need to look at how other package tracker apps do notifications because theirs are terrible. I get notifications for things I explicitly ask not to and there’s no quick toggle to mark as read (delete, and mark as delivered only) so you have to enter into the page for a package for the notification to address it. Second, the tabs should be simplified and organized from most important to least useful, something like: Shipping and Delivered. To be shipped packages can go in Shipping just mark with a different color, icon, status etc. and All can just be gutted. In place of all, consider adding a new page called Archived where delivered packages can be manually or automatically archived after some time interval.
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2 years ago, RosebudYT
A clever take on tracking
This app takes a unique approach to tracking consolidation apps. It reads your email to find orders with tracking numbers. As long as we can trust them reading our email, it’s a clever approach that means you don’t have to do any work to get tracking data loaded into the app. Of course you can always manually add tracking numbers too. Some weird reviews for this app. Some people seem to think that AfterShip IS the shipping company! Nope, it’s still Fedex or UPS or USPS. Ha. There are the occasional quirks like if I get a follow up email from a vendor (asking how the product was, for instance) aftertrack may see it as a new order and try to track it. But easy enough to slide over to delete or mark as delivered. Overall a clever app to see all your tracking in one place while requiring as little work on your end as possible.
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2 years ago, JustAsking🤷🏾‍♀️
Confusing “Updates”
The app keeps Repeating Updates on packages that have been shipped and delivered. It keeps notifying me of the progress the shipper is making; when I’ve already received the item. When I order something else, it keeps telling me that my Already Delivered Items are “on their way.” This is frustrating and confusing, as I have to call the merchant to make sure that they are not re-shipping my original order. The app has notified me Today that an order (which I received Five Days Ago), will arrive in Five Days. This causes me to have to contact the merchant, (who has to investigate); and notify my credit card company (which has to investigate); to see if I am being charged over and over for the same items. They even post a Picture of one of the (previously ordered, delivered, and Paid For) items, so I have to keep reading the same email (which includes the Amount To Be Charged to my credit card), over and over. Please Stop This.
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3 years ago, Lakelol
Nice app to keep my shipments organized
I order alot of things and i'm always going into my mail to check the traking numbers over and over again. i had this one coming from the UK that used a weird carrier service and i hated using the tracking website they provided. So I searched the app store to track just this one package and realized I could do so many things with this app! I was hesitent on connecting my email access to the app but decided to give it a go and as soon as I receive an email with an order/tracking it adds it to the app. Super conveient i dont have to input anything. If i end up getting a tracking number from another source, i can just copy it, go to the app, and it will ask me if i want to track the number in my clipboard! Great and I really enjoy! Hopefully it stays free and no ads :)
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2 years ago, Josh in Wash
Favorite Package Tracker
My favorite feature is the ability connect AfterShip to my email to have it automatically pull tracking numbers from shipment confirmation emails. This is much easier and more efficient than having to manually input tracking numbers or forward emails somewhere to get info into an app. A cleaner and more modern UI would bump this to 5 stars for me. A lot of negative user reviews are people leaving feedback that they haven’t seen packages move, or had a package marked delivered that wasn’t. AfterShip is not a courier or shipper, so it does not handle packages. It’s an app designed to aggregate shipments being handled by various couriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc..) into one location (the app) to make it easy to see all packages shipped to or from you. If you are looking for updates on packages that haven’t moved or errors in delivery, you have to contact the actual courier directly for assistance.
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2 years ago, Thadisfree
Extremely helpful app!!!! Highly recommend!!!!
I have been using this app for several months now and I have to say it has been the biggest timesaver for me. I have a lot of products shipped to me and I also ship a lot of products out. This app easily tracks all of my inbound and outbound packages. It is easily configurable and highly reliable. I really like that it automatically finds tracking numbers in my personal and work emails. The interface is easy to use and you can easily drill down to see details of any particular shipment you were trying to track. Whenever you buy something online and you get an email saying who’s your tracking number. This app finds it put it in the list and every time there is a change to your package delivery schedule you can be notified if you wish.
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3 years ago, GenoStars
All In One Tracking Service
This app is outstanding! I admit, it’s a little nerve wracking to import orders as I don’t share my login information with anyone. Thankfully, if you are a worrywart like me, 2FA can remove any chance of foul play. If that’s still too much, you can both scan and manually enter tracking numbers. It comes at no cost and is also AD-FREE as of this review date. AfterShip obsoletes Fedex, UPS, and USPS tracking apps. Somehow, it also seems to run WAY better than all of them too! Give it a try, I am sure you’ll come to the same conclusion I have. NOTE: They ask you to write a review so they can keep the app free. I have no clue how that works, but it is completely optional to do so. I chose to simply because I genuinely like the app. It’s a great concept and executed very well. No offers, no fluff, no nonsense. Straight to the point with organizing all of your shipments in one place!
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3 years ago, Nicholas Sleeis
Preferable Parcel Tracking App
This app is extremely useful and the interface is simple and to the point. Once a parcel has been delivered the app will automatically transfer that to the “delivered” section within the app, and you will receive a notification— if you choose to enable notifications. If you simply need a great tool for tracking your parcels without the burden of needing to enter the tracking information each time you want an update, then this is the app that can save you time, end your frustrations, and provide accurate, real-time tracking information directly to you via notification or by simply opening the app; your choice. It has a small lag time, but it seems to only lag during the delivery update and updates around the same time of the carrier update. Because I don’t care about the delivery lag, 5 stars.
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8 months ago, BoyMomLifeXs2<3
Love AfterShip
I love the AfterShip app!! Firstly it's free!! I love how it knows when you're looking at any tracking information on your phone for something you've ordered, bc then it automatically copy and pastes the tracking number into the app for you. You can then go into the app and give a title to each order you have. It makes it super convenient to easily keep up with all of your packages(no matter the carrier), know exactly where they are in transit, and when each package is to arrive!! It then gives you a dinging notification on your device when your package has officially arrived!! I personally like to know exactly where my package is, and when it is to arrive after I've spent my hard earned money on something, and AfterShip makes that super easy and convenient to do!! 10/10 recommend!!
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4 years ago, Nature Boi
I’ve been an iPhone user for the past 8 years and no other app has impressed me the way AFTERSHIP has. I’ve had 3 scheduled deliveries since I downloaded the app two weeks ago and this app does exactly what the developer says it does. I recently made an ebay purchase and waited for the seller to ship my item. Once the tracking number was made available to me on the ebay app, all I had to do was select that number as if I were copy and pasting it, but I didn’t actually. Upon selecting the tracking number in the ebay app, Aftership automatically copied it onto it’s own clipboard then pasted it into itself. I didn’t have to do a thing, the tracking numbers appear automatically within the Aftership app. I’ve had USPS, UPS, and FEDEX deliveries so far and it worked absolutely perfectly for each one. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this one.
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3 years ago, scoutmom1239
This app is great for tracking any packages from anyone, anywhere! Its incredibly accurate, I haven't had a problem with it in any way, yet. No bugs as far as I’ve been using it. Really useful, I highly recommend this app for anyone who orders on a regular basis. Anyone who would like to track packages sent to you through different carriers, you can track them all in one place, right here on this app. Im in no way affiliated with this company, I genuinely just use this app to track all of my packages that get sent out to me for work each month. I receive about 4-5 packages from my workplace alone each month. Because they use different carriers (Usps, FedEx, UPS) I don't like having multiple apps to track packages. With this app, I don’t have to make multiple accounts. it’s a life saver!
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4 years ago, Brothaman71
This is a review for the after ship app
I decided to give this review because it forced me to use it to have some idea when my package is being moved for one place to the next. Nevertheless it gave me no kind of comfort where being able to watch and understand where my package is and how it has moved from one shipping partner to the next. It’s a big waste of time. Never have I been so dissatisfied with any app. I plan to never use it again, as well as purchase from this company again. If you intend to track your package with any type of confidence this app is defy NOT for you! It has never been my intention to downplay anything that I may not quite understand it’s nice when you can be found not to understand how things may work. But that’s even a waste of time. It showed that my package sat in one place from May 25, to June 1, and the it showed me no activity until June 6, whereas it did not move one bit. And there’s no one you can call about your package. You can get more help from those tracking programs that are presently in place. And they to are a waste of time most of the time.
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4 years ago, thorosborn
Aftership App
So far, this app has been on par with the other tracking apps I have used. I have an MSN main email address that this app does not work with. This app probably works fine with gmail but since most of my ordering and traffic are connected to my MSN email, one must manually plug in all shipment tracking numbers. This is a lot of xtra especially since most of the sites I purchase from have their own tracking already. This app works but is (as all the other apps) at the mercy of the shippers and their reporting processes. I have received my shipments a lot before any tracking info. appeared on either the shippers tracking or any of the tracking apps I have tried out. This is not the fault of Aftership but the sometimes huge lag in the shippers reporting. The one star loss is only due to the inability of this app to work with any other email besides gmail.
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3 years ago, hiesenfingle
Best if organizing multiple shipments
Overseas shipping has a lot of caveats and the app has mitigated them for the most part. I used to get updates in other languages that I couldn’t read so I’d just have to cross my fingers. I’d have to search and keep track using different apps and on line but now they’re all in 1 place. If the overseas shipping agencies were more like USPS or Fed ex as far as alerts and updates, it be perfect but the app is as good as the services it’s tracking will allow it to be. So I’m impressed but not totally fulfilled as last night I had a package delivered but no notification til this morning but again, that’s the shipping company more than the app. Great tool and looking forward to using it more....but I am curious as to what information it keeps about me and where does it go?!?! Hmmmm
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1 year ago, AndynguyenA
Nice but need more improve
It’s free, no limit on how many tracking. However I will happy to pay premium fee to scan multiple tracking at the same time without hit scan and then choose carieer and then back out and redo it for EACH tracking as I have hundred packages a day. I would love to have my tracking sort by the day I scan, as I scan there are so many and I can’t even know which one is which from which day. Maybe some package haven’t been scan by usps and just lost somewhere the date would give me more info of the batch going on that day. Feature that need attention for the packages, I have some packages have been returned back due to wrong address or need to manual redelivery in specific window time or it returned to sender, I love to have option to sort all the need attention tracking visible in hundred of tracking.
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3 years ago, lauragee33
Invasive required permission settings for email syncing
I really like AfterShip. Out of all the package-tracking services I’ve tried, it is the quickest app when it comes to giving me notifications for shipment updates. The problem is, the email-syncing feature of shipment-tracking apps is the biggest selling point and I do not want to enable that feature with your app. I was going to set it up, but then looked into the permissions I was to grant your app through my Gmail account.... “View and modify your mail in Gmail” ... “May move mail to Spam/Trash” ... “Compose and send new email” ... “See your personal info including any info you’ve made publicly available.” You also don’t have the option to opt out. Why is any of this necessary? When I linked my email with Shop, they didn’t require any of these permissions. I unfortunately had to delete your app because I went with Shop instead.
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4 years ago, 27roo
Easy to use
Pros: This app helps by keeping all my orders in one spot regardless of store purchased from, and that makes checking package tracking is super easy. You can sync to your gmail account so that the app will automatically populate with shipping and tracking info. Or if you don’t want to give this app access to your gmail (as I did not feel comfortable doing that) you can simply copy tracking numbers from your shipment emails and paste into the app and it can find your package tracking info that way too. Overall great app. Cons: it does not give you an expected delivery date for all packages and carriers. It will track anything but forgets to tell you when it should arrive, for some things (most things). But it does make it easy to find more info, such as delivery date, online since it will also show link to shipping website where you can check that.
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4 years ago, xxxlittlelunaxxx
Very dissatisfied with Dec 2016 update
I literally never write reviews but I was so dissatisfied with the update I felt compelled to make an exception. I've been using this app for over a year and never had an issue. I liked the functionality, the notifications that a package was out for delivery then delivered. It kept the packages I ship for my business all in one convenient place. I ship a lot of packages but I'm still a micro-business owner a one person operation so keeping things simple is best. With the new update and the requirement to create an account to track more than a certain number of packages is ridiculous. AFAIK there was no limit in previous versions so it's not like the app can't handle more than X shipments, they simply want your info now. It's not necessary and the fact the devs have decided it is "necessary" it makes me wonder what they're planning to do with my personal info. I also don't like having to see all my previously delivered shipment on the main screen. I liked the separation. There wasn't anything wrong with the previous version so why mess with it?
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4 years ago, jaxy1luv
Great app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Iv used quite a few these kinds of apps this past two years and this one by Far beats out the rest. With the quick updates, constant review and most of all the automatic search of the carrier is what helps me most. In some cases for my business I buy multiple purchases from several different sites, and not all these sites will give you the carrier name itself, and when it’s coming from another country it is obviously super hard to guess the carrier. Other sites do not give you options of search results or if they do, they are not precise. In case, I do not end up tracking my package at all. This app saves me all kinds of stress and aggravation with this feature alone. Thank you for doing the thinking for me on something I’d never be able to do without you! You rock! Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, Big Rob 916
So Far it Has it All!
So I get a lot of deliveries and some from international distributors. I used to use a different tracking app but they no longer seem to add new carriers. That led me to search for a new tracking app. That’s when I found this app. And so far, it has it all! Every carrier I’ve thrown at it shows up. And I’m talkin international carriers I’ve never heard of before! You do have to make an account though, which really shouldn’t be necessary to track packages. But it’s FREE and there aren’t any ads! I haven’t received any e-mails or solicitations from them. They do have a random pop-up asking for ratings (like all apps do), but it’s not as often as others I’ve seen. So as long as the devs keep the app updated and running smoothly, I’ll continue to use it without question!
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3 years ago, imjenjen
Know what’s in your mailbox!
At 1st I thought I’ll probably regret adding another free junk app.... well... we live & learn. I currently have the USPS mail notification. This is we’re the USPS scans every piece of postal mail & sends an email with the scan so you see what’s in your mailbox before you even walk outside. I thought it was great for confirmation of things people say they send, yet; I never receive. (Such as bills) Get this: this FREE APP does a better job than USPS with their own service. Not only can this app tell me when orders I place are leaving the fulfillment center but can tell me the minute a shipping label is created! This seriously keeps me updated on its current location the minute someone starts working on my orders. Monthly subscriptions who blame COVID, lack of staff or shipping are now proven to be the only issue with shipment delays. My orders are sitting up to 3 weeks before a label to ship it out is even created. That’s at almost every place I buy from. Ticks me off enough I might just stop buying anything until these companies get their “ESSENTIAL CEO’s” off vacation & working for once in their life. FREE APP’s like this, deserve our hard earned “essential worker wages” & our hush stimulus money!
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3 years ago, BetterThanItSounds
Best package tracking app
This is by far the best package tracking app I’ve ever used. It’s really convenient that it pulls the information from my email and provides updates any time there’s been a change in status of my orders. The app was originally suggested to me when I was complaining to my brother about an OnTrac order not having updated its status in several days. AfterShip had WAY more insight provided than OnTrac ever did, and it was convenient to have the shipper’s contact information provided in AfterShip. Aside from problematic orders, it’s also nice that it’s one tracking app for all of my orders instead of three different apps for UPS, FedEx, and USPS. I don’t have to remember which seller shipped through what carrier and cycle through several apps to get an update.
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2 years ago, smlas
Love the app, but…
I’m not sure if this came with the latest update, but the map is not updating. It’s been a few months since I have used the app. But I recently decided to use it because it’s been a while. The text updates are updating which is wonderful. But the map is not updating the location of the package. The map is still in it’s original location (5days ago) when the texts say it is now in my state to be delivered tomorrow. I hope this feature is recognized and fixed. The reason I loved this app because of the map feature showing where the package is. I got it mainly to track from international places. Right now, without that map feature updating it’s just like the other apps: ups, fedex, USPS. Just telling me it’s on the way. I dropped one star for the map feature not updating.
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3 years ago, Justruckin
I really needed this package
I like the shopping on line for a lot of my purchases. Especially now with the Corona Virus everywhere! My purchase was several days late this time but I understand why and I’m glad it got here at all! I live in East Texas and my package came from Florida, which the original arrival time was 1 1/2 days, which was 4 days ago! But there were several tornadoes that came through the Mississippi area, (I believe it was Mississippi?!) so my package was delayed, of course! I wouldn’t want to travel through it! I appreciate the driver for taking care of my package, it’s medicine that I really needed, there wasn’t any here in my town, and I was almost freaking out! I had enough for one more application and it just arrived at my home! Thank you Walmart and thank you even more to the driver! I really appreciate you!
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3 years ago, heheoriginalname
Partner During This Holiday Season
Didn’t hear about the app until sometime in October, but downloaded it to test during Christmas. This app has been my go-to for the past few weeks, helping me keep up to date with all of my orders. Updates just as fast as USPS, UPS, and FedEx tracking, and is much more convenient to use since all of my orders are in the same place. Lots of reviews complaining that this app doesn’t update you, and blaming AfterShip, but they fail to realize it goes based off of what the delivery service is updating as well. Wanted to clarify that because I thought the same thing when I first started using the app, but I realized my carrier wasn’t updating the status. This is the first app I’ve ever reviewed, figured I’d support them in order to keep the app free because it’s that useful.
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4 years ago, crapoza
Great overall
If you’re someone like me who does most of their shopping online and hates trying to keep up with tracking emails for their purchases, this is definitely the app for you. I look forward to getting my tracking numbers to input into the app. The reason I give 4 stars is because I find that the app doesn’t update as quickly as the mail providers’ websites. If it was just a few minute difference between the two I wouldn’t mind but sometimes if I haven’t seen activity on a package in a while, I manually enter the tracking number onto the provider’s website and the progress will be updated and be a lot different than what the app is telling me. I’m sure that over time this will smooth itself out. Overall I’m very happy I decided to download this app and would definitely recommend it to others!
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4 years ago, NKLane16
Deleting this app and not returning
I have used this app many times in the past. When I was selling on eBay, when I was constantly shipping from my home business, and from time to time whenever I would be expecting several packages at once and I needed to see everything on one screen. This app was always my go-to. I would recommend it several friends who needed the same. My reason for deleting now is that I have found a major lag in updating tracking. I didn’t mind needing to input my email even though that was a new change for me since I last used it. But I am finding myself constantly coping the tracking and going to google only to find the tracking date on fedex, usps, AND ups are all updating with more than an hour lag from the app. To clarify, the tracking on those specific shipping websites are showing my package in one location whereas the app is saying a previous location or still “label created” but not yet shipped status.
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4 years ago, AJS610
Better than Arrive (Shop) and free!
AfterShip is a great tracking app. While I haven’t actually ordered anything from wish or AliExpress in awhile I still have items that haven’t arrived yet. I actually got a hoodie from wish I’d ordered in mid February in mid July. AfterShip was my only app that actually showed it was out for delivery even though the tracking number had expired. I’m very happy with it except that it doesn’t translate like 17track does. I’d also love to be able to search easier than basically creating a tracking entry each time. I use will continue to use it as others for theist comprehensive tracking I can get on a smartphone it’s great for domestic shipping too. Recognizes more carriers. I rarely have to change the carrier it automatically supplies. Thanks from a professional shopper!! Great job!
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3 years ago, eprosch689
Put my mind at rest!
Discovered this app at the start of the holiday rush this year and it was a life saver when this year, more than others, I was sending way more packages. Having all of the packages listed in one place and automatically updating me when the status changed was a time saver and I didn’t have to keep notes or all the info in my head. It’s been great for packages I am receiving as well. I live in an apartment building where packages get dropped, unsecured, by the mailboxes. Knowing immediately when it is delivered means I can collect them promptly and avoid the dangers of having them stolen. I love that you can link it to your email so it can automatically pull in information. Most importantly, for all that this app does, I appreciate that it is still simple and easy to use.
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3 years ago, ratlover1356257
Great organization of my online orders!
It’s always a anxious time waiting for packages. During COVID online ordering became more of a priority for my shopping and keeping track of all of my different orders in my head and visiting each different website, finding that order email they sent me, or going to whichever parcel service my package is with. Needless to say it’s stressful. But having all of my orders in one place is amazing ! I am more patient now because it takes such a small amount of time to check on everything that I find myself wondering what to Do with the extra time. It’s awesome and now I get more chores done and have more of a free day. I do order a lot online and I’m sure someone else who does can relate. Aftership is a very good tool to have.
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