Agoda: Cheap Flights & Hotels

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User Reviews for Agoda: Cheap Flights & Hotels

4.81 out of 5
144.5K Ratings
2 years ago, elynnor
Agoda review—hotels
Have been very happy using Agoda, mostly for travel outside the USA. I only use Agoda for booking hotels so can’t speak to other services (flights, trains, etc.) offered. I also do my research and check other apps before booking, but in general I prefer Agoda over other apps because of the way the search & filters are set up, because I usually find the cheapest prices on Agoda, and because so many options/filters are customizable. Many times what appears to be the exact same room is shown at multiple price points, often because there are little options like courtyard view, full breakfast buffet, tub and shower, etc. which are not distinguished on Agoda but are known to the hotel. After booking it’s good to contact the hotel and inquire about those things, along with airport pickup and whatever else you may need. I have never had issues with Agoda, even when canceling my reservation. However, I have had occasional issues with other apps. That’s why I usually check Agoda first, check other places, and then come back to Agoda to book.
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4 years ago, Bc032885
Infuriating experience
I booked a room at Motel 6 for $40 on Agoda. There is a timer on the booking page that clearly says my rate is being held so long as I complete the booking within five minutes. I did. A few knifes later I get an email stating that my booking was canceled due to “an unforeseen technical error.” I went back to book the room again. Now the rate is $49. I had just barely enough to pay for the room at the $40 rate...a rate that was being held if I completed the order on time - which I did! I called customer service and (after about 15 minutes of arguing and begging) they finally agreed to compensate the difference in “agoda cash” which I could apply to the booking. Fine. So I went to make a new reservation, except on the check out page there was no option to apply the agoda cash. Turns out the property is a “pay at hotel” property, which evidently means I can’t apply agoda cash to it. So the $9 of agoda cash that they begrudgingly gave me when they screwed up does me NO GOOD anyway and doesn’t actually compensate me in any way. I still don’t have any way to pay the higher rate and I have no way to relocate to some other property. What a load of garbage! The site clearly guaranteed that rate if I completed the booking in time! And I did! I held up my end of the bargain, you should too! Never using agoda again and will be reporting this story through every agency I can think of and sharing it through every social forum I know. Bunch of garbage.
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2 months ago, Geroge_Bush
Agoda=GetYourGuide= Nightmare Customer Support
I recently had a dreadful experience with the GetYourGuide app (which is connected through Agoda when you try to book a tour). Despite booking a popular large group tour in Rome several weeks in advance, I inadvertently booked the same tour again for the same day. Shockingly, the app failed to notify me of this duplicate booking. Upon realizing my mistake, I immediately attempted to cancel one of the bookings, only to find out that I couldn't because the tour was less than 24 hours away. Customer service was an absolute nightmare. Despite numerous emails and interactions with different agents, they all robotically regurgitated the same excuse: "rules are rules." It's clear their primary concern is protecting their own interests, even at the expense of customer satisfaction. They shamelessly lied to me about the possibility of a refund, claiming the tour provider wouldn't cooperate, only to be exposed when I reached out to the actual agency and received a prompt and courteous refund directly from them. It's evident that GetYourGuide's customer service is severely lacking, with a dismissive attitude that suggests they believe their dominance in the market exempts them from providing quality assistance. Save yourself the headache and use alternative platforms like Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Klook, or any other service that actually values its customers. Trust me, it's not worth the hassle.
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1 year ago, viuong
I use it for my trip to Vietnam. I booked hotels, Apartments, and flights. I have problem with the airlines because when I use Agoda I use the English language and so my name doesn’t appear with the little accent in Vietnamese language and was charged extra at the airport even thought my US passport is a match to the reservation. Booking hotels is not all bad there was some good deal however they do faults ads so read the fine print because I was charged full price for no show even when the reservation was cancelled. I booked a private apartment and that was a big mistake. Muong Thanh Apartment Luxury in Da Nang Vietnam. Agoda told me to pay to the owner. When we check in we did not pay much attention, but when we settled in we found out the bathrooms and the bedrooms were infested with black molds. The living room and kitchen was infested with bugs. And there was no hot water. We call Agoda and they told us to talk to the property owner and work it out with them. We have to check into a hotel the next day because it was a health hazard and the owner can’t fix the problem. He promised to refund after he talk to Agoda. You guessed it, there was no refund and the but me as a no show on the Agoda app so I can’t write a review on Agoda. I took pictures of the apartment and showed them but they said it wasn’t enough proof.
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3 years ago, fgqbupt
Could not be worse experience
We ordered the Legoland hotel and got the confirmation email before we made the vocation planning. But when we arrived at the hotel after hours of driving from north California, we were told by the hotel that they were overbooked and they couldn’t contact us because they didn’t have our contact information, they suggested us to contact where we placed the order. So we tried to call Agoda, we told the customer service the problem and each time the call was received by a different customer service, they said they were trying to contact vendor and promised to call us back in 30 minutes but never did that. After calling them 4 times and they promised the manager would call me later but never did. Our child was really disappointed and fell asleep since it’s midnight, we had to find another hotel… I am wondering why they sent the confirmation email but couldn’t guarantee it? Why customer service passed the problem from one to another then another? Why they didn’t give a reply at the time they promised? Why customer should pay for agora’s mistake? The reputation of agoda is ruined, people can’t believe what agoda has promised. You can’t expect them to do what they have confirmed and can’t believe the customer service can help to fix their issues…
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3 years ago, Worth the savings
Got lucky…but confirmed accurate reservation with property to be sure.
I’ve booked three stays with agoda in the past 6 months. Each time I received the stay, in the intended room I booked. All three stays were at a resort in St Pete Beach, Florida. I have to say that Agoda has some “extra” room categories that are actually duplicates with different titles. So you may book a gulf Front suite for $225 and a sea view suite for $300 and they are actually the same suite. I recommend doing your research, which may include looking at other sites/property site or confirming with hotel. It might be extra work but the savings on Agoda made it worth it for us. I actually also confirmed with Agoda app under bookings and with someone over the phone with Agoda. Each time the information matched up. Felt especially confident after hotel directly was able to confirm after booking. Have to say, I’d do all these things, with any third party booking site.
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3 years ago, Kou_Loonies
Do not book hotels from this app
I booked a hotel in lower Manhattan New York with this app. It was near Chinatown and the address showed that it was in lower Manhattan near Chinatown. The map even showed the hotel is at lower Manhattan. So I booked the hotel for 3 nights. I paid a little for the option to cancel my hotel if anything happens. After I paid I found out that It actually didn’t put me on the option to pay a little extra to be able to cancel my stay and get my refund. Didn’t think much of it because I was going to make the trip anyways. Come to find out the hotel actually wasn’t even in lower Manhattan. When I got the confirmation email, it showed a totally new address which says it’s in New Jersey. The email also had an attached PDF file and in that PDF file it says that it’s in Chinatown New York.. so I looked up myself on google maps to try to find the hotel but I could not find it on the map at all in lower Manhattan. Their website was not helpful at all for me to dispute this. They provided me with false information. I will be disputing this with my bank and I have proof of the false information they provided on their app. I advise others to Never use this app!
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5 years ago, Kofi81
Unethical billing practices!
Terrible service!!! I looked at the reviews, saw my price, booked online and I was charged $30 more than the advertised price, although the site said “taxes and fees included” on my final price. It also said “you will pay at the property” and “Book Now. Pay at hotel.” My bank put my business debit card on hold because the transaction was run out of the ordinary from Bangkok, and also there was a $300 charge on my card that I was never told about and did not authorize. Well, the card was blocked. The transaction did not go through. And my wife, myself, and my 2 year old were outside the apartments in a big city for 1 hour while I was on a text exchange with customer service, who contacted the facility manager. The manager called me and would not let me in because they could not authorize the hold, which was blocked on my card at my out of state bank that I could not contact until the next day. Security was parked outside with his flashers on while we waited the last 20 mins. Embarrassing and frightening. Frustrating and hidden charges. I was left with my family and I having to go out of town to stay with extended family who had to stay up late to accommodate us. Never again.
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4 years ago, Rajgeh3339
One of the best hotel discount apps for Asia
Update: developer sorted the issue quite quickly, read the previous review. I’m still note sure about the flights section, will give it another try once the borders open up again OLD REVIEW: I’ve been using Agoda for almost a decade, always been happy with their when they added airlines, I jumped on it and bought ticket to Seoul. That was the worst decision, they use a 3rd party provider which complicates things to say the least. Even though the airline cancelled my flights 3 months back, I still have no confirmation of my refund...last email I got from them (2 weeks back) it says we will let you know between 2-4 months!!! That will be a whole 7 months I have them $1300. Every time I call, I’m told they have no feedback from their partner....which obviously doesn’t fill me with confidence. The funny thing is, I booked a hotel at the same time and that’s been as painless as ever, the moment I called them explained the situation....I got a full refund, even though I had no cancellation policy. Avoid booking a flight if you can, I will still recommend the hotel side.....if they a better partner for flights or go direct I would reconsider. Until then, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
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2 years ago, FuerteyPreciosa
I found my ticket online. Purchased the ticket, which indicates “ Guaranteed room”. Got to my hotel, and they informed me they were TOTALLY booked out and the app was 100% incorrect. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE to contact ANYONE AT ALL with Agoda ~ LITERALLY they ONLY offer an “virtual assistant” that is completely useless when I am standing at the hotel in front of the hotel agent trying to explain to her that the ticket I bought says the room is “guaranteed as well as nonrefundable and furthermore indicates if I no show I will still be charged”. Hotel agent says “we are sorry, the app is incorrect because we have no rooms available and you will have to get a refund from that app”. Yet there is NO PHYSICAL way possible to get ahold of ANYONE to have them speak with the hotel agent. Not only has Agoda charged me $115 for a hotel room that WAS NOT AVAILABLE, but now I CAN NOT GET MY MONEY BACK because there is NO WAY TO CONTACT them to request the refund. I did eventually find an email address to Agoda, but NO ONE RESPONDED!! The phone numbers listed are ALL DISCONNECTED ~ the voicemail just says to go back to the app which as I said ONLY OFFERS a virtual customer assistant. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE!!!
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2 years ago, better OMG
Seems good but beware
App is of a good design however employs scare tactics like only 2 rooms left with in most cases is a complete lie. Also be carful with their best price offer and be ready to never achieve this reimbursement. When booking on the app you enter in the occupants. When you go to book it shows max number of occupants.. ok no problem right? Well after booking it reads occupants and then shows the max number. When I’m fact you never selected this amount. So when you go to submit a best price claim they say your occupancy is not matching and they will not credit you. Spend over and hour emailing a chain with these people and issue is still not resolved, nor will they admit the app has the issue. I travel often so it’s their loss. I’m deleting the app and never using them again. Hello Kayak, you’ve always been so good to me🤗 well…maybe not so fast. After about 2 hours of work, supporting evidence and communication through email I received my $15 credit. But since it’s Agoda cash to use it I likely need to keep the app. Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
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5 years ago, Tambi Ishak
Not recommended at all
I don’t recommend Agoda as it’s not that legit as it seems to be, I had an issue last night where I had booked two nights in a hotel in Abu Dhabi - UAE and the app has confirmed and amount has be deducted from my credit card then after few minutes I was surprised by an email from Agoda claiming that a tech error had happened and the booking didn’t go through and the amount which has been deducted will be returned but it may take 30 days !!! So I tried again to look into the same hotel I booked in and found that the price has raised up for no reason for the same offer !!! And this all was just in minutes. So it didn’t go well at all. But the other big issue which I faced with them and it’s totally linked to them is that my credit card details was stolen (while I was booking using their mobile app where these transaction should be more secured) so I was surprised that after 3 or 4 hours my credit card was used to buy stuff online it was bought from “Estee lauder online” !!!! So I had to block my credit card and report this transaction with my bank to run an investigation about it. So it’s not legit at all !!!!
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5 years ago, Hana Ling
Forced cancellation three days before the trip
So i got an email 5 days before the stay saying that my credit card did not go through (which the same card had no problem on another website when I booked it later). They said that I need to redo my payment within 44 hours to avoid booking cancellation, they also gave me a link to redo my payment. My card didn’t go through again, after a few attempts, the link showed “Sorry, this link has expired and can no longer be used to pay for this booking". So I went back to the app, there is no place in the app that I can redo the payment to avoid cancellation, the app said that you need to open the link (which was expired) that was sent to your email in order to pay. So that was a bug in the app. I tried contacting agoda customer service and got no respond, I tried calling the hotel and no one spoke English. Then I received an email from agoda saying that my booking was cancelled because I did not made the payment on time. I ended up needing to book another hotel three days before my stay, which the choices left for me were pricy hotels and bad locations. So yea, no more agoda for me.
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3 years ago, KiaraJJJ
Spent too much to deal with this
I’m so tired of this company I made them close out my account just now. Let’s start with their misleading “platinum status” they claim I have that shows no benefits of having. It states that I can get an extra 25% off of my booking. When I call to see why this isn’t happening when I try to book a hotel they claim the hotel I’m at may not participate in the deal....Even though the platinum status (minus the percentage off) automatically attaches itself to the hotel I’m trying to book & even says I can get Agoda cash if I book it so that makes no sense. What con are you trying to pull, Agoda? Then when I tried to book later reservations through this app it now keeps claiming that for “unforeseen reasons” they were unable to confirm my reservation. I call only to be told it’s because they can’t confirm there are available rooms, but I’m in the same room I have been for a couple months & the people downstairs state there are rooms available. I spent too much money with this company. From their failure to accommodate a customer, false advertising, to the conflicting information I get each time I call, I’m over it.
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4 years ago, Se1002
Well.... The facility was not appealing in person. Room had very little to no air flow. With the poor air quality (wildfires), the breathing air in the hotel was concerning to my health as I already suffer from asthma and environmental allergies. It was small, crammed, and stuffy. I was already beginning to experience an asthma flare up and allergy symptoms. Anyway, I ended up NOT staying there at all! I booked myself another hotel elsewhere. I wanted to get out of the hotel I had booked with Agoda so desperately that I even wasted more money than I had budgeted for. I don’t regret it. I do however regret booking through Agoda. The hotel was willing to refund me my money, BUT they couldn’t because I booked the rough a third party (Agoda). I still left knowing I wouldn’t get a refund. I tried to speak with Agoda customer service, but there was no way of getting through or getting someone to call me. Unfortunately, this is the first and last time I ever use Agoda! I will definitely not recommend Agota to anybody. And if I hear someone is trying to book through Agoda, I will definitely share with them my experience and convince them not to use Agoda!
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1 year ago, Arduous
Horrible hotel experience
When I arrived at the hotel they told me that the travel app (Agoda) I used attempted to pay them with a virtual credit card that was not working. The hotel was not paid by Agoda and therefore the hotel would not honor my reservation. They instructed me to cancel the reservation with Agoda. I was on the phone for 45 minutes standing in the lobby of the hotel with a representative from Agoda who told me at first they were gonna give me a cash refund, which is not a thing. I told them to reverse the charge. They told me that would take 30 days. I insisted that that also was not a thing. Eventually while on the phone I got an email stating that my reservation was in fact canceled, and after many attempts Agoda was able to reach the hotel front desk and confirm with the hotel to cancel my reservation and not get charged a cancellation fee. I then had to check in at the front desk of the hotel with a new reservation, which to their credit they gave me a cheaper rate than what I had in the Agoda app. Although, that hotel was really awful. Like feces in the hallway horrible.
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5 years ago, virak song
Lie customers
Hidden fee. Extra fee is not shown when shopping a hotel to make the hotel to be cheaper on this app comparing with other app. It is hard to write a review on this app to be posted. Your review on this app must be reviewed by Agoda and may never posted if Agoda reject when your issue is related to Agoda too. Never admit Agoda false and always through issues to others that costs a problem. This app is not on customers side. Quick reply, but no real resolution to be resolved. If you book this app and pay up front, you will never be refund; even though, it is not your false after booking. If refund, booking fee remaining kept. Better to stay a way this app. If you book on this app, only book for one night. Don’t ever book more nights on this app. If you failed to arrive the first night, all booking nights will be cancelled and no refund to be given. It makes no sense to cancel all booking nights when paid upfront and fail to arrive a first night. The posted room on the app may not the same picture room at the hotel. Better to see in person before booking on the app.
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8 months ago, Regi_regi_88
Poor customer service
I travel a lot, using different apps to get best deal. I though I found a good price with this app, paid for the room, fees, taxes. After my trip I received a bill from the hotel for an extra charge for a residence fee. I was surprised because I was sure, I paid for everything when was booking and It didn’t say anything about any charges upon arrival. Connected with hotel, they said it’s their policy to charge for residence fee and Agoda (third party company) should inform me about that. I connect with costumer support, they took all info and told me wait 24hr for respond. Little later their confirmed me that I was charged extra for a residence fee and they can’t do anything about that. I emailed them 3 times, I disagree with the charges, they suppose to inform people advance and have this information when you booking, they are unprofessional. I just want to let people know, that this company doesn’t care about their customers, I will never book anything again with them. They keep saying sorry, but it doesn’t help and not fair.
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4 years ago, Crys31607
Poor customer service and site issues
Booked a hotel and the booking went fine. Then got an email that there was an issue with the card used for booking. Re-entered the card details and got an error, tried another card and got the same error. Had me thinking I was on some phishing site that commits credit card fraud. Emailed customer service who then turned around and said my booking was confirmed. Only to get an email from the hotel through their site saying my credit card had an error, emailed the hotel that the booking was confirmed. Then woke up to an email saying Agoda canceled my booking because of card error. What’s even more lovelier is that the not so nice customer service email basically accused me of not having a valid card, a card with insufficient funds(eye roll), and that my card may not have the ability to be used in foreign areas. Funny cause I’ve been living overseas for the past 5 years with these same cards/accounts and used these cards that same day and to this day. Now I have to monitor for credit card fraud thanks to their inaccuracies
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4 years ago, acon.g
Agoda lost its credibility
Please let this be a warning when booking on Agoda. Today I found out that Agoda doesn’t perform due diligence on the properties listed on their site. Nobody actually goes to the property to make sure it exists! I booked this property (Myna b307 Hamilo Place, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines) for my brother and another guest. Agoda sent me a confirmation number, and a receipt stating full payment for 2 nights. Went to the property based on the Agoda map but was told by the guards of Club Punta Fuego (where the supposed property was pinned), that Hamilo Place is about 9 kms away. So they drove to where the property is, and in fact it existed, only about 9 kms away from where it is on Agoda’s map. The receptionist couldn’t find my booking. I called Agoda and was told they will get in touch with their “hotel partner” who will get in touch with the property, then they’d call me back. They never called back but they sent an email saying they couldn’t reach the property. I replied asking what my guests should do? Agoda sent an apology email but never offered an alternative. Unacceptable and very unethical. I need my money back.
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6 years ago, noseesa
My favorite hotel website
I use agoda almost exclusively because it’s the easiest to use with the best photos, info and filters. Would be awesome if I could book two different kinds of rooms at once. I recently booked a room for my parents at the same hotel with myself and my husband. My parents can afford a nicer room and I had to go through the checkout process twice because agoda won’t allow you to choose two different classes of rooms at the same time. Just a little annoyance. Also, I’d be so happy if we could sort hotels based on how highly people rate them. We can only do it based on price or hotel star rating. Stars aren’t nearly as important to me as customer satisfaction. Even if these things don’t change I’ll be a loyal customer, though. Thanks for having my back over and over, agoda!!!
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3 years ago, NJNYtraveler
So far so good
We’ve used this app and related website five times for 1 and 2-night stays in the last month, during a highly stressful period. The rates for two if the nicer chain hotels in our area were the best on the aggregator apps we use and hotels would not match them when phoned directly, so that’s one huge plus. The other is our luck with customer service. Twice we made errors in our booking (typed wrong name / wrong date) in our distraction during our emergency and both times Agoda was able to address the change last minute with really patient and efficient customer service. I’d never heard of it before this month so that was a surprise. far, so good!
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1 year ago, Austin Diji
Agoda Error ruins our trip
I always use Agoda and love it. However, this last trip was ruined by it .We fly halfway around the world and drag our bags to an Agoda booking only to find out that it is full. Even worse the owner says he had already contacted Agoda about the issue. We were stuck in the lobby which didn’t have WiFi scrambling to find a place before our events started. Called Agoda and explained the situation they said there were no other rooms in the area and gave us a refund admitting fault. We only had two days in the country and are forced to spend it waiting for slow pages to load while we try to book a room. Places are mostly full now. After even more hours complaining they finally offer a $91 dolar voucher which I appreciate the effort. But, our tickets were $1,600 each. And we are being forced to stay in a place 30min from our event which means we have to go there and back everyday. It doesn’t seem like Agoda cares how their mistake effected our trip
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5 years ago, Disgusted with Didi
Agoda is the worst
The app is okay, but Agoda itself is the worst. I’m pretty sure all the agents are off-shore, and the customer service is the worst. They left me and my boyfriend stranded in the middle of China during Chinese New Year because they didn’t actually book any of the rooms even though we’d paid. Then after an over 40 minute phone hold, international calling btw, at 6 pm after a 16 hour train ride, they promised a $150 return for another booking — they never honoured it and changes the stipulation for it. Then they did two double charges for rooms in Cambodia and charged me for a room I never booked through them in Thailand. I had booked it using Booking because I was so sick of them and their app issues, luckily, Booking didn’t precharge me like Agoda did (I never even consented to the booking) and the hotel was awesome enough that they just canceled the Booking res since Agoda already took out my money and didn’t make me go through the hassle of a fruitless fight with Agoda. Again. Never use them. Never using them again.
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2 months ago, EJCH16
No flexibility at all.
Our family has been using Agoda for years. I have never cancelled or have any issues with them. Until this time. I contacted them few months before the trip due to my father health problem. Agoda couldn’t help anything with it because I booked the non cancellation booking. Few week after that we contacted them my father passed away. Now we planned to go for a trip (This trip is for our son). Today (before our trip 6days) my son has tested positive for Covid. I have photo of my son Covid test but the assistant never asked me for it. She says my request has denied due to my dispute. I had hoped that Agoda could help me better. Ask me for more information and could understand more of my situation. Lastly I will never booked through Agoda again and will never recommend my family and friends to use this site. Because at least another sites would give you a credit for next time booking even though it is non-cancellation booking
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3 years ago, TRG1971
Downloading and try to remove
I downloaded this app for travel purposes. Once I realized I did not like the app so much, I removed it from my iPhone. Then I started noticing that the app was hiding in the background without being download it the next day. Mind you I had already deleted the app and removed it from my phone… I have removed it now after three months 20 times. I’m wondering why this is happening. I’ve wrote to them and told them that I would not like to see it on my phone one more time if I did I’m going to seek legal counsel against the parties who continue to be uploading it onto my phone. This is not a good app I believe it is a scam please do not download it. It will not be completely removed off of your phone, it will keep attaching itself to your phone. I’m not sure what it is but, I’m very unhappy with this matter. So I’m reaching out to my lawyer today in reference to the app and the developers and see what they can do for me. Steer clear from this one
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2 months ago, M.Gil.
A Disappointing Experience
I recently booked a hotel through Agoda, because their advertised price stated that "city tax and VAT included in price". Unfortunately, this turned out to be misleading. Once I arrived at the hotel, I was surprised with additional charges for city tax and VAT, contrary to what was promised at the time of booking. When I reached out to Agoda for clarification, their response was that the charges were their own "included taxes", which appears to be a separate internal policy not aligned with standard practices. This lack of transparency in pricing is not only confusing but feels deceptive. The customer service was less than helpful in resolving the issue, leaving me out of pocket and feeling misled. Based on this experience, I find Agoda’s business practices questionable and their advertising misleading. I will not be using their service again and advise potential customers to be careful and pay attention to the hidden fees that may not be disclosed at the time of booking.
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10 months ago, zyjdd1025
Don’t use
Always makes everything harder than it should be!! Cancellation: has to go through an agent and deducts a high penalty fee based on their calculations…Bugs on the help/contact us feature: I got kicked out of the chat window 10+ times before I could finish typing and sending my messages out. Service: very disappointing! First time took me 3 months without solving a double charge that was clearly their fault. Second time took 2+ hours to do their so called price match. Price match: totally a scam. They only accept price match claims after you paid; and even then, rejected me twice for an obviously wrong reason. Third time the third agent finally approved it but refunded less than the price difference. I had to argue again for such a simple math. Also, they only refund you through Agoda cash and not through credit card payment, and that Agoda cash expires very soon and has tons of restrictions so you often can’t use it…
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6 years ago, EchohW
Awful app for booking the hotel
Don’t use it ! They canceled your order without notice!!!!! If I could I definitely put 0 star! Never use again ! We’ve booked hotel (San Francisco for 2 night (August 16-18)bay landing hotel at July 18,they’re canceled my order without the notice me ? I can not imagine if I didn’t review all my schedules, fortunately I had reviewed. For sure I order it and called bay landing hotel to double make sure I got this order, the hotel confirmed, but things is this app sent me a conformation email, asked me to upload my ID and major credit before August 13, I really did at August 8), but they still cancel it! I don’t know why they kept my ID and major credit??? I guess that must be someone pay higher price for my two nights, really disappointed! Never use it! And I will sent this experience to my feedback share with my fans. I called the customer service they told me that’s not their problem ! It’s system canceled my order, they’re refused to say sorry to me.
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5 years ago, JoshuaGoodmanIowa
CHEAT. Don’t use this app. They Cheat.
I searched for hotel in Ho Chi Minh for April 2-3 before my visit on March 31 when I was still in Hong Kong. For some reason this app pops up and offers me a “super-deal” and I gladly accept this deal without a detailed reading. Now here comes the CHEATING, the date is not April 2-3 but March 31-April 1. I have no way of visiting this hotel because I was in Hong Kong ! I called several times to Agoda and this hotel refused any negotiation regarding of the refund of my lost. I work in Internet Marketing industry, I suddenly realize that I have become a victim of a designed scheme of internet marketing cheating. They buy advertising banner for very different dates and decoy customers with a good deal and in reality customers have no way of living in this hotel. This trick is just a blatant cheat and Agoda customer service promised to look into it with promise of emails but I got no single email so far. This is such a breach of decency of business. Don’t trust Agoda, use Booking instead.
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6 years ago, Lyndseeeyyy
ZERO STARS. we booked a hotel for the following day and there was “one room available” we thought it was weird because there were zero rooms available on the reliable websites- orbitz, Expedia, etc.- we booked, and had $350 taken immediately out of the bank account. When we showed up at our hotel the next morning there was no record of our booking at the hotel (which was SOLD OUT), we had no confirmation email, and whenever we called customer service it was completely automated.. when the customer service wanted our booking number (which was never sent) we were promptly HUNG UP ON. This happened multiple times even with the 5 star hotel calling to try and resolve the issue. On top, we found out their customer service is only open mon-fri 9-5. So we are now out of $350 and need to pay a second time for our hotel room at the same day rate of $500+. This website is ran out of Singapore and is a scam.
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2 years ago, tycha-77
They registered my booking
They registered my booked under my email name I almost lost 400 they funny thing is I entered my name when I was making the reservation, but they decide to give my user name to the hotel. I call them to change they are more willing to protect the user and they would even refund. I had to contact the hotel to help. I trusted these people, but they are scam stay away I never leave reviews. Stay away from this app. Their customer service is trash. They just want your money no help. They couldn’t even fix a mistake they made and they were protecting the user name.
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3 years ago, llamas edu
Do not use Agoda to book a hotel you’ll be sorry
Here is my sad story, book a hotel room for my sons birthday near Disneyland, they charged my card the very moment, next day they email me from their fraud department saying that they need it a picture of my ID and Credit Card ( red flag) Called the Hotel asking if that was their policy and they say no, try to contact Agoda and not luck they do not respond to emails, there is no a phone number to call . Found a number from New York office nothing, they send me another email the day of my arrival saying that I have canceled my reservation NOT true.. they left me without a place to stay for my and my kids, unforgivable who does that.. evil company .. Beware I’m still dealing with refund money.. Donnot use them Hotel manager told me is not the first time that happened and that everyone has something to say about Agoda… please stay away …You Been Warned!!!!!
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2 years ago, kthei
Great until you’re stranded
We used this app and the first time it was good. The second time we were stranded, 6 hours from home, all hotels were booked unless we wanted to pay $550 a night. Called customer support, got hung up on after holding for 30 minutes. Started to speak to the chat person. After 30 minutes on the phone with the hotel and customer support (they talked to each other), the chat person said they would call or email me with a resolution within 30 minutes. They also sort of blamed us for their ‘mix’ up, asking if we called the hotel to confirm our reservations. Umm….no….I had a booking number and confirmation number…why would I call? You had my credit card number and I authorized the charge….hmm. The hotel accommodated our family (we paid a little more than expected, but not much) because they understood how frustrating the customer service was with them and us. Customer service emailed us back 7 HOURS LATER….long after midnight with one hotel option for the NEXT DAY!!! Good thing we didn’t wait for them to ‘fix’ it. No way will I use this app or company ever again. They only thing they were helpful with was absolutely nothing.
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2 months ago, Beta1990
Two things I found out in my recent nasty experience with this app: 1- You end up paying more than if you were directly to the vendor. My rental car costed with Agoda $160, but I paid the rental car company $120, and same thing happened with the hotel, I paid more with Agoda than with the hotel… 2- I paid with Agoda first online, then I went on my trip and both the hotel and car rental asked me for my card, I thought it was to charge me for the security deposit.. they charged me FOR THE SERVICE AGAIN, I over paid with Agoda and ended ip paying the vendors again… This situation has been going since February 05th, it’s April 10th and I get a daily email from Agoda saying “rest assured that we are working on your case, we havent been able to contact the hotel”… Save yourself some money, use priceline, and use site of the retailers but avoid these thieves.
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1 year ago, JazsD
Agoda cancelled booking
I booked Hotel 101 for 2 nights through Agoda website a month. I received email that my booking was confirmed. Then, three days before our hotel stay I receive a call and email that my booking was cancelled. The reason Agoda gave was that the hotel the hotel cannot accommodate my booking due to being fully booked. But since I want to check if there is available room, I called Hotel 101. They told me that Agoda didn't forward the booking to them as soon as I booked it the website and now they don't have available rooms so they need to cancel it. Lessons learn: if you book through Agoda or any other travel website - need to double check with the hotel if the reservation is confirmed. Now I need to look for a different hotel for our switch means paying more because booking too close to the date stay.
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5 years ago, mimi and pawpaw
The room was very nice and clean when we moved in. the next day the bed was made but not neath The pillows were on the floor the trashcan had not been emptied the coffee ingredients had not been replenished the water had not been replenish the dirty towels have been removed but no fresh towels had been added none of the shampoo amenities had been replenished I called housekeeping after we had gotten back to the room and seen the condition and they said someone would come back up and take care of it for two hours has passed and no one had showed we were leaving for dinner and I asked one of the ladies that had the med cart out in the hall if she would be able to Help us put our room back together she was lovely and more than willing to finish completing our room
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2 years ago, /$6484@
I’ve been using Agoda for 5 years now. Booking hotel in this app is fast and easy same as if you make amendments in your bookings or if you make cancellation. If there is no option to make amendments, their customer service is very good in helping you out. The best thing i love about this is you can book hotels and pay it later, also you can cancel your bookings without fee for certain period of time. Also, I love how they offer good discount rates even for high-end hotels. I never had problems in the past using Agoda for booking Hotels.
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3 years ago, BrittanyMarie22291
Regular hotel app
I use this app occasionally. I tend to use whatever one has the cheapest prices as I’m unfortunately homeless due to unemployment complications and the department dropping the ball on my account..(admittedly) I have had no choice but to live in my vehicle but the summer heat has led me to need a place to go into so I stay at hotels Constantly, booking hotels is a regular thing for me and always trying to seek the best prices etc. This app is fine, regular experience..nothing too special, I really don’t get much from the rewards, I wish it was more beneficial but otherwise, it’s just normal, regular hotel app🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ not much to it (personal opinion based on personal experience, other opinions/experiences may differ😉👋🏼🤝)
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4 years ago, hbh330
SCAM BEWARE! They show photos of pools and amenities in listings that cost extra upon arriving at the hotel. When we complained they would not issue a refund. I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company but I will never use them again and would advise no one else use them. How would you feel to view pictures of a pool with a listing and, upon check-in, the hotel wants to charge you extra money. Horrible bait and switch scam don’t fall for it! ZERO customer service and after traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico and countries all over I’ve never ever booked a room with a pool then have to pay extra for it! Reporting to BBB but probably will never see our money back. Horrible experience on vacation. Update: they respond with standard automated reply - it serves nothing and they do nothing, it’s just for show on their reviews, pathetic!!!
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4 years ago, NBargas
Will NEVER use Agoda again!!!
My family planned a trip to Dallas. At the time we had no way of knowing that pretty much everything we were planning on doing was closed due to COVID-19. My husband called the hotel to cancel our reservation, but was told to contact the 3rd party booking company. Well it sure doesn’t tell you on Agoda’s website how hard it will be to contact them if there is a problem. I understand having restrictions but when it comes to the well-being of your customers that should ultimately come first. Why would a person want to travel to a place where pretty much all there is to do is to sit in a hotel room or risk contracting a virus. I would never recommend a company that is so heartless and uncaring to their so-called customers. Please thank twice before using this company. Once they have your money they are done with you.
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1 month ago, yezziebezzie
HORRIBLE they tried to steal my card for shopping!
I HAD TO REPORT CREDIT CARD FRAUD because of this site! Long story short i used my new card to book a hotel for me and my husband for our anniversary , ended up canceling the whole thing, and few days go by and i get a text in the middle of the night saying my card got denied for some online makeup company based in NewYork. The only reason i know it's this site that leaked my card information is because it was a brand new card, i never used it anywhere but ON this site. I ended up turning it off after canceling too. So who ever tried to use my card to buy makeup i hope you stay as ugly as your character. And for people who want to use this site DO NOT USE. they are cheaper in booking because they steal your money afterwards on online shopping sprees.
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3 years ago, xinhnhuconbuom
Stealer money
If I would have read the reviews I wouldn’t have book accommodation from Agoda !! They steal my moneys so easily!! I have booked 60s condo Hua Hin Thailand !! When I made a booking they said they will send Address details so I booked and paid ! I waited and waited for the address information but no information at all then we arrived at Hua Hin . I have been walking awful long time to find it ! I went to some condo asked about and nobody no what 60s Condo is even I went to the corrected building!! So I sent emails and tried to call but no reply at all !! So I had to book another property to stay ! Then I received the message from Agoda we won’t responsible for it and none refundable!! If were you what would you do ? So Agoda and Owner of 60s condo were totally Fraud ! They took your money and walked away!! Should anybody use their services??
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5 years ago, Mixter E
A complete pile of an app
I picked up this app at the suggestion of a traveler that had just come through Southeast Asia. In the last 4 days I have worked with it to make two reservations and both of them have gone horribly wrong. Hosts are asking for money through 3rd part apps even after I provided my credit card number for a non refundable deposit to agoda. Hosts send me messages randomly whenever they have something to add instead of composing a complete mesage for me. Neither host answered questions about the accomodation. One host kept telling me that I had done things wrong and that I needed to cancel the booking and rebook through booking dot com. Calling customer service was no help- the representative actually told me to click the external link and pay (after my non-refundable boocking) via the 3rd party. Stay far, far away from agoda and this app!
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4 years ago, 1stUse
Major Product Bug, charged me wrongfully and no refund
If you login via phone number, instead of linking to your original account, Agoda will create a new account. I didn’t know this (since I have my phone number saved in my normal Agoda account). Made a booking that I later wanted to cancel. Could not find it for the life of me when I logged in. So I thought the booking didn’t go through. A month later the charge shows up on my credit card bill. I call Agoda and find out about this other account that I had no idea about and had no access to. Agoda would not refund me for the booking. Their client service is just call center somewhere overseas and they can’t make these decisions and would not escalate. I can’t talk to a real person who gave a crap. They don’t care about their customers. 0 stars if I could. Told all my friends too.
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5 years ago, Always on the go 24/7
Very uncomfortable
I found a booking through Agoda where I got the best price offered. After going through the process I got a email requesting card information. I thought it was fraudulent so I deleted. Upon confirming my booking I just found out the want me to send a picture of the front on my card to make sure it’s not fraud and today is the day I need my room! I’m so uncomfortable with a process like this and Agoda really needs to rethink this process. To many fraudulent people in the world and even though it is through my cell phone, they can be hacked as well. Nonetheless I’m roomless for now. I will never boom with any company that asks for my card to prevent fraud. That’s what my bank is for. Other than that great prices hate I have to miss out! The guy said my card will not be charged even though that was the card I used to book so we shall see!
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4 months ago, Draconcik1
Agoda is a scammer. We made 2 bookings through their app. One was made for a wrong date. So they needed to refund us for that night. Which is so difficult to do it with them for some reason. Also we got charge 3d time, which is a total for those 2 nights. Ao basically we got charged for 4 nights, instead of one. Qe have contacted the hotel where we stayed, the manager was a very nice lady, she said she will refund us if agoda calls her to confirm. Guess what, agoda says they contacted the property and they are not refunding us. Which is a lie. Avoid these scammers. Because I still can’t get my money back for weeks . P.S even with their reply on my review, the still lie and go around with no solution. Avoid this platform, I have never experienced such difficulty to get a refund for a service I didn’t use.
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2 years ago, ThanhLe793
Scam!!! DO NOT BOOK!
i booked a 5 stars hotel from agoda and got an email that stated there was an error and that the booking was not completed and i was not charged. I was in fact charged. They provided me with 2 confirmations numbers, both of which hotel stated they do not have reservations. I even got a confirmation from the hotel stating that they do not do business with Agoda. When you email customer service, different people respond every-time you reply. When called, they keep saying they did not charged but my bank statements says otherwise. They also say they need to check with the “supplier” when asking why it has taken so long to get the issue resolved. 3 months later still trying to dispute it. DO NOT USE! Apple should remove this scam of a company off their app
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4 years ago, bitemenor
Worst experience ever!! Don’t use agoda at all!!
I booked an hotel with a very good price, I chose to try this agoda thing for the first time, because it was a little bit cheaper. After a couple of days I received an email saying that I cancelled my reservation (Which I did not) and when I tried to contact them I never get a proper reply, just automatized emails telling me to book again. Of course, when I look the prices they were way more expensive and now I check and they are sold out. Don’t trust agoda with your travel plans, it totally ruined my trip, after getting all the arrangements, and of course they don’t even care or reply, or take care of you, if they made a mistake they should take care of it. Just be safe a don’t use this app, go with the companies that you know!
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1 month ago, harleydoot
Horrible experience
If I could leave negative stars I would. This company is the worst experience I have ever had with a travel company. My credit card needed to be updated and it was impossible to do on the website. I downloaded the app and it would not let me update my credit card there. I found a phone number for Agoda and was on hold for over 40 minutes. While on hold I called again on a different phone and was finally connected to customer service and someone finally was able to help me. I can’t help but feel like this company is a complete scam and if the hotel hadn’t already confirmed my reservation when I called them directly I would be exceedingly worried about my stay. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY, the prices aren’t worth the aggravation.
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