Air Arabia

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Air Arabia
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8 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Air Arabia

3.02 out of 5
199 Ratings
9 years ago, Satan zee
Not working
Manage booking option doesn't work... Stupideness
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3 years ago, Awesomeninabee
Not working properly
I can’t do anything on this app , it kicks me out all the time. I’m trying t put my info and it gives error or info doesn’t exist. Band from US. I had to call someone from different country to enter my info on app. You guys should step it up and do better with this app.
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3 weeks ago, Nedal252
The app is very old design and too much bugs
The app needs to be fix and enhanced to much. Every time you need to use its stuck and the payment is can’t continue and will not accept to book new tickets.
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12 months ago, MarwaHamad
Bad app and bad airline
The flight was delayed more than two hours and without any explanation. Bad app. I paid for two tickets with a weight of 20 kg, but I was forced to pay again at the airport The whole app has bugs and glitches👎👎👎👎
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1 year ago, lthmkxvkbvc
App from AbuDhabi dose not work
I installed the app pointing Abudhabi as primary outbound . Unfortunately whenever I choose arrival destination is not existed. Not user friendly and have many errors. I don’t know whether these destinations are existing or not
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12 months ago, Asadiboy
App has issues
The destination places never comes out sometimes. App crashes frequently and I always am forced to book from browsers and not from the app.
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2 years ago, wkxhuekwkmxbx
Check-In Issues
Hello, I do not understand how one can book a flight from Barcelona to Morocco, however, Barcelona is not listed as an available airport when checking in. Make it make sense.
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5 years ago, Rahman786_2018
Awful app
Can’t check in because the airport isn’t listed. The airline should consider spending a little money and getting their app working. Even Ryan air has a better app.
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1 year ago, hassan ja
Is there a problem with the application
It does not open an app. All I enter says an application has happened and I am updated shortly. What is the reason
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3 months ago, Fed20000
An app with issues
It seems that this app doesn’t work most of the time when I try to purchase my ticket!!
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1 year ago, Salmi Abu Salma
Update Bug
Asks me to update, then when I update, it keeps crashing and ask me to update! 7.4 update needs an update itself!
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5 years ago, MD1
Where is my departure airport????
This application doesn’t work for many travelers. I will likely use another Airline in future because of this terrible service!!!
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4 months ago, jmshukoor
App not responding
App not responding login and unable to edit/modify flights even I feed PNR details. Concern raised in email and there is no reply or solution. Highly disappointing
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6 years ago, Zamharer
Air Arabia application
Really I feel it need up date because not all departure airport it show when makes online check in
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5 years ago, moh050675
Book slow
Book slow try try book
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5 years ago, Alqady88
App not work
After this update I can’t use app because there is error messages “Has issues, Start applications,Bad request.
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1 year ago, Dgjjugfsjjcxyhvvkkhcc
Worst app at all
Autofilling with wrong information, after payment done, and airline says, not refundable once issued
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4 years ago, Yash11482
App Crashes
The app crashes immediately when trying to select a destination ! Please update!!
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1 year ago, No hope yet
App says to update but latest version downloaded.
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5 years ago, abouali76
This Application didn’t work on iPhone from one year ago
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5 years ago, Morocco lol
Application always crashing !
That’s shameful! Ryanair and easyjet are having better applications THAT WORK ! It’s like a scam ! Won’t install it again :(
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4 years ago, muchover
Bad application
The application doesn't work it give me error bad request
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5 years ago, Souhail.Bentoumi
Need an update
The app crashes it doesn’t open
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2 years ago, zeeshanali7031
Airarabia plz work on your app its very disappointed
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11 months ago, qedhar
Not enough airports in the app
I searched usa Washington dc dulles International Airport but they have it in their system
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5 years ago, hamadaqel
Not working 😕
The app it’s not working
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5 years ago, mr_smart222
Not working in iPhone X
Not working in iPhone X
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5 years ago, Brayan sockuik
Worst app ever Freezing all the time Slow Not user-freindly Not secure Just a garbage cheap app
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4 years ago, Omar pospos
انتبه اقراء بعناية-Pay attention
لا تقم بالحجز مطلقا من الموقع الالكتروني او من التطبيق ، هذه الشركة تقوم بعمل حجوزات وهمية بأسعار منافسة جدا ، وعندما يراها المستخدمون ينخدعون بالاسعار الموجودة على التطبيقات المختلفة مثل ويجو او المسافر او اي تطبيق للحجز ، بعد الحجز والدفع وخلال يومين تأتيك رسالة على الايميل بالغاء الحجز ، والمبلغ الذي دفعته لايمكن استرداده لحسابك البنكي وانما يقومون بحفظ المبلغ عندهم في قسيمة طيران يمكن استخدامها خلال سنه واذا لم تستخدمها تذهب اموالك سدى .. نصحية : ادفع 100$ زياده واحجز في شركة طيران حكومية افضل لكي تضمن حجزك . لا يوجد دعم فني للشركة . ارقام الاتصال لديهم يجعلونك مع المجيب الآلي في مكالمة قد تصل الى ساعتين . ( تكلفة ضخمه ) اغلب مكاتبهم حول العالم مغلقة . Do not book at all from the website or from the application, this company makes fake reservations at very competitive prices, and when users see it they are deceived by the prices on different applications such as Wego or the traveler or any application for reservation, after booking and payment and within two days a message comes to you to cancel the reservation And, the amount that you paid cannot be refunded to your bank account but rather they save the amount with them in an airline voucher that can be used within a year and if you do not use it your money is in vain .. advice: pay $ 100 extra and book at a better government airline to guarantee your reservation. There is no technical support for the company. Their contact numbers make you with the answering machine in a call of up to two hours. (Huge cost) Most of their offices around the world are closed.
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10 years ago, Kash1King
Useless app
As title states, useless app. It's just a link to the mobile version of the site. Therefore it's not any different then opening your browser on your smart phone and visiting their home page. Cheap efforts to make themselves "current". Go find something better to do air arabia marketing team. Like burry yourselves under the prehistoric rocks you came from.
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10 years ago, Salah Aljumhour
5 stars for AirArabia but not for the app
You need to allow for sighing so i don't have to add my info every time i book a flight & make the iPad version please, it just needs more :) Thanks
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7 years ago, Ja2dx
Useless App
You cannot sign in with air rewards ID.. You cannot book a flight through it, for unknown reason! To save your time, don't install it & use mobile website!
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8 years ago, الشامية
Not working well
Please fix your app since it doesn't log me in because it doesn't recognize any "dash"-
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10 years ago, Rithin666
It will be better to add DESKTOP WEBSITE link to access desktop website from mobile device
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11 years ago, Qannati
Great App
this application will always come in handy!!
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10 years ago, salmannk
Hofuf Airport- Saudi Arabia
Hofuf Airport is still not included in your app.
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8 years ago, يوسف صابر
Not retrieving the flight and can't find the booking
Not retrieving the flight and can't find the booking Need updates
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10 years ago, Yasseron
Harms quickly
When i search the schedule it closed it self
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10 years ago, mjn5000
Very weak
It is just connected to mobile version of the website. No Sign in, nothing specials.
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11 years ago, Moealthani
Awesome app
Great app, very easy to use
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9 years ago, Muhannad570
Waste of time
Stupid app,, after felling all the info the app crashed for 3 times.
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8 years ago, CNNXBLOOM
Worst app ever. The company hasn't updated their app in a long time.
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4 years ago, Rashed_Alsharqi
لا يعمل
التطبيق لا يعمل
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10 years ago, Zeeezoooooooooomm
Abdulaziz mansoor
Amazing app for a great company
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10 years ago, sheva
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4 years ago, Zippoacse88
غير مفيد
البرنامج غير فعال على الحجز ويوجد مشاكل بالتقنه البرنامج
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5 years ago, ابن الحفر
تطبيق بدون فائده
فعلاً تطبيق بدون فائده بالنسبه للسعوديين يرفض شراء التذاكر عن طريق الفيزاء في السعوديه شركه نصابه
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5 years ago, Q8ssaa
تطبيق فاشل مامنه اي فايده
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5 years ago, ᴬᴮᵁ ᴼᴹᴬᴿ
شكراً لكم
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5 years ago, Errabii
مشاكل بالجملة في التطبيق
من العيب ترك التطبيق دون تحدث واصلاح للاخطاء... سبق ان قمت بالحجز من خلال التطبيق، وفي النهاية توصلت برسالة تفيد بخطأ في الاداء، وبعد استشارة البنك تبين ان الاداء لم يتم... وفي محاولة اخرى نفس المشكل مرة اخرى، رسالة الخطأ وتعليق الاداء. بعد اختيار الاداء عبر وسيط، تم الاداء بنجاح...لكن بعد مرور يومين تم اقتطاع المبلغ مرتين، وبعد مراسلت مركز المساعدة تم ارجاع المبلغ المقتطع... مرة اخرى قمت باضافة وزن 20kg وبعد الاداء مرة اخرى نفس المشكل تعليق للاداء وعدم استخلاص المبلغ...قمت بزيارة وكالة للعربية للطيران قبل ساعات من الرحلة فاخبروني انه لم يتم تأكيد الاداء وانه يجب اعادة الاداء نقدا والا ستتم مضاعفة المبلغ في المطار عند التسجيل!!فماكان لي الا ان ارضخ لطلبهم ومراسلة الادارة من اجل التعويض!! الغريب انه في الوكالة نصحوني بالابتعاد عن الحجز عبر التطبيق لانه غير فعال وبه مشاكل بالجملة.
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