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Air Canada
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User Reviews for Air Canada + Aeroplan

4.73 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
3 years ago, SumanBKassis
Dedicating this to the wonderful staff of Air Canada !!!
Thank you for the care packages and thanks to Air Canada 🇨🇦 wonderful staff and that is not just today every time I go with them, I feel your team sets an example of what it means to really feel you can actually be happy and safe traveling and most importantly safe during this pandemic. Even though I felt I was seeing staff look like a scene of health workers from the hospital , their smile and politeness towards the travels was a testament to how well Air Canada operates. It would be nice if you would consider making a change in 2021 that is adding free breakfast meal to the domestic line as well and not just the business which I had the experience of getting during my seat change request not knowing I would land in the business section. I enjoyed the breakfast while constantly thinking of people in domestic who don’t get one. I hope you consider making this change and add free breakfast for domestic line too. Thank you once again for a wonderful and safe flight.
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1 year ago, BDABEAN
Multiple days
Love the app and use it a lot. Only criticism is that it doesn’t show multiple days with prices on one screen. Would be nice to see if there is a flight another time instead of getting the “there are no flights available on that day”.
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2 years ago, M. Batchelor
Great app but dissatisfied with customer service
This app is wonderful & makes the process with flights seamless. It’s incredibly user friendly. The customer service however has been extremely disappointing & a horrible experience so far. Our bags until now are lost, it’s been 7 days since arriving in Zurich & we’ve heard absolutely nothing from air Canada. This is very unprofessional & has ruined our trip. Our return flight is in 2 days & I fear that our bags will be lost forever. No one has contacted us even if we’ve filed a report & obviously no update since the report was filed either. Air Canada definitely needs to get this resolved or I believe they will have many law suits coming their way as we are definitely not the only passengers to experience this. It’s a great airline, air plane & flights staff are wonderful BUT if you are flying air Canada DO NOT check your bags in!!
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4 years ago, jsonlinter
Is this app done?
REVISING TO A 1 out of 5. This app is so bad that you will receive a notification on your iPhone that a flight schedule has changed. BUT open the app and there will be no such alert (there is no alert screen) and the flight in your itinerary will still show...the old schedule. Quit the app and restart, same thing, no update. IF ANYTHING THE APP SHOULD ALWAYS SHOW THR CORRECT INFORMATION. The right way to build an app is for it to pull updates the second you relaunch it or pull down from the top to refresh or for Pete’s sake offer a button that says “Check for updates.” No idea what Air Canada is doing. And the little bell at the top. That should not lead to a setting. Those go in “Settings.” That bell icon should lead to, wait for it...Alerts (seen and unseen). Absolutely unacceptable. —- Seriously, it’s like they got half way through making this app and then kind of gave up and embedded a web view to finish it off. My boarding passes don’t show up in the app even after checking in. You can’t add your pass to the wallet unless you long click on the link? You can only retrieve your pass by going back to check in where it then tells you you’ve already checked in (duh) and then gives you the option to view your pass! Thing is, that looks like a call each time to the internet so if you’re phone for whatever reason doesn’t have a signal at the gate... Like how is this considered version 5 of an app when I don’t see it as version 1?
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2 years ago, L_e_v
No keyboard to log in on the iPad app
On the iPad app sign-up page, the keyboard doesn’t show up to enter the login credentials. You need to write them somewhere else like the Notes app, then copy and paste. How is it that such an app can get so many 5-star ratings? Okay, here’s an update. The screen when no keyboard showed up was at the very first time I wanted to create an account on this app. (I had an account years ago, but somehow it was deleted.) Now that I got a new account on a computer, the login screen on the app shows a gray bottom-third area with an option to bring the keyboard on the left-bottom of it (and also presenting my login email on the top-middle of it inherited from the shared Keychain). That gray area never showed up during my initial creating-an-account process. There was and is nothing wrong with my iPad as suggested by the developer, so I’m sticking with my rating.
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2 weeks ago, Roger L Raj
Service needs improvement
It is given that Flight Attendant’s job is stressful, so is flying as a customer, but a professional flight attendant’s smile and courtesy goes long way in making fliers welcoming and relaxing. I have flown to and from India 6 times in last 2 years ( with my aged father and mother) with the unprofessionalism attitude from the most of your crew, giving a feeling if we are a burden on them. When One asks for a cup of coffee and there are so many different ways to say NO. Sorry to say that such rude and hostile attitude do not belong in this profession. It makes a terrifying and scary environment thus horrible experience. At the end of the flight by saying ‘ Thank you for flying with Air Canada ‘ doesn't erase the experience. I will have hard time convincing myself to book another flight with Air Canada.
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12 months ago, Product Feedback
Cannot Access Tickets
While I am usually a huge fan of this app and a fellow Product Lead on a global mobile app, I found a Sev 1 issue that is impacting the user experience. My ticket is not accessible in the app, both from the reservation and the quick action drawer. It quickly pulls up and then back down, without the ability to interact with the ticket or download to Apple Wallet. I also tried the text a ticket feature but the web view simply times out. There’s no way to access my digital ticket so I had to retrieve a paper ticket. Hope your team can resolve this quickly as it impacts the traveler experience, especially leading into a busy holiday weekend!
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11 months ago, even-stephen-d-123
Limited functionality and boarding pass glitches
I recently redownload this app to see if it could have reset my issue but no change- boarding passes pop up but immediately close such that you cannot view it nor click the add to wallet button. I’ve had to screenshot the screen while it is mid movement. Additionally the app doesn’t have a lot of functionality, it opens i-frames for everything and takes you to mobile site. All other airlines have native app experiences (seat selection, standby, changes, etc). This is purely a flight status app that launches websites to complete any actual functions. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, lightsp33d
Shared calendar with shared reservation deletes flights
We have a family shared iCloud calendar. We also share reservations in the app. The problem is that when the other person taps on Trips at the bottom, the app sends a deleted notification to the Calendar Inbox to everyone else. It says “Flight … deleted by …”. This should be fixed ASAP. Also, there are a lot of taps (steps) to see basic information, and information comes piece-wise: why can I see all information other than the terminal info, which I can see on the next screen? Why not include it in the previous screen? And so on.
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1 year ago, Computer novice
I’ve noticed something about App updates over the past few months. An App may have 5 stars but look at the most recent reviews and they’re all negative. I have no idea what this App used to be like but it is awful now. It took 5 tries to create an account, each time I had to re-enter my login info and a new verification number sent to my email. Finally I got the account created and tried to download my flight info. I got boarding passes for my wife and I for the first leg of our flight. For the second leg which is overseas, I got a boarding pass for my wife but none for me…then I got a second boarding pass for the first leg…then the app crashed.
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11 months ago, Akehru
Underwhelming and underperforming
The app is seriously slow and unreliable. - flight time change was not notified and not updated in the AC app even within a day of flight, while Flighty updated and notified way ahead. How does the airline’s own app is behind for its own flight??!! - after the tortuously slow check-in procedure (in its web site, not even within the app - what is the point of the app then?), it kept failing to add boarding pass to Apple Wallet, with repeated error messages. - the app still didn’t show I was checked in even 2 hours after. Still trying to get the boarding pass as I am writing this review. - after my flight cancellation notice was received, they booked me on a code-shared airliner but there was no update on that flight in the app. I had to scramble to find out the terminal and gate number frantically due to the short lay over. (Hoping Flighty will help with this kind of issue from now). - did I say SLOW?
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2 years ago, Kel1st
Poor app performance-took my money!
I have tried to like using this app but it always returns an error when trying to complete my purchase. Usually resolved with a live agent except… This time it returned an error and produced a ticket that disappeared and did not register as a paid booked flight. After speaking a live agent they had no record of my transaction yet took the (2k) money from account. I spoke with my bank to confirm the money was paid to AirCanada and it was. The money went out to AirCanada. Yet AirCanada claims no money was received and that the transaction would “fall off” after 48 hours. I have an open dispute with my bank about this and today is the end of 48 hours and still my money has not been returned. I can only surmise that it is a bias to USA customers? Will update as this gets resolved. In the meantime if you need to fly on this airline call and wait the 60+ minutes to speak with a live agent. The app is absolutely useless.
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1 year ago, Zagros II
A Suggestion for a More User-Friendly Interface
While the app currently opens a browser session for most operations and requests, I believe there is room for improvement. In my experience using other airline apps such as Emirates and Turkish, their user interface was exceptional compared to this one. Please don't take my feedback as a compliment, but rather as a suggestion to consider enhancing the user experience by rethinking the way the app is used and making it more user-friendly.
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3 months ago, Rude Boy Chad
What you should expect from the government
The app will not save my profile information such as Passport and Known Traveler Numbers. The Save button does not work. It crashes at least once every time I attempt to check in, usually when I am forced to manually enter my Passport or KTN that the app will not allow me to save. I am unable to save my boarding passes to my Apple wallet, again stellar functionality like the Same button that will not save information. What a hassle, but I skills expect this from Air Canada, the same airline that shrugged its shoulders at me when cancelling a flight.
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2 years ago, DK_TO
Several bugs with the UI - just terrible
There are several bugs. When you click on the Aeroplan tab, the LCBO pop upder appears persistently. Touching close or the X in the top corner merely minimizes the pop under until it appears a second later. This repeats to infinity. Completely useless tab as it’s just the same as banner!! If you’re logged into the app, clicking on estore link mandates another login, even through you’re logged into the app. There’s no authentication handshake - again, this is a simple bug to avoid, and suggests the Air Canada developers are incompetent, or their app vendor should be fired.
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2 years ago, TonyMenendez
RA Menendez
Quite a comprehensive app with easy navigation and troubleshooting except for cancellations and refunds ( by phone with Aeroplan! ). The app saves a lot of time vis a vis an eternal phone immunization with Air Canada ( although representatives are cordial and professional ) I have not tried a multi city travel plan yet , but will soon. Very little room for improvement. Great job !!
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3 years ago, Hawkey9790
Embarrassingly Arrogant Customer Service
Air Canada lost my bag while I traveled from YYZ to DCA about 10 days ago. You would expect that after having the audacity to charge for checked baggage they’d at least attempt to get in touch with me to make things right after my bag was delayed for 3 days. But no, not only does Air Canada not have the shame to reach out. They don’t feel the need to respond to my requests submitted via their own form. They know I paid via their own app but will act like they don’t have any accountability to their customers.
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4 months ago, nousernamedisplayed
Aeroplan login via app not working (update 2/5/24)
[UPDATE 2/5/24: Thank you for fixing the problem promptly - it is working now!] The aeroplan login does not work as of 2/2/24 on an iPhone 15 pro max. The app loads a Safari browser window within the app that simply states “Safari can’t open the page because the network connection was lost”. Very frustrating.
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4 months ago, 😣💖😣
Great Airline
Every time I fly Air Canada it’s a lovely experience. Such polite staff and very clean. Provides pillow and blanket and two meals + drinks for international flights. Can watch so many movies and play games on the in seat screens. Only thing I wish is that the airplane had wireless earbud connection available. 10/10! :)
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8 months ago, Tonythetagger
Please go review West Jet app
The app works but is not as good as west jet’s app. I was able to upgrade my seats even after change in on the west jet app with ease. This app it is confusing and unclear what the price is. I think it is $55 each but when you click on the seat it doesn’t state. The home page is littered with ads instead of my flight information. That stuff is on another page/click.
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1 year ago, As sports
Boarding pass on the app won’t load
I can see my boarding pass at the bottom of the app and when I click it the boarding pass flashes for a second and goes away. I’ve gone into “Trips” to click on my itinerary and again does the same thing. I’ve tried the other tabs at the bottom “Aeroplan”, “Flight Status” boarding pass wont stay up. Very inconvenient. I tried rebooting my phone and deleting the app and adding it back in. No luck. App is only good for checking in.
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1 year ago, DgOnAS
A national embarrassment
Considering this is the largest Canadian airline, one would assume they could have managed in 15yrs to put together a working iOS app for their customers. You’d be wrong. The app keeps logging me out for no reason, it took ten attempts to validate my phone number for multi-factor authentication (no advanced MFA options based on either authenticator apps or hardware keys); when trying to access travel requirements for a specific booking, it keeps asking me for the details of my flight, which is where we started from after all. Even providing again the booking reference the app doesn’t work. Complete disaster for basic functionality and now they want to store advanced facial recognition data… I can only imagine the mess. Time to hire a serious development team and restart from scratch.
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2 weeks ago, ZenVester
Constant Verification Required
As someone who travels frequently and likes to quickly jump on to research hotels, cars, aeroplan points etc - it is extremely annoying to have to authenticate EVERY time I open the app. I was told it is to protect the Wallet, prevent anyone from accessing my wallet. I wish there were a way to opt out of this time sucking requirement. Such an inconvenience for an extremely small likelihood of me loosing my phone and someone buying an airline ticket (?!) If necessary please enable face recognition for your frequent travelers.
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2 years ago, Maria-Deifilia
Did not work for me
Had to buy the ticket as a guest. Could not sign in for Aeroplan. System took a long long while to process my purchase only to say try again. When I tried again the price of ticket had gone up. Had to pay more. It’s been painful to purchase my ticket this time with Air Canada. Unfortunately they don’t have competition for my itinerary.
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3 months ago, F8.1955
Air Canada App
Wish other airlines will adopt this easy friendly system to checking and follow up your travels and it gets better every time. And I am a frequent flyer and after trying other airlines, no way I am going to change from Air Canada and its app
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2 years ago, Jenga2100
Horrible app. Wouldn’t update on cellular or WiFi
Awful app. It is something to be desired. I was in atl. The AC flight was delayed like always. I was getting texts and emails about flight statuses and changes. But the app would not reflect the latest changes. The boarding passes never updated. I was signed in with my Aeroplan creds. I signed out and signed in with no resolution. Rebooting the phone did not resolve the issue. The app has a long way to go to even get 3/5 stars. Please hire app dev folks from delta. Their app is A+ top notch!
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3 months ago, Mikiish
AC needs to hire new app developers
This app is super slow and takes you to a web page half the time, which defeats the purpose of the app. Some of the features (changing flights) don’t work and simply leave you on a loading screen indefinitely, and you end up having to call in and wait on hold for 1-2 hours… Other features, like looking at your ticket, switch your phone to max screen brightness which is also especially annoying.
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3 years ago, DAWApp
Great improvements!
Now that Aeroplan is integrated into the App, everything Air Canada is together in one place. So much easier. Looking forward to a better check-in process, and maybe to manage my reservations directly in the App.
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2 years ago, Daaaaaaaddy
The app displays a countdown to when your trip is which I absolutely love. You can see and change your seat, along with being able to see the entire plane very easily. The set up is great
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10 months ago, No Lost
Provided NO information about flight. Incoming flight info - not available, seat map - not available, entertainment info - not available. It did have the flight number and when we were supposed to take out. Of course when the flight was delayed, no info was available on the app until every other source had the info. It even took two tries to transfer the boarding pass to the wallet.
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9 months ago, Aaron de Long
Does Everything but what you NEED
I can book Ubers from this app, but can’t add something as simple as Know-Traveler-Number. While the UI is pretty, it kind of just hides the fact that you can’t do anything with it. Like, you can’t even chat with agent. You have to call them and wait, or you use Facebook Messenger and no on responds. You are virtually dependent on the desktop web like it’s 1999. The agents on the phone admitted they didn’t even know how to find things in the app.
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2 years ago, CQSL
All Apps should be earlier iOS compatible ie. Backward Compatibility. It is now a big headache to go thru websites, especially when an App is available for ease of use … just imagine a person with an iPhone 6 has has iOS 12 only cannot access his/her Aeroplan account and has to compulsorily go thru your website … image your family elders trying to navigate thru your website, instead of using the App, which has ever available directly
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8 months ago, DCspacegirl
Never had such a glitchy app and service before
I downloaded the aircanada app since I spent a whole day trying to change my reservation on the website and it would time out and prices go higher and the calling customer service either kicked me off or on hold forever. The app isn’t better since I can’t change the reservation either or they can’t find existing bookings. Super disappointed with air Canada in general
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7 months ago, Remiroo94501
Standby & Incoming Flight
I cannot see the upgrade/standby & incoming flight information anymore. I use the app often and this wasn’t a problem until recently. Every time I click to see the standby/upgrade info or the incoming flight, it just changes the time between military and standard time.
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10 months ago, eddyviola
I love Air Canada 🇨🇦
Always has been a reliable airline and as a classical musician who has to travel with my viola, the airline crews have always been super with me— very lucky! Just flew from Buenos Aires to Montreal and had amazing experience! Highly recommended 🤩❤️
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2 years ago, MiniMan1957
Link to Aeroplan Number.
I like the app, but it is annoying when I’m logged into the app, and then check in for flights, and it doesn’t populate my aeroplan number on the boarding passes. Which requires re-checking in to make the add. Otherwise it is a good app.
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1 year ago, Kabirakp
I always find these airline apps helpful because it works for many things for me digitally and I don’t have to hold on to my hard copies of boarding pass, tickets, etc.
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8 months ago, DiscoveryDEGA
Great experience
As someone who doesn’t travel as must as I with, Air Canada treated me nice. The service was outstanding and the staff were very kind and friendly. If I could, I would fly again anytime.
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2 months ago, sstarzh
Update: 5.44.1 is still broken
5.44 upgrade completely broke the app. It is not loading anymore. Upgraded to 5.44.1 and it still doesn’t work and exits after showing the black screen with the Air Canada logo for 10 seconds. Update: after completely removing and reinstalling the app it is working now.
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12 months ago, Johnny 5312
Don’t download if you have any other star alliance membership
Don’t download if you’re trying to get your points on United or any star alliance membership. I put in my United number and when I downloaded the app it automatically puts the points in a aeroplan account. I spoke with several people frustrated with my problems at air Canada and they kept saying too bad there’s nothing they can do. And blamed me for downloading this stupid app.
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1 year ago, Vageli13
Lost my bags, no customer support, AVOID at all costs
They lost my bags last year and they still haven’t reimbursed me. There is ZERO customer support. I fell in the trap to book with them because they were the cheapest option but it was a disaster!!! Never again this mistake. Better pay a slightly higher price and be sure that if things go wrong the company will support you. Air Canada doesn’t do that, avoid before it’s too late.
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12 months ago, Discouraged in CA
Air Canada App
Usually, I like the Air Canada app but, for about a month now, I cannot get any information about booking a round trip flight to Rome in October. Air Canada should post something to explain why this information isn’t available instead of just apologizing for the information not being available.
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9 months ago, Barnun
Love This App
I find the Air Canada app very user friendly. I appreciate the alerts to check in as well as the update notifications. Especially love “your flight is now boarding!”
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1 year ago, Murtaza Chevel
Easy and quick to use app
I travel frequently and Air Canada app is amazing and easy to use compared to many others.
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11 months ago, heykarentran
Cannot retrieve boarding passes
There is a glitch in this app that does not allow you to access or save your boarding pass after you’ve checked in. I checked in fine but when I went to retrieve my boarding pass, the tab slid up then down immediately, not allowing me to see or save it. Now I have to go to the check in desk at the airport early, to get a printed pass.
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4 years ago, mam349
Horrible! Last minute flights are no longer 12,500
Before this app launched i checked for flights and the Aeroplan app had flights for 12,500 points everyday to my destination ...this new app is saying 30,000 for the same flight- I’m hoping this is an app issue; Not our hard earned points being watered down to more then half!! Please fix this- very few people are flying, you can’t tell me all the flights are sold out!
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3 years ago, Sir Glenn V
Change Seats?!?
This app is only moderately good for viewing information. Actually doing anything like booking or changing seats is terrible. Example: I currently have round trip tickets and I want to change seat location on the return flight. Every time I try, it shows the right flight/plane but shows I’m sitting in the same seats as my first flight (which I’m really not).
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12 months ago, SIMZ100
Tough time using app
It’s very hard to make any changes. if you want to make a booking for someone else it automatically picks up your name. then to change the name. It’s so complicated there’s no answer there’s no way to contact them it’s just impossible.
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2 years ago, trvlgal16
Worst airline app
I will say this is the worst airline app I’ve ever ever. Completely non intuitive, seat selection fails to work a majority of the time, and the design is something I would have expected from a third tier airline 10 years ago. Please, go look at Deltas app. See how intuitive and easy it is and how well they’ve designed the UI. You are the flagship airline of Canada. Please do better.
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2 years ago, User3578543
App doesn’t recognize booking
My iOS is 16.2 and prior to updating to new iOS I had no issues bringing up my reservation within the app. App is updated to latest version. Thankfully I can check my reservation on the website but this is highly inconvenient seeing how I will be flying soon. When I try and add my reservation in the app it says “Booking reference not found (RetrievePNR - 2301)”
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