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Societe Air France S.A.
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User Reviews for Air France - Book a flight

4.74 out of 5
20.7K Ratings
4 years ago, benyaminrabhy
Lowered the quality from previous App
The latest update lowered the quality of services that we used to have before on the same App. There is no multi destinations option, I was not able to pick a seat and pricing were different from the website. Usually updates provide improvement but in the case of this App it went on the opposite direction.
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5 years ago, BZhor
The worst app ever
It took me 2 hours to reset my password and get it to work. I finally booked my ticket then I get a conformation email then another confrontation email. My ticket was booked twice. I called the support line, I was told the system is down, and they asked me to call back after 2 hours. I called back the second time, their system is till down. The third time I called an employe answered me, I told her what happened and she started to laugh. I am not sure what was funny about my horrible experience. I got upset and hang up, and called back again, this time I was able to speak to a supervisor. She then voided one ticket and now I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for the refund. I could choice a different airline but I have always traveled with AirFrance, however it’s a big disappointment this time, this is has to be the last time I travel with them. Customer service is what makes a company or break it. When I choice a company, I choice them for their Belief as company and their customer service. You guys are a big disappointment, and this will be the last time I will travel with you. I hope you technically improve your website/ app and so as your customer service skills... most of client pay extra money to be treated good or at lest right. BTW this the first time that that I review an app or a service ! You can only imagine how horrible my experience was.
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5 months ago, itaexpat
Fix the latency
Je sais pas si le développeur lira une revue dans le store anglais mais bon, j’essaye… je suis membre Platinum de Flying Blue et j’espère que mon opinion vaudra bien quelque chose. This is overall a pretty good product and I like the new design that came with the latest releases, but the app suffers from serious latency issues. It takes forever to load content on flight reservations, which is so inconvenient while using on the go during travel. The KLM app has the same problem, which means the two probably share the same infrastructure. Please please please fix the latency on both apps. If you have to sacrifice quality and refinement of the design, so be it. This product serves frequent flyers with no time to waste. Function over form is key. S’il vous plaît et je vous en prie.
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1 year ago, Hexawise
Did anyone test this?
If someone tested this app before releasing it, they were not nearly thorough enough. I cannot check in to my Air France flight even after providing all the information the app requests. The app says Frequent Flier program is missing. It is not. It’s correctly input into the app. Furthermore, it is optional info that should not prevent passengers from check in. Their online systems are equally useless and frustrating. No error messages appear, but passengers trying to check in for flights are mysteriously redirected to pages from earlier in the process. Inexcusably poor. So now I’ll wake up at 2AM and go to the airport to check in there. And possibly get stuck in a middle seat for both the trans-Atlantic flight and my connecting flight. Oh, and Air France also misplaced my bag for a week. It still is somewhere in CDG/Paris. No communication, 60 min+ telephone waits. It’s like Waiting for Godot. I can, I guess, understand the misplaced bag. But when software is tested superficially and doesn’t provide any remotely sensible error messages, that’s harder to forgive. Please do better.
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1 year ago, MohammadFL
Worst company to fly with
I’m just gonna make it simple. I booked to connecting flights and both of them was late, first one 2 hours and second one 40 mins. When I arrived to my destination my luggage didn’t arrive then I made claim in the airport and online and started calling customer service no body knows nothing. After 10 days my bag hasn’t arrived and I’m out of my medicine now. Called them again they say last update was 8 days ago and we don’t have further information. I figured this happened to dozens of people every day with Air France. The worst company ever you won’t travel with. Since I’m out of my medicine abroad I can’t buy it again without prescription. Probably I have legitimate case to sue soon.
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1 year ago, LadyDee2010
Low grade
I would expect more quality. There’s always an issue when trying to view the seating map and selecting or changing seats; I almost always have to refresh. Also, on the phone they say to use the app to make the same changes, but that’s not possible. I always have to call the phone number for upgrades and this is 2022 not 1980. You can’t say on the phone to use the app instead if the app does not have the same functionality. And if customers have to keep calling for assistance then it might be helpful if people would answer the phone.
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2 years ago, guyergalp
Un Grand Problème/A Big Problem
SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH Si vous lisez en français je suis désolé si c’est un peu difficile. Ça n’est pas ma première langue. J’avais besoin de vérifier de l’information concernant mon vol et j’ouvre l’application, et il dit que le vol est annulé. Naturellement, j’appelle la compagnie pour demander ce que je devrais faire et pour demander pour que je n’avais reçu un email ou quelqu’autre message. Ils me disent que le vol n’est pas annulé, et il y avait un problème technique. Évidemment je suis content que le vol ne soit pas annulé, mais si ça se passe, à beaucoup plus de personnes ça pourrait être très mauvais. La compagnie doit réparer vite ce problème. I needed to check some information concerning my flight, and I opened the app, and it said the flight is cancelled. Naturally, I called the company to ask what I should do and ask why I didn’t get an email or some other message. They told me that the flight was not cancelled, but that the app had a glitch. Obviously I’m happy that the flight isn’t cancelled, but if this happens to more people that could be very bad. The airline needs to fix this problem quickly.
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3 years ago, MikeF59
Crashes and bugs
in booking search, trying to switch from Business to Economy results in crashes. Also, when checking the profile details, the screen goes upside down... Really poor interface.
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5 months ago, Hussaisha
Delta and air France are The worst airlines period
They trick you with cheap prices.I booked my flight in the 12 th of April 2023 , but They canceled my trip because of a technical problems in the plane . After letting us sitting in the aeroport of Raleigh-Durham for more than 6 hours. MY TICKET THAT BOOKED I DID PAY EXTRA MONEY FOR EXTRA LEG ROOM AND MEAL IN ALL MY TRIP. Plus more money if I want to cancel my return .They declined it and rebooked it with no extra things that I booked the first flight and no refund … I CALLED THEM THEY SAID YOU NEED TO CALL DELTA. I CALLED DELTA THEY SENT ME BACK TO AIRFRANCE…NO OPTION NO WAY I AM FLYING WITH THEM .Not only me MOST THE TRAVELERS THERE HAS THE SAME ISSUES ,ENDS UP WITH ME BUYING ANOTHER TICKET FOR MY RETURN .
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3 years ago, CrookedHood
Seems like they haven’t improved at all
Tried this garbage pile of an app 4 years ago. It was intensely buggy and difficult to use. Even basic things like logging in was an issue. Tried it again today because I have an upcoming trip. The app literally won’t even get past the login without popping constant errors and making you log back in again. Reading the other reviews I’m not surprised at their experiences. It appears Air France just doesn’t care at all about their customer experience with anything outside of the actual plane. It’s been years of issues and still no fixes.
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4 years ago, Davos Marak
Worst App I have ever encountered for a customer service company
Does Airfrance have a technical team or a CIO or anything around that? The app wouldn’t pass a QA test. You can’t delete your passport information, and if you modify it, it adds a new passport on top of the older one. If you add any frequent flyer information, it won’t be saved. It says it’s saved, but it won’t save it. You can’t modify your credit card info even though you can try multiple times. Just a waste of time and energy and really disrespectful to anyone flying your airline. Take some lessons from Emirates or Qatar airlines. Even Delta app is way better.
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3 months ago, glev1
If only it would reliably enter travel documents reliably
Unfortunately I have had nothing but trouble entering Flying Blue numbers and residence cards. I enter the data and it typically says something went wrong. After doing this numerous times and force quitting the app, it somehow eventually saves the data. And then I can proceed to check in. But the prices takes 10-20 minutes. Inexcusable for such a major airline.
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5 years ago, Stephan muscle head
Worse app
Have not written a review in years but this Air France app deserves a special mention as it is so bad. After entering my ticket number, passport information and all they requested, i have yet to be able to get a boarding pass on my phone. Instead I get some offer to email my boarding pass, which I ultimately accepted out of frustration but have yet to receive 2 hours later. As for getting the boarding pass on my cell i keep getting some stupid error message, which makes no sense. Air france, please pay your pilots less and spend more on your programmers!
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2 years ago, On a long journey for incremental innovation gains
impossible to login - Air France irresponsible
this App has been out of order for more than a week. Just no login. There is a spinning wheel (grey) on the login page and it just does not work. The help desk has been told to tell passengers to reset their password, and of course that's useless (we can login on PC - it's the App that's screwed up, dummies). As usual, Air France is a poorly managed company: no reprinting system, a clueless CIO that got his job through clientelism ; IT services managed by nepotism and incompetence. No reporting system. No response from customer service. Welcome to Air France
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6 months ago, Waianae1
App is horrible!
It’s after 1 AM on the East Coast and I have spent at least four hours today trying to book this flight. That included 30 minute wait to the 800 number only to be told that my flight was being booked within the EU and I would have to wait till tomorrow until, someone was in their European office to help me. Unbelievable very disappointed as I have always loved Air France.
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5 years ago, Mkscms
Passenger Info Screen Not Functioning
Even when I am logged in, the passenger info screen that pops up when I try to book flights includes none of my personal data and won’t even let me add my Flying Blue number (All other SkyTeam partners are presented as options in the drop down list.) Weirdly, Flying Blue IS an option for “Passenger 2.” (But there is no way to access my profile’s “travel companions.” I used to use this app frequently and never had this problem until recently. Until this glitch is fixed, I’ll book with other airlines.
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1 year ago, rpauck
Keeps logging me out since update
Hey Air France, your most recent update keeps logging me out of my account after almost every use. This was not the case before the update. Additionally I was not able to check in for my most recent flight using the app (I was told to check in at the airport) but I was able to check-in through the KLM website and get my wallet boarding pass that way. You need to fix this asap.
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3 months ago, Airfranceapp
Oops! our app is useless
Haven’t been able to log in for at least 6 weeks. Clicking log in takes me to a page that says oops that page doesn’t exist. Tried accepting all cookies, opening link in another browser on my phone (not that that would log me in to the app anyway). There have been 2 updates since I was logged out and the problem first started—neither of which solved it. Oh and I also tried submitting page notes and emails to no avail.
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5 months ago, Roprgm
Good app, just a bug reported
App support link is not working. Check the timezones in flight changes view. I have a flight for May 20 23:55 and in the changes screen it says my original flight is May 21 (it will be 21 but in the destination timezone) causing an error during the change request.
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4 years ago, free-nickname
Can’t save bookings made elsewhere
This is a general problem with Air France’s database, not just the app (at least they are consistent!). Even though I was able to find a booking (made via another internet travel site), it wouldn’t be saved into my bookings, which means I have to search for it each time I use the app. (I have an account) . It probably also means that it won’t notify me if there are changes etc regarding the flight, even though I made sure to add that information. This doesn’t happen with, say, JetBlue. grrr...
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1 year ago, RBW in NJ
Fix Your App
I’m going to Europe shortly on Virgin and Air France. The Virgin app lets me right in without making an account. Air France makes you jump through hoops to set up an account and whats to know what gender I prefer, how about using what I was born as? Anyway, I made a typo on my last name so the app won’t find my booking. No way to edit it so I deleted the account. When i went to create a new one it won’t let me use my email because it us all ready in the system. Guess nobody in France ever makes a typo?
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6 months ago, Tpb718
Like a bad joke
This app is almost comically bad. Did they try their hardest to make a worthless app? Select a flight get to payments check flight details notice wrong flight time. Think I made a mistake but over and over again same wrong time shows up. Next day it magically shows correct date when I try again. But payment doesn’t seem to go through. Shows up as booked but with no ticket issued. I’ll never take Delta for granted again.
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2 years ago, Unhappycamper123356
Not as bad as people have said
I just downloaded the app. Signed up for an account and downloaded my boarding passes all within 5 minutes. Maybe I got lucky but it would appear that they have drastically improved the quality of service through the app.
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2 years ago, rhesus+
It’s just bad
Seriously a terrible App. Took my wife and I an hour to change our seats in the app. In order to get a duo seat you have to book each person separately, which is annoying in the first place but then the cost for the „upgrade“ is displayed as 29$ initially however when you add the second passenger increases to 59 dollar for the second seat, which is borderline scamworthy behavior and very much a bait and switch. Hate the app and honestly also won’t use Air France again.
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4 years ago, lklk82
Bad app
This app needs to be improved. I book a lot through Delta and their app is amazing. When I travel to France and book through Delta but the airline I’m flying on is their affiliate Air France, I have to check in on the Delta app then log onto Air France app which does not pull up your booking confirmation. I have to find my flight confirmation # and add the Delta flight # and takes forever to pull up. Then I have to add my checked bags on the site. Horrible. Wish they would spend some money like Delta on their app.
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7 months ago, sanzie2
Can’t even check in
I would give it zero stars if I could. It is not very good. It cannot complete international check-ins because it cannot scan / complete the travel document portion. It’s (in my opinion) one of the most important aspects of an airline app. It is definitely buggy and limited on other functionality too but that is definitely my biggest pet peeve. It’s basically an app because they feel like they need an app but it doesn’t function well.
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8 months ago, Rayyzr
Easy and convenient
I like the app interface which is user friendly and matches dark theme on my phone.
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5 years ago, poonsix
Starting over is fun!
If you agree with the title of this review, then this app is for you! Every time I viewed an option but decided not to pursue, I had to start over the checkin process. Including looking up my flight by flight number. Annoying. Trying to buy an upgrade? I hope you have miles because apparently paying with actual money is not allowed. Terrible app. At leas I was finally able to checkin. Well.... I think. :/
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1 year ago, The Steph'
I tried hard... but no. Really, no.
Need to login constantly, which kinda defeat the purpose of the app. Flight info are not updating in any useful way. Had a flight that changed gate. The app never updated, whereas a third party one was providing the correct info. Same for flight delay. Navigation is poor, look and feel is poor. And for almost 2 weeks now, the login page is stuck and I can't use it. Completely useless.
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1 year ago, Archie102
Latest update made this app even worse …
With this update 1.UXP Is not showed anymore under my flying blue profile 2. When trying view/choose seats you have to go through extra screens instead opening seat map in old version, not customer friendly and cost extra time needed …Just roll back previous version!
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2 months ago, 치매아줌마
Crash, crash, crash!
I already reported it through the app but i want to make sure the it gets updated. I added my daughter’s trip that was purchased through another website and when I want to check the booking status, the app crashes and doesn’t respond. I hope they will fix the issue quickly.
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1 year ago, FF Platinum for Life
Last update remove all interesting features
The last update is terrible, all fun facts were removed (same for KLM app), most of the time you need to play with the app AND the website version to get to check-in, change a flight or other products. Also need to re login every day even though the save my login is checked.
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5 years ago, YFWDC
Lack of option to cancel a “think time payment”
There is a lack of option to cancel a “think time payment” so that one can make another think time option with the same outbound flight but different inbound flight, without having both bookings cancelled due to double booking of inbound flight.
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5 months ago, Alovelyme
Can’t book flights
Every time I tried to book my flight it would be cancelled because payment didn’t go through. I used the website and removed the app and everything went through. Many times the app showed no return flights when there are always return flights from where I am going. It was horrible. I hope they fix this app.
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8 months ago, Daanbe
Guys, you really should do something about the IT director
First they did a major rollout of the app at the beginning of august last year….where it was not possible to use the old version of the app…. Smart at one of the highest moment of the summer season, don’t you think ? Then the new app is just a huge pile of bugs. I have tried to make a reservation and it failed not less than 5 times in a row !!!!!!! Not to mention I am a Gold member because I flight from the USA to France back and forth every month at lease…. I love Air France flight attendants, but the administration guys and especially IT are amateurs… Please guys take actions and fast please. I’ll probably try another company next time…. Too bad
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7 months ago, Denisdg
Slow to load reservations
: Overall it’s a good reliable app. However since they revamped it some months ago it is very slow to load the list of reservations. Very annoying 10 second wait as this is what I do all the time.
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4 years ago, not a fan of air france
With all the bad reviews I hope I’ll get to France on my booked ticket. Now Air France asks me to scan my passport. Why? It says scan your passport now but the app doesn’t get me anywhere to scan it. During check-in they check the passport anyways why do they stress us on top of the stress I booked my flight on-line. Now I cannot even send my rating! Now any nickname I choose is taken.
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5 months ago, Greenwich Village M
You still can’t search for business class flights using miles
When you click “use my miles”, the app automatically switches to “economy” and you can’t choose any other fare classes. You used to be able to do that, but with the update from a couple of months ago there’s still this glitch. Could you please fix that?
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4 years ago, ChrisWest57
Getting better but still buggy
Delta is my standard for airline apps. AF is pretty good, but buggy for a few reasons. I will start with a note that I prefer the app experience over the website experience for managing existing bookings. - The app logs you out after every session. You need to re log in each time. - Several critical features (seat & meal selection for example) are web based experiences that appear to be I-framed into the app. So they don’t work seamlessly in the overall experience It’s a mandatory for AF fliers in my opinion, and it works - but it could be better.
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4 years ago, Bravolb
Not working
There is always bugs that prevent me from completing my booking. Iam using iphone max pro ios 13. This problem doesn’t exist on my other iphone max with same ios 13.
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5 years ago, MoctaBel
Very very very unprofessional mobile app I have seen in my life after you find a flight there’s no where you go to make to the purchase
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2 days ago, Stop Asking for Nicknames1
H Keith Hildebrand
Air France did not recognize Delta App, and when I tried to create a Air France Account, it redirected me to KLM, which I already have an account for, but would not recognize the Air France Flight. Also, when checking in, would not let me continue without destination address, but would not tell me it was missing until I clicked on documents three times.
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6 months ago, Jailson Skywalker
No boarding pass
Air France has the best UI design of any app. That said, the UX falls short on the most important : for some reason didn't give us a boarding pass, making us waste time at the airport. The same trip I got boarding pass from Lufthansa and Air Canada.
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5 years ago, Jempi28
Latest update 7.9.0 does not work on iPhone X
Glad I’m not traveling right now. The latest update 7.9.0 opens up and immediately closes down, on my iPhone X. Not nice!
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2 months ago,
Lots of Bugs
The app and the website do not work for checking in when there is an international flight with Covid information needed. Please fly with another company as their response times are also very slow. Whatever response they will make to this review is also false as they want to do damage control
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1 year ago, BrandBuff
Not even half of what one has one to expect
You see a pop-up window telling you “Sorry, this function is not available right now” about 75% of the time: No remote check in, no seating maps available, no schedule updates, no… any of the functionalities you would find on the average airline apps out there. Mal fait quoi!
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4 years ago, 115ab115
FiX issue with API, cannot check-in online
French citiZen, green card. cannot check in online to US (used to, and am Flying Blue Platinum, have done this about once a month for years). error is “you need an esta” - i dont, and i have entered greencard info. btw, at airport checkin, they need to delete all the info and start over to make it work. if i cannot check in online, AF, you’re toast: i’ll use Delta and BON VOYAGE. fix your app!
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4 years ago, Working mom in NY
Works well- Pick a seat, get the ticket on your phone
This app works well. I use it to review my upcoming trips, pick a seat when I want to, review my mileage balance and to get my eTicket!
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2 months ago, First Time Princess Cruiser
Could be more user friendly
And the website is just very slow at times…
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4 years ago, Slice doggy
Information input
Currently you cannot enter personal information in your profile. Also you cannot add a passport or payment method. When you try a red x appears and says "Error" "an error has occurred during the process of your request"
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