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User Reviews for Airbnb

4.78 out of 5
640K Ratings
6 years ago, Cindy from Palm Desert, CA
Loving Airbnb
We used Airbnb during our recent holiday in Kona, HI and stayed in 3 different private units. Each was wonderful and had everything we needed including the loan of beach chairs, beach towels and umbrellas. We didn’t cook, but each unit was well appointed with everything we would need and next time we will enjoy creating our own meals at the units and eat out less. We enjoyed visiting briefly with each owner, they were all really nice but not intrusive at all. We went on two excursions recommended and booked through Airbnb. They were great and good value. I would recommend the Wild Dolphin & Snorkeling adventure with Captain Chase and the Local Brews & Poke Flights with Lottie and a wonderful chef and fun bartender at a beautiful golf course. They were both awesome and each was a small group of 5-6 people allowing us to ask our hosts questions and visit with the other guests. We will likely use Airbnb more often, it was super easy to book the units, more fun and less expensive than a hotel. When they say ‘Super Host’ believe it, book it and relax. I’m a fan and sharing our experiences with friends. Mahalo!
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1 year ago, BORISinUS
Worst app that you can ever use for Family Vacation
we went on a family vacation, rented this place because it looked nice in the photos, but when we got there we found that this place, which charges around $200 for cleaning, doesn't clean at all. dust is everywhere, on the paintings on the table, the floors are very dirty, the kitchen and everything in the kitchen is very sticky due to a layer of grease, a broken curtain on the window near the kitchen, the hair of the previous tenants in the beds, but this is not the worst thing, we found mold In bathroom. I can list problems forever. in general, the vacation was ruined due to the fact that we could not stay there, when we asked for a refund for the second and last day of stay, they refused to refund saying that we would fix everything, but who needs it so that strangers during your family trip people will clean up for hours and interfere with your family vacation. in general, $ 1200 was spent, of which I received back $ 34 lol this is not only Host's fault, but also airbnb. because they said that they will solve this issue, but also they are very unprofessional in their work. if you decide to relax and not have headaches don't go here. i lost 1200$ + we rented a hotel due to poor service so as not to stay on the street for 700$ and two days of stay cost us 2000$ because neither airbnb nor the host know what service is, they just think how to rip off your money
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2 years ago, lik98574
Good app but very disappointing customer service
I’ve been using Airbnb for years, this is my first time to get my booking cancelled by the host at the last minute and I had to book another one with extra costs (a lot more). On the title and photos it never mentioned anything so that we thought it’s the whole apartment with 2 bedrooms for us 4 people, after we booked it and host called to confirm two days later, then she told us it’s only a one bedroom booking sharing with other visitors two bedrooms, we paid as much as it costs for a whole three bedrooms apartment for just one bedroom and sharing with other…. We cancelled the booking and we had to paid 70% of the total as penalty. We contacted Airbnb customer service reaching to a supervisor to see if they can help, they told us it was our faults to not paying attention to read all details before booking … and they promised to call us back in 48 hours but nothing happened after three weeks, we called and still getting blaming on not paying attentions on reading details again. At the end, nothing to report to Airbnb customer service and we paid almost double for what we supposed to pay, I would rather book a hotel from now on instead of using Airbnb cause they (the host)can cancelled your booking at any time any date for no reason without any penalties and Airbnb customer service can only blaming on clients for not paying attention before booking.
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1 year ago, itzel2496
Going downhill fast
Airbnb used to be such a good place to get a rental for cheaper and “safer” but lately they just let the hosts do whatever they want when they want with no consequences, I just rented a hotel through them , the host demanded money and personal information through a third party website which I had never heard of and had bad reviews on the web , they only said this after my account was charged almost 700 Dlls for a two night stay , if I canceled I would lose my money if I didn’t fill in the info and payed the host would cancel my reservation and I’d still be charged 50% of each night + fees , when I complained about this and left a bad review , Airbnb erased my review because it was not relevant, so me telling future people “hey beware that you will have to pay and give personal info through a third party “ isn’t relevant , if I would have read that never in a million years would I had rented this place. Airbnb needs to fix this and be reminded not only the host matter but the guests too , will probably never book with Airbnb , they also charge you a huge cleaning fee but you never get your room/ place cleaned in all your stay and they expect you to leave the place clean if you don’t want to get extra fees , at this point it’s best to just rent directly with the hotels and resorts they are basically the same price if not cheaper than Airbnb and you actually get cleaning services.
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3 years ago, 123455645274
If your are under 25 don’t open an account
I am from Connecticut and I was in Austin Texas for a work related trip. I specifically listed that it was a work related trip paid for by work. However, I was booking AirBnB on my personal account. I am 21 years old, and according to AirBnB they won’t allow and restrict my account so I cannot book an entire place for myself and I am forced to only rent rooms in peoples houses. This is direct discrimination based on my age it believes I am “high risk” to throw a party in an airBnb in a place I know literally no one. This is an absolute joke and I plan on deleting my AirBnB account since costumer service, which btw is out sourced to India so AirBnB does not support American jobs, told me there is nothing I can do but book shared rooms or private rooms in homes with the owners on site. This is obviously an inconvenience to me because I am a business professional spending an extended amount of time away from home and not all hosts grant kitchen access, nor does a normal person want to use someone else’s kitchen when the person lives in the same house. I am beyond unhappy with my experience. Would not recommend AirBnB and our companies will no longer be booking with them after this trip. Trying alternative apps similar to them Like VRBO. Air bnb no longer deserves to hold the editors choice badge or be the top app of its kind. Require them to step up there game or be out done by the competition.
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10 months ago, GiggleSmokes
Airbnb Nightmare - Safety not their concern
If you value safety this is not the app to use. What Airbnb did to me was more than the inconvenience they called it. It was unsafe. This app is only helpful if every goes perfect. If something should go wrong - you better know Airbnb will not help with anything. I had a reservation and at first everything was good. But the host had 8 apts with Roku TVs all connected to the same Wi-Fi. Another guest decided it was ok to make their purchases on my account. The host was notified and did nothing. One of the other guests had someone walk in on her because the host does not change security codes for the door locks. My bank had to cancel my card and sent replacement. All I received was a photo of Fed Ex delivering it to the wrong address. Another card could not be sent before my check out time. I told Airbnb what was happening and I got the run around. My so called ticket was passed from so called ambassador to ambassador saying it’s been reassigned. Apparently it takes over 14 people to handle one ticket. I was told it was to late for a refund and they would be sending other rental options. They did not. My checkout came and Airbnb left me there with no access to my money, no transportation and no help from the host in the heat with my service dog. No help from anyone other than lies. I’m have a medical condition and do not drive. I was left alone with my service dog with nothing.
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2 years ago, Lizzy Kurz
An absolute scam!
I am writing this review because i am very unhappy with my recent experience. First of all, my mom booked an experience named “Amazing Sailing and Motor Yacht Adventure”… Trust me the only thing correct in their description was “adventure”. It was a sailing boat (not a yacht), a total scam. I don’t know how airbnb can let someone like these people pass a validation test for their experiences, but they definitely missed one. I am afraid to even book another experience because it’s a total waste of money as it’s not what it states in the description. In fact, something that was a real treat, their pillows were dog beds! Not to mention my mom had a huge problem calling airbnb for help… We had this booked for months however, she lost her phone and could not get the details. Airbnb had blocked me from my account for months and refused to let me back. They wouldn’t even let me into my account to see the details even though my mom clearly could not get ahold of something she paid for(an emergency). We spent 2 hours of our time (on a cruise ship) arguing with airbnb “help” and they barely even offered a solution. All in all Airbnb has hosts on there that scam people and they don’t even do anything about it. And they wouldn’t even help when there loyal customers needed. We will never book anything on this horrible app again. Save your money and spend it on something legit. From a very angry costumer, Lizzy
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3 years ago, poppy131313
Airbnb has horrible support for customers
After being deceived by a host and reporting it to the customer support team, the only resolution that we received was an email response more than a month after our trip that “it didn’t violate their standards and that they have gone over their community standards with the host to ensure they understand” 😒Are you kidding me?! The property is adjacent to a property that is currently burnt down but is occupied, in the original property description there was no mention of it. There is also an aggressive dog that will not stay off of the property and tried to attack me twice. This host approached us about installing a dryer to replace the broken one at the residence, then we brought to her attention the electrical problems throughout the house with all of the outlets that kept tripping or just were not working at all! She then asked me to fix them! I told her I absolutely would fix them but she would have to pay me for my labor! After buying the parts and doing the labor, of course she didn’t pay me for my work. Apparently this host has a few properties and because of this Airbnb doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that they are liars and scammers. They’re lucky that Sarah Foust had enough sense not to come to the property after calling me and threatening ME!! I will NEVER use this service again and I will NEVER recommend it!! I also have all of the photos and receipts, emails etc from this host 👌🏼🤔
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Awful Customer Service
If I could give this company and this app a negative review, I would. I work in customer service, and I have never seen and will never try to emulate the kind of awful customer service I experienced with AirBnb. I won’t get into the details because I’ve told this story too many times, but in essence, my host lied and claimed that my friends and I broke her air conditioning system and thermostat so she could charge us for the already-broken system. She also promised to refund us if we left our trip early, and—although we did—she refused the refund and then tried to charge us for the the thermostat (and at twice the cost of the actual unit). I contacted AirBnb about this promptly, and not only did they take weeks to answer me back, but they never had the decency to call me back and get my side of things (they only emailed after I complained about not getting a call despite my host getting a call from them). They took months to get to a resolution and their resolution, though vague and unclear, was along the lines of “your host doesn’t have to refund you, and you can solve this on your own.” So, basically, my host and I got into a predicament which AirBnb refused to solve. I believe that their only reason for not wanting to handle this in my favor is because this host rents out multiple locations through AirBnb, and so she is more of an asset to them than I am. I hope this review helps them to see how awful that logic is.
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7 months ago, Zdor17602
Worst customer service
It was bad enough having a Host who tried to extort me for additional monies for their dirty apartment. I took detailed pics and sent them to Airbnb and wrote a negative, yet completely factual review of the Host’s treatment of me and their substandard apartment. Airbnb decided that somehow my review, despite multiple pics as proof depicting the substandard condition of the apartment, was “retaliatory” and accused me of violating their “anti-retaliation policies” and they took down my review; but not the Host’s review. Every open case they told me to file a complaint about kept getting closed by them; indicating they had no intention in making me whole. I’m smart enough not to use my own banking information; otherwise, I’m sure they would’ve tacked on the additional fees the Host was trying to extort from me. I countered, requesting refund for one’s night stay and the pet fee returned; the Host declined it, and I in turn declined her extortion attempt. Airbnb made no attempt to resolve the issue based on evidence I provided; and the Host’s single pic despite being baseless of what she was claiming, seemed to be given more weight, and they removed my review. I will NEVER again give Airbnb my business, as it’s apparent to me they only care about their fees. I’d rather go back to booking hotel suites at twice the price. At least I’m getting my money’s worth there and the customer service is actually customer service.
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3 years ago, Superbob03
AIRBNB is not your friend and doesn’t care if you get scammed , and won’t do anything but say “sorry lol”. basically I wanted to take a trip to Colorado for my 21st birthday. I was so excited and planned my whole trip around this nice airbnb, costing around 150. It looked good, the only problem was a review saying it was a scam that I couldn’t see UNTIL AFTER I PURCHASED THE AIRBNB. Fast forward 2 hours after I couldn’t get a full refund, only half, the host texts me and asks me to cashapp her 150 if I want the apartment because “there was a technically difficulty and I was refunded the money” when I brought it to support with proof, they told me they talked to her and that she “simply made a mistake and was confused” but why didn’t she call airbnb in the first place about it, instead of trying to get money out of me. If I had cashapped the money, you know airbnb wouldn’t be refunding me that money, and instead they would’ve just said “oh sorry you need to be careful”, but because she said it was an accident, airbnb couldn’t let me get a refund, because why would I try and get a room from a girl who tried to scam me out of money. While trying to figure this out with customer support, she turned it into “no refunds at all” so I lost 160 dollars over the fact that AIRBNB DOES NOT PROTECT ITS CUSTOMERS FROM BEING SCAMMED. Absolutely Outraged, will never use this app again
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4 months ago, TekWest999
Will block you from reserving affordable airbnbs
There was a perfect spot I was trying to reserve and they denied me for it. I called in and asked what was the matter they told me my id was validated so once I update my info I should be able to place the reservation. I tried to make a reservation, once again denied. They said oh the algorithm just does that we’ll appeal it and you should be ok. I was denied the appeal a second time. 3rd time I call in I’m asking for an explanation and they can’t provide me one. So we do the appeal again. This time I never get an answer. I call in a 4TH time and explain the situation in its entirety. We’re gonna try to make this happen for you I’m promised. Boom denied and now because I’ve fought for my reservation I’ll be denied on any house I try to book for the next couple months. I call in a 5TH time to complain as they’ve ruined my birthday. They simply say oh just try and book something else instead. Now the options presented are no where near affordable and they’re pushing me to book a hotel or private room. I’m told because it’s close to my birthday I’m being denied even though the reservation is for 3 people in houses that offer 3 bedrooms. I just wanted to book a nice spot in the city and enjoy a hot tub with my friends and instead they’ve ruined my plans and furthermore failed to offer any actual assistance. THIS IS THE WORST APP TO BOOK WITH!
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2 years ago, antz408
Poor Customer Service
I booked and paid for my reservation over two months ago. The day of my trip, I flew from California to Georgia. When I exited the plane, I had a bunch of messages from the host stating that Airbnb was supposed to reach out to me to cancel the reservation because of a situation that happened with the previous occupant. At this point I hadn’t received any other communication from the host for Airbnb in regards to this issue. I called Airbnb to figure out what was going on and what were my options. Initially, the representative was helpful however I was offended by what I was offered as a resolve. In preparation for my trip I booked the Airbnb over two months ago and paid almost $800 then. For me to get off the plane and find out that I don’t have a place to stay and all they offered me was a $75 credit towards another Airbnb and a refund of my previous payment within 15 days is absolutely unacceptable. Then to add insult to injury, the representative had the nerve to question with my budget was or how much I could afford to pay for a new reservation. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that a manager will call me within a half an hour… Never happened. I called back an hour later and was told the same thing… Finally after not getting anywhere with Airbnb I ended up having to spend almost $900 for a hotel. I’ll never use Airbnb again!
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3 years ago, Macieg4me
Ok it’s time to abolish the Covid cleaning fees
I’m sorry but this has been something that’s bothered me since the start of the pandemic and I am not an “anti-masker” or a “conspiracy theorist” so I was grateful for the additional precautions, until I learned there were no additional precautions. As a company, you are fantastic to your hosts but are horrible to the guests. We have no recourse, are rarely believed over the host and truth be told, I feel like there never should’ve had to be a massive hike in cleaning fees (unless you’re honest about it and tell the guests it’s for the “host” putting themselves at risk by hosting and having to clean up afterwards and not telling us it’s for “deeper cleaning protocols”. Also most places in the US are fully open again which means this ridiculous hike in fees needs to be dropped and furthermore you should expect your hosts to be deep cleaning between each and every guest. The reason I know about the fees and why they were instituted is because I clean Airb&b houses for a few ppl when I can and for who I can…and for the record I always deep clean in between guests. It’s called good hygiene and keeping those people safe and healthy and that’s what you as a complete should strive for and expect from your hosts (not give them a cash prize for possibly doing it.
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10 months ago, Janet4458
Horrible customer service and a SCAM
First off I was getting emails and texts thinking they were a scam up until I received a call from airbnb and they told me I was being charged $675 for damage which mind you we were only in the house to sleep and there were no kids. I tried emailing and appealing the decision because how am I going to pay almost $700 for something we did not do. They sent me all these pictures with said “damage” and they were nothing but little carpet stains maybe one or 2 dots of dirt that looked like they’ve been there for years in places that we didn’t even go into like the closet and almost right up under the bed. I sent them a picture of a stained mattress that looked like it had been stained with blood that was there when we got there and they didn’t care. The pool was murky, the AC on the top floor wasn’t even working and the fridge was not cooling properly but I didn’t say anything at the time, which I regret, because I didn’t want to be complicated but they had no problem charging me all these extra fees for no good reason. After appealing it they determined that we were still at fault but they took the price down to $300 which was still absolutely ridiculous. First and LAST time I book with this company I think it was Vacasa. I would give them 0 out of 5 stars if I could. Would much rather book with Vrbo!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, .Kat H.
Horrible Customer Service
I have been using Airbnb without a problem, good reviews from the host, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere for no reason at all with no explanation they restrict my account due to me posing a risk of throwing a party? I have never once thrown a party, I keep the Airbnb clean and organized once I leave, and we are respectful. I called Airbnb dozens of times, just for them not to give me any answers on what is going and I am traveling right now and need places to stay, they tell me they will “escalate it” and then I will receive a call briefly, and they always say they will actually call this time, but they NEVER do, it is a waste of time, they will ban you for doing nothing, at least if something happens tell me, so I can know what is going on, Airbnb was a great app but now it’s really just lost me as a customer and probably won’t matter to them, but don’t waste your time, they are not very helpful, and they don’t care that you’ve been a good customer or not. The host I was working with even tried to help me so I could book the airbnb and customer service sent us through circles, not helpful at all! So thankfully the host was willing to work with us and helped us book a stay, if not for them I would’ve had nowhere to go. Try using VRBO or something else but honestly if you get that party restriction, your account is pretty much doomed.
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1 year ago, Darcyzf
Disorganized and difficult to modify
My first time using Airbnb has been frustrating. Within hours of booking my stay in Hawaii for a whole year from now I realized I booked it for 1 day too long so I changed the dates to end one day earlier. My request was denied, despite how they blast how you can cancel up to 5 days before or something like that. So I messaged them to please reconsider since I just booked it that same evening and it’s a whole year away. Back and forth with several different people I was finally told I can change it from 11 days to 10 days and to go back in and request the change. So I did that and it was denied again. So I told them that I was told I could do it. They responded that since it’s past those dates they couldn’t, which I responded that I’m asking for 2024, not 2023 and I was told I could do it. I had the year in several of the messages previous to this one. FINALLY they said yes but it cost me about $200 in fees to do it. Is there no such thing as customer satisfaction anymore or being accommodating to a customer??? I would understand if it was months from now or even closer to the date but it was LITERALLY HOURS after booking it and a year before the booking. And they made $800 in service fees off our booking. I don’t think I’ll be using Airbnb anymore.
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2 years ago, rome4112
Airbnb is now scams and fraud
Airbnb has turned into mostly scams and fraud. I recommend you do everything possible to avoid. Airbnb will deduct money from you account, guaranteeing specific dates, unit, and building After users have made extensive and expensive travel arrangements based on that agreement, including airfare, car rental, work time off — Airbnb allows hosts to cancel that agreement at the last minute with no penalty. It does not provide any support thereafter. Users are basically forced into choosing another unit on their platform, for which Airbnb charges an exorbitant service fee — despite the screw up on their platform. It is obvious this is incentivizing significant predatory behavior on their platform, for which Airbnb takes no responsibility and is doing nothing to protect its users. Many hosts now list many units that are not actually available, agreeing to dates and taking money from user accounts. After entrapping users, at the last minute they cancel the unit and force users into subpar units. Airbnb does not penalize the host, and profits off of the entrapment of its users— charging a huge service fee despite these huge screwups. Airbnb has become a low integrity, and an unreliable platform/service. Worst of all, consumer protections are now stronger off platform. Consumers have stronger recourse for such predatory behavior off platform where Airbnb does not protect bad hosts.
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2 years ago, qwerty1239871
Despicable customer service
I used Airbnb in Korea and NYC and had the worst customer service experiences in both locations (as well as Pittsburgh). One listing was illegal with a location different from the one listed, and it was the most painful experience to get refunds or credits (as well as with the other listings that were dirty or smelly that I didn’t end up staying in). I started using Airbnb years ago, and they have recently been outsourcing their support to other countries with heavy and often incomprehensible foreign accents. They did eventually provide compensation, but it took contacting them many times and repeating the same information over and over again to different people, and they only provided partial compensation for the illegal listing. They also still haven’t addressed an issue with a host (the one with illegal listings that I’ve reported to the city) writing a review stating that I’m a liar and encouraging other hosts not to host me in capital letters. Apparently, it doesn’t violate their policies, and they don’t have incentive to remove illegal listings if others will be tricked into paying for them. The app is also frequently buggy with error messages or features that don’t work. Eventually I gave up and booked regular hotels. This company has some of the best employee benefits, compensation, and talent, so I expected much more from the support side.
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11 months ago, Comment est-ce que on dit non.
It's time to seek better alternatives
Customer Service is NOT an effective regulator of host reviewer integrity Recent bad experience with deceitful host at my last airbnb rental was not resolved correctly by airbnb customer service. Customer service failed to obtain an answer for me to my question regarding the basis for a host's deceitful review. Of course this was after the host refused to provide this answer to me directly when I question his comment. I told customer service of this host's paranoia about possibly receiving a bad guest review from me, and as a result his preparing himself with a review that could be flipped to an all out attack through follow-up response. He not only responded to me with new absurd fabrications as if to threaten retaliation for my putting him in an impossible spot since he isn't capable of providing a valid basis for his comment, but no doubt hiked up the rhetoric to customer service when they tried to intervene to discover the would-be basis for his review's troublesome comment. This host is a potential threat to any future guest, and I would speculate customer service policies and lack of follow-through integrity represents a systemic risk to any and all Airbnb guests throughout their enterprise network. Airbnb continues to slide down towards the figurative drain. Beware!! A message for customer service: don't try to change my mind. You had your chance and blew it big time.
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3 years ago, Elisabeth162628
Terrible company
I just tried to book a small guest house for me and my little sister. It was for one night, about an hour away from our house. I wanted to take her on a small trip for her spring break- since she has been doing school online and hasn’t gotten to do much else due to COVID. When I tried to book it I got a pop up saying that I was unable to book it because I was a “high safety risk (could throw parties)”. I was confused because every place that I have stayed the host has giving me 5 stars/glowing reviews. I called their customer service line to figure out why this was happening. They lady I spoke to told me that they will not let people under 25 rent entire places because it’s a higher risk that I will throw a party. I am a 22 nearly 23 year old, engaged, security guard; Trying to take my 17 year old sister on a trip. I’m not looking to throw a party. They said I am allowed to book a room in someone’s house or share a hotel room with a stranger. Obviously I am not comfortable doing that. I am not going to put me or my sister in a potentially dangerous/uncomfortable position. I sent a message to customer service explaining my frustration, and the person basically told me “too bad”. I was going to try to find a way around this rule, but after reading all of these recent reviews; I never want to use this app. I went ahead and just booked a hotel, I would recommend you do the same.
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2 years ago, Kennedyerosek
Let me start by passing I never write reviews and am usually a very passive person and rarely complain.. HOWEVER, the complete lack of accountability and support from Airbnb has me baffled. I recently took a trip to Dallas with my best friend and when we arrived the place that we were given was completely different than the unit advertised on Airbnb. Because we were uncomfortable by being misled and not given what we paid for, we had to book other accommodations and never stayed in the unit. I reported this to both the host and Airbnb several times with side by side photos that show they are completely different places. We’ll after talking to customer service multiple times and proving it was misrepresentation all Airbnb support did was tell me they were the same place, no rules were broken, and they could only give me $100 back from a $850 reservation WHICH WE NEVER EVEN STAYED AT. As two women who feel uncomfortable and unsafe, Airbnb should absolutely understand and refund our money. However the customer service is terrible. You can’t speak to a manger they give you the same answer over and over and clearly do not actually care about their customers safety. I have 1 last trip then I will never be using Airbnb again. SO BEWARE AIRBNB ALLOWS HOSTS TO MISREPRESENT THEIR UNITS/HOMES AND POST MISLEADING AND INACCURATE PHOTOS.
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2 months ago, lovetheloungelife
need to show all available homes
I am a superhost of a monthly rental. Unless someone selects monthly rental my house doesn’t pop up at all. There’s a yearly event near my house that lasts 3 weeks. Housing was low and going for very high rates, but unfortunately for me my house is sitting empty because Airbnb won’t show my house unless somebody specifically request a monthly rental or input dates that exceed a month why not homes that are available in the area that are not meeting the criteria so that someone can still click on your house and see why they don’t meet the criteria whether it’s unavailable dates or maybe they would change and add an additional weekend so that they can get housing in an area where housing is extremely limited now there are a bunch of people that need housing that never found my listing and I know I’m not the only one because I’m in real estate and I’ve had people calling me in the area that are having the same problem with Airbnb not showing their listing unless it’s over a monthly rental. Because of this, I’ve listed the house on the local MLS because now it’s sitting empty. Lost revenue for hosts, Airbnb, and also people that need housing won’t find it because it doesn’t show up.
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11 months ago, Comment est-ce que on dit non.
Customer Service is NOT effective regulator of Host Reviewer integrity!
Recent bad experience with deceitful host at my last airbnb rental was not resolved correctly by airbnb customer service. Customer service failed to obtain an answer for me to my question regarding the basis for a host's deceitful review. Of course this was after the host refused to provide this answer to me directly when I question his comment. I told customer service of this host's paranoia about possibly receiving a bad guest review from me, and as a result his preparing himself with a review that could be flipped to an all out attack through follow-up response. He not only responded to me with new absurd fabrications as if to threaten retaliation for my putting him in an impossible spot since he isn't capable of providing a valid basis for his comment, but no doubt hiked up the rhetoric to customer service when they tried to intervene to discover the would-be basis for his review's troublesome comment. This host is a potential threat to any future guest, and I would speculate customer service policies and lack of follow-through integrity represents a systemic risk to any and all Airbnb guests throughout their enterprise network. Airbnb continues to slide down towards the figurative drain. Beware!! A message for customer service: don't try to change my mind. You had your chance and blew it big time.
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3 years ago, Terrysan11
Changing and not for the better
Update: I don’t have time to write about the issues that I encountered on my trip in June 2019. Suffice it to say they were app and Customer Service based. Not worth the hassle. I booked the rest of my trip at a Hilton. At least I know what to expect. —— Admittedly, I haven’t used this app often. The city searches can be SO off as to be useless. Recently however, the terms are changing and NOT in favor of the customer. As someone already noted, having to submit one’s drivers license to book via the app. I did not feel comfortable with that. I had to pay for an entire stay in full (months down the road) on the day I booked. There was no way to quickly change a typo on the date. I had to book it and THEN change the date. Once that was done, I was [supposedly] credited back for one day. I am still waiting for the credit on my card. Makes no sense that one can be charged in seconds yet a credit takes how long? As I said, still waiting. The icing on the cake was an email that I received today informing me that emails regarding work trips would now go to my work email. An email for a place I have never even worked!!!!!! I am livid. That’s the last straw concerning privacy issues; especially incorrect information 🔥. After my trip is completed in June, good bye Airbnb. 😡
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2 years ago, Yalu007
Airbnb took $1500 for harassment and being held hostages
I cannot believe something like this could happen. I booked a family vacation months prior to the date. As my flight was delayed, my family tried to check in into the apartment. The host designated a person to help with check in, but it was impossible to get a hold of them for a while. When my family could finally enter the apartment, it was clearly dirty and looked nothing like the listing. I reached out to the host to ask them to help with that issue. I was forwarded to the designated person mentioned above. Several hours later she finally came over. First she denied that the apartment was filthy, then she agreed it wasn’t clean, however, refused to clean it that same day (according to her, she didn’t have supplies). When my family decided they won’t be able to stay given the conditions of the apartment, the person designated by the host, started yelling at them, harassing, and blocked the gate to prevent them from leaving. That person scared my elderly mother and my 2 yo niece. They were finally able to leave the premises; I cancelled the reservation, and…Airbnb charged me $1500 for this “experience”! They refunded me just a small portion (around $800). I thought Airbnb protects their customers and their safety, but it seems like everything they care about is profit! 😩
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3 years ago, Lv_2021
AirBnB collects too much private information...too risky.
I'm deeply concerned the amount of personal data AirBnB is collecting just to make a lodging reservation (official ID, phone #, emails, credit cards and then personal updated pictures). I get it that hosts need some assurance but this is overboard, not even airlines, hotels or other services collect this much info...sure, they ask for passports or IDs upon arrival for verification, do the required check in/inspection and return it. Why AirBnB needs to collect so much personal info? Why can't the hosts verify guests upon arrival anymore instead of this new practice? All the personal info AirBnB is collecting now is a risky bet on today days of security data breaches or commercialization of privacy info for marketing purposes. Despite the assurances the company provides, it does not mean they will not sell off our info or that it will not get stolen. In addition, I don't control my info anymore once is uploaded; for example, while creating my account, I uploaded the ID and the required picture but I don't even see them anymore, I have no access to even make changes/updates of I prefer to. Or even to remove it. I don't own it anymore. Yes, is my choice not to use this AirBnB service so I will no longer use them. Hopefully I'm not the only one having this genuine concern. Lv
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2 months ago, Daniel covino
Airbnb Going out of Business?
With all the horrible reviews this app is getting it’s not wonder that prices hosts are able to get have dropped tremendously. Their customer base has been chased away by Airbnbs poor handling of problems and letting hosts probably take advantage of the guests on some occasions. I was a host in 2019 and 2022 and made great money…now in 2024 I can barely get $100 for an apartment in a much better place because there isn’t anyone making reservations so I have to keep the price lower that I could get on Craigslist and deal with hours and hours on the phone with Airbnb. Sleeping in my car tonight bc Airbnb delayed my payout with no explanation and refused to make it right. I told them to either pay me the half you said you would today, or the whole amount they said they would today, or find me a place to stay, or kick the guest out so I can have my place back. They refused to do anything and just said they’d call me back and never did. I closed off the open dates on my calendar and am not going to host with Airbnb anymore. Can’t make much money, can’t get paid reliably, no host support, can’t get paid damage insurance, can’t rely on Airbnb to act when necessary. Mostly and economic decision. Stupid company ran itself into the ground check the other reviews there no way this is sustainable.
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1 year ago, SSD_007
Worst customer service app
I don’t understand how they got 4.8 stars, I made a reservation on this app and also purchased travel insurance as well. Due to a medical emergency few of my friends were unable to travel and had make cancellation of reservation. When I reached to host to either cancel or allow us to change reservation dates to another time. They were stubborn and rude to request made by me. I reached out Airbnb support and explained my situation and they were wasting time by saying we will resolve. I almost made 3-4 calls daily for a week to customer support and none of them we’re concerned about my issue. I asked to escalate this case and connect me to supervisor/ manager but they mentioned that we need to raise a ticket and they will able to connect. I raised ticket but none of manager reached out me. I made booking of $1100 and got refund of $275. My concerned is they charged $110 for service fee for this kind worst service provided with no intention to help or resolve the issue. Better to book some motel for less expensive price and better customer service. I will try best to spread message to all my connections to never use this scam app. Looting money in name of policy. Ironically, this app has 4.8 stars. I appreciate for Good job with bot reviews to boost app ratings. I believe in Karma and it will take care.
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2 years ago, quuen views
Liars and thiefs
I got this app back in 2020 when I did my first booking the lady informed me that the neighborhood was a little on the unsafe side so I ask for a refund and was denied I fought tooth and nail and got some money back and the host left me a nasty review. As of yesterday April 3rd ,2022 I decided to give the app a second chance since I was going to Georgia for my birthday I booked a place and the next day April 4th 2022 I fell sick and wasn’t able to travel due to health issues so I contacted the host on how to get a partial refund where I was informed that they have a no refund policy but I can contact support who will send them something to approve me getting a full refund I needed to buy medication so I gave it a shot. Upon sending the request I received no more contact with the host so therefore I texted to see what was wrong and I was informed due to my history of cancelling I was unable to get a refund ( speaking about the one incident from 2020), trying to speak to them was futile as they just kept referring me to bnb support. This app is horrible run while you can because some of these hosts on here act like their aren’t people as well and that they are just perfect little beings that can do no wrong. Even with my health issues and not being able to make it to the reservation they still want me to pay for it.
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3 years ago, Penny Layne
Don’t care about guests in emergencies. Side with hosts
I was going to go to Saint Augustine to spend the weekend in the beginning of October. Somehow, I accidentally booked a reservation at Beachers 301 (beach vacation rentals ). I got an email saying I was all booked and I was like no! That place looks gross, tiny and overpriced. I tried to get my money back (within five minutes of making this weird accidental reservation ) but they would only refund me half. So I said fine. I’ll just bring bug spray and bleach…However, me and my mother in law were in a car accident 4 days before my trip. I was in the hospital and unfortunately my mother didn’t make it. I contacted the host and said I needed to cancel my reservation and if I could get a refund. I was told no refunds! They give no refunds on anything no matter what. How can Beachers sleep at night and not refund money to somebody who’s in the hospital who just lost a family member?? I opened a claim with Airbnb and of course they side with the host, as they always do, saying they have to do with the host says. I spent almost $600 and got less than $200 back, which was the cleaning fee. I recommend staying far far away from Airb&b and especially that rental, Beachers in Saint Augustine. I will be deleting this app and downloading VRBO.. absolutely disgusting how they treat guests and steal money
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4 years ago, $@h67
I had the worst experience ever! Every year my family makes plans to go out of town to celebrate Christmas, this year we decided Orlando, FL. I heard about AirBnb and decided to check it out. I reserved a house for December 27-January 2 and reserved it on August. I get a text a week before the trip saying the host canceled the reservation. The host didn’t let me know the reason and just canceled. I try contacting the host and he didn’t respond to my calls and text. I call customer service and they tell me it was an emergency and that my money is going to be refunded in 5 to 10 business days. They didn’t give me an explanation at all. I decided to get another house that was $1000 more, but I was ok with it since I had everything paid for and family from another country was coming. 2 days before the trip I get a cancellation message again about my reservation on the new place. This host was decent enough to tell me that he canceled due to the days I reserved for were already booked. Apparently Airbnb showed available rooms that were not really available. Called customer service and they didn’t give me any solutions, just sent me listings of places that were already not available or $5000 more in price. Give me a $200 coupon like that was any help at all. I’m never using this app again and I recommend you do the same.
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5 years ago, Hoodoo2
So I signed up and attempted to book for the first time about a year later. In the mean time I had canceled the credit card I signed up with. So I attempted to book but it failed because of the credit card. I got an email, a text and a message through the app telling me it failed. I clicked the link in the email which opened the app but there was no indication of how or where to update the credit card. I finally found it, not in account settings, but (strangely) on the page of the failed booking. There was no option to remove a payment method nor to update a credit card. However there was a button to add a new payment method except the feature would not load. I just got the white page and the little animated dots. I tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, updating the app, and tried it on WiFi and cellular all over the course of about 12 hours. Nothing worked. So I logged into the website. There I found an option to delete a payment method but incredibly there was no option I could find to add a payment method. So I contacted customer service. The replied to my message at 4AM the next day but gave me no helpful information. I replied, but didn’t hear back from them for three more days. By then I had already booked with a normal hotel which, of course, was no problem. Good riddance Airbnb.
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2 years ago, tsm1620
Poor service
I have used Airbnb several times in the past, I have never had any issues when seeking a refund if my accommodations were not as listed. With the last stay I booked that was not the case. When I arrived to my Airbnb it was dirty, had a stench and, was not at all as pictured. Due to the condition of the house my group and I left the property immediately to go stay at a hotel for the rest of our stay. I contacted Airbnb immediately and informed them about the condition of the house and that I was seeking a refund. Airbnb informed me they would get back to me and didn’t. I followed up the following day, and was met by a service rep telling me the filth pictured in the photos we took was not that bad and a refund was denied/ left up to the host who denied a refund as well. I have followed up with Airbnb several times following this incident and was repeatedly met with terrible customer service, as well as excuses that did not follow Airbnbs guidelines. It has been about a year and Airbnb continues to refuse to refund over 2,000 dollars. The quality of Airbnb seems to have dropped and I would not suggest continuing to use their services. At least with a hotel you know if something is not up to your standards they would allow you to switch to location that was better suited or refund your money.
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6 years ago, Dustpal
Why yes, I would like to stay 30 minutes away from my destination
Something is wrong with the search engine airbnb uses. I put in a City and great, there's like 800 places to pick from. Problem is that most of these locations are 30 minutes away from where I actually want to be. As a traveler, this is mostly inconvenient. So then you have to waste your time checking through each posting to see which one is actually close to where you want to be. Please add a distance filter from the city center to fix this mess. Other room finding applications know how to manage distance, so airbnb is way behind. Aside from that, either the posting is falsified by the host or the engine is misreading metadata, but some city locations at the top, don't match what is on the map. I feel like this must be the host lying about the location to try and get people to go to their location, but airbnb should just pull the city location from the map. If it does already, then it's broken. Lastly, an enhancement request to the usability. Since I travel to the same place many times, I'm looking at the same locations a lot. Of course I have my favorites, but I'd like an opposite list of locations to avoid. Maybe I read a bad review or the neighborhood was not to my preference, then I don't want to have to figure that out each time I run a search.
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4 years ago, Treviewsapps
The absolute WORST customer service!!!
I am truly so disappointed!!! My family is going on a vacation in few days and we booked a stay which we had to cancel because of misleading information by the host. But, the host was willing to give a full refund once airbnb reaches out to them. We spoke to the customer service representative and we WAITED FOREVER for them to pick up. They picky up finally and tell us that they will message the host so that they can give us the refund. BUT the host is messaging us saying that they never received any messages from Airbnb. So what is the representative doing to help? So the next day we called the customer service several time and each time being on hold for over 30 minutes. This man tells us that he will transfer us to the team specialized in refund and cancellation. We wait 40mins and this woman finally picks up only to tell us that there is nothing she can do. And she hangs up on me! What is she being paid for?! To hang up on the guests who waited 40mins to finally get some help?! We were bounced from one rep to another but here we are few days away from our vacation and we have an unconfirmed refund, no stays since we can’t book another place until this one is confirmed in addition to having to deal with the absolute worst customer service and no answers to any of our concerns.
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4 years ago, FenderBoss
Great service - serviceable app
I have used AirBnB between 3-4 times per year for travel. It has been a great service and rarely have I been disappointed with the homes, cabins, and condos we have enjoyed over the past couple of years. The app, however is lacking not so much in its function but what it provides for searching options. One of the first things people search for when booking accommodations besides location is the room type. And part of that is what type of bed. I can search for number of bedrooms, number of beds ... even the bed height as an accessibility option, but not the bed size (!?). Thinking it was just me not being savvy, I find multiple posts on AirBnBs own forum of people who have raised the same issue over the course of the past 3 years. Devs, if you read this, please review the basic filtering and sorting options for this app and add this as a feature request for your next agile sprint or whatever you do to update this program. I appreciate your respect for those who need accessibility options, but the rest of your customer base might appreciate a fundamental filtering feature added, that literally every other travel and booking site uses as a base feature. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Ashley K05
Don’t stay with AirBnB
I am very disappointed with Airbnb. We had an ant problem in our house, and when I tried to resolve it with the host, she turned on me and blamed us. She said she went above and beyond and that is just not true. Since we didn't think to "document" the ants, Airbnb took the hosts' side of the conversation. That is so wrong and has made me never want to use Airbnb again. While the host insulted me as a person and said I was too demanding and minimized what actually happened, Airbnb was no better. They said they had to side with her because I had no pictures. I am sorry but who thinks to take a photo when your hand is covered in ants, and you are just trying to make sure they aren't all over everything you own, which for the record they were. They were in the bed, on my retainer, glasses, clothing, etc. It was one of the most disgusting things I have had to clean. Yes, that's right, we had to clean it because the owner didn't believe in taking a more drastic measure to clean then Windex. Airbnb's customer service was no good either. They made it seem like they empathized with me when they called to hear more information and that they were so sorry, yet they did nothing to rectify the situation. I will never stay with them again. Beware, if anything happens - DOCUMENT IT ALL, otherwise your words mean nothing.
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4 years ago, Alex102593
Terrible Customer Service/Assistance
I made a reservation for Airbnb, and was confident with my reservation based on the description and pictures. Once I arrived at my Airbnb, it was clear to me that the pictures and description or not an accurate representation of what I had paid for. The place was filthy, and falling apart. Covid was spiking, so I found it extremely uncomfortable to know how crammed the area was. The location of the house with an unsafe environment. All in all, it was safest and appropriate to leave. I believe the host was aware of the dishonesty, not allowing for refunds. The worst part about my Airbnb experience was the customer service. It took me hours to finally reach somebody, and when I did, I was transferred back-and-forth between employees until somebody said that they would be able to help me with a refund. This employee said I would have to wait for a call from the refund department. I waited a couple days before reaching out to the employee about not receiving a call. The employee said to be patient, and that it may take some time because of Covid. The chat was disconnected and I never received a call. I’m completely dissatisfied with the service I had with Airbnb. Unless something is resolved, I am confident to say that I will never recommend this service to anybody.
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4 years ago, User265337
Don’t expect any help if anything goes wrong.
They do not care about hosts. I have been a host on Airbnb for about a year now and it’s been increasingly stressful by the day. Anytime anything happens on the customer side, no matter how small (like dust on top of the kitchen cabinets, I’ve literally had someone complain about that and get a refund) they penalize you $50 and cancel your payout. On the other hand I just had a guest completely lose his mind, threaten me, and try to leave with my appliances. I ended up having to call the cops and he was arrested (he actually had 3 WARRANTS and a heroin needle on him) when I called customer service to cancel his reservation the line recognized my number, saw I was a host, and hung up on me no matter what choice I made on the automated system. I still haven’t been able to talk to a live person and I’ve called all the numbers. Now I can’t give this psycho his refund and he’s been harassing over the app saying he’s going to leave a bad review sue me and complain to get a full refund, which he’ll probably get. I’m looking into other apps like Vrbo or hometogo but before I do I had to leave this review, I’ve never seen terrible service like this in my entire life, it’s literally non existent. The pay can be good but you’re on your own if anything happens.
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5 years ago, Leaux3
Worst customer service ever
Let me start by setting the scene.... I am 4 months pregnant and I have a 4 year old son. My fiancé’s bday was the other day and he had to travel to Miami for a work trip so we made a family weekend out of it. The hotel we were staying at was over booked so we decided to try to use Air B and B to find something cheaper that was still local. Downloaded the app, set up a profile and picked a place. Confirmed it and were excited out our new reservation. Not even 15 minutes later we get a message saying our reservation was canceled. Called the hotel and they said the never received the payment so we need to contact air B and B. I contacted them and the lady “couldn’t give me any info” so we waited for a “case manager” to call back. A couple hours later a women who spoke extremely broken English called and said they were sorry they have to cancel the reservation but we broke the terms and agreements.... which I don’t know how when we literally set up the profile properly and verified everything! And booked a place AND THEY TOOK THE NEARLY $200 OUT OF OUR ACCOUNT!!!!!!! They would NOT give us a further explanation at all and the lady would not work with us at all and HUNG UP ON ME! Needless to say they put us in an extremely tight bind and we will never use this app ever again. Beware! Seems pretty scamish.
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6 years ago, sea225
So far it’s been good, but needs a little work!
So far it’s been good, but still has some work to be done On the app ect. sometimes the app crashes or takes a while to update. I get messages way later like a day or 2 later on guests asking me questions. I did notice that it has not been sending the check In information to the guests so they get trapped out side the gate for a while because the messages don’t come in to my phone right when they message. Also I’ve been getting guests having a hard time keeping the booking I get them confirmed and then a day later it’s canceled on them. Guest call me a lot trying to figure out how to book. Maybe make the booking a little easier. Also if you are in a state that they pay the tax for you make sure to look in to it cause they only pay the state tax not the city tax. Wish they could pay that also each quarter for me. I give Airbnb over all a 4 cause it’s good just not yet a 5 yet. Work on app a little more and maybe put a system in that is like doc u sign. that way it just automatically sends the booking waver that we need each guest to sign so I don’t have to do it manually.
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2 years ago, hipcamp experience
revenge! Warnings!
I traveled and received all positive feed back from my hosts, in 2020, but after that, I did not made reservations however i had access to the app, until few days ago that suddenly the app has a pop up and asks for my email or phone number to verify its me! Unfortunately Since 2021, i got a new phone #, and no access to that email! So I have talked to 3 airbnb customer service and they can not think outside the box! They want me request to deactivate my account and start a new! But i don't want to loose my history/info/ places i stayed! Therefor I am warning those responsible (airbnb) for not able to help me to provide them any information to verify my identity so I can get access to my account! Had i had a reservation they would have been able to help me but because i didnt have a reservation at the present time they could not help me! I hope they will respond to this feed back to prevent further embarrassment or conflict by providing guidance how to verify my identity manually other than the stupid pop up that they installed 3 years after i established my account! They should have give me an email or warning that in may 2022 if your account is not updated with email or phone number, you will not be able to access your account!
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3 years ago, Epicaustin1026
Terrible customer service
I used this app for a while and never had an issue. I have nothing but positive reviews and have never had a problem. It was only recently that I decided to stay at a place in which I had to evacuate twice due to a fire alarm that I had a problem with this app and the people who work for them. I decided to contact the host asking for a refund as I was only able to stay at her place for under an hour. She proceeded to tell me that it was a false alarm both times and that she wasn’t able to refund me for even half of the money I spent, which is Airbnb policy to refund for at least 50% of the trip if it is canceled on the first night. Obviously I was very upset with the situation and so I contacted Airbnb themselves, who took weeks to reply just to tell me that there was no proof that I had to evacuate the building, even after I sent pictures of the fire trucks outside. They decided to refuse to refund me and I am still furious about the situation. I don’t plan to use this app again given my situation and I advise people to keep in mind that the customer service is VERY unprofessional and do not care about their customers. I am not one to complain, but this app doesn’t seem to care when an inconvenience happens and it seems like they just enjoy stealing peoples money. It’s very unfortunate.
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5 years ago, DellDyn
Overall, I’ve had good experience with Airbnb, and I like the general set up. I do have two major major issues, and that is 1). with the tax collection. My county and total sales tax are 9%, But they only take out 6% and refuse to fix it. This causes me to lose so much money because I have to take it out of my profit and then file with the county and do my state taxes through an accountant because the system is too complex... Major inconvenience... and 2). This is my 2nd home. I do not want to rent it to just “anyone“. VRBO is better because they at least let you see the person‘s full name, and you can Google their information to make sure they are a real person, etc. There are so Many scam emails. I have no problem with an AirBNB traveler who has previously had a review, but when a New, unknown person tries to books and gives me no information at all regarding their group or info on their trip, and all I have is a “first name”- it’s unnerving. I think they should try to protect the homeowners much better than what they do right now. It’s very one-sided towards the renter- where I would like much more of a mutual accountability. Hiding the pictures and last name is also not OK in my book.
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5 years ago, es-py
Do Not Do Business With This Company
My family and I are stranded in an unfamiliar state thanks to Airbnb and their unwillingness to correct their mistakes. Thank you for allowing us to book a condo under construction. Thank for allowing us to find this out after thousands of dollars of airfare, time off and hours driving to the booking. Thank you for failing to send any emails or messages informing us of this issue. Thank you for acknowledging the mistake and shooting down any attempt to accommodate my family by booking us a similar listing even though similar listings were available on your app and website. We were forced to deal with horrible customer service representatives. If anyone at the company is reading this please invest in some workshops/training idk maybe a Christmas bonus or something because dealing with your representatives took this experience to another level of frustration. I would not be sitting here writing this essay if it wasn’t for the young lady I had the pleasure of speaking to last night. Thank you for this experience Airbnb! Who would have thought opening Christmas gifts in rental cars would be so fun! And thanks for the great advice of finding a hotel to accommodate 6 adults on Christmas Eve for 8 days in Orlando. The amount of options were plentiful!!! Thank you! Merry Christmas from our Ford Explorers.
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2 years ago, Jdjshsjas
I was in a situation where I was flying down to Miami for the weekend and had made reservations at least a month in advance. The trip was completely planned and all we had to do was wait. 18 hours before our flight, I was texted by the host that the stay was going to be cancelled. I noticed that the host did NOT cancel on AirBNB’s app. This led to a lot of confusion and constantly calling AirBNB throughout the entire day. I finally get a call at midnight 7 hours prior to my flight, with the app still saying the host had not cancelled yet. I was talking with an AirBNB representative and I was told quote, “A host can cancel anytime they want even if it’s a minute before your reservation.” I said if I were to fly down to Miami and stand right at the desk a minute before the reservation, they could cancel. This is an absurd situation where I would have been left in Miami with nowhere to stay. AirBNB handled this terribly, they offered me a $50 voucher as long as I spent over $500 for another place. At this point all of the stays were well past our budget due to the fact that it was less than 24 hours of our flight. That $50 voucher was a slap in the face. SO KEEP IN MIND, hosts can cancel whenever, even if it’s a minute before reservation. This is truly unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Emb 927363404
First experience with Air BnB is so-so
I am traveling for just under a month and am using Air BnB for my travels. I am satisfied with most of my stats so far except one. This particular place was so dingy and run down that I immediately knew I did not want to stay there. Right away I contacted the host asking for the payment of my remaining two nights back so I could secure someplace else. She refused. So I contacted Air BnB and they too so long in figuring things out that I was well on to my next location by the time they said they had successfully negotiated a cleaning fee refund ($34). That was laughable. They told me I could dispute it further and asked me what was a fair compensation. I said that the fairest compensation was the two nights I had originally asked for. That would have been around $270. They negotiated some more and ended up refunding me $120. I am not impressed on the time it takes for them to respond and handle things, nor am I impressed with their negotiation skills. The place I stayed in was a dump and the pictures were a complete lie and they did nothing to fix that for future renters. I’ve now stayed in three other locations and I am very pleased with them. I like Air BnB but I don’t like their service.
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6 years ago, ehowle
Cancellation by host
Was recently cancelled on for one of our trips. There was absolutely no recourse. I went to your q&a and found out you have a pretty strict set of rules for canceling on the host, but no real strict set of rules on hosts cancelling on guests. This is absolutely horrible. The host only loses the cancellation. The guests lose all that they had invested in the trip - airfare, other places to stay, any reservations and down payments on things like prearranged things or trips such as boating, kayaking, entry fees, etc. Also I could not leave an Airbnb review on the host. This is absolutely uncalled for. Both the host and Airbnb need to know the consequences of this action. And others need to know that the host cancels on guests. Airbnb really needs to rethink this policy. If a host cancel, they should be responsible for any costs that the guests incurred. I have heard that hosts will cancel if they get a higher rental fee. Don’t know if that happened to me, but that should absolutely be forbidden and if one cancellation occurs, the host should be moved to the lowest ranking. They must be discouraged from doing any cancellation. They have to be running this like a business. The excuse I got was the host had to leave town and could not find someone to clean it before the last guest before me. Really poor excuse!!
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2 years ago, studentinme
Love this app
This app is wonderful, if you’re ever in the Houston area research Superior Coterie! Thank me later!! We recommend you stay with Superior Coterie!! We we’re located 10 minutes from the medical district and 12 minutes from the VA. Close to everything from a massive variety of places to eat, to museums, the zoo and parks!! We definitely recommend anyone to come here! The bed and couch were sooooo comfortable like sleeping on clouds, with the perfect amount of firmness!! Just beautiful inside and out, with great energy! My son and I continuously played with the oversized connect four game outside! There are two peaceful sitting areas outside one with a fire pit! The inside is beautifully decorated, the place is clean, it smelled nice, fresh air to breath inside, plus nice and cool. Well lit both natural and artificial lighting, cute cucina and banyo (it’s really clean!!) my son of all enjoyed his stay here, he doesn’t really like anything other than home. We had a pleasure meeting the host and his family. I picked his brain a bit as I’m interested in establishing some of my own!
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