Alaska Airlines

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Alaska Airlines, Inc.
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Alaska Airlines

4.85 out of 5
739K Ratings
1 year ago, Alaskangirl333
Airlines need to get with the times
I wish your app had the option to book a new flight when a flight gets canceled. I would also love to see digital options for obtaining hotel and meal vouchers when this happens. In this day and age, I feel it is archaic to have to stand in a line for several hours to get what I need. I love this airline and I want it to thrive. I would love to see app technology upgrades to all airlines. I will say that I do appreciate Ak Airlines for granting hotel and meal vouchers for my 2 canceled flights. My husband and I did have to fly into Dallas at one point and drive to get to Austin and we had to pay for that rental car. I would love it if a rental car could be an option that is covered when a flight gets canceled as well. This trip cost us a lot more than we were planing and the wait times to get help was insane. I could see the representatives were scrambling and visibly stressed out trying to assist everyone in the same predicament. They deserve a lot of kudos for doing what they could to help. We tried to resolve our issues online while waiting in line, but we’re told a representative would text us back in 50 mins or so each time. If there were options to pick a new flight, get vouchers and a rental car, that would have been incredible. Thank you for listening! I hope my input will incite some ideas for improvements for the future!
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3 years ago, JY - Burlingame,CA
Best Airline App on the planet!
As a seasoned traveler with over a million miles flown on the major domestic & international airlines, and as a veteran s/w tech entrepreneur, I haven’t had any ‘great’ experiences with airlines’ online apps to date... until today. Since early 2019 & throughout the pandemic this year, I have flown (safely) on a dozen+ flights with Alaska Air. And I have used the Alaska Air web-based & smartphone-based apps, as well as worked with your customer service teams by phone & via chat over the last 18+ months. I’ve keenly observed the iterative improvement process of your apps with consistent upgrades & added useful U/I ‘user interface’ enhancements. My online experience today was, frankly, flawless. I booked a business flight to Mexico with the smartphone app. My experience with the app was efficient, rapid, & completed with no hang-ups or ‘dropped session’ or ‘system reboot’ glitches. In fact, the booking of the round trip flight, start-to-finish, was just a couple of minutes... literally like two minutes. As I said, flawless. Kudos to your IT App Dev team. Thanks for your efforts in creating a great customer experience! And keep working toward making the Alaska Air online experience even better. It is so great to see that your company-wide focus on great customer service is paying off. Ya know... the sky’s the limit! JY-Burlingame, CA
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5 years ago, SoftTony
Top notch application, top notch airline
I’ve been fortunate in doing considerable global traveling as a result of my career. Now that I’m retired, my wife wants to travel throughout the US as well as internationally. The one airline we both enjoy more than any other is Alaska Airlines. In fact she insisted we get their credit cards because of the advantages it offer. However, when it comes to using a smart phone and all of the various applications she would rather use the phone and text message exclusively and forget about the other applications. She does not find the apps “intuitive” and becomes rapidly frustrated. I put the Alaska Airlines app on her phone anyway. To my amazement, she is very comfortable with the app and gladly uses it first anytime we start thinking about a trip. This app really is “intuitive and very easy to navigate through. For someone who hates apps, she really knows her way around this one. Frankly, if she not only uses it but enjoys using it; the majority of folks should really enjoy the ease and throughness of this application.
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3 years ago, This will ruin
Don't buy here, maybe just check in instead
I use Alaska Airlines for booking flights, so this is the aspect I'm focusing on here. I have previously used Expedia only for purchasing flight tickets, and I love using Alaska Airlines on Expedia because the gates they tell you to go to are consistent (at least for me, so far). They also provide the cheapest tickets, but not on this app. I can get a $39 1 adult ticket in the same state, a month in advance, on the Expedia app for Alaska Airlines, but when looking for flight reservations on this app for the same destination and date I don't see any numbers under $50. Just saying, buying here is probably not your cheapest option on this app; you can find some cheaper options instead on the Expedia app. However, Expedia is inconsistent with its information (gave me my flight reservation information and made me assume I had successfully purchased a flight reservation when it was actually cancelled), so I'm moving to this app, hoping to check in here so I get the right information here. Overall, I like the easy navigation and options that this app provides. I wish they gave the same prices as Expedia does though, as I would like to delete the Expedia app altogether and move to this one if this app works out for me.
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3 years ago, Sirkj
Updates are making things worse
I am very frustrated with the app right now. I can only reserve food through the app and have called multiple times to see how to reserve food for an extra child that is travelling with us without an Alaska airlines account. They say that It can only be done through the app and as long is that child reservation is linked with mine or with another one of our travellers we can order him food. This is not the case! If you’re going to force us to order food prior to our flights you have to make it easier. These are minor children and do not have a credit card and this one you particular doesn’t have an ak mileage plan. I need to be able to order for my kids on my reservation when they are linked to me! Allow us to buy multiple meals and make this easy. I have spent over an hour talking to Alaska Airlines to some very nice associates but even they are frustrated and said this is been happening a lot. Kris Johnson
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12 months ago, Fares for1st Class Not 1st
Very Bad
The fares shown for the flights I wanted to take at first class were not first class. If the fares shown for first class on the list of available flights are based on mixed class then the web showing available flights and fares by class should very clear show on the list of available flights that it is a mixed class fare My wife and I are both MVP Gold and have been for a number of years. This very bad web cost me a lot when I went to rebook due to receiving a notice that my original booking was no longer available. My original fare was more than what the web was showing for the first class fare for the the alternative flight. So I cancelled and then went to rebook based on the fare shown for first class on the web. When I got to final step of booking it showed this was not a first class booking, but a mixed class. I then went to reenter the web and looked for available flights and this time the web was showing a first class fare that was $500 more than what it had just shown a few minutes earlier. When I went through the process of booking I found this time it was really first class for both flights the flight to Seattle connecting to the flight to IAD. Robert Selder
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4 years ago, skylo21
Extremely inconvenient
I have 4 complaints about this App. 1. Why don’t you save the search information? Every other app for every other airline saves your previous search so you do not have to re-enter what city you’re flying into and what city you’re flying out of every single time. 2. Why do I have to log into an app in order to purchase a plane ticket when I am obviously already logged in? This makes no sense and is an extra step that makes using your app a pain in the neck. None of the other airline applications make you do this this should be an easy fix 3. How can you possibly not Store my address which is already saved in The app under my profile? And not only that but your app does not use suggested or stored names and addresses like every other app does. So I literally have to hand type out my name and address every time I want to make a purchase!? 4. This goes along with the previous issue but how in the world do you not store my Alaskan Mileage Plan credit card information in the Alaskan app that I am logged into!?! twice by the way!!! I have been a member for quite some time and really enjoy flying on Alaskan flights but using your app to book flights is bar far the biggest pain in the neck I’ve dealt. I am also a credit card member at Delta, and mileage program member at United, American and Southwest, and every single one of those apps does all 4 of the things I just mentioned.
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6 years ago, Dune Rider Terry
It is always fast and easy to book a flight and pick your seat. I love using apps that are easy to use as you go step your step to get the job done and this app is super easy to use and if you are a 1st time user of the app. Within 24 hours of your flight Alaska Airlines will send you a notification that you can check in and if there’s empty seats still you can change your seat from the original seat choice you made at the time you booked the flight. Alaska Airlines will also give you the opportunity to check your bags if you have to check one in if you have an over size bag or have more then one that is your free carry on. You can pay for extra baggage fees when you check in online or using the Alaska Airlines app or wait and pay at the airport Incase you end up with more baggage or you ended up not needing a extra bag. After you get checked in the app will ask if you want to add the boarding pass to your Wallet if you use an iPhone.
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3 years ago, 101"""no more
Alaska... Top Airline
I love your Alaska app, I have it on a couple mobile devices. It is very useful when I am out of the country and need to check on my flights. It also updates quite well with gates and times within the United States! Easy for frequent travelers! I have been a proud Alaska Gold Elite member for about six years now. This last year was horrible for all of us, 2020. I have now successfully taken two trips, one on Alaska to Puerto Vallarta in December. I have one scheduled for Palm Springs in a few weeks. I just made reservations for next December same destination. My biggest regret was having cancel my Alaska reserv, to Cancun.... due to a 5 hr later arrival. I had to make a reservation on American Airlines to Cancun Jan 4-11, 2021 I have taken your early morning nonstop Seattle to Cancun probably 10 to 13 times since you began flying there again in November 2014. My experience on American Airlines was exhausting, and the stops made the trips terribly long, especially on the way home. I hope and pray that someone is listening... and soon this year you will announce a return to your early nonstop departure Seattle to Cancun arriving at about 4 PM. With the return flight leaving Cancun about 5 pm. With my recent experience on another airline, I can rate Alaska By Far Best Airline... Period! ******Please return your Seattle/Cancun nonstop to the 7:15 am departure,
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6 years ago, Dorian Gray Reduex
Great App Not Great For Booking
This is my 2nd favorite airline app. Booking a flight is easy and I can get to information which is nice. United,Singapore, Southwest, JetBlue and others are about the same but I find the interface better. I will say though the best in the market is Delta. I am sure tons of people have tons to say about Delta but it’s true. The one thing these apps can add is calendar views and better ability to look up awards with partner airlines. I also don’t like the coloration but I am being nit picky. Also if you track airline fare codes etc. Alaska isn’t quite and up front about it as other airlines. If you credit Alaska mileage it’s no big deal but if you credit other airlines it can be a bit annoying. Again minor things but it keeps it from 5 stars as to me on the Delta app I can easily get that information. Some other things like checkout can use help and saving to a wallet can be easier but these are very minor and things most people probably don’t care about.
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2 years ago, MJ Holzendorf
The App
I love the airline and it’s employees. But twice I’ve checked in using the app and had less than a positive experiences. The first time some weird glitch happened and it said we couldn’t check-in. When we arrived, it appears my sister’s dog got attached to all four of our tickets, which took the people at the counter FOREVER to correct. Yesterday I checked-in for a short flight (less than 2 hours). I was unable to pick a seat unless I wanted to pay an additional $30, so I just paid for my bag and at the end it said I would get a seat assignment at the gate. I ended up in the last boarding group (E). It was okay, since I was traveling alone and had no carry-on, but had I been traveling with someone else there’s no way our seats would have been together. And I specifically like checking in early, so that I’m not in the last boarding group.
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5 years ago, |GHALGH|
Alaska Airlines Always Delivers
First and foremost, as an Alaskan with 5 people in our family, we have always appreciated the BOA AK Air credit cards for the companion fare tickets. They have saved us $1000’s per year for many years. In addition, the Club 49 program makes us feel we are valued and celebrated by this excellent company. All that said, the thing we appreciate most is the professionalism, caring, and friendly nature of every employee that we have come across over the years. In 20 + years and many, many flights all over Alaska, contiguous US, and Canada; a negative word has never been heard by any of the employees about their employer, at any point. The employee always genuinely present themselves as fortunate to work for AK Air and even out of Alaska, they continue to carry the genuine friendliness that is present in so many residents of our great State. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such great access, routes, and services to such an excellent service provider and only when no other option exists, will we travel on any other airlines; it’s simply and lessor experience on so many levels. As you continue to grow and share your offerings with more and more people, please continue to protect your company values and culture, as they are what makes your company far and away one of the very best! Sincerely, A very appreciative Alaskan family
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1 year ago, Nafanua
Can’t Live Without This App
I live by this app when traveling. Please put a link to Easy Biz on it. I love being able to check on and plan travel on it as well. However, I wish it was faster in displaying gate info. I can get gate info lots faster on other flight tracking sites. American has much quicker gate info, sometimes even for the next day. That should be available for the next flight once you land, but it often isn’t. This app is indispensable but could use work to add to and enhance its functions. The tabs on the bottom of the home page is written in too tiny letters. I’m a million miler, and I would like that printed on the “Lounge” card in the app along with being Gold. I am weary of being only considered Gold when I’d like to think being million miler should warrant recognition more than the Gold. If we can get prices on a rate calendar in the app, why can’t we get an award calendar in the app?
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2 years ago, Kobe ryant
Incredible Airline and Service!!
I was only introduced to Alaska Airlines last August and I can say that with the dozen flights I’ve taken with Alaska, I’ve enjoyed every flight. The customer service is absolutely incredible and I find myself on the phone getting quality assistance and answers to my questions at any hour of the day/night. Everyone is so professional and glad to help with anything that I need. The airline is exceptionally clean and the air smells fresh when I’m on board. Although there was a cancelled flight or two, Alaska made sure to compensate for any issue and coordinate the re-bookings for me. I also love having priority with Alaska a si getting free upgrades to Premium Economy and sometimes even First Class!! Highly recommend this airline to anyone I come across, especially those looking to explore the west coast!
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6 days ago, BR the Original
Bank of America is the Bank
Alaska Air would get 5-Stars from me every single time based on their service, based on their cleanliness, based on their operations. But because they are backed by Bank Of America, they get one star. Bank Of America does not care about the consumer. Bank Of America always mistreats the consumer. I have paid by auto pay for years and have never missed being on time with my payments for years. And because of the recent interest charges going up, my minimum payment was $2 more than what was taken out of my account for auto pay. So I was punished with negative mark on my credit and a negative mark on my account saying I’m past due by $2. I can’t stand Bank Of America. They are disgusting and they do not care about the consumer. When you can have, a customer paying exorbitant rates of interest every month, on time, and then abuse them for $2, somethings wrong with you. I’m paying off my Alaska Air card and I’m going to continue to use Southwest and any other airline than Alaska Air, which I would rather use, but I will not deal with Bank Of America.
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3 years ago, Music TS
Adjusting the prices as you are boking. Shame Alaska. Canceling credit card after I take this trip
Well. I have a lot of miles, decided to book 3 flights separately to make the best use of my miles. Anyway, as I was about to purchase 3rd flight, after entering all the info and click purchase- it says - at this prices it is unavailable. What? Refreshed- the prices is twoce more. Why show and allow the castomer to proceed woth false price. Also have their CC, not happy, will cancel after i book my last trip. It cost 75$ annual fee for the card, in return you have 1 free ticket ( you have to fly too) the ticket amount cant be applied toward more expensive ticket. The max you can get is 99$ reduction, so if your ticket is 120, sorry!!!! It is not realy free. Anyway. Called them and told them that I am not a happy customer and blah blah- they gave a credit of $100 if I soend X amount of money. Conclusion: better have cash back card then miles card- to much pain:((( also- they bought Virgin A- took away all the fun and some destinations got reduced:((( one thing that is positive: they were never late, very rare. So .... after all dont like it.
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6 years ago, swaudby
Flaws - Errors - Usability
This app has some serious usability flaws. Can’t checking in directly from flights purchased using the app? When purchasing app frequently fails. App also doesn’t allow you to search nonstop flights you have to filter them after you perform a search. When you look at your trips, flights are in different screens, would be much more useful on on screen. The first screen is the summary, but it doesn’t give you any summary, but they do give you a pretty photo, not very useful. Definitely could use improvements. I love Alaska Airlines. I usually will pay more to fly them, but the app is definitely a huge area of improvement. With over 20 years of usability experience and almost 20 years of mobile experience, Alaska Airlines mobile team needs to focus on users needs and ease of use.
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5 months ago, C Aaron Smith
Name of my ticket was different. I kept getting different answers about what to do.
Altogether, I spent about 4 1/2 hours, dealing with an issue of the name on my ticket not being exactly the way I would expect it, with my middle name scrunched in with my first name. Unable to add TSA information, wasn’t quite sure what to do, called Alaska Airlines in the first and second people I spoke to thought it was an issue that needed to be corrected, but always deferred it to other sources. Finally the morning of my check in I was told it didn’t matter and it was normal, and to go ahead and check in. it would’ve been nice to have been told from the first time when I called that that name situation wasn’t an issue. Had a few dropped calls, and extended hold times of 35 minutes, even late at night so things could be a little smoother. Looking forward to the flight, though to find out what the onboard quality of services is like.
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3 months ago, DJ Scorchie
Can’t even view flight receipts
You can’t even review the receipts of tickets you’ve purchased. I guess that would be no big deal except when I call customer service, the agent usually chastises me because I can’t provide the ticket number for the refund I’m trying to get for the flight that was canceled and I flew a different carrier because AS told me to wait but never rebooked me and the app doesn’t help with changes during irrops. When I call in and provide the confirmation number for my reservation (which also disappears from the app after 48 hours , I guess the app isn’t big on helping with your flight history), that’s when the agent gets upset because it has to be looked up in their system—at least they have a way to do it which must be extremely painful, but I can’t do it in the app. The people who say this is the “best airline app ever” must not travel much and haven’t had to do anything like get refunds, change flights, or anything a frequent traveler might expect from an app. Or the review is just suspect.
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11 months ago, CarinnMay
Airline good, not so much the app
I have to remember that I’m reviewing the app and not the airline. I’ve flown through multiple airlines and used their apps, and I say this one is not the easiest and not user friendly. I’m constantly clicking in multiple spots to find out information, like what terminal. Come to find out, it’s only on the ticket I save on my Wallet on my iPhone. Unfortunate, it doesn’t update. The app itself doesn’t keep updated as quickly as other airline apps. I get the notification to board, right as my flight is taking off. Access to the Gogoflight should be easily accessed through the app, not have another app for it. When I initially schedule a flight, pick my seats, and then after I pay for it, I noticed it only saved my seat selection for one flight and NONE of the others. I have to go through again and select it. I’m starting to wonder if it’s making me pay double, the seat premium twice. This app has gotten worse, in my opinion.
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9 months ago, mrakamai
Password issues between app and website
I was using a 64 character password which worked just fine for the website but not for the app. I tried calling Alaska Airlines customer service but was told they do not provide support for the app other than to tell people to uninstall and reinstall. Then got transferred to someone else and that went nowhere, too. Tried chat a second time and was told over and over and over that the same password will work for both the app and website. That’s not true. I tried lowering the password character count to 35 and that worked. I also tried 45 characters on the website out of curiosity and that generates an error. So does 40 characters so I’m guessing the limit is 35. So, once the lower character limit was discovered, I can login fine with the same password for both website and app. I was also told by their support that I should not use password managers because they don’t always work. Huh, okay.
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6 months ago, FrenchieFriend
No Gate Info at Chicago OHare
Most large airports and airlines have electronic billboards showing departure times and gates at several locations. United had several such billboards at OHare. Alaska had nothing! So I went by the electronic boarding pass that I had printed the night before, because my printed boarding pass that I got at the airport also did not have a gate number. Even when I arrived at the gate that I thought I was supposed to be at, there was no indication as to what flights would be leaving from that gate. One would think that this was the first time that Alaska ever had flights going out of Chicago! Flights out of Seattle were much more efficient, but for a huge airport like Chicago this is inexcusable, even if it was the first time they had flights out of Chicago. If your electronic system is not working, then you should have helpful people at the main entrance gates to direct people to where they should be.
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1 year ago, AFTess
Very frustrating
Tried to book a trip to the Pacific and what a cluster. Part of the trip available for miles, part was not, but would not let me use miles for part of the trip - I had to pay $$ 100% or use miles 100% - stupid. And then the trip had a partner airline and I booked the whole thing first class but before purchasing double checked and the partner airline, the longest jaunt, was not first class which was not disclosed. Called customer service, oh we cannot control first class for our partner airlines. Then why sell the ticket as first class??? Fortunately I backed out and rebooked it as coach, the only other option available -not even premium coach - and now need to work with partner airline to upgrade. I called customer service twice and was underwhelmed, attitude obvious they didn’t want to be bothered, just kept referring me back to the app. Duh, if I didn’t need help I wouldn’t have called in the first place. Really Alaska?? You need to do better.
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5 years ago, Warhouse
I have been a frequent flyer and member of their mileage plan for 32 years. My first and foremost number one consideration is to always fly ALASKA AIRLINES or one of ALASKA’S partner airlines. When this is not possible, I am always a bit sad to fly with another airline and leave my good air travel friends. I have always appreciated the friendly spirit of all ranks/positions of their employees. I believe ALASKA AIRLINES has safety as a number one priority. I have witnessed in past 30 plus years that ALASKA has been in the forefront of instituting new technologies and innovations for both passenger safety and convenience for their customer base. One last note to consider, their MILEAGE PLAN is the best and easiest in the industry to plan, use and acquire free travel on ALASKA or their PARTNER AIRLINES. If you have not flown with ALASKA AIRLINES please give it a try as I will bet you will not be disappointed!
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7 months ago, Jesus H Christ a nickname?
It’s beyond ridiculous how many additional fees you charge on top of a ticket price. Do you have entirely too many bean counters sitting in an office thinking of new ways to squeeze money out of passengers. I only use Alaska Airlines when it’s purchased by my company. I would never recommend Alaska Airlines to a friend. The airlines got outta control when they started charging people for taking a bag on an airplane. My God it’s an aircraft it’s going hundreds if not, thousands of miles away. Of course someone’s going to take a bag so now you got the bag overhead bin wars with everybody trying to stuff everything up there. You need to get rid of most of the people in your offices that think this crap up and give a raise those people on the ground that are actually doing the job. The bean counters are destroying the world. They are as useless as ticks on horses. In fact, a bean counter is at this moment reading this email. And absolutely nothing will be done about any of the frustrations your airline provides its passengers for a fee.
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4 years ago, Marcus J Jackson
Personal info not saved?
Functionality of the App is decent in terms of shopping flights etc but when it comes to “ease” in booking, it leaves a little to be desired. Other competitors allow you to save most of your info especially when you are at a status level that demonstrates that you use the airline a great deal. Specifically there should be a function that saves your info far greater then just your name, airline number, email etc. having to input what country you are from, your address AND your credit card number is a pain especially when in a hurry to book. Other competing apps allow your info to be saved for quicker checkouts and the feeling here is the AA App doesn’t allow much of this to be auto populated once you enter in your user name and password.
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5 years ago, dawnmackin76
My mistake
I woke up extremely early to catch a flight to attend my grandmothers funeral, only to find I had mistakenly booked it for a month late. I was panicked and heavy hearted. Through my tears, I called Alaska to see if anything was available. The customer service rep was quiet as I heard the computer keyboard clicking. My heart breaking that I would miss my only opportunity to pay my last respects to my grandmother. A few very long minutes later, the Alaska rep spoke the sweetest words I’ve ever heard, “I have you rebooked on a flight leaving try to make the best of this trip. I am happy to help.” Alaska comes though for my family and I AGAIN! My loyalty was decided in one genuinely kind and considerate action by a friendly and caring Alaska rep that probably has no idea how much this means to me! Thank you so much Boise rep!!
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8 months ago, ElDoritoBurito
The app is buggie, had issues with trying to create an account. It kept saying I had an account but whenever I would try to reset password. The system would say that it couldn’t find an account associated with the email. When I was finally able to create an account I tried to sync my reservation. It kept popping up as expired or nonexistent. I ditched the app and went on the browser full screen. I was able to add my reservation and check in on browser. The browser did time out where I had to restart the check in process again. The second time went through though. I figure this is just an Alaska Airlines system problem. I was finally able to add my reservation on the mobile app after check-in on full screen. But the app isn’t showing that I am checked in with my login. I’m basically giving up on the app. Flying is stressful enough, I’m not trying deal with check in issues.
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1 year ago, FelixM1
Uneven use
I’ve attempted to use your app many times while in flight to purchase infotainment and i’ve found your Wi-Fi system on board flights OFTEN glitches, rendering the app useless and also the users experience useless. I’ve paid the $8 dollars or whatever it seems you charge for Internet access only to be disappointed time and time again while using the app in flight because of uneven service. When I’ve attempted to try to get a credit or refund for the SLOPPY service, your customer service process is abysmal as you must then contact, apparently a third-party provider of your WiFi and service. Another suggestion; why not allow a passenger to be able to purchase Wi-Fi Internet access ONCE and then have that available to them on the entire legs of their flight rather than requiring them to purchase for Wi-Fi for each flight leg ? that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to the passenger
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3 weeks ago, chelanski
Today was the first flight (after several) when I could understand the attendants’ complete announcements! I am a native English-speaker, but on my last few Alaska flights, the attendants’ announcements were delivered so fast that some words weren’t clearly pronounced. Todays flight from Walla2 to Seattle was much different. I could understand every word that each attendant spoke, and I thanked each of them. The young man was not even a native English-speaker! Bravo to both of them! As a student of languages, I worry that passengers who aren’t native English speakers won’t be able to understand the announcements when they are spoken fast, (Esp when I myself had trouble understanding).That can be an added stress when traveling. Thank you for all you do!
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5 years ago, Rob on Bainbridge Island
Vice President, LabCorp
As a million miler with Alaska I am qualified to speak highly on behalf of this service oriented company. I go out of my way to use Alaska because they go out of their way to make my travel as convenient as possible. Having lost my gold status with Alaska at one point and having accepted a position with a company that required weekly travel and very early flights I was in a bind. Living on Bainbridge Island with the earliest ferry at 4:45 am made it impossible to make a 6:00 am to San Diego with out gold status and the ability to enter security in the gold status line. I appealed in writing to the president of Alaska to reinstate my gold status early knowing I would get there in a matter of months and the response was quick and positive. That is one of many reasons I will always choose Alaska Airlines.
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5 years ago, even the nick name taken!
Please do everything you can to fly with other airlines
I flew with Alaska airlines for past 15 years, at least 2 flights a month over 5k miles around trip. There is absolutely no loyalty! No customer service and no care. Make sure to read the fine print on insurance and baggage coverage! #alaskaairlines have damaged to beyond recognition to our baby stroller that is worth over 500 bucks and surprise no coverage! I knew a stroller was expensive, and I thought Alaska Airline takes care of baggage. Surprisingly they don’t, I have flew with Alaska airlines despite the other airlines being hundreds of dollars cheaper. Just for one factor of thinking customer service is beyond other airlines, which I have realize there is none. Absolute worst airlines!!!! Really wish delta airlines would come and do more service in Alaska. #deltaiarlines I have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars to being committed to Alaska Airlines! And this is what I have in return. Wish I can upload photos into this review to explode how Alaska airline damages cargo! Beyond recognition.
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3 years ago, AK 40+yrs
Bad app
One of the most cumbersome and non user friendly apps I’ve ever used. I only use the app when absolutely necessary…and have been an Alaska Airlines customer for over 40yrs. When the app was released, I made complaints to the Alaska personnel (hoping they would pass them along) about how bad it was to navigate. Also there’s a lack of information on how to use it. No changes have been made that I’ve noted that have improved this. I have a trip in 3 weeks & know I can only preorder a meal on the app. I also know there’s a time frame to do that but good luck finding that information easily. Evidently I have to check my reservation daily to see when that pops up. I tried looking under search on the app for the food option…no such luck. When mentioning it to airline personnel I’ve been told I’m not the only one who’s complained. For being headquartered in a locale with some of the best tech in the world, am disappointed that this is the best Alaska Airlines can manage. Carol Smith
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5 years ago, Valerie Dawn
Favorite airline!
My favorite airline! I’ve been flying with Alaska Airlines for many years. Friendly pilots and flight attendants. Their customer care representatives have always been great and I rarely have to wait on hold for more than a few minutes when I call. I love the yearly $99 companion fare & other benefits they offer with the VISA Signature card. My family & I usually fly during holidays & I like that there are no blackout dates when using the companion fare. During flights, I really enjoy the cheese plates and selection of cocktails they offer well as the friendly staff. My flights are almost always right on time! The planes are clean & pretty comfortable (for an aircraft). I try to book First Class when available and the staff always makes it a fun & comfortable experience.
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4 years ago, 41Mandi94
This app is awesome! It’s such a useful traveling tool to have when you’re sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch and you get a notification that your gate has changed, so nice! And to be able to keep your information in one app, I also love the option to keep a digital Mileage Plan Card in my iPhone wallet. One recommendation I would add is airport maps. I’ve not seen anyone do that yet. Secondly, if you could add a link to Alaska Air Cargo & perhaps make it easier to sign up to be a Known Shipper that would be so helpful! Many folks cannot travel and sending cargo via Alaska Airlines is at times much cheaper than by barge or other shippers! If we could keep a digital copy of our Known Shipper Card that would be phenomenal. Thanks for such a great tool🌺🤙🏽🌴
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4 years ago, LauraBuffington
Great customer service!
When we went to drop our luggage at the drop off counter, the gentleman attendant was super friendly and such a good attitude! I explained to him that at the time of booking my flight, I had requested wheel chair assistance due to just having major surgery. I told him that I thought I could actually walk to the gate, but requested to board early (I picked our seats out when I booked), do I wouldn’t have to stand in long line. He said yes and checked his computer and moved us up a few rows, to reduce the amount of walking, as he said the jetway (tunnel) was lengthy so I would be doing plenty of walking to get there. That was so very considerate! In addition, when going through clearance I explained to the nice TSA attendant (female) that I had had surgery, and that I had drains which might be a problem when they scanned me. Which it did. However, she was very professional in doing the pat down, and explained exactly what she was going to be doing. While it took a lot of time, she did a great job. I appreciate her attitude and how she conducted herself while doing her job! Thank you for having such great people at your San Diego airport facility. I look forward to flying with you again! Laura Buffington Kelso, WA
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4 months ago, ForevernBluejeans
Since I was 2
It has been my pleasure to fly Alaska Airlines since I was 2 years old. If I’m traveling and Alaska Airlines goes there, it is always my choice to pick Alaska. I have never been disappointed with the service and 99% of the time my flight is on time. In the most foggiest of weather, I can count on Alaska Airline pilots whom many are former bush pilots, to get the plane up or down. Not sure that’s as true these days as most bush pilots have retired. Still the best airline in my experience having flown other airlines and to other countries. I appreciate the friendly service of the attendants and sometimes the pilots who say goodbye on the way out. Well done, as for 60 years I have considered Alaska Airlines like family when I travel.
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3 years ago, Guy 7 billion
Does not provide relevant or accurate info
Flight out of LAX did not contain details as to which terminal it was out of - massive airports should always have this info. Also, flight Captain and crew for my scheduled flight were delayed leaving from Las Vegas due to a mechanical issue. NO UPDATE was issued indicating there was a delay. Even after it was announced that the departure was delayed, no update. Finally, 30 mins after the original flight was supposed to have DEPARTED, the app updated with the new departure time. No option is provided on the app to resolve the fact that I would obviously now miss my second flight (which is also loaded in the app) or a special number to contact Customer Service for assistance with working out alternate connecting flight / hotel. Pretty useless app. Only reason to have it is for scanning boarding pass - but they send that to you by email. So, no point actually. Useless.
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5 years ago, Soulknight6966
Alaska Airlines All the Way!
Consistently high quality app that provides all the user friendly IO features (like the Domino’s App) to make selecting and analyzing flights to/from Alaska and other destinations so incredibly simple. Additionally, the quality of service I always receive from attendants, pilots, and customer service is outstanding and the best single Airlines service in the world. I’ve traveled on several so I know (Turkish, Delta, United, American, Spirit, and some other int’l ones too). The respect to the military is candid, genuine, and every person in the company seems to know that, too. Unlike some other airlines...Lastly, I absolutely love the airline meals provided. Quality, Healthy, and packed with Protein because it’s gotta FIT ‘YER MACROS BRO. All in all, I will continue my quest to become a million miles flyer!
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Alaska Airlines is very accommodating and professional— keeping customers their priority— I’m frankly shocked!! I had to get a last minute COVID19 test but my results didn’t come back before flight time— it’s the first flight I’ve ever missed — but ALASKA AIRLINES— appreciated my honesty and allowed me to rebook later - to my surprise!! I had no idea ALASKA would do that— I felt canceling was the right thing to do and I ended up driving alone for 4 days —I could never feel right taking chances with other peoples lives. The exception really helped my family household budget— because I had to fly out two weeks later. Thank you I’m definitely putting ALASKA AIRLINES as first choice for all my flying needs — to include my son in Law School!
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5 years ago, Sparkybmw
Alaska Airlines Representative went beyond great customer service!
During a recent phone call to reservations, I received the best service I’ve ever had with Alaska Airlines! After a death in our family, the agent went out of their way to help with our reservation. The compassion and patience she showed was outstanding! I wish I could remember her name but I can’t. I’m seeing Alaska Airlines moving in an even more positive customer service direction that surpasses any airline I’ve ever flown with. British Airways was my number one, but Alaska Airlines has now taken that spot! Even during unexpected cancellations or delays, which don’t happen very often, they are responsive and do there best to accommodate their customers. I highly recommend this Airlines for travel.
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2 months ago, SaraLee3
Not intuitive at all.
I travel a lot for work and I typically fly United. This is my first time using Alaska and the app is driving me insane. It’s not intuitive at all. I went through the check-in process but it’s giving me no confirmation (via app or email). So I think I’m checked in, but I really don’t know. Fingers crossed when I get to the airport tomorrow. The app looks like it will let me check in again (which leads me to believe that I’m *not* checked in?), but then it wants to charge me again for a bag (which leads me to believe that I *am* already checked in). I also cannot see my connecting flights, only the first leg of the trip. This app is horrible, and I foresee travel complications because of it. But I’m not calling for customer service because I don’t feel like sitting on hold for two hours and talking to someone from overseas. I’m very disappointed and I hope I never have to use this app again unless it gets updated.
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3 months ago, KB-WS
Disappointed with lack of clarity & responsive re MVP Gold mileage credits
I specifically planned my travel with Alaska partners to ensure I had a margin of excess of miles to maintain my MVP gold status in case anything came up causing me to cancel any of my flights. It turned out that things did come up causing me to not being able to take 3 fourth quarter trips. - I was not able to take my October 6 trip round trip Seattle to Washington DC because I got COVID with very active symptoms and could not travel. - I had to cancel my round trip SEA to Denver trip due my father being ill and in the hospital and passing away - I brought him in on Thanksgiving day and he died on December 6. Despite the above cancellations, I thought I would still have more than enough to maintain my Gold status as I had booked several trips on partner airlines round trip LHR to SNN Aer Lingus in September and my Round trip SEA to OSL on Iceland Air. I thought the two international trips would still put me over but I don’t think the AER LINGUS flights were included, and I may have only gotten 1/2 the flight miles credited for the Iceland Air travel, leaving me I think about 5k short. Is there anything that can be done here for me to earn back my Gold status for 2024? Thank You
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3 years ago, JamesPNW
Alaska Airlines is the BEST
I’m a loyal flier with Alaska. I will go out of my way; even extending my travel times - to ensure I can fly Alaska! Every aspect of their performance is stellar; on the ground everything from Customer Service, scheduling, check-in (both in person and on line), boarding, making changes to itineraries, to the lounge. The upgraded APP is amazing; easy to follow and the information clarity is the best. No one comes close to matching them. In the air - the pilots are fantastic; always focused on safety first while ensuring the most comfortable flight possible. And the flight crews are similarly amazing. Friendly, attentive, proactive, caring and most of all they listen and treat you as a person! Can you tell - I love Alaska Airlines!!
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5 years ago, snow worm
Going places
My family and I only use Alaska Airlines to travel. The staff is more than helpful friendly and knowledgeable. The air miles program and companion fare program are a huge help to our budget on traveling. Oh and don’t forget the 49 club. I would say this airline is very consumer friendly. My wife and I have five kids so most of the time in the past on other airlines we tried aren’t accommodating to a group that size without spreading us all over the plan. I have had to use customer service before and I wish I could remember the lady’s name that help me in a time of need and grievance to get my family to where we needed to go without costing everything we had. I will always remember that. So yeah way to go Alaska Airlines.
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1 year ago, Floink
Good for phone; ipad version MIA
I do most of my internet on my phone, and of course during actual travel that’s what I would be using. And it’s a very helpful app when in transit! But to book tickets, check on details, browse available flights, etc. I would much prefer the larger screen and landscape orientation of my ipad. Alas, the “ipad version” is just the iphone version, sized no bigger than my iphone screen (kinda small). Wish they would tell their web communications folks to come out with a true iPad version! Did you know? More than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, NOT desktop or laptop computers. Long past time for developers to drop the idea that mobile is secondary and unimportant!
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3 years ago, MCPOUSNrtd
You’re starting to slip !
App is slow at updating information. I have had to call on several occasions to “ensure” changes I’ve made are “locked in” because updating is so behind! This is even more concerning when it’s Alaska that makes changes, especially because you change flight details more than any other airline. I am concerned, as airlines rely more and more on electronic communications to replace human contact, that this Corporate attitude is infecting the work ethic of Flight Attendants, most notably in First Class. I’ve been flying Alaska for 40 years, and there definitely a slipping to mediocrity in the last 3 years. Hope it stops, because apps can’t stop people from finding and flying another airline!
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10 months ago, TK allday
Okay app that needs updates
If you are booking an Alaska flight and paying for it outright, the app works great. No issues with first class, main, or saver fares when booking. You easily pay to upgrade your main seat to premium class. Want to do anything else? Well, that’s where the app falls apart. Got the Alaska credit card? Well, you won’t be able to use your companion fare on the app. That requires the full website. Searching for or trying to book premium economy on a partner airline? It’s literally impossible as the option is not given. Once again, you need the full website. Seems silly that Alaska has some pretty nifty partnerships and discounts but you can’t use them on the app. It’s 2023 and most other airline apps don’t limit the consumer like this one does.
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5 years ago, MarSue1
Confusing web site
Flying Alaska Airlines out rates several other airlines, as far as WiFi plug-ins, on board customer service. As for their website it is not user friendly and you just about always end up still calling in. They do not hire enough employees, and at check-in you might find there is no one at the counter anywhere from an hour before the flight. Those agents might be at the boarding gate! I had my departing gate change three times in Seattle July 6th, 2019...where everyone had to walk from gate to terminal...with no provisions being made for the elderly or handicapped to catch the flight from the next gate. Then the gate was changed once again. Food is also served in shrinked plastic around a cardboard box, that is not for the faint of heart to open.
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4 years ago, Ralpha6969888
Flight Status
Your flight status page is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!! It does NOT display / indicate WHEN a flight has actually “Departed / left the gate”. It does NOT confirm / display / indicate WHEN a flight is actually finally “airborne”. It does NOT confirm / display / indicate WHEN a flight has actually “landed”. And finally when it does confirm / display / indicate WHEN a flight has actually “blocked in at the gate”, the “Arrived” time is so SLOW to update that when it is finally displayed it is almost always as much as 5 MINUTES AFTER / LATER than when it “actually / officially” “blocked in at the gate”. The “flight status” page on American, Delta, Jet Blue, SW and United ALL show when a flight has “left the gate”, when it’s actually “airborne”, when it actually has “landed” and when it has already “blocked in at the gate”, the actual “Arrived” time is displayed MUCH MORE “promptly” than your “flight status” page😡
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