Albertsons Deals & Delivery

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Albertsons Companies, LLC
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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Albertsons Deals & Delivery

4.8 out of 5
338.3K Ratings
10 months ago, BobbyMicSobby
Why switch from a functioning app to one that doesn’t work???
This app never works. There is no place to actually log in. It is just a never ending circle of hitting the login button and then it sending you back to the homepage. I called the help number and was told that two accounts had actually been created when the app switched over. They deleted one and said it could take 20min to 24hrs to take effect. 24+ hours later, nothing has changed and nothing works. Called their help line again. Was told the same information again about two accounts with the same timeline. The call with the help desk, which is clearly overseas, cuts off frequently. I am currently on my third call of the day because of these cut-offs. I was told to delete and redownload the app. This did nothing. This is so frustrating. At the physical pharmacy I am told by the pharmacist and multiple customers in line that it simply never works. Good job Albertsons! Way to take a very useful, functioning app and replace it with an unusable, non-functioning app…
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10 months ago, Madison775169987
Lake worth cashier named may.
We typically try to avoid out local clifford st (ft Worth Tx) store due to customer service so we drive out to lake worth. We have a long history with Albertsons, my dad, my brother, and I all worked there through college and my dad retired from Albertsons. We are very familiar with the company. Every time I go there and try to shop I avoid checking out in Mays line at all cost, I am a couponer, and, she is so unbelievably disrespectful and rude to couponers. I don’t know what her deal is but it is very clear. She does not like anybody that comes in the store with coupons. I spend a lot of time in the store going through coupons and matching them up and then to get to the register and have to put everything back is very frustrating. I was excited to see someone from the Clifford Street store awas moved to Lake Worth, but even then she had ruined it by not excepting any of my coupons making me so embarrassed by canceling my transaction. I will not be back. I also had a $20 off 100 coupon that I lost and she could not figure out how to give it back, it was a $20 paper coupon and she could not figure out how to get it back!! That’s just not okay!! Once again, I will not be back!
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1 year ago, DonSunCity
Now working for me
Well, order and pick up has worked twice now. Unfortunately, today it took me a long time to place my orders. It’s too hard to read - that includes start, finding particular items and making try at some discounts. The drive today will be much later than I prefer. Too many cars and tucks maneuvering in too small space makes it nerve racking for me. I’ve yet to find a Handicap designation on any pickup spaces. At night (like now) this store needs better lighting which might also help with pedestrian safety. In this lot pedestrians have to walk in the narrow space between vehicle lines along with cars going in and out and even backing out, as we ll have to do. I wish all stores had walking space between the fronts of parked cars. Hope someday it will work on my iPhone. So far never has. Now I have the icon come up and can’t delete. Doesn’t even show in settings so I’ll just try downloading this to see if it works. I’ll update review later.
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8 months ago, In4byin
Thank you Albertsons staff
Today I was in the Fletcher store today with my husband, we had to call 9-11 as he was having heart issues. All the staff and even the pharmacist came and assured us she knew CPR as we waited for the ambulance. I was panicking, everything was in slow motion as I ran to the self check out clerk to ask for a defibrillator while calling 9-11. Even the r phone ringing to 9-11 was long and slow motion. Everyone realized my panic and came to help. Even the sweet kid at Starbucks came with water for both of us. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for this to happen; aside from a hospital of course. People were running to get a chair, others scrambled to find a defibrillator, mean while the manager is there just as concerned as if he were a family member. Could the food prices be cheaper? Sure but this kind of care would not have happened at food for less. You get what you pay for, and I’m forever grateful for everyone that helped us during this very scary event. Da
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6 years ago, Stimpy316
The higher-ups be including management
I love the store in the new changes but I can honestly say I fear for the employees here. They seem to be stressed more than usual and asked to do things that they’re not accustomed to. Or they’re asked to do cashiering and only do it part time so that they don’t get the cashier pay which I think is bad. If the store wants to continue to be great they need to treat their employees better a lot better. I came to the store because Walmart didn’t have customer service and I wanted to stick to the store now I’m finding it’s turning into Walmart as far as customer service is concerned. It is the management that needs to be worked on and I would any steel am I praying for the store to survive. If the employees don’t get treated fairly they will look for other jobs and that’s gonna be the Shane and a matter how the store looks it will bring down The store. If you want loyal employees you have to be loyal to them.
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10 months ago, KnowTheTeuth
This app is absolutely horrific! My pharmacy is making me use it, and I am going to move all of my prescriptions elsewhere. The app is not intuitive! I cannot link my family members even though it says I can. When I try, it tells me I have to update the settings for them, but the settings are all locked. It also will not let me list my family members medication’s by there lay person names. I have to know the technical medical term for the medication’s. I was able to switch mine to lay person names, but I can’t do that with my family members. It’s not an option. Also, everything is very very small and hard to see! I’m young and can’t see things clearly on this app. Everything is very difficult to find it is not streamlined at all. And there is no one to get help from! The pharmacy hates this app and they told me everyone’s leaving because of it. Also, horrific is the fact that the notifications that I get on my phone are now only stating the number of the prescription. I have multiple prescriptions and have no idea which one I’m supposed to pick up because it doesn’t list the name it only lists the number. I hate this app it’s horrible. Awful awful!!!!
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3 years ago, havaweather
Aug 2021 App Change
2021 update: I thought the last big UI update was bad. This is even worse. My last complaint was that users have to do multiple clicks to navigate. And now you’ve added more steps no navigate. …I have to tap on each category to see what is in my list instead of showing the entire list. Also you removed the ability to custom categories. I don’t have a baby, never had a baby, and never plan to have a baby yet that useless category is on the top of every page. And there is no ability to delete an item from my list. Maybe it’ll disappear when expired??? List seems useless if you can’t change your mind and delete stuff. I can keep rambling but what’s the use. I’m sure you don’t care since we have no choice but to use this bad change to get J4U deals. Old review: Why did you change the weekly ad tab? Now I need to do soooo much more navigating to get to the sale items by category. I get that there is a filter by category, but now there are too many clicks back and forth, and I see categories that I would never shop for and removed from the old version The old way, similar to the Just4U, worked. Now it is over complicated!
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2 years ago, Beckasaurus92
Clunky UI, but great bonus features
So yes, as many others have stated the UI on this app is not intuitive at all. You have to add items to your “list”, then check them off to be in your “basket” or the coupon does not apply. I usually go through and add every coupon I want, then check everything off from my list right away. It really should just be one click to add the coupon though, and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen someone ahead of me in the grocery line frustrated because they didn’t get their coupon savings. That being said, one of my favorite features I’ve only just discovered is the app’s integration with mealime, a meal planning app. You select recipes you want to try out, and it gives you a shopping list. I’ve really enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried so far, and it’s been a great way to get me cooking more meals at home. The recipes all include calories per serving and macros too. The annoying thing though is that when I check the items off my shopping list, they come right back. Please fix this bug!
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3 years ago, Mhoram777
Worst Update Ever
EDIT: The app continues to make the items advertised in the weekly ad extremely difficult to locate and offers items at different prices from what is advertised. It was only a dollar this week, but it is happening almost every week. I have to review the receipt for correct pricing before leaving the store every time I shop. Please bring back the old app. What used to be a simple process scrolling through deals has become an ordeal. I can’t find things that are in the weekly ad and have to spend an inordinate amount of time searching to find them and add them to my cart. Not sure whose idea it was to merge the Just for U app and the delivery app, but I have had nothing but issues with it since this last update first launched. The Kroger app is much more user-friendly so I may have to start shopping there instead. It’s a little farther from me, but I avoid the need to spend so much frustrating time in the Albertsons app and having to check my receipt every time I visit the store and make a trip to the Customer Service desk to get it fixed while my cold and frozen items warm up. Please bring back the old, simpler app.
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3 years ago, lindafaem
Leave it alone
I just wish you’d leave it alone in one way. STOP the changing. Right now, it’s not too bad. I’ve been ordering online from SW and Albertson’s for 16 yrs. There seems to be one person? in charge of thinking up all the changes they can make to frustrate us! I’m over 81, not thinking as sharp. I’m sure a lot of online customers are older. One concern lately is I’m not being given substitutes for unavailable items ( I did not check the box where it gives permission to not sub) We order because we need it. Another concern is TIPPING. For 16 yrs Albertson’s said there is a strict No tipping rule. Once in awhile, I left one they did not take. Then, suddenly, a driver texted me, bawled me out because I left no tip! She (?) was rude! I emailed Albertson’s to ask about this, NO RESPONSE! For the last 3x I’ve left a tip. I’m running out of cash! Someone explain. Do I dare leave a check as a tip?? Whoever is doing the online shopping changes could answ emails instead of thinking up ways to frustrate us more!
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2 years ago, glengirlsocal
The one star is only for the app, not the employees
Your app is the worst, most user unfriendly app ever! In scrolling through the reviews and hearing from my neighbors on my Nextdoor app, I now realize I’m not alone in this assessment. I like some of the money saving deals but my time is also valuable and navigating the app is time consuming (not to mention having to check each receipt for app errors and then having to wait for someone in customer service to resolve the errors) I’m finding that just shopping the Friday $5 specials that don’t require using the app is much easier. I’m older but not tech illiterate by any means. Your app is just too cumbersome and requires way too much effort to save a few bucks. Why is it Stater of your biggest competitors in my neighborhood...can offer their digital deals by just having you enter your phone number at checkout? No clunky app to deal with. Btw no need to apologize to me for your horrible app. ..I’ll just read all the apologies already provided in these reviews. Instead, please spend your time fixing the customer-hating app. Cheers, A soon-to-be-former customer
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3 years ago, OSOMANOSO
Way Beneath Albertsons and Vons
Horrible. The Albertsons and Vins apps used to be easy but the easy button must have been deleted in this new horrific version. Both my wife and I tried to process our just-for-you coupons but couldn’t find them. We scanned the barcode on the paper ad to no avail. Couldn’t get it done. Took the new app to our favorite upland store and asked the attendant at the customer support desk to help out. No go there. Then a cashier tried to help who indicated he knew the app well, failed to get our coupons but honored them manually. Over one hour of wasted QA time on an app that used to be consistent. Horrible release and a time soaker. Changes need to be made and the quality assurance program completely failed on this release. I like the store and now I hate the app. Same for the Vons version. The new release does not work there either. Fix it.
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9 months ago, Mercy’s 62
I do not like this new pharmacy app. You don’t know what to refill and it’s all confusing. Please put back the way it was. It never tells you when your medication is ready and I have call to see if ready . Pharmacy in Corinth Texas has gone down hill and also since Greg manager passed away store has gone down. Rude hateful managers Bethany which doesn’t know what she is doing Blonde headed manager acts like she can’t wait on you never smiles does not need to be in customer service. I know I work in customer service. The tall black girl manager is the most help . Also Carla is the rudest hateful person in there. She never acknowledges you are says thank you. I have going to this store for 20 years and she needs to be let go. Please take in consideration that Greg was a good manager and was always helpful. You need to get some decent managers in here Thank you
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1 year ago, Ema.Nymton
Hasn’t worked properly for several weeks
I’ve deleted and reinstalled a couple of times. Issues include blank Home screen, Deals seem to be displayed but Clipped deals just gives me a blank screen with a spinning icon. Sometimes Deals screen is blank. I tap on Promo or BODO and get a blank screen with a spinning icon. I’m on iOS 16.4.1, iPhone 8. Just deleted and reinstalled the app again. So far, all of the pages work. But of course, they did before and then something went wonky. Keeping fingers crossed! Nearly 1 month later the issues have returned - blank Home screen and other screens are displayed but present the dreaded spinning icon. Sorry developers, I can’t use the chatbot because that screen gives me this error: Error 16…. The request was blocked by our security service. Turned off VPN but then I get a spinning icon and the message “refreshing”, but nothing happens. I noticed an update in App store, updated, no change. Will delete and reinstall later
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2 years ago, Tami6666
Outstanding Customer Service & Prices
I’ve shopped at Albertsons for over 25 yrs & they just keep getting better every year. Love Love Love the delivery service, every single item I shop for is available or else it’s requested for my approval to substitute, most gro stores don’t offer this. Well worth the monthly $14 fee for delivery & I receive my items in less than 2 hours if I need them. Thank You Albertsons for always going over & above with customer service. Great prices, great products, our one stop-shop for meat & seafood. Produce is always healthy & not so ripe or wilted that you can’t eat it. App is super easy to use, the reward earning & using the points are wonderful, helps out with the gro bills. Weekly Sales seem to be tailored for my household, 85% of sale items are products we actually use weekly, Albee is always spot on with Sale Items!
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4 years ago, tbruneau
Just4you app
Ok , So I shop every week, and the points earned I do get several things for free, ( and everyone likes something for FREE, I do find my self buying a lot for Signature brand items just because the value is great, and I have to say the quality of that brand runs neck and neck, there are a few named brand things I MUST HAVE THOUGH, So when I the only thing I wish you valued do is open the app and click a button to chose everything in each category, because I find my self at the store already have chosen the items on the app, and then when shopping I find a dozen mor items on sale I want to buy, But to have to go back into the app and find that item is a pain in the B***, so I by pass it, ADD A CHOSE ALL BUTTON TO THE APP, people will spend so much more, just knowing , “ Oh I have the chosen already ! “
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3 years ago, maditruff
Updated version does NOT work
Most of the time the app will tell me it has a service error. Recently, I just placed an order, and you are allowed to edit your order until 11:59 pm on the same day that your order was placed. I got a confirmation email, with a link to edit my order, when I followed the link and logged in, the order I had just placed that day did not show up under ‘orders’. I was unable to edit this order although I am supposed to be able to. I was not contacted before or when my order was ready. In the app I could not tell them I am on my way, or that I was here for the order, because it didn’t show it as current. It just showed it as the last order but I couldn’t interact with it. (Interact as in edit the order or tell them I’m on my way and my pick up spot.) This is very disappointing as I have used this app for a long time. It is very apparent that something different was done to the app, and and it no longer works well. I noticed a change almost immediately. Please fix these bugs.
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5 years ago, send345692
This app is designed to send customers to the competition
Like most people, grocery shopping is not my favorite weekend experience. Albertson’s app makes going to the grocery a necessary evil. The app is fraught with data entry errors, rarely works in scan mode, and is the most user unfriendly program I’ve ever seen. Five other women shoppers, two of whom are millennials, were as frustrated with the app as I was today. One poor lady said she thought it was her fault that the app didn’t work. When I complained to the manager, he said I had to talk to “Corporate,” since he couldn’t do anything. I hope that the marketing geniuses who dreamed up this multi-layered pricing system based on how much time you’re willing to waste online listen to their customer base. At this point I’ve decided to shop at Albertson’s as infrequently as possible, although I’ve been a loyal customer for 28 years. The cost benefit trade off between Albertsons and a combination of Walmart, Sprouts and Whole Foods has moved to Albertson’s competition. Why can’t you offer fair prices and loss leader incentives in a transparent and easy fashion?
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5 years ago, Krebstar Prime
Nice app, wish it worked correctly
The app is fine for looking at the weekly ads but you have to click, click again, then find it on your list then click again to use it next time you check out. Too many steps involved, and lately the app coupons are not working at check out. No one at the store knows why, no one can solve this problem. I’ve lost out on 2 rewards points because of it. Very frustrating. And I’m not the only person who’s experienced these issues. The app needs a redesign, streamline the process, let the customer use the app coupons at every store without having to reset which store you want to use each time. This is supposed to make shopping more convenient. It’s not having the desired effect.
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4 years ago, Hdjzhekdiddb
Updated app is terrible
The new app is terrible. I don’t like having to look at pictures of the paper add. When I click on the scroll down menu for the separate departments is never works. I always have to leave back to the paper add and go back into the category to maybe bring up what’s on sale for that department. When I add items to the list from certain departments like the meat department is doesn’t show up on my list. When I go back to double check that I added it it shows I did but it’s still not on my list. So now rather then having my list in the app I have to make a separate one just so I can make sure I get every thing I need. I wish there was a way to go back to the old format. This new one is inconvenient and never works properly. It’s much easier to be able to view the add by category then looking at the images. It might be ok if the category list worked all the time but it very rarely works properly and all my items that I add to me list should be on my list but they are not.
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1 year ago, matthew.hawkstar
Albertsons app review
It would be helpful if you put the coupons that apply to the items I’m purchasing next to the item. I noticed a few had that feature and maybe are working on it but gas prices are coming down and I don’t see groceries coming down. I want to continue shopping at Albertson’s but Fred Meyer‘s consistently has cheaper prices and I honestly don’t believe that rewards should expire. I think that’s just junk. I need those gas points. Those should just never expire. I think if somebody shops with you, you should honor that for one year without having to pay an additional subscription that would put you heads and tails above the rest even though I know Kroger bought you guys.
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12 months ago, mrskriswolfe
Doesn’t save the substitution notes
I have learned that if you don’t put good notes for the shopper that they will often not bother to make reasonable substitutions. So I input good notes for almost every single item. But sometimes the shopper still doesn’t make a substitution and if you try to go back to check your order, there aren’t any notes saved. Moreover, if you order regularly, be prepared to have to complete the notes every time, and still end up without the most obvious and basic of ingredients like chicken breast, which was also the main ingredient of the meal, missing. Lastly you cannot “report an issue” for an item that the shopper didn’t purchase, so if it’s out of stock and they don’t make a substitution, you can’t report it as a problem. And in every single instance that I have gone to the store to get the missing ingredients (steak, chicken, eggs, tomato juice) it was either in stock, or in stock in a different brand or package style (which I address in the notes). Specific suggestions for the app: •Make notes savable •Make it possible to choose the following options: -“any available brand” -“Any available size” -“any available flavor” -“key ingredient—make any reasonable substitution” •Make rating the shopper an option. •Make tipping the SHOPPER (not just the driver) an option
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2 months ago, HeyAlissa
Points view
It’s so sad that Albertsons has changed their app. In no way where, you can’t get like $20 off of your groceries like before. Not favoring this point system all too well but every little dollar does help. Can’t complain about that. But it would be helpful when you look at your points what you’ve earned after a grocery trip for in-store purchase, that you can actually see all of the information. I can see the points but anything below that and gets cut off right across and midst of the verbiage. You can kinda tell what it says one item. but it would be nice to see the entire point description that is allowed for the points earned.
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2 years ago, 1 Terry
Rewards and use at specific stores.
I like this app a lot but the things that I don’t like about it or the fact that if you click on a award and then change your mind before using it, I don’t see a way to return it to my total rewards and move it out of my list. Regarding using these rewards at specific stores, I hate that you have to choose which location you were at before applying the rewards. I realize that each location offers different rewards or discount specific to their store, but that’s not easy to remember when switching from store to store that I shop at, which has resulted in my not getting my reward accepted and my purchase discounted. Currently I had 14 rewards and clipped my 12 rewards for $20 off my purchase I chose the wrong store location and I did not get the discount applied.
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3 years ago, mrsmt09
Terrible upgrade!!! 😡
I used to enjoy using this app. Now I can’t stand it. It is difficult to navigate and confusing to use. Half the time my rewards don’t transfer and then get lost when I try use them in the store. It’s getting to the point where I don’t see the point in having the app and don’t want to use it at all. I’d rather have the savings of my time and frustration than the few cents I save on the items I do purchase that are on the app. But maybe that’s how Albertsons makes it money, because when there aren’t many stores to choose from where you live, you still have to shop somewhere and so they lure you to their store with an app full of empty promises. Not many healthy food choices are included in the savings anyway (there used to be more), so unless you live on prepackaged boxed food (cereal, chips, etc) and lots of beer and wine, there really aren’t many savings to be found here. No wonder America is obese!
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2 years ago, Lfompt
This is not an upgrade
Today’s order just never arrived. It was “running late” and then showed as complete four hours later. I paid $13 a month for fresh direct for free delivery and got no delivery while my card was still charged. App is awful too. Search wants to autocomplete but is so slow it’s always far behind characters input. When I contacted support chat, they need all of the information again, including the eight digit order number which can’t be accessed from that page and can’t be copied to paste into the chat. Spent 30 minutes to get no information on my order. So, they don’t communicate the information to the app, the app is slow and customer support is out of the loop. I’m not going to complain about support because someone far higher up has failed here. If you can’t design, staff and keep the data updated as to what is going on, the app, why bother? You left my family hangry and poorer.
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3 months ago, Espismom
It’s annoying when a coupon is offered for .50 cents off when the item is 4 or 6.00 or .50 off 2 of the items, it’s just getting harder to buy what I used to with prices going up, and there’s no reason for it like no shortage on the item and yes I know the store has to make money but it’s getting ridiculous for the consumer, as prices keep going up I find myself just not buying those items anymore and several others have said the same thing, life is hard enough and just trying to pay bills and feed your family is getting harder, I do appreciate the sales and the rewards points, I’m at that point of checking the prices at Costco to see if buying them in bulk would be cost effective. Thank You for your time, Have a Blessed Day and Night
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7 years ago, amyzduoos
Love the savings I find through their app!
I am very happy with the app. I like the way the items are organized by category and you can collapse each category when you are done with it. It makes it much simpler to find what you're looking for next. I have used it consistently ever since I downloaded it. One complaint I have is not exactly about the app but the signage in the store. It's not always clear that you have to select the item in the app in order to receive the deal listed on the shelf with the item. This is something that I believe should be addressed as soon as possible because I can't be the only person who missed a discount because we didn't realize we needed to add the item in the app
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2 years ago, KelecNick
Best grocery app ever!
Thank you, Albertsons! This is hands down the best grocery app ever that includes everything I am looking for. It helps me shop for the best prices down to the ounce around the store in one small screen. I’ve never had any problem since the start of my loyalty over a year ago. I have saved hundreds of dollars in a year, and getting $20 in store cash for saving up 12 rewards is an awesome benefit! I can also use my 1 reward point in exchange for 10¢ off a gallon of gas at Chevron. I have never used a grocery app as much at Albertsons. It amazes me you also have meal plans which makes it so convenient. No complaints whatsoever. Best grocery app by far!
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2 years ago, ItsMeLuvLee
Screen Rotation
I like the app. It does make you work to get the coupons if you're not buying online for pick up or delivery, but it's for the most part easy to use; with the exceptions of digital deals, and syncing. You have to play a game of Memory or clue. And when it comes to syncing the app to your card, there is no information, instructions, or clues as to where to go . I just had to search until I found it. Not nice guys. (It's under member, list, then last bottom option, push sync.) However,the screen rotation block is probably the worst feature of the app. I mean,all the other grocery store apps rotate for my ipad, why does this wonderful app still feel so antiquated? If you fix these issues, I'm sure it would only improve on its usefulness. Thanks :)
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3 years ago, goodnsimple
So frustrating
I am a list person; this shopping list is too cumbersome. So I use my regular list app to make my grocery list…it remembers what I like. But then I have to make sure to either scan,clip whatever coupon in the store… and then add it to my basket (app) in real life so far, you still just pick up an item and put it in the cart. And make sure you add everything before you put your phone number in at the checkout! Then one has to pay very close attention to the receipt because some discounts show up on the scroll with the item and some come off at the end. Then you get the longest paper receipt in the history of mankind, seriously you could write your next novel on there. Maybe next trip while you are waiting behind another poor shopper trying to get the scanner to work. And don’t get me started on the must buy three crap. Sometimes gives you the discount on less than three and sometimes doesn’t, it’s a crapshoot. I don’t want three, thanks. I have tried scanning items I need at home…the app cannot ever find them. That would be the ONE decent feature…if it worked. I hate this app. Hate it. Not to mention it isn’t very SR friendly…the fonts are minute and it’s hard to click on the description.
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9 months ago, Nuclear Sandbox
They still can't figure out the tip
Looks like tips are still calculated off of the pre-discount pre-sale post-tax total. This means that a 5% tip comes out higher than 6% sales tax sometimes significantly so. That isn't the worst part. If the delivery cancels items and the total goes down, the tip doesn't. So there is no incentive for the delivery person to even try to get your order right. Tips are supposed to be a reward for a job well done and are not an entitlement. Tips should be paid after the delivery is complete and should reflect the care and attention to detail of the delivery person. I have given very generous tips to people who take pride in their job. It burns me however, that a simple programming feat such as calculating a tip from the pre-tax total after discounts is beyond Albertsons.
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3 years ago, The Notorious Banker
The worst update of an app I think I’ve ever seen
Yeah, let’s have an app that had strike through text on the offers I’M USING in the moment in my “cart” and aren’t working to have another long discussion with the self check out clerk about it not working and getting told “Well it’s crossed out, so you used it” I don’t get how you can “clip” a coupon and then it’s not able to be used until you literally click two buttons more to put in your cart As a former banker, we were told to push digital options to make banking “easier”. You know who had trouble? Older people. I’ve seen older folks struggle with using the app while shopping and not understanding some tasks to get deals now you’ve made the harder for those people. It has striking parallels to unbanked older people because of technology. Why even have a password if I don’t use it ever? What if someone compromised my email and signed in to my Albertsons to use my pay option? Again as a banker, that is a real issue that can happen. 2FA is great until you realize that it’s only 1FA as my password is never used I’ve got so many problems with these updates and I hope you do go back to the other app version otherwise I’m done. The amount of “work” to save a few pennies is not worth it with Walmart right down the street
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3 years ago, booksamillions
App doesn’t work, no way to report outage
Today I signed into the app and installed the required update. Nothing was updated since last week’s coupons, so I couldn’t clip anything from this week. I restarted my phone to try to fix it. Still not working. I deleted the app and reinstalled, and it asked me to sign in again. When I enter my information (phone OR email since I have both) there is a “network error” and it asks me to try again. I install both apps (Albertsons and Safeway) and try to log in from either one, still network errors. Finally I go to the app page - here - to look for a way to report an outage. The link for support takes me to….the grocery store page. Since this is the only way to report anything I’m trying this now. Thanks for putting everything on the app and then breaking the app so it’s useless and I have to go to Walmart for my groceries!
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1 year ago, penhur
Digital coupons
The digital coupons are a hassle. Half the time the coupon you are to scan is missing or it won’t copy. These are all things that just frustrate customers. I want no hassle shopping. Just put it on sale and leave it at that. I do not want to have to do a scavenger hunt to get a sale price. This is why I would just go to Winco, and shop some days. I do not have to play the games to get a discount, they just put it on sale, no downloading the coupon the store has set up at the item. No games, no hassles. I do not like having to get my phone out of my purse many times to complete my shopping with your store.
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2 months ago, iq2
pro tip: turn off your vpn before ordering
im poor and would never be able to pay a $40 delivery feel, which is what the app kept trying to charge me for a one mile delivery. UPDATE: this app doesn’t like adguard pro with vpn. i shut it off and tried again and all went well. word to the wise…it’s odd tho. websites know where i am even with the vpn on (which i have on just to improve the ad blocking abilities, which it does quite nicely). yet the albertsons app doesn’t, nor does the website. why is that? anyway, glad i figured it out because the devs don’t offer help via email and their auto-chat is clueless as well. (i have no issues with this app in any other way in the 8 months i’ve used it.)
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1 year ago, MyGirl!
Needs work
Cannot write reviews or rate products. I can read where some have previously, but no place to write myself. Cust svc after finally getting someone who understood what I meant claimed I am the 1st customer to contact, thought it has been months. She couldn't find a prompt to actually review products either and supposedly wrote an IT ticket. App is also difficult. Clicking items in the ad doesn't let you buy them from there. You have to 1st send them to a list, then locate the list section, find item in your list then see all the items included in the add, then add to cart. then eventually. Hard to find date of when rewards expire. Not listed at top of rewards page itself. You have to search another section in your account. Had some expire because could not find it.
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6 years ago, Gerslady
Our Challenge
I want to let you are my answer to our prayer since my husbands diagnosis of stomach cancer in Feb, 2017. He had to have the entire stomach removed and in order for him to survive, he has to have 2160 calories per day. This is no easy job and between multiple doctor, therapist and hospital visits, it’s been rough on us to even fit grocery shopping in the schedule. We are doing the best we can and without family around makes it tough but between our Albertsons and our faith, we will do what needs to b done. Thank You to each and every one of the Albertsons chain. We usually shop at Overland & Five Mile roads but our delivery has been from Ustick and Five Mile, God Bless You!!! The O’ Dell family
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10 months ago, Meklomissy99
Our home delivery
I was very satisfied with my home delivery. I’m unable to drive and shop without assistance. My husband told me to give it a try. Though I was very skeptical about it because I used to do about anything and everything including shopping in our household. I’ve also used door dash and was very upset having someone else do my shopping that I didn’t receive what I purchased mostly everything was wrong and was missing. Well I have to say that I’m very, very happy with my Albertsons service as well as receiving everything that I have ordered. Thank you Albertsons! I’ll be using your home delivery service again!😊
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7 months ago, Sparkeller
Old pharmacy app was bad, but it’s better than this.
Very unhappy having to switch to this app in order to access my prescriptions. The old one was clunky and crashed often but I would take that over this one. It’s incredibly hard to navigate the new app, the indexing is not natural and you have to click through several pages to get to the pharmacy section. I ONLY use to app to order refills. I don’t appreciate the incessant pop-ups of offers and coupons and grocery sales. Notifications don’t go away even if you X them out, nor do they make a lot of sense. It’s also difficult to see current status of orders. I am young and tech savvy but this is so not user-friendly that I am struggling. Really feeling for everyone who is not able to navigate as well as I am. Honestly considering switching to another pharmacy just so I don’t have to use this app.
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2 years ago, Stiiiilll boreeeed!
Easy to Use
User friendly and a well-made app. I’ve tried clipping a couple of rebates but they’ve never worked and I’ve contacted Albertsons via the contact page but so far, not resolved yet. My only real issue is that there have been times when I’m editing my cart (about to checkout) and all of a sudden, Albertsons notifies me that every single item in my cart is suddenly out of stock and they’ve emptied my cart. I’ll re-add the items and sometimes, the app will empty my cart again. Very frustrating when I forget something on my original list because I couldn’t remember what was on it while re-adding items.
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2 years ago, NeverSaner
Things I have learned about this app
All in all I find this app fairly user friendly. But don’t shop from it for meal planning or if you plan to order deli food for dinner on your way to work. Also the app really needs to update item availability better or quicker. Finally chat is useless as it is done by an autobot. Case in point: 1. I didn’t get the meat choice I needed for my meal planning, so I had to go into the store anyways to find a similar choice. I did have substitutions checked. 2. I had ordered dinner for pickup so I would have dinner for work. Granted, I should have checked the app and receipt at time of pickup for shopped items. But I arrived at work, go to get the bag out of the back of my car and imagine my surprise when all there was in the bag was the side dish. 3. Lastly there is a favorite creamer I like to order, but I never get it. Only ever once has it shown on the app as being out of stock. But I have checked it lately now after not getting it and it is showing as in stock.
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2 years ago, Rural Idaho Mom
Pls fix the search error bug!!!
I have used this app for months and months, maybe a couple years+, now. And have really loved it’s user-friendly features and simplicity. But for about a month now, I’ve had NO ability to search or shop by categories, as I always (literally) get an error now. Without SOME kind of search function, the app is essentially useless to me, other than accessing the Deals and Rewards. But online shopping is out, unless what I want just HAPPENS to be listed for sale or showing on a “buy again” list, etc. PLEASE FIX THIS ERROR!! Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t fix it. According to one of the checkers at our local store, I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. Please, please, please fix this!!
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1 year ago, Allison Link -
Not worth it
Don’t even bother, I’ve ordered over a dozen times and almost each time there’s a mistake or incorrect item. Then the last order, over 1/3 items were not delivered and customer service is a joke. Chat is useless, and calling the store isn’t any better. They lie and cheat you and waste your time. They said I’d have a redeliver the following day and gave me times, I waited home all day and nothing. Called the store and they said there was a delay, and after their delay time, nothing. Chatting with them and they will not refund the full amount missing or the delivery fee and taxes. Totally useless, Albertsons, maybe it’s the Gardena, CA store that is the problem, maybe it’s your outsourcing chat customer service that doesn’t care about giving incorrect information out, either way, fix your issues or lose your stock holders and profits.
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6 years ago, Cafali
Added waste of time
I’m not sure how we were lucky enough to get rid of a rewards card and then get this ;-) I’m not sure whether I’m clicking on things and adding a coupon or if just adding things to the list. I’m scared I’ll miss something so I just go to a different store. As an app it works okay. It glitches here and there. Apologies to the app developers since this is not your fault. The whole purpose of having to go in and click on something to get the savings, after I’ve given Albertsons my personal phone number and information is irritating for me. I think if I’m a loyal enough customer to give you my phone number and name and you can track my buying habits, I should just automatically get the savings. Like Brookshire’s or even the old Albertsons. Having to give you info AND go in several times a week to “catch sales” is not a way to grow your customer base.
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6 years ago, Purple_Dracolich
This ap is not great
I had hopes for this ap. I have used it faithfully thinking I was getting the discounts I was supposed to be getting. I scanned every item I put into my cart. The second time I did not get the $5 off I finally asked why and they told me it wasn’t checked off in the ap. What’s the point of scanning if it doesn’t check it off. I have waisted so much money in the store due to this ap. I have even stopped shopping at Albertsons because when I did bring it to their attention they didn’t apologize or even try to make it right for the order I had just completed. I am not happy and will not waist my time or money with the ap again.
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2 years ago, morgkings
Super easy to use
My favorite features of this app: The way your cart is automatically organized by type of product, so you can easily see if you missed something from your list. And the buy again tab has literally everything you’ve ever bought there (if you have an account linked to a number you use) just makes it super easy to shop here online. I also love how they automatically apply the coupons for you, and give you the option to pick one if there are multiple. AND they can accept EBT payments through the app. Awesome in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Osaolacard
App is unusable
Every time the app is updated, I lose another capability. At this point, I can’t even log into my account, I get the message that “that page cannot be found. Bummer.” The only thing I still have access to is a weekend free offer, whenever that pops up. I still get all your emails but they are pointless as I can no longer avail myself of any offers. I know my device is maxed out at 12.5 and the message says 13.0 is required to use the app. It does give me an option to download an older version but when I try it won’t allow it....just repeats the same message. Also, several items that are missing from my local store for weeks somehow seem to remain stocked at a different local store, so they get my business. Sad, as I have shopped at this Albertson’s ever since it took over the Lucky store.
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3 weeks ago, Albertsons Customer
Online App Improvement Request
My recommendation is for the app to allow users to “Hold for Later” items in the Cart that the consumer decides to not purchase at the time. That option is not available at this time necessitating the consumer to “Remove” the item from the Cart. Other apps for online food purchases allow the consumer to put off purchasing item(s) until a later date, or not at all. Having that option would make the app more user friendly and less frustrating to the consumer. I strongly request that this change be made to the app to make it easier for the consumer. Thank you.
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3 years ago, ZenH21
New Update Killed User Experience
I was so excited a few months ago to see they added the ability to create a list that didn’t include all “clipped” deals in it automatically. Now that seems to be gone. If you remove them from your list, they no longer appear on the separate clipped deals list, yet show in the deals screen as still clipped. So are they still on my card, or not?? So, now I’m not apt to even go back to that list function again, as it’s unusable when populated with every single clipped deal. And scrolling through the deals to find and clip new ones is no longer as easy to quickly, visually scan. Clipped vs non-clipped aren’t as clearly distinguishable, as the clip button no longer stands out like it used to. I really dislike this upgrade. Wish I could go back to the old version!
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