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ALDI International Services GmbH & Co. oHG
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9 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ALDI USA

4.82 out of 5
45.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Trendy456
Favorite store to buy groceries
Aldi became our family favorite store to buy our groceries, fruits and vegetables, organic milk and eggs, cheese and sour cream, sweets, champaign and even beer and many more, you name it. Our baby got in love with their organic baby food (pouches): every time I had him pick from his variety of pouches we had at home he always chose the “little journey“ brand which is from ALDI! Most of the associates are very kind and helpful, they are hard working people and always make you feel welcomed in their store! And their prices always beats the other stores prices and the quality is most of the time much better! I know for a fact if I shop at Aldi I save at least $5-$10 per visit and I shop there at least twice a week! That save us a minimum of $500 a year! I hope they will soon open more stores, so more people will have the chance to benefit of their great prices and quality of their products! Aldi site should be updated with the weekly prices on all their products, not just on the special items! Also the scanning tool I found it not working as well. But you still deserve 5 stars!
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6 months ago, StarFire*
Card Charged , Pickup Order Did not Process
I used the Aldi app to do a grocery pickup order. At the final stage of checkout AFTER I entered my payment information, I got a message stating that I was not logged in (I was). I immediately got the alert from my credit card that the amount of the Aldi order was charged to my account and approved. However, there was no confirmation from the Aldi app or via confirmation email that the order actually went through. I then attempted to contact the Aldi store directly to see if they received the order, only to discover that Aldi stores do not have direct lines. I then googled and was able to find an online order customer support number for Aldi. They were of no help, because their online orders are actually through INSTACART. So the Aldi customer service rep could not help me at all as he could not see anything on his end, but he did provide me with the Instacart customer service number. Instacart confirmed that no order went through and assured me that the charges should drop from my account within 2 - 3 hours. So now, not only do I not have the groceries I needed, I have to monitor my account to make sure the charges fall off. And then if they don’t, I have to make yet another call to the credit card company. Save yourself the hassle and don’t order online with Aldi.
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9 months ago, Illinois-Arizona
I love Aldi
I have been shopping at Aldi for 40 years! A lot has changed over those years. Aldi had become wonderful grocery store where they offer quality, fresh foods with everyday staples at great prices, along with the fresh meats and fruit many specialty and organic items that are very affordable to purchase and try. Something that I have done for many years and continue to this day. This way me and my family are able to experience some worldly flavors and sometimes become some of our favorite foods and juices. They have cooler bags that are efficient, pretty and the best prices and sizes you can’t elsewhere. I have used many household/kitchen appliances that still continues to work great today. Their employees are polite, helpful and even have personalities and sense of humors. I recently moved from Illinois ( one every mile or 2). Unfortunately only total of 9 in this state, we need more! I shop no where else, cause I’m so familiar with the prices and quality of their products and personally feel Being ripped off by their competitors! Plus I know where everything is and can walk right to it, I seem to walk around in circles at the other stores in the area, wasting my time and frustrating me, so why bother!? And you don’t need a card to get lower prices! Aldi is across the board lower and very fair priced.
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2 years ago, Asosolife
Shopping on app
The shopping aspect if this app need to be made easier, its a bit ridiculous that I need to go through 5 different tabs just to get to the part where I can start shopping. I love the fact that there are useless application right on the first screen, ah yes a grocery list, like I cant do that in my notes app, I would be more understanding of that being the first page if the price self populated after you favorited a location and it you the selection of items that fall in the types category (like the several kinds of milk or eggs) but no a useless app component should be front and center and the actual shopping component be several pages in. I would hate to be stuck home seriously sick trying to use this app to have my groceries delivered. How to fix: Have the user select a store as their favorite, and make it so shopping is the first thing that pops up and with an easily accessible sales flyer tab. Actually have a website configured for smart phone use and don't just have the app take the user to the regular website which is configured for a computer. At least have to shopping feature be in the featured tab and not the more tab.
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3 years ago, Jiminix83
Good, but could be much better.
ALDI is my favorite store. I wish I lived their app just as much. It should provide support to customers that you can get from calling the store like all other supermarkets, since you can’t actually call any ALDI location. Wouldn’t it be incredible if it linked up with stores’ inventories to let you know which location still has that ALDI Find you’re searching for? I’ve driven to multiple locations in vain on multiple occasions. Its shopping list feature would be better if you could find the products they always carry and add them, including their prices. I love the simple innovations their store incorporates to allow such great prices on their products. Improving the app in these ways would only increase their business from today’s online shoppers.
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1 year ago, Babettexo
What if
I love Aldis but what if the app was just as good as ordering online?? Online you get a lot more interaction with your shopper as well as text notifications(when you approve text notifications). When you use the app you don’t get to communicate with the shopper at all. The first time I ordered thru the app they left my groceries at the door without a knock or any type of communication! Had I not checked the app for the order status my groceries would have stay outside in the rain for who knows how long. You also don’t have the option to choose substitutes or add items. The app needs a lot of work! From a menu with categories instead of 6 categories on the home page to some type of customer service chat for when you have issues for example if something wasn’t delivered and wasn't cancelled from the order. Aldis deserves 5 stars but this app does not! I will continue to use the online order system instead of the app until updates are made.
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3 years ago, TamiKuhn
Best prices on almost everything
Dave Ramsey’s daughter said ALDI has the best prices. So, I took a second look, comparing it with Walmart, Target, Hy-Ver, Wheatsfield Co-op, Fareway, Thiesens, and Sam’s Club. And, other than loss leaders (items stores sell under their cost to encourage customers to go into the store) ALDI’s prices were lower. ALDI brands are not always familiar to me, so I can’t always vouch for quality and taste. But I usually like Trader Joe’s and both stores are owned by the same entity, so it would be worth trying. The main reason I didn’t shop at ALDI’s much is because the stores don’t have accessible carts for customers with disabilities. ALDI stores also employ few people so no one is likely to answer the phone. I do think ALDI offers pickup now if you order over a certain dollar amount, so that helps.
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5 years ago, JDGlobetrotter
Long time satisfied customer
I grew up in Germany in the 1950’s and 60’s and I strongly disliked my mother for having us take a 4 mile walk to buy groceries even though we were living right next to a food super market. Anyway, the trip that we took was to ALDI, the place that I came to love by now. I could just about say it’s my favorite place to shop, heck I might just be honest and say that I almost live at ALDI. You have the freshest produce, each day fresh, juicy and delicious fruits and veggies out of this world. Saving on eggs, almond milk and many other tasty dairy products. Fresh meat and fish. Italian pizza fresh and frozen and many other delicious foods from all around the world, like oriental cuisine and Spanish cooking. Many years of shopping at ALDI and it’s getting better every time I’m shopping here. Thank you for who and what you are. I hope you’ll never change and if you do let it be only for the better. I remember that before you came to Rochester New York I’ve used to tell everybody about ALDI and about your savings and my childhood story and then you opened up your first store here. What a great gift. WOW. So this is my story from Germany I had you in my heart and told everyone about you. Until you finally crossed the see and that’s it.
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3 years ago, Captainamericagirl
Love the store, not the app
All of the reviews I’ve read seem to be exclusively about the store itself (and I agree that it’s a great store!) however, the app itself is pretty useless. It allows you to view the weekly ads really quickly, but that’s it. If you want to do anything else, like order groceries online, it will just ask to open web browser and take you to their website (so then why am I bothering with an app?) and the only other feature is a grocery list. I was excited about the grocery list option because I thought it would be like the Kroger app, which allows you to view all store items, including prices, as you create the list. Unfortunately, not. You type any items you need (hoping they carry them) and you manually write the price in yourself (so I guess if you go often enough and just know the prices off the top of your head).. so pretty useless in the end. In the end, it’s easier to just go to their website. No use downloading an app.
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1 month ago, Lisa Burg
Top notch store!
I have been shopping Aldi stores since 1982, first time in Oak Park, Illinois! Back then, they had boxed and canned goods only. I have enjoyed watching the growth they have made through the years! I have shopped many stores over the years, my encounters with each, and every Aldi employee has been excellent! I love the weekly special buys, purchase them often! The fresh produce/meat depts are always fresh and more often than not well stocked! My DIL moved from Chgo suburb to Denver area (Thornton) and would love if she was able to continue shopping at your stores, as well as many of her family and friends out there! I am a very satisfied, many years shopping Aldi stores customer! Thank you !! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, 00_jackie
I love Aldi but not the app
I deleted this app because it’s not useful. This is sad b/c I love Aldi! You can’t create an acct or sign sign in, so anything you put in your cart or the shopping list is gone if you leave the app. The search function doesn’t work well. The app is simply not user friendly and lacks SO much. And what is up with being directed to the store to find the price of an item? if I have chosen my store why is the price not there? There are so many things that need to be corrected with this app. I suggest the developers take a look at how smooth the Walmart app works. Just go to the Aldi website because that’s where the app ends up taking you anyway. AND you can’t sign in to the website either, so it’s the same issues as with the app, it’s all a huge frustration. I typically use curbside service at a different store simply because it’s too much trouble to use Aldi app/website. People need to STOP leaving reviews for the STORE, this is for the app which is horrid!
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3 years ago, Lady_Heartland
Grateful for this App
Grateful to have gotten this app a couple weeks ago because now I can see what’s coming to the store I had of time to prepare my days to be there to get these items when they come in! I got the laptop holder, a few pet supplies and a mini waffle iron on the days they came in. That waffle iron made a huge difference, I did not know my son would enjoy these cooked waffles better than the frozen waffles and they are so easy to make! I can take it to go camping with even. Anyway, I am so so happy with the purchases I have been able to get since applying this app I look forward to the future buys so much more now! Thank you Aldi for making this app available! It has made a huge improvement to our life. God bless!
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1 year ago, Forcing paper bags
Mostly great, with one exception
I love using the Aldi app! It makes things so much easier for me to order ahead and pick up. The employees are very quick at coming out with your order. The only problem I have is they don’t have an option to not use their paper bags, which they automatically charge you for. Food stamps cannot pay for the bags. It’s annoying that I can’t select “have my own bags”. I get food stamps and usually don’t even have $1 in my checking account. So that prevents me from ordering ahead. It’s extremely annoying that they force you to use their paper bags! I don’t need them, I don’t want them, and I don’t have the funds to pay for them! So I am forced to go inside and shop instead. I cannot stress how annoying and inconvenient this is!
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2 years ago, Levanjo
App is behind
A lot of people are leaving ratings for the store not for the app itself which is misleading. When I seen the 4.8 rating I thought I was in for a well designed app. Wrong ! The app lacks a lot of character and key features shoppers look for in an app. It should allow you to select a store, view that stores specific catalog, see what product inventory is in/out of stock, and add it to a cart with a total price. I’m sure people don’t want to waste gas driving to the store only to find out something is oos. I love Aldi but other apps offer more convenience like Walmart, Target, Kroger where you can basically do everything right from the app. I find myself getting groceries from there simply because their apps are functional. Which I don’t necessarily like but it works. Hope to see improvements in the future because right now the app is useless.
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11 months ago, Ajm136
App Needs serious work.
I absolutely love Aldi's as a store but this app needs a serious make over and this is my main form of shopping at Aldi's. With my busy schedule I just don’t have the time to drive 20 miles to Aldi's for me to go grocery shopping which in result I was utilizing this app quite a bit. ( I know oh poor me, but I on avg. work 70 hours a week esp. come summer time.) Before, the app was just ok and it was working just enough to do what I needed. For whatever reason I can no longer save items as favorites which makes it easy to shop and numerous times I’ve had items saved in the cart only to come back and sign in to find my whole cart empty. I’m not one who usually writes reviews but after the other night of spending a few hours figuring a grocery list and shopping my through the app only to come back and find my cart empty, I lost it. Aldi’s do your due diligence and get this thing fixed. Auf Wiedersehen!!
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4 years ago, brudder buddy
Love this store
The staff is always helpful, always busy, this is a small but busy store. They are constantly cleaning and restocking. If they run out of something I get a quick apology and when to check back. I’m a senior citizen trying to fall apart. Two of them have my phone number. If they’re out of something, they’ll call me when it’s back in. A couple of times they’ve called other stores trying to locate something. If I can’t find something they generally stop whatever they're doing to go help me look or check in the back. If I need to return something, on the rare occasion, it’s quickly handled with a smile. Wish your other stores were as pleasant as this one.
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3 years ago, Amanda9334
Love Aldi!
I love this store, it’s my favorite to grocery shop at because I know I’m always paying a fair price. It’s also the fastest store for me to get through because I don’t have to look through 20 different brands of each product to find the best value (only 6-8 aisles instead of 20). Their product quality is top-notch and I have faith that their brands are healthy and safe. Finally, they are environmentally aware and I love that they promote that with their customers. (Especially love that they don’t use 10 flimsy plastic bags for each customer... Reuse their cardboard boxes to take your stuff home in or bring your own reusable bags... you can buy bags at the checkout if you’re in a pinch). Thanks for being my go-to store!
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3 years ago, MomOf2+twins
App not worth it IMO
I tired the app and every time I want to place a pickup order, it takes me to the online site. So why bother downloading the app? In addition, nowhere that I see does it say that when you place a pickup order, that you must process it through Instacart when you get to the store for pickup. It also doesn’t say this on the sign (at my ALDI pickup area) so you are left wondering how on earth to let them know you are there for your pickup. The sign at my ALDI says “use the app or text” to let them know you are there, but doesn’t specify Instacart app nor is there a phone number on sign so you know where to send the text. When you ask the people who bring out your order (after you e walked in the store to let them know you are there), they just shrug and say it’s a third party company and they don’t know how it works. Deleted app.
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6 years ago, Oma2006
I’m so glad that there is an ALDI’S. One of the reasons is that it saves you a trip to Chicago’s German stores. The quality is excellent, the selection is quite good. The only thing that I’m very upset about is that they no longer carry the cosmetic line. I thought that the selection was good and so was the quality. I used to purchase there shower gels. You literally had to go through boxes to find a particular type, god it was good. A lot of the time it was sold out. When I asked the store manager why they no longer carried this item she said that it was hard to keep it in stock. So they no longer would carry it! Now to me that’s a sign that it’s a great product. PLEASE BRING BACK THE BEAUTY LINE!!!
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1 year ago, PW in Atlanta
I was excited to download and try out the app, but it’s pretty much a waste of time if you have an iPhone. I can’t speak to different models or different brands, but here is what I observed, compared to other grocery stores, like Publix, Costco, Sam’s or Walmart: 1. I couldn’t find a way to log in and set up an account. That means I can’t share my list with my husband, who does the actual shopping. 2. The Print Shopping List feature didn’t work. I pressed the button, and I’m on the same network as my printer, but it doesn’t engage. 3. There is no Search function! I spent a lot of time wading through menus to find what I wanted, and then couldn’t get the darned thing to print, as mentioned in #2. 4. I’m a first-time Aldi shopper. It is bad enough that the app doesn’t show prices. It also completely lacks most product descriptions and NO list of ingredients. I have to be on an egg-free, gluten-free diet, among others, and failure to list the nutritional information is a deal-breaker. Heck, at least show a picture of the packaging information! Bottom line. The app is attractive, but with no nutritional information available, as well as the other shortcomings, I’ll just go somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Sarah1Marie124
Aldi employee
Aldi should inform customers of our “seasonal” items instead of posting them as “new”. This is a very common question for certain products that we only carry seasonally. Also, it would be terrific if the app could inform customers of any ALDI Finds items that are not received (in store) in time for the advertised date. That way, customers know before they come into the store to find that item isn’t there. I have worked over five years for Aldi and I love it! There have been so many terrific changes- including providing this app!.. even though I do feel as though it could be more informative in answering more customer questions. Otherwise, I enjoy having this app as a tool to refer while at work.
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2 years ago, Dobiemamma
Love, love, love
It took me a couple of visits to get used to this new store a few years ago. But after the 3rd time I was hooked. I try to make this my only shopping store. I love the healthy lifestyle foods you promote & the specialty foods for people with allergies. Occasionally I have to go elsewhere to find a specific product such as laundry stain removers but they try to have alternatives. I also like the fact it’s not a huge store. I’m older & hate spending the day running around all over Walmart looking for an item. And trust me getting a store employee to help these days is harder than pulling your own teeth! Lol I say just give it a chance!
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6 years ago, NerdWords
If you love Aldi (who doesn't love shopping quality for a lot less $$$), then you'll really love and utilize their app... At a glance, you can see "Featured Items" for the current week and the upcoming week. Nice. You can also check to see what the "Wednesday Meat Specials" are, and if that's not enough, you can EASILY" add items to your shopping list along with the ability to "share" your shopping list (all items or just remaining items" via text message etc. Since we travel, we love the fact that we can quickly get a list of Aldi Stores by distance, and click for directions to get there. I add items to my Aldi shopping list as I run out ..and I arrange my list according to my most frequently visited ALDI store. Very easily customizable, too. I've had several different grocery store apps on my phone but none compare to the ALDI app. ALDI really thought the app out well. It's, quick, easy, unobtrusive and useful beyond belief! THANK YOU ALDI- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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2 years ago, Kaysubdn
Love Aldi, But App Needs Work!
I’ve recently been introduced to Aldi and fell in love with their amazing prices!! The app really need major work! It’s a lot easier to compare prices and order online with Walmart and Target. I don’t like the feature of ordering online groceries to be redirected outside of the app. I’d like to see more photos of each item, especially a nutrition label and the ingredients list. I’ve also noticed the prices online are not accurate to what’s in store, even when I select which store is closest to me. This online versus in store price comparison was done on the same day, so that’s disappointing. Aldi, please fix, because I’m a lover of the store!🤍
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2 years ago, Denny Dock
Reasonable shopping for all.
I started shopping at Aldi when I discovered the store in West Palm beach. The prices were very good and I could save a large amount of money compared to other popular grocery stores. Even though the named brans were not available l was happy with all the products available. The quality and taste were just as good as popular name brands. Since I live in Hobe Sound I would fill up a shopping cart of food and none food items to last at least two weeks. This saved on gasoline. When the store opened in Stuart I was happy with the shorter distance. I have been a loyal customer since and still fill up a basket with a large amount of items. The staff has always been friendly and attentive when I come in the store. They even allow time for me to place my items on the conveyer belt then they start to price. Amazing how fast the cashier is and careful with putting items in the cart.
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2 years ago, Donna, Royal Oak MI
Thank You Aldi‼️
Thank you Aldi for: All the Gluten-free grocery options; The fresh safety packaged produce; The “affordable “ prices; no coupons needed❗️ The affordable clothing options; The pet items, like the cardboard cat house; The wonderful friendly and helpful staff💕; The easily-reachable store item set-up; The up-to- date items, e.g. flax seeds, etc.; The fast/speedy service IN & OUT‼️ The personal protection wipes @ entrance; The 🛍grocery bag-boxes with handles Etcetera - etcetera - etcetera. . . Aldi, you’ve solved the shopping negatives and made shopping 🛒 🛍 a pleasant experience❗️ One observation - we clean our carts at the entrance with the disinfectant wipes… then, at checkout, the cashiers take your cleaned cart and exchange it for another… I would prefer keeping my cleaned/disinfected cart to the end, especially since I’m then packing our items… I don’t want to touch a cart someone else has USED, then pack my items for home. Once, again, “t-h-a-n-k you Aldi”💕🥰🙂🤗
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5 years ago, Savedbygrace984
Please bring back dates for weekly specials!!
Absolutely loved this app - but since the last update, there are no dates on the menu for weekly specials buys!! Even when I save items to my list no longer has dates either. Makes it challenging when going in to the app and trying to figure out if that item was last weeks special or this weeks. It’s also been nice to have all my items saved on the list so I can go back and look at dates of when a particular item came in, since some items Aldi tends to get yearly at that particular time. Love everything about this app - but PLEASE BEING BACK THE DATES ON IT FOR SPECIAL BUYS!! Thank you!!!!
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3 years ago, mkmmav
No weekly ad info anymore
Why does the weekly ad feature not work anymore? It just keeps redirecting to safari but then doesn’t bring up the ad. Not being able to look up the weekly ad through the app makes it rather irrelevant. That and the shopping list were the two reasons I used the app. I would love to see the shopping list have a few features added to it. Being able to create a list using categories would be nice or at least a feature that would allow the user to move an item to a different place on the list would be nice. I love that I can use it to keep track of how much I’m spending so I don’t go over budget, but I always feel like I wish it had a few more features than a basic list and calculator.
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7 years ago, CBGfoto
Works Perfectly!
I love ALDI, and this app has made it so much simpler and faster to check Weekly Specials. I can count on one hand the number of times in the past two years I've had any real issue with the app not functioning as it should. This works very well and saves me time! A downside is the shopping list function can be less easy to use than apps that are specifically made to be shopping lists; that is not this app's primary function for me. Overall this app functions smoothly and isn't buggy, saves me time, and I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, Daily Special
Waste of an App
Aldi keeps doing these “updates” where one minute you can view the weekly ads through the app, then the next minute you can’t (redirected to web browser instead). That’s the only thing I use the app for since it has no other relevant function. I wish they’d follow the steps other other grocery chains and have a more user friendly app that doesn’t make you enter your location each time you want to view the ads, let’s you search their staple products to see what’s available & the price, and allows you to view the weekly ads (a plus if I don’t have to constantly zoom in on the ad to see things…weekly ad forces you to zoom in to make the screen legible, but preview ad for upcoming week doesn’t).
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2 years ago, josephina27
Limited usefulness
Aldi is my main store for everything- food, house wares, drinks, garden, cleaning, and even clothing. I wish this app did two more things: first, the app is basically just advertising the weekly specials, and a user-created specials shopping list. Going to the website and adding items to a shopping list creates a separate list. I wish the app could have all the items in one spot. Second, I’d love a notification setting that pinged me when certain items come on the weekly specials. I look all year for some things, anticipating their return. Keep me hooked on Aldi!!!
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6 years ago, accmimi
I love ALDI
This has become my main store now. I can depend on quality and the best price around. The smart way the stores are organized and run keeps their costs to a minimum. The savings are passed on to the shoppers. And I save way more than the fuel premiums the other stores are giving. Aldi stands behind all their products. I’ve never returned anything because it was defective or not as advertised. I’ve only returned things because they haven’t been a good fit or I’ve decided not to keep them. I’ve never had a problem returning anything. I love ALDI.
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2 years ago, Cmndr Q.
Store is great-App is lacking
Have cho did all these over 20 years. I’ve never been disappointed in the personal store itself or the product. This app however is extremely bare-bones. It is not designed to be used on an iPad, it lacks basic accessibility features. The text does not enlarge text does not embolden is that right there makes it very difficult for people with visual issues do use it. It would be wonderful if this app was made to be more responsive to peoples needs. As it is, it is adequate for people with good vision but for others, not so much.
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2 years ago, CodaC2010
I love shopping at Aldi, and was kind of hoping the app would be similar to the Kroger app, where it’s easy to navigate, put things on a list, find sales or coupons, and even schedule a pick up order if that store has it. But, no. I spent close to ten minutes trying to find an easier way to use this early 2000s-looking webpage but couldn’t. It was actually kind of irritating that even navigation was a pain, and the only thing you can really do on the app is put a grocery list together. Outside of that, it’s a glorified sale ad and store locator. If you need any of these, you can use different apps on your phone (mostly Google) to get the job done without trying to figure out what you’re looking at.
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5 years ago, SANDIBAY
Kenosha north side store is wonderful. Kenosha southsidestore(Wisconsin) has gone to the dogs. Customers talk about how bad it is when we are there. Produce dept has spoiled food and looks like it was tossed up in the air. Rarely have shelves stocked with ALDI finds for the week. Employees tell you they didn’t receive items we are looking for. I decided not to go there anymore. I have to go way up to the north side store. I love the north side store. Clean and employees ALWAYS will help you. Thank you for your north side store!!! I tell everyone how much I save shopping at ALDI. Excellent quality. I hope this helps. 💕
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3 years ago, didi shops at Aldi
ALDI comments
I get the store after many attempts and then it disappear s and I try again- sometimes 4 or 5 times. I even go to the store and ask the manager. And by the way they will put a special sign on the actual item and when I check out they haven’t entered it in on the computer and I always have to go back to get the reduced sticker on the item and this happens a lot. That is the manager’s error. We go to your for the great prices. Thank you. Dorothy
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8 months ago, fourgreenis
Location problems
The back arrow is almost the same color blue as the background and can hardly be seen. Please add some contrast. For a while now I haven’t been able to choose my local stores to see the prices in the fliers. The default is several states away (IL). I also don’t get a flier in the mail anymore so I have no idea what produce is on sale. It seems most of our grocery stores are sending out fliers less frequently but ALDI seems to have abandoned them altogether. Shopping list is easy to use and add your own items.
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2 years ago, 😢🥵toni
I wish you had a search button to look for things that you carry or don’t,I know a lot of things are special buys but I I could search stores that still had inventory of things I wanted & didn’t get,or thought oh I wish I would of got that. Like the exercise bike, I wish I would have gotten one& maybe there some out there? But with the price of gas I don’t want to run all over stark county to not find one! If I knew green had one & the amount it would be worth it to get it. &you have no phones to call & to research it!!😢🥵
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4 years ago, Aldis or not
Love the store HATE the app
This app is not user friendly. It’s easier to explain what this app doesn’t do.... 1. Save my selected store location 2. Save my shopping list. You either print it, email it, or it’s gone 3. Keep users email stored so you don’t have to retype it when emailing the shopping list 4. Add the total of items in shopping list 5. Allow users to search items available 6. Provide prices so shoppers can know what to expect before going into the store As a mom, any extra step takes away from my time, making the app of no use to me. Honestly Aldis, check out the ease of the Dollar General app. I can literally create a shopping list from my home and know exactly how much I am saving, and how much I will spend in the store. I can browse coupons, then put my phone number in at the store, and my coupons are used right there. Yes I save more money with Aldis, but all the extra steps I have to take (bagging my own items in the store with my infant..... it’s already hard enough shopping with kids) and the fuss with the app....... Aldis is looking less and less mom friendly
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5 months ago, Abu Redha Ali
Not as good as it once was.
I was surprised then thrilled when I first encountered Aldi inside the US. Seeing the clean efficient organization that I recognized from Germany was refreshing. The prices were so low with such high quality! As Aldi has adjusted to American tastes the basic supplies have had many prepackaged items to them. I notice this latest app version keeps refreshing with the Illinois store’s information. I have no interest in prices or sales away from my location. I wish I could see the “Aldi finds” like I once could. I wish I could see local items that are on sale this week instead every item in the company’s inventory.
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9 months ago, SoPi gal
Divorced my former grocery
Prices kept going up, discount coupons vanished so I contacted the customer service representative of the store where I had shopped for more than 40 years. I told the rep that we we were getting a divorce and my new love would be Aldi. I have never looked back! I am saving money and love the quality of Aldi products. I even find it fun to bag my own groceries. And I really do try to swipe another item before “the voice” tells me to finish and pay!
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3 weeks ago, ForcedMeToPickANickname
No matter what I try, it will not let me set my actual closest Aldi as my preferred store. You also can’t send an email to customer service through the app without giving your physical address. Why would you possibly need that for an email? I understand if you want the information to get to the right store, but you should then have an option to list the store in reference instead of my address. The ad is also very small when you do see it. . . Just not a well thought out app. Not the worst ever, but I guess this is all part of passing the savings on to you/getting what you pay for.
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1 year ago, Nana 2seven
Aldi is my favorite grocer
I shop Aldi because they have beautiful produce. Their deli selections are fresh and pre packed for fast service. Being a European chain they don’t cary foods with high fructose corn syrup or other additives banned there. Also they have weekly specials that I love. I have gotten flowers, large garden planters and raised beds, a patio swing, exercise equipment, kitchen gadgets, clothes and so much more and everything at bargain prices. If you haven’t shopped Aldi you should definitely try it you will be glad you did.
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4 years ago, KAESZ2020
Instacart is terrible
I deleted my Instacart app since I had problems with scamming shoppers even when I left big tips (not delivering groceries, not being fully refunded for stolen items, shoppers putting heavier weights then keeping the excess, stealing items). I love Aldi and am so disappointed it uses Instacart for its delivery. I was so excited when I saw Aldi started a delivery service and spent white a while figuring out the app to find out at the end that they use Instacart. Only my shopper was not reachable like in the Instacart app. I used the Aldi delivery service for the first time today and was again not provided all my items and know from Instacart I need to file a reimbursement immediately. Now I will have to pay another delivery fee or go myself which defeats the purpose of delivery.
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6 years ago, Rokkett77
Great store, lousy app
I was relieved to see that Aldi has an app to assist customers while they are shopping. It was helpful in that I didn’t have to try and keep a running total of how much I was spending on my phones calculator, helping me stay within my grocery budget. My biggest complaint with the app is that the QR reader does not work at all. At first, I thought it might just be a problem with my phone, but other apps with QR readers work fine so it leads me to believe that this is an issue with the app. Having a functional reader would have saved a lot of time by not requiring me to manually enter in everything I was buying.
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2 years ago, FSUTalg8r
Love ALDI but not the app
ALDI is a tremendous asset to any household or community. Clean stores, friendly staff, quality products, competitive prices and more. Produce beats the competition hands down, at least in the Lakeland area. However, there should be some basic app functionalities like notifications, ability to select favorite stores, view in/out of stock items, ability to purchase, ship, deliver, etc. ALDI could easily be more profitable if the developer could incorporate these items and perhaps more to stand out from the completion. I will be happy to upgrade my review once complete.
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1 year ago, tiongtungynnvf
Really, ZERO stars. App is absolutely pointless
App is horrible. There’s no way the ratings are real app users. The best part about it is that it brings you to their online page if you want to look at what the store has. That defeats the purpose of an app! And if you want to make a grocery list with the feature on the app it doesn’t let you pick their products and find the price. You have to manually add product that may or may not be there ( you could write a tonka truck if you wanted) and then the price section is just there for you to fill out. I can’t add their products with their prices, it’s basically a blank sheet that you just write whatever you want. Is just pointless.
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3 years ago, Onchisorehead
Deserves zero stars
This app is useless. I couldn’t even sign in without giving an address for delivery, which I don’t want, and isn’t even available where I live. You can’t search for individual products, without scrolling through lists of products by category. These lists do not even show all products in the category. They do not show availability in your local store. The web site is no better, because the app and web site are one and the same. There is curbside, but it is equally awful. The only way you can shop ALDI hassle-free is go in the stores, which I have not done during the pandemic. I guess German efficiency didn’t make it across the pond. I’ve deleted this app twice, after hoping upgrades improve it.
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5 years ago, 14hjm39
Waynesboro VA
For a long time, fat free half and half was not available! Now there is no half gal 2% mill available. 2 weeks ago, I was looking for Shredded Swiss Gruyere, happy farms, the male available for questioning said ‘no longer’ available. When I came to the refrigerated dairy section, there it was, they moved it! Looks like he should know what is going on in his store. When checking out I told him he appeared not to know his store, he said he did not understand my question! If you would like his name let me know, I may find the receipt H.J. McInturff
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4 years ago, Grelly04
Just the best!
I travel miles by multiple grocery stores to get to ALDI. It is the best store for delicious produce, fresh meats, a wonderful variety of dairy foods, and anything else one could need. I love the weekly specials! And, most importantly, the customer service is simply THE BEST! A new ALDI is opening within walking distance from me and I am ecstatic!!! The day that store opens will be like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one!! Yay, ALDI! Long may you prosper in the US. You are changing grocery buying in a great way!!! Sincerely, Ellen Brown
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