ALGO Traffic (by ALDOT & ALEA)

3.4 (8)
66.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ALGO Traffic (by ALDOT & ALEA)

3.38 out of 5
8 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Bham guy9
Please fix zooming
In order to view traffic conditions on non interstate roads you must zoom in very close. In previous versions this did not occur. Otherwise the app is great!
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7 months ago, Monyalbarran
Love the app
Especially cool how I can check the cameras Live to really see how traffic. I recommend for al Birmingham drivers
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7 months ago, why change everything again ?
Dreaded updates
Sometimes things are just fine without always revamping. Like it better before camera view freezes and can’t find half the cameras anymore…
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3 years ago, Jwooooowwwwwwww
Unable to see traffic crashes since app underwent “system maintenance”
I use this app when I’m traveling from Mobile to Birmingham, and back and ever since it underwent “system maintenance” I haven’t been able to view crashes. I hope this issue is resolved soon.
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4 years ago, CE gal
Much improved
App continues to improve - I like knowing which side of the road the accidents or road delays are located. We often are towing and it’s not that easy to be switching lanes in traffic with a 30 ft trailer behind you. I’d give it a five stars if the traffic cameras would show up on map (see the Tennessee app) for visiting cities where we don’t live and aren’t that familiar with street names and intersections to have a better clue as to which cameras to look at for information. (Dropped the rating to three stars after reading developer response - don’t want another account/app that I have to sign in and agree to be tracked with an email address attached to it - it’s not required in the several other states that I use regularly ). App layers option finally worked without having an account. Thank you
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1 year ago, Woody021072
Good app
I use this app to check to see if roads are open and safe to travel. Also, if roads are closed, most auto insurance do not cover accidents so this is crucial information needed for both work and play.
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7 years ago, Garyv40
Works Well
It's obvious a lot of thought and effort has gone into this app. Kudos! Using it to travel I65 from Huntsville to Orange Beach, AL. Nice to know what's ahead. Nitpicks: Exit numbers on the interstates would be nice. Does weather function work? Heavy rain all over state from tropical storm Cindy but no indications on map.
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6 years ago, granna52rolltide
Alabama’s best traffic app!
I stumbled across the Algo Traffic app and so glad I did! I can see live traffic cameras and wrecks around the state. I never knew this was a thing. Aldot has really impressed me with this app. Algo is a traffic app I can’t live without!!
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5 years ago, Hurguy
Cameras undependable
Many of the cameras do not work much of the time, therefore more trouble than it is worth since have to keep clicking on a camera to locate one that is working in the area you interested (I am mainly interested in Mobile / Mobile Bay / Daphne area). Would be nice if you could tell which cameras not workng without having to first click on it, even better would be if they got the cameras to work. Nice in theory though.
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7 years ago, Miter skeeter
We travel quit a bit and I just saw this app info on my twitter feed. I love being able to see the real time traffic on the hwy cams. It does need a color code legend for the highways though. I assume red is to use caution but don't know reason. I am using this app now as we've just had a lot of ice at our home in central Alabama and we are trying to get there from out of town and want to know if the roads are passable now.
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6 years ago, ttavelinghippie
Helpful for Traveling
As a traveling sales rep, I spend a ton of time on the road covering the state of Alabama. This app helps me figure out where roads are closed (Downtown Birmingham, anyone?) and where there’s construction!
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3 years ago, Agent253
Worst. App. Ever.
Completely useless app. Trying to get home today, the app says “No Events Ahead” on my route. A mile later and traffic is at a standstill. Two hours later I am finally able to see the issue. It’s a multi-car accident. All the while the app is telling me “No Events Ahead.” Useless.
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6 years ago, Britt8485
Fix this!
Won’t let me register and it used to use gps and show me where I was now it won’t. What good is this if it can’t show me things before I get to them so I can find an alternative route?
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5 years ago, S/O W
Deleting app
Unable to delete this app; so if one no longer wants it he is out of luck. One can delete the icon off the phone and disable the app under settings but the texts notices keep coming. Very annoying!!
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2 years ago, Buck EN
Refresh Button Still Doesn’t Work
You have to close the app and reopen to get a current view. All the top reviews were years ago. No recent updates. Looser app.
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6 years ago, Specmutha
App fails to load profile
On the computer the algotraffic works great. It won’t load my profile on the app however so I can’t see any traffic issues. Update: app on iPhone won’t work. “Can’t load profile”
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6 years ago, 2 x mom
Great app
This app is great when on the road
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6 years ago, hrb1972
No good
I have had this app for one year. My boss has the same app. I try to look at the cameras and mine doesn’t work 90% of the time bust my bosses works all the time. I believe it’s a waist time.
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3 years ago, allumbrellasarenotequal
Not working
All I am getting is that fact that there are rip tides. Cannot get road traffic at all.
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1 year ago, Disappointed in Baldwin County
Won’t let me log in.
Works ok but I can’t log in so I don’t get alerts.
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6 years ago, ST Davis
Awesome app!
This is a great resource to have for anyone that drives!
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5 years ago, Bojim49
Downloaded the app. Can’t register. Won’t accept the PW I setup or the one the app sent me. Sad.
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6 years ago, PeachHead5
It won’t even let me register..........
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11 months ago, WJB36088
I tried to register to use the app, but was told my username was already in use. Huh? How can it be already in use when usernames (i.e. email addresses) are unique? Also, got a 502 Bad Gateway page. Like state of Alabama roads, their websites are the worst in the U.S.
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6 years ago, Mimi MEP
Good 4 Major Interstates, Weather doesn’t work
Downloaded specifically for road conditions since entire State covered in snow and ice. Highs in mid 20’s all day. Husband had to go to work. Last night, major news stations advised all roads were closed, specifically by county. Now it’s 8am the next morning and there’s nothing on app about weather. Nothing showing if roads are open? Closed? Nothing about weather at all, yet it’s been on news nonstop. ALDOT & ALEA with developers, surely they know this app does not offer same capabilities. Now they’re sites aren’t updating. Tried website from mobile and that was also a bust. I do see great potential if can cover all of Alabama, by County like ALDOT provides in past. They’ve had No updates to their page since 9/2017; now 1/2018. They advise people to use this app. If so, app should have app same capabilities. The people in rural areas are important too. People need to know. Are the roads open? Closed? Are roads covered in snow? Iced spots/areas? Granted this info isn’t needed often, but it is critical when it is. I zoomed into our area and still saw nothing. Yes we can use News to get info, but shouldn’t have to if ALDOT/ALEA advising to use this app. Typically, AL Major Highway 280 is not considered a rural area, so where’s 280’s info? •Looks great for traffic on main interstates, nothing else. •Still cannot find Key legend. • Definitely NOT user friendly. • Shows Major Interstate traffic. If that’s all you need, great. Just don’t count on anything else.
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