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4.75 out of 5
782.5K Ratings
2 years ago, SolarCrush
Great company, steps in when suppliers are bad
I’ve bought mostly everything for my business from Alibaba. Most of the suppliers I’ve dealt with have been great - I’ve received what I ordered pretty quickly. Just recently, I had an order go horribly wrong when a supplier took months to even mail out my package, and then it was not what I ordered. I messaged them, and they basically told me to just deal with it and would not make it right. They said if I wanted a refund, I had to pay to ship the items that were not what I ordered back, and the shipping cost was most of what I paid. I was nervous about how Alibaba would handle it. I definitely will continue shopping here after the experience - I was issued a full refund and did not have to pay to ship what I did not order back (thank goodness). Thank you, Alibaba.
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2 years ago, Jonni1247
Convenient Malfunctions
I like Alibaba a lot, however it needs to be brought up how the app malfunctions in chat and after-order services. There is no legitimate reason for it to crash or a seller claims not being able to do something simple like reporting a tracking number. With a large order showing ‘successfully delivered’ in a different US state- I’d never know if I was getting scammed by the supplier. The dismissiveness about resolving was riding the clock. Like most carriers, UPS has its quirks but is great with reporting a shipment’s location. The screenshot I was sent did not match with UPS global nor domestic and I am a customer. It had not made it to the carrier at all while the seller listed a USPS Express shipment (5-7 days) to Alibaba. It’s been 60+ days, still waiting for a complete shipment but if I respond in mobile it resets. I should not have to pay full price and was probably overcharged for shipping. I was glad to get Alibaba to step in with their Trade assurance policy. If there is a post-order concern, I’ve noticed the app freezes & crashes a lot. It also resets requests. Alibaba runs paying Buyers away with this App. I trust the service but I’d expect functions to be way better than eBay’s App to disappointment. I really hope there’s improvements to come, but desktop mode is better.
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2 years ago, evans754
Trade Assurance is a joke with this company
I ordered items and seen that it shipped. That was great at the time. Three weeks later I see that the tracking said that the items was delivered. Yes, they were delivered but not to me or the state that I live in. I contacted the supplier and they claimed that was an error tracking number and sends me a copy of a UPS label that they just created. That means my items never shipped out. I put in a claim with the trade assurance letting them know my items never shipped and the tracking number in my order has nothing to do with my order. I let them know that it needed to be updated to not delivered/ complete so my trade assurance can start on the day the items are actually delivered. To make a long story short they never updated the order and kept saying the supplier made an error with shipping and has fixed it. You will receive your items soon. I tell you they need to hire people who can actually read and write English. Just an horrible experience. This is why I always do test runs with new suppliers and only place small orders for this reason. Now once my order is delivered my trade assurance will be no good because the supplier refuse to update the order because that will prove they necker shipped it out when they claimed they did. This was my experience and it was not a good one.
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1 year ago, OnaDeeeee
Watch for Suppliers!
Overall pretty good app. Shipping from anywhere takes entirely too long though but that’s a given. Unfortunately I had an EXTREMELY bad experience with this supplier because I left them a 1 star review. It was a very confusing transaction because I THOUGHT I was to be receiving 3 different products due to the order presenting 3 different pictures with 3 different descriptions (1 being a ‘gift’). I left a review THEN asked for a refund. They refused a refund, frustrated I was fine with the sample box & not receiving a refund, I agreed okay thru the Alibaba app; with that being said I stopped speaking to Amy Zhang because there was nothing else to discuss. However I am unsatisfied with the product (INSIDE DAMAGE AND LOOKED NOTHING LIKE EITHER 3 pictures) AND how Amy Zhang spoke to me. BECAUSE of MY REVIEW & MY EXPERIENCE with them/her, 2 weeks after the matter Amy Zhang felt the need to email my personal email accusing me of being a liar, of wanting free samples AND threatening to “shame my name” all over social medias if I did not change my review. Well, nothing has been resolved. I want Amy Zhang to stop harassing me about description boxes, I told her it was confusing and I already said okay!!!
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2 years ago, Matt -N-Savannah
Too many scammers!!!! Beware!!!!
My husband spent hours trying to find a “supplier” and finally found a company that had “good” reviews on the site (which must be lies and planted there by the company!) He placed an order for an item that cost $1,185usd and the listing offered shipping for $380usd. He paid in full and the next day, received a message from the “supplier” stating that the shipping was incorrect and he needed to send $3,000usd more for shipping or apply for a refund! The item he ordered was only $2,500usd locally! He then applied for a refund from alibaba only to find out that they wouldn’t refund the processing fees or taxes! He was going to have to accept a $200usd loss!!! The only thing that saved him was the fact that he used PayPal to pay initially and he sent screenshots of what was going on to PayPal and they ruled in his favor and gave him a full refund… just want to let everyone know of the risk you take when messing with an app that literally allows anyone in China to offer anything they want to get your money and then keep money when you ask for a refund so they’re making money on the people getting scammed as well!!!
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5 years ago, saychoss
Need more shipping options to the U.S.
Alibaba needs more shipping options to the U.S. I researched purchasing an electric ATV (quad/four wheeler) for 5 weeks on Alibaba. I looked at 10 different companies. At first I was about to give up completely because none of the companies seemed to understand English well enough to understand my product requirements and what I was looking for. Almost every company told me I could buy the ATV from them and they would ship it to the nearest U.S. seaport, but I would have to figure out how to get it from there, through Customs, and to my home in Utah myself. Most of the companies had no option available to them to do the logistics themselves or to have a 3rd party company do it for them. I finally found 1 of 10 companies that could sell me the ATV, clear customs, and provide ground shipping, but it added 100% to the cost of the product. Alibaba has some great product options, but Please improve the shipping options available so you can increase your sales to the United States. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Weight Watcher Warrior
Seal Kit First order from China
I ordered Hydraulic hydraulic valves, never received. Then I also ordered two lap top computers, received late damaged and only a keyboard without monitor arrived to my neighbors unit. Last time I order from China I said,to my self, but I needed help with test diagnostic equipment, the price was overwhelming so I ordered, to find out, a floppy computer disc arrived that was not compatible to my computer drives and not in English. More loss money. But recently I had a requirement for a hydraulic seal kit for a pump I am rebuilding, I was quoted long lead times and no availability’s. So I found Allibaba Express paid and received on time the correct item in excellent condition and the vendor kept me updated on the progress of my order. The best service I received anywhere. Next I need a Tandem aluminum hydraulic pump crossing my fingers.
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2 years ago, Alibaba disappointed client
I’ve been scammed on here and reported it but they favored the other side. I never received anything and I even have the order saying never been delivered yet. Another problem from a different transaction was they had on there a guaranteed delivery date but the order came in over a month after. I even took a screenshot of the guaranteed date and it shows the actual date I received it. This was for a customer which needed the items by a certain date for a bridal shower. I lost that business now for good and they will definitely not recommend any new customers to me. If anything they will most likely hurt my business if anyone tried going to me they probably will tell them what happened and I will lose a potential customer. This is very unprofessional. I’m asking for my refund for the items which I believe is fair. They denied my claim. Alibaba is not a good reliable reasonable business. I hope someone actually starts getting on this before this happens to other people. Good Luck, To future Alibaba customers
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4 years ago, toryam7
Took me 3 months to get my money back
I purchased a product that never came, and I was at home waiting for the product the day it said it was out for delivery. I looked everywhere in case there was an issue. When i went back to the seller she was rude to me because i opened a dispute even though i never received the product. It took nearly three months and they said i didn’t have enough evidence to prove that I didn’t get my product since the shipping was shown delivered and it was my fault it was lost. Had to go to my bank to dispute the order and it’s just been a hassle and a lot of money that I was waiting on. Make sure you ask them directly for shipping information because I feel like they aren’t direct and try to confuse you with the wrong info. The customer service was very nice but they can’t just not refund you when you don’t receive your packages. I’m just upset with the amount of time it took to get to this conclusion, i don’t know if anything I order will make it to my house
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5 years ago, 55llorrac
Customer service is available 24 hrs
I'm a fairly new buyer to Alibaba, Any questions or concerning I have regarding my orders are quickly and efficiently answered. Navigating the websites can be challenging for a new comers. Trust me I make a lot of mistakes, I'm sure the sellers look at some of my Request's and say "What is he thinking" or "What is he trying to say". But I'm getting better and they are SO patient, Its not the end of the world... It was just a typing mistake! Mistakes are learning and learning is the best part of life... There are unbelievably great deals here. This website has changed my life and it can change yours Too.... Just take a deep breath.... Get a cup of coffee... And don't be afraid to ask lots of questions... Now let's go make money... Best of Luck ... Carroll ...USA
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3 years ago, riz.ryse.reese
Please reach this supplier
It is so frustrating that the supplier need to review the review I left so that they could filter their reviews. But please don't order in this supplier: DALIAN ZM INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. honestly, my expectations are not meet. First, my physical product, I ordered the one that has a compartment for the eyeliner. I have received it separately from the eye lashes. Second, they are over priced. Hear me OVER PRICED, you just need to explore different vendors in this app and obviously they overpriced. Third, I was told that my package will be shipped the 8th of April, then I follow up they gave me a tracking number on 16 which is more than a week of their promised date. But turns out it really got shipped 28th of April. Fourth, I don't understand about the delay of Shipment because of COVID, I stopped believing this excuse when my other orders got here when I ordered first from them. Lastly, it is super disappointing when they have promised for FREE products for the inconvenience but freaking TWO MAKE UP REMOVER WIPES for all the hassle? No, this is just ridiculous.
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6 months ago, TechOriented
My experience
(1) the app is poorly designed. When you are browsing through the products, reviews, sometimes there is no way to go back to previous screen and you end up with a blank screen. Nowhere to go, forcing you to exit and reopen the app. This is not acceptable for an app from a company with 200Billion market caps. ( 2) unverified suppliers. Why Alibaba allow unverified suppliers in the first place? Too many ridiculously cheap prices from unverified suppliers. Obviously they are scammers and should be banned. Every seller should be verified!!! (3) I unchecked all notifications in the app’s setting page, but the app still have in-app promotion and event notifications. For example, it contains notifications like “don’t miss out these products”. I need to click “mark all message as read” to make the number on the app icon go away. That’s very annoying. What does those products have to do with me? I only want to see notification related to my orders. Please honor user’s notification setting.
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5 months ago, Redlamaredlama
Wrong items Sent. Sellers won’t send correct items.
My first purchase with this app was for three different products. I didn’t realize until the box came, but two of the items was from the same seller. Instead of getting two different products as I selected, they sent the same item twice. I contacted them and requested the correct item to be sent and provided pics of what I was sent. Instead of acknowledging the mistake and correcting they argued and even started calling my personal phone number. They said what I got should be good and if I didn’t want two of the same thing, just sell the other one or give it to someone else…Thanks. I want what I ordered. Third item I was sent from the other seller was totally incorrect product. They also would not exchange for the correct one and gave me a 10% refund instead of correcting the issue. Basically, don’t purchase from this app. You probably won’t get what you ordered.
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5 years ago, Meehmehmeh
Deceiving in many ways.
I have browsed the app for a long time, uneasy about doing business in China i have looked closely at the sellers. Lots of shiny BS plaque images and certifications that seem blustery. I decided to try it and I finally placed an order for items that are a part of my manufactured product. I was sent the wrong parts (clearly NOT WHAT WAS ORDERED) and the seller offer a 5$ refund 🤦🏼‍♂️. I opened a dispute in Alibaba and so far nothing has been done other than suggesting a 5$ refund was reasonable. This might be a cultural difference I’m not aware of BUT in the US if i send someone something other than what they ordered, I pay to get it back and I refund the money. In my mind this is as it should be. In Alibaba’s mind 5$ back and I keep the useless items makes more sense. So my review is this, its a gamblers app. Maybe you’ll get the product you want, maybe you wont. Either way if theres a problem, your money is gone and odds of getting it back are as close to zero as they’ll get.
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2 years ago, Players Unite!!!
Good & Bad
There are great people on there to do business with. But it’s difficult to tell who is telling the truth. I’ve had some make claims that were not in the sales agreement. So if it’s not in the sales agreement you have ZERO recourse through Alibaba sales protections. For instance one company claimed the merchandise was ready to ship, just needed to put labels on the boxes. It was time sensitive so I paid them not realizing the sales order gave them 90 days to ship the product. Turns out they were short on supplies to complete the order. By the time it shipped I thought they were not going to. They claimed I needed to call customs but the shipper did not call. By the time I called upon their insistence, I find out it was returned to the shipper in China. They got my money and the product. Alibaba did ziltch because is was in their sales contract. It didn’t matter that they lied to me which I proved by supplying the text threads. That didn’t matter. So BUYER BEWARE !!!
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3 years ago, babywavez
Its not the Apps fault huh
Yes it is the apps fault want to know why because they keep shipping cost information out of sight. If your truly an honest company then exactly why wouldn't you allow the buyers to see there options for shipping costs its not always available. Ill purchase something handling the shipping costs then have the supplier hitting me up for over $120 for shipping . The product was $70 i paid about $60 for shipping and now your telling me i have to pay an additional $120. I refuse then they give the option well you can have it shipped by sea i say sea it is. Then they say ok we will refund you $30 for the shipping by sea still waiting on that refund. But my whole thing is the shipping costs were already taken care of why is it that every supplier hits me up after . Requesting ridiculous shipping fees.
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4 years ago, The Review Abyss
Too many junk notifications
This app is nice. However, the app has too many junk notifications that cannot be turned off in the settings panel of the app. So you can either turn off all notifications and potentially miss an important message from a contact, or you have to constantly sift through and mark junk notifications as read to clear them. You can also assume all notifications are junk, which gives a bad impression of foreign suppliers that are trying their best to be professional and establish business relationships. It appears the app developers keep adding new features or feeds that do not have a corresponding control switch in the settings panel. Long story short this app could do a better job of helping all clients separate the wheat from the chaff. Other than that, a good resource and tool.
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2 years ago, Pedroher!
Buying Equipment from China.
This has been a very good experience for me. This was my first time, and I have share my experience already with more than forty people. I have talk about with my entire family and many others. I am impressed with the treatment that I received from Mrs Nancy, who was the seller, but also She represented me in China. She expended a lot of time with me looking to satisfy my needs and She did it. I am very thankful with Her work and kindness, gentleness and professional actitud. Now, I am trying to buy another equipment because I am pretty sure that is the best thing that I can do. Thank you Mrs Nancy and all people that took part in this business. God Bless You All. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Myersdam
Absolutely worthless company
This company is a joke they allow suppliers on there website that falsely advertise prices and order minimums when you contact them they will charge you more then advertised and tell you that there order minimum is not what is advertised. If you report them Alibaba will just rule in favor of the company. Good luck getting your money back if the people you pay deliver junk or nothing at all again alibaba won’t hold companies responsible. Also companies on here for random absolutely no reason will charge you additional outrageous fees for whatever reason. They also like to make an agreement and later say oh I forgot about this fee I need another $75 from you for that! Don’t trust this app and don’t attempt to buy from any companies using this app! Unless you like getting ripped off and like dealing with idiots that don’t care about you only just about your money!
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4 years ago, Ariel Dominique
Very disappointed
I have purchased from Alibaba many times however recently one of the sellers that I was dealing with sent my package by sea when I asked and paid for it to be sent by airplane! Now the Alibaba dispute agent is siding with the seller and refusing to refund my money! They’ve been holding my money for weeks and this should have. Only been a 2 week process! My biggest issue is that when I ask for a manager, supervisor or superior I’m always told that there isn’t one. They say that you’re covered by trade assurance but really it’s all up I the dispute agent that you get and it ends with them. There’s no going further! As soon as my dispute is over I’m deleting alibaba and telling everyone who will listen about how unprofessional and unfair they are! If possible, find sellers on Alibaba and deal with them off of the Alibaba platform! It makes no sense to pay the extra fees because if anything happens they won’t have your back anyway!
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11 months ago, LAX Entry
Warranties not honored
I purchased a set of solar system for my home costing about 20,000 US Dollars. I found out that this company sold me Solar Inverters that were discontinued. What happened was one of the Inverters broke down in less than a year of use. So I complained about it. He said that I cannot mix with other Inverter models with the existing Inverters that he sold me. He suggested to buy 4 new models to make it work. I asked why he sold me the discontinued Inverters?. He said the other models did not exist 2 years ago. But I did a reasearch about it. I found out from othet suppliers that the other models existed years ago. So I concluded that this guy trying to get rid of their old stocks.
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4 years ago, Don Alaa
Scammers and gangsters
I bought an amount of powder for medicinal use, and when I received the substance it was fake and it caused harm to me, and when I asked the seller to return the substance, he did not accept and the customer service center intervened and asked me to analyze the material, but the analysis costs more than the price of the substance five times, in the end the seller threatened me that he owns My address and name will be published on the Internet and cause trouble for me and threaten me, and when I showed these documents to the site in the report !! They didn't pay any attention and nothing happened !!! On this site, if you are not Chinese, they will never listen to you. This is what the seller said insulted me and told me: So that you know who China is !!! The seller threatened me that he would send me his men to my home address registered in the shipment. For your family safety I advise you not to put your real address on this website that protects these gangs.
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3 years ago, ravengirl312
First Timer
Well I was gonna give a 5 star, but suddenly my review is unable to show any words as I am texting. I’m not sure if it’s because my English has to be translated, but I can’t see anything that I just wrot right now. So I hope this get read. Anyhow, I was able to live chat with my supplier and I was very pleased with being able to see different options and negotiate prices. I am still waiting for my merchandise. I will write another review once I try it. And hopefully I will be able to see what I’m writing so if there is a lot of mists, it’s because I’m writing without seeing and using just my thought as what next to say. Thank you
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2 years ago, Search-Confidence
Parent/Child Bird Training Service
I am impressed with Ali all the way around. They are very pleasant to work with and fulfill and complete your requested services. They are thorough and want to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with their orders. They get back with you when you ask questions if they have to do a little research first, and that shows they care about the order being placed correctly, which shows the customer they are a company they will want to work with in the future, especially if you are dealing with merchandise that has to be delivered far away…around the world!
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3 years ago, Armanii :)
A good app to negotiate prices
The app is a great place to find vendors for small businesses just make sure to stay clear from scammers and check full prices. Making Payments can be tricky so make sure you fully look it through and dont send information to just any vendor. Be sure to take time to search and dont let a vendor rush you into buying, they should make u feel like they’re trustworthy. Another problem is miscommunication, ask as many questions as you need so you know your getting whats worth your money!! Sometimes the price for each piece may not be as much but the shipping will be like $200 :0 if you’re looking for lipgloss tubes I recommend buying from “Guangdong Qiaoyi Plastic Co., ltd. “ Great customer service and communication.
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4 years ago, kellis25479
More Bad than good vendors
Good seller is Shantou City Jinhaian Craft & Toy Factory. They were the 1st store I had brought from. I had brought 8 small handbags and shipping was only about $20 bucks, and it took less than a month for me to receive them. I wish they had more stuff for sale. But after then all the other vendors I tried were terrible. Some no longer had the dresses in stock but still have them for sale, for stock poly mailers (not custom mailers) MANY vendors (Yes I do mean more than 3 vendors is doing this) min order of 500 then when I start the order they would respond back saying the min is 5000. And the shipping is crazy expensive. Maybe it’s a better site for huge or big business owners. But if you’re a tiny or small business then I wouldn’t recommend. You’ll give yourself a headache dealing with them.
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5 years ago, alibaba user from the US
Good and bad
I order a few Thousand USD products from here with different suppliers. Some products I get very good price while others are just fair with expense shipping cost. Suppliers are varied. Did not receive everything that I order yet. Will see. However I spent a lot of time to search what I need. But have encountered a lot of misleading price or product images do not match the description. They will said the price is old or not right..... waste a lot of time. But some companies are very helpful. While Some will tell you to order from other suppliers if I show them their listing price. Also agree with other reviewers, shipping cost a lot and not much choices. For giant company like this; should encourage their listing vendors to update their price. False advertising in The US are big mistakes.
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3 years ago, zihmenah
Poor Quality App
The app is out dated, slow and needs to be revamped. I’ve also experienced adverse response dealing with Trade Association. I was scammed out of 7k US dollars by the Yang Yang company. A vendor should never want to keep the full payment after 48 hours of payment submittal without providing service/product. In addition to that I have had Trade Association employees respond to me who can’t write or speak proper English which poses a barrier. You must also be careful bcuz some Trade Association reps are bias due to being friends with some of the vendors. Please make sure you vett the company’s sales, leadership team, and quality of the products.
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4 years ago, Jus_tin7
Unprofessional, cheap quality, high prices
Their prices are twice higher than the U.S. I downloaded the app try to get some products from them and save a little money because they deliver from China and China’s products are cheaper than the U.S.,but the prices shows on the app of each items is incorrect if you tryna buy something they told you a different price not the one it shows in the app. I was tryna order a coffee table and the price was $599 after I try to chat one of their agent she told me the price is $900 and I said like what it saying $599 in the app. She was really rude she didn’t even answer me, I try to text her again to make sure the price but I couldn’t send her message because she blocked me. Once again things that comes from China are 10 times cheaper than the Unites States. I know because I been there. But on this app they are twice expensive than the U.S...
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6 years ago, ChloeNikee
Somewhat crippled
The app is somewhat crippled, in that the developers buried some features. For example, finding your favorites is not easy. Sometimes features on the app seem to be absent. The website is better, although both the website and the app seriously overlook certain things. For example: 1. You should be able to sort your favorites list by vendor, price, date, name, manually etc. Just like any other search. 2. On their messenger, and they have a little pop-up field where you can type in your reply. Unfortunately you cannot see the entire string. So if you have to refer back to previous messages while you were typing, you cannot do this. It’s very inconvenient. 3. I try to sort vendors using a folder for each vendor, but not all the named vendor folders appear, only the first two ! 4. I cannot easily load a cart to ask vendors for a quote on a range of items they are offering. Alibaba’s method is very convoluted; definitely unfriendly to the buyer. I cannot imagine the complexity of writing an app such as this one. Although I sympathize, Alibaba is nowhere near as easy for the buyer as eBay’s website and app.
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6 years ago, SCAMED101
Be very careful with who you deal with if from the USA. I asked for a quote and was contacted by multiple people. I placed an order for clothes. 20 hats, 20 beenies, 24 hoodies, 5 athletic jumpsuites and 6 wool coats. The sizes were sizes that would fit children. The embroidery wasn’t finished, and won’t respond to a single message now. The company was Antom Enterprises. I have asked for a return label, corrected order etc. and now they won’t respond. I was asked to contact them through WhatsApp they said it would be easier and sent them the money PayPal. Do not do this. Alibaba will not help you with your order or people who scam you. They do not keep track of who contacts you based on your request. I spent over 45mins with alibaba customer service and got no where. This is the perfect site for people to scam people on. I’m new to alibaba placed my first sample order for clothing and got ripped off.
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4 years ago, Super With God
For business purposes only
I was pushed by eBay to this app only because I was looking for a single item and it is here in America for about $80-$120bucks brand new or $16-$40 bucks plus $539 dollars for freight from China! The people were all helpful and the sets means time the app was a learning experience for me so not a waste of time. I want to delete my information on the app but it seems like it is not accessible to doing so. That’s the part I don’t like and how lots of people are asking me but when I tried to close the question I pose the automated artificial intelligence chat told me repeatedly that it wasn’t updated so I’m digging trying to find out how to get to an updated version within the app it’s telling. Don’t like that.
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4 years ago, Dj Karta
Don’t waste your time on this scam app
I placed an order on Alibaba for $3,312 from a seller named Beryl Lan of Xiamen Friendship Co. They tell me they can’t ship through Fedex but send through Fedex anyway. Customs seized it because the seller didn’t ship it with labels, needless to say I didn’t receive my order alive or most of it at all. Seller offers 500 back out of 3,312. I open a dispute with atleast 30 pieces of evidence supporting the fact that my order wasn’t shipped, nor shipped right and the dispute team decided that the seller wasn’t in the wrong because the order was shipped. Even though they clearly didn’t ship my entire order and lied to get away with it. This app and site are a joke. You can’t dispute with the Chinese about Chinese sellers. Don’t waste your American and save yourself 2 months in transit!
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11 months ago, nolowballers
Great but…
I love the variety and the price is great for my business but…your website and app are awful. I can’t do a search or check out a specific suppliers categories with put the app freaking out and closing or going to a white page. The website either won’t load or when I touch on an item and it redirects me back to the app it goes to the home page and not the item I wanted to look at. It makes it very difficult to buy from a supplier. Wish the suppliers would all have the option to just add items to the cart. Contacting a supplier when I just want to buy makes me go to a different supplier that is ready to take my money.
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8 months ago, jloopeskoo
No way
This place dosent sale you items they advertise they say you can buy one item you can’t they say it’s free shipping it’s not seems to me for the shoppers looking for deals their not going to give you any there just taking all your personal information and I guess selling it to who ever they want every time I look on there app my email and text gets flooded with spam so beware of deals that look too good I know I’m wasting my time again writing this review cuz they’re not going to post it
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3 years ago, dschreib67
Broken links and search results only sho partial images
I use an ipad and this app has too many glitches to think of right now but my main gripe is a recent change in the search results to only display one third of the image of the product you are searching for. Completely moronic! Then when you try to swipe down to go back up the list of results it totally closes the search window so you must start over. On the home screen, most of the time when you click on a product link you wind up frozen on a blank screen. When you click on promoted items, you wind up randomly somewhere other than the promoted listing page you clicked on. Come one people, for such a huge and rich company, you have an app that was built by an amature! It really is dissapointing!
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3 years ago, Lisaloo1234567
They blackmailed me and stole my designs
I have been a long time purchaser of alibaba and aliexpress. I make custom products I design myself. One day I checked the market on alibaba and seen my designs were stolen. I reached out to the company selling it and let them know. They immediately told them I must cooperate with them or they will steal all my designs and message all of my followers and give them free samples of my design. They then sent me a screen shot of my Instagram account. Then I go on my Instagram account and they start harassing me and my customers. So BEWARE buying from Alibaba or aliexpress. I never will ever again because it was kind of scary and because of them stealing my designs I can no longer compete with prices and had to shut down my once very thriving business.
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2 years ago, sisicahe
The worst
I loose almos 1,000 buying hair from 2 differents manufacturers ans both was the same. They said they offer a best top quality hair and it’s not true ! The hair seems fine ans smell good when you received but as soon as you try on actually a head get bad not even a couple months I’m talking about less than a week! I think the customer service get preference for the supplies! I send evidence for the bad quality hair and they just ignora that boths time ! The supplies have a very bad idea of if you try the hair you cannot return it ! But I believe when you try the hair is when you know for sure the quality of the hair in a package everything seems fine and great quality ! I don’t recommend this! Is a waits of energy, money and it’s very stressful!
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3 years ago, Em-ilyy
I was scammed
Super long story made short i ordered some card pullers from a 4.5 star seller i paid to have it here within 2 weeks got it after 2 months and didnt not receive what i paid for it was someone else’s order, The seller harrassed me for for WEEKS to send the other person their order but never wanted to send me mine, finally after being woken up various times at midnight by phone calls from the seller and being called names i sent the other person their package the next day paid for shipping and was told i would get reimbursed the shipping cost and still waiting to either get my refund, my order and what i spent on shipping. I talked to customer service a week ago and i am yet to hear back with a resolution. I got Scammed $60
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6 years ago, Maria Lorna Kunnath
Vague Info on International Shipping Options for US Customer
Need more transparent info on customer options for International Shipping options especially for US customers since we put preference on speed of delivery with associated costs over free shipping. Please add a feature in the app that does exactly that. Please also allow customers the option to choose Intl shipping during the ordering process and update the cost of the product + shipping and getting total cost reflect that. Also on every phase of the order once a product is paid, the magnitude of efficient customer support should be enabled between buyer and seller to ensure buyer is not left in the dark making them think alibaba or seller simply walked away with buyer’s money.
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3 years ago, LaBoricua4u
Prefab container homes
They are pretty and solid! After hurricane Michael I lost my two bedroom houses and it would be awesome if I could replace them with these pretty and save containers homes, You should have and affiliate partner in the United States! It would be awesome I would love to represent you here I live Florida in the northwest I will represent you here but any ways a lot of people looking for rent because more than half of the lost their house! Thank you Alibaba! At your prices you be good to all those people that me need a home! Thank you 🙏Superboricua
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6 months ago, Gilberto.v
They cheat on delivery times
I bought some vehicle kits and the seller quoted me 20 days of delivery, then the seller told me that in 30 days I would receive good news, it is 40 days and when I ask about my order, they inform me that it will only arrive this week to my country and then it has to be sent to my address. I mean, about 50-60 after purchasing the product, I don't know what condition they will arrive in. Also in the application after 20 days it appeared as if the product had been delivered and it did not give you the option to respond that it had not arrived yet. Do not buy through this app, it is a very bad experience and the processes to request a refund are long and slow, do not make the same mistake as me
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1 year ago, David04120
Scams on alibaba
Those who think that buying on Alibaba is fine, I'm afraid they are wrong. This company may have very cheap things and everything, but at the same time they have too many scammers who have aliababa verification, a while back on April 27 I did a business with a seller called FAiSAN QAISAR verified from aliababa and he was going to sell me supposedly 8 play station 5 at a price of $1000, so over time the product never arrived and when I asked the alibaba service to take responsibility for it, they told me that it was not their problem, that they could only tell the seller that if he could give me the money back, so he went on the run and neither alibaba nor the seller took responsibility, so I ended up losing $1000. Believe me I do not recommend them
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6 years ago, Agbubuike
Middleman or Manufacturer
I have visited so many mini sites and everyone claims to be a manufacturer. My recent experience of a purchase did not convince me that I dealt with a manufacturer. It’s important that the info is authentic. We need to be sure of whom we are dealing with so that we can achieve our objectives. Alibaba has been useful but again, how do we enforce international warranties? We are about to make orders for items that vendor (can’t call them manufacturers) are offering 3 years warranties. Also how do we see other customers review about a vendors product? Thank you.
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3 years ago, nejace3233
False Advertisements
I have been trying to order a miner from the many advertised miners and prices the advertisements show and not one single vendor has been able to offer what their advertisement states. I have been given so many excuses why, yet I continue to receive emails with new crypto miners in stock and go through the whole order process time and time again and get the exact same results. It doesn’t matter which vendor for I have tried over a dozen. My question to every single one of them is if they do not have the miner in stock or at the advertised price, why do you all continue to advertise that you do. False advertisement and lies. I was even given one answer stating “we are like Bitcoin, price changes daily”. Wow!
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3 weeks ago, TyTyshanna
Best App For Business
When I first made my account it was just for me to purchase clothes for myself but now I use my account for business the sellers responds in a timely manner , some work with your budget, and they always design the items perfectly for me. When your custom items are shipped it doesn’t take long shipping may take up to 2 weeks and that’s ok with me. You might come across a few sellers that’s doing a bit much but other than that it’s a great app
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3 years ago, Ffgxjg
Sometimes you win sometimes they will get you for all your money. I had better product service with the unverified sellers than trusting alibaba trade assurance. Literally a scam, what the seller says goes. There are so many people using this app they don’t care about true customer service. Once I order 4 things and one item was completely wrong. I asked to return it for a refund and they only granted me 5% of my money because they didn’t want to pay shipping for return and alibaba wouldn’t make them refund the item. I purchased a pricier item, waited 4 months for my product, and still haven’t received it or a refund. There is no guarantees only use this site if your willing to gamble with your money
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3 years ago, JC5432
Language barrier, must share address & phone number before using app!
I can’t get reliable info from vendors, often parts are sold separately and you are not sure if one component will fit another from a different vendor. Vendors don’t reply to inquiries reliably and then send messages asking if you’re ready to order. Many products are sold in bulk, minimum purchase of 1,000 or more totaling $950 or more without know what you are getting. Not recommended unless you are fluent in a Chinese/Mandarin. Impossible to delete app account and personal information they have already collected about you. This app is not recommended if you have security concerns. 0 out of 5 stars. Sorry Alibaba. Great idea but execution is a hard fail.
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2 years ago, Tikibreak
Algorithm Fatality
I would like to start off by saying all the sellers and customer service on this app have been amazing. A few weeks ago, my account was suspended without any warning for a supposed spam violation by Alibaba’s AI. I found out this was because I sent my logos/designs to many suppliers who asked to see them, but unfortunately this action caused my account to be flagged as a high-risk account. I’ve contacted customer support twice over the matter but was unable to recover my account. I’ve lost contact with all my suppliers, which was problematic as I had already put down some hefty orders. To future/current users, please be careful and make sure you have a backup of your supplier’s contact info.
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3 years ago, mkivi
Please fix
I use this app all the time and have never had any problems with it until recently. First off, my browsing history hasn’t updated since the beginning of august. This is very frustrating as I cannot go back and look at previous products. This can make it hard to find the products again that I may be interested in. Second, every product under the details tab is showing a product that doesn’t even relate to the product itself. Every listing I look at shows outdoor furniture. Please fix these bugs ASAP and the app is a 5/5.
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