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User Reviews for AliExpress Shopping App

4.68 out of 5
305.1K Ratings
5 months ago, The Food Prep Revolution
Ordering from AE for around 10 years!
I’ve been ordering for over close to a decade and each time has been a wonderful experience. Any issues are usually cleared up by seller fast and without much fuss. Only had a few orders that were ridiculous and tiny such as stationery ephemera but that accounts for maybe 3 of thousands of items. I have no hesitation now to place orders, but do be sure to read the reviews. Sometimes you miss details that were overlooked or extra images were not shown on the listing. Huge tip: call your bank and do a prior authorization on this site so they don’t flag and refuse orders and or close your account down. I had to verify each order I had made that first time and then place a standing order so now it is no issue at all to place orders at all times. Tracking is impressive with alerts of shipping, customs, eta for delivery and when it’s at the home sorting facility that will make final delivery plus a delivery confirmation on the app and in an email. Tip 2…. Always follow stores you like to get an additional dollar off an order and to add coupons. There are often buy $x amount and get free shipping and buy increments and get $1-20 off orders. Use that to save even more. I try to get the items with free shipping first choice but will go to a seller that offers free shipping when I reached a $12-26 purchase threshold.
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2 years ago, Lady McHenry
Do your research but great venders are available
I’ve been shopping with Ali for over 8 years and I’ve had some bad experiences but very few. I’ve gotten great vendors to do business with!! Do your research and don’t just look for the best pictures especially when it comes to beauty products!!! A lot of the pictures are circulating from different websites and they are misleading!! You can ask for samples but that definitely doesn’t always mean you’re going to get that product they sent. Read the last few months of reviews and check out the pictures on that particular vendor. They always ask you to take a picture of the product and upload it so they can get a really great review and it drives business their way!! This is also a way to get some of your money back a few bucks like 20-30 dollars for your review and pictures. If you don’t like the product let them know immediately and try to work things out without having to file a dispute. Reason why, simply put you’re most likely going to be back and forth and if you don’t have sold proof that the product is bad or the company has a reputation for selling bad product you’re not gonna win that dispute and if you do it’s not gonna be what you paid for that product. Communication is everything, so is humility! Thanks
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10 months ago, fix your sight
Tamara Himes orders
My hoodies were all nice i worry two may be small but I won’t know till Christmas. Nightgown was to small and not what I order style was wrong so I got refund. Pokémon tin I never got ask for refund cause box of cards were open bent were smashed they had moisture in the wrap. I ask for tin with refund and you only gave me some of my money back instead of making my order right by sending the tins I ordered these were gifts . The book and tins w/cards were for my boys. I still needed to order 5 books . But after this I won’t try your sights are to small you can’t really make out what your getting but my order even said with tin box so you should of sent me the 3 boxes not some of my money. The ornaments I thought were figures not flat plastic it didn’t state that on sight. I ask for refund and got it. Your dispute doesn’t give you the option to say you got wrong thing would like it fixed with the right thing . I spent over $200 with all my orders. Very happy with the shirts I recieved . But still waiting on two tee shirts and a hoodie and siren figures . Pokemon was your mistake and I’m out cause you chose to only send some of my money instead of sending me what I ordered I never got the tin w/cards they were what my boys ask for I can’t find them in the stores there sold out. The hoodies were the only thing that were like what that showed. I was only told this shipped I got the stuff before I was notified where it was got up date 4 days after recieved.
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3 months ago, 24676662467
Good but not great
Some products quality are questionable in the picture they look that it will be a great product but when you get it you could see that the material are very cheap and very bad quality. Another point is that when you try to return items some time is very difficult to get ur money back especially if you got something that u think is going to fit some where and if the item is doesn’t fit where you think it was going to fit , the seller don’t want to get it back it happens to me 3 times in another web-side they don’t have that problem they just want the item back no question asked you guys want to know why I want to return it the size of here I thought it was going to fit even want the brand of the place where you try to fit it to me it doesn’t make any send. the last the package some time looks like some one opened and your missing items in ur order and when you try to get ur money back because it didn’t come your app wants me to take a foto of the product that I never got it doesn’t make any sense how I am going to take a picture of something that I don’t have so there is no way to get ur money back because ur app doesn’t let you go to the next step because it needs a picture AGAIN OF SOMETHING THAT I DON’T HAVE IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE . Hopping that u could resolve this issues so I could order all my thinks with you instead of getting stuff from other websites Thank you
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7 months ago, ževen
Very impressed
I’ve heard some horror stories about different overseas sellers/companies like these , But I’m really impressed with this company , I’ve ordered many things since last November 2022 when I thought I’d give this company a try , I bought a range of different things during holiday season from make up to shoes as gifts and I have always gotten the packages either ahead of time or when it was expected, I’ve never had any problems , I only had one issue with a seller , I never got the item , the seller wasn’t really responding to my messages , but AliExpress stepped in and I got my refund ASAP, So this company does look out for their customers, That to me is very big when it comes to shopping online , cos no one wants a hassle when spending money and buying online . The prices are great ! Can really save money , the products ( I’ve ordered) are true to description, they are not knock offs , the make ups I’ve bought have always been factory sealed, There are a lot of stuff you can’t find in the states that you can order on this APP, Plus they are a ton cheaper in cost if you do find them being sold in the states . Delivery time is great , I’ve always gotten my orders way ahead of expected delivery time , and they are always having sales , or sales events etc , you can save money.
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6 months ago, gyosyjeri
Great app/Great sellers
I love the site because I can buy new creative things to keep me inspired for a fraction of the price that I could get anything like it in the US. The prices have gone up since I first started using this site a few years ago, but I still find some wonderful deals. In recent months, shipping speed has really picked up and I am feeling more confident now with ordering from Ali express. They started a new combined shipping thing if you order things from different sellers and I don’t know what the number is on when they combine them. Maybe it’s five or 10? I’m not sure. Anyway, it is faster with combine shipping and really nice to receive everything in one order instead of one teeny packet at a time. The biggest downside of the is, if you don’t have any proof that all the items were not in your packet, they do not want to refund you. This happens periodically for sure. It makes you lose trust in the company because you’re supposed to prove that you didn’t get a certain item. You can’t prove it wasn’t there. I had a couple sellers that worked with me that sent me either the item or a different item if they didn’t have it, even though technically Ali Express wasn’t going to require it and denied my disputes.
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5 months ago, CrazyLeggidJoJo
I highly recommend steering clear of aliexpress. Not only are the sellers horrible to deal with both in waiting to send out the item that you have bought, but customer service is a nightmare to deal with if you have to file a dispute. I had just a few transactions and that was enough for me to delete my account and app. Some transactions I had to wait weeks and extend the time or the site would automatically cancel the transaction if the seller didn’t get it out in time. Some just never even bothered to ship your purchased item after a whole month. In the case of the cancelling, refunds were delayed. In the case of actually getting the item, good luck with it coming right or as pictured or described. Trying to reach resolution with sellers are difficult and often delayed with them dragging their feet and trying to run the clock out on your buyer protection period. Then the customer service will be friendly and act as though they are working with you only to close your case and give you a few dollars off and not a full refund when you’ve built a lengthy case with documented photos of what you’ve actually received. Open another case and they’ll close it just as fast again. In my opinion, it seems like an easy way to scam. I’d rather use other platforms seeing that there is some better protection when things do not work out the way they are suppose to. I suggest you do the same. Save the headaches and the time of going in circles to end up with no resolve.
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3 years ago, KarolinaDean
My favorite app!
I LOVE AliExpress! When I come across anything I like on other shopping sites, I always check AliExpress and usually find the same item or something so similar that any difference(s) is so minor that it’s unimportant. And the items on AE’s app are usually a far better price. I’m a visual artist and crafter and, if I can wait out the delivery time (which is sometimes only 2-4 weeks, but usually 1-1/2 to 2 months), I’ve found countless fabulous deals on supplies, tools, even DIY project kits. I’ve also been able to create an awesome wardrobe of stylish, cutting-edge clothing, shoes, accessories and costume jewelry, for remarkably affordable prices. I really needed to fashionably express myself after turning 40 and going through a divorce a few years back, and have been able to do so without wasting my money on fast fashion, fads or boring “middle-aged lady” clothes. They have “middle-aged lady” clothes if that’s what you want, but the possibilities are endless. And the app is so user-friendly. I’m getting married again (to someone wonderful this time) and have even found and purchased my exquisite, perfectly made wedding gown and reception dress, plus shoes and accessories as well as many of our decorative elements, on the AliExpress app. I can’t recommend this app highly enough. I love love love it!
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4 years ago, mitchkyng75
Good app but...
It’s a great app and a great place to shop but not all sellers are cooperative. I just had a seller June electronicity/Junnuo tech. Store took their time getting back to me and was slowly helping me. It was like they were stretching the return limit so you’d end up with a faulty product. Then after I told them what was wrong and sent a video of the obnoxious noise it was making. They told me that “ it’s a normal sound my friend” which wasn’t supposed to sound like that at all, so they will give faulty advice as well. Very sneaky and unscrupulous. Many other seller have done the same or had another tactic. But I had no idea that 15days after you get product there’s no return etc. the seller was being politely unhelpful and ended up with a brand new product that runs like it is 15yrs old. They wouldn’t help and was being childish. This was just my last mishap with a seller I’ve lost so much money on this site it’s sad. I would highly recommend only buying once and a while when they have better prices or sales. But I would suggest you just go to eBay cause same sellers but they have to follow American rules and policies. So be very careful there are good sellers that don’t try to trick you but there are very unscrupulous sellers on this site as I imagine they did this to just me I’m sure they tricked others as well. I usually compare prices then if I have to order from here I will but typically go elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Jennifer Denton
Be diligent in your research
The old saying is true that if it seems too good to be true then usually it is. I have doubt that this app is no exception. There are a few things that I have received and found them to be a good bargain. But oftentimes in order to get decent items, you’re paying close to what you would in a store near you. I’ve found that often times companies will take pictures very close up to an object to make it appear larger than it is so when you receive it you are really aggravated that it is so small. No wonder it was so cheap. And finally, I’ve found that there are shops you must watch out for because they have marketed something as theirs only to find out they have stolen it from another artist in another part of the world and there’s not a whole lot that can be done about it. But I can’t help but laugh at the USA when they outsource their products to make a bigger profit because all they have done is given the opponent their secrets and they just produce it under their name and make them a competitor. I used to like this app but I’m not near as fond of it as I once was. Also, I’ve had to file a lot more disputes because of either not getting something or getting a defective product. Finally, the shipping has become much more expensive in the past six months. You have to be careful of that now. So it is what it is and you get what you pay for in the long run.
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1 year ago, sweetiepie_SAVAGE
Very great app!
I was a little skeptical about Aliexpress before i started buying, but let me tell you, Aliexpress is definitely worth a try! Now most of the sellers on Aliexpress are from China or out of country, so i would not go to them if you need your package in a speedy fast hurry, but if your just a heavy shopper like me and forget you buy things when you buy them (lol) packages are always a surprise! on most orders, the estimated shipping say around 89 days, but so far i have placed 14 orders in the past week or 2, and three of them have come in wayyyy before estimated delivery. I really like their cart feature, where you can buy one item at a time, or select only the items you want to buy in that purchase. i find it very convenient because on most apps you have to place orders altogether, but with Aliexpress you can pick and choose which items you want to buy. They have feeds where you can check out other people’s reviews about other products, based on the things you’ve liked, wishlisted, added to your cart, or searched up which, to me, is a very nice concept. Everything is priced so well and reasonably just watch out for shipping costs lol. Overall the app is great and i definitely recommend to most <3
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1 week ago, Makalena
Great Shopping App
Many different items and products that are offered. If you plan on purchase items Please use AliPay, AliExpress will ensure that product(s) that are purchased are as described and shipped in proper form and in quality and customer satisfaction, they will NOT release the monies paid to the Seller/Vendor(s) until the Customer is satisfied with all concerns regarding products purchased and guarantees, and also submit by pressing the CONFIRMS button which is when you as a customer gives AliExpress the go ahead to release the monies to the Seller/Vendor The only problem is that: Many Sellers/Vendor DO NOT include installation instructions and/or Product information, for some reason I’ve noticed this with a high volume of overseas products. So if you need to have the proper information you will have to asks for this information from the Store you purchased your items from, which I strongly believe should be a Set Standard Procedure by AliExpress also the Shipping Packaging should also Standardized. Overall AliExpress has done a TERRIFIC JOB ensuring that the Customer is being Properly Serviced in mostly all aspects of their overall online shopping experience. Update: AliExpress has picked up there shipping time of products, some stores are now faster by a month or so, good job!!!
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4 years ago, Hanale63
Great savings on carbon bicycle parts
I recently started using AliExpress for name brand bicycle parts at a great price. So far I’ve received everything I’ve purchased from this website. Most everything comes from China so there’s an extra wait time to receive stuff. If you use the mobile app you sometimes can save a little extra then using the website. You’ll be amazed how much you can save from buying from China. Lots of things are brand name items and the items that aren’t brand the quality is real good. Most everything you buy in the US comes from Asia anyway. You just cut out the middleman. AliExpress is easy to use. Most all the sellers respond to your questions so you can ask anything before you buy. There English is a little broken so you’ll have to read between the lines. Just be sure to check the sellers feedback before you buy. You’ll want to be sure to buy from a reputable seller with a good history. I’ve purchased a carbon wheel set for $500 where the name brand wheels would cost $2,500. The ride quality is great no complaints. If you do have an issue support will freeze the payment to the seller until the issue is resolved and you have control to release the funds to the seller or get a refund.
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2 years ago, T E N N N N N N N N
They scam US buyers please take these people down!!
Guys please DO NOT buy from AliExpress I have made many disputes to let them know that my items have not arrived and they did not care at all! They told me that I have to return the items and, I’m just like how will I return the items when they did not arrive? and then they told me to show proof that it didn’t arrive and I did do that and they still did not care. They sided with the seller, closed my dispute and completely took my money from me.I also had another issue where I asked for a refund and they emailed me two months ago and promised me a $20 refund with no return because I’m a “valued customer” and they still have not given it to me so I contacted them about it and they proceeded to blame it on me and say it’s my fault that I did not get my refund bc I did not return the item when they literally told me I could get a refund with no return so once again they took my money from me. AliExpress has stolen about $170 from me I will no longer be buying from here again and I encourage you guys not to buy from here either I have also had problems where I have written bad reviews and they deleted them just so no one can see it I’ve also seen other people on the app say that AliExpress sellers are framing them and saying “if you don’t give me a 5 star review we will keep your money from you and not give you your item”which is so ridiculous these AliExpress people are absolutely disgusting.
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3 years ago, Ssodagi
Ali Express App Review
For the most part the app works well as other apps of the same type. However, there are times I am looking for something and it totally misunderstands what I am telling it in the search. The other problem I see, is that there’s no way to track your shipment once it leaves China. I waited almost 5 months before I got my last order. Don’t worry though, usually it doesn’t take this long; probably due to the pandemic. Another thing that is very difficult to do, is to review stamps (for paper crafts/scrapbook) and metal dies, because they have the same name and it doesn’t not show if you are leaving the review for the stamp or the metal cutting Dies. The last thing that is very aggravating, is that when you’re order is missing still and you want to put a dispute an order, you have to put a dispute for each individual item in your order; it will not let you dispute the entire order and this is extremely time consuming when you have a very large order. There are boxes to let you check them individually or as an entire order but there’s no button that lets you do the entire order. And it’s the same when you receive your item; even if you get the whole shipment in one envelope. If these things get fixed I’ll probably will give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Lalalalalala0707
Please read this review :(
This is unreliable, I lost so much money from stores not refunding like they promised.. l lost at least $200 total. A SELLER canceled my order of $112.. and when I tried to open a dispute the highest refund I could request was $16!!!!. so I canceled dispute and decided to wait the 48 days to try to get a full refund.. The seller has ignored every attempt I’ve made to reach out the them.. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen with my money.. I’m hoping for the best. I’ve super patient, and I have ordered A LOT from here.. I’m hoping for better future experiences but I’m super disappointed and overall feel let down. The prices are going up too, which doesn’t make sense for a lot of the items.. They are honestly about to lose my business unless something changes. Here is how AliExpress works. They have different “sellers” and “shops” that sell items, nothing is 100% guaranteed.. it really is a gamble with your money because there’s some stores that have fake reviews, and some of the sellers that I’ve come across seem like they try to scam you or trick you so they get money and you’re left trying to figure out how to get your money back.
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4 years ago, Rhett7427
Sometimes confusing
There are a lot of sales and the discount coupons are very confusing. I collect a lot of points but don’t use them too much. You never know if you have the one for the store you want. I usually just don’t buy things because of that. The coupon plus a 0.01 sales items appear to start at 2 AM here. Needless to say I never get any of them. I guess they aren’t meant for the customers on the east coast or mid western states of the US. It’s the middle of the night here. There is also a problem with items advertising one thing and when you get to the page it’s three or 4 times more expensive for that item. You get a much smaller , scaled down item for the advertised price. Also they will call it cashmere and then when you get to the site and check the specs it says polyester. So I don’t buy that either. That’s illegal in the US. It’s called bait and switch. I’ll go find it elsewhere. It may cost a little bit more but I know for sure what I’m getting. When I find a good place that has quality items for a good price I tend to stick with that store. They may cost a few dollars more but I know they are a reputable store and I won’t get junk, it will be something I can use or give as a gift. I have bought some very nice things on the app
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2 years ago, Night Goth
I am giving this app and company only 2 stars because AliExpress services does not help you with any of the disputes that you may have with sellers, and it takes the sellers forever just to get back to you if they even care about getting back to you. AliExpress company does have a lot of products for sale but when it comes time to purchase a item and the sellers take your money with no problem but, when it comes to the refund of it back to you when you don’t receive the item it can become very problematic to the point that you may have no choice but to call the authorities in the country in which you are having the problem, the biggest thing that AliExpress needs to fix in my opinion is the way and speed the cancellation of an item works and being able to remove or delete the items from your “ to be paid “ list my opinion is that AliExpress needs to become a lot faster when it comes to helping people with disputes and forcing the sellers to refund money faster, along with updating the ability to remove items from the - to be paid for - list if you no longer desire it, but the biggest thing I would like to be able to see changed is the ability to see all of my past purchases on a separate list so if I want to buy it again then I can find it easier
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1 year ago, kgrett
My review USA collector
If you pay attention to the reviews and pay attention to the specifications you can almost 100%depend on the quality of your item. I say almost only because there will be fake and false ads wherever you shop online and shipping and packaging heavily depends on the sellers and how much care they take….again pay attention to the reviews and your good to go. I have had one damaged item out of a large number of items and it was not worth taking action it was clearly shipping abuse not on seller or sites behalf was barley damaged easily fixed. To sum up my over all experience as a collector from the USA. Prices are unbeatable and if you pay attention to what you buy and the details of what you’re getting this is now my main source and would be a huge added value to any serious collectors arsenal of “hook-ups” lol I personally love using this site and very much recommend. Also customer service on sites behalf has been very satisfactory. They do want you to revive quality product through the sellers and will work with you through issue you could have…thanks guys and gals at AliExpress and the sellers!
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6 months ago, nice746
Get amazing things for less price
After my legs giving out on me and having to go on state disability, I have found using this site I can still get things that are nice and work at a fraction of the cost if got it locally in my area or online. Surprised at things can get, original or copies. When $ is tight you do what got to and this site doesn’t let me down. Gotten things didn’t think would ever get even when worked and made good $ then to but now even with my low pay I can still find things that would normally cost few hundred here for well under 100 on this site sometimes under 50 and its just what would had gotten if bought it in the stores here. Yes you may have to wait for customs etc for the mail to get to you. But I’ll wait a month to get a item in mail to save me $100 or at times a lot more for a item I always wanted. Love to support my local area but I got to live in my means and still want nice things or things to help me move around since paralyzed now. Can’t go wrong with this site. Hasn’t done me wrong in last few years used it. Only had to ask for refund once and like the shipping to you it did take some time but I got my $ back and I was happy in the end.
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1 year ago, missymjh
Really Decent App
I have tried several different apps such as this one and this is my favorite. So far I really haven’t had trouble any except you must learn to be very patient with the shipping time. I have received everything as I ordered and as stated. My advice to anyone who is ordering is to Read The Specifications Always and Reviews Carefully. Also make sure the photos are of Real People in the Reviews because some of them are the store owners. Just Read and the same item might be cheaper with another seller but check the store out and look at the shipping cost. Check sizes and dimensions for your own understanding of accuracy. Also understand on clothes that the Chinese are much smaller people so most clothing runs much smaller. What is nice about this app is You Can Ask the sellers questions about the products if you have any concerns and they will answer you. Overall I think this app deserves a 5 star rating. Just remember so many people are ordering from these apps now that their postal system is not as efficient as ours. Be understanding of this and except to wait at least 30 days for your order.
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5 months ago, Chiquitit@
AliExpress has come a long way
I first bought from AliExpress about 12 years ago. I bought, what I thought, was a bikini for a large adult. What I received was a bikini for a maybe a 7 year old. I even double checked to see if I may have chosen the wrong category and size but nope, they showed “woman’s large”. From that day, I never bought from them until fast forward to last year when my nieces (30 and 23, respectively) showed me things that they bought through AliExpress and I was taken back by the amazing quality and the sizes were just as my nieces wanted and ordered. I said “Oh what the heck, let me give them another opportunity.” And I have not been disappointed since I made that decision. Granted, the shipping is a wee bit longer than one might want it to be but come on, you also have to consider it’s coming from the other side of the planet (my nieces are in Chile and I’m in the USA). So fair is fair. They are doing a good job in delivering in decent times. So kudos to AliExpress for putting attention to all departments (quality, customer service, availability, shipping, etc). You regained a loyal customer :)
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1 year ago, Thomeka
Easy Shopping, Wide Selection, Phenomenal Deals
Very convenient and easy to use app. I’ve used it for about 7 years for cheap accessories, small things like earring backs, synthetic wigs, plush from my favorite series, and more. The deals are phenomenal, and the jewelry quality has always been good, often better than or just as good as costume jewelry at popular American stores (Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Claires) for a fraction of the price. The lack of additional shipping charges on most items makes it even better, and sometimes purchasing via the app instead of the website yields additional discounts. For example, I made 7 jewelry purchases totaling $16 and it got me 5 necklaces, 3 chokers, 2 pairs of earrings, and an elaborate two piece ring. Many items also have picture reviews from customers, and you can ask questions directly to vendors to make sure you're getting what you think you are. 5/5 I would definitely recommend. (Note that it is wholesale from China so 4 weeks to arrive is typical (though it’s faster or slower in some cases); see the est arrival date for each item before purchasing)
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8 months ago, jaclogan
Mix reviews
I enjoyed browsing in this store, i like that you can search anything on this website by just loading of the picture of what you are looking for…that’s a very convenient to search…i have ordered a dress to try the quality of the items so far with my first order i was very disappointed,my point is the seller posted a picture of a dress then put a note a the bottom saying products may slightly different from the picture so I expected its a little different from the color or something, but the truth is,it was complete different clothes is what they are sending you with a poor quality materials too,i hope they will use there own products pictures instead of putting good looking picture to trick buyers, and that may lead to loose buyers from aliExpress just because of the sellers like them… But for the good news not my second ordered i was happy and satisfied,my items came like same as the photo and better what I expected too…fast delivery too… Overall buying in AliExpress is just like gambling though…some are good quality some a junk. The question is when are you going to receive good quality or a junk???
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3 years ago, Old Atari nut
Great place to buy things!!
I have been buying from Ali Express for years and they have gotten better every year! I live in the States and it used to take 1 month or more to get anything from Ali and other similar sites. The last 2 years it has taken on average 2 weeks to get most items, sometimes 1 week like recently, surprising with the whole COVID-19 shipping delays Ali has done great for me! Now if I need something name brand very quick, in a day or so I have to hit the normal other shopping sites so I can get an item in a couple days but if you plan ahead just a little and be a little patient you can get some great deals on things, just be smart and check out the seller and feedback and number of sales and star scores and you should be just fine. Ok gotta go, ordering some more stuff from Ali so I can get it before Christmas... ...are you still here, seriously, did you really read this far?? Good for you, now stop reading and go buy some stuff, hurry, now!!! Oh yea don’t forget to use the coupons you see on the site and on the sellers page, they will save you a little money which makes it even better!! Ok by...🤗
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2 years ago, arishshhsh
this app is garbage
pure GARBAGE. i added about 15 items onto my list and pretty much all of them had the new user bonus. i figured i would buy them all at once but the new user coupon stopped me from doing so. so instead, i tried to buy just one item with the new user bonus, like it said. it wouldn’t let me at first bc the total was less than 20 on apple pay so i just used my card which i guess messed it up somehow and then i went back and some of the items became full priced, but some still had the bonus. i tried doing everything in my cart again but it didn’t work so i just bought another item with the new user bonus. i used apply pay for this item and it cancelled both order because they both had the new user bonus. now it won’t let me buy ANYTHING bc of security reasons when it’s really just a problem with the coupon. this stuff takes months to arrive and i’d like to get it done but i haven’t even been refunded for two purchases and i can’t buy anything until those purchases have been refunded or i can get rid of the new user coupon which isn’t even able to be rid of i don’t know how to use it and it’s getting annoying pls i want my 38 cents back and just to order some stationary before valentine’s day i’m not even that mad i just want to buy my stationary pls help
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2 months ago, ElleOhThere
Sometimes really good. Sometimes a nightmare.
There were technical glitches in the platform that prevented me from seeing how to return items. My dispute page was just blank. I spent several hours with somewhere around 10+ customer service agents trying to deal with it. Customer service specifically told me NOT TO SEND THE ITEMS BACK UNTIL DISPUTE ERROR WAS FIXED. Even wrote in before my dispute time was up but the dispute time elapsed before the issue was fixed. Every single time, I was told they understood my issue and I deserved a refund and that they forwarded it to higher resolution team and then every single time the higher resolution team just wrote back saying that I didn’t get my refund because I didn’t send the items back. Often times there are major translational Issues. Be very careful about buying anything expensive. Multiple sellers falsely advertise. For instance, I bought string lights that show animations in the video for the item but then when they showed up there were no animations (like fading etc). I messaged the same seller before I purchased and asked if the wire was copper or silver because the description said copper and sometimes it changes depending on supply. The seller said the color was copper and then the lights showed up with silver wire.
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2 years ago, Keychain83
Very reliable. I shop from this app at least twice a month. I’ve purchased just about everything from here from face products to jewelry and electronics to shoes and sweaters. I have just 3 complaints. 1) The gold coins I’ve spent several months collecting have so far been useless. They’re exchangeable for coupons (like $2 off $15+ orders) good for very select stores (not all). Basically, 13% off, which isn’t bad at all except that in the 3 or 4 years I’ve been a very active member, I’ve only used a coin-exchanged coupon like twice. 2) Very limited penny deals in exchange for x-number of gold coins are available every 24 hours. If you’re on the west coast, that’s at midnight. For me on the east coast, it’s at 3am. The one time I tried playing the penny deal, the second it struck 3am, everything was sold out before anyone could count to two. 3) The freebies the sellers advertise, anyone can apply for them and just once from two different offers so you can’t submit a request more than once for one item and you can’t submit more than two requests a day. I have been a member for more than 5 years and have not won anything from AliExpress.
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2 years ago, Noctu
Tips to shop with aliexpress
I’ve been shopping with AliExpress for several years now. The app is pretty decent, sometimes it’s a little clunky but it’s easy enough to navigate around on but I wanted to add my two cents on the reality of shopping here. Think of it like many shops all under the umbrella of Aliexpress, like a mall. It’s a portal to all of these shops and it does offer buyer protection but you have to do your due diligence. First, expect slow shipping because the goods have a long way to travel, slowly. Second, don’t spend anything you are unwilling to lose (do your research, some stores are incredibly safe but there are questionable shops). When you get a package, take a video WHILE you open it. This will serve as proof if the item is damaged or missing parts of the order. And finally, communicate your with seller if there is a problem. Many times they will offer to make things right without intervention, but if things lead to a dispute do not close the dispute and/or accept a refund off of AliExpress. Remember, check reviews, look at photos from buyers, and be smart!
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2 years ago, BrittanyMarie22291
It’s okay. Stay aware.
If you love shopping on these kinds of “wish” apps, this is times 100. I’ve bought plenty of stuff from here, it takes a while to get most items, I do stress..a while..and also many of most items are not exactly what is shown, they tend to show nice quality or items in cotton fabric and then you get thin silky type definitely cheaper material etc. so keep in mind, if you’re very strict with high expectations, I don’t know if this shopping app is for you but with the cheap prices, I’d recommend trying it! I have gotten some good deals on jeans and stuff but it’s also very misleading when it shows off coupons as if it’s easy to get and use them, it’s not. Really read the rules because it’s very very specific which is frustrating. Coupons are close to impossible to get, unfortunately. I do feel like they’ve gotten a little better as time has passed, I recently ordered and got my stuff within a week and both items were as shown, I was happy with my order so I guess a huge piece of it really comes down to the seller! This app has a never ending amount of items, the most random items, little gadgets etc. so I love that, I can get hooked for hours!!
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3 years ago, nimra222
Terrible customer service
I ordered some merchandise in February and I guess I had forgot to put in the address number, which on my part was my fault, but they did not know until the package came to the US in March, so they returned it to the sender. Then since then the Corona Virus was starting to appear in the US, my seller couldn’t ship the package back to me for some time. I asked for updates every month, because I ordered some other things from China from other apps and they came in. I later asked for a refund in the beginning of June because I no longe wanted the merchandise and the seller kept telling me she will talk to the courier. Then she wouldn’t get back to me and when she did she told me I will get the refund when the merchandise is returned to them, but my tracking said it was returned to the sender back in April, so I asked her to clarify again. Every time I kept asking for her to update me she said she would check but i never got an answer. Now it is almost August, so this has been ongoing since the beginning of 2020. Then I tried to contact customer service but they don’t have any live people, only bots and they don’t even have a number that I can call for help. So I can’t even contact Ali express but only the seller who is not satisfying my customer service in any way. This was the first time I ordered on Ali express and definitely the last time.
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2 months ago, Rickz978
Not that Great
It’s not safe at all anymore. They are allowing stores and people on the platform just to take your money. My wife always bought bargains and it was fine. I recently opened my own account, made two purchases, nothing but headache. One item came all scratched up and the other one was a screaming fake copy and inferior model from what I attempted to purchase. Ali will communicate proper. But nothing ever gets done because it all depends on the sellers. So basically you are vulnerable all the time. They promise good business but they have very little control. At least on the items that I’m interested in. I highly suggest reading the reviews first. Use your conscious and think if it is really worth it, waiting for a whole month to get an unpleasant surprise, and having to loose precious time to solve issues that should’ve never appeared. I don’t want to generalize because it’s unfair. But if you put all the numbers together there are more negative reviews than positive. And the positive ones are for stuff that can’t be fake and are naturally cheap.
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2 years ago, Ashleigh Saxen
You do not even receive most of the merchandise you order and then they don’t refund you or give you any merchandise in replace of your original order. They mix up orders all of the time. I received a bunch of plastic pieces for some one named, Rosa, and paid $91 USD for 6, 5-piece sets of lingerie. I never received them.. the seller refused to admit to the mistake and just stole my money, instead and ALIEXPRESS PROMISED that would not happen and they promised that it would be taken care of, needless to say, it was not. What they are doing is illegal. The store, “VARSBABY”…just stole my money, no refund, no merchandise. It took 6 months just to receive the plastic pieces of “Rosa’s”. I uploaded evidence of the original shipping label, the US LABEL AND THE PLASTIC PIECES. ALIEXPRESS JUST STEALS YOUR MONEY AND DOESNT SEND YOU YOUR ORDER AT ALL!!!! This has happened about 7-10 times now to me. I will never buy on here or especially from the Chinese sweatshops EVER again. What you do end up receiving? It is normally broken and they refuse to refund you in that scenario, also. They put you in touch with a robot who does not have the ability to communicate until you beg to speak to some one alive..and then they lie to as well and tell you you’ll get the merchandise or refund but you do not. Don’t count on any thing that you order coming before a 6 month time frame, either!
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3 years ago, LadyA-
Biggest crooks on the App Store
I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. A few days later, I immediately saw that my purchase was shipped to California and I live at the edge of the East Coast—I’ll let you guess the state. I reached out to the seller and they denied it. We went back and forth sharing pics and tracking until I filed a complaint which took Aliexpress forever to even read the details of the case because this went on for two weeks and before they asked me for screenshots I had already submitted twice. A long while afterwards, I discovered my identity was stolen and my card info used. I contacted the company to tell them the charges on my account were fraudulent and I was going to report my cards as stolen. When I did so, I got new cards and tried to give the company another chance. This was December when my info was used and I’ve submitted countless appeals and verification requests to prove I am the owner of the cards:sending photo ID, bank states, pics of the cards, my banks’ judgements, and police reports and they still won’t unrestricted my account. They are the most incompetent company I’ve come across. The worst customer service teams. All they do is lie to end the conversation. One star is too good for these con artists. They protect their scammers better than clients. They are a disgusting company who has never reached out to me or my bankers.
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5 years ago, stopher71
Gotta watch these guys......
I’ll try to make a long story short yes it is a great place to shop they do have everything if you can come in contact with the right seller and not have to use customer service, my seller did not communicate so I had to use customer service they are responsive and they are very nice to work with but in a nice roundabout way they have the sellers back making you think that they have your back but they do not I got screwed on something that was Supposed to take 12 to 20 days for delivery took 60 days Telling me to keep waiting patiently they ran me out of purchase protection time so I could not get a refund and the seller got paid quickly if something is not available it will not tell you but they will take your money and you will be waiting for your item that does not exist the only way you will know is if you ask them if it’s available I ordered the same parts from Allabiba And got them in 3 days Bear in mind I also had no tracking information other than order has shipped and they could not tell me where my package was or should I say wouldn’t tell me so don’t think customer service has your back in that situation in a dispute refund situation because they do not they will milk it until purchase protection runs out and then say sorry
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12 months ago, BigD1469
Delete app not just yet!!
My first time with aliexpress. I know most of this comes from China. The WISH app is exactly the same as aliexpress. Mostly come from China that’s why they are very cheap and take a really long time to ship out and receive order. It took a month for my order before they shipped it out. A picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t believe or trust the picture they post about product. This is my first time ordering and the picture matched what i got but the accurate size of it is bad. The size didn’t actually fit my phone. I figure i start with something small and cheap before i really start shopping. But my concern is…. How many times do i need to purchase something before i get something right. One problem i saw when i was looking for items… they post the picture i searched and the price but when you click on it. The price changes depending which part of the item you want to buy. A lot of people are happy from other reviews that i read but having a bad experience from the get go sets the tone for the next one. Paranoia kicks in when you hit buy thinking if you’re going to get your money’s worth this time.
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1 year ago, PiercedDevil
Security issues from terrible update
I have bought a lot from AliExp and had mostly good, but some awful experiences (empty packages and damaged or faulty goods that I had to pay for, as their dispute process only allows their vendors to upload evidence after the initial complaint) BUT after the last update my credit card was security blocked. The two ways to solve this are firstly to delete and reinstall the card, but you can no longer delete the card in the app and you have to use the Ali Wallet website, which constantly goes to a ‘system is busy’ message when confirming your email address, so it cannot be used. The other way is to lodge an appeal. How do you do that? You have to send a picture of your passport or drivers licence, PLUS a picture of the front and back of your credit card (showing your signature, of course) PLUS you have to send a copy of your bank statement, with account numbers, balance, spending and deposit record, employer deposits so they know where you work, etc. Call me Mr Suspicious but that sounds like a perfect setup for identity theft/bank account hacking. So my card is blocked, which means they don’t want my money, and unless I give them all the information to hack my life then I can’t buy anything more. Anyone else find this suspicious?
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2 months ago, FQCS
This is an atrocious app and I’m disappointed
I’m extremely disappointing this app. I remember when you used to be able to search for something and actually find it. The search feature has always been janky- but now they’ve gone off and MADE IT WORSE! Now, when you search for something, instead of showing you relevant results, they show you what THEY WANT you to buy… If you search for DOG+COLLAR+RED they will show you all 6,000 dog products, all 800 collars, plus everything in their inventory that’s red. (Literally, millions of items, and none of them are a dog collars) Most e-commerce sites have a way of sorting by Relevancy, Price (low to high), Price (high to low), and the ability to set a min/max price. This app has all of that, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK! What a colossal failure for a $180 billion company. I know $50,000 start-ups they have a better search engine. Do you know how bad it is? It’s SOOOOOOO BAD that I sometimes have to use Google to find what I want on AliExpress. Not only am I disappointed at the app, but I’m disappointed in the company for buying all these fake reviews (you can tell because they’re not even coherent English!) No one is going to give 5-stars for a broken app! This is a two star app. On a good day, maybe three.
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1 year ago, Ange5150
Love ❤️ AliExpress: I Visit Daily
I love AliExpress, I love the way it has mini games and freebies. It has so many categories for discounting, it gives me the control on how I want to spend my money and the particular discounts I want to utilize. They also have sellers/stores Who sponsors special events and give app users contest and special games/entertainment that ties to the shopping experience and it makes it more exciting. They have the option for live shopping, I’m not really into that. But usually every item has a demonstration video which is very helpful. I totally suggest at least downloading and trying it. Be patient because it is a big app with a lot of options, and it’s going to take a bit of time to learn how to navigate it and learned the rules. That is really the only con I can think of in, my pros and cons list, took time for me to understand what was going on in the app, in order for me to LOVE ❤️ the app. But if you have the time-I definitely suggest trying AliExpress. Thanks for reading my review. Take care, be safe, happy browsing!!
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2 years ago, Nchama
Overall l love it
I really really love shopping from this app. I love finding unusual stuff. I also love the variety of things to buy and the different stores. I wish the app will make it mandatory for sellers to mail the items within 3-4 days. It takes some sellers 10 days to send the item/s in the mail. There were a couple of sellers l had to message and then they sent my items right away. It’s like they totally forgot, but they did take my payment. Also, while it takes 3 weeks to a month to receive items from some sellers, others take 2 to 3 months, which l find absolutely unacceptable. Also, sellers need to be told to protect the packages no matter what the item is. Some sellers place items directly into a plastic bag and the items arrive damaged, broken, bent. Another thing that it’s not okay in my opinion, are sellers claiming to sell original items, but they turn out to be counterfeit, and they are charging the full expensive price of the real item when they know it’s not an original ítem from the company the manufactures it. I do love shopping on Aliexpress, so l do plan to continue shopping here.
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5 years ago, aviya-sh
Hi, The Ali express app is good and has been improving in the last years from time to time. There are still some improvements which I think are required and will benefit the customers and make the use easier, especially for those who are ordering a lot. When you go to your account, to “shipped items” in order to confirm shipments which were received, after you confirm packages from one seller, you get to a page which lets you either move to rating the confirmed item, or back to your account. When I get shipments, it’s usually many and from different sellers, so when I want to confirm several packages from different sellers I have to keep going back to my account, to the confirmation page, roll down again to the right package and confirm again. This is don’t for each seller separately. Which is exhausting when you get about 10 packages altogether. They should either allow confirming several packages from different sellers in parallel (by marking with a v in each accepted item which the buyer wants to approve), or add another option after confirming which takes you back to the “shipped” Page, where the confirmation is done.
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6 months ago, Azaya D
I ordered false lash extensions with some accessories and was going to try to do them on myself for fun. Well I found some good products that all had good reviews, put them in my cart and ordered it. Once I placed the order, it said “We had to close this order due to account security concerns. Please place an order again later, or remove the coupon and try again.” This is my first time purchasing something off of this app so obviously I wasn’t sure what that meant or what to do about it in that moment. I went to check my bank account because in my head I was thinking “why would they charge me if my order is closed.” Well… money was gone. I was very upset because my questions to them is why continue to take money off my card if you were going to close my order due to security reasons? I started doing my research and I read something about this happened because I was supposed to have a second account?? Not sure what that was supposed to mean at all. I’ve texted all the sellers I bought from, not helpful because they’re robots. I requested for a refund and it says I should get my refund within 3-20 days, I'm not sure why it’d take that long to be honest. I will not be using this app anymore, it will be deleted and never downloaded again.
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4 years ago, ACEEEEEEEEEEEEE ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hate! Hate! Hate!
When i started using ali's i was so happy with the prices but then when it actually arrived i was furious first of all, I paid for extra shipping because some stuff i got were gifts for my sister and i wanted them to come before her birthday, FALSE some of her gifts arrived after and i was really furious next i ordered like 11 things and i have to return EVERYTHING except for 2 things due to the fact that they were either scratched, broken, cheap quality, ripped, not as described, sizes were different etc you name it they did it and then whenever you would try to return it or simply get your refund they refuse to do it!!!! they say they cant do it and that they will give you discounts or refund you like barely half of what you actually paid and its just really really frustrating and i dont think i have ever received bad customer service as much as this! I am still in the process of trying to refund half my stuff!!!!! Ali Express literally just eats your money and doesn't give it back. The service it awful and terrible there and I hate it!!! I have received more stress from them than i ever have in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!! And they just wont listen! Then whenever you text them they leave you on read and there is literally no other way to contact them like i cant call, email, anything!!
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3 years ago, Talkasia
Buy at your own risk
I used to buy a lot on this app, many times I bought but the items never arrived, but I ignored because they ask you too many proofs and I did not have much time to do that. I was a diamond member because the volume of shopping. But when it comes to a quality problems, Many times I got defective products, I took the time to make fotos and videos but I noted aliexpress dispute service always try to favor the seller and not the buyer and they keep asking you more and more proofs until you tire of wasting your time and decide to just give up. You can have an idea that they give you only 3 days to provide what they ask and when they ask something from seller they give him 7 days (that is totally unfair). When a item does not arrive they tell you to go and ask to your logistics and ask them to issue a paper saying that that item did not reach to them (They are crazy, nowhere in the world logistics issue any such kind of paper and no one has time to do that) And even they can see clearly in the tracking details that item never delivered or reached to the buyer. Believe me you will not like to wait 2-3 months for the product and after you have to lose your money so go and find other sites where at least you can have a good and faire customer service.
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2 years ago, Mapdshopper
Love the camera feature to find what you’re looking for.
Like the app, wish online version worked more like it. Would like for the app to go back to where you left off instead of starting from the beginning- so annoying... like when you confirm an order came and when you’re finished it doesn’t go back to where you left off it you have to go clear back to the beginning of your orders and scroll through in my case, several pages to get to where you were, just go back to where you were when you decided to confirm your order. It now hangs up after you confirm, and you have to go clear back to the beginng or start over. Everything seems still the same. When I leave a review it says it’s busy to come back later and review but when I go to the beginning of the site to look at my orders it does say that it was confirmed. It’s annoying. And that chat bot! When I exit out of it I want it to stay gone not come back at every page when I go to the next page! It’s the most annoying and not at all helpful.
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5 years ago, buyer review
Beware of fraudulent sellers
AliExpress auto-confirms receipt of an order, and disables the “Leave Feedback” button after 30 days of auto-confirming a purchase. Fraudulent sellers are taking advantage of this feature to scam naiive and trusting buyers. I made a purchase on Nov 11 and a few days later I noticed the tracking showed shipment was canceled. I contacted the seller and they asked me to be patient that the order will arrive. They seemed nice so I trusted them and kept waiting for it to arrive. I would periodically check back in with the seller after the order still hadn’t arrived and even after three months the seller still told me to keep waiting. By the time I realized I had been scammed and that the seller didn’t actually ship the product, AliExpress had already auto-confirmed the order and the Leave Feedback button had been disabled. I feel so stupid because I now realize this was precisely what the seller wanted — to stall by asking me to wait so that I would neither be able to dispute the order and request a refund, nor leave a review of my experience to make other buyers aware of their scam. This is the reason there are multiple fraudulent scammers on AliExpress platform. Buyers beware!!
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4 months ago, False free shipping
Love AliExpress
AliExpress has many sellers who sell exactly what is shown. Some sellers do not and they represent products poorly. The app need A LOT of work and is not very intuitive for the user, especially when you need to return or go through their 'dispute' process. And the tracking updates are awful. I have had several experiences where sellers simply do not ship a paid for item and instead of sending it when you ask for replacement they just refund money. I am happy they refund, but I did not make a purchase so that someone else can make interest on my money while I get nothing in return! Again...tracking is HORRIBLE!!!! My shipment often show they are in my US city. If they were I would not be STILL WAITING for delivery an ENTIRE MONTH LATER!! Aliexpress needs to shape up. I have been ordering from Temu who actually has excellent tracking and they have consistently gotten all my products to me! Also, Temu refund process is easy and fast. No waiting for a 'judgement'. Aliexpress is like going to a court where you are assumed guilty immediately. How is a customer supposed to show phot evidence of something they did not receive!? But that's what is asked of customer no matter circumstances. 😡
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4 years ago, Beckyy yang
Happy but unhappy
I’ve used AliExpress for numerous years now. I am very loyal to aliexpress. If you look at my history order you’d noticed how much I’ve constantly order from aliexpress. Up until Aug 22, 2019, I made an order, but cancelled it right away because I’ve used the wrong credit card. Instead of refunding, I got charged. I have spoke to Crissie, customer service, and she was convinced that I was not charged and cannot refund me. I was very upset. I even showed her my bank statement that it was definitely a charge. I know how a charge and a refund looks like. I couldn’t do anything, and she wouldn’t do anything. But instead continuously claim that I wasn’t charge and to rest assure that I will get my refund. So, I have decided to call my bank. They have looked and saw that I did got charge, and there was no reverse for the charge as in there was no refund. So, I had to open a dispute to get my money back. I am upset that she was so convinced I wasn’t charged, and tried to tell me to rest assure that I will get my refund. LIES! Is this how they actually get your money? BUT, even so, this incident won’t stop me from using Aliexpress. I’ve always been loyal to Aliexpress and I will continue to be loyal.
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3 weeks ago, Manymopars
The app is good, some of the sellers are questionable
The app works very well and it is easy to navigate and to make purchases. Sometimes you do get some really crazy suggestions when looking for some items. You tend to get a lot of “adult” toys in your recommended items. Some of the products are a good value, and some are completely worthless. And a lot of the ads are very deceptive and show different items in the videos and pictures, but then describe the actual item you will get and bury it in the very long ad. So beware, you will have to read the ad completely and carefully. They also try and trick you with pricing by showing a very low price, but it is for something that “supports” the item, not the actual item. Like an charging cord, instead of the item or carrying case. It is a lot like playing Russian Roulette, you have no idea when you will get a good item or when you will just waste your money. I give it 3 stars because of how the app works, it is very easy to use. If it was based on the products alone, it would get at the most 2 stars. And after my last order, it is headed to a 1 star.
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2 years ago, Sherry_Al
Needs improving stability
It’s a relatively good app, but needs improving features and technical stability. It keeps crashing and stops responding so I have to uninstall and reinstall the app each time it crashes. That happens quite frequently sometimes daily and sometimes several times a day. As I open the app and starts counting down to show adds, this is where you can’t click any icon as it stops responding. This issue of not responding to any touch still persist while though it has been going on for a very long time now and I still need to remove the app and reinstall it to be able to use it. Also, you cannot get technical support as it’s always unavailable. More importantly, out there is an issue, there is no customer service. There is only an automated response machine which is frustrating when you cannot solve your problem and there is no human being that one can refer to for support of any kind. The robotic response is so annoying and can’t help. I was never able to get help. AliExpress need to place employees who understand English to support customers like any other decent business interface.
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