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User Reviews for Allegiant

2.83 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
6 months ago, McDonald Sundance
Can’t print boarding pass on APP
I tried every which way I could being able to add my boarding, pass to my phone, and there was no way of getting it done. When I got to the Pittsburgh airport, everybody in line had paper boarding passes printed as well as I did. Nobody could hardly do it except three other people out of over 100 people that were on that flight. On returning when I tried to add it again to my phone from the app, my name, and the checkmark next to it was grayed out and could not tap it and then it would add it to my phone the same way it happened when I tried to do it on the beginning of the trip. Embarrassingly I had to ask the hotel I was staying at The. Please print my boarding pass for me so I could leave. It is a huge inconvenience and I called Allegiant left a message for them to return to me with how to fix this or how they can fix this. Nobody responded. Typical.
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6 years ago, 34456
Solid app so far!
This is my first time flying Allegiant and so far I’m really impressed. Currently I’m waiting for my flight to board, but the check-in process was really easy. In fact, the only line I had to wait in was the one at security. I checked in and dropped my bag off by myself. Most of the negative reviews I’ve read here had more to do with the airline than the app. And if those people took the time to read their policies BEFORE they made it to the airport to check-in they probably would have seen that they charge for every little thing, but my flight to Asheville was $38!!!! How can you beat that? And the two employees I’ve encountered so far were very friendly. So give the airline a chance, just do your homework beforehand. As for the app, it works quite well. I would however recommend two improvements. One, have the ability to add your boarding pass to Apple Passbook. (That should absolutely be a function these days) Two, I don’t see where it shows you which gate your plane is boarding through. That would be extremely helpful as well. Other than that, I like it very much. Kudos!
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11 months ago, Lyon White
The flights are great, the app is tragic.
In fairness to this company every aspect of the actual flight process and crew has always been good. Sure there are changes and delays but that’s pretty much inevitable so I don’t thing anything of it or count it against them. So as a company to fly with truly, five stars. This app on the other hand…… Useless. Seriously I don’t feel like I’m asking for a lot here, but when delays in departure times occur, or a gate is changed, UPDATE THE APP!!! Come on people this should be your first course of action. Instead thanks to this useless bit of software if anything gets switched up at any point, you had best be paying attention because they are not going to notify you or even update the app in any way to reflect these changes. Frankly if the app can’t provide genuinely fundamental information such as this, well then really what good is it even doing?
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3 years ago, Shelly👸🏼
Never, ever Allegiant
Mirror mirror on the wall… who’s the worst airline of them all? It’s Allegiant! I’m terms of you get what you pay for, Allegiant lives up to this anagram. Worst service, worst airline, worst effiency, worst everything. If you’re in the mood to want to pull your hair out out of frustration and standing around waiting with no avail, then boy do I have the airline for you. In the same day, one friend had her flight cancelled the day of with no explanation and another had to sit on the plane for well over an hour because they had two planes in the same terminal. I think that actually monkeys could run this airline better than it’s current staff. Every time I have flown with this airline I have had to wait for nothing for strenuous amounts of time. Never again. My friends and I will never take this airline again even though it’s more convenient due to location. But alas, if anyone were to ask me if I recommend this airline, I would reply by saying I wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy to experience the travesty’s of this god awful airline.
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5 years ago, CREated59
Flights are great! App does not work
I’ve been flying Allegiant Airlines for about 3 years now. I fly about 3-5 round trips a year. No problems with flights other than a few weather related cancellations. The rating would be 5 stars if not for issues with the app. My problem is with the Allegiant App. It will not let me log in to my account. I have no trouble logging in on a computer or through the browser on my iPad. I’ve purchased my flights from both. But to log into my account on the iPhone app I keep getting a warning: “The provided authentication was invalid.” I’ve tried resetting my password from the computer and from my phone. I’m always able to log into my account from the computer but never from the phone. Not sure why, but it’s frustrating. Craig Ewing
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4 years ago, Gus the Trainer
Horrible service
My wife and I are not regular flyers. In total we have flown maybe 4 times combined. Their website and app did not have easily accessible information on what to do with pets. We had seen people take small dogs on the plane and assumed that they were considered personal items. We called and waited for over an hour with no avail to talk to someone. Their voice machine had NO indication of where to go to find information on animals, and their website and app did not have easily accessible information on it either. When we got to the airport, the dog was in her case, we thought the front desk lady had seen it, I took her out of her case to walk through security, put her back in and we got on the plane. After we were seated, and about to take off, the stopped the flight, forced me off the plane and I had to pay 100 dollars BOTH WAYS, for a fee we didn’t realize existed. We looked for over 30 minutes on their site and it had no indication of their policies on animals. Again, we are not experienced flyers and the treatment we received from Allegiant was abhorrent. I called again waiting over an Hour and 5 minutes without anyone answering. I the. Facebooked messaged them and that was zero help. We would have been loyal customers seeing how my wife’s family is from AZ, but I don’t see ya continuing a relationship with them as is. Definitely not worth it to go through what we did. Would not recommend to anyone who can afford better and decent quality services.
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1 year ago, MommaS1.
First time flyers
I left Michigan to go to Florida to visit family. Just myself and my daughters went. It was a first time for all of us! Staff were amazing. They were awesome with the kids. My only complaint is leaving Punta gorda! It took over an hour to board and the kids were antsy. They missed home and the dogs! So they were ready. I wish there was a quicker way to go from one flight unloading to the next boarding. When we arrived in Punta gorda we unloaded on the back of the plane while others got off in the front! Which was awesome! So I’m wondering why they didn’t do that for the flight unloading before we departed. Other then that this will be our go to! Also maybe WiFi in the future would be helpful for entertaining little humans. 😂
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6 years ago, Qstyik
Covient boarding pass but app not flexible
It's very convenient to use their boarding pass on the app. The prices can't beat. However, it would be nice if the app would let you have the option to choose the destination airport first. For example if I wanted to fly to Tampa FL (just an example), you have to pick your starting airport first and this limits the possibilities dates, locations etc... I have to try all the airports in 100 mile radius to find a flight to get me to Tampa in ideal dates and times. Takes a ton of time to search, they really could make it easier on the customer by letting you set the destination and seeing if an airport anywhere near you would support your travel plans. I'd be willing to drive 2-3hours somewhere if it gets me the perfect flight dates and times... I like a little whimsy and trying to see if it would be possible to take a long weekend trip somewhere different is near impossible with this app and website.
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5 months ago, sincitysolo
This company is not the best sadly… All of my only 2 times flying with them both times met with first delays . Also when it comes to the agents they are rude. Even when getting on other airlines they greet you. You would be getting off great if they even look your way. Today the check in lady was very rude to an elderly in a wheelchair. Also I was given attitude all because I didn’t check my 1 bag in before she started calling zones. Really will make it my goal to never fly again with this company. They don’t even have a office at this airport. The location is Harrisburg International Airport. I also made a police report because while talking about my issue to my wife she started laughing so I asked what’s funny and she then commented. “Who you talking to because you’re won’t let you on this flight” and proceeded to call the police. Ruined my experience and had cops come and make a scene only for them to tell me don’t worry about it.
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2 months ago, poiughk
Terrible service right now!
The last two months my mobile app and the phone number for Allegiant have been totally useless. When you reach out to customer service by email they tell you to get triplex or CALL customer service which is not answered and if you leave a message, no one calls you back. I had to “lose” a trip because I needed to reschedule and it was 100% impossible. I even drove to the local airport only to be told I’d have to come back another day. They only did it for two hours two days a week. My flight was scheduled to fly one day before the next “opening” to change. Tripflex would not have helped because the mobile app wouldn’t allow changes (couldn’t access itinerary). I fly a couple times a month. The app needs work and customer service needs to quit telling people to call customer service. Or actually have someone answer the phones.
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6 months ago, user_blablabla
Worst agency ever
This is the worst company to fly with, the worst website, and the worst app I have even dealt with. It may be more affordable but what your paying for with other companies is to not have to deal with risks. I couldn’t change my moms flight or get a refund on it when her husband passed away because I was within the 24 hours of her flight. And now that I have plenty of the ahead of her flight for a different trip, I cant change the date of her flight through any browser or app or device despite it showing there are still seats available. And lastly there have been many times where I have to come in multiple days so that I can purchase a ticket because 80% of the time there is an error on the site or the app. Don’t ever go with Allegiant if you can go with another company. It’s not worth the time, and money, and stress.
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3 years ago, mcss21
This is an app rating site not service or price
Not sure why almost all the 1 star reviews don’t regard the app but it’s ok, no bugs but a little bit limited in the search A) not being able to use airport codes instead it’s just the letters so San Diego you have to scroll to the bottom but can’t on the app so you have to type it out B) can’t search by destination, it assumes you know where you are starting from but as a company that’s all about the destination you should be able to search easier what option are to fly into there not just by searching flying out. Also don’t like how prices are low but even lower on other sites
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5 years ago, oJo1180
App seems ok. Allegiant is horrible.
Bad news, we arrived more than two hours early because of TSA being behind. Bad news, you can’t check a bag more than two hours early, even with TSA running slow and a little over an hour being the normal time to expect. Odd choice. Good news, they’ll make an exception and check our bags early and the guy has room to hold on to them. Bad news. Our flight was bumped back to 216pm. Good news. It was moved forward again and will depart at 132p. Bad news, our plane departed according to the screens. Even though the app and screen still show the same gate and nothing has happened and dozens of us are still waiting. Good news, our plane didn’t depart but was actually bumped back again. We’re not sure how long. Good news, it’ll be boarding no later than 202pm. Five minutes later, Bad news, it’s delayed till 330 pm or later. Bad news, they have no way to confirm our luggage is waiting for the proper flight. Bad news, the lady at the counter thinks I’m dumb for checking a bag and despite my being calm and friendly, talked down to me repeatedly. Hopefully her resume doesn’t include “works well under stress.” Good news, I only have to fly with allegiant one more flight. Ever.
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2 weeks ago, Thy_critic
Works when it wants to work, pick the lesser of the evils.
Tried to checkin in the website and it gave me a error and told me to try again later. Downloaded the app, same thing happens. Have to repeat multiple times to checkin and eventually the request goes through and finally works. Funny, they will charge you if you checkin at the airport but then make the online checkin process half working, so ultimately your either wasting time for the app to work, or wait til you get to the airport and fight with the airline to waive the fee cause the app and website didn’t work, or just end up calling them and waiting on the phone forever. Regardless of what airline you have nowadays, they will nickel and dime you then make it a miserable process to use their service that you ultimately paid for. Who said technology was suppose to life easier.
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5 months ago, Infodumpster
Not user friendly at all
I had my flights booked for a while and no problems with mobile check in and getting my boarding pass the first flight. My returning flight however the app said I was ineligible for mobile check in. I’d already paid for a seat and carry on. So I went to my emails and checked in online, not using the app. Still after getting checked in the app continued to say ineligible for mobile check in. So I deleted and app and reinstalled it but the only was that it will download now is if I put in my debit card info?? I already paid, I just want my mobile boarding pass and not the screen shot of the paper one, yes I know it’ll work fine, but what’s the point of the app at all if it just brings you in circles and you gotta do it the old school way anyway? If I could give less than one star I would.
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5 months ago, Tr1sh V
Ineligible for mobile check in on the return leg of a round trip
Flying home over the busy Thanksgiving weekend and I can’t do mobile checkin for my flight home - the app displays the message that I am ineligible for mobile checkin and to contact customer service. If you have flown on Allegiant you will know that there is no way to do this (mobile chat does not work and if you try to call them you will never get through to speak to someone) until you get to the airport where there is a $5 charge - per passenger - to print a boarding pass. This app is sketchy on a good day - it pops you out to the website but this time I had to sign on again and the login button was dead. I had to print a paper boarding pass - via my work Windows laptop - because from my iPhone and iPad browsers the login button was dead.
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2 years ago, Fxzone71
App still needs work…
Had travel with this airline a few times but first time using the app, and really not very useful, had to call the airline a couple of times to get fees and other details about flights. It does let you check in, but won’t recognize in your account if there’s a trip, you need to manually add it. If changes need to be made it will let you do it by a step-step process, won’t let you skip to just add bags or seat just need to follow all steps and in the end it kick me off the app over 5 times, so had to again call airline, as there were no online agents available (at least not when I tried). If they could update and let the customization be per item instead of a chain of steps would be better.
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3 years ago, batcave 2020
If I could rate this air port negative stars I would not to mention the rude allegiant customer service staff that were at the air line section my flight back from Destin fl to Columbus Ohio was delayed twice then absolutely no one told us there was a 4 to 5 hour wait just to get through Destin TSA line cause they over book flights who arrives more than two hours before a flight which is crap they ended up making me and my finance miss our flight by 2 freaking minutes after arguing with the air line I was told to call this crap phone number in order to reaccomadate got me a flight at 8 pm this evening benign there at 1030 this morning really got me mad the flight that was two and a half hours away from my previous destination which is completely unforgivable I WILL NEVER FLY ALLEGIANT AGAIN OR FLY TO OR FROM THE DESTIN/FORT WALTON AIR PORT AGAIN
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4 years ago, Syvana J
If for any reason you think you need to call an Allegiant representative do not book with them. The staff at the airports are always rude! Apparently the CEO only hires 20 on-call representatives to represent tens of thousands of daily customers! I have flown them at least 6 times and the 6th was the last time. Every time I thought that maybe the service would be better but they were awful every time. This last time we booked a flight & hotel through them, they informed us if the hotel isn’t available at the time of arrival that they would move us to a comparable hotel. They moved us to a joke of a hotel compared to the original one we purchased. We are now 5 days away from our flight and the 6 of us have non stop tried calling customer service. All of us, multiple times, on 2 hour holds to just get disconnected. I am SO FED UP!!!!!
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1 year ago, Doing_the_Loop
Rarely fully functional
The APP has become progressively worse. I fly Allegiant every one to two months and book flights using the APP. I can book the flights through the APP no problem; it is check-in that is problematic. The APP errors on check-in or on seat selection. I do try this APP on both phone and iPad. Usually I have to go to the web site to check-in there. Afterwards the APP will show my check-in and I do get the electronic boarding pass. Today, unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. Flight is tomorrow and APP, website, and chat are all non functioning. I have now been on hold (telephone) for an hour and a half. I have deleted and reinstalled APP numerous times along with restating. Fingers are crossed that Allegiant gets there act together after seeing all these poor reviews.
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1 year ago, IWS based
Up-sell me some more please
As a frequent flyer on three major airlines (this one not included), I can say with a high level of confidence that this App is the most cumbersome and non-user-experience-friendly I have used. Repeating pop ups to up-sell everything a traditional airline includes. I get it - Allegiant is a discount carrier, but wow. The time to book a flight using this app and navigating all the offers and up-sells is long and aggravating. If a person selects normal options such as a carryon the fare bumps right up against the majors. I guess If a person wants to fly into some smaller markets where other carriers don’t go this airline can make sense, but it does not change the user experience navigating a cumbersome app. C’mon Allegiant marketing and app development team, try using a full service airline’s app and compare for yourself.
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6 months ago, Wbpd18
Zero stars
In good conscious, I cannot give this app any stars. But to submit a review, I must leave it at least one. Our flight was cancelled today, but we were able to check-in online, as well as at the airport only to be advised once at the gate the flight had been changed a week ago. The company also blamed the passengers for not checking their emails because we supposedly received information on September 29 via email regarding the change in flight status which was a lie. Now via email we are told our flight is at one time tomorrow but the app is saying something different. And no one picks up the phone when you call customer service. This airline and app are a JOKE! I guarantee they will not exist in the near future as customers will boycott this Arline-rightfully so!
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5 years ago, IheartBroncos
Good app!
Seems most of these reviews are about the airline and not the app. The app works well for the entire process, from searching and purchasing the flight to checking in the day before and using your boarding pass through the app (instead of having to use a paper pass). As far as the airline, I mean, you get what you pay for. The flights are cheap and everything is extra, but we personally have never had any issues. We did have a delayed flight once, but I’ve had delayed flights on American, United and Delta also. I mean, it happens with any airline.
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5 months ago, HowAboutNooo
Fix the app
Can the app be fixed to check-in already? Have the developers tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Shake the server? Toggle the on/off switch? It costs $5 to pay at the counter to check in via the website or check in at the counter. Either way, I will have to go to the counter in either scenario. The less people talking the better. The whole point of the app is to make the process easier. Now I have to go earlier than the already two hours early to stand in and talk with a usually rude contracted gate person who works off commission trying to dime you and talk to you like you’re a toddler (SRQ). Can’t wait to stand in line like it’s the 90s to check-in and get a paper ticket. Get it together, Allegaint.
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5 months ago, Steve Balboni Jr.
Will not let me view boarding pass
The app directs me to the website when trying to add my boarding pass. The website states that you can add the boarding pass on the app but it keeps redirecting you online. The links on the website redirect you to a site to buy the domains for Allegiant Air. How is it that I have to add my boarding pass on the app but it directs me to a website that does not work? Has anyone been made aware of the app making it impossible to view your boarding pass? At this point my only option is getting it printed out in person at the airport which will cost money and likely take hours if everyone else is facing the same issue. This seems like a huge oversight that has been ongoing for months that nobody has bothered correcting.
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4 months ago, Done with this farce
PLEASE fix your application
As a frequent flyer with Allegiant, I commend most aspects of the airline’s low cost operation. The newest Allegiant application is possibly the most frustrating experience in flying any airline I’ve ever had!!! What is the deal? Please don’t tell me again to delete and download the app. That doesn’t work for me and many others I’ve stood in line with to get checked in and a boarding pass from a very overworked agent. Those of us who fly without checked luggage have really reached our limit of patience. Surely your IT department can get this figured out. If not, hire a firm that can. Is there more than a software glitch at work here? There is NO excuse for this extended poor performance ( I mean months!). Oh, and is the “taken” nickname a ploy to keep these reviews off the site?
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10 months ago, ⏱🐰alice in wounder land 🐰⏱
Great! But where’s my gate?
This app and allegiant have been pretty convenient for me so far, and booking and everything else has been a breeze. But a while back when i first used allegiant, i couldn’t find my gate, I thought it was just me or the information just being hard to find, but recently I had a friend fly with allegiant and they had to ask someone where their gate was since the information was not presented in the app. Even the attendant helping my friend said that they (as in the attendants) put in the gate number but the app doesn’t show/update it. Not a huge thing… but just agitating.
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2 years ago, Angelenai
Allegiant Airlines/No customer service
I got a travel voucher when COVID happened. I’ve tried to contact a real person to help me because the website doesn’t give you the option to use your voucher. I have tried to contact them by email and I just get a generic email back saying someone will contact me and they don’t. I have called their customer service phone number numerous times and that’s a total joke. I’ve waited on hold over 2 hours each and every time and no one ever answers. The recording tells you all about the rules for carrying weapons in great detail but nothing about using vouchers or anything of importance. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Allegiant has no customer service whatsoever. I am very very disappointed that they take our money and leave us hanging.
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3 years ago, d skiv
App support doesn’t exist
I never had a problem with the app until I had to reset my password to meet new security requirements. I did, but then was redirected to Allways. I didn’t even know what this was. Is it a different account from myAllegiant???? I tried my new password- didn’t work. Tried to set a password as a new member- said that email already associated with an account?!?! Now I’m totally confused and can’t log in to my account from the app, but it showed on the website that I was already logged in?!?! I can’t find support for resolving this issue anyplace!!! I already used forgot password. It didn’t work!!! Frustrating!!!
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6 years ago, delayed again.
Delay. Delay. Delay.
Honestly, I should give this app five stars. All updates of your delayed flight(and I promise you, you will have a flight delay with Allegiant) will get to you in real time. For example at 4PM, sitting in the plane that was supposed to be taking off at 3:07PM, the entire plane who had the app received the notification that our flight was delayed until 5PM. Everyone got the notification at the same time and then the crew asked us to de-plane. While sitting outside the gate, we all then got the notification that our gate ALSO changed. So, if you do decide to fly this disaster of an airline, I would recommend the app, so you can at least get some type of consistent notification about your delayed flight. But please, please, please choose another airline. Trust me, the price is good but it is soooo not worth it.
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6 months ago, Staffie Bull Terrier
Boarding pass on phone!
I am also having a hard time getting my return boarding pass on my phone app. I had no problem getting it for the flight out. I’m new at this and it’s frustrating. It takes me to the app to check-in but when I go to enter my information it says that it no longer exist. I have an e-mail from Allegiant saying it’s time to check-in and it had my information with a couple options to get my boarding pass but again when I try, it’s not allowing me to do it on my phone. I guess I’ll have to print one if I want to get home.🤷‍♀️😡
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6 years ago, allegiant busters.
Treatment of my luggage
I flown allegiant two times my first time was not a very good experience and the second time was even worse besides the seats being uncomfortable they call themselves a discount airline they charge you for everything they charge me for my luggage and then they charge me again because they said my luggage was overweight when I had already had my luggage weight edit meta-criteria of their luggage requirements When I reach my destination retrieve my luggage I noticed that my luggage and its contents or damaged I called customer service they had no per se customer service the lady was so rude I did not care about my issues she said I could report this online I’ve yet to find a place to report this beware do not fly allegiant 60 Minutes was right this is not a discount airline . This is a discount service airline.
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7 months ago, jsmit31
KTN deleted with new update
A new app update deleted my known traveler number, and it will not let me re-add it. It also changed my alternate phone number and it will not let me correct it. Very frustrating. Now I need to arrive at the airport early for my upcoming trip in order to stand in line at a desk and tell them my known traveler number. I deleted the app, reinstalled the app, tried online, tried the Allegiant website, try it on my phone, tried on a laptop. Tried 100 times - it will not take my known traveler number for my upcoming flight. It finally - after many attempts - let me re-add my known traveler number to my profile itself. But negatory on my upcoming trip. What did you do to your app?
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5 years ago, RebelForce76
The good, the bad, and the ugly
I rarely do reviews so that should tell you something. I have had this app downloaded before and it worked great. That is the good. Literally the day before my flight, the app stopped working. Kept saying the provided authentication was invalid. I had to login through my phones web browser to get my ticket. That’s the bad. In order to try and get it fixed, I got on Allegiant’s live chat and had to wait over 10 minutes to talk with someone. All they told me was to remove the app, restart my phone, and then re-download the app. I told them that I have done that multiple times. They then told me there is nothing else that they can do. That’s the ugly. Allegiant, I love the cost of your flights and I used to love the app. Fix your app and get better customer service.
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3 years ago, hwilwater
Keep in mind I fly with this airline at least 3 times a month round trip. The app is terrible! How can you be this big of a company and have an app with this many problems. I have to sign in every time, it never remembers my TKN, and now when I book a flight I have to go back in and add the flight to my trips in order to see it. Also, I have to add my payment info every time. Flights are cheap and that is great! Honestly though, if it wasn’t for the price I would not put up with all the negative of this airline. They have a ton of rude people that work for them too. It’s mostly the gate people though. I like the actual people on the plane. If I were to rate the airline itself, I would say 3 stars all round. But, this rating is for just the app.
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4 years ago, MPLCABL
Aweful... PLEASE Don’t Fly w/ Them!
Worst airline I have EVER been on. EVER. I would NEVER recommend this awful airline to anyone. Awful, awful app, awful fees, awful service, awful management. If you couldn’t tell this airline is absolutely awful! They charged me an EXTRA $175 in luggage fees where it would’ve been free anywhere else. They even charge you to print your boarding pass! Who does that? Whoever runs this company is some piece of work. More like robbery than a business if you ask me. We could have upgraded our tickets with multiple other airlines but for the same price at Allegiant we got the worst seats on the plane and got screwed over with baggage fees and other fees. Please just avoid this company at all costs. It’s really not worth the awe full time you’ll have wherever you’re going. NEVER RIDE ALLEGIANT.
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9 months ago, VegasCaron
Allegiant app
Have not been able to add my trip to the Allegiant app for weeks. Was able to add my daughter’s trip but she wasn’t able to add it in the app on her phone. Talked with Allegiant customer service for a 1/2 hour day before trip and that didn’t solve the issue. Ticket agent also looked when we had to get the boarding pass reprinted. To no avail. Had previously tried, several times, deleting and reinstalling the app, turning phone off and on, making sure current IOS was installed, Turing off VPN, still to no avail. Can I still use the website to check-in and view boarding pass? Yes, absolutely but that defeats the purpose and convenience of the app, right?
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5 years ago, BuyerBeware06152019
We were scheduled to land at 8:30 pm had bad weather a flew us south, a 4hr drive, sat on the tarmac 2 hrs. Had only 2 updates one stating we are going back to Mesa you can come back with us and pay for another flight but we cannot guarantee you a flight. Other option you can get out at this closed airport and fend for yourself. Staff rude to the elderly and teenagers on the flight. NEVER again. Called home at 1am and it was raining but nothing that a plane could not land. Also there was another airport 1.5 hr drive away but they chose a closed airport that was a 4 hr drive home. Poor management
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1 year ago, ceejae_r
This app is nonfunctional. When I select “My Account” on the app it just launches the browser on phone for me to log in. Doesn’t take you back to the app after being logged in. If you go back to the app and hit “My Account” again it just starts the process all over again and takes you to the browser. So basically your app is shortcut to the browser, therefore, nonfunctional hot GARBAGE. This has been the case for the past 3 years that I’ve been a card holder with you guys. You can clearly see this same kind of complaints on the reviews over and over again for YEARS, so clearly you guys could care less about your customers satisfaction. Good to know. You’re making Spirit look good right about now..
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2 years ago, dankkitty
This airline is pretty bad for canceling within 24 hours of a flight
Would not recommend Allegiant to anyone booking a flight. They are cheaper but probably one of the worst airlines in existence. I have flow With Allegiant many times. However, rarely is there a flight that isn’t canceled or severely delayed. The last two flights have been completely canceled and the application does not give an option to rebook. Then You have to sit on hold fir an agent for 2 hours to change a flight that was cancelled and they cancel flights due to “weather” typically. Even though there isn’t any justification for what that means. Usually it’s because enough people haven’t booked that flight. It’s a bad airline anf the customer service is even worse.
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5 months ago, Ashley Citibnker
App not functioning
I’ve been using this app for a while now, but recently, I’ve encountered serious problems that have significantly hampered my travel experience. Firstly, the app no longer displays my upcoming trips. This is a major inconvenience, especially for frequent travelers like myself who rely on the app to keep track of their travel schedules. Additionally, the check-in feature has become non-functional. Being unable to check in through the app is more than just an inconvenience; it disrupts the whole process of preparing for a flight, especially when I’m on the go. The most critical issue, however, is the inability to download mobile boarding passes. This has forced me to revert to printing physical boarding passes, which is not only less environmentally friendly but also a step backward in terms of technological convenience. Overall, these issues have significantly degraded my experience with the app. I hope the developers address these problems promptly to restore the app’s functionality and reliability, which are crucial for any travel-related application.
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8 months ago, Saltcity001
Trip flex doesn’t work
It provides an error message and doesn’t allow flight to be changed. 2 hour hold with customer service and they also say they can’t change it. Customer service was very antagonizing and rude when it came to app support. Claimed “you are being sarcastic with me that is obvious”. Agent tried to claim trip flex terms on their website stated I had to make the change within 7 days. Staring at the website, it shows “modify itinerary once up to 1 hour before flight”. So please be aware that the app will not show or offer the same thing as the website claims and you will not be able to change your trip. Customer service will make rude snide comments toward you as well.
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5 months ago, Ssgranny
Unable to print boarding pass!
Unable to check into flight or print my boarding pass. Had to look up the phone number using the Internet because the phone number is not listed in the app anywhere to reach allegiant. When I called allegiant, I was told that my ticket was stuck in standby because I hadn’t paid some kind of a fee that was at the bottom of the app when I purchased my ticket??? I’m still going to check on this because I think I got ripped off was $149. But after I paid that fee, then they released my ticket and gave me a seat assignment over the phone which then I checked and I had a seat assignment on the app. This is just ridiculous. They need to get things fixed.
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7 months ago, ?? Service
App doesn’t work
I could not use the app to download my flight. Had to go to the airport and have them print boarding passes. Used to work. I have also attempted to change an upcoming flight dates and bought the flex option…can’t make change on line. Keeps saying oops something went wrong. Went online to chat support, waited 15 minutes to hear that the chat agent can’t make change. Called the customer representative line 3 times over the last day - waited 30 minutes hung up, 20 minutes hung up, then 15 minutes hung up. Not good. Your process is almost suggesting my only way to change is to cancel the trip and book with another airline. Losing money and a good customer.
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3 months ago, colleydogg
Not a fan…app isn’t functioning at the same level it had in years prior…
I have been a long-time Allegiant traveler, and in the last several months the app has not functioned in a way that allows the user to view the flight prices or details until you accept all portions with zero information provided. Then when you click to the final page to view flight details, you see the costs and overall completed flight itinerary BEFORE proceeding to the payment screen. I have resorted to using the website, which is equally inconvenient. Please fix this app and restore it to its former glory. One star rating from months and months of frustration and no updates of any significance.
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7 months ago, acaraiam
I’m confused…
We’ve flown your airlines many times and I’ve never had a problem using the app before today. And yes, despite the notification to update to the newest version- I’ve had it since it was released. I know I have to choose a round trip ticket for the discounted fare… but NOW the final cost is nearly double??? When looking at the month-view, daily ticket prices are low, like I’m accustomed to. but now when I click on the daily view, they’re over $100 more over the month-view prices even after selecting both flights?! What is happening?! After reading the reviews on here, I’m thinking this may not be your best update. Please fix ASAP. I’d really like to go somewhere… ✈️
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4 months ago, sssfffgggg
These are the rudest people and flight attendants I have ever come across. I am a gold member with delta who also have rude people but at least they make up for it by being on time and having comfortable seats. I paid an extra 50$ to sit up front but then our flight was cancelled and on the next flight I was put in the back of the plane. I explained that I paid an extra 50$ or $100 both ways and they told me it’s not transferable. What?? You cancelled the flight not me. Yeah don’t waste your money because you are not saving anything. Also I can’t even begin to tell you how bad customer service is or lack of and this ridiculous app. Save yourself the stress go delta or American.
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2 years ago, jblackey54
I am a very understanding consumer. Last year I had to cancel a vacation as I’m sure many people did. We reschedule for the same dates this year so I took the flight voucher. I have been trying to contact Allegiant since January to rebook my flight. Call their customer service line, get a busy signal. Multiple emails sent to their customer service email (for fastest response) and got nothing more than the automated reply. Tried to go to the airport after work, sorry, they have left for the day as their last flight has boarded. What does this all have to do with the app? Well I took the flight voucher in the app. There is now no record of it. I will never be flying Allegiant again.
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5 months ago, KeepitA$
This app is HORRIBLE!!!
Honestly I feel like it’s a hustle for 5 more dollars. That’s the cost to print your pass at the airport. No issues with the app up until it’s time to check in then all of a sudden I’m not eligible for check-in via the app. So I checked in online. Try and pull my trip up to see my boarding pass and nothing but errors to try again later. I’ve been trying for an hour. I know airlines (all of them) do not truly care about their passengers. They profit off of “calculated misery” which means they purposely do things to make you uncomfortable or to inconvenience you to make you pay more. Like a ticket isn’t expensive enough as it is. Profit over people gotta love it.
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4 years ago, regallah
Love flying with them
I have flown with them several times now, we my extended family and I have had only one issue and that was when they changed the luggage policy for military wife's or mates. They have always been helpful and understanding with my special needs sons. Especially the very first time taking them on an airplane. For me that is VERY, VERY important. The fares are priced well, I love how small my airport is so things don't get even more overwhelming, I used my phone app for check in, boarding passes and booking.
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