Allianz TravelSmart

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User Reviews for Allianz TravelSmart

4.77 out of 5
15.2K Ratings
4 months ago, TeslaRoadster
Pleasantly Impressed
Wasn’t too sure about Spending the extra amount for the insurance because 1 I wasn’t sure I would need it and 2 because if I did need it, would it actually pay. I’m very happy to say that they paid and the process from start to finish was super easy and I got my money in a few days. One of my return flights from Fresno to Phoenix was canceled which caused me to miss my connecting flight to El Paso on that Sunday night. I had to stay the night in Phoenix (which the airline paid for) so I missed a day of work and it was not a fun situation. However, Allianz DEFINITELY came through and I will most definitely by buying insurance from now on!
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2 months ago, Steveinoregon
I renewed my all trips policy on July 26th and paid the premium. OnAugust 6th I got an email saying ny policy was expiring in 15 days. I checked the app, and sure enough it showed my policy expiring on the 21st. I then logged in on their site, and no record of my renewal. I checked my credit card and it showed the $715 charge had been paid. After a 20 minute telephone call, I learned that the policy number had changed. The lady on the phone said it takes a while for the update to show up on the app and website. She suggested I delete the app and reinstall it to see if the new policy shows up. Seems like there could be improvements made on the site and app, so transactions show up more quickly and emails are not sent about an expiring policy, two weeks after they’ve been renewed.
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9 months ago, Helen patel smith
Allianz travel insurance is great
My husband and I went to scandanavia in July. Our flight got canceled during our trip in Dallas from okc,30 minutes before boarding time. 11:30 pm they said we can have a hotel room and transfer. We can call American Airlines and find a different flight. After 3 hours of talking to the agent, she got us on a 6am flight to NYC. She said Uber from LGA to JFK then go to Stockholm. We can figure out how to get to Copenhagen. We had paid for a ticket with American Airlines months ago to get us to Copenhagen from Dallas. We lost our money for the pre night hotel and transfer with the tour company. Ubers. Extra flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen. I saved all receipts and submitted them to Allianz travel. They took care of both of our extra expenses !! I definitely recommend them. I have insured james and I again. Even though I have travel credit cards I still recommend them.
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3 months ago, WinterKid
Terrific Coverage at your Fingertips
Allianz has pulled through for me many times on trips. This app makes it possible to have everything at my fingertips. While it’s still smart to have hard copies of policies and contact information on trips (in case there is no internet connection), the app really makes it possible to get help in a hurry. Great app! Thanks for providing wonderful service.
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1 year ago, picky_shopper
App does not display policy
Very frustrating. I REALLY want to use this app, but can’t. More than a week after purchasing my policy, and several calls to technical support, I remain unable to see my policy in the app - even after searching for the policy several ways. It appears from technical support that there is a known general problem with the application, and developers are working to fix it. Aside from the app not working, it’s equally frustrating Allianz responds to customers with “wait and try again later”. As a company, they are missing a customer service opportunity to keep customers informed about the problem using email. Doing so would decrease customer frustration and increase confidence that they are taking the problem seriously.
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3 years ago, IceManLSP
Don’t use this company
We’ve been trying to get a Covid related refund for a claim submitted back in November. The claim section of their website site crashed and their call center was an endless phone tree with no way to talk to a real person. We finally were able to contact a person in customer service via email who was nice enough to forward our claim to their claims department. That was back in November, over 4 months ago. I followed up several times and finally received a response stating that they are reviewing our claim but we may waited to long to submit the claim. Most airlines and hotels will reimburse you if your travel is cancelled due to Covid. Call them and ask. If you get insurance use another company. There are independent sites that will provide reviews and comparisons.
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10 months ago, Steve007Sonoma
Setting up an account isn’t easy
We have been covered by Allianz travel insurance for many years. We have loved every aspect of your service and are deeply in your gratitude for past help. Trying to set up this website was a nightmare. Easy to find our policy number; much more difficult to find the exact date when the policy was purchased (as opposed to the effective date) and took me almost a half an hour of going day by day through the calendar. Surely there is a way, after you’ve already entered the policy number, to set up an date range, rather than having to enter each day, have it rejected, go back to the calendar, add another, etc. Hoping somebody from programming reads this.
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6 years ago, Drew Binsky
Can't Travel Without It!
The TravelSmart app by Allianz is my go-to app when dealing with health and safely on the road. As a full-time traveler and someone who is vulnerable to getting sick abroad, I now have the ability to locate nearby hospitals, file claims, and call support 24 hour/day at my fingertips. I highly recommend checking out this useful app to save you time, stress and money before your next trip!
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4 years ago, Traveller USA to Europe
I’m not able to access the policy I purchased. On this app or through the internet, from the confirmation email I received upon finalizing my purchase. Phone Customer service was not able to access it either, yet they rushed to confirm that I will have a hard copy reach me through mail within 24 hours. Additionally, 2 emails were sent to me with customer service on the phone, saying that my policy will be attached as a PDF and those failed as well. Very disappointed thus far. If trouble starts just minutes after purchasing a travel insurance policy with Allianz, I wonder how responsive this insurer would be if a claim were filed.
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4 years ago, BJ 89
Not user friendly or well thought out app
First of all, the app only appears in a vertical format. When I use it on an iPad it’s not only vertical but the same size as it would be on a tiny phone. Can’t you figure a way to go horizontal like most developers do? Second, I’m near the end of my first annual policy and I want to renew. I got an email reminding me of this fact yet there is nowhere, either in the email or the app, for an easy way to renew. Instead you have to input all the same information you did the previous year for both me and my wife. This is a pretty stupid way to get repeat business!!
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10 months ago, ZeroDegreesMr
7 months have still no compensation
My airline lost my luggage and even sent an email on record stating they have been unable to locate the luggage and deemed it irretrievable. However, Allianz is still refusing to pay out for my claim which was filed over 7 months ago. I have resorted to filing a complaint with the department of transportation and now have a case agent working with me as a intermediary so I can get compensated. I do believe that I’ll have to file a lawsuit soon and am now preparing for those steps. This has been a ridiculous waste of time and I will never recommend Allianz to anyone.
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4 years ago, Emily Diehl
This app is super user friendly, and easy to navigate. This company is also truly amazing. I have used them for the bette part of 2 years, and they make everything easy to use and easily understandable. Their customer service is spot on. I’ve never had any issues with them. I am so happy to have downloaded the app to make things that much better!
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9 months ago, Emily4U
Nice feature
My husband and I travel quite a bit, and we rarely buy travel insurance. Lately, we decided that having travel protection is a very safe plan. We read its policies and terms of conditions, and we liked the plan. Now , we can travel with less stress. Thank you Allianz Global Assistance!
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4 years ago, llwnaw
Several days ago, I tried to sign into the app on my phone. I had forgotten the password so I asked for a password reset. Instead I got a message saying my email address is not in your system (I have been using the app for several months with this very same email address with no problem). So I then decided to see if I could create an account with this address since it was supposedly no longer in your system. So, now I get a message saying this email address is already in use. One place says the email address is not in your system and another place says it is. Very confused....
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1 year ago, Smichael3476
Scam!!!! Don’t waste your money they won’t pay
Purchased their travel policy and when my flight was canceled I was given the run around for 6 months until I just gave up. They requested me to submit the same docs three times and then each time said they were “processing” just to come back months later with another request for the same thing. Their website to submit docs would be broken, so I would have to call and found another way to submit. I can tell this all is by design, to get you to guide up! Scam!
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2 years ago, lacking in songs
Tedious to use
You go through the steps on the app and if you don’t have all of the required documents or information, it will not save your progress. You have to keep repeating the steps. You should be able to save your progress so that you can finish later but instead you have to restart. This is tedious and frustrating. They should at least let you know what you need ahead of time so that you don’t waste your time filling out the information only for you to have to re do everything.
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4 years ago, Shopper4106
Doesn’t Work
Downloaded the app, never received the email which would allow me to verify the login. I even checked my junk mail folder for missed delivery, but no luck. Doesn’t seem to work very well. Update: Received the verification email days after downloading the app and trying to set it up. It works just fine now, and even shows two policies I have, not just the one associated with receiving the suggestion that I download the app.
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2 years ago, Vet Campwr
Useful and Handy
Great way to easily enter, track, monitor and get alerts on your travel arrangements and trip/event insurance policies. More and more travel and events need to be reserved months to a year in advance and this app helps you track them and provides a quick reference tool.
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9 months ago, Minenotyoursreally
Very dissatisfied
I bought this insurance from Delta when I bought my airline tickets due to the possibility of the activity being changed and not being able to go. Never was I informed there were only about 8 reasons for a refund until I had to file a claim. I was never sent a policy and when I asked to speak with someone about an appeal there is no phone number available to speak with anyone. This is a giant scam and I’m shocked the Delta website offers it stay away from this company!
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5 years ago, E drive
No luck
Updated: I needed to verify my email address via system generated email request. Once I did this I was able to login. Note to app dev folks: this was not clear when I created my account that I would have to do this before logging in he 1st time Just downloaded, created account and tried to login. No luck. It might be a great app but if I can’t log in, worthless. Looks like tho is an ongoing problem based on prior reviews.
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4 years ago, Sundodger3421
Peace of mind
It was easy to file a claim. My Claim was approved within 48 hours. My reimbursement was received within 10 days after my claim was filed. I will continue to use this travel insurance on all of my flights. The only hard part was trying to come up with “nickname”, not already taken, to leave this review.
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4 months ago, v00d00d0ll
Great Service, Great App!
Very easy to use, and such a life saver! I would definitely recommend this event insurance to anyone who has a shadow of a doubt that they may not be able to attend their event. It was easy to file a claim without the app, and even easier and more streamlined WITH the app!
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6 years ago, MatthewPop
A must-have international travel app
One of the better travel apps out there! I like knowing the one-touch hotline button is there in case of emergencies. I hopefully won't need the Claims feature for my travel insurance but I'm glad they've made it easy to file and track. A well built app!
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2 months ago, Jangxbdbjxcjd CB mj
App and company is worthless
Would not use this company filed a claim for lost luggage the day it happened. They were given every documentation required that I had or was given. Continued to deny they received, even when I showed proof they received thru email and uploaded to their website. After 4 months of going back and forth, still nothing. They closed the claim, had it reopened after escalation still nothing. Spent $1000 on the insurance for trip. Don’t waste your money too!
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3 years ago, Georgeny
Very handy to have
Great to have easy reference while traveling. Including past policies also a good reference. Being able to view policy itself and to email it is another useful tool. The card with dates and policy number nice. Only thing I would like to see is Face ID as option for password. I am presuming that internet is required to get information rather than it being downloaded or having ability to download it to phone stations. Though could email to yourself and save it as document on phone etc. That said app works well and is useful which are the two vital parts to making any app one to have. Georgehny
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5 years ago, jmcsd
TravelSmart App
Very spotty app! Clearly NOT READY for real world use! Was able to initiate claim, but not able to see claim in process or upload additional docs. I can see there is a claim... but it has wrong submission date. When claim is selected, status shows briefly... then blank, never to be seen again. Had to use web browser to complete claim. Web browser version is pretty poor, too, but somewhat better, although a low bar was set by the app. We have processed claims with Allianz before, but it was all done by fax and phone. Unfortunately, their claims process is still operating in the fax era. It gets done, the folks are nice, and payment is prompt. The process is awkward. If anyone really reads this, I suggest you look at the FSA FEDS app for inspiration. FSA has made the insurance claim reimbursement process about as painless and fast as it can be.
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5 years ago, PCinCA
Off to a good start
I just downloaded this to go with my annual policy. I was very pleased to see that it integrates smoothly with my Roboform login/password app. I created an account from my laptop, refreshed Roboform, and logged into this app within seconds. Travelsmart appears to be easy to use and well designed.
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4 years ago, Camflyer15
These days it never hurts to protect your transport investment, especially when medical is covered as well. I’ve only activated the coverage once and the personal made this an easy, and pain free event... Great recommendation toget this for every trip cause you just never know....
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6 years ago, Ready for Vacation 2
Finally can login
Wow this has been a struggle to try and utilize this app for our upcoming trip as it would not allow me to login. Version 4.0.6 finally fixed the issue,just in the nick of time. I have utilized this app in the past and it is great to have our policy and pertinent info all in one place. Thanks for getting this fixed.
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5 years ago, Abcdefghi!?!?
Great app for travel!
This app had some hiccups in the beginning but I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to find emergency numbers and local hospitals while overseas. Especially if you have a condition like asthma when an attack could come out of nowhere.
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2 years ago, Coffee Ghost
Best Travel Insurance
As a past travel agent I love to purchase my insurance through Travel Guard. They have the most complete coverage and they are a lot cheaper than what you buy from the other travel vendors that package it with your trips.
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6 years ago, Tryimg again
Does anyone test Apps anymore?
App does not accept contact info changes if policy holder birthdate(s) missing. (birth year shows 2038). Customer cannot enter correct birthdate via app. Have to call support and through 5 minutes of recording before reaching a human, who can then enter birthdate. AGGRAVATING!!!
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5 years ago, Leged 1
Poorly designed!!!
You can not upload documentation's like receipts directly to the app after opening a claim on the app. You would think they would allow you to upload receipts to the app so while paying for out of pocket expenses you can upload the receipts immediately while traveling. This would be the fastest and most convenient. Instead you have to upload everything from a computer.
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6 years ago, MyBigFatMouth
Travel Smart app is soooo smart!
This app makes travel so smart! First of all, it is a snap to keep track of your insurance policy! It’s so simple to make a claim. It’s also easy to find medical attention wherever you are in the world. I’d recommend this app and also getting an insurance policy too!
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6 years ago, Lee Abbamonte
Allianz Global Ambassador
The streamlined process for making claims and receiving payments on the updated app are fantastic. I always say I hope I never have to file a claim but if I do it's nice to know it'll be fast, easy and I'll receive payment quickly by direct deposit.
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2 years ago, Riche W
Easy to use
It was nice that right after I purchased my two policies online they were added to my app immediately. Didn’t have to do anything extra,.
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1 year ago, RunFitz
Comprehensive easy to use app!
TravelSmart is easy to use and effortlessly keeps track of travel insurance coverage even when purchased on multiple platforms. Very impressed with the app.
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4 years ago, Awful and hard to use
Not impressed
This app is on both my Iphone and IPad and they do not connect/update on both once info is entered. Seems odd since P/W and email are same on both. Also I have had to enter multiple times, save and next time put it all in again. What gives??? I also have tried 8 times to submit this review with great difficulty.
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6 years ago, mastsm
Difficulty creating an account
I, too, had difficulty creating an account. The app kept quiting. Solved it by creating an account using my MacBook. Was then able to sign in using my phone, and it looks like it will be useful to have. They need to fix that problem, however.
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6 years ago, Casual global traveler
Solid app with some good features
I really like the flight stats and being able to see what's in my policy. This is my first time getting travel insurance so this app has helped me see what I could do with it. Hope more features are added soon like maybe more notifications
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2 years ago, maumau92
Helpful during COVID
I’m traveling for the first time and this helps alleviate any anxiety I have - especially in another country. This app has all my documents ready, and it’s helpful to have them on my phone.
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2 years ago, D Ricki
Easy and Convenient
This app is so easy to use and super convenient to pull up on your phone to access critical information all in one place! Highly recommend
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3 years ago, Jilzklsa
Very easy to navigate. I downloaded this app today but by using the same email as I have previously used over the phone, it had all of my past travels documented. Definitely recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Cbo22j
Great travel app
Improvements to this app have made it really useful for travel. Flight updates, medication dictionary and the ability to file a claim within the app are my best features. For emergencies abroad this is a solid app to add to your phone.
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3 years ago, zholz
Works nicely, provides peace of mind
Just purchased a travel insurance policy for an upcoming road trip, and it nice to see how seamlessly the app pulls in your policy. Everything works well, it’s fast, and seems to provide all the tools we’ll need for the trip.
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6 years ago, Musicman214ce
Very simple
This is by far the easiest, most user friendly travel app I’ve used so far. I buy an annual travel policy from Allianz every year and use this app every time I travel. Lots of helpful information and consistent updates!
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4 years ago, ScottCPA
Great for managing your Allianz policies
This app makes it simple to access my Allianz travel policies. I also use it to track claims when I have travel issues. Allianz has been my go-to travel insurer for several years now and they have proven reliable when I need to file a travel claim.
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7 months ago, conrad0254
Easy access
No need to print out 45 pages when you can print a couple then save the policy on your phone.
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2 years ago, UM_berto
Satisfied Customer
Had to modify trip plans and extend coverage far beyond the original dates during the journey. Customer service rep was compassionate and understanding and assisted in doing what could not be done. No regrets.
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3 years ago, ParadiseTravelWausau
Amazing App
I am a travel advisor and always use travel insurance when traveling but have never used an app for it before, amazing app, has everything right at my fingertips. Nice to have a paper copy of a policy but the app is a nice add on also
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