Allstays Camp & RV - Road Maps

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111 MB
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Allstays LLC
Last update
11 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Allstays Camp & RV - Road Maps

4.58 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Trolley Molly
The best!
I discovered this app when we bought our little popup trailer in 2015. It has proved indispensable in so many ways - sometimes simply being able to see user-supplied photographs so we aren’t disappointed when we booked something that turns out to be more of a paved parking lot than a park. But it’s useful in very practical ways. We now have a class B van that’s almost 10 feet high. The other day, we decided to take it to a local park and have a picnic while some work was being done to our condo. As we were driving through Martinez, my husband suddenly said, “We go under a railroad bridge up ahead. I wonder if we’ll fit!“ I whipped out my phone, opened Allstays and within five seconds I had the answer that we had plenty of headroom. That’s a nice feature. When you open the app, it automatically defaults to your current location and displays all of the bridge heights around you. You don’t have to go looking for that particular overhead clearance filter. You open up your app, there’s a little blue location dot on the map, and you can look up ahead and say, “No problem. It’s a 13 foot headroom.“ They’re also quick and responding to new parks, changes, updates, etc. A new county park opened late fall near us and when I went over to Allstays, it was already listed.
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6 years ago, Backcountrymanusa
Amazing App
I have been using All Stays app for a few years now, and it’s always been top of the line. Some hiccups here and there, but they do try to keep updated and useful information on the camping spots. Being able to find so much info on campgrounds, camping stores (or ones that are great for RV’s and camping supplies and food, etc.), RV dealerships, low clearance areas, road grades, and more, all in one app is amazing. Sure some of the sites might be outdated, closed, charge more than app says (even if it says it’s free), or not exactly in right spot, but this is a great app to find what you need without searching the internet for 30 minutes figuring out what you need. (Try finding a NFS campsite on the NFS website when you have no cell service.) One addition that would be awesome is a “boondocking” section to the filter list, where people can submit a camping spot that might not be at an actual campground, Walmart or truck stop. That would be the cherry on top for the app.
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Just found this app and LOVE it. This is the best way to see all possibilities of where to camp or RV when planning a trip in a certain area or specific route. I found places I didn’t know existed, because they are private, run/managed by a county or city instead os State Parks or Forest Service. I love the brief, but thorough descriptions, but then a link to website if you want to look further into the place. The only thing that would make it better is if there would be a way to add to favorites and write my own notes for reference (not for public view), such as best sites for my family’s needs,etc. We camp in a converted schoolbus, as my husband is a full time wheelchair user and he uses the lift in the bus, so I am always trolling the campgrounds when we are there and taking note of the sites that would work for our set up and wheelchair. Would love to just note those right in the app. Also, would like quick glance on those places that have RV restrictions, such as “no older than 10 years” or “no converted school busses”!
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5 years ago, MsSunnieK
Best Camp Guide Ever
We’ve used the Allstays App for 5 years now and it’s been a life line for us! We full-time travel in a motorhome-home is where we park-so knowing where to stop is crucial. We do most of our travels and stops as we go, not much planning. Ya know, you got us thru Yellowstone National Park, much of Wyoming and much of Montana last summer during the busiest tourist season ever! Seriously, you’ve gotten us around the US a few times now! Allstays has helped us find the best places to camp even if it was a Walmart. The outline or synopsis of each place helps tremendously with details as hookups, length of rig, pullthrus, etc. I like being able to see the reviews, hadnmt found them in the past. I’m adjusting to the new format-really liked the original so still adjusting. Very pleased. Absolutely the best App for our lifestyle. Thank You. ❤️. p.s. we share this app with everybody!
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5 years ago, ArnellTheBlaster
Must have for RV’er, camper, or traveler…
Must have for RV’er, camper, or traveler. There are so many resources available on this app that anyone traveling can find useful. I personally use this for RV’ing/Camping and use it for planning purposes. I can find all sorts of camping locations from private to government locations. To supplement my planning, I can find potential rest stops, gas stations, and most importantly potential hill grades and low bridges since I tow a travel trailer. The application is intuitive to use and many filters to help keep the maps clean and easy to read. I use this primarily on my iPad for planning on iPhone when traveling. The campsite reviews are good, but I don’t know necessarily where the reviews are from AllStays or from another source. I use other site reviews once I find a location on this app. I would highly recommend this application.
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6 years ago, Smlnjack
Best tool ever for planning and traveling
This app is the best thing since sliced bread. With the many filters it’s possible find the kind of campground that suits you and to plan routes keeping you and your rig safe. The bridges filter is the best! Why waste time planning a scenic route only to find out the bridge you’re approaching is 12’ but your rig is 12’-6”, with no easy way to turn around. Turn on the filters and plan your route, just that easy. Most of the sites listed in Allstays have hyperlinks that bring you to the reservation page of that campground. Take your time and learn the app, it’s worth the effort. Between Allstays and a good quality RV GPS, I wouldn’t leave home without it. ps. Never depend on your cell phones as a GPS. Bite the bullet and get yourself a good RV GPS and use Allstays for all the planning.
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1 year ago, Mathymatical
Had the App Forever
UPDATE. . Jenny from Allstays got in touch woth me immediately and helped me resolve the issue. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this type of support. Thank you for caring about your loyal users! Originally purchased the app in 2013! One of my all time favorite apps! I have had the app for many years and paid a one time fee. I thought we were grandfathered in and don't need to subscribe at an annual fee rate. I can't seem to get past the subscribe page. What is going on? This has been my favorite app but I do not want to be forced to pay annually. I would normally give you 5 stars but fix the glitch and I will modify my star rating. I have sent an email
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4 years ago, Lilhcnyl
Almost Perfect
We have used this app a LOT from the moment we purchased our very first camper two years ago, and it has been extremely useful. I really don’t have any complaints about what it DOES offer, but rather a suggestion for what it doesn’t. We pulled our camper up through Colorado last weekend through a snowstorm. By the time we made it to our destination our camper was covered in thick layers of mud and ice. The ice has all melted, but the camper is still very muddy. I looked into having someone come to the park and wash it for us but, good grief, $450?!? This app is seriously missing out on a big part of RV’ing. It really needs to also show locations of car washes that have high bays and big parking lots so that RV’ers know where they can take their mobile living quarters to wash them themselves. That particular feature would be MOST helpful!
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1 year ago, CJC and Mel on Wheels
Going downhill fast
I purchased the app a few years ago and used it daily as a full time camper. Loved it! It was my go to app for finding campgrounds as we moved across the country. One day I opened the app to find that they changed to a subscription service and I was locked out even though I purchased the app a few years prior. I panicked because I needed campground information. I emailed customer service and they reinstated my membership after a couple of days. That’s all fine and good I was once again a happy camper. But now, with all their tweaking, they’ve made the app unusable. When you enter a town or campground in the search bar NOTHING happens. I have tried different towns, states and campgrounds and different spellings of every option and not a dang thing happens. I updated the app to see if that would help and nope! So I powered down my phone and restarted it. Still nothing! Then I decided to delete the app and reinstall in - even though I was afraid it would delete my paid membership again - after doing that I powered down my phone again. I then opened the app thinking surely that would have fixed it.. NO STILL CANT SEARCH ANYTHING IN THIS APP!! I miss the old tried and true app that got me from point A to point B and everywhere in between. Now it’s a nonfunctional hot mess of an app whose “fixes” only make things worse. I want the old ALLSTAYS app back.
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3 years ago, Gardoglee
Much better than several other apps put together
I’ve only had this app for a short time, about two weeks, during which we’ve been on the road in a newly acquired 40’ Class A. During that time, it has been very useful, giving much more useful information than the several “free” apps that I had used previously, put together. There are enough filters and variations that it is taking me a while to learn how to fully use it, so you may also have a bit of learning curve. Despite that, I was right away able to find several things we needed, like dump stations and “where to stop NOW” when a storm hit us unexpectedly. We like it enough, we are now adding it to additional devices, like my wife’s phone and a tablet.
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12 months ago, Rhino100
2 more things needed
To be clear, Allstays in by far my #1 go to app to searching and locating campgrounds. We are on the road 6 to 8 months per year. Sometimes with very specific well planned itineraries other time we just wing it. 2 things to improve the user experience: 1. In the search bar, one should be able to enter a park name rather than a specific city, state to search a location. Many times a person knows the park name but not the nearest city. 2. It would be beneficial for the app to include a user reported cell phone reception/coverage, for specific park locations. This will be of great assistance for those who are digital nomads, working from the great outdoors.
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7 years ago, Steve Goppert
Wouldn't go on a trip without it.
We started long RV trips a couple of years ago. To help us find places to stay we downloaded this ap. We absolutely count on it. Everything from NPS to private camps is listed. We have found so many great places to stay. We particularly like out of the way places. Found many wonderful places to stay. The information on each camp is accurate and thorough. If we need a reservation there links to the park website and a phone number. This includes the US national reservation system, state parks and more. My only wish is more people would leave comments on the places listed. The comments are most useful. We have fond places to avoid as well as good places.
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3 years ago, TexasCindy07
Great App that helps us see the US
We sold our home in August 2019 and bought a fifth wheel to explore the US. The Allstays App was highly recommended so we got the App and have never looked back! We cannot imagine how we would have done all that we have done and found the places to stay and discovered all that we have without the help of this wonderful App. We love the filtering system and how it is so interactive as you move the map around. We depend highly on the reviews especially since we have a 43 ft toy hauler we need to know if there are places that would be difficult to get into or a place that is not taken care of. We recommend this App to everyone!
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1 year ago, still unhappy2
Go to app
We’ve been using this app for at least 10 yrs. on cross country camping en route to visit kids and grand kids. If we’re trying to make time, my wife will find rest areas to stop overnight with our camper van. If we’re exploring, she’ll find a campground down the road using AllStays. We can filter and just look at state parks or county parks that don’t require too much detour. However if we want to schedule our route around national parks that’s easy too. Same with independent parks, national forests, BLM land, etc. The Walmart and Cracker Barrel feature is great too. It’s updated regularly. Couldn’t be more pleased. We always recommend it to friends who are new to van/RV/camping travel.
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6 years ago, JD of AZ
Vital for Fulltimer
We love this app! We take our big plan and develop the details so simply using Allstays. Look about 200 miles ahead. Then expand the area, find campgrounds. Quickly evaluate the possibilities- hookups, big rig friendly, etc. Immediately look at satellite Google earth...zoom in, does that park appear appropriate for your rig? Maybe...then BAM! Click for website. Click for pictures of the area. Click for reviews. Click to call. Now, rinse and repeat for the next leg of your journey. Done? Not quite... Remember to review your route for bridge heights to keep those a/c units on your big rig where they belong! Allstays Camp and RV simplifies our full time lifestyle. Absolutely our favorite rv app on the phone! ~ ~ JD
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6 years ago, bigolrollinturd
need to be able to favorite locations!
compiled informtion and campgrounds is useful but not 100% reliable, app said there were rest areas in two locations now that are not there, also when planning a trip it is incredibly frustrating to not be able to mark or favorite locations, we had to screenshot all of them or write them down, i think it could be better for the price. all reviews or images are just converted to a web search which is also annoying as it’s not very reliable i do like the app and it is very useful when looking for a dump station and in particular walmart’s which we decided to stay at most of them time as RV parks are a rip and your always crammed together over all a good app but needs improvement.
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6 years ago, Longboard
Used many times, accurate information
This is a wonderful app for planning RV trips and for finding places to stay when you are already on the road. We have found the information to be completely accurate. I appreciate the comments that people can leave about specific campgrounds or boon-docking sites. We stayed in a Cracker Barrel parking lot last year for our first time boon-docking on our way to our final destination in Florida. There were specific instructions on where to pull in and where to park for the night. It was great information! Everyone using this app knows how difficult it is to turn around your rig, especially in a smallish parking lot. We appreciate the app!
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1 year ago, @8pvs
All stays
I’m very disappointed that this has gone to a pay-subscription service. I’ve used All stays for many years and thot it was great. I’ve always told my hosts that I found them via this app as a way to advertise for them to continue and/or begin using your app. Years of loyalty have now been rewarded by a slap in the face without considering “grandfathering “ in long-term users. Oh, well, there are other applications out there. Even if a fee is charged I will know on the front end. After a response from the developer and a reinstall of the app, I’m changing my review to 5 stars. I appreciate the rapid response and solution provided by the developer.
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5 years ago, Big Bounder
Great Resource
I purchased this app for planning an extended motorhome trip which we just completed. It more than paid for itself just by provided easy over night alternatives to expensive RV parks. When we had to change plans, I had all important info right at my fingertips, including repair shops, refueling places and prices, free/cheap places to stay, nice places to stay, shopping, etc. When our GPS chose to go loco, I simply followed my All Stay maps and never went wrong. My only complaint is that conditions on secondary roads aren't specified as they are on the major routes. That info lets us know which routes are best avoided in a motor-coach. I highly recommend this app.
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5 months ago, MeadowManNY
App used to have excellent support
Unfortunately, no longer. Almost a year ago I reported a bug - they had a link to search for reviews on the web that did not work. The support person who replied to my email about it said they were working on as she wrote. Many updates later it was still not working, and the basically gave the same response. It is now “fixed” in the latest update. What was the fix? They deleted the feature! The main thing I liked about the app was you could still search for campgrounds without an internet connection. At the time I started using the app I did not have a smartphone, so often had no internet connection when not at a campground or place with public wifi. Now that I can get internet connection virtually anywhere, the only real advantage to this app is now gone.
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1 year ago, valntyn
What happened
I have used this app since 2011 or a bit later. We loved it until the last few months. I had to pay an annual fee recently but I felt it was worth it but then something changed. I can no longer go to the bottom of the Rv park and do the web review. It kicks me to an error on google and that’s it. Since I use DuckDuckGo I thought well I will have to use google but same problem. I realize you have the little review in the upper part of the app but that is worthless because it doesn’t include all the reviews from the web. So now I pay you to search for a park but I get less than when it was free. I need two phones to do my due diligence. So what was a five star app is now a 3 star app. Good job techies!
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4 years ago, anime-mistress
Perfect for healthcare traveling
I’ve been using this app to travel to my assignments for a few years now. About the paid version because I liked the free version. Best investment ever! I can always look ahead while talking to my agent to see if there are any RV parks in the area that I am being offered. With this app I can also find private RV parks, routes with low bridges, plan my stops along the way and stay away from crazy inclines. This app is extremely easy to use and very beautifully done. If you find a bit of information that’s not there, it’s easy to shoot an email through the app so they can add it for the next update!!
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6 years ago, LIKEwhatUdo_DOwhatUlike
We used this app exclusively on a 2 month trek across the country. We did not have a plan or reservations (before hand) anywhere, but we always found a campground to stay in thanks to this app. We stayed at a lot of 1st come 1st serve campgrounds, but we were able to make reservations on the fly through this app. Tons of useful info and links. Hint: mileage between 2 points is by the crow fly & not by roads. Use your GPS for exact mileage. I actually never use the search feature, so I can’t tell you if that’s an issue. I just use the map to scroll then pinch & zoom. Also, buy a Rand McNally atlas & follow the green dots! Happy Trails!
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3 years ago, Possumhead30
Worth the money
So I’m currently on a big cross country trip right now and this app paid for itself the first day I used it. It found all the small camp grounds that weren’t showing up on other apps, and found some beautiful places to stay for as little as $25 a night with full hookups. Was able to call and visit the website right from the app, as well as send directions straight to Apple Maps. Only thing I wish I could do was put the route I want to travel for the whole trip and see just the places along that route. No regrets with the download though.
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6 years ago, Alaskanhuskie2
Awesome Camping Search App
I love this app for looking for campsite. A lot of the data is built into the app so even if you lose cell service you can still look for places close by and even still get the info on the place like GPS coordinates or phone numbers. There is much more to this app but it is very well designed and easy to use. I do wish something could be done able the limited zoom area size if too many things being shown. A grouping of the items would be nice and then expands out as you zoom in. But over all this is my primary Camping planning app.
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1 year ago, Nhleen
App WAS great.
As full time RVers, we’ve relied on this app for everything from campgrounds to propane, overnights, and more. I am actually incredibly sad to have to write this new review…but since the app moved to a subscription model, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall it seversl times a month. It simply doesn’t remember we are subscribers. Support hasn’t been able to offer a resl fix, and it’s now to the point that I cannot rely on using it without a signal for this uninstall/reinstall “solution”. Given one of the best features of AllStays was its off-line use, I can’t recommend this until the issue is fixed. Please, AllStays, make this work for long time users whom you “grandfathered” in.
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5 years ago, The Pap-Man
Very useful. Could be better
This is a very useful app. I also use Alston’s Pro online. The only minor complaint I have is the map scaling. As one zooms in and out the scaling changes, as you’d expect,but the highway identifiers are lost so it can be hard to follow a highway to a destination, choosing sites along the way. One has to try and remember physical changes such as bends or geographic features to know what road you’re following. I suspect that the road identifiers are imported from a commercial database and the developer has no control over where they are located. As it is, if you zoom in to find a campground you’ll lose the highway identifier and you’ll have to zoom back out to see it.
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7 years ago, MadMax2025
Search field issues and no help
When I type a city or name into the search engine and select "done" as the instructions state. All it does is clear the search field. I can manually select an area and scroll around. But the search field isn't working for me. Tried watching the tutorial video and also the FAQs. Did everything as directed and no luck. Still just clears my search field and won't search. Tried searching numerous cities. Even tried centering it on my current location and searching for that city and state. Again, no luck. When I click "done" the search field clears and states "cannot find location" If there is any help out there I'd appreciate it very much. I'm an avid Airstreamer and camper. This app seems to hold a lot of promise but so far not much luck for my $9.99
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10 months ago, AJH_2002
Robust. Room for Improvement.
Allstays is hands-down THE most robust RV app for (finding) campgrounds. I only have two requests: 1) The “All Ages” filter should only apply to campgrounds that always allow kids. If a campground doesn’t allow kids during the peak season (when it’s hard to find sites), then that filter is not very useful. It’s easy to find sites during the off-season, whether someone has kids or not. 2) The “Big Rig” filter is vague. Is that tied to a specific RV/site length, or is it a simple question posed to campground owners? It would be better to have more specific filters for RV/site lengths.
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6 years ago, Milehi52
Very Kind and Caring Staff
Not only is this a great location, the staff was fantastic. My hubby was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. The staff was very accommodating, moving the reservation for other campers so I could remain in the space. They filled our propane tanks, offered to get dinner for me and assist in any way possible. They were all very caring and compassionate. Now, for the campground.... it’s conveniently located by a major highway, but we heard very little road noise. They have a fabulous shuttle to the DC Mall, that was well worth the price and cheaper than taking public transportation. We will definitely stay here the next time we visit the DC area.
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1 year ago, Cadilacrich
Absolute Necessity
This app rocks. So much useful, up to date, accurate information. I bought it to RV, but just finished a tiny house on wheels which i needed to tow 1000 miles to its final home, and i didn't need to look further than this app. The tools provided are invaluable for trip planning. The low clearance information alone gave me so much peace of mind. Knowing in advance if a Rest Area was day use only was huge. The app is also very straightforward to use - which, as a heavy web app user, I appreciate very much. Quick, informative, and efficient.
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1 year ago, E.Phyde
Grandfathered? Right!?
***UPDATE AllStays reached out to me and resolved my grandfathered issues. Kudos to them! I have since updated my rating as the app is so helpful to me when traveling throughout the US and Canada. I’ve been using this app for years and absolutely love it and now, unfortunately, I’m locked out due to the new fees. I’m not certain if I’ll pay the new fee when there are many other options available. I realize I’m only one customer and won’t likely affect you, but disappointed none the less. It’s been a good ride. Thanks.
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7 years ago, ClassC_RV
Pretty Good Asset
This APP is a pretty good asset to have if your planning on doing any traveling. Has information on many sites to stay at and includes Websites and phone numbers, directions and GPS coordinates to name a few. Only thing though, you might want to consider, is if your planning or wanting to spend a night at a business like Walmart, “Call” first to make sure it’s allowed. Even though some of them are listed as being OK to stay at, I’ve found myself pulling into the parking lot only to find that they are plastered with “No RV Overnight Parking” signs all over the place.
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5 years ago, MotoCamper
Very Confusing
I am using an iPad mini 4. In filters, I chose Thousand Trails, and Good Same. When I go tothe map, nothing shows. I can zoom all the way in or all the way out with all points in between. Nothing shows. I know there are several TT campgrounds and many Good Sam campgrounds but not a single one shows. And NOTHING else is chosen in filters. Not very useful to find a campground., Today, I ONLY checked Thousand Trails and if I zoomed in enough, it showed the two campgrounds in Ohio. I then added Low Clearance, went back to the map, and NOTHING showed. Very cumbersome to use and not very helpful. I did get a comment from APP support. Basically YADA YADA YADA try only one filter at a time. By clicking TT AND Low Pass, it will ONLY show TT that are ALSO Low Pass. How freakin useless is that? So, it gets a 1 for useful only because nothing lower is allowed.
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7 years ago, Judbmw
It’s number ONE because it’s the best.
I have used this travel app for several years and it just gets better all the time. I’ve used any number of apps for travel,amd none come close to the complete coverage for anyone Camping. Number of parks, special filters, regular updates and new features added make the the number one travel app. I have spent a few bucks buying others travel apps to compare with Allstays from time to time. Don’t waste your money on them. This one app covers it all. Yes, it’s pricey as apps go. Think of it as an investment in peace of mind.
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5 years ago, Fxhgd
Lost Info in Upgrade
I am not happy with the new upgrade. Previously, the information window for RV parks and campgrounds would tell me size limits, if big rig friendly, and number of sites. That’s gone now, along with quick driving directions. Instead now I have to opt through the information window for a website or review site. Try that at 1 bar and 1x cell access and no internet. Good luck! I’ve had to lower my 5 star rating to 2 stars. We’ve used Camp & RV since forever, and I am SO disappointed in this change. New review: Why did you remove info on how many rv/truck parking sites available in a rest area? Now we don’t know if we can exit or not! Some rest areas are not suitable for our 40’ motorhome. I want my old Camp & RV app back!!!
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2 years ago, cbadland
Very useful. Need to find a way to make filters stick
I purchased this app a few months back and made great use of it on a 3 week camping trip. (Smart to move to subscription. And kudos for grandfathering in those who paid for the app). My only complaint is the filters do not stick. I’ll have it set to just show state parks, Army Corp and National Parks. After a brief time (with the app still open) ALL the filtered-out items will pop back up. Then I have to reset the filters to make any sense of what the map shows. Other than that one issue, very useful and easy to use rv/camping app.
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1 year ago, bdgdufj
Love it!
I, so far have used it only to go places I am somewhat familiar with but it is spot on. I am planning on using it significantly in the near future. So far it has been excellent! Update, with the new policy the app is unusable to me. I purchased it in the beginning. They switch the policy, said I was grandfathered in, but that was a lie. I have deleted the app. I will not use yours apps ever again! Update: I was contacted by the developer and was instructed to remove the app and then reinstall the app. Everything works flawlessly now! Thank you so much!!
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7 years ago, Udfreyguy
How much????
A friend recommended this app. I was flabbergasted at the price! $10! What the heck!? Does it make my bed for me? The answer is no. But after a few others told me I spend a ton more money on other stupid stuff, I forked over the cash. Boy was I an idiot.....for not doing it sooner!!!! Tons of useful info, and waaay easier than using google maps to find stuff. It's all right there! Everything us camper-folk need! Now I've drank the koolaid and can't recommend it enough. And he is super responsive to emails suggesting updates. We can make it better if we let them know.
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5 years ago, Awesome app for camping/RVing
Best app ever! Just needs some minor tweaks.
This is my favorite app. We’re full time RVers and when you’re on the road you can follow your path in this app. Better than the map apps for that by far. You can view everything along the way including RV parks, state and national campgrounds, places to dry camp, dump stations, Walmarts, and so much more. Also shows steep grades and low clearances. I use it many times a day. LOVE IT!! Wish I could highlight favorite campgrounds with personal notes attached. Also noticed campgrounds missing from the app but that should resolve itself in time as new ones get added. Well worth the $9.99 I paid for it!!
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6 years ago, RVFulltimer
Terrific Customer Support
After downloading this App I had problems the first time I updated. I emailed customer support and got an immediate response. After swapping emails several times I was able to correct the problem and now have it working great. As a full time RVer this app is wonderful for finding campgrounds whereever we are. This is the 2nd time I've rated this app and my opinion hasn't changed. It's great and it will be one of the 1st I download when my IPAD arrives. After 10 years on the road in our RV this app is still the best one and the one I use all the time.
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6 years ago, New Roadies
New Roadies
We use this app exclusively to plan our stops and to choose campgrounds or places to stay overnight. Have been on the road for four months and haven't referred to anything else. Love the way filters can be used to narrow down to exclude or include what and where we want. Would like to see more reviews, but people like us are going to have to take the time to post them! We're as guilty as a lot of other people about not doing that, so perhaps a prompt in the program that asks "Where did you stay?...How did you like it?..." Could be 'accepted' or 'remind me later...' Or 'no thanks'. All around, it's worth
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2 years ago, TroutZ500
Over the last several years now, Allstays has proven to be an important source of information for planning RV trips, and also for those times when plans change. The ability to quickly check out the basic info, and then tap into a campground website is really helpful. And also to be able to review routes with steep road grades or low bridges is an important heads up. There is a wealth of information compiled into this app. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, NotAnApp junkie
Must have app
For any RVer. I love being able to search on the map and then click to pop up information on a specific campground. It suits the way we plan. Also really appreciate the addition of low clearance and rest stops plus BLM. After 3 years of almost full time I’ve only found the app to have inaccurate information 1 time. AllStays developers! The improvements I’d like to see are to be able to save a trip and mark favorites for the trip. Plus it would be fantastic if you could integrate harvest host locations!
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3 years ago, Caitriona Page
Painfully outdated
It’s a great reference app. But that’s it. Aside from the bridge heights and tunnels, nothing you can’t find on Google Maps. Why does it include Costco and REI? If the point is to find places to stay for the night, why list a bunch of stores? But then not list useful things like fitness clubs? You know… like Planet Fitness since if you’re looking for a rest stop to sleep at, you’re probably also looking for a shower. And then there’s adding comments. I don’t think I could come up with a less efficient way aside from literally posting a letter in the mail. It’s really no surprise most of the places listed have zero reviews. If you’re actively discouraging people from leaving a review, then what use is the app? I find myself only ever using the app to see a list of Cracker Barrels, Wal-Marts, and rest areas so I know where on Google Maps I should be looking. Otherwise it’s a useless app at this point. Might have been useful 5 years ago, but there are so many better apps now.
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3 years ago, MoHoRV
Great, but iOS version needs refinement
Hi. I do like the app but .... This is my first year of RVing so I subscribe to multiple apps. I submit reviews so people can benefit from feedback. I need data on the move so typically limit my reviews to these websites. The problem is that I always submit from my phone and my starting point is always a copy/paste - and the current iOS app does not let me do that. It flashes the paste link but goes to the verification part of the screen before I can paste. It’s too much of an ask to expect a retype of my narrative. But otherwise, love the app
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10 months ago, Smd1971619
Changed terms. Lifetime use limited
I purchased the full lifetime use of the app in 2020 but my lifetime use has ‘expired’ and I now need to pay more to use simple features like the filter. I would not pay for this app as the service will expire and they will ask for your money again. I reached out via email to their support and they’ve continued to ignore me. I have an email chain that I resend every few weeks and they have never replied. I commented once on the App Store and they provided a canned reply that they are sorry for any issues and will reach out to resolve, but that was just so anyone reading the review would think they cared and were working to resolve….but they don’t care and they haven’t reached out and this is not resolved.
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5 years ago, okeedokee457OK
Extremely limited for a pay for app
I found this App very limited and not worth the money. -Their search was cumbersome with no going back. To start a new search I had to exit then re-enter the app. -There are no settings -Have to set filters every time -The reviews of places on the map on the app were few to non-existent -No direction were provided in the app itself, however, it did send you to other mapping apps -We traveled the southeastern US from New Orleans, LA to Washington, DC and back by a different route for two weeks. We stopped at many campgrounds along our route. I bought this to help find campgrounds. I was extremely disappointed. This app didn’t show most of the campgrounds where we stayed. This app didn’t have information on so many campgrounds. Very, very disappointing. -This app worked well, not great, at finding truck stops that were RV friendly. It did not help us to find regular gas stations that were RV friendly. -The only restaurants it showed were Cracker Barrel’s. Not all of these are easy access or friendly. They also are monotonous.
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4 years ago, weekapog
Great App. Could be Much Better
AllStays is the best RV and campground app on the market today, as their campground dataset is unparalleled in terms of scope and accuracy. That said, there are a few features missing from the app that, if added, would make it incredibly more useful. 1) The ability to favorite/star/shortlist campgrounds and filter the display to only show your favorite campgrounds. 2) The ability to keep personal notes on a campground (e.g. things to remember from your experience, best sites in your opinion, etc.). 3) The ability to save search criteria (area of country and filters). I hope the AllStays developers can implement some or all of the above features in the app soon. Also: if the app could save its state each time it is no longer the active app, that would be great. I can’t tell you how many times I have switched to another app (e.g. to check the website of a campground) only to return to the AllStays app and have to re-input all of the search criteria needed to plan a camping trip.
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4 years ago, AWizeguy
Best RV travel app ever
We have been using AllStays now for over 5 years. My wife uses it to find travel stops while we are driving down the road as well as campgrounds, Walmart’s, SAMS all the types of info you need. We have a class A diesel and this app shows you Loves, Petro, basically all the truck stops or just gas stations as well. Campground’s, links to campground websites that are current are easy to find. Zoom capability is great. If you are new or a seasoned camper this is hands down a great app to have. Good luck and safe travels out there.
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