Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

4.7 (2.6M)
269.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

4.71 out of 5
2.6M Ratings
2 years ago, Alien Dope
Post Punk Leaning Toward Ypslilanti
Terms of misunderstanding have lead me to believe that the promiscuous and, hence, tartish behavior of my musical choices have left my mate in an otherwise undesirable, yet, highly agitated mood. Obviously, I was “highly agitated” when most of the music was introduced to me, but on further inspection it has left me wonton and without sexual congress. Due to the nature of my audiophilic needs and the various oppositions displayed by my congenital needs, I feel torn. And not the good kind, mind you. Several people have engaged in conversation about my auditory pleasures and the amount of emphasis I place on hardcore musics from the 1980s. She, my wife this time, finds it “shouts” in her words, angry. I lust for the dramatic push and pull of life’s rigorous and salacious moments, when men against men and women pitted against them, enthralled us all and our deceits were left unchallenged only to be rebuked in a pit of fear, confusion and eventual, demise... Fated to no one except our needs, hopes and, yes, desires. How I wish this service fulfilled all that, but, yeh, it is my own memory that binds my kismet. I will challenge it, for tonight, I listen.
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3 months ago, wfletch67
What’s to like
Aside from the way the song selection is done or how it plays random songs during the playlist, the app is horrible. Sometimes it will get stuck on one song and you have to close the app and come back in (choosing a different playlist doesn’t matter). Or it will stop playing for no reason and you have to hit play again. Then there’s the hour or so time limit to ask you if you’d like to continue. You can’t continue from your watch or from the Lock Screen on the phone. You have to go into the app and press play. The timer even includes if you are on a call. If you have more than 50 songs in the playlist, it will only play the same 10-15 songs and then start randomly playing other songs. Although the random isn’t really random, either of your playlist or of songs outside the playlist. When it starts to play the random songs outside the playlist, 9/10 it will start with the same song. If it isn’t that one, it is usually it starts with the second song and then it will play the first one. Beyond that, I don’t know because I never get past the one or two random songs it chooses. I just change to one of my other playlists. The music is free with Prime within the limits, but it is a chore for sure. I doubt paying $10/mo for Unlimited would change the behavior of the app, but I’m not willing to try. I could buy lots of songs over time for $10/mo, which I need to make time for and just play songs that I own and can control.
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2 years ago, NY2CHI
Annoying glitch when you delete songs
I love this app generally, but I recently deleted my downloaded songs and now it’s annoying and almost unusable. I now get this pop-up screen that tells me to “redownload missing songs”. It seemingly gives you two options: to redownload or to “start fresh.” Since I deleted the downloaded songs for a reason, I choose “start fresh”…whatever that means. It then goes to a processing screen that says it’s performing the necessary updates to my music library, which can take anywhere from 2 seconds to INFINITY. I have a range of times for this process because THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I START THE APP. So, instead of updating the library or “starting fresh” it seems to now be a new annoying startup glitch. Sometimes the glitch cycles for a super long time, so I have to restart the app and hope the next glitch is shorter. BUT WAIT THERES MORE: when I finally do get to play my music, there’s ANOTHER new glitch. If I try to stream one of the formerly downloaded songs, it shows an error screen: “song not found”, with the options to “redownload missing songs” or “start fresh”. At least it will stream the song that it can’t be found, even as it pressures me to redownload. I don’t want to redownload. I just want to stream music on my preferred music app. If this keeps up, it won’t be my preferred app for long….
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2 years ago, 356764647886434544
DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! Read first
Went from imo a good music app. Good enough to pay for prime, now useless….unless of course you’d like to PAY MORE FOR UNLIMITED . Now you wont be able to listen to the album you want without paying more!!! Try and listen to one of your downloaded albums….nope they will now shuffle that with what they consider “other similar music”, and you can’t turn off the shuffle and you definitely cant just listen to just the music or songs you want. unless…’d like to PAY MORE FOR UNLIMITED. amazing how much they have screwed up the app all in one shot. Its infuriating to use now….I use it on my commute and for our daughter at bedtime or was anyway. Now, it’s impossible to get the music your looking for with out giving your full attention, don't hit the skip because you cant go back any more unless you would like to PAY FOR UNLIMITED . Liked that song….. your daughter wants to listen to is again… bad. You’ll have to close the app open it search the song and guess at what other song you should pick because it refuses to play the song you want unless of course you’d like to PAY FOR UNLIMITED. So now it’s basically a radio that shuts off every few songs until you stop riding or driving or what ever you were doing to grab your phone to tell it yes you’re still listening, but good news is you won’t have to do that if you would LIKE TO PAY FOR UNLIMITED.
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2 years ago, Gootang
Navigation is useless!!
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to stay off the freakin home page! It's like every button opens a wormhole in space straight to the landing page; every other arrow - pointing back, up, down, doesn't matter - and i'm on the start page again... I assume you guys want me to buy albums, sure, but you gotta get your layer navigation act together or i'm gonna end up throwing my phone in a lake. EDIT: Just getting worse and worse with updates; about a year ago, the app forgot how to shuffle, or even that it was set on shuffle. After the last update, i get to watch the rainbowy logo fade to monochrome. Unfortunately, that’s all it does after that, just display a logo. A logo for an application that several years ago used to play music catalogued in a somewhat reasonable and readable fashion. Lately, not so much. Seems to have the same disease that a lot of things have these days - change purely for the sake of change. I understand that they have to get this app to work on many different form-factors and OS’s, a feat that grows daily, but it seems to be driving this app further and further from it’s original purpose. And if we can’t create a purely true random shuffle in binary yet - we need to assess our sciences and their validity. But if your algorithm can but just won’t - tsk, tsk.
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1 year ago, ACC34
Why? Just stop it with the unlimited extreme now
I love this app, great music but the new update is not cool, I can barely play any of the songs now that I like because it requires music unlimited. And now I have a limit in skipping songs really? It won’t even let me play a song I’m clicking on, for example I’m trying to click on a song but it changes it up to a to totally different one. And it says: this music is unlimited so we shuffled one close to it. This happened to almost every song. I know you are trying to make money, but this is just going to lower your rating. Hi I know what I said before but now it’s really on my nerves, I can’t play any song I like anymore twice. I add to my song list when it’s unlimited and I can’t even listen to it there. I really need you to change this up, just a few weeks ago I could play most of my favorite songs over an over again but now I can’t even get to them. Please just consider changing it you need unlimited stuff now for pretty much EVERYTHING and stupid stuff for like scrolling through songs. Just change it please. All of my favorite songs I can’t play anymore. This is seriously killing me I can’t do anything I get that there was a few unlimited songs but this is to much just stop it! Please what’s the point of the app if none of the fun songs are available.
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4 years ago, sassy4mp
This is the best for me....
This is by far the best music app I have ever used. Easy to use. Easy to search and find songs. Super simple to create or add to a playlist... I have a playlist for my 3 yo son, one for our dog during thunderstorms...((It may not reeeally help her but it makes 𝘮𝘦 feel like I am helping soothe her)). I really can’t think of a downside to this app. Love it. We have the unlimited so any song is instantly there and available to download. Amazing. We did have just the reg FREE version for years bc I refused to buy the unlimited bc . . . It may be a few dollars but I just felt like WHY?! Tho, now having it the unlimited, I feel it is 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 worth it. I am a music person so I wld have music playing 𝗅𝗈𝗎𝖽𝗅𝗒 in the house at alllll times if it didn’t drive the hubby nuts. My son is more like me so more n more we have music going and r having the best random dance parties! Still wish it was free/part of the Prime subscription but....maybe one day they will include it at the level of the unlimited!!
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6 months ago, Macccccx
After a song finishes it will not move on to the next song and just pause while on shuffle. I have to constantly remember to take the app off of repeat one song while on shuffle. If I unplug my phone from my truck to say go into the grocery or something even though the app hasn’t been closed and I get back to my truck and plug it into my phone it will automatically go on repeat. Fixable by taking it off repeat but it does it every time and it’s odd that the app thinks repeating the same song is a default. There has been 40 updates while experiencing these bugs. I honestly don’t think the updates do anything. And referring back to the top after a few minutes the app will pause after the end of a music and if I plug my phone back in it will default to repeat one. And also without fail after 5 songs exactly the song/artist will not match up with what’s being displayed on my phone screen. So there’s some things the need to work on. It’s quite irritating compounded by the fact there’s been at the minimum 40 or more updates in the years time these bugs have not been addressed. Music is my therapy and it’s starting to become a cause for therapy if they don’t get it together. They give you false hope with updates every week. I keep thinking this will be the one but no nada.
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4 years ago, Colbat King
Good but can be better
Good app but has a few annoying problems. They allow you to view most of your favorite music but the problem is, the unlimited music thing. You have to pay a small amount of money for hundreds of good songs. Mostly any good song is in the unlimited music part. It’s really annoying. Anyway you pay a small amount but over time it becomes a lot of money. It’s really bothering wand I wish they would stop the unlimited music thingy. But even if they wanted to keep it maybe take off a chunk of songs so we can have good music.( Developers this might get you more customers!) but in truth is an okay app. I would say go ahead but be warned a lot of songs are restricted so it’s quite annoying. Me and my friends have been really bothered and have started to go to other apps. I can’t though because I have an awesome dad who is watching out for me and let’s me use this app but I’m starting to get to the point where I’d rather have no music than this app. It’s getting on my nerves. People! Be WARNED!!! It could bug you Badly. But it’s a good app and if you want go ahead. I just can’t express how annoying this can be.
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1 year ago, Sergivs007
Overall, this application is very good and I only need I few little things here and there. For example, I would like the ability to have different fonts and, more importantly, a larger font size. The era of thin fonts should be over, as it is becoming increasingly hard to read the text on mobile devices. This especially makes sense when users want to read the lyrics. I would also love to see a way to better sort or exclude certain station genres. Finally, sometimes the lyrics do not properly display non-English characters, like accented letters. Update (January 2023): The application turned a sudden left turn. It became even worse than before. The user experience is so weird and overwhelming, that it's no longer fun using it. The annoying push for podcasts is just too much. When the application closes, there is no simple way to continue where you left off. It also just simply unloads if you briefly use a different app, such as Instagram or similar apps. Then you again have to opet the app and search for what you were listening and redo it all over again. Bad experience over all.
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5 years ago, Floody85
Possibly the most frustrating music app
I am currently subscribed to the unlimited and will be done with it for good after June is over. Short version; of you have prime then it’s included, great. Otherwise save your money. I like to listen to stations as it gives me a better variety; first off the variety of similar artists was soo off pace for the first few days I was pressing thumbs down more than I was anything else. These were stations I created and couldn’t believe there were algorithms out there saying they were similar artists, furthermore it would continually throw the same artists I thumbed down MULTIPLE Times in there with different songs that weren’t any better. Secondly and possibly even more frustrating is that when I paused a song and then would go to press play on that song 5-10 minutes later I would just get the “loading song” description and that’s it. I would then need to skip or push to the next song ,then press play again in order for it to start playing music. Lastly if I searched an artist and then created a station off of that artist I would notice that if paused that station and then resumed within 5-10 minutes it wouldn’t resume on the station it would resume on most previously searched artist.. free pandora is a better choice than the current state
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2 years ago, Susiqhou
Latest 2022 Update is awful
This used to be my favorite app by far. I play music all during my golf rounds to the enjoyment of everyone in the group. However, the latest update doesn’t work quite as well. And you can try to play a preview of a song and it will play a different song, or perhaps another artist altogether. This is so frustrating. Also, I have my own playlist and they’ve made them difficult to find. Then all of a sudden it kept saying I couldn’t skip through my own playlist songs. This is different from before. Said I maxed out on my allowed skips. That didn’t happen before. I don’t understand why something is working beautifully and you’re familiar with it then they go to change its’ functionality. Why fix something that’s not broken. Add positive features but don’t keep changing things. Update. Forgot to mention that on a recent update it also kept repeating a song over and over, and was still stuck on that song when I closed the app and reopened it. I attempted to play my list on shuffle like I always do. Somehow the functionality had changed. Not as happy as I used to be.
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3 years ago, osooooom
Maybe consider this
So, there is this one song that I love, but the artist isn’t putting it on. :( is there some way for me to put that song on their sccount or something? I am not going to search up how to hack because I don’t want to go to the “dark side” also, that would be plain disrespectfull. I’m just saying that I wish there was some way to add to artists albums and stuff, of corse it would have to be approved by the artsist of corse, and if they say no, they would be putting it into considerstion. Or, you could add a clean reviews pole. It would be a better way for artists to get feedback! Just please consider it. One last thing, it keeps delting songs from my playlist. Even though when i search it up on the app it shows up.. really annoying. And the reviews are being honest. It’s REALLLY glitchy. So ummmm, maybe just fix that as well! I’m not mad, promise, it’s just the fact that it is fairly glitchy. Also, i feel like maybe you should atleast have a variaty of wider songs, like Miss Wanna Die, the tiltle may sound bad but i want more than a music box version please. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Shaolins Own
I like but let’s talk
I’m subscribed to the unlimited edition (as well as a prime obv) where I paid for the year upfront for all the music you got. I’ve been using your app for about a year so far. You’re UI is solid, but there is so much clutter and overlap in your content/songs it makes the overall experience when searching for specific versions of an artists recordings stressful. You will find the same song on 9 different versions of albums some of which are legit and should be “duplicates” but it’s just your orchestration and layout is sloppy. I think using release date of said album for example as an organization method would be a really simple way to manipulate the data so it’s not so messy looking. Take Frank Sinatra’s artist results for example. When scrolling through the albums available, it’s all over the place. One of his major albums is like 7 or 8 rows down in the search results, while other single song albums or various versions are scattered in between and all over. Organize the results on your UI and I think it might be 4.5 star material. You lose a half star because while content is there in some way the price point is high for already prime subs.
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3 months ago, DragonValor8
App stopped playing music, also needs many fixes
(Comments apply to the desktop app for Mac/iOS) If you get your category tagging right and the app can consistently bring the user to the spot where they were before visiting an album page where the individual songs are located, you will have a world class app. Concerning the tagging, it is a total mess. If you have hundreds of albums there is no way to view the albums that reside within a specific genre. Also the assigning of albums to categories is almost arbitrary, not to mention there are sometimes multiple sub-categories that divide up a larger category. Concerning this latter, I am not opposed to this, but both the containing category and it’s component piece sub-categories have to make sense and applied completely throughout that genre and sub-genres. A very good example of the tagging problem is soundtracks. Even if we are only talking about the Soundtrack super category, only a minute fraction of the multiple hundreds of soundtracks that reside within “My Music” show up when I click the “Soundtracks” link on the app. The new wrinkle with this is that app on the desktop has just stopped playing music. I will need to debug this with hopes that it can be fixed.
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11 months ago, Hhcayvoi
I can’t believe I still pay for this service
This app is awful. They constantly update it and it never fixes things. The music gets super slow then speeds up at random. Songs are magically uninstalled from my phone. Sometimes I lose all my music and have to re-download everything. The Apple car play function is crap as well as you can never go through all your music and it only shows you the first few choices. Sometimes when you select music in Apple car play, it doesn’t even play it and you have to open the app on the phone to get it to play. Just awful. Will be cancelling my subscription soon. The most recent update makes the app almost unusable. I can’t even simply go to an artist and play all the songs under them. It stops after one and I have to select a new song. Can’t skip between them. It’s awful. Finally unsubscribing. Most recent update is awful. Why would you take away the ability to to sort each artist’s music by what you have saved/downloaded? Now we just have to sit there and listen to/skip all the songs we didn’t want from that artist? Start making improvements and not downgrades!
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1 year ago, mandykins0802
Terrible “upgrade”
This app went from 5 stars to 1 star overnight. I LOVED this app and used it every time I went running and also in the car. Now, I can’t stand it. My playlists are now useless - it used to shuffle through songs on my playlist, now I have to select each song individually and when that songs ends, I have to manually select another one. It’s so annoying to have to pick up my phone every 3 minutes to select a new song (which simply isn’t an option while running) from a playlist that used to just play through automatically. Also, even when I do select a specific song from my playlist, I only get that song half the time - sometimes it shuffles through “similar” songs. What’s the point of the playlist? It has also limited the number of skips you can use. This used to be the perfect app for me, I didn’t even mind having a more limited library if it meant being able to listen to the song I wanted when I wanted it. I’m already paying for a prime membership, so I don’t see why I need to pay more for the “unlimited” music. At this point, I’m choosing to pay for a different music subscription service just out of spite. Feels very bait and switch-y.
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2 years ago, CAS3000
Forced Shuffle
Even when this app offered a smaller overall library, what distinguished it from other music services was user CHOICE. Now in the name of simply being able to advertise “100 million songs” they’ve removed user choice and created a LESSER version of those competing music services. An additional X million songs is not a plus if they’re X million additional songs a user doesn’t want to hear. It just waters down the experience they actually want. The only people this is likely to please are those who want a generalized broadcast radio-like experience…and they’d likely find the free experience of services like Pandora superior in their execution. It’s incredibly frustrating to open an album in Prime Music, see the song one wants listed, click on it, and have the service go out of its way to play something else from the same album that wasn’t chosen. It’s like it’s going out of its way to punish its users. What is wrong with you that you won’t at least start a user’s experience with the selected song before forcing the unwanted shuffle on them?!?! Can’t imagine using this app much any longer in this current form and it’s making Prime membership a less valuable experience.
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2 years ago, bucket of apathy
Lots of reliability issues
Super unreliable on mobile platforms. I’ll experience at least some sort of error or a complete program crash multiple times per day, sometimes multiple times during a brief listening session. Rarely is the issue due to a signal loss, especially since i’m almost always in an urban area with either good wifi or good cellular service. The UI is pretty good but for some reason they hid the dislike button. This makes no sense because it exists to help you sort through the songs you like and dont like, all while helping their algorithm find more music for you. Another feature that used to be enjoyable was the X-ray feature. I loved being able to see the lyrics in real time along side the music, but for some reason that feature was modified so that you cant see the lyrics along side the music. Overall the quality could best be described as cromulent. You have a ton of music at your fingertips but the delivery method is substandard. If it wasn’t for the fact that we already have a prime account, id be using a different streaming service.
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4 years ago, what nick name do you accept
Starts out good
Lots of music choices. Easy to do basics. Many choices in the pull down menus. No instructions whatsoever so not sure what some of the choices do. So you experiment with the and do things that you have no idea how to undo. Example: selected the microphone from list and now whenever I play that playlist it starts playing similar genres not on playlist ( even after you choose to NOT have it play similar songs after playlist is over) The worst thing is the App. It does not ever match what is actually playing. Cannot stop the song playing cuz the app shows the previous song. Have to turn off everything and start from scratch. The echo will not stay paired so have to manually choose echo. Airplay does not work. Have to manually go to settings on device to choose external speaker. Shuffle all song plays the same 10-15 songs over and over. Can only shuffle individual playlists. We’re done
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4 years ago, SaViSe
Great, but not always
I love this app. For the most part. The available selection of music is HUGE, although there are some artists and/or albums I wish were available with out paying for Music Unlimited (I’m looking at you, Led Zeppelin!). I was EXTREMELY excited to see the new update, which added volume normalizing, which was easily my biggest complaint, since shuffling music meant constantly adjusting my phone/car’s volume from song to song. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I was going to have to re-download EVERY SINGLE SONG on my phone. I have about 7000 songs downloaded. I’m in the middle of my second day of re-downloading. It’s excruciatingly slow, even with a very fast connection, and, unless you leave the app open, constantly gets hung up or frozen, meaning you have to restart the downloads (you don’t lose what you’ve already done, thank god!). Overall, a pretty good app for music lovers, and it would probably be great if I just started using it, but there are definitely some issues, some of which could have been solved, or at least forgiven, simply by letting people know what was going on.
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3 years ago, Coverbird
Not that great
This app is frustrating. If I put an album an my music and download it then it will still stream it unless I make a playlist and put those tracks in a playlist. So: add album to my music, effectively a playlist. But then I have to make a playlist, name it after the album, add the tracks from my music to match the album in the playlist, then download them. That’s redundant and such a waste of time. Also, the app constantly freezes on several different devices. When driving I have to fight with it for 5 minutes to get it to play music. Some great updates because it never used to be like this. Edit: It seems since switching to iOS 15 that it has not been working. Constantly CarPlay with the Music app says cannot connect, try again. When data was turned on for my app it chewed through all my data because it played ‘online’ playlists and streamed the music despite it being downloaded to my device. I have to enable offline mode to get anything to play (still starting the songs from my phone) and certain playlists don’t show up even though I downloaded them all. I have closed my account and switched to Apple Music. No problems there.
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5 years ago, kelsarro
Improve shuffle!
Overall the app is decent. I have been able to discover a lot of new artists and songs that I enjoy from the artist radios and suggestions. Here are my cons: Artist radios.. I have avoided thumbs-upping any songs that I like. I have found that when I do, it will play those songs that I thumbs-upped first every single time I play that particular radio. I guess that’s the point but I end up hating the song because it becomes way overplayed. Which is kind of how Pandora’s radio is. It’s just annoying. So don’t thumbs up anything unless you want to eventually hate it. Shuffle on My Music.. needs some improvement. It seems like the algorithm needs work or something because it will shuffle and play THE SAME SONGS and then there are songs that I will never ever hear. I end up removing songs from My Music just because the shuffle seems to love playing it. I end up letting it play alphabetically just so I can hear my other songs. That’s terrible! Also, I have noticed that the shuffle will turn off by itself if I am connecting Bluetooth. That might be unavoidable but I thought I would mention that.
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8 months ago, jfififivovycycycyududuf
So disappointing
It doesn’t play the song that you are trying to hear. I understand that they are trying to force people into paying them more money but that simply makes their service useless. Once again tonight I heard a song and thought that I knew who sang it. I made the mistake of using this app again and typed in what I thought that it was. I clicked play and it plays a different song than the one that I was trying to confirm. Try again and it plays something else. Over and over. This app is useless Before their money push I used to have a playlist that was all plain music and no voices that was relaxing. Now if I play it, their service mixes in people screeching something that seems to always be at a much louder volume and not relaxing at all. It says that it’s mixing in like songs but if it was really doing that then why are they not alike? It literally went from a song(that is I the playlist) which was based around a flute and violin to someone screaming at me in a foreign language(not in the playlist), and much much louder. One being acceptable to play at work to one that had all eyes on me. Why did amazons greed have to ruin a good thing?
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5 years ago, AlicksterJ
New Update RUINED IT!!
This is a great app! I can’t deny that it is extremely useful and easy to use— and is ideal for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go— however, after updating to the most recent version of the app, I have found that after a mandatory refresh, all my music was GONE! I had downloaded well over 3,000 songs (as an Unlimited subscriber) and was very disappointed to find all that gone. Not only that, but every thirty seconds the app crashes and restarts— making it to where it would be virtually impossible to re-download all those missing songs unless I had god-speed wifi, which, I regret to inform you, I do not have. I hope this is not the case through every device using the app, but it is the case for me and it is very disheartening, as I do not have data on my device and cannot access wifi 24/7 to where I could simply use it without downloads. All I ask is that the crashing gets resolved. Restarting my device did not help, either, so I believe it is the app itself. But also, please do not remove all of one’s offline music in the next update please. 🙏
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5 months ago, An0nym0us_Reviewer
Good music, not a fan of the shuffling/unlimited feature
The music is amazing, especially since you get access to tons and tons of songs. However, with the unlimited update, you can’t click on a specific song that you want to play without it shuffling it to similar songs and not the one you picked. Also, when I turn on my playlist and try to shuffle it, every time I do so it plays the same few songs in the same exact over and over again so I hardly get to hear some of the other songs I have added onto my playlist. Something that I’m also not a fan of is that I have limited song skips per day. This makes it even harder to listen to the rest of the songs on my playlist instead of the ones that keep repetitively playing. So even though the unlimited music is partly a good idea, these other features in a way contradicts its purpose if the consumer can listen to what they’d like. Again the app is very good but I feel that if these little problems were changed, it could become better as a whole.
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3 years ago, antinonimous
This app is fine?
This app mostly does its job but every few months, the “my soundtrack” section goes completely off the rails and comes up with a genre you’ve never asked for that it will play over and over and over no matter how many times you dislike the songs of that genre. Never listened to Spanish free form jazz? Neither had I until one day that’s ALL it would give me in my “curated playlist based on songs I’ve liked”. Idk what this bug is but now it’s only giving me classic rock… which is better, but still not what I want. I’m not sure what to do to fix it cause I keep pressing the “don’t play songs like this on this station” button only to get MORE songs like that. Sometimes it has no idea what to choose so it defaults to the top songs on the charts but I REALLY don’t wanna hear the same 3 tiktok songs over and over and over. I’ve never once seeked out a Justin Bieber or dua lipa song but after the Spanish jazz was done that’s all it gave me for a week. 95% of the time it works fine but every so often “my soundtrack” is clearly not mine.
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4 years ago, JenkinsJ
Mostly Doesn’t Work
I wish I could give this app a better rating but I just can’t. It barely works with CarPlay. I have a 2019 Honda and trying to use the interface through CarPlay is frustrating. I’ll try to queue up music I’ve listened to before using the interface and some songs play. Some don’t. I have to use the app to make the song play. Trying to find songs I want to play is frustrating. The only option on CarPlay is to scroll through every song or album on my songs until I find the one I want. Search feature? Apple Music gives me a way to at least get to the first letter. Recently played is hit or miss. Many times, songs I listened to in the car yesterday are missing from recently played. I’ll be listening to music and all of sudden the bass just disappears and I’m hearing the tweeters and possibly the midrange with no base. The only way I have found to fix this is to unplug it from CarPlay and then plug it back in. Most times that works but sometimes it doesn’t. It only resets after the car has been turned off and restarted. I tried reinstalling the app and reinstalling it but that hasn’t fixed the problems. Really not sure why this app is so bad. I think you can do better.
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2 years ago, Riley-Mc
I have been loyal to this music app for the last 6 years now and they do have great options like no adds ever even if you dont pay and the ability to easily make playlists with your favorite music but the main issue im now leaving this app is because they randomly delete your version of a song or album off the app making the song either completely unavailable anymore or making you have to find another version of it. There are many songs completely unavailable on this app and with them randomly replacing the songs or deleting them entirely in one day my 600 song playlist had roughly half of all its songs completely deleted from major bands too such as Metallica and Five Finger Death Punch. These issues have always been present but Ive never seen them get this bad before and for that reason I am leaving this review as well as the app entirely.
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2 years ago, dhirsch33
Good for music, bad for podcasts
Overall I think this app is very promising. The sound quality is good, the availability of artists is good. All the music related options are great. My issue with this app, is all on the podcast side. The selection and availability of podcasts are good. My issue is, they need to implement a way to mark all episodes as played, otherwise you need to individually mark an episode as played… wouldn’t really seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I’d like to transfer all my podcasts into one platform, but I listen to numerous podcasts and don’t feel like going through each one and marking the episodes as played as each podcast has like 300+ episodes… If they were to fix that and implement the mark all as played, I’d give it a 5* rating, but until then, I’m canceling my subscription and just going back to Apple Podcasts. Oh, and I would also like them to implement the auto delete downloads for played episodes of podcasts as well, otherwise I believe you manually have to delete each played podcast episode…
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4 years ago, Carleigh Hare😜🤣🥳😍
Great!... But One problem
Okay so don’t get me wrong it’s amazing and all but I have a problem that for some reason just happened so I was getting on music and I keep all my favorite music on my offline music playlist those who know this app know how to get to that ( by pressing those three dotes on the top right corner) so I tapped that and nothing happens I closed the app and everything and it won’t work I’m really confused and frustrated so until the decides to start working I can’t listen to my music and this is the only app I have for my music so until then no music for me this is a major bummer PLEASE FIX THIS! Update; okay I’m REALLY annoyed at this point I searched up offline music in the search bar and it popped up and it dark grey and won’t let me access it, seems to me offline music has stopped on the app and no longer exist I’m REALLY REALLY annoyed I had so much music on there and it’s all completely gone I lost everything this is very frustrating to me if this isn’t fixed I’m deleting the app and leaving a bad review😤😡
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2 years ago, LivingVictoriously
Buggy before but now Absolute Garbage
As with many of the other current reviews the new update has only made this game worse. Before there would be songs that would disappear from an artist's album list but show up if you searched for it. Other songs would switch part way to a different song entirely or just sound garbled like the file was corrupted. Then the Alexa integration would partially work. Now it's even worse as you have a permanent shuffle feature on so that even if you ah e a song I. Your library you can't always just play it unless you upgrade to unlimited. Same goes for any playlist that you create. This even happens with songs I've purchased! I've even been unable to play or download certain purchases songs. Then, songs that were free to stream one day become Unlimited access the next or even later the same day without warning. And it's not just new songs or albums this happens with, but even older ones. This change is a prime example of what NOT to do. I'm switching music apps immediately & will probably just stick to the old way of buying cds/digital content directly from the artists.
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1 year ago, lion4liberty
Stopazon music
If you are able to get this platform to function properly , then congratulations and have fun, but my experience went something like this: “If you’re having issues check your internet connection”…ok, my my internet is working fine and not connected to any other device and it still doesn’t work….what should I try next? “Check your internet connection”. How bout I just cancel my subscription, and use a service that actually works…ok, check your internet connection. Oh, btw, my favorite part of this problem is how Alexa won’t play music through the very speakers she is speaking on….pretty hilarious. Also, Just so ya know, your service doesn’t work with or without Alexa being in the connection….just thought I’d make that clear before some tech goes on a mission to blame Alexa, or tells me to “unplug Alexa wait 10 seconds and plug it back in”, because we all know without a doubt that is EXACTLY what they’d tell ya. I gave ya almost 2 months to fix it….even upgraded my subscription thinking that’d help. Keep the 12 bucks in fees…trying to get reimbursed would likely be more frustrating than trying to play music
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12 months ago, Maryanna 🧌
Can be buggy, but I still love it
I really love this app, I pay for a subscription and everything. Having the ability to download my playlists and shuffle songs from one artist is so nice, and I love my ad free podcasts. (I am obsessed with Radiolab and Morbid!!) Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I have with it. I don’t like that I can’t just ask Siri to play music when my phone is out of reach. (Which I understand might not ever change.) Sometimes it will randomly just close the app or won’t play a song that I click on and instead play something completely different. Also, I’m a huge Lana Del Rey fan, and she recently released Say Yes to Heaven in both a regular and sped up version. However, both versions are sped up, and this is the only app that it’s doing that on. The perks definitely outweigh any problems that I have with it, and I constantly recommend this app to my friends. If these problems get ironed out eventually, the app will be perfect. :)
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4 years ago, glevumguy
Music review.
The music quality is great, and the price excellent. Though don’t go escalating it over time as you have done with the price of kindle books. Once, all below $2 now they are almost the same price as the hard copy book... There are a some things that would make the listening experience better for me. First of all videos, if available, related to the music... Then some way to see the history of what I’ve recently been listening to, and also a way of ‘saving’, whilst browsing, what I would like to listen to in the future. I sometimes leave the window open on what I would like to listen to next, but on re-opening that window, say the next day, it’s lost as I’m sent to the ‘home’ window (or ‘Home Page’ is it called ?)... And lastly why is an ebook now about the same price as the hard copy ? In life, as in business, quality is often more rewarding to pursue than monetary profit... but such subtleties, to the detriment of success, are lost if the focus is solely on the bottom line. m
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4 years ago, Fancythat918
Playlists & more
I would like more flexibility on how I add music to my playlists if I had them to add them to a specific list they are not in my general list. If I add everything to my general list my playlist gets bigger than I like so I end up just dumping music. Also I like hearing an entire album but if I download the whole thing it doesn't mean I want to keep the whole thing. Be nice to set tags or reminders when you downloaded so you could go back and review and evaluate. Also I hear songs on albums that aren't in the general mainstream that I really like. It would be fun to have maybe a WhatsApp community or some other type of group where you could share songs you liked with other people who like similar music where you could talk about what a song means to you or what you really like another artist. I could live a sheltered life and that already exists. But anyway. That's just a few things for my feedback. I generally think of a lot welcome to tag me up for additional feedback.
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4 years ago, Keeping this name anonymous
Great all in all, but a few glitches.
I love this app. I’ll say that first. It has all of my favorite artists, and such a large selection of songs/albums. I can download music, create playlists, all the things I need for a streaming service. However, this app isn’t without its flaws. Sometimes you can’t go back to a certain part without starting the song over. If you pause a song and start it again it might stop making sound but look like it’s still playing. (It’s not, pause it and it fixes itself.) The app crashes a lot, mostly if you’re not in the app at the moment. That’s the most frustrating of all of them, as it starts whatever song you were playing over. (But not the album, play queue or playlist. It will shut down radio stations, however.) I’d like to mention that I saw a review saying you couldn’t make play queues or play a single song on loop. This is not the case. I don’t know if that was a patch or something, but I’ve always been able to play one song on loop. Perhaps it’s a difference between phone models, but I’m on a 6 and it works just fine. I don’t see why it wouldn’t on later phones. All in all I really like the app, and it’s by far the best streaming service I’ve used. The issues I listed may look like a lot, but really they’re small and easy to deal with. I seriously recommend AM. I hope this helps!
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3 years ago, Mta5
It’s pretty good
Hard to separate the app from the are going to get both here. I have been an unlimited subscriber for more than year. I made the jump because I enjoyed the music, the sound quality is good and the library is enormous. Yes the better content requires you to pay and I’m surprised that people are surprised by that. Though, having artists leave the free version without any sort of warning was annoying. Again, part of the reason for the switch. If you like the service, pay to support it. Makes sense. The app has been buggy for me in past versions. It tended to just restart itself. I’d say maybe the device, but this was the only app that did it. The latest update seems to have corrected the issue. The UI is decent, not fantastic but decent. The auto play feature they added is annoying. I get why it would seem like a good idea...if you play one song it stops. That bothered me at first, but once you realize you told it to play one song and it did exactly what you told it to, the frustration fades. If you want continual play, start a station or playlist. Nothing like playing a song that you know is okay for your 4 year old to hear and then have auto play throw on another song from the genre that absolutely is not. Good thing you can turn that off. In short though, no ads, huge music selection, decent sound quality and a reasonable user interface. It is a good worth paying for.
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5 years ago, Jfzxbuhgvv567
Listen every day
I think the hardest part is learning how to utilize the setup the best. I would click best of prime and expect to hear all the top hits, but that included others favorite songs as well (rock, jazz, country, metal, all the genres). So instead of skipping 10 songs to find one I liked I made my own playlist and added songs I liked to it. That worked for a while as I never get tired of my favorite songs, but I wanted to explore more music. So I went to stations that were different than "today's hits" and had major nostalgia! Beatles, Beach Boys, 80's, 90's, and the best of the recent decade were filled with songs we remember but haven't heard for a while. Now I have several stations and just listen to my favorite songs once in a while. I really do listen every day, well unless my wife plays it on her phone as we share an account and you can only have one device streaming at a time but that's another story.
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1 year ago, Grand Cru Lover
Frequent crashes and slow opening
Used this app for a couple years now. Has a lot of features that are intuitive and the sound quality can be quite good for streaming. It's flaw is that it crashes on iOS all the time. It's also super duper slow upon opening. It seems to crash a lot when you go from wifi to cellular ( like waking out of your house, crash, get into car, cash). It's really annoying how slow it is to open. It can take up to minute and then sometimes it just crashes anyway. Its flaws out-way it's positives. Another gripe is it seems to play the same songs on shuffle a lot. I've got about 10k songs and it only plays a small portion. It also is terrible at recommending music and many times will recommend things I already have. The recommendations are also obvious without any catalog depth. It does have a lot of music. Many podcasts are commercial free. Why it crashed constantly makes it frustrating and useless especially when you're rocking out at it drops and has to restart and they can take up to a minute.
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1 year ago, kodiak1990
I was very content when I first downloaded prime music, now… I’m pulling my hair out half the time I’m trying to listen to anything! Sometimes it will play three songs and repeat the third one over and over forever unless I stop it and actually select another playlist then go back to the original one. Next is why oh why can I not deselect shuffle unless I pay extra for it? That is just utterly ridiculous!! If I’d have known I couldn’t stop that when the format changed I wouldn’t have done it. Next is the ability to skip songs… again I can but only a certain number of times… unless I want to pay extra for that small privilege. Lastly why is it that I select an album that I’ve downloaded or a playlist I have created, listened to and few songs and then BAM, here is 30 minutes of music that I’ve not ever listened to much less downloaded and there it is coming through my speakers. I really hate to say it but who ever is responsible for this mess has screwed up a great thing!
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3 months ago, Gina <3's Joey
Why did they remove features
I don't understand why they took away many of the useful features this app used to have. I can no longer listen to my own music, separated by genre because they took out the genre section from the music library. Now I can only listen to playlists of a genre that aren't made up of just music I picked out but of general music from that genre. They also removed the fact that I can listen to the songs that I've added to my playlist from certain artist. Now if I go to the artist tab under my music, it has people that I have added music from, but then it just opens their general page; I can't just listen to the music that I've chosen to listen to from that artist. I don't generally like the entire discography from an artist, so I don't want to listen to everything they've produced. Also why does the So Much (for) Stardust album from Fall Out Boy continuously remove itself from my library! It will not stay in my music library, it un-downloads itself and it removes itself from playlists and the music library.
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2 years ago, Skarekrow92
What happened ??
Really liked the app when I first got it, but for the past month or so it has been VERY unreliable. I listen to it in offline mode most of the time and it’ll have issues when I try to play/skip/prev music from my watch (won’t do the action or it’ll take 15-40 seconds to actually do the action), it’ll just force close randomly (really annoying cuz it’s basically a playlist for while I’m working, and I don’t want to have to open the app 4-9 times while I’m at work), and if I skip 4 or 5 songs in a row the app just freezes and it seems like it force closes 30-40% of the time (keep in mind this is while it’s in offline mode so the music is supposed to be “downloaded”). There are some little things about the app I don’t like, and the biggest thing aside from the issues I’m having with it right now is that they make music unavailable (I assume for licensing/contractual issues), but I was always willing to put up with it, but this is driving me nuts right now and I’m not going to keep paying money for an app that I constantly have to mess with just to get it to work sometimes.
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5 years ago, Fulano2
Plenty of music, works well, could use a few more features
Th app works well. There is plenty of music selection with the paid subscription. I do like that I can pause and play the current song from anywhere in the app with the fixed play button at the bottom. Songs are easy to find. It makes good recommendations on new songs to listen to. I like that I can have multiple playlists for the family. It shows lyrics for many songs. There is a setting for disabling explicit songs which I haven’t tested well (maybe my kids). I don’t know how well the filter works. Here is what wish it did better. I would like to be able to not just pause and play the current song I am listening too but be able to easily navigate to the screen that has the forward/backward skip button. I like to restart a song over if I already stated it and I come back later and want to restart it WITHOUT losing my position in my current play list. That is the mai drawback.
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3 years ago, Cap'n marvel
Does everything Apple Music does, but a little bit better. Especially like the “offline mode” and this enables me to use my old iPhone to download and Bluetooth my music when driving, and I can use my main phone for GPS. The quality of the music while streaming can be selected to use less data if need be. This service is WELL worth the money spent. I have several gigs downloaded, and the downloads on the device can be deleted and new songs added within seconds while on WiFi. The only drawback? Only one device can be used at a time unless you pay extra. Not an issue in my situation. There’s the benefit of Alexa; she can shuffle from your downloaded music or you can create a station and stream whatever you are in the mood to hear. Having the larger file size going through two Exos-9 speakers is the definition of “immersive”.
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1 year ago, JonnySpazz
This app was my favorite for years, then the update. Totally ruined it with the visuals, menus, looks like adverts everywhere you look, the clean easy-to-read menus of songs in library are all GONE! It’s horrible. Then, my app just stopped working, customer service said I had to log out and rest let password, fall by a whole litany of different tests that I’m supposed to do that would’ve taken hours across two computers and iPad and the phone. Not to mention all the time I wasted trying to talk to the person who didn’t understand me on the other side of the line from whatever country there in, not to be racist, or offensive to anybody, but when you need help helps to just understand the person who you’re talking to. I really hate the new set up and it’s horrible in my opinion, and I want the option to go back to the old menus in the old app the way it was before all this crappy stuff that they put it here. I think whoever came up with the design should be fired. If you can tell, I’m super mad I used to use this app every single day all day long and I had all of my stuff the way it was.
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4 years ago, Sammy-T
Badly needed feature
I like to shuffle all of my more than four thousand songs so that I always get a really varied listening experience, and I do listen a lot. It would be really cool to be able to play two or more album tracks together regardless of circumstance. That is, these tracks from an album are always played together in one particular order regardless of whether the rest of the music is shuffled or not. Examples: The Beatles” Sgt. Pepper... is always followed by “With a little help from my friends”. Also, from the first Allman Brothers’ album, “Don’t wantcha no more” is always followed by “Cross to bear”. XTC’s “Summer’s cauldron” should always be followed by “Grass”. Pure Prairie League’s “Falling in and out of love” should be followed by “Amy”. That would be a really cool feature and would make my listening experience perfect. As it is I had to make a Connected Songs playlist in order to listen to these sequences the way I prefer.
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3 years ago, Amyzon71
I like that this comes with Prime, but I don’t like that the algorithms need more improvement. I end up listening to songs that have very little musical similarity to the song or type of music I choose. Also, at the Home Screen, I am bombarded with a bunch of stations and lists that are piled on top of what I really want, and that’s my recents first. “Stations You Might Like” and such, change every time I listen to a different genre, which makes it hard to explore. I’ll listen to Christmas music one day, and Christian or classical or EDM another day. Every time I change it, all I see suggested is music from the last genre I listened to. It’s like the app thinks I only want to hear what I last chose, instead of seeing that I like ALL kinds of music. I do like the Soundtracks and Discovery Mixes, except that I have never liked pop music, save for a song or artist every once in a great while, and yet it always seems to infiltrate my listening. If I don’t search or listen to Billie Eilish or Post Malone, please stop pushing it on me.
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5 years ago, Roamingricky
Like it
So far it’s working out well, I do like the Alexa feature, but it doesn’t work when my iPad isn't active so you still have to push buttons. LOL. So far I’ve been able to find all the music I have been looking for, time will tell, can’t give them five stars because there’s always room for improvement in the structure of the app. For example if you go to play Lady Gaga, it will only play the same four songs over and over until you actually go and open it up and make them play the full playlist, that seems like a waste of time, who would ask to play Lady Gaga and only want the same four songs? Should just give u the full list right off. Some of the other controls and features take a while to hunt and peck to find as well, some work on the user-friendly interface wouldn’t hurt. Overall for the music that I listen to, I don’t find the monthly subscription fee overly excessive. I will continue to enjoy your product. Thank you
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5 years ago, CrappyAppgfdssfhjdsdf
Previously great, currently not so much
Love this app and use it regularly with my bluetooth in my car since i drive alot. Since the last update, it seems they have limited the number of suggested songs for you. Before, i could open that section and keep hitting the show more button and then play through the list of 200+ songs and find new songs i like. Now, it shows maybe 50 songs and doesnt allow you to show more. Another major gripe for me is when someone calls me while connected to bluetooth while the music is playing, the sound changes until i exit out of the app and restart. If i do not do this then the music sounds like i am listening to it through a phone call. Similar to music playing in the background of a phone call when you are placed on hold. Happens everytime and it gets old having to clear the app out of my background and restart it after every phonecall. This didnt occur until the latest update so I hope its fixed. Would have gave 5 stars prior to this
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