SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News

4.8 (2.9M)
190.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News

4.83 out of 5
2.9M Ratings
10 months ago, Coach Mac 12
I am an OG…..
It was Christmas in 2005 that I bought radio’s and Subscriptions for my brother and Dad for gifts. I had already bought mine and became a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER, not knowing even if Sirius would make it? The BIG DAY, January 6, 2006 was coming, and I was ready……Sirius was in competition with XM, and Howard Stern was about to MAKE Sirius Satellite Radio THE PLACE TO LISTEN TO ANY AND ALL RADIO CONTENT! Since my original investment, I have continued to be a FAITHFUL AND HAPPY Listener, adding various radio’s and subscriptions along the way! I do wish that SiriusXM did have a package that was a little cheaper for all of us that made that Original blind leap……maybe even 7% less to anyone that signed at anytime during 2007 year, THE ARRIVAL OF HOWARD…….the man that FOREVER changed how we listen to the Radio! Regardless, I AM A LIFER, and after just spending 46 HOURS, 2,750 MILES…..leaving Lake Placid, NY, 1:30 PM Thursday, straight down to Tulle, Florida, hook up a Trailer @ 8:30 AM, and back on the Road @ 9:15 AM, and again only stopping for Fuel, arrived home @ 11:3O AM, yesterday, Saturday… SIRIUS WAS ON ALL 46 HOURS!!!! I can’t imagine making that trip with regular am/fm?????? Anyhow, here’s to another 17 years as a HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!! Thanks SiriusXM, MAC
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7 months ago, KCSteve8
Latest version is a mess!
I have loved previous versions of this app, but the most recent one (7.0.5) makes it virtually unusable. The first time you open it, it asks you to pick a lot of artists or genres which you like. Seemingly, this would be used to present this type of material to you on your Home Screen. But it is constantly suggesting artists or channels which are completely different from what I liked. With previous versions of the app, my Home Screen showed all the channels I had marked as favorites and I could immediately select one of them. The new app makes it hard to find what you want. One of my favorite channels was Radio Classics. Previously you could select the channel and it would show you all the programs which had aired in the last 4 or 5 hours, so you could jump to one of them. Now, it shows you a list of what is coming up in the next few hours. That does me no good if I’m looking to listen to something right now. The best you can get is a list of 4-episode blocks which have aired recently, but you have very limited information on what programs might be included in that block. If you start listening and find that a program you are interested in is the third program in the block, it is much more difficult to jump to that program. Please bring back the functionality that actually let a user listen to his/her favorite channels or programs! I don’t need/want all your suggestions of what you think I might like.
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7 months ago, flao
this updated version is complete crap
i echo the sentiments of another user that this version is unusable. whoever you paid a bunch of money to on this redesign should be fired cause the user experience is terrible. why did it ask me to pick a bunch of artists and where did all of my favorites go?! i hate the new layout. i don’t need you to suggest things to me when i had already previously picked all the stations out that i wanted as favorites and now they aren’t showing on the home page unless i scroll down, which defeats the purpose of ease of use. they’re now saved in a library that has the worst layout. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE VERTICAL LAYOUT OF CHANNELS, the thumbnails are tiny and now it doesn’t even tell you what is playing half the time. why did you get rid of the thumbnails which were easy to read?!? i have had to exit out of the app but it keeps going back to that same spot as when i first opened it and not advancing to and showing me whatever is live. and even when it advances to what is playing live the graphics and song titles aren’t matching; it’s continuing to show whatever you opened the app on even an hour later. also when i'm listening to news programs it won’t let me rewind 15s or 30s like it used to (i can’t remember what small increment it was) the only option now is to go back an hour! you can’t even manually move it to where you want within the program. i gave up trying to use this app yesterday and just went straight to NPR.
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5 months ago, SmoochieDaSmooch
Latest app version is horrible
The latest app version is horrible. The channels used to be very easy to find, now it’s next to impossible to find the full channel lineup. Channels are grouped into genres or moods. Some channels you would expect to be in a genre are not, and they are not in a mood so it is hard to find them. Some channels are listed in several places, make up your mind where they belong! I can’t play the app through my TV anymore without it stopping when playing streaming channels sometimes after 1-2 songs or sometimes after 30 minutes. The help area on the XM site says it will cut off streaming every hour to make sure you are listening. How crazy is that? Maybe I leave it on for my dog to listen to during the day while I am away. Also annoying and didn’t happen before is the app will cut off randomly and give the message that the app is streaming on another device do I want to continue on this device. That is not correct, I am not streaming on any other device. So if I say yes, continue on this device, in a few more minutes, it will cut off again and give that same message about streaming on another device. Please bring back the old version or more of the functionality of the prior version. It is difficult to see the channel icons because they are so small in the list in the library or a channel lineup list. This is making me question the continued use of XM. It is becoming more aggravating than it’s worth.
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9 months ago, RLomba07
Customer Service Agents sell your information
I called today to find out why my account was closed. One of the issues was I had purchased a new car and they supposedly transferred my account over last month but that never happened. The girl I spoke to on the phone said she could see my previous account information but that I would have you re sign up. She said they are running a special for $5.99 a month. I agreed to that. She then asked me for my debit card information. I asked her why she would need this seeing as they successfully pulled a payment last month. She said that since I was signing up under a new promo she needed it. Still being hesitant I ended up giving it to her. So now this lady has my full name, email address, phone number and my debit card information. One hour later, I get an email from some company saying that they are waiting for my bank to approve a transfer of $1400 in funds to some lady from another country. When I called this money transferring company the supervisor said someone used my information to open an account to transfer funds. I asked what information they needed to do this. He said your name, email, phone number and account information. He blocked and closed the account and I had to close down my debit card. I also called Sirius to let them know what happened and I canceled my service and asked that they do not contact me with any future solicitation. You can’t trust anyone anymore in this world!!
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6 months ago, Ba$edJesus
new UI is the worst
EDIT: if i try to use the ‘Go Live’ button, it will buffer forever. i have to close the app and reopen. like what?? if your goal was to deter users from using the sirius XM app, you’ve achieved it! the new user experience is so ugly and inconvenient it makes me not even want to use it. the most frustrating parts are the fact that: i can no longer easily access my favorites. now i have to go to my library , swipe over to channels, and find it there. that’s a lot to do especially if i only have a short amount of time to try and change my listening venue (whether i’m changing the channel in XM or going from apple music to XM while the teacher isn’t looking). plus, there are no options as to how i’d like my channels arranged. they aren’t in the original order as they were before the update and they are in list style instead of grid. this increases the difficulty in seeing and navigating the app. takes much more effort from me as a customer. further, yall did a complete interface with NO TUTORIAL. most apps show you what’s new and what’s moved, yall didn’t take the time to do so. the not so user friendly UI coupled with the lack of consideration for us customers only leaves me thinking and believing that yall don’t care about us fr. yes you may say this update is to keep customers engaged, a brand reboot, etc but if it’s not broken don’t fix it. we loved yall just fine with the old ways of doing things💕
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5 months ago, ICUdoc1
Awful awful awful
This app just continues to get worse and worse. It is incredibly difficult to read the playlists and scroll back through prior episodes. Instead of listing missed shows and allowing the user to directly access them, the app lists innumerable commercials. Additionally on RadioClassics, episodes are no longer listed by title, but by actor (who thought this was a good idea?). The prior episodes come up inconsistently, frequently not at all. Honestly, this is a RADIO app and the unnecessarily complicated and poorly legible graphics add nothing. I have been a Sirius listener for the better part of 2 decades, however this unbelievably terrible app has led me to consider canceling my subscription. The hundreds spent per year should afford better usability Update: after a month of basically beating my head against the wall and trying to get this extremely user unfriendly app to work, I have canceled my subscription. I was one of the original listeners and have had this for years, and am majorly disappointed by the poorly usable app that this company has put out. This was clearly not designed for mobile listening, as the structure of the app mandates “eyes on “, rendering it unsafe to use while traveling in the car. Additionally, the company’s new non-refund policy is extremely unfriendly to users. Sorry to go, SiriusXM, but you brought this on yourself. Based on what I have seen online, I am not alone.
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1 year ago, Mroutdoors27
XM listener since 2003
I have been a loyal listener of XM satellite radio since 2003 and 10 months ago in August 2022. I got my first smart phone. then I downloaded the SiriusXM app for the first time, and I have enjoyed listening on the app as well as on my portable satellite radio but the last couple days including today something is going wrong with the app every minute or two minutes, roughly the last couple days well, I’m listening to music or Road dog trucking channel the app automatically stops playing sometimes less than one minute it stops playing and then it won’t continue playing again until I physically hit the play button again I know it’s not my phone because I have full signal and I have the updated phone so it has to be in the app but something has to be fixed in the app so it will not stop in the middle of me listening to my music or Road dog trucking channel every minute or two. I don’t know if I am the only one this is happening to, but it has become annoying. Period and I will not continue to use the app on my smart phone long term. If this keeps on happening, I will cancel my subscription. Because I have an Apple 14 iPhone the most up-to-date. still not working for the last couple days and I’ve had this phone since August last year 2022. Anybody reading this please make the necessary updates to the app, so this does not happen anymore.
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2 years ago, Colorado_Nittany
Total Trash - App Cannot Determine Location
In this day and age, when my cellular device can pinpoint my location to within 30 feet, how is it acceptable for this trash app to block my live sports programming based on the excuse that it cannot determine my location. According to the SiriusXM website, their geographic restrictions for sports programming are based upon THE COUNTRY you are streaming in, so again I ask, how can this piece of garbage app not even tell what country I’m in when it is installed on a device that has advanced geospatial awareness capable of giving me turn by turn driving and walking directions? So my phone can tell me with pinpoint accuracy that I am standing PRECISELY at 100 Main Street, Anytown USA, but the SirisuXM app just disregards that, and manufactures an error stating it can’t even determine if I am standing in North America, Asia, Africa or Antarctica. Total Garbage and No Excuse SiriusXM. To add aggravation to injury, this app does not even offer settings within the app to manage the app’s access to your device’s location services, nor does it integrate into iOS so you can manage the app’s access from the native iOS Location Services settings control panel. So basically, a company that engineered and deployed a space-based entertainment delivery service cannot figure out half-century old GPS technology, but instead just denies you access to the programming you have paid for.
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5 months ago, themacdoc617
Hate the new app
I don’t like the new interface that seems to make it harder to get to my favorites. And one of the big problems I have is I usually get up around 9 am on Saturdays and I like to listen to Americas Top 40 on 70s on 7 that was on at 6am ET. The problem is the new app WILL NOT let me go back to the show. It goes back to 9:00 and sometimes I can get it back to 8:30. The old app had a link below the player that showed earlier today that u could tap to start the show. The only way I’m listening now is that I still have an iPhone 6+ that has old version of the app that still has this feature. Please fix? Also the pop up that shows buttons for back 15 seconds and forward 15 seconds does not show at least for 70s on 7. Lastly, Any chance I can set the new app so I don’t have to look at Mr stern mug every time I open it too? ;) Moved to 1 Star. I was listening to americas top 40 this morning and paused it. Came back and listened to one song and then it jumped forward. I tried to restart but it only went back to 11:30. It will not let me go back any earlier in the day. I used to be able to go back if the show was within the rewind period. But now nope. On the player screen I used to be able to scroll down to see what was on earlier today and tap on it to play that. Please fix? I don’t carry on old iPhone 6+ which can still do this.
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2 months ago, Tell in’ like it is
Disaster of an app
I’ve used the Sirius XM app for about 8 years. The latest version is a frustrating mess. I got an email touting the “improvements” made to the app. Seriously???? I primarily used the on demand function to play episodes of my favorite music programs while I workout. I’d start an episode, shut the app when I finished my workout, and resume the episode the next time I’d workout. Now I’m no longer able to resume where I left off. The episode just begins again. This is so frustrating. Like I said, I’ve used the app for a long time the same way on the same phone. The latest version of the app is an unstable mess. I’ve had the app change channels in the middle of an episode. I don’t need an algorithm to tell me what I like. I used to look forward to listening to my favorite shows, but not anymore. I’ve submitted a couple of detailed feedback forms but I doubt anyone reads them. The developers are apparently so busy that the courtesy of a response is too much to manage. I get it. It takes a lot of effort to make a happy customer unhappy, but they are doing a great job of it. If this doesn’t get resolved soon my days with Sirius will probably come to an end. I spent my work career as a service manager in a software as a service industry. I can’t believe that this software is acceptable to anyone and neither is the apparent lack of concern for the end user.
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1 year ago, Μιχάλη Κωσταντίνος
Streaming great music!
SiriusXM sounds GREAT when you're streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY whether you're streaming on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows device. The only trouble being is that streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY in your vehicle is what many people don't know how to do nor do I think they know that streaming in this quality exists; but I may be wrong completely on this statement because I've heard many streamers streaming SiriusXM in MAXIMUM QUALITY. Many people don't know how to set their subscription up in their vehicle to stream this way and that's why I think it is VERY IMPORTANT for car dealers to not only set up new subscriptions this way with these particular settings; but what they should also do is train and teach those buying a new car how to set up their new SiriusXM subscription settings this way so they know how to do it if they lose their newly made settings to their new SiriusXM subscription for some unforeseen reason and no one's there to help them set their SiriusXM subscription settings back up again the way they had it before they lost their greatly tuned settings.
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5 months ago, CharlieThunkman
I will say I liked the app version during November ‘23 best due to being able to start at the beginning of each show on “Live” channels, although it wasn’t uniform across channels. In December/Janruary, the navigation to the beginning of a specific “live” show was lost, but could be navigated to via the 1 hour rewind and not too tedious, plus it was available on every station I listen to unlike before. The February update however is worse for my experience as I can no longer skip to the back of the 5 hour queue, making at least 3 hours of my daily enjoyment hours unavailable to me. I love listening to shows that air typically between 8p and 11p, but don’t normally get off work till 1a. In the Nov ‘23 system I might miss the 8p show but everything else would be available. While the 1 hour rewind in the last 2 months was imo better, all I really want is to skip to the beginning of the least recently aired yet full “Live” broadcast, which is currently impossible. For reference, I mainly tune to 52, 53, 55, and 736 when experiencing the difficulties listed above. ** Correction ** Apperently spamming the rewind button worked once in bringing you to the beginning of the show, which was the exact opposite result in the Dec/Jan update. Could this be more intuitive for everyone else please 🙏
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12 months ago, alvarez8717
Don’t get all channels
Why can’t you guys just make the software to be able to transmit all stations on all XM radios for example I can get all stations on my phone and TV XM apps but on my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my home radio receiver with xm built in, I only get 2 of all(10-12) Latin stations you guys offer, so some of the stations I can only hear at home or on my cell phone. I know it can’t be that hard to pay some programmer to make that happen. Then u will have more of us that have this issue more happy, but I keep this XM subscription paid only cause I can get the best station I like in this app “ Pitbull‘s globalization channel 13” shout out to pitbull and what he made happen please let him know it’s the best…!!! Thanks cause that’s the only reason I keep XM radio and definitely I don’t even think I should even be paying $100 a year for this station and the other channel that I think is called flow nation channel I think is 55 in my jeep and if if possible if I can get a response from someone about my review, comment, concerns issues I have with paying 100 a year and only getting 2 channels in Spanish on where I mainly use XM on and the resin I got the subscription at 1st thanks again
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10 months ago, CB Ian A
Longtime subscription
It’s amazing you can skip commercials when on demand mode. Some amazing content!Takes up way too much storage on your phone & it has habit of losing it spot & starting over from beginning versus where you left of when you shut it off. Revised review, They’ve fixed the bugs but still eats a lot of storage. I would like to see them not toss mass money at celebrity names and give them a show when they’re not proficient in the radio broadcasting arena. It’s a shame because if Howard leaves I fear they’re going to lose a horrific amount of subscribers. ‘The Bonfire’ is however AMAZING!!! Give me more shows like that and I’ll stay when Howard leaves. Bring back Bubba The Love Sponge and I’ll be here for life!! Bring back Tiffany from Playboy channel and her afternoon advice show and I’ll pay what I pay now when Howard leaves. Bring back Anthony from O & A! Shoot, I often wonder who’s making the calls for these things because they literally crap the bed every time! But all that said I love the app truly and obviously I love Howard and Big Jay Okerson!
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2 years ago, W-T-F-???
Sirius Spyware?
The last few updates have made the Sirius app unreliable. I have an iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 15.6. I mainly use the app in the morning to listen to news episodes from the previous day. It’s a crapshoot if it will populate all the screens; Discover, Favorites, & Search usually take at least a minute to fill in all the boxes if they do it at all and frequently generate Error 2010. Retry rarely succeeds. Sometimes Favorites populate with the stations but don’t show what’s currently playing on the stations although you can tap in one and listen to it. Search gives Error 2010 the most. Sometimes it displays search results as black boxes then pops up the error. I’ve tried running the app with and without wifi. Thought maybe they did something to make it not work with a VPN so I turned that off. No difference. Rebooted the phone numerous times. Rarely, the app will start up correctly and everything works the way it’s supposed to, at least for a while. But it can and does break itself even after a successful startup, searching for episodes and listening to one. Then I search for something else and get the error 2010. Also, whenever the app is running the phone gets hot. REALLY hot. No other apps make my phone heat up. This all makes me question what the app is trying to do while initializing.
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4 months ago, Bigberk
I’ve been an XM customer since 2002, when satellite radio was in its infancy. In those 22 years, I’ve rode out plenty of growing pains, from the merger of Sirius / XM, to generations of Tuners, radios, app updates, and integrations. These minor headaches were understandable when you consider the company was pushing the boundaries of technology and revolutionizing radio. It’s incredible to me that through all of the leaps forward in technology, the most dysfunctional product SXM has ever released is an iOS app redesign. App developers are a dime a dozen, and people would be happy to beta test and report issues for developers to fix. Apple makes it so easy for developers to work with beta testers, there is absolutely no excuse! This is not rocket science! Pun intended. Sirius might be overlooking the many entertainment options at our fingertips, and with as frustrating as the new app has been to use, I can see hundreds of thousands of customers finding new entertainment options, falling in love with them, and never returning to SXM. Don’t take us for granted, and don’t shove products down our throat that aren’t ready for public release. Give it up, admit when you’re wrong, and reinstate the old app experience. It’s not too late, but every day this drags on, you’re losing more customers forever. It’s time to stop the bleeding.
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6 months ago, meredithxxxx
Did you let the sales team build this app? Hire some new tech people, this is HORRIBLE! 🤬
People need to be fired for this update 🤬 Who did this? And how has all of every horrible change made to the app not been fixed yet? This is insane? My main concerns are about the Howard Stern channel but every other channel is obviously also horribly affected. • Bring back a simple list of all of the episodes within a channel. • Bring back the contents/chapters of each episode with time stamp in the display (not just when you touch the scrub bar). • Make the scrub bar actually work efficiently, there is absolutely ZERO precision, you might as well get rid of it. • Bring back the fifteen second skip forward and reverse within the app AND on the Lock Screen. • Bring back ability to record a program while listening to it. • Bring back the “Restart Show” button.
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3 months ago, BostonDog
This version is worse than what we had been using
I use the SiriusXM app daily. Primarily for Howard but I also often listen to their music and news channels. The previous version was terrible. It wasn’t developed for a world where you are not always connected to a high quality internet connection. As a frequent airline traveler, it was a constant annoyance. I was exited when I heard SiriusXM launched a “new” app experience. I cannot believe they published this version to the App Store. I see what they are trying to do in terms of highlighting and organizing content around hosts such as Howard. That’s a welcome feature. But the app is barely useable, especially is you travel, but even if you don’t. It is consistently looking travel if what I am listening to and where I am in the broadcast. Fast forwarding or rewinding, which has never been a strength of the Sirius app, is worse than before. Accessing downloads and tracking the date of the downloads is nearly impassible. This version of file app is much worse than the app. I did not think it was possible but whoever Sirius has developing their app managed to publish a worse experience than before. First world problems but it is a daily frustration. If Howard left, I probably would no longer waste my time with the SiriusXM app.
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6 years ago, RV Sciencephile
Serve a 2nd vehicle for free, or use as a fix for an obstructed antenna
By purchasing the high end SiriusXM service for one satellite receiver, you get this excellent streaming capability as a free bonus. If you have a smartphone with a decent data plan, you don’t need to increase satellite charges by adding a subscription for the other vehicle(s). Get it for one, then use your phone to stream the web based service thru the Bluetooth or cable connection to the audio system in your additional vehicle(s). It’s a terrific bargain for me, as I have 2 cars and two RV’s, and I can get full channel service for all four with just one subscription. Also, for those with vehicles (like my truck camper) that have difficulty getting a clear usable obstruction-free sat signal for their partially shadowed antenna, you can subscribe to service for the vehicle radio, then when in conditions when your antenna isn’t reliable, switch to using your smartphone for streaming to that radio from the same sat account via cell service providers. Thanks SiriusXM for offering this excellent, flexible service at a fair package price!
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2 months ago, Bring back favorites tab!!!
Slightly better, (updated)
Update: They finally brought back the 15 sec ff and rev capability. Most of the time for live shows the ff a track/rev a track seems to be about right for time stamp so that I can skip through a segment I don’t want to listen to, but for fox business news it is still horrendous and will put me right in the middle of a segment or just in commercials if I ff or rev segment. Fix this and then app will be five stars again like how it was before the UI update. Old: At least they brought back the 15s rewind/fast forward feature, but this app now crashes non stop. I was out walking with earbuds in trying to listen to live radio and after the 6th time of the app crashing after 3 minutes of playback I threw up my hands in disgust. Restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled, have the most recently iOS. NOTHING HELPS. This app needs some major reworking for stability. The worst time the app behaves is ALWAYS after stopping playback due to getting out of the car or pausing music, then going back to the app a few minutes later….the app always freezes or crashes.
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8 months ago, missy-texas
App needs improving amongst other things
App has been glitchy for years and Sirius doesn’t bother to fix it. Navigating the app is also awkward. I was listening today to a show that was broadcasted earlier today. It got halfway through and it bumped me out and into a show that was live on the same channel. Then you can’t go back to where you were at within this show because it hasn’t been archived and available for listening yet in the show files. Super frustrating and this happens ALL of the time. Also frustrated with the new Jeff Lewis channel only being offered on the app. I don’t have unlimited streaming on my phone because it’s a company account, so I can’t listen to it in my car. What is the point of a Satellite company having a streaming show? I pay for satellite so I should be able to listen to ALL shows through the satellite in my car. Sirius needs to get it together. Their all over the place pricing system is such a joke. I shouldn’t have to threaten to cancel every year to get the best price. It makes me beyond frustrated and angry. Everyone should pay the same simple price just like all other streaming platforms. It makes Sirius look bad and and completely unprofessional. Not sure how much longer I will be a customer. FIX THE APP and your PRICING!
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4 years ago, JohnnyW34
Awful, awful app
The app is awful. From what I’ve read about the app online, and from the many users who expressed the same complaints as me, I have a strong suspicion that the positive ratings on here are fake. Especially given the number of ratings versus the number of subscribers that Sirius has. I’ve had the app for a while now. Like many, I suspect, I only use it to listen to the “Howard Stern Show.” But the various functions on the app that are supposed to enable you to restart the show from scratch if you don’t tuning immediately when Howard begins, well those functions don’t always work. And if you pause the show at any point, and go back to it, more than half the time it does not resume where you left off. Sometimes, it doesn’t even happen after a pause. If you are walking somewhere listening to the show but not in real time, and you walk through a store’s WiFi or something, the play jumps to the live feed. I’ve read that these problems are very common. A lot of people with the app express this same dissatisfaction. I have brought it to the attention of Sirius, only to be told that I should delete the app and re-download it. Their customer service is as bad as their app. Frankly, because I am so reliant on the app to listen, I am strongly considering canceling my subscription altogether.
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2 years ago, JackOnDaRocks
Superior radio stations with the best DJs
I have been a long-time subscriber to Sirius, XM Radio, and now SiriusXM. The variety has grown from excellent to absolutely amazing over the years. Sync’d up to Apple CarPlay, it provides far better variety than the SiriusXM offering from my satellite enabled factory system and if they decide to integrate with Siri, this will only add to the “can’t live without” product. My wife and I listen to quite a variety from 70s to now music. SiriusXM provides us the options needed for different genres, settings, and moods throughout the day. My top picks are Lithium, Tuff Gong Radio, Pops, The Bridge, and Hits 1. With the ability to jump over to Howard Stern or catch up on sporting news, I truly do not need any other source for listening enjoyment. The app is very easy to navigate. It provides better quality streams than other music services I’ve tried out and the constant addition of specialty broadcasts, interviews, mash-ups, dedicated artist channels and more, add to the plethora of variety available to any type of listener.
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4 months ago, stickyiguanas
Was better before
You guys took something that was working okay and then ruined it with the last update. I look at it and it’s too overwhelming now. I used to be able to look at at a list of channels and pick one, then while on that channel I could see other similar channels that were related or looked interesting. While on that channel I could swipe over either way to go to the next or previous channel in the line up. Now there is no channel line up and all you can see is a bunch of music varieties. Finding a specific channel is no longer very simple to do. The way you had it before was very much more user friendly than it is now. Update to my last review: This app is terrible! With a whole bunch of folks giving bad reviews about the app update, you still haven’t done anything. If you don’t know what to do to fix it, just scrap the whole “new” app update and put it back to the way it was. It wasn’t perfect before but nothing is perfect. This app was 1000% better than the way it is now. It was completely acceptable the way you had it and you changed it for a reason I can’t fathom was considered to be a good idea by the decision makers there at Sirius. It didn’t work. Accept that and put it back the way it was, please.
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6 months ago, Disappointed XM Customer
How to mess up a great app
The old version of this app was great! It had all the features you’d want in a steaming app. This new version that came out a few weeks ago has stripped away many those features: 1) I can no longer pause a pod cast from my iPhone ear bud. I can double click it and it will advance to the next segment and adjust the volume but single click for pause and nothing. So now when every anyone it talking to me I have to pull out my phone and pause it manual. 2) you can no longer advance or go back by 10-15 sec increments like every other streaming app on the planet. You can only advance or go back to the next segment. So now I have to listen to every caller on my pad cast and can’t go back if I missed an interesting point. 3) the app doesn’t save my searches so every time I want to check on new episodes I have to renter the name of my episode. 4) every time I open the app I now have to look at a bunch of logos of shows I have no interest in. I’ve been a Sirius/XM customer for at least 15 years and thoroughly enjoy the NFL talk shows but this totally user unfriendly version has me rethinking my subscription. PLEASE fix these deficiencies! Oh, and btw, I submitted these issues to their customer support section in the app and…crickets.
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7 months ago, My macdaddy
Why, just why??
Please inform us that an immediate update is coming to this app. It had its quirks before but now it is hot garbage. The UI is horrid, I'll get used to it at some point but man is it annoying trying to find what was so easily accessible before. The app won't load on my Xbox at all. The Pandora channels work about half the time and when they do every few songs you get an error message and your music is gone. I run carplay for a reason, I might as well be texting and driving as much as you have to mess around with this app to keep it running. As I do not text while driving I get to be super annoyed by terrestrial radio til I can reset the app. I was among the first subscribers to this service because I despise terrestrial radio with all the ads they play and they repeat songs every 90 minutes. I have an idea, since the service works about half the time how about you go ahead and refund me half my subscription cost? I did get a message that Sirius is lowering rates. That's great but at what cost? Heck charge me a little more and give me something reliable to listen to again. Was 4 stars on a good day, I will re rate this app if it improves. If it doesn't improve I'll be canceling my subscription immediately after Howard does his final show.
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2 years ago, Jukebox980
Very good app, but very spotty lately
I strongly recommend this app for anyone who has a subscription to Sirius XM. I’ve had my subscription for quite some time. The app is very user friendly, it’s easy to find my favorite channels, the amount of content is fantastic, I can download my favorite episodes of talk shows and get them on demand, which is what I rely on the most. However, recently the app has been extremely unresponsive. There would be days at a time when the app just won’t open, and is constantly in queue. Was t able to listen for a few days until Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, I was dealing with the same issue. Tried connecting to Wi-Fi? Still in queue. Tried using my own data? Still in queue. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app (multiple times)? Still in queue. I knew this app had this issue for a while, but it was seldom happening. Now, it’s happening all the time. It’s Monday night, and I haven’t been able to access it since Sunday morning! Very frustrating. I would have given this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the buggy issues of late. Hopefully Sirius XM can get this issue fixed.
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5 years ago, TaxisLatka
Great App
NEW REVIEW (Feb. 2019): Another quick fix to the annoying download issue. Great response. App is back to working great. OLD REVIEW (Feb. 2019): The new update is awful. It’s now back to the same issue of downloaded shows not opening from the last place they were being listened to. You can listen to a downloaded show for two hours and then when you go back to the app instead of it saving your place and continuing playing where it was, it goes back to some previous point at the very beginning of the show. Very annoying and it’s happened before. Thought they had it worked out but now this issue is back. Please fix as soon as possible as this makes the app almost unusable. Wish I never updated. Should’ve stuck with the last version that actually worked. Very angry. OLD REVIEW (2018): Love the updated app. It’s the best. The addition of video is pretty cool, but the Stern Shows are loaded fast (usually same afternoon). Had an issue with holding place of downloaded shows, but it appears to have been resolved. A+
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6 months ago, AahzNotOz
Horrible redesign!
I absolutely hate the app redesign. It’s difficult to navigate channels. I listen to Howard, but usually don’t start until about an hour after the show begins. In the old app there was a button “Restart Show” that would take you to the start of the show. That’s gone now, so the only way to get there is to try to drag the progress bar to the right place, which is difficult at best. There also used to be buttons to skip forward and back a few seconds. That’s gone also. There is a skip back button that takes you back an hour instead. There are chapter forward and back, but those appear to just move you a random amount of time either way. There used to be chapters on the screen you could navigate by, but they are gone too. Also, if you touch the screen picking up your phone, it will usually navigate you to some other point in the show, and good luck ever finding where you were in the show before. The old app had this same problem, but there were navigation tools that you could use to get close at least, now they are gone. Please trash this not an update update and go back to the old app. Even with its problems, it’s 1000x better than this version.
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5 years ago, DJ Joey G
Too many bugs
I have MANY apps on my phone and this one has to be one of the most unreliable. Too many issues to list here but the top two that make me crazy are #1 It stops working randomly mid shows, doesn't matter if its while listening to an on demand episode, a download or live. The app would go into a never ending loading state or just crash completely. #2 the most annoying and dangerous bug is when the app randomly starts playing in my pocket at the worst times. I listen to some XL rated shows with adult language and these shows that i haven't listened to for a few hours or sometimes haven't listened to that day at all will just start playing, full volume, in my pocket. The app is not running so i cant even kill it, i have to frantically turn the volume down then go into my control center and pause it. Its gotten to the point where if i’m going into certain places i have to turn my volume all the way down because i cant trust the app to not start playing, or i need to make sure the last thing i listen to is “safe”....Also when my phone connects to the bluetooth in my vehicles it just starts playing if i want it to or not, again the app isn't even running. Its ridiculous.....
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6 years ago, PetiteFrog
No landscape mode; update horrible for RadioClassics
UPDATE: Thanks for adding the landscape mode back - although why on earth was it removed in the first place??? I have upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. What would give it one more star - display the times of the previously played RadioClassic shows. I have no idea what played when. You provide the option to listen to earlier shows, but the segments aren’t descriptive enough so I am having to go through all of them to find the show I want to listen to. PREVIOUS REVIEW: As others have stated, not having the ability to view using landscape mode is very annoying. However, not nearly as annoying and useless as what the upgrade has done to the RadioClassics station. Before the update, I could see all the programs that played in the past 5 or 6 hours and select one of those shows - easily. Now —- you can’t see the time a previous show was played and have to guess which item it is in the viewable segments. Viewing all the segments is nearly impossible. No way to easily see and select earlier segments. The upgrade has made the RadioClassics stations impossible to navigate.
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6 months ago, Mikagooddog
Utter rubbish
I don’t know what all the good ratings are about, the Sirius content that I listen to is good but this app blows. It always has, and amazingly it just keeps getting worse. I’ve been through many major app updates over the years and they’ve somehow managed to make the UI more counterintuitive each time. I use it through CarPlay almost exclusively and that’s never worked consistently right. None of my other CarPlay compatible apps have the same issues. This app rarely is able to ‘log in’ when initiated through CarPlay so I can pick my Favorites channels (despite having 2, 3, or even 4 bars of LTE.) Instead I have to use the interface on my iPhone to select what I want to play. Also, it will sometimes ‘skip back’ and replay the previous 30 seconds or so, out of the blue. And finally, this newest version now makes it nearly impossible for me to play a favorite pre-recorded show, Today in Grateful Dead history. It comes on around 7am every day and there used to be a ‘restart show’ option that’s evidently disappeared, now only ‘back’ and ‘forward’ options in one hour increments. If I had upgraded this app before recently renewing for another year I may not have renewed at all, it’s that bad. Utter rubbish.
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2 years ago, The Gloved1
SiriusXM, it’s not just for the car!
We became SiriusXM listeners back at the end of 2012 when we bought our first car that had it. At the time, living in S.E. Missouri, the regular radio stations were horrible…..especially if you liked modern rock and modern metal! Eventually we moved to the southern tier of NY state and the radio stations here were no better. Once we got the app, we now listen all the time at the gym, out on the deck for BBQ get togethers and I’m in the process of opening a Microgreens business and listening to SiriusXM through the app during the shop setup and testing has been awesome. Stations 34 through 41 are the usuals….mainly 37 & 41. Being an old bass head from my late 80’s Cali days with the slammed street trucks, I sometimes do throwback days on 43. The selections that are offered are awesome! Life without it would be like “Masterbating with a cheese grater….sure it can be fun and exciting for awhile, but then it becomes dull and painful!” That one was for The “King of Douchbaggery” himself…..Lord Grant Random!
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6 months ago, 7869S
App Version needs more COWBELL
Not sure what they were thinking with the latest updat on/about December 2023. I suspect the developers are getting nervous about Howard Stern’s eventual retirement, so they’re trying all the tricks to hook listeners on other content/channels. However, in the process of introducing new channels, Sirius made a SERIOUS mistake by quietly removing several great features of the App. 1.) Bring back the favorites link on the toolbar at the bottom of the App. It’s harder now to reach my favorite channels and organize them. 2.) Bring back the ability to skip ahead or rewind 15 seconds. 3.) Bring back the ability to scroll down and see the list of segments on a particular channel (e.g., Howard 100). It’s much easier to just click on what you want to listen to what you want. The change forces listeners to rewind endlessly until you catch the segment you want. To the developers: I’m a long time listener with two lifetime subscriptions. Folks like me helped you stay afloat while you battled XM. Don’t “Blue Falcon” your loyal listeners. You have to fix this mess- Do the right thing and bring the great features back.
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2 years ago, HerbieSyufy
App doesn’t work on iPad anymore
Well, a few days ago, my SiriusXM app was working fine on my iPad. Then 2 days ago, Sirius “updated” the app, and now it’s completely broken. I get the blue welcome screen, then it goes to a COMPLETELY white screen, and locks up there. No buttons, no menus, no nothing. Pure white screen, top to bottom. I’ve cleared the app cache. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded. I’ve restarted the iPad. I cleared the cache on the iPad, and freed up more space by deleting apps and files. I’ve cursed. I even updated the iPad OS to the latest 15.5 version. Nothing works. I guess I’ll have to cancel my Sirius subscription, since tech support seems stumped. I can’t pay for a service that I cannot access. Too bad, because SiriusXM was a real bright spot for me during this little Covid hiccup… :( Update… more than a week later, tech support has seemingly abandoned this case. No replies from the Twitter support account, and no callbacks ever from “Advanced Technical Support” via telephone. Guess I get to try canceling my account. Too bad… I enjoyed SiriusXM when it worked. Okay. The account has been canceled. TL,DR: SiriusXM is WONDERFUL when it works. My review is for their app, which DOESN’T work. I’m sorry to have lost this source for music. :(
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3 years ago, Straight Answers
Very slow to start playing
While I love the Sirius stations, the mobile app is problematic. Whereas Pandora almost never has any issues starting up and playing whether on WiFi or not, Sirius is horrible! 9 times out of 10 when I want to start listening I tap the station I want, from my favorites, and the little play arrow turns into a circle that spins for a very long time. Like, some days it does that for hours without ever playing. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Yes I have closed the app and reopened. That has never changed anything. It is still very much a pain and very unreliable as to whether I will actually get to listen to anything via the app. On average I’d say it takes 15 -20 minutes to get it to start playing. This is regardless of whether I am in my office right by my wifi modem or out on 5g service. Just as problematic either way. Find out how Pandora is so reliable and do that, please. Otherwise, I won’t renew when this subscription expires.
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4 months ago, StoneGnome
The app is okay
A little confusing, but if you use Apple passkey to create the account forget about trying to sign in on your Samsung TV. Then there is the fact that your Apple account is tied to, in this case SiriusXM. You can’t start over to create a password that you can actually see, autofill, copy paste. It will just come up and say that this account already exists. I’m going to see if there is an option to close the account within the app. Of course if it does and that option requires a password you cannot autofill, or copy paste then the account becomes indefinitely unusable, because indefinitely you will get the this account already exist message. But like I said the app itself is okay if you’re okay with only using it on your Apple devices that accept the passkey. Of course If you didn’t use the Apple passkey option to create your account. Signing into your MS laptop or Samsung TV should go off without a hitch.
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6 months ago, osugrad85
Hate, Hate, Hate the new app!
Who ever authorized this “new” app should be fired! They removed a highly functional and user intuitive app and replaced it with garbage. I have not found one thing about the new app that is an improvement. I typically listen to Radio Classics channel’s “on demand” content. The old app let me view each on-demand segment and see each show contained in the segment. I was also able to skip through shows I did not want to hear so that I could focus on the shows I like. And, I could skip 15 seconds ahead or back within the show to rehear important dialog. AND, the app visually indicated my listening progress so that I could easily see which programs I had already listened to and which programs were new to me. I could also organize my library of shows and channels so that the order they were shown was at my choosing. This new version of the app does NOT do any of these things. No user organization of the library, no progress indicator, nothing showing the exact contents of each on demand block of programming, no 15 seconds skipping ahead or back. WHAT EXACTLY DID SIRIUS XM “IMPROVE” WITH THIS NEW APP? BRING BACK THE OLD APP AND LETS FORGET THAT THIS NEW APP EVER EXISTED!!! This new and improved app is GARBAGE!!!
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2 years ago, Mistertokr
App won’t work and SiriusXM won’t help
The app stopped Working on my iPhone more than 6 months ago and I’ve contacted support many times. When I try to open the app all I see is a black screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times as well as reinstalling IOS at least 3 times. but lately they have escalated my case and twice and told me to expect a call the next morning. Next morning I get the call and the person makes all kinds of excuses and then mysteriously they get disconnected first on my work cellphone with 4 bars signal and also on my landline. They confirmed my contact number both times and never called me back. I think it’s time to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. When I called last week they told me my phone wasn’t compatible. This is an iPhone, it would not let me uninstall and reinstall the app if my phone wasn’t compatible. In the App Store it says “Works with my phone” and the minimum requirement is IOS 14, I have IOS 15.7 and have screenshots to prove it.
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6 years ago, Cypherstream
CarPlay buggy, no chrome cast support but good sound quality
So glad they recently added Apple CarPlay, however it’s very buggy. Many times favorites don’t load, recents may not load, or the car play screen is just blank. It does work better if you unlock your phone first, but who can do that if your driving and have your phone put down (it auto locks fairly quickly). What is wrong with SiriusXM not offering chromecast functionality? It seems this would be the easiest way to get SXM in your house. To be able to chrome cast SXM would be a great asset to listen at home when doing household work. Other than the very buggy CarPlay support and lack of Chromecast feature, the sound quality is far better than what you get on the actual satellite. You also have access to many more channels and on demand content. This is why I prefer to use the app via CarPlay instead of my cars built in XM tuner. My car only goes up to channels in the 200’s. The app has channels into the 700’s! I’m no longer missing out on Faction or the Emo Project, indie 1.0, or Rock Bar. If only CarPlay worked all the time, this would be a killer app.
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7 months ago, Mishamasha
New app update is an absolute disaster
I have been a SiriusXM subscriber since the day Howard joined and I’ve been using the app since day one. The UX for the new app is like something I’ve experienced in my worst nightmares. Whoever designed the interface clearly has never used the SiriusXM app before because everything that was useful and easy about the old app is gone. There was nothing wrong with the UX of the old app. Why change something that isn’t broken?! Fine, go ahead and change the visual design, but leave the UX alone!! Favorites - GONE. 15 second RW & FF - GONE. Ability to restart a show’s episode - GONE. The ability to manually rearrange your favorite shows in the order you want - GONE. So much wasted space in between show/episode listings so a ton of content is hidden below the fold. Downloaded episodes are shown in the order they were downloaded, not by show or release date. These now missing features may seem like little things, but these little things are what made me (and clearly others based on the latest reviews) love the old app. This update is a clown show. What an absolute disaster. Please fix it or give us the ability to download the old version again.
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5 months ago, Phungirl
Response to “Playback Issue”
I have a similar problem w/ my SIRIS service. My service suddenly stopped on Friday, November 17th. I spoke to someone from Sirius, who sent me a signal & spoke @ upgrading my subscription as they were promoting Platinum. Ever since that day, I always need a signal sent every time I try to use it through the car’s radio. I was really frustrated and was about to cancel my service when in December, the representative I spoke to said the issue is with the radio & I needed to take it to the dealer. The dealer installed the update, but that still didn’t work. Now it seems the new radio will cost $1800 + tax. Where they are willing to pay $1500, but I will have to pay $500. That’s on top of the $180 I paid to have them install the update (labor). When I looked online, I saw some other people had issues w/Subaru radios earlier than 2018. I’m debating whether it’s worth it, since the app allows me to listen to channel 128 and comedy when I want. It’s interesting because a friend has the same model and year Forester and there are no problems with hers. I was totally happy with my service before November. Now, not so much!
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3 years ago, Leaferguy
Least consistent app I still use
This app feels like it takes two steps forward, two backwards, and then one to the right. Constantly loses the settings I saved (tune start, streaming quality, etc), and then when it does retain them, they don't work (tune start recently stopped working?). The favorites screen only lets you see six stations at a time. I do not care about the logo of the station. I want to see 15+ stations AND the song that's playing. Oh and now playing? Who knows if that's accurate (hint: it's usually not). It doesn't update if the app isn't in focus, so I get to choose between my GPS app and this one during my commute. Finally, Madison continues to ruin the experience on many of my favorite stations. I do not give a flying fish as to what she thinks about literally anything. Her voice is annoying as it possibly can be, and she manages to be on one of the stations I listen to most during both my drive to and from work. I don't get why this app is so stagnant and doesn't improve regularly. If there was a term to describe the opposite of agile, it would be whatever this app is using.
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7 months ago, HeRatesApps
Hate the new changes
For their most recent update, Sirius decided to completely get rid of the Favorites hub. I don’t understand why they cannot give us one place to access all of our favorites that we have saved. You now I have to go looking for those saved favorites in various places in the app. And, there’s no one place to manage all your favorites. I keep a lot of radio stations in my favorites plus a lot of Pandora artists. It’s so annoying that I know I have to look for them in two separate areas. Also, this new update change the way a song is displayed on my dash. It used to be that I could see the name of the artist in the name of this song. Now, they’ve added a huge new banner that displays the useless name of the station you’re listening to, but that causes the name of the band and the song to the jammed together in the line right below it. The net result is that I can always see the completely useless information of the station name in all its glory, but can never decipher what’s the name of this song is. All in all a very negative update which proves that Sirius still doesn’t understand how to design an app for a nice consumer experience.
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2 years ago, JenniferZ
As much as I use this app I wish it worked better.
I use this app all day Monday through Friday and that involves opening and closing the app multiple times a day. At LEAST once a day it won’t load the Home Screen properly if at all and several times it tells me I’m not connected to the internet when I have full bars and can use any other connectivity app on my phone. It’s just Sirius that does it. I’m beginning to think the no internet error has something to do with CarPlay. If I unplug it from CarPlay and close the app and restart it, sometimes that works and then I just plug it back in once it’s working again. I deal with this several times a day. Also, on demand shows are not always loaded or available next day like supposed to. Instead it finally shows up late afternoon or not until next day. These issues won’t make me stop using it since I can’t miss my All Out Show on Shade 45 everyday in my work car…BUUUT, I’m not gonna lie when someone asks me if I like it or if I recommend it. Hope you guys can fix it! Thanks!
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6 years ago, drew_petricc
New features but lacking polish
Lots of glitz and glamour over the new features, & call me crazy, but it actually seems *harder* to just get to my downloaded shows now... Also, if there’s something that looks cool on my home page, better remember it or keep swiping b/c it just scrolls away after a few seconds... sure it’s good to show the different options, but annoying. It also seems to have obfuscated which is actually a new show, or even to just get to what is actually playing live on 100 now. For all its faults, this was not an issue with the old version. All this complaining aside I do like the new app and addition of video clips etc. I’m just looking forward to some revision with usability/ease of use in mind—so keep it up dev team!! Thanks for a great app, I will change to five stars when updated! I do like the more streamlined way to manage/delete downloads and the addition of forward and backward skipping by a few seconds (which was sorely needed). So it’s great & I love it—that’s why I’m saying it just needs a few revisions to be the best in my opinion, thanks.
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6 years ago, Queenbeedlg
God help you if . . . . . . Update
Like me, you use your iPad in landscape mode. I’ve changed every relevant setting I can think of to get this app to load in landscape mode (as it once did prior to one of the latest updates) but, alas, to no avail. This is so much of a problem that saving the $20 a month I pay for this service is under serious consideration. It’s too much money to pay for the inconvenience of having to turn my iPad 90 degrees to read the app. I would have given it less than one star had that been possible. Update: I’m happy to report that the people at Sirius were listening and have addressed this landscape vs. portrait mode problem. It’s nice to know that there are still some companies out there who listen to their customer’s complaints and respond to them positively, especially in such a short period of time. Happily, I will not have to cancel my subscription, and I can recommend this app without reservation at a solid 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Brewster II
New app rev 7.0.6
I’ve been a Sirius customer over 20 years, love it, and am struggling with the totally new app. I have missed the first few minutes of a show on Progress that I do not wish to miss, tried to land accurately at beginning and was forced to either jump to “live” 3 or 4 minutes in, missing the beginning, or jumping way back about 15 entire minutes at end of prior show and turning volume down and just waiting for it to grind along an entire 15 or 20 minutes wasted time, and THEN I can hear the very opening of the show, setting the stage for the entire show. I very much miss a virtual button to skip forward and back 15 seconds, preferably 30 seconds in time for each poke of the virtual button !! That increases accuracy of where to be, and I often record short clips to share with my email pals. It’s much more difficult to do that now. I see comments on substacks of shows of many Sirius customers also saying they cannot continue listening even, if they cannot easily and accurately hit the spots where they desire to start any show of interest, or where they wish to jump to. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, Phantom2089
The more I spend time with this..
The more I’m regretting my app update for it. Why would you fix something that was not broken?? I really hate this new update. There are more cons to point out than pro’s on this! Con: -No mix customizations (BIG NO!) -No info description on each channel and shows within that channel, nor do they provide twitter/phone number to call in the radio channel! -adding favorites just doesn’t work. -backtracking only goes so much as 3 hrs instead of 6 hrs. -there’s no schedule for when upcoming shows are going to broadcast. -channel freezes and locks if your app ended up foreclosing on you or you foreclose the app. (I was always able to resume where I left off EVEN when I foreclosed it, now it makes me lose my place wherever I’m in. REALLY FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY WITH GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS!!!!) -no bright/dim light interface option, I hate how bright this design is now, especially late at night. -takes longer to connect to audio when it used to not on data connection. Pro’s: -Video on-demand for Howard Stern -audio scroller is a bit easier when you want to rewind or fast forward a lot. And that’s all the pros that’s on this app. You have got some MAJOR EDITING to BRING BACK some of the old WITH the new! I feel like my subscription has just plummeted to a mediocre service, I’m really debating on cancelling if they don’t bring back and improve their main qualities of their app. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!
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