SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News

4.8 (2.7M)
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SiriusXM: Music, Sports & News

4.84 out of 5
2.7M Ratings
1 year ago, WoodsHeart Gal
I had Sirius for a few years b4 actually exploring the Incredible diversity of what’s available therein. Unreal. I feel like such an incredible fool. I could’ve been enjoying All this the whole time. ANY kind of music, entertainment, on the Planet!, is probably on here. I haven’t, but Will!, today actually, look for World music but betcha it’s available. And the most impressive thing is that each category has multiple stations. I mean honestly, it kinda feels Limitless. And frankly Is, for all practical intents and purposes. And that’s only a slight, if at all, exaggeration. I am LOVING Sirius, Never want to be without it now and quite frankly cannot explain why it took me sooo long to investigate all it has to offer. All I can say is Duh. I didn’t know, didn’t Realize. I look forward to discovering Much more cause thus far, I’ve only scratched the surface. Un-freaking-Real. I can and Do! listen on my TV as part of my Dish Network subscription, in my vehicle (which is how I originally was exposed to Sirius. Got 3 months free when I purchased my Toyota Tacoma new in 2016) and now my phone. I, am Covered! WherEver I am. Music, podcasts, sleep stories, comedy, news, Everything to enrich one’s life, soothe one’s soul, make one laugh. Thank you Sirius XM. For Being.
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1 year ago, Coach Mac 12
I am an OG…..
It was Christmas in 2005 that I bought radio’s and Subscriptions for my brother and Dad for gifts. I had already bought mine and became a LIFETIME SUBSCRIBER, not knowing even if Sirius would make it? The BIG DAY, January 6, 2006 was coming, and I was ready……Sirius was in competition with XM, and Howard Stern was about to MAKE Sirius Satellite Radio THE PLACE TO LISTEN TO ANY AND ALL RADIO CONTENT! Since my original investment, I have continued to be a FAITHFUL AND HAPPY Listener, adding various radio’s and subscriptions along the way! I do wish that SiriusXM did have a package that was a little cheaper for all of us that made that Original blind leap……maybe even 7% less to anyone that signed at anytime during 2007 year, THE ARRIVAL OF HOWARD…….the man that FOREVER changed how we listen to the Radio! Regardless, I AM A LIFER, and after just spending 46 HOURS, 2,750 MILES…..leaving Lake Placid, NY, 1:30 PM Thursday, straight down to Tulle, Florida, hook up a Trailer @ 8:30 AM, and back on the Road @ 9:15 AM, and again only stopping for Fuel, arrived home @ 11:3O AM, yesterday, Saturday… SIRIUS WAS ON ALL 46 HOURS!!!! I can’t imagine making that trip with regular am/fm?????? Anyhow, here’s to another 17 years as a HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!! Thanks SiriusXM, MAC
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2 months ago, Claydood
Not worth it when most of the good stations are streaming only.
I decided to try out Sirius XM so I wouldn’t have to eat up all of my data while in the car. The lineup of radio stations available on the radio is horrible compared to the streaming service. It’s completely backwards. Most of the XM stations are artist specific. Example, I want to listen to reggae music but the only option is a Bob Marley station. While I enjoy some Bob Marley, I don’t want every single song I hear to be a Bob Marley song. To get a variety I have to open the app and use up all my data to stream The Joint if I want more. The artist specific stations should be the streaming ones. There is no point in paying for the service if I have to stream to hear the music I want. I can get the same exact music for much cheaper elsewhere. Another annoyance is the BPM station plays the same 6 songs all day long. Their bumpers showcase some amazing tracks that are never ever heard played on the station. They also mention remixes a long but I’ve yet to hear more than one remix ever get played. They can have all these sports and news stations on radio but barely any music that isn’t an artist themed station. Definitely not worth paying for this service. Move some of the stations from the streaming side to the radio side and put the artist specific station as a streaming station then Sirius XM would be worth paying for. It’s bad enough that buying data is required to listen to the good stuff.
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2 years ago, ajsidney
Impossible to listen to Podcasts
I have multiple subscriptions and frankly only have SXM because of Howard. However, every single time I pause a live show for more than a minute, it “loses connection” and drops. This is not a wifi issue btw. That requires me to reopen the player, fast forward to the point in the show and start listening again! This was not an issue a year ago. Secondly, I started listening to podcasts on SXM app. this year. Every single time I pause an episode the same thing happens noted above, and even worse some ADVERTISEMENT for some Entertainment Now channel 790 repeatedly breaks in and then interrupts a show, and begins blaring an ad for this stupid channel. This is every day up to a dozen times a day. The show is completely dropped because of this Ad! Considering I pay for uninterrupted shows (minimal normal podcast advertisements are understood) and no SXM ADS I expect to listen to anything on the App without eardrums being completely blown out by the sound level of the ad, and being irritated beyond belief that I cannot listen to anything that is talk or podcast without constant dropping out or being interrupted. Fix this error ASAP, it has been going on for at least 6 months. This is making me consider dropping all my subscriptions, you know I can stream music anywhere.
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3 months ago, Mroutdoors27
XM listener since 2003
I have been a loyal listener of XM satellite radio since 2003 and 10 months ago in August 2022. I got my first smart phone. then I downloaded the SiriusXM app for the first time, and I have enjoyed listening on the app as well as on my portable satellite radio but the last couple days including today something is going wrong with the app every minute or two minutes, roughly the last couple days well, I’m listening to music or Road dog trucking channel the app automatically stops playing sometimes less than one minute it stops playing and then it won’t continue playing again until I physically hit the play button again I know it’s not my phone because I have full signal and I have the updated phone so it has to be in the app but something has to be fixed in the app so it will not stop in the middle of me listening to my music or Road dog trucking channel every minute or two. I don’t know if I am the only one this is happening to, but it has become annoying. Period and I will not continue to use the app on my smart phone long term. If this keeps on happening, I will cancel my subscription. Because I have an Apple 14 iPhone the most up-to-date. still not working for the last couple days and I’ve had this phone since August last year 2022. Anybody reading this please make the necessary updates to the app, so this does not happen anymore.
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11 months ago, Colorado_Nittany
Total Trash - App Cannot Determine Location
In this day and age, when my cellular device can pinpoint my location to within 30 feet, how is it acceptable for this trash app to block my live sports programming based on the excuse that it cannot determine my location. According to the SiriusXM website, their geographic restrictions for sports programming are based upon THE COUNTRY you are streaming in, so again I ask, how can this piece of garbage app not even tell what country I’m in when it is installed on a device that has advanced geospatial awareness capable of giving me turn by turn driving and walking directions? So my phone can tell me with pinpoint accuracy that I am standing PRECISELY at 100 Main Street, Anytown USA, but the SirisuXM app just disregards that, and manufactures an error stating it can’t even determine if I am standing in North America, Asia, Africa or Antarctica. Total Garbage and No Excuse SiriusXM. To add aggravation to injury, this app does not even offer settings within the app to manage the app’s access to your device’s location services, nor does it integrate into iOS so you can manage the app’s access from the native iOS Location Services settings control panel. So basically, a company that engineered and deployed a space-based entertainment delivery service cannot figure out half-century old GPS technology, but instead just denies you access to the programming you have paid for.
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5 months ago, Μιχάλη Κωσταντίνος
Streaming great music!
SiriusXM sounds GREAT when you're streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY whether you're streaming on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other Apple iOS or Microsoft Windows device. The only trouble being is that streaming in MAXIMUM QUALITY in your vehicle is what many people don't know how to do nor do I think they know that streaming in this quality exists; but I may be wrong completely on this statement because I've heard many streamers streaming SiriusXM in MAXIMUM QUALITY. Many people don't know how to set their subscription up in their vehicle to stream this way and that's why I think it is VERY IMPORTANT for car dealers to not only set up new subscriptions this way with these particular settings; but what they should also do is train and teach those buying a new car how to set up their new SiriusXM subscription settings this way so they know how to do it if they lose their newly made settings to their new SiriusXM subscription for some unforeseen reason and no one's there to help them set their SiriusXM subscription settings back up again the way they had it before they lost their greatly tuned settings.
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2 months ago, alvarez8717
Don’t get all channels
Why can’t you guys just make the software to be able to transmit all stations on all XM radios for example I can get all stations on my phone and TV XM apps but on my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my home radio receiver with xm built in, I only get 2 of all(10-12) Latin stations you guys offer, so some of the stations I can only hear at home or on my cell phone. I know it can’t be that hard to pay some programmer to make that happen. Then u will have more of us that have this issue more happy, but I keep this XM subscription paid only cause I can get the best station I like in this app “ Pitbull‘s globalization channel 13” shout out to pitbull and what he made happen please let him know it’s the best…!!! Thanks cause that’s the only reason I keep XM radio and definitely I don’t even think I should even be paying $100 a year for this station and the other channel that I think is called flow nation channel I think is 55 in my jeep and if if possible if I can get a response from someone about my review, comment, concerns issues I have with paying 100 a year and only getting 2 channels in Spanish on where I mainly use XM on and the resin I got the subscription at 1st thanks again
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2 months ago, R Deal
Sports Improvements?
Mostly I love the app. However, when you go to a break that is a SiriusXM insert that overrides the local network, it is critical you come out of break and to the feed on time. IN the Cardinals and Cubs game tonight July 28 in the pitching change break of the Cardinals 8th inning, that did not happen, we were held for an extra spot and then jumped into the at bat in progress, as the announcer was speaking as the feed was brought back. I have gone away from the MLB at bat feeds because this is a constant issue with their streaming service. Your app has been much, much better, but this cannot be allowed. Either have a live person running the board for all sports feeds like a real radio station so the game is not missed, or if you must go with automated systems, then keep us with the live radio version of the feed at all times. Missing plays in the game is not good. I don't know if this issue was just on my app or the whole Cardinals feed that went to all listeners system wide when this took place tonight. Thank you. It is a great app, we are a one car family since I am blind and don't drive, so my wife uses your service on the car radio and I use the mobile app.
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5 days ago, CB Ian A
Longtime subscription
It’s amazing you can skip commercials when on demand mode. Some amazing content!Takes up way too much storage on your phone & it has habit of losing it spot & starting over from beginning versus where you left of when you shut it off. Revised review, They’ve fixed the bugs but still eats a lot of storage. I would like to see them not toss mass money at celebrity names and give them a show when they’re not proficient in the radio broadcasting arena. It’s a shame because if Howard leaves I fear they’re going to lose a horrific amount of subscribers. ‘The Bonfire’ is however AMAZING!!! Give me more shows like that and I’ll stay when Howard leaves. Bring back Bubba The Love Sponge and I’ll be here for life!! Bring back Tiffany from Playboy channel and her afternoon advice show and I’ll pay what I pay now when Howard leaves. Bring back Anthony from O & A! Shoot, I often wonder who’s making the calls for these things because they literally crap the bed every time! But all that said I love the app truly and obviously I love Howard and Big Jay Okerson!
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1 year ago, W-T-F-???
Sirius Spyware?
The last few updates have made the Sirius app unreliable. I have an iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 15.6. I mainly use the app in the morning to listen to news episodes from the previous day. It’s a crapshoot if it will populate all the screens; Discover, Favorites, & Search usually take at least a minute to fill in all the boxes if they do it at all and frequently generate Error 2010. Retry rarely succeeds. Sometimes Favorites populate with the stations but don’t show what’s currently playing on the stations although you can tap in one and listen to it. Search gives Error 2010 the most. Sometimes it displays search results as black boxes then pops up the error. I’ve tried running the app with and without wifi. Thought maybe they did something to make it not work with a VPN so I turned that off. No difference. Rebooted the phone numerous times. Rarely, the app will start up correctly and everything works the way it’s supposed to, at least for a while. But it can and does break itself even after a successful startup, searching for episodes and listening to one. Then I search for something else and get the error 2010. Also, whenever the app is running the phone gets hot. REALLY hot. No other apps make my phone heat up. This all makes me question what the app is trying to do while initializing.
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5 years ago, RV Sciencephile
Serve a 2nd vehicle for free, or use as a fix for an obstructed antenna
By purchasing the high end SiriusXM service for one satellite receiver, you get this excellent streaming capability as a free bonus. If you have a smartphone with a decent data plan, you don’t need to increase satellite charges by adding a subscription for the other vehicle(s). Get it for one, then use your phone to stream the web based service thru the Bluetooth or cable connection to the audio system in your additional vehicle(s). It’s a terrific bargain for me, as I have 2 cars and two RV’s, and I can get full channel service for all four with just one subscription. Also, for those with vehicles (like my truck camper) that have difficulty getting a clear usable obstruction-free sat signal for their partially shadowed antenna, you can subscribe to service for the vehicle radio, then when in conditions when your antenna isn’t reliable, switch to using your smartphone for streaming to that radio from the same sat account via cell service providers. Thanks SiriusXM for offering this excellent, flexible service at a fair package price!
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3 years ago, JohnnyW34
Awful, awful app
The app is awful. From what I’ve read about the app online, and from the many users who expressed the same complaints as me, I have a strong suspicion that the positive ratings on here are fake. Especially given the number of ratings versus the number of subscribers that Sirius has. I’ve had the app for a while now. Like many, I suspect, I only use it to listen to the “Howard Stern Show.” But the various functions on the app that are supposed to enable you to restart the show from scratch if you don’t tuning immediately when Howard begins, well those functions don’t always work. And if you pause the show at any point, and go back to it, more than half the time it does not resume where you left off. Sometimes, it doesn’t even happen after a pause. If you are walking somewhere listening to the show but not in real time, and you walk through a store’s WiFi or something, the play jumps to the live feed. I’ve read that these problems are very common. A lot of people with the app express this same dissatisfaction. I have brought it to the attention of Sirius, only to be told that I should delete the app and re-download it. Their customer service is as bad as their app. Frankly, because I am so reliant on the app to listen, I am strongly considering canceling my subscription altogether.
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1 year ago, JackOnDaRocks
Superior radio stations with the best DJs
I have been a long-time subscriber to Sirius, XM Radio, and now SiriusXM. The variety has grown from excellent to absolutely amazing over the years. Sync’d up to Apple CarPlay, it provides far better variety than the SiriusXM offering from my satellite enabled factory system and if they decide to integrate with Siri, this will only add to the “can’t live without” product. My wife and I listen to quite a variety from 70s to now music. SiriusXM provides us the options needed for different genres, settings, and moods throughout the day. My top picks are Lithium, Tuff Gong Radio, Pops, The Bridge, and Hits 1. With the ability to jump over to Howard Stern or catch up on sporting news, I truly do not need any other source for listening enjoyment. The app is very easy to navigate. It provides better quality streams than other music services I’ve tried out and the constant addition of specialty broadcasts, interviews, mash-ups, dedicated artist channels and more, add to the plethora of variety available to any type of listener.
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12 months ago, Jukebox980
Very good app, but very spotty lately
I strongly recommend this app for anyone who has a subscription to Sirius XM. I’ve had my subscription for quite some time. The app is very user friendly, it’s easy to find my favorite channels, the amount of content is fantastic, I can download my favorite episodes of talk shows and get them on demand, which is what I rely on the most. However, recently the app has been extremely unresponsive. There would be days at a time when the app just won’t open, and is constantly in queue. Was t able to listen for a few days until Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, I was dealing with the same issue. Tried connecting to Wi-Fi? Still in queue. Tried using my own data? Still in queue. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app (multiple times)? Still in queue. I knew this app had this issue for a while, but it was seldom happening. Now, it’s happening all the time. It’s Monday night, and I haven’t been able to access it since Sunday morning! Very frustrating. I would have given this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the buggy issues of late. Hopefully Sirius XM can get this issue fixed.
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5 years ago, TaxisLatka
Great App
NEW REVIEW (Feb. 2019): Another quick fix to the annoying download issue. Great response. App is back to working great. OLD REVIEW (Feb. 2019): The new update is awful. It’s now back to the same issue of downloaded shows not opening from the last place they were being listened to. You can listen to a downloaded show for two hours and then when you go back to the app instead of it saving your place and continuing playing where it was, it goes back to some previous point at the very beginning of the show. Very annoying and it’s happened before. Thought they had it worked out but now this issue is back. Please fix as soon as possible as this makes the app almost unusable. Wish I never updated. Should’ve stuck with the last version that actually worked. Very angry. OLD REVIEW (2018): Love the updated app. It’s the best. The addition of video is pretty cool, but the Stern Shows are loaded fast (usually same afternoon). Had an issue with holding place of downloaded shows, but it appears to have been resolved. A+
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4 years ago, DJ Joey G
Too many bugs
I have MANY apps on my phone and this one has to be one of the most unreliable. Too many issues to list here but the top two that make me crazy are #1 It stops working randomly mid shows, doesn't matter if its while listening to an on demand episode, a download or live. The app would go into a never ending loading state or just crash completely. #2 the most annoying and dangerous bug is when the app randomly starts playing in my pocket at the worst times. I listen to some XL rated shows with adult language and these shows that i haven't listened to for a few hours or sometimes haven't listened to that day at all will just start playing, full volume, in my pocket. The app is not running so i cant even kill it, i have to frantically turn the volume down then go into my control center and pause it. Its gotten to the point where if i’m going into certain places i have to turn my volume all the way down because i cant trust the app to not start playing, or i need to make sure the last thing i listen to is “safe”....Also when my phone connects to the bluetooth in my vehicles it just starts playing if i want it to or not, again the app isn't even running. Its ridiculous.....
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1 year ago, The Gloved1
SiriusXM, it’s not just for the car!
We became SiriusXM listeners back at the end of 2012 when we bought our first car that had it. At the time, living in S.E. Missouri, the regular radio stations were horrible…..especially if you liked modern rock and modern metal! Eventually we moved to the southern tier of NY state and the radio stations here were no better. Once we got the app, we now listen all the time at the gym, out on the deck for BBQ get togethers and I’m in the process of opening a Microgreens business and listening to SiriusXM through the app during the shop setup and testing has been awesome. Stations 34 through 41 are the usuals….mainly 37 & 41. Being an old bass head from my late 80’s Cali days with the slammed street trucks, I sometimes do throwback days on 43. The selections that are offered are awesome! Life without it would be like “Masterbating with a cheese grater….sure it can be fun and exciting for awhile, but then it becomes dull and painful!” That one was for The “King of Douchbaggery” himself…..Lord Grant Random!
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5 years ago, PetiteFrog
No landscape mode; update horrible for RadioClassics
UPDATE: Thanks for adding the landscape mode back - although why on earth was it removed in the first place??? I have upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. What would give it one more star - display the times of the previously played RadioClassic shows. I have no idea what played when. You provide the option to listen to earlier shows, but the segments aren’t descriptive enough so I am having to go through all of them to find the show I want to listen to. PREVIOUS REVIEW: As others have stated, not having the ability to view using landscape mode is very annoying. However, not nearly as annoying and useless as what the upgrade has done to the RadioClassics station. Before the update, I could see all the programs that played in the past 5 or 6 hours and select one of those shows - easily. Now —- you can’t see the time a previous show was played and have to guess which item it is in the viewable segments. Viewing all the segments is nearly impossible. No way to easily see and select earlier segments. The upgrade has made the RadioClassics stations impossible to navigate.
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1 year ago, HerbieSyufy
App doesn’t work on iPad anymore
Well, a few days ago, my SiriusXM app was working fine on my iPad. Then 2 days ago, Sirius “updated” the app, and now it’s completely broken. I get the blue welcome screen, then it goes to a COMPLETELY white screen, and locks up there. No buttons, no menus, no nothing. Pure white screen, top to bottom. I’ve cleared the app cache. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded. I’ve restarted the iPad. I cleared the cache on the iPad, and freed up more space by deleting apps and files. I’ve cursed. I even updated the iPad OS to the latest 15.5 version. Nothing works. I guess I’ll have to cancel my Sirius subscription, since tech support seems stumped. I can’t pay for a service that I cannot access. Too bad, because SiriusXM was a real bright spot for me during this little Covid hiccup… :( Update… more than a week later, tech support has seemingly abandoned this case. No replies from the Twitter support account, and no callbacks ever from “Advanced Technical Support” via telephone. Guess I get to try canceling my account. Too bad… I enjoyed SiriusXM when it worked. Okay. The account has been canceled. TL,DR: SiriusXM is WONDERFUL when it works. My review is for their app, which DOESN’T work. I’m sorry to have lost this source for music. :(
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3 years ago, Straight Answers
Very slow to start playing
While I love the Sirius stations, the mobile app is problematic. Whereas Pandora almost never has any issues starting up and playing whether on WiFi or not, Sirius is horrible! 9 times out of 10 when I want to start listening I tap the station I want, from my favorites, and the little play arrow turns into a circle that spins for a very long time. Like, some days it does that for hours without ever playing. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Yes I have closed the app and reopened. That has never changed anything. It is still very much a pain and very unreliable as to whether I will actually get to listen to anything via the app. On average I’d say it takes 15 -20 minutes to get it to start playing. This is regardless of whether I am in my office right by my wifi modem or out on 5g service. Just as problematic either way. Find out how Pandora is so reliable and do that, please. Otherwise, I won’t renew when this subscription expires.
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5 years ago, Queenbeedlg
God help you if . . . . . . Update
Like me, you use your iPad in landscape mode. I’ve changed every relevant setting I can think of to get this app to load in landscape mode (as it once did prior to one of the latest updates) but, alas, to no avail. This is so much of a problem that saving the $20 a month I pay for this service is under serious consideration. It’s too much money to pay for the inconvenience of having to turn my iPad 90 degrees to read the app. I would have given it less than one star had that been possible. Update: I’m happy to report that the people at Sirius were listening and have addressed this landscape vs. portrait mode problem. It’s nice to know that there are still some companies out there who listen to their customer’s complaints and respond to them positively, especially in such a short period of time. Happily, I will not have to cancel my subscription, and I can recommend this app without reservation at a solid 5 stars.
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10 months ago, Mistertokr
App won’t work and SiriusXM won’t help
The app stopped Working on my iPhone more than 6 months ago and I’ve contacted support many times. When I try to open the app all I see is a black screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times as well as reinstalling IOS at least 3 times. but lately they have escalated my case and twice and told me to expect a call the next morning. Next morning I get the call and the person makes all kinds of excuses and then mysteriously they get disconnected first on my work cellphone with 4 bars signal and also on my landline. They confirmed my contact number both times and never called me back. I think it’s time to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. When I called last week they told me my phone wasn’t compatible. This is an iPhone, it would not let me uninstall and reinstall the app if my phone wasn’t compatible. In the App Store it says “Works with my phone” and the minimum requirement is IOS 14, I have IOS 15.7 and have screenshots to prove it.
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5 years ago, Cypherstream
CarPlay buggy, no chrome cast support but good sound quality
So glad they recently added Apple CarPlay, however it’s very buggy. Many times favorites don’t load, recents may not load, or the car play screen is just blank. It does work better if you unlock your phone first, but who can do that if your driving and have your phone put down (it auto locks fairly quickly). What is wrong with SiriusXM not offering chromecast functionality? It seems this would be the easiest way to get SXM in your house. To be able to chrome cast SXM would be a great asset to listen at home when doing household work. Other than the very buggy CarPlay support and lack of Chromecast feature, the sound quality is far better than what you get on the actual satellite. You also have access to many more channels and on demand content. This is why I prefer to use the app via CarPlay instead of my cars built in XM tuner. My car only goes up to channels in the 200’s. The app has channels into the 700’s! I’m no longer missing out on Faction or the Emo Project, indie 1.0, or Rock Bar. If only CarPlay worked all the time, this would be a killer app.
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2 years ago, Leaferguy
Least consistent app I still use
This app feels like it takes two steps forward, two backwards, and then one to the right. Constantly loses the settings I saved (tune start, streaming quality, etc), and then when it does retain them, they don't work (tune start recently stopped working?). The favorites screen only lets you see six stations at a time. I do not care about the logo of the station. I want to see 15+ stations AND the song that's playing. Oh and now playing? Who knows if that's accurate (hint: it's usually not). It doesn't update if the app isn't in focus, so I get to choose between my GPS app and this one during my commute. Finally, Madison continues to ruin the experience on many of my favorite stations. I do not give a flying fish as to what she thinks about literally anything. Her voice is annoying as it possibly can be, and she manages to be on one of the stations I listen to most during both my drive to and from work. I don't get why this app is so stagnant and doesn't improve regularly. If there was a term to describe the opposite of agile, it would be whatever this app is using.
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3 years ago, Food Jock
Favorites won’t save & keep getting deleted
Does Sirius even read these user reviews and care about customer service? For 2 months all my favorites keep getting deleted. Lately it seems to occur almost daily, sometimes even twice in a day. Before that it had been every couple weeks. I’ve seen other reviews claiming the same thing. Do you even read the user reviews? Last month I even sent a Feedback email to tech support reporting the issue and was given a response that they will reply back within 24 hrs. Nope. Nothing. Not even a follow up. And meanwhile, the problem has gotten worse and it’s very time consuming to constantly go back & forth re adding shows to the favorites list. In addition, 3 times in the past week and as recently as last night, I haven’t been able to access anything because the app keeps saying “we’re sorry but you seem to be offline. Please check your WiFi connection or try again later.” There’s been absolutely nothing wrong with my internet & WiFi. This used to be my favorite app and I use it daily mostly for MLB Radio. But lately this app has been horrible and I’m paying too much money for an annual subscription to put up with this crap.
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1 year ago, JenniferZ
As much as I use this app I wish it worked better.
I use this app all day Monday through Friday and that involves opening and closing the app multiple times a day. At LEAST once a day it won’t load the Home Screen properly if at all and several times it tells me I’m not connected to the internet when I have full bars and can use any other connectivity app on my phone. It’s just Sirius that does it. I’m beginning to think the no internet error has something to do with CarPlay. If I unplug it from CarPlay and close the app and restart it, sometimes that works and then I just plug it back in once it’s working again. I deal with this several times a day. Also, on demand shows are not always loaded or available next day like supposed to. Instead it finally shows up late afternoon or not until next day. These issues won’t make me stop using it since I can’t miss my All Out Show on Shade 45 everyday in my work car…BUUUT, I’m not gonna lie when someone asks me if I like it or if I recommend it. Hope you guys can fix it! Thanks!
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5 years ago, drew_petricc
New features but lacking polish
Lots of glitz and glamour over the new features, & call me crazy, but it actually seems *harder* to just get to my downloaded shows now... Also, if there’s something that looks cool on my home page, better remember it or keep swiping b/c it just scrolls away after a few seconds... sure it’s good to show the different options, but annoying. It also seems to have obfuscated which is actually a new show, or even to just get to what is actually playing live on 100 now. For all its faults, this was not an issue with the old version. All this complaining aside I do like the new app and addition of video clips etc. I’m just looking forward to some revision with usability/ease of use in mind—so keep it up dev team!! Thanks for a great app, I will change to five stars when updated! I do like the more streamlined way to manage/delete downloads and the addition of forward and backward skipping by a few seconds (which was sorely needed). So it’s great & I love it—that’s why I’m saying it just needs a few revisions to be the best in my opinion, thanks.
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5 years ago, Phantom2089
The more I spend time with this..
The more I’m regretting my app update for it. Why would you fix something that was not broken?? I really hate this new update. There are more cons to point out than pro’s on this! Con: -No mix customizations (BIG NO!) -No info description on each channel and shows within that channel, nor do they provide twitter/phone number to call in the radio channel! -adding favorites just doesn’t work. -backtracking only goes so much as 3 hrs instead of 6 hrs. -there’s no schedule for when upcoming shows are going to broadcast. -channel freezes and locks if your app ended up foreclosing on you or you foreclose the app. (I was always able to resume where I left off EVEN when I foreclosed it, now it makes me lose my place wherever I’m in. REALLY FRUSTRATING ESPECIALLY WITH GRATEFUL DEAD CONCERTS!!!!) -no bright/dim light interface option, I hate how bright this design is now, especially late at night. -takes longer to connect to audio when it used to not on data connection. Pro’s: -Video on-demand for Howard Stern -audio scroller is a bit easier when you want to rewind or fast forward a lot. And that’s all the pros that’s on this app. You have got some MAJOR EDITING to BRING BACK some of the old WITH the new! I feel like my subscription has just plummeted to a mediocre service, I’m really debating on cancelling if they don’t bring back and improve their main qualities of their app. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!
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11 months ago, Jgaudio
Take your favorite car app to your phone
The SiriusXM App is an excellent transfer of your subscription into a personal device format. We have used SiriusXM for years through our vehicles. This app allows us to enjoy it virtually anywhere. We use it at home, in our favorite parks and campgrounds . . . virtually anywhere. The addition of pandora stations is great as they can fine tune your music library. The only feature I would ask is . . . a financial one. Each year, they try to raise the subscription cost to a much higher rate. It takes a call and some negotiation to get the subscription back to a reasonable rate . . . The only part of the business that seems a bit tone deaf in terms of long loyal customers and the only reason I would ding it a star or two. I will provide my rating a purely technical - 5 stars Overall, it is a excellent app and a daily used application.
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2 years ago, ILoveFirstWave33
Mobile app doesn’t update songs on Sirius VM channels
When I open the SiriusXM mobile app on my iPhone running iOS 14.7.1 (this issue has been happening for the last year and before release of iOS 14) when i see a song title i like on a particular station, i select it and listen to the song, if the next song played isn't for me, i look for a new song title on a different station…”This is when the PROBLEMS start”…all the stations showing songs that are currently being played, ARE NOT the songs being played when you select that channel !?! This happens everyday when i use the mobile app on my cell phone while using home wifi or my Sprint mobile data plan…my husband has the same cell/same iOS, but with TMobile…and has exact same issues. The only way to correct this glitch, you need to get out of the mobile app and then re-launch/log back into the SiriusXM app on your cell, so the mobile app refreshes the channels. Can you please fix this!! It’s very frustrating…thx, customer since 2013
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2 years ago, JaoOso
App broken on Carplay with iOS 15
This review is for the app and it’s performance on car play. To be clear the app works great on the phone but the main reason why I have this app and the main reason why I’m subscribed to Sirius XM is to use it in the car via CarPlay. After the iOS 15 update the app really doesn’t work on CarPlay. Doesn’t load anything, favorites don’t load at all and recents load sometimes and sometimes doesn’t. Literally the app is useless at this moment. No matter what I do, wether I open the app on the phone first and then on Carplay. I reinstalled the app. I reinstalled CarPlay. I logged out and then logged back in. Restarted the phone multiple times, NOTHING SEEMS TO FIX THE ISSUE. I am currently using the Sirius XM on the cars native system but because of that I’m now forced to decide wether listening to the cars native SiriusXM or using CarPlay and not listen to SiriusXM because I can’t have both systems open and working. Hopefully there is a fix for this on its way but they should have somehow predicted and prevented this since iOS 15 beta has been out for a while and they had an opportunity to test the app with the new iOS.
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4 years ago, lil'fyre
Something w/accessibility for all ages.
I LOVE Apple Play, don’t get me wrong!! And unfortunately in some newer cars you’ll have to pay for the feature of have Apple Play. I can only assume it’s because the Xirius option is as basic as it can get. Normally, that’s nothing to be bothered about (I’ll just pay for the dealership to ‘install Apple Play’). The eye opener for me was when I bought my now favorite modern car; A 2019 Hyundai Kona. It came with both higher ends of both media options. At first I stuck to what I knew, Apple Play. But the I started leaving Apple Play off, and realizing how much I was enjoying Xirius and the huge variety they offered. And, the price for a subscription was insanely good for all it has (you can customize what you want as well). My favorite is being able the listen to whatever I was, in the car, and picking it up again via my phone, or tablet. Thanks for making options for consumers!!!
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5 years ago, JmOWolff
I can not dial back w new update
I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for over 10 years, and i must say that the new format change is awful. I listen to several channels where I once could scan backwards up to six hours for content. The new format no longer allows for that. My favorites are now mixed in with channels I don't care about. And trying to find out where I am when I find them takes way too much effort. I pay a premium rate for this service primarily to use on my iPhone. It used to be so easy and convenient but the new format is just too hard to use. As i mentioned I’ve been a SiriusXM subscriber for over 10 years, weathered many changes but this change is the worst yet. Please fix these problems or provide an option to go back to the previous version and the more intuitive format. I once loved this app, but I’m not listening anymore, too frustrating. I’m very disappointed.
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1 year ago, MSTampaFL
This App is Lame
No matter how many updates they release, this app is still a PIECE OF JUNK. And I'm tired of being polite about it. First, the saved on-demand favorites randomly disappear causing me to have to re-save them. Sometimes a reboot will bring them back, sometimes not. This bug has been in the last 3 or 4 versions. Also, the app won't "let go" of what I was listening to before to go to live or another choice. Example, listening to an on-demand news episode and then wanting to go to the live channel, the wheel just spins and spins and the eventually goes back to the main menu with the prior show still stuck in the player. Shutting down the app and restarting doesn't fix it. And there is no longer a go "Live" button in the on-demand GUI. The only workaround I've found is that you have to change to another channel and then go back to the channel you want in order for the player to clear and "let go" of what you were previously listening to. Is there some excuse SiriusXM can't hire competent developers to fix this app? Especially since we pay extra to use it???
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6 years ago, Lwmavrik
Volume Bar?
Nice app for the most part, but some silly omissions...Volume Bar for iPad?..., iPhone has it...albeit needs to stay on the screen permanently and be further down so you don’t run into the other bar above it that handles rew/ff.... I waited for years for a last channel "jump to" button so you can quickly toggle between two channels?!? Recent‘s from the latest update covers that... it’s about time! I have felt for years like the people who develop this app never use it, because if you’ve ever used a television remote control in your life an A/B button and the volume button is what you use the most and if you haven’t noticed, the volume buttons on phones are often not so easy, particularly if you have a case on it! Thus the volume needs to stay on the LCD screen at all times not appear and disappear ...once you have touched the button on the side, why would you then need to then slide over to the one that appears on the screen.. it’s moronic!! Someone needs to make more of an effort and this can be 5 stars!
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3 years ago, JUSSLikeCandy
I would never promote you guys the worst customer service I’ve EVER HAD I work at the T-mobile call center service and this would be unacceptable and what would be Labeled a “customer mistreat”. You couldn’t refund me my money because service were so call provided after a free trial was over. Your team didn’t even take the time acknowledge the fact that I’ve tried reaching you guys multiple times to cancel service BEFORE THE TRIAL ENDED but because yall chose to continue a service I was not using or paying for anymore this is my fault. Then soon as I got money on the card that was on the account that yall stopped trying to charge, you went ahead and took the money today. This morning I finally got a hold to someone after calling three times because the 1st two tries I the reps hung up and the messaging team I contacted before y’all opened they reply when they want. You won’t get a message back in time unless you text them multiple times or say a bad review and this happens when your ALREADY CONNECTED with a rep. Its obvious I wasn’t using the service why else would I call for a $8.79 refund it’s not that much money.
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7 months ago, Batman121482
iPhone SE 3rd gen 2022
Ever since I started this radio app. It has been working really good for me I just cannot wait for metro by-mobile service gets better so that way I can continue to keep on listening to the radio and it is really good to have when I am driving because I don’t have keep on switching the tracks by hand or tell Siri to do it for me and I can just have a smooth drive and SXM do the rest thank you so much SXM because you are also playing music that me and my girlfriend have not heard before or that the songs they used to play on the radio they do not play it anymore on the regular radios and when they we only hear about 3 times only out of the whole year so yes thank SXM and for letting us get a chance with the free trial to we appreciate you because this is gonna be our new to be a part of when it comes to the music that we love.
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1 year ago, Worship2Lyfe
Kevin Hart’s LOL Saved My Life
I absolutely love SiriusXM. The variety of networks available are endless. I find myself listening to XM radio more often than any other platform including the FM/AM dial. Heart & Soul Kirk Franklin’s Praise Water Colors HBCU and my life saving station Kevin Hart LOL channel 96. October of 2020 I was going through one of the darkest moments of my life. Months prior I’d gotten some terminal life altering news and the world was crashing in on me. I made a decision to end my life by going over a bridge. I had just turned onto begin my drive and I turned up my volume and closed my eyes. Redd Foxx came on and told the joke about the blind man at the restaurant tasting the fork. This distracted me and I cried laughing. In that moment of laughter I made it to other side of the bridge. I am so thankful to have found that station. All the shows on there I listen to have helped with my battle with mental health.
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5 years ago, edbeaton
Downloads DO NOT WORK
What’s the point of having a download feature if I still need a connection?? I’ve downloaded on-demand episodes, and they played back fine, until I lost my cell/WiFi signal (my commute includes areas w slow to no connection for stretches). So to me this means that the app is not accessing whatever file is downloaded locally to the phone, and I’m using data to access something I supposedly downloaded to use later. Downloads in previous versions were buggy (also looked for data connection), but I eventually was able to get to episodes already downloaded. Please fix this!!! Update: so the top complaint (landscape on iPad) is fixed, but downloads still don’t work. Yes the downloads complete (didn’t have that issue previously), but you CAN’T ACCESS the “downloaded” files. I get the spinning icon over the play button when selected from the downloads folder (buried in the settings area as ppl have complained about before) and essentially freeze the app. Who do I have to call to get reimbursed for all the data I’m burning through since I can’t download over WiFi to then listen later???
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5 years ago, Cindy.Curl.Beye.Iowa
Sirisously Addicted
I can no longer listen to regular FM radio. I love my Sirius. Wish you would have done more of a tribute to David Cassidy. A channel for a short time in his honor would be amazing. At the same time, 70’s On 7 should be playing more of David’s stuff from his solo albums, as well as Partridge Family recordings; definitely not enough of the latter, and absolutely none of the forbearing. David broke many records for various things in his career, which widely go unrecognized. I was really disappointed to see no periodicals in his memory, especially a Rolling Stones mag dedication. Such a talented artist should be remembered. I also enjoy 60’s On 6 to get my Mad Men fix; love your regular morning DJ - he’s been everywhere! Cowboy Bob & the 40’s Channel are greatly appreciated when I’m missing my grandparents. I also use the Toddler Channel a lot for my grandchildren. And when I’m feeling a little blue, it’s wonderful that I can listen Christmas music any time of the year to cheer me up! Any chance we could have a Dean Martin channel for a short while? Frank’s channel don’t play him enough. What a legend! And believe it or not, Lawrence Welk still has a huge fan base that tunes in to Public TV every Saturday night to watch his reruns... The Welk Channel, at least during the holidays ? Love you guys. Never go away! Sincerely, Faithful Subscriber Cindy Beye Marshall County, Iowa
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4 years ago, B& aid
Something has changed!
I have been an XM Radio listener for years and my favorite channel is Radio Classics. I have used the app for years to catch up on content I might have missed. The app used to work well for listening to shows that had already aired. However, after they added Pandora features to the XM app, the app became unreliable. Before, switching from segment to segment worked well and the skip forward feature worked well. Now however, as you near the end of one segment, you can no longer reliably click on a different story segment and have the app react.... the sound just stops and you get a spinning wheel. Nothing happens. You can close the app and restart it sometimes to get it to work but here lately, even that is not working. I even deleted the app and re-installed but no joy. This has become exceedingly frustrating and totally ruins one of the main benefits of subscribing to the digital content service. I wish companies would more thoroughly test their updates before “breaking” perfectly good applications.
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1 year ago, Deedan922
Always Reliable!!
I love how no matter where I travel, I always have something to listen to. Something I actually want to hear. I hated it when I was without SiriusXM. I thought I could make it with regular “Free” radio, but when on the road… you truly have no idea what your going to pick up in the areas your traveling in. Especially late at night, and since I only speak one language. Some of the available channels did nothing for me. Without SiriusXM there were many nights I could have easily fallen asleep if not for the ability to put it on a channel I hate. That way I didn’t get to relaxed, hey now don’t laugh ;) It worked!! Try listening to something an hour or so you can’t stand, It’s hard to do. You for sure won’t fall asleep!! Thanks SiriusXM!! We won’t be without SIRIUSXM in our cars or home again!! Totally 100% recommended!!!
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6 months ago, Wonderboy67
Major positive changes, I’m happy again.
I only have this app and Sirius to hear Fox News and Octane. If Fox goes, I will never look back at this app. I used to listen to Howard religiously but he went socialist political and I haven’t listened to him since. I only returned to XM because of the reduced 1 year fee. I would consider a 5 year agreement if it was at the reduced rate I’d pay now,, not that crazy premium price. There’s no way I would pay over $200. a year for radio with hundreds of channels I’ll never hear. The actual app has made some major overhauling changes and they were way overdue. The actual app is pretty awesome now. I have been a loyal listener for decades and faced decades of bad customer service. SiriusXM should have a plan for (decades loyalty) customers and PLEASE stop having me deal with India to be aggressively sales pitched to and scammed, they’re horrible.
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5 years ago, missjubilada
Not crazy about the update
I use this app all the time and I’m really frustrated by some of the changes in the update. It’s fine for listening to music but I also love the Radio Classics channel and the update is horrible for that. You used to be able to see the past few hours of individual shows, as well as the upcoming few hours of individual shows. Now all it shows is the past 45 minutes or so and the title of the hours long “Radio Classics” or “ When Radio Was” but not the individual programs being broadcast. And shows what commercials are played during that 45 minutes. Who would care about that?! It also used to let you choose individual programs as favorites to star ( The Jack Benny Program or Suspense, for example). Now the only options appear to be the 2 Radio Classics or When Radio Was shows ( which consist of several hours of individual programs that seem to be impossible to see within the app now). Why would an update provide fewer features than the old version ? Very frustrating. Please fix.
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5 years ago, SoFar87
Horribly Unstable
This app is a disaster. Continually has issues saying it cannot determine my location so it won’t load. Which makes no sense as my WiFi and cellular networks are working perfectly. Live in a major city and never have other app issues when this happens. Definitely happens more after a recent update which always seems to make things worse. The volume bar is hidden and the scrolling is terrible because the bar is too small and not sensitive at all. I clearly have no clue how their QA development team tests the app in real world scenarios and things is production ready. In fairness there are some great features (when the app works) and the UI is pretty decent. But some of the basic functionality for volume, scrolling within an stream like Howard Stern, and overall application stability are a disaster. Sirius has no competition. They clearly Need to just focus on the basics of building a rock solid app and stop with all the gimmick junk. Subscriber since their beginning but very disappointed they continue to ruin this app. And for the record, these issues happen on a brand new iPhone X.
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11 months ago, Smartypants62
Great for keeping up with medicine
I am a retired nurse who worked primarily in cardiology, from the Cardiology floor to the Coronary Care Unit and cath lab to National Research on CHF and telemedicine with the VA system. I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and after I Retired that slowly went away, but I did mess the camaraderie with the other nurses and especially the physicians. The VA in Iowa city is directly across the street from the University of Iowa hospitals and clinics, so all the doctors work at both hospitals. Since I discovered Doctor Radio, I feel that I do get more information than the general citizen. The Weeknd of mid March 2020, I had a 6 Hour drive to my hometown and 6 hours back home. The facts on Covid were just starting to be published and there were questions everywhere. after my first 6 Hour drive, I was able to answer many, many questions that my friends in my rural hometown had. it was that weekend on Sunday that our governor closed the schools. Because of this, on my way back to Iowa City I concentrated even more on paying attention to what the doctors at NYU were saying. I feel the money that I pay for my radio subscription is very well spent. Even when I’m just tooling around town I’m surprised at the amount of education that I can glean in that short of a time. Thanks so much!!!
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2 years ago, THE-MACHINE
Garbage App
This app is complete garbage, it will constantly stop playing rendering it completely useless. I have been a customer for over 15 years and can honestly say, the customer service has become dismal. I called to get technical support, it was answered by someone who spoke English poorly and was hard to understand. I was then transferred to their “Advanced Technical Support” and again was answered by another person who didn’t speak clear English l. But, as a bonus, this person was obviously reading from a script and began asking questions the had nothing to do with solving the problem. I had made it clear that I was calling from the very phone the app was on, this individual asked me several times to attempt to access a channel on the app. I explained about 5 times that I can not play the application and talk on the phone simultaneously. After the 5th time of exposing this, I eventually said this was a waste of time and hung up. With out resolving my issue, I’m now here, extremely frustrated. If you’re expecting good service, think again.
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5 years ago, papasprep
Great once you you can get what they promise.
I have loved having SiriusXM. I received it as a gift from my daughter so I could listen to baseball. With it, I can hear our beloved Cleveland Indians from my home in New England. (We lived in northeast Ohio for 17 years.). Problem was it took days and several calls to get what my daughter paid for. The station I needed didn’t come in on my radio and it seemed to be quite a problem to get it to work. Worse yet, my husband on a totally different account tried to add the Indians station, and while SiriusXM was quick to charge him for the extra station, they failed to let him know that for some reason his brand new car had the wrong type of radio to get the higher stations. (He already has a basic XM radio package, so still have no clue what the issue was.) The reps that help are very nice, but it should be as easy to get the stations you are looking for, as it is for the XM folk to take your money.
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4 years ago, Thome258
Sometimes it works
This app has to be the worst app for issues. Sometimes it works fine then they update it and it never fails that it causes issues. If you email customer service you get the same response every time. They tell you to delete the app and reinstall it. I don’t want to have to do that at least once a month because then I lose all the shows I’ve downloaded . I don’t have unlimited data so I like that I can download the shows I’ve missed onto the app to listen to in the car. I just wish it was more consistent and didn’t have an issue every time they put out an update. Right now the issue is that if I stop listening to a show and go back to it later it will restart from the beginning and not where I left off. Then I have to try to figure out where I was. I wish they’d add a forward button that only went like 20 seconds instead of having to either forward past a whole segment or slide to another part of the show but not knowing where you’ll end up stopping.
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