Pandora: Music & Podcasts

4.8 (9.6M)
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Pandora Media, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pandora: Music & Podcasts

4.79 out of 5
9.6M Ratings
1 year ago, Narcoleptic Mama
Best for New Music Discovery
I’ve tried nearly every music streaming platform under the sun (an exaggeration but certainly at least the major players) and I honestly think each music streaming platform app is specialized to provide a specific user goal. Pandora, in my experience, does a really great job finding new music from a range of genres that match the “vibe” of a radio station’s initial sound. Sometimes it’s not about the genre of music for me - it’s something about the sound of the song and the vibe of the music that captures my imagination and makes me want more - for example Linkin Park’s early albums. I use Pandora specifically for finding music of all different genres and styles that capture the spirit of the sound of those Linkin Park songs and I must give Pandora 5 stars because the app has been instrumental in my discovery of a large number of new music and artists that I love and haven’t found before. (Dounia, Tommy Genesis, to name a few) anyway there’s no one perfect solution for every single person since we all have our own individual goals and needs - that being said if you’re thirsting for something new, something innovative, or even something familiar but different from what you know I personally recommend using Pandora whether or not you buy the ad free plan or not. Even the free version does a great job of accomplishing the goal of bringing together similar music from all over the musical universe.
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4 months ago, ColdAlaskan
Great for Finding “New” Songs
I have always loved music from many decades going back to the 50’s and even newly created songs that have a modern twist on certain vibes- such as a 20’s flare or an old timey sound, or a lounge/jazz sound, etc. my problem is I have NEVER learned the Artists and Titles. I know many of the names of Artists, but can’t pinpoint which one sang which song, and certainly either never knew the title or just can’t remember. That’s because I never was allowed to buy cassettes or CDs growing up- we just had radio and I change channels as soon as DJ starts talking. Now the new cars have a screen that shows the Artist and Title when driving. Point is- I love that I can search a “station” for an artist I know on Pandora and the app finds more with the same style. Like 10years ago I went on a cruise and came home searching for beachy vacation or Hawaiian vibe music, and of course Halloween and Christmas music for parties. I love being able to click and see the LYRICS also- especially if I can’t figure out a word or phrase they are singing. I would LOVE to see an additional feature- the DATE the Titles were released- to show on Lock Screen under Title & Artist. I think it would be a very easy addition that does not take up much room to display. I wish radio name would do the same for the vehicle display screens that already show Title & Artist when driving.
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2 years ago, Cappel 💜
Is this just me?
I’ve had pandora for about 6 years installed on my phone. I love the short sessions you can have for free by just watching an ad (which I only discovered 3 years ago fsr) and they usually last about 30 minutes. But there have been some glitches I have been encountering. So let’s say I pick a song and start a session, then I realize that I have to do something else so I pause a song. About 1-2 hours later when I come back it would be done, which is *supposed to happen* but it doesn’t. So I turn a song on thinking it’s not a big deal, and the song won’t play. None of the songs will! I turn on the radio stations though and it works fine (though a bit slower). Oh, but when I try to replay a song on that station, which usually works, isn’t, so I have to be more careful as not to make a mistake of skipping anything. But sometimes, or sorry, ehem, MOST of the time, it will be hours later AND it still won’t END. Like please, I just want this glitchy session to end so I can start another one so I can actually listen to the songs in my playlists! The only solution to the problem for me is to sin out of my account, and then re-log in. It’s so much work though to go all the way to the settings, sign out, wait like 5 minutes (yes it takes a very long time) and then finally log back in, and then think of a song to search up in the search bar. Like, this isn’t supposed to happen. It’s so repetitive. Please fix this.
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4 months ago, cj cantelope
Best app ever I mean at first I was like super annoyed that all these ads were popping up but as soon as I started like listening to the music and like how it gave me these customized options and these super great qualities, and how it let me personalize certain things for free, but it also gave me an opportunity as somebody who is too young to have a bank account to be able to listen to quality music for free and sometimes it also offers me like an hour of uninterrupted listening, and I love that and also it let me create stations and create My Thumbs Up and it lets me watch an ad and do everything so I think it’s an amazing app five star quality definitely five star recommend but one thing that I do think that need some revising is maybe it gives you more skips in the first place and like instead of watching an ad you can like replay you have replays skips like before you don’t have to watch an ad to get them. I although you do need to watch an ad to get any replays so I think they should have replays before so you can like have the replay option and then like then once you run out, you can watch an ad but I do like the quality of like it gives you skips before but it gave me like two skips in. It usually gives me like five so that’s a bummer but other than that five star quality love the app.
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1 year ago, Kanenski(The Babe)
Pandora is the best!!
My brother told me about your music App years ago and I signed up for it first on my computer and then on my iPhone! My husband had Sirius in his car and actually paid to use it! It was absolutely the worst music no matter which station we listened too. Half of the songs they played must be from the “B-side” of records from singing artists we chose! It was dreadful, especially because we could not give a thumbs down on any song they played so we never had to hear the songs again! It was a total ripoff! We cancelled our subscription for Sirius and will NEVER waste our money on them again! Now we use Pandora exclusively because you play all our favorite songs - plus, we get to choose the songs we love with a thumbs-up, so we hear them played often! AND, if there’s a song we’re not particularly fond of, we give it a thumbs-down and never hear it again! It’s a total win-WIN for us! Plus, Pandora is FREE! The few commercials we need to listen to are never annoying and long. I couldn’t be more pleased and use your station almost every time I drive my car! Thank you for providing such a wonderful music experience! I hope you never change your station!!
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12 months ago, blue jay 🦋🦋💙💙
10/10 but need some upgrades/fixing stuff
So, to start off, I love this app I listen to music on here all the time!! And I love it, I think you guys should add a few more songs (like maybe murder in my mind) But here are some real issues, Whenever 30 days go by it won’t let me listen to music and I have to wait 2 days to able to listen to music again!! It won’t let me listen to music because of your advertising, what if I don’t want premium? I don’t and it’s getting in my nerves so at least just put a tiny tab somewhere just in case someone else wants premium but still wants to listen to their music. Next off is the glitch, the glitch is when I exit out of the app for a little and go back in MY MUSIC WONT PLAY? and It’s not on It’s 30 minute timer, I’ll have to wait HOURS for it to work! Thankfully I found a hack to make it stop doing that AND PLEASE DONT FIX THE GLITCH IF YOUR NOT GOING TO FIX THE OTHER THING!! The glitch is when you exit out of the app don’t close it completely and when your about to leave, put the current song you were listening to at the very beginning and pause it, ifs it been like 10 minutes and not the 30 minute count, go on the app and unpause the song and listen to it for 13 seconds or the entire song if you would like, and then you can play anything you’d like! okay so, those were my only 2 things other then that I love the app! Thank you so much for taking the time to read mine and have a great day Byee!!
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4 months ago, tyq282
Dave Kent
I like the app but everything there is an ad it prevents me from listening to my favorite song and when I black out my screen it freezes then it kicks off the app and when I try to skip a song that’s not even a song I skip and it doesn’t skip when I need to skip it and then I buffer to the radio songs and I have to watch an ad to play a non radio song can you fix that issue please and thank you also the ad makes the app mess up a-lot now then the first time I had it now I just mad because I have to watch an ad that takes up all my time watching and when i want to listen to so music it ask me to pay for the music and I’m confused because the music/songs I play keeps popping up saying do you want to pay for premium music or content of this song and when I try to skip it it will automatically show up again each time i open the app then when I listen to the song it freezes the song and I restart it and it refuses to work and so I close the app and reopen it and it doesn’t show up all my playlist of music and it tells me to find the right music for me and which it resets my playlist and the only thing I see on my playlist is nothing then when I get on the playlist again it’s there so fix the bugs and glitch and remove the ad because it’s messing up my music each time I try to play something
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1 year ago, Mildly Brave
Pandora has always been really good for me as far as discovery goes. The one thing stopping me from going to the paid version is that the app works poorly with my iPhone. You skip a song, it plays an ad, it rebuffers, then it freezes and you have to close it and reopen it. It then plays the same song you just skipped causing you to use another skip on the same song. Maybe that’s just the ad version but it’s making me question if the regular version will be any better as far as loading and freezing. My iPhone also just doesn’t recognize the app as being open sometimes and when music is playing, the Lock Screen will show nothing so I can’t skip or pause or anything and my car or whatever Bluetooth device I have connected will not have any control over the music. If I’m driving or working on anything, I would have to put everything down to close and reopen the app again and possibly be stuck in the same situation. Other than that, I don’t know if it’s due to what I have chosen recently but I will have songs that I have liked and I will not hear it for months even without clicking “I’m tired of this song” but I’ll come across a song that plays 2-3 times in a few hours or even the next day, it’ll still come on instead of others
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1 year ago, Beetheleaf
Great but…
I love Pandora and it’s a great music app but if I create a playlist of my own and I play it, the app will cut it off and go to the most recent radio I was listening to. In top of that there are always random ads when I listen to music and when I run out of skips it’ll make me watch a 30 second video and it only gives me a few of skips. Another problem I come by in Pandora is when I listen to music one day and the next day I can’t play my playlists or any of the songs that I search for because I would have to upgrade to listen to them and then a couple days later it goes away and let’s me listen to them again and it keeps repeating itself in a cycle. If you would like to stretch your music style and journey further Pandora is a great source for this but be aware that these problems do come along the way and sooner than you think. I do hope these problems get fixed so it can make a bunch of more people satisfied and happy with the app. Of course there are much more problems that come across different people that I have not heard or seen as far as I’ve been on Pandora. I would recommend Pandora for people who love music, but just prepare yourself for the problems that will arise when you get it. They will happen sooner than you think so do think of what will be coming to you when you get the app.
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1 year ago, ebeans8473
It’s Business.
So, at first I thought: I my gosh! It’s so cool! Then, it played an ad every time you open the app and try to play a song. 😕 I thought, meh, whatever. Then I would shut my phone off, and check in a couple minutes later, because it was playing a song NOT in my station again. It made me watch another add. 🙄 I still thought: it’s fine. But it’s getting annoying. Some people are under age and still live with parents or can’t or don’t wanna pay for a premium. I understand that you have to earn money somehow… and I don’t have a solution. Sorry. But we’re supposed to right a review… so yeah. I like it over all ‘cause I get to play music on a customized station for free… but the adds, and maybe you could put a button that makes it so that it doesn’t play stuff not on your custom station when ur on it. Other than that I like it. 👍🏼So thanks for making it! 🤗 -A reviewer Also, now I’m mostly fine with the adds cause it only wants you to play an add once to play your song, but when it asks me to play an add the buttons are way to close together and I either have to press it multiple times or it just doesn’t work because it thinks I pressed no I don’t wanna play an add… so if you could make the buttons just a little farther apart that would be nice.
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1 year ago, MonsieurBill
I enjoy Pandora
I signed up to get rid of the ads. I like only having the music. I like having my multiple song stations with different music styles. They work reasonably well. Sometimes my “liked” (thumbs up) songs play in other stations with somewhat similar music. If I want the “liked” song in the other station, then I either let it play or “like” it. If I do not think that it is appropriate for this other station, then I “unlike” (thumb down). This is not hard to manage. Having the Pandora system add songs to my stations results in having a wider range of songs in my long list of stations. Sometimes the Pandora system adds new songs that I had never known and they are nice, so I “like” them. Sometimes the system adds songs that are in my station’s category, but I still don’t like that band or artist, so I “unlike” the songs. This is easy. My long list of stations from rock and roll to instrumental to Christian artists is a pleasing list. I listen to one or more Pandora stations every day. I like that a station is not an artist’s album that would play the same songs in the same order each time. I like the variable and random order of the songs.
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3 years ago, @sarca
Great app but...
This is an excellent app. I absolutely love it and I use it all the time. It allows free music, music curated for you, and make your own playlists. The reason, though, that I gave it three stars is because of ads. I get it. If I skip the songs like ten times, yeah I should get an ad. But sometimes the ads are quite long. And, on top of that, after the ad ends I only get two skips. Also, it randomly plays ads in the middle of songs. I will be listening to something then all of a sudden I will hear “We have great deals at target”. Usually these ads will last about thirty seconds and then when the ad is over, it skips the song you were listening to. One more complaint. If you make a playlist with 10+ songs, you will not be able to listen to all of them in one sitting. After listening to about 5-7 songs on your playlist, it will cut and send you to a random station. It’s annoying because sometimes I just wanna listen to MY songs. The ones that I picked out. This really gets on my nerves because when I’m in my feels, and I’m listening to my “sad song” playlist, it will cut randomly to a pop hits or a hip hop station. Once again. Super frustrating. I basically stopped making/listening to my playlist because I can only listen to a few songs in one sitting. Please fix these minor problems, but other than that...great app.
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11 months ago, Iphoneuser&gamer
Best Music app ever tried!✨✨✨
This app is so useful! You can just play music on the app, then do something else on your phone like play a game. The only thing I would point out is the stations. It can be really hard to put a song you hear from a station into a playlist. If you’re having this problem, I’ll list the steps to do it! 1. Make a playlist(If you didn’t have one before) 2. Pick a station with the song you wanna put in the playlist. 3. Once you see the song, press the 👍🏼 at the botton. 4.Exit the station. 5. Go to the button that says “My Collections” 6. Press the playlist that says “liked songs with the big 👍🏼 7. Play the song. 8. Press the three dots in the right under the album picture. 9.Press add to playlist. 10. Select the playlist you wanna put the song in. All Done! Those are the steps to put a song from a station to a playlist. I normally don’t leave review like this, but I had to share this app. One thing that has given me trouble lately, was that whenever you’re just playing your music, on your own playlist, It complete just leaves the playlist and just puts me on some random podcast. Please get that fixed! Otherwise, this app is great and I really recommend it! Thanks for reading have a great day!
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2 years ago, ASProthro
Love the music, but please target your ads better.
I listen to the free version of Pandora very frequently, and am so grateful for the resource. I’m a stay-at-home mom to four little kids. They also love listening to Pandora. I have only one problem: sometimes the ads aren’t quite targeted at the right audience. Currently, I have been bombarded with the terrible ad for the paid version of Pandora which has sexy music and is describing how excited someone is in the moments leading up to a first kiss, interrupted by a commercial for hemorrhoid cream. This ad is neither appropriate for my children, nor entertaining to me. I understand that Pandora’s marketers are doing a great job by making me wish I could just pay to make the ad go away, but I do not appreciate the sense that I am being forced, rather than invited, to either pay or stop listening. Please stop using the suggestion of sultry kissing, of sex, and of hemorrhoids for humor or shock (which falls in the category of “potty talk” in this house) in your ads on non-explicit stations. It is off-putting and inappropriate for general audiences. Previous instances of inappropriate ads included ads featuring loud club music breaking in to the classical music we had on as a background to art time with the kids. No thanks.
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3 years ago, 55waterfall
Love this app so much I can’t explain it!
I love listening to music, it is like a passion of mine. It is like a gift to me. I really like apps that I don’t have to pay for, and this one I don’t have too. The music is great sound quality on my phone without a speaker. It sounds even better with a speaker! The free version is super good! All you have to do to listen to ANY music is watch a 15 second ad which I don’t mind at all. I also like that you can play a specific song on the app. With many other apps that have a free version you can’t listen to a specific song it will just bring you to a station with songs like that song. With Pandora you can look up a song and play that song. You don’t have to go to a station like that song. I also like that I can make my own playlists. I have about ten current playlists which is amazing! I also like that they have the lyrics to the song. There are a few features missing. I wish that the lyrics would play by itself and not me having to scroll to get the lyrics. There are a couple other things that could be improved but no many! I bet the payed version is even better! Love this app so much!
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1 year ago, leadfoot 2012
The best $4.99 I spend each month!
The Pandora is fantastic. No I have nothing to compare it to because why look anywhere else when you have it all right here. First, I love all kinds of music and you can find what you like. Feel Free to explore new artists you would never have time to hear. Secondly , if I really want to know the (exact) lyric, and you get to see 👀 the words neatly typed….. I’m know, right! Third, how many times have you tried to “back that up please” or… Ha Ha move the needle or rewind audio tape!!!!!!! ( sadly no rewind capability on my dads 8 track player….but it may not have been a top of the line model either? Last, but nothing t least by far. I am not tech savvy at all and the Pandora I can do. The updates almost always improve the Application, from my perspective. A little abut my own experience with Pandora ALL of my grandparents and my parents and brother all of us play piano so we”love” music is not even close. The best part is if you don’t care what the lyrics are and just want to quickly access an artist or song or album you can do that too! Good Luck and Enjoy!
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5 years ago, Waelwulfan
App needs so much work
The service itself is great. All of my complaints are with the app and not Pandora itself. 1. App seems to get shut down in the background after only a few minutes if it’s not playing music. Even if you’re not doing anything else with your phone. So when you open it back up, everything needs to reload and whatever song you were listening to is gone. 2. CarPlay issues. OMG, where to begin? CarPlay with Pandora is a disaster. Keeps going from Now Playing back to the Stations screen. Stations don’t load (blank screen) sometimes, forcing you to use your phone to get started. If you change stations or skip songs, sometimes the Now Playing screen will still show the previous song for a good 10 seconds or more, during which time onscreen controls like Pause will not work. 3. Offline songs are noticeably louder than if they’re streamed. Offline mode also seems hesitant to switch back online despite a strong and solid network connection. 4. Ever since Offline mode was introduced, the streaming cache has been severely reduced. It used to cache 3-4 songs. Now it doesn’t seem to cache the next song until the current one is half way done. If you’re in a spotty area and you skip the current song, you’re out of luck. I would happily trade Offline mode to get back a bigger streaming cache.
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2 years ago, Kekerich409
Needs some technical improvement
I would say this app is okay for a free music streaming app but there are technical issues that need improvement. First, the ads play during songs. A new song—usually a good one I would like to listen to—will begin playing the same time as an ad and when the ad is over the song will kind of skip a beat then continue playing. When this happens, the screen stays on the ad break screen for a while so I can’t skip the song until maybe half way through. Additionally, I turned on the Siri function and use the correct command phrase but Siri will say, “ok playing ____ station on pandora” then stop and say “sorry, you’ll need to continue with pandora” and I have to pick my phone up, unlock it, go to the pandora app and click that stupid “continue” button. With everything so accessible and hands free via Siri and Alexa, this seems unnecessary and should be done away with. As far as music, I usually listen to 2 particular stations: Tammy Rivera radio because Apple Music doesn’t have a station based for her and also R&B music station because I generally like the songs Pandora plays over Apple Music’s version of this station. Overall good music but technical improvement needed.
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1 year ago, Chickory
I love Pandora!
This is a great app! It is easy to use. It knows about every artist so you can create radio stations based on the most well known or most obscure artists. About 2 of my channels don't seem to really get the artist that the channel is built around but I have about 80 channels & that is the rare exception. This means I have about 78 channels that totally get the artist the channel is built around. I needed help once from Pandora. I emailed them & got a reply almost immediately. I could not ask for more! I gave this 4 stars because twice I have picked up my iPhone to see what song was playing and the way I picked up the phone gave it the thumbs down. The song stopped immediately. The first time I never heard that artist again. And he is one of my favorites! The second time just happened so I don’t know if that will happen again. My phone was plugged in so the display was always up. I tried to scroll back and give the song the thumbs up, but I still never heard the first artist again. I am so sad. I wish you had to confirm the thumbs down. Then this would not have happened.
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3 years ago, wolf on amoung us
Omg so annoying
Top 10 reason you need to fix pandora. (1) you need to not have just 3 or 4 skips to the music. (2) Listen closely, my music will not work half of the time and pandora will not let me play any music unless I reboot my phone and delete pandora and get it again. (3) IF I WAS YOU SAY THESE ABOUT A 100 MORE TIMES!😡Ok no.(4) Fix the glitches you Know why I saw a little girl on the phone apparently and the when I got off of pandora I could not move the screen. (5) if you can let the radio know this I will be praying you will. Channel Star 94.9 to tell them this STOP PLAYING Mitt Romney Come put you records on. Stupidest song I ever heard. Ok (6) Sorry about no. (4)-(5) but please do them. (7) Pandora can you please fix this. When I type a song that I like but I like it better in orchestra it will go to a song called orchestra. Why!😭(8) use less adds. (9) I used to love pandora but now all it does is not work I don’t know if it’s my phone or not but if it is pandora fix it . (10) please repeat steps (1)-(10) a enough were you can say it like a bible verse. Please and Thank you
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2 years ago, dlwr300
doesn’t play through my car’s app via Bluetooth
The phone app doesn’t play through my ‘16 Subaru Impreza’s stereo app. It plays through the stereo’s generic Bluetooth channel but a lot of functionality is lost. Lost functions: Change to another station on the stereo Ability to bookmark a song via the stereo Mark a song with thumbs up our thumbs down via the stereo Bring up a list of available stations via the stereo Add a station via the stereo Delete a station via the stereo The advantages of controlling the app through the cars stereo app: Adds safety: the app can be operated while hands remain on the steering wheel Adds usability: big font on stereo is easier and faster to read than the phone app Fixes I tried but failed to make the app play through the stereo app: Reboot the phone and then reconnect to stereo Restart the stereo Start the app playing and then start the car Select start app automatically when connected to car Deselect start app automatically when connected to car Close app/swipe up and restart the app and reconnect to stereo Sign out of app, close app, restart the app, reconnect to stereo Delete car on phone’s Bluetooth registry and delete phone on car Bluetooth registry Delete app, reinstall app, reconnect to stereo Factory reset phone, delete phone on car’s Bluetooth registry, and then reconnect phone to car’s stereo
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4 years ago, caleb_otto
Nothing compared to Apple Music
There are a lot of adds on Pandora and after paying the smaller subscription (something like $5 a month), I found that I was still limited in what I could do. I was not able to make or edit playlists nearly as well as Apple Music if at all (I never figured it out), the amount of likes and dislikes was also limited. There came several times when I noticed an apparent glitch in the system as well. There was a type of song that continued to play on a certain violin station (Daniel D) that sounded almost like a metronome. I pushed dislike. But then, as if I actually pushed “like”, it played another similar song. Before I knew it, I was listening to nothing but that type of music and patiently disliking every last one. Then I ran out of dislikes. I have noticed that a lot of stations are seemingly preset mostly by popular trends. My likes and dislikes don’t have as strong an influence as they should. Basses on these disappointments, I decided to find somewhere else to get my music. I got Apple Music unlimited for $4.99 on school discount. I have unlimited access to anything - unlimited skips, easily editing of playlists, unlimited likes and dislikes, recommended albums to add to playlists, I can skip to the middle of any song. Pandora served its purpose, but Apple Music, while compared side by side with pandora, is much better.
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2 years ago, LuLuOntheBayou
Premium Subscriber for Years!!
Pandora, do you just not care anymore?? I used to be able to open your app and listen to whatever.. everything went sooo smoothly.. now I am lucky to get your app open and playing on the first try.. it constantly crashes, annoyingly pauses for notifications .. and will not play some selections and idk why but it keeps going back to the first episode of any podcasts I listen to.. it used to work just fine.. I could pick right up where I left off.. but not anymore.. now I have to wait and wait and wait for it to begin and then guess which episode I left off with.. and don’t switch programs too often because it just freezes up.. ya know I stayed with Pandora even when everybody else was jumping ship and for what?!? Everybody said get rid of Pandora and here I am paying for a Premium Service and receiving GARBAGE!! What makes me extremely angry is reading the reviews of all your other customers. We are all having the same issues and are fed up Pandora!! On top of everything else .. the audacity of you to make it impossible to talk to customer service in unbelievable!! I should be able to tell you what is actually wrong not have to pick from a list of choices and try to pick what is closest to the problem and hopefully getting it resolved.. I am done!!
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3 years ago, Dandelion685
Premium is AWESOME!!
I’ve listened to pandora for years, pretty much since it started (I think). Just recently I decided to upgrade to the premium version and I have absolutely no regrets. It is well worth the monthly subscription rate. The love to listen to a variety of music, from old (Led Zeppelin) and other music from that era to music from the ‘90’s, 2000’s to today. I have a variety of stations setup that I have listened to; however, currently, for the past several weeks, I’ve been on the Goo-Goo Dolls station and not only am I hearing music from ‘90’s and 2000s that I recognize and absolutely loved back then but totally forgot about; but I’m also hearing “new” (old) music from these same bands that I really like as well. What I really like about pandora is that they provide the lyrics to the song, as well as a write-up about the band. Those are my two favorites things to do when I hear a new (or old) song that I love, especially when I have been singing the song wrong all these years thinking I know/knew what the lyrics were only to find out differently.
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3 months ago, Allison Kohler
It’s okay
I’m a big music listener, and I always have been. I used to have Apple Music but my family couldn’t afford it anymore so I had to try pandora. It’s great until you eventually get to a point to where you can’t listen to the playlist you created anymore. Then you are stuck with stations. I am picky and not picky when it comes to music; I really don’t like a lot of music in stations, the music I put in my playlist is something that I enjoy listening to. I’m also struggling with things at home so music is a big coping mechanism for me and when I can’t play my playlist it just goes downhill from there. It is a cool app and all that so I’m giving the creators the benefit of the doubt to give them 3 stars because they have to make money on their app somehow, I just wish y'all wouldn’t take away my playlist that I hold so dear to my heart. If I created an app I would make all of it free because I know how important music is to many people especially those struggling, idc if I don’t make any money I just like knowing I’m making a difference. I’m bad at coding though so I can’t, but it’s just a thought. Thank you for your time and if you read this far I hope you have a wonderful day. 🫶
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2 years ago, jsvfodbnv
Amazing, but could change a bit.
I love the app, it has a lot of music I could play. But some Times it just turns off when listening to music. also some of the songs on the radio can only be played on that station or that radio specifically. I wish it can be where we can like this song on the playlist and it not say we’re not able to play it because it’s only on radio but have it where were able to play it infinite amount of time. Also sometimes when you go to play your music it will not play at all, it will just have the screen on the station or radio you want to listen to and it will have a song but it will not either play or just say it’s buffering (loading). other than that this app is an amazing app and you should really get it. It also has a thing where you pay so much amount of money, It’s not a lot but I forgot how much it is, we were able to listen to whatever music we want at that moment at that time. So basically if I don’t wanna listen to one song and it won’t let it play it on the radio I can go over type in the song and search it up and play it.
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1 year ago, Pinky stoneburner
Love pandora of any version .
I must say I have come to love using pandora of all versions , online or off. It is amazing to use online , that the best way for sure but having the option for listening option offline is great and not very common or easy as pandora makes it. Most app like pandora makes offline so completely impossible to use if suddenly you have no internet , like missing paying you phone bill or just out of service. I have found pandora to be the only way I can listen offline without previously downloading every song in my playlist . Pandora is not like that and I so appreciate that cause i loos my internet quiet often and need my music like a kid needs her baby blanket or bottle for comfort and curb anxiety thst I very much have. Lol any I just love pandora. The only thing I would change is the skips and replays on the different paid versions it need to at least have the option on the lowest pandora versions cause broke people need to repeating their favs too even more so I think then others . Anyways just a thought thanks .
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4 years ago, maperbee
Political Adds....why needed on Pandora?
I really like Pandora. I would give you a 5 Star but I cannot at this time. I like getting PRODUCTS that are FOR SALE advertisement as I like to hear/see/buy what’s new. However I listen to Pandora because I want an escape from Politics and negativity! There is not an option to opt out or report as not appropriate for Political adds? Why do you (Pandora )force this? You allow opt outs for other things as I understand. Will you please update and allow for option of NOT hear political crap or not even accept political ads! They are not selling anything other than giving out negativity for free. This only creates a negative and toxic environment in my personal space that has Pandora playing your favorite music in the background! Pandora losses front stage when this happens. I want a positive and relaxing environment with my favorite music playing in the background and buying/looking/ listening to Product advertisers selling products to make a living for those that need a job to put food on their table for their families!!!
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2 years ago, Nickname takeeeeeen1234
Sp0tify is so much better
I have been a Pandora guy for 10+ years up until this last week. I am just sick of Pandora constantly glitching or doing something that is beyond frustrating. Constantly blacking out songs randomly, songs only available for radio playback, app constantly glitches. For example, press play on a song and then lock phone and it says the song is playing but you don’t hear any music, unlock phone again open Pandora and have to press play again. This is so annoying and frustrating especially when driving. My last straw was when I realized you can’t even sort playlists by artist, song, or alphabetical. Also constantly get a glitch where it doesn’t let me add songs to playlists. I mean seriously? It’s 2022 and I’m paying $15 a month yet you give us the absolute bare minimum. I’m not sure why it took so long to switch but if you are considering it please do. Sp0tify is just so much more user friendly, way less glitching, seems to have a bigger library, they have scrolling lyrics for most songs, can sort playlist, and one of my favorites is their ability to recommend music. I have found 5 new bands that are so awesome because of Sp0tify that I would have never found on Pandora. Good riddance I hope everyone else switches too.
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2 years ago, 11223344455667788991011
Pretty good but some issues
Hi I like this app(I’m not angry just slightly frustrated so please don’t take this like that)but there are some issues that I am having. I don’t know if anyone else is having them too, but I am and it’s annoying. About every other day-but it’s not consistent and recently it’s been happening more- I will play a song on the Pandora app, and it like glitches…but only if I listen to songs on my playlist. ~Just a note, I do not have Pandora Premium and I do not plan on getting it.~ It will say the song is playing, but it really isn’t because no sound comes out. And believe me, I have tried my volume all the way up, all the way down. My silent mode on, my silent mode off. Headphones, no headphones. Completely closing out of Pandora. Even deleting the app, getting it again and logging back in. And all of them combined and mixed together in all kinds of ways. It doesn’t do anything. And this “glitch” lasts anywhere from an hour to two days. Thank you for taking the time to consider my problems! Again, please don’t think I’m really angry, just a little frustrated. And I’m keeping Pandora, I just hope maybe the issue can be fixed. Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Vipedogg
Can’t get it right AGAIN!!!
Once’s again you mess up the app. Now I can’t get it to work. When I turn it on the app then when I closed the screen to let it play in back ground. It turns off the music. Then when I try to put it back on it freezes. I have to turn off the app then turn it back on. This happens every time. Now that I paid for this service it not working. This happen 1 day after the last fix. Plus you can’t see whats playing in the lock screen. Just shows the pandora app is on. GREAT JOBS!!! (Not) (Next day) After I putting a bad review. The sent me a way to fix the problem the very next day. All I can say it now work and I’m happy again with pandora. This time it was a great job!! Just give them a problem and they will fix it. I might have been a little mad about the review. But at the time it was bad day and I wanted was to listen to music it chill with, and it didn’t want to work. I glad that the people at pandora really care about the people who uses their app. Just give a change and see what they can do for you. *****. 5 five rating.
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6 years ago, Navy Tester
I want an improved music service
This is Pandora’s last week to prove that it’s the music service for me. I drive a lot between major cities and service drops all the time. Even when i have good service the app locks up and makes me reboot. Lastly, it’s not clear what or how im paying for plus. I guit once because of the ridiculous monthly tap when all i wanted to do was pay for a year and forget about the hassle of remembering to deduct monthly payments. Now, i cant see (on the app) how I’m paying, again. Ill logon to the website and find out if I’ll just quit then and there. Apple music had been sending little treats and Pandora hasn’t been concerned enough to make the app work through my iphone ( so far) and without a pretty rapid service improvement ( i just updated the app) and a means to see how I’m paying for plus from my very secure phone, i will quit and move on. I have to add one more, i was engaged many years ago by a stellar customer service representative. She was so helpful that i nearly stayed on, in spite of the required monthly payments option at the time. When Pandora finally adopted the annual payment option again, I don’t return. But now service is suffering. Please make this right. Thank you very much for reading my novella! 😁
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4 years ago, Courtney4367732
Pandora Plus...has its flaws.
First of all, with Plus you’re supposed to have the ability to listen to a few offline stations. In theory, it’s supposed to switch to offline mode automatically when you lose cell service or internet access...rarely ever does this happen automatically. Also, of the 4 available offline stations, usually only 1 works. At least a third of the time it will say all stations are unavailable and will play nothing. My second complaint is something that annoys me so much, I’ve been looking into other music services. Even though I pay for ad free and already have Pandora Plus, ads for Pandora Plus pop up constantly! Initially premium ads were coming up, and that’s annoying enough, but then to keep pushing Plus on me when I ALREADY HAVE IT is just too much for me. UPDATE... 2 years later still having the same issue with the switching between offline and online modes. Always messing up or making me do it manually (which is a massive pain due to an update a while back.) makes it very difficult to access this option while driving. Also still says stations are “unavailable” when offline even though I’ve downloaded them. Ugh.
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2 years ago, Scooterboard
My Written Review
I’m in the San Diego area. I like Pandora, and while I don’t mind listening to commercials, it appears Pandora is a “woke”, “Leftist” organization, from the tones and voices and messages from of the advertisements. I would pay for Pandora if they offered a one time annual fee instead of having access to tap into my bank account every month for a monthly fee in a subscription. This whole world and subscriptions has gone greed! So that’s why I listen to free only at this point where I have to listen to commercials. Getting back to commercials, you have a commercial for the San Diego registrar of voters, to where they’re encouraging people to cast their votes for the midterms right now via mail. I don’t believe in that, especially with the corruption that’s going on with the voter count and election fraud corruption that has been PROVEN by the courts! I suggest that you don’t take the big bucks from these seeming corrupt organizations that want to advertise for more possible voter fraud, just so Pandora can make money on their advertisements! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Margaret Kellyyy
It could be better
I have the premium subscription and overall I’m pleased with the easy to use platform, music selection and the quality of sound. However I do agree with other users that I wish Pandora would give users (especially those that pay for premium) the ability to edit/sort your stations and playlists on your home page. Yes you can filter for your stations or downloaded playlists but I’m pretty particular and I like things to be alphabetical... or the order in which my brain thinks is most logical. But the thing that bothers me THE MOST is the fact that when you pause a song, and lock your phone and walk away for a moment or pause to have a conversation with a coworker and you go back to the app, it acts like you just opened the app and the song you were listening to you, at your favorite part, starts over. What’s with that?! I understand that music apps may be different but the free game apps I have don’t wipe out my progress if I pause the game and “minimize” the app.... why can’t the app I pay monthly for do the same?!?
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6 years ago, BeccaFulton
Love you, but there’s one problem
I've been using Pandora for years and I love it. Yeah, they have some bugs, but a lot of apps do. Some of my now favorite bands I found from pandora. I pay $5/month for the premium version and it’s really worth it. My only complaint, which is more of a suggestion or request, I wish I could choose which stations I had offline. I have stations that I’ve listened to so freaking much, that’s how the app decides which stations are available offline, but I don’t want those for offline use. The fact that the more you listen to offline ones, the more hours you accumulate, solidifying their spots on the list. I frequently find myself with little to no data connection, so I really appreciate and rely on the offline mode. I tried deleting those stations and re-loading my offline stations, but alas it did not fix the problem... it honestly just made it worse. I deleted all of my stations that hadn’t been listened to this year and I’m realizing that to get the stations I want offline, I’ll have to delete all of them but the ones I want. So if you could choose the stations to download, that’d be dope and then I’d definitely give you a well-deserved 5 stars 😬
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4 years ago, MrRTB
Thumbprint Overrides Selection
When I choose an Artist to listen to, I expect the majority of the music for that channel to be the Artist I selected, not just a few. It seems the more thumbprints your choose, the less of the actual artist you want to listen to actually get played. Recently is seems to be maybe 10-15% of the actual artist/musicians channel that is chosen actually gets their music. The only way I can see to fix the issue is to “Un-THUMBPRINT” the individual channels other artist/musician thumbprints to be able to listen to that channels music. The thumbprints should only be used as a guide for using the thumbprint channel itself, or to fill in an occasional selection. There should be no more than 25% of the thumbprint selections on an an individual / group artist / musicians channel except for thumbprint or various selection channels. Perhaps if people prefer thumbprints over the actual artist /musician selected, a setup panel for individuals to choose how much thumbprint they want to listen to Vs actual artist / musician channel would be appropriate. Very frustrated as a main source of listening and won’t subscribe because they (PANDORA) feels they know better about what I want to listen to than I do.
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10 months ago, Dinkers1011
It’s everything I need
Listen, I’m a very simple person. I love music, and all I need is a place for me to listen to it. Pandora is it for me. It’s simple to use. And I’ve been using Pandora for over 10 years now. I have never had any problems with the app. No glitches, no horrible updates. I have all my stations and I can create a new one anytime I choose to. I pay 4.99 a month for unlimited skips and no ads. It’s all I need, I don't need anything more fancy than that. What’s also nice, is that it gives you a free option for premium for about 20-30 minutes and all you have to do is watch a 30 second ad. So you can also use that option if you choose to. I get new music put out and all my liked classics. It’s just an awesome app. Grateful to have it. The ONLY thing I would change about this app, is that it doesn’t let multiple people listen from one account at a time. But, that’s no biggie. Otherwise, the quality is top notch and I’ll always recommend Pandora to anyone looking for a place to stream music.
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4 years ago, #worldofcolor
Needs work
I was just listening to music, and I had explicit turned off and blocked, so music like that shouldn’t play, or they should at least have the swearing blocked. But I was just listening and one of the songs dropped the f bomb twice! This is unacceptable! I don’t swear and purposely turned that off! The app always stops playing at random times as well. I’ll hve turned it on, it will play two or three songs, but then it will suddenly stop playing, and there is nothing I can do but wait an hour or more before it plays anything, and then the exact same thing happens. It happens on my radio stations, and my playlists, and it’s really, really annoying. Overall, the app is great. There are most of the songs I want to listen to all there for when I want them, but there are still things that I wish I could change. I’m not sure if it’s just my device, or something going on with the app, but other than those two things I have no problem and would totally recommend pandora.
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2 years ago, trafttuck86
Treasure trove
Pandora has been a huge contributor to my electronic music collection. Since I’m pushing age 60, it’s very difficult to me to be a participant in the leading edge of any technology. When I was new to Apple Music,I created a Pandora channel for my favorite musician, Elvis Costello. The song is that played and the artists chosen what a great reminders of my younger days and college days, andWhen a new artist I would show up, like madness or the specials, I could quickly switch to Apple Music and download a playlist of the essentials for that artist, which very quickly helped build my electronic music collection, As well as build other electronic or organicPlaylists on my phone. At this year’s New Year’s party, My “New Year’s funky eve“ playlist killed for three straight hours until the ball dropped. It’s a great way to expand your musical knowledge and collectA whole lot of songs you like. I find myself playing a recently downloaded album each night to put myself to sleep. I do not recommend anyone use the clashes combat rock
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5 years ago, Go2camp
Hi. First if all, I would like to thank you for reading this request. Now I will get on with it. I really like Pandora, but I think that you should make it more organized. I think that the favorites should be on the top of all of the stations. I also think that to make it more attractive, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen should be either white, black, or non-existent. It’s just not attractive, and all of my friends and family agree. I’m sorry if you feel as if I am taking over your business, but that is just the way that the people want it. Only the album covers should be full with color. Everything else, I feel, should be black and white and grey. More modern = more attractive. Sorry, but it’s just what it is. My friends and I would also like if everytime we opened the app, music would not automatically start playing. I hope that you can find the time to make the changes in the next two weeks, or I will definitely be compelled to delete the app. I really do think that this app is a very good app and would like to give you props for making it. But the main point of this review is to tell you that the visual appearance of this app is just not attractive. Thank you for reading. Goodbye.
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6 years ago, Arllc3
Done with this app
This app seems to have a new unfixable bug where when I connect to my car (wired or Bluetoot) the skip doesn’t work. I press once on my wheel to skip, and pandora app skips 1-3 songs, effectively using all my free skips. Wrote to help desk telling them I tried resetting, reinstalling, updating the app, and restarting my phone. And what do they say? They completely ignore what I wrote and tell me to do exactly what I just said I did. It’s like they didn’t even read what I wrote. They literally advised me to do everything I said I did. Now, with all the overwhelming amount of ads, it’s impossible to navigate the app without accidentally clicking into the upgrade button. And I accidentally bought the upgrade because the ads are so well timed. It shows one ad and you go to hit close ad or whatever it is, and immediately the pandora upgrade ad appears with the purchase button in exactly the place as the close ad button so you hit the purchase botton. I apparently hit tbat thinking I hit the close ad button and then I went to open my phone with my finger print not realizing it and bought the premium. Immediately cancels my subscription but the damage was done. I will be deleting this app after the month is over. Really disgusting how you trick your customers.
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4 years ago, Pastel Peach🌸
Why I love Pandora.
Omg, Pandora is simply the BEST!! It’s a place where you can find all of you favorite songs for free! I LOVE MUSIC! And if you love music as much as I do, then your going to LOVE Pandora. I love it so much that I listen to it in bed! 😂 But... the only thing I wish was different about Pandora, is that I really wish there were more songs that have a clean version. Sometimes, when I start listening to a song, I search for a clean version of it just in case. Let’s say I wanted to listen to “On My Way” By Alan Walker & Sabrina Carpenter, then I would normally search for a clean version of that song. But sometimes, I click the normal version of it because I would think it didn’t have bad words in it due to the fact that it didn’t have a clean version. But then... I get startled by the cuss words. And then, just because of that, I tend to dislike the song. So whenever I hear that song on a different station, I will most likely 👎🏼 the song. I love you Pandora, but please please work on those clean versions!! I really enjoy your music, I can’t wait to see what you do next! To: Pandora From: Me ❤️
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5 years ago, MMoore49
Not a good algorhythm
The problems I have with Pandora are that I type in a group or a song name I want to hear and maybe I’ll hear one song by that group and then many, many songs by all types of other bands, many of which I give a “thumbs down” but they still cycle around. Sometimes I’ll dislike a group and then Pandora will send 2 or 3 more songs by that group, when I HATE that group, but no songs of the group I want to hear. Another point is that when you give a “thumbs up” to various songs, Pandora will just repeat those songs first, when turning on that station, and no other songs by the group you WANTED to hear. Like that group made no other songs, ever! But It’ll give you 3 songs in a row by some group you hate. Also, Pandora will, after cycling through the liked songs, play an endless list of songs you never heard of and don’t like and not a single song you want again. Don’t even get me started on a finite number of skips. Yes, I use the free version of Pandora, but truthfully why am I going to pay to hear tons of other crap? Sometimes the music you disliked bleeds over to other unrelated stations. Why would I pay?! I will not give you my money, Pandora.
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5 years ago, buddhaman79
No radio zone.
I put off moving from Fl to the backwoods of western North Carolina mostly because there was only talk radio and two country stations (I don’t like country at all) but as fait has it, I moved up here anyway in ‘07 & lived in misery until my first smart phone & finding the Pandora app in around ‘14 & found again what living was again. Than in mid 2017 I was working at a house in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. I got no service out there & the free Pandora didn’t work out of coarse too. At this point I decided to brake down & get Pandora premium for off line playlist. I have had Pandora premium since that time and have never looked back. I love it, it is my personal radio station. Like I own my own station & can play whatever the hell I want. A few things pop up (can’t play due to licensing) but it’s rare enough & it usually doesn’t last long. Dollar for $ it is the best app I have for sure. I literally have it on 12 plus hours a day. From Hannibal Burris to Bradley’s Postmodern jukebox & 99.9% of anything in between.
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6 years ago, Kitkatbiggie
Downloaded songs not really accessible
I like pandora but recently when I select shuffle my thumbs up it repeats the same several songs (songs I have given the thumbs up) along with new songs in the same vein. The new stuff is ok but why keep repeating the one or two songs over and over from my list of 302 songs. My other issue is I live in an area where reception comes and goes between my commute to and from I downloaded quite a few songs. I wish I could select offline mode but I can’t. So I will be rocking out and when the song comes to an end I have sudden total silence while it connects “buffers” for the next 10 minutes. Instead of just going into off line mode and playing my downloads. So my question are they truly downloaded? Why else would the app keep searching “buffering”. If you live in a non rural area I am sure you don’t even notice but us Northern California coastal towns do! I end up switching to google play. As I want to rock out before I have a hectic day working at the local hospital or going home to take care of my three awesome teenagers and hubby!
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4 years ago, Baileyrhb
Rather lacking...
I do love Pandora, and I use this app all the time, but certain features never work on my phone; for example, the friend search, and Facebook linking. I tried those on my husband’s Samsung phone, and they work, but not on my iPhone for some reason. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t help. I also think it’s rather lacking in features. There are some things that I would love to see in this app, and this is just my opinion of course, but I think Pandora should expand the social aspect of their service. The current friend feature is kind of pointless. I always thought it would be cool to be able to have more interactive features with friends’ profiles, like commenting, sharing, liking, etc. Having the option to display what you’re listening to at the moment, either publicly or just with friends, would be nice; I know there used to be a similar feature but it’s gone now, and it only showed the last station listened to, not real-time listening. (Of course this should be optional. Everything should be optional.) Another thing I would like to see would be some kind of listening statistics, more than just the vague ranking of what you’ve been listening to most recently.
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2 years ago, donkeydust
Not pleased....
I have the free app, so I am wondering if my input is actually wanted. I am in my late 60’s and so a ‘music app’ on my cell phone is great in itself. However, I really don’t think it is professional to use this app to ‘push’ political causes, views in people’s faces...and I am tired of it. The majority of my stations feature black artists. That’s what I grew up with and love. I don’t listen to them because they are black. I listen to them because I love their amazing sound. To listen to a music or buy a product because someone is black, to me, is a very insulting form of racism. I don’t like having Pandora’s views/opinions shoved in my face when I just want to listen to good music—and there are now alternatives. Also, those nauseating, condescending McDonald’s ads, telling me that you don’t ‘eat’ their food, but you ‘feel’ it, have caused me to stop eating there entirely. I guess I should just shut-up and pay for your app with no advertising. I think I’ll wait and see if you guys make some changes first.
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1 year ago, Salamander_8675309
Great music bad communication
I paid to use Pandora for years before there were all of the music apps around. Although when I realized to renew my monthly membership it was going to cost more then 2x’s what I had been paying. So I thought no, I don’t listen enough to pay 12 dollars a month for music. Any who so I cancelled my subscription for Pandora but still for over a year Apple took $4.99 a month out for Pandora. So unbeknownst to me, I continued to listen to “free Pandora” a few times during this period and looking back it was no different (still adds and only so many skips). So when I finally realized it was never cancelled I contacted Pandora again to cancel and had difficulty communicating with the customer service (that was annoying) it was eventually taken off my bill but not before being charged a few more times. I was so over it, just like wow, they charged me for a few years worth of subscriptions but I’ll never have any one address it. I still listen to my old playlist for reference as to why I’m even on here. Sorry for the rant but do look closely at your Apple bill.
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6 years ago, Musically Lost
Has something changed with the Pandora app???
Ive had Pandora for several years now, it is the free version. I have not been able to listen to my Pandora for over a week now. When I click into one of my stations, it doesn’t play. I can’t even click play, rewind, or fast forward. The icons are there but not highlighted. I have logged in and out. I’ve turned on/off my phone and I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve done this multiple times and still nothing. When I exit out of the station to browse for other options, it says buffering...your station will be right back. I logged out of my account and had my son log into his account on my phone and his account works on my phone. I contacted the help support explaining all of this, and they sent me the troubleshooting information from their website after I explained I’ve already done all of the troubleshooting. The email they sent me said, if I was still having trouble, to respond to their email, which I did , and I still have not heard anything back. Horrible, horrible customer support.
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