Spotify - Music and Podcasts

4.8 (31.3M)
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1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spotify - Music and Podcasts

4.79 out of 5
31.3M Ratings
4 years ago, intense ligma
Beat app but...
I personally love this app but the only part I very much do not like about it is that it will not let you skip songs and now for some reason it will not let me start the song over again this is a very nice app but I would like if it improved it says I have to get premium and I am broke right now LOL and I never really see myself getting premium but I think that’s something that they really have to change about this app it’s very much annoying and some songs will have very bad words and then I won’t be able to skip them because I will have my younger brother near me and I will see songs on my Play list and I will try to reading it but it won’t let me and I very much do not like that too and I do not mind all the ads but they are very long and people get annoyed by them and I have nothing to do about it so that something annoying with it too that’s not a big issue but it’s an issue that I very much don’t like about this app but still I definitely would prefer everybody to get this app which is probably needs to be updated but in conclusion I think this is a very nice app but I would definitely keep it has tons of music on here and that’s something that is awesome about it too and you can create playlist and more P.S thanks for reading this.
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1 year ago, shakespeareforlife
was better
Used to be better, has a lot of difficulties that I’ll talk about. Premium is a pretty good deal but good luck getting it, not only do you have to go to a website but the chances of that website working properly on your phone is unlikely. Your address is needed to purchase premium but whenever I go to put it in there isn’t a place where I can tap on to put it in. You used to be able to minimize ads when you were on the app but now you have to watch the many ads, which also show up every 5 songs. They make ads about their own playlists like they couldn’t just make it pop up on the homepage, and they also repeat ads over and over again until you can recite them word for word. They say they listen to their users but only to the users who write good reviews. When share playing with your computer almost all the time there will be lyrics in the song that don’t even play. Another thing that I find very annoying is the whole 6 skips every HOUR which is not at all worth it because even when skipping you still get ads. Then there’s choosing songs, say you look up a song and try to play it, there will be 5-6 songs that you will have to listen to or skip through to listen to the song you want to, I like the idea of suggesting songs but it should at least play the song I want to listen to first or second. This is all I have to complain about and I hope I can get some fixes or at least a response.
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2 months ago, Rory123123omglookatme
Great app but I miss liking songs with one tap
Adding to my library takes much longer than before because before I could just press a heart next to the song as it played or swipe right on the title to add it to my liked songs. Now whenever I do either of the two (the plus at the bottom on now playing screen or swiping right on a song title ) it pulls up another menu that shows me my liked songs but also all my other playlists with green checks next to where it is added and I have to manually add it to the liked playlist if not there. It’s just not as seamless as before . I also feel that the plus sign on the now playing screen is misleading because as long as it’s in any playlist, it will appear solid green to indicate that it is saved; but in order to see if I’ve liked it or not I have to press on it, pulling up the list of all my playlists; sometimes just to see that I have already liked it, and having then wasted about 4 seconds of doing things on the app for 0 results. But the reason I had to check in the first place is because the green plus could mean it’s saved anywhere ; but I specifically want this song in my likes so now I have to check where before the solid heart immediately let me know I had liked the song (in one tap) . Other reviewers addressed glitches, I’ve noticed a few here and there but overall I use the app daily and enjoy it very much. I just want likes to be simple again mostly .
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12 months ago, yasa pets stan
great aside from recent problems with group sessions
I love this app so much it usually works great and there have been some nice new features recently, one being group sessions where you can listen to synced music in real time with friends. My best friend and I love this feature but recently it's been a little buggy. Sometimes only one of us can control the music, and if the other tries, everything stops and we have to restart the app and start a new session, which is annoying. We've also found that sometimes when we create a session we are hearing completely different songs, or the same song but not in sync. When this feature works it's really fun but these little quirks can be very frustrating and tedious to deal with. Also in regards to the group sessions, it would be nice to be able to send invites to friends within the app so that you don't have to deal with links that can be tricky sometimes. Lastly I've noticed one thing that bothers me a little: when you're adding music to your playlists and you click a song to add, it puts you right back to the recommended songs to add. This is frustrating when I'm trying to add multiple songs from the same album or artist and i have to go and search up the album or artist for every single song I add. This isn't a major thing or a bug, just something that I know a lot of people dislike and could be changed to improve the app.
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3 years ago, GoldenShadow127
It keeps stopping
A problem I frequently have is that when listening to my music, the songs will randomly stop playing and when I go to hit play again, the app restarts. Sometimes admittedly, it’s just because my app needs updated, but it will also do that completely randomly at times. What is with that? I’ll continue playing my music again, and not only will the song restart, but it also cuts off again but even earlier than it did before. It’s honestly extremely annoying and very difficult to deal with when I’m working either at home or at my job. Nine times out of ten, I’d have to close the app completely, and wait thirty to ninety minutes before my music will play uninterrupted again. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially since all I want is to play some music. Another thing is six skips per hour? Really? That’s so incredibly annoying, and it makes it worse when I’m wasting all my skips on the stupid suggested tracks you give me. I don’t want to listen to that!? If you absolutely HAVE to put something in, play more of the same artist at least. It’s so annoying to only have six skips and waste them all on music that I never wanted to hear in the first place. The worst part is, even if I go to a different playlist and come back, it continues playing the suggested track. I don’t want it! On that note, I also don’t want the extra songs you put in my playlists. I take one track off, another gets added. If I wanted that song in my playlist, I’d put it there.
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1 year ago, Blue_phonecase
I get frustrated. A lot.
This app is great. It has a lot of great songs, and lyrics are available. But, again, I really don’t like this app. Ads, are one thing, but having two minutes worth of ads after only two songs? That’s ridiculous. There is also one ad that really annoys me; its the juvedurm ad. Its one minute long talking about lip fillers. I cannot tell you how many times I have down thumbed this ad, but I still hear it. Take it off. It’s so annoying to listen to! Also, get new ads. This app plays the same ads over and over again. If I was actually interested, I would tap on the learn more button. But have I done that? No, so stop giving me the same ad. Next, shuffle. Mobile users, I don’t recommend using this app. Your playlists are on shuffle: which means you can’t listen to your music in order. Also, mobile users, this app only gives you six skips a hour. You have to wait a whole hour to get more skips. It’s very annoying and not fun to deal with. Next thing, mobile users, I again do not advise to this app. On your playlists, they have shuffle, six skips, and recommended songs. If I liked those songs, I would put them on my playlist! Then, you end up loosing all your skips on songs you never wanted to listen to in the first place. It’s reallllllllllllly frustrating. If I take a recommended song off, it only adds another. I get really annoyed with this app very quickly. Other than that, its okay. Thanks.
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3 years ago, TravelingCowboy74
Calm down with the long commercials.
I could be wrong, but isn’t it better to hit people with quick, to the point, shots of why we should get the product? The 30 second commercials seem too long; forget about 2 min of hearing about each product. And do ya have to keep repeating the same thing 3 different ways? And that’s if there’s creativity involved; if not it’s just repeat the same words back to back to back to back. So you’re saying we haven’t got any smarter since Biblical times? Back then, making the point repetitively was the best way to get info to stick in our thick skulls. Here’s the truth -that you can only change by distracting me with annoyance at 90 seconds of redundant raving- I will “click here” if I’m truly interested! Which seems like what the goal should always be. Here’s 15 seconds of this great product, wanna know more? Click here to go to the site. And if now isn’t the right time, then “click over here ~tell me later; take me to the site in 20, 30, 50 min etc.” I realize that 25 years ago our entertainment came with over 20% commercial time. No choices, just the way it was -sit there and wait. And it was too much advert info then. And now we get all this “free” info\entertainment on the interwebs. But it’s somehow even more advert info now! Deflating difference is; it’s now everywhere, all the time, nowhere to look if you don’t want pitch, pitch pitch.
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3 years ago, DeezNutsForPresident
Issues with playing music
Before I start, I wanted to say that I would've rated this app a 4-Star but I just have some issues. First I wanted to state that I have a big issue with making playlists. I hate how I have to literally search up songs to add into my playlist, like why can't I just go into my "Liked" music and add any of those songs into playlists so that it makes my life easier? Because I can't do that, I literally just go onto my liked songs and listen through there but its annoying cause I listen to many genres and sometimes I just sit and skip through songs just to find the right one. It's annoying and I just wish you guys made it easier. I also wanted to bring up that recently, I literally can hardly play my music because it always just stops and cuts off. At first, I thought it was an issue with my car's bluetooth so I just connected my wire to play music through ApplePlay but that didn't stop the issue either. When I tried playing music with my earphones on, it kept doing the same thing. I would literally have to restart the entire app just for it to work but then it would just randomly cut off again. Because of this also, I only rate 3 stars. Please fix all of this, or I will be forced to just switch to Apple Music because I'm honestly just getting tired of all this nonsense. I had backed you guys up a lot and claimed you guys as the most efficient music app but now I'm having other thoughts.
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3 years ago, siAksv
not bad music source but could be better
Okay, i have been using this app for a while and have experienced lots of weird things. First i want to talk about the shuffle thing. you can shuffle songs so that it picks random songs in any playlist, but thats where my huge problem is. you cant pick specific songs you just have to listen to the playlist until it plays that song. and if you have shuffle mode on for a little bit then you cant turn it off.. so, shuffle mode has a lot of disadvantages. I cant get rid of shuffle mode so I saw another glitch. Lets say that i decided to make my own playlist, I make it and other songs are added just because of shuffle mode, but you can add songs to get rid of them. Okay, then my playlist “ends” and then RANDOM songs play.. I have to play a different playlist now. and sometimes if i return to the one that i was playing the song is still there, and if i skip it more random songs will start playing, then i have to wait a whole HOUR to get more skips. I feel like non premium users should have more freedom of doing what they want. oh, and with shuffle mode on, you cant pick a song or make it into a loop. and like i said, after a little bit you cant turn shuffle mode off. So yeah, this app could definitely improve more things. Also, please don’t take what i'm saying the wrong way. Thank you for reading, and it would be a pleasure if one of these got fixed! Byee!!❤️
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3 years ago, PowerFlash27
My app is having issues
I’ve used this app A LOT. I remember a feature about a year ago where it showed you the lyrics on all of the songs, but it caused my app to crash every time I played a song. It would play the song halfway through and then crash and I would go back into the app and it had restarted the song. It would do this in a cycle until I skipped the song because I couldn’t handle hearing the first half of the song on repeat anymore. Occasionally it would work for one or two songs but that only happened rarely. Basically I could only hear half songs because the app kept crashing, and then I would use up all six of my skips and have to turn off the app. And I was SO relieved when after multiple months of suffering through this. Music means more to me now than it has ever, and here’s why im writing this; because I woke up this morning and saw that the lyric feature was back. I was very excited because I was hoping they had brought it back because they fixed the bugs it caused. Sadly the first song I tried to play made the app crash. I want to make you aware that I have a recent iPhone model with plenty of space on it, so it is not my phone causing these issues. Please PLEASE fix this quickly. Music is my comfort and my joy, I don’t know what I’ll do without it working. Please PLEASE PLEASE I beg you to fix this as fast as possible.
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1 year ago, LilYenney
Best music app by far but room for a couple of improvements
I’ll start with some new(er) changes I enjoyed. I like how when i click on my profile in the top left the menu now provides a better looking UI, easier to get to my settings. Another newish thing I loved is when i add a new song to a playlist, it’s a check the playlists instead of only being able to add it to one playlist at a time, definitely a time saver. Now for some new tweaks. I would like to see more customization with the quick swiping right or left on a song. There should be a setting to be able to change what a swipe left or a swipe right means instead of it always being queuing a song or liking it. The other feature I would like added is to be able to change the order on how your playlists display on your public profile. Let’s be honest, there are definitely better playlists that are created than others. I feel like this could be done two different ways. A: give the user full customization of the order, or B: allow the user to pin 3-4 playlists on their public profile sort of how the pin feature works for your playlists in your personal music library. Thank you for your time and for the improvements you constantly make.
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2 years ago, carrotweatherfan🌦
This app is pretty good, but I wish you could select songs (not have to listen on shuffle every time) and listen offline without paying. It’s really annoying when you want to play a song so you search it up but the result is a playlist including the song and because it’s a playlist, you have to listen on shuffle and you also have limited skips so you can’t skip to the song you want. You have to pay for unlimited skips and to select songs. If you do want to select a song that you’ve been listening to, the “Daily Mix” playlists allow you to do that but there’s no guarantee that the song you want is in one of those playlists. It would also be great if you didn’t have to add like 10 songs to a playlist for the app to jot add random song to your playlist. It has to add more song to the playlist to be able to play in shuffle, but if it just DIDNT MAKE YOU LISTEN ON SHUFFLE FOR EVERYTHING, then bam, no random songs in your playlists. But another tip for being able to select songs, listen on a computer. You can select your songs easily and when you search up a song you can select it. You do not have to play your playlists on shuffle on a computer. There are also unlimited skips and less ads.
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3 years ago, espeonics
Lack of options, randomly censored songs
This app is really annoying in the sense that I can’t organize my music the way I used to. The “Genre” option doesn’t even exist. If you want to organize by artist/album it has to download your artist/album’s songs. It’s just a bunch of ridiculous extra buttons that I shouldn’t ever need to deal with. My least favorite thing about this app is, songs will randomly become censored without warning. That means, I was in a huge Johnny Cash phase, and had listened to “A Boy Named Sue” like a hundred times, then one day, the line goes from “I’m the son of a ***** that named you Sue” to “I’m the [BLEEEEEEEEEEEEP] that named you Sue”. Like WHY. All of my songs are fine, but one day suddenly one will be censored after enjoying it for months. I’m paying for this service, and have no parental settings or anything turned on to make that happen on my end. This should not ever happen. Besides that, it’s decent enough as a music app. Music comes out fine, making playlists is easy, they do have a wide selection of music, and even have personalized playlists that aren’t so bad a lot of the time. I can organize my songs in any order I want to. Sure, if I want songs organized by genre, I have to make an entire separate playlist or just listen to a pre-made playlist with songs that I don’t even care about that I have to constantly skip and skip and skip, but hey, at least it’s somewhat possible.
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1 year ago, Swissy.Chris
Fix These Simple Problems and the App will be 5 Stars
Love the app but it would be better if the green heart feature on the side of songs would be added. In that way, me and billions of other people would finally be able to see what songs we liked and won’t have have to re-listen to a song to check if we did listen to that song. This effects listing to other peoples playlists too cause you won’t know which songs you’ve already listened to so you can skip and not waste your time. I hope this feature gets added back cause I don’t understand why it was removed. Another feature that would make this app 5 stars would be the readdition of enhance to find more songs like in my playlist. Cause now this new “enhance” has me listening to songs I already listensed too, and most of the time I’m listening to the same songs rather than new ones from the new “advanced shuffle” or whatever it’s called. It’s like you guys want the listeners to stay on the app longer, all that retention for making the app not the best it could be in mine as well as probably billions of other people. I’m really liking the other features like DJ and all that, so I’m praying there’s a fix to those issues, for everyone’s sake.
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3 years ago, Rojiace5
Free experience, I like it but…
After using the app for a month I was impressed that I was able to pick the songs that I wanted to listen to as well as the albums and podcasts. However, since I haven’t purchased anything to lose a majority of functions such as picking individual songs that I would love to start listening to instead being treated to something entirely different from the song I picked is frustrating, cause what is the point of liking songs if I am unable to listen to those songs, because I haven’t gotten premium. I don’t mind listen to ads if it gets me to the song I want to listen to or skip a song that I don’t want to listen to then slowly transitions into more songs. This makes the search function obsolete if I search for a song only to get something completely different from the song I wanted. Or look for an album that I want to listen to only to not listen to the whole album. Though picking specific podcast episodes seems to function the way the whole app should. If you want this for free, there are a lot of issues that I found makes it hard to find what you want to listen to or pick out specific songs that you want making liked songs unimportant if you can’t listen to them at a later time. Which is a shame cause the first time I downloaded it, really showed how amazing it is.
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2 months ago, Valeria V 🎻
Great! Just… unable to use without premium.
Look, this app is amazing. It has a LOT of songs, and it’s a place to discover a bunch of new ones; but like all great things, it has its downsides. One, lyrics are locked/never working. 😬 Everytime I try to listen to a song and I press lyrics, at always says to come back later and try again. I thought it was a problem for just a bit, but then others are havi the same experience too. Turns out, lyrics are now only accessible through premium! This is completely outraging, especially having to be able to use lyrics in the past. Everyone around the internet is also upset, I think it was a poor choice as a good company. Two, recent crashes. Since Tuesday, this app has been crashing on everyone.😕 As soon as I open the app, it instantly closes itself. It fixes itself for about 10 minutes, then goes back to not wanting to play music. It is extremely upsetting and annoying for the billions of users trying to listen to music! Three, The ability to put whatever pictures on public playlists. A lot of people are abusing the ability to put their desired photos on their playlists for everyone to see. I’ve seen several people’s 🍆 pics on a playlist. There are also accounts that are especially made to post h*ntai and other very explicit things. This app is a mess, period. It’s recommended to people that can pay for premium. 🙁
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3 years ago, cupcakego
Needs improvement, overall good
Okay, so this is a great app if you’re a normal person that only has around fifteen or so playlists. But I’m not normal and i like to make loads if playlists and then i need to delete them. I think a really good feature you could add to this app is a delete button on the playlists tab. It would help with being able to select a mass number of playlists to easily delete. It would also be good to have a similar feature with adding songs. If there were a button that allowed you to add the same song to multiple playlists at once, instead of having to go through each playlist and add the song individually. Also, it would be good if in a playlist you could organize where each song goes like if you want to organize it alphabetically or something on mobile. Finally, it would be nice if you could add a way to view the amount of streams an album has, or make it easier to see. A group of people including me are trying to get an album to a certain number of streams, and I can’t view the number, although i think other people can, so if you could make the streams a bit easier to access that would be nice. Overall great app, needs improvements though ;)
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3 years ago, aspiringwritertobe
I like this app and I actually like that it suggests other songs to listen to because I like finding new music that fits into my category. I’m even okay with the only six skips an hour thing because I’m not picky and I have multiple playlists I can listen to. However, for some reason every time I’m listening to the music nowadays the app will randomly exit out and stop playing music. I have to physically get back into the app just to restart the song I’d been listening to, and it always starts back up at like 0:07, so I’ll listen to like 3/4 of the song AGAIN just for it to cut out and I have to restart the process over. Just now I listened to the same song seven times in a row without completion. This is a consistent problem that’s pushed me to write a review (which I don’t normally do). I’ve even gone online to see what I can do to fix it and tried all the suggestions (exiting out of all other apps, completely logging out of my account and logging back in, etc.) and it still does it. Like I said, I can make do with the small amount of skips per hour and even the suggestive songs to my playlists but this is getting ridiculous since I can’t even do what the app is made for. 👎
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4 years ago, Danny2535
Love it but..
This app is awesome! I love how you can listen to your own music, and share it. But I don’t like how it adds music to your playlist, and won’t let you remove it. I don’t get that I really hope you fix it soon. Also, when I only want to listen to my music it makes me listen to a suggested track that I can’t get out of. What is with that? And, there is too many ads. And only 6 skips per HOUR?! Why? And, when my playlist is making me listen to other songs, I have to go to a different playlist, listen to 1 song in it, come back to my playlist, and there it is. another song I don’t need. I am probably one of those users that will get ignored, but if you are looking at this, congratulations. You get a gold sticker. I wish that the users without premium could get AT LEAST 10 skips and hour. It’s not fair with only 6 per hour. I also want to add, that when I want to listen to my music ONLY and not some stupid suggested track, I can’t get out of it, because I used all of my skips on the DANG SUGGESTED TRACK! Fix that please! I’m sorry if that is all jumbled. But PLEASE fix it. I have seen the other users complaints, and it looks like most of us are having the EXACT same problem. Smh. If you made it this far. FIXX THEMM. My temper is getting lost because of this app, not to be dramatic and all. Have a good day.
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4 years ago, 😂😄😃
Love it but....
Why I like this app: I like it how you guys have made playlists and let us just pick a song and not just shuffle play well... most of them. Also you don’t have too be premium too use this app ( and please keep it like that because some people don’t have enough money or just don’t wanna waste it on something you should be able too use free). Why I don’t like about this app: first is how you can’t just pick a song from a playlist and not have limited skips, I think that’s kinda weird to not be able to play a song you wanna hear from your playlist. Now I wanna talk about the adds, let’s just say it’s irritating like when your listening too a song and just randomly get this add that says. “Watch this short add for 30 mins of add free music” then when I hit “no thanks” a add plays like do y’all do this to make more money or just to be irritating 😐😑🙄 like c’mom can we just get no adds!?!?!? And just buy premium for better quality, limited skips, and just pick songs from playlists and not wait 1 hour for 6 skips? Like really the only thing you should get premium for is better quality and limited skips! Like can we have some freedom?! Look this just my opinion about this app so don’t get mad😅😅😅
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4 years ago, Zack_SillyBoi735
Shuffle play only for people with the free plan... really?!?!!
I really do like this app and it’s cool music but I have one problem with it. People that don’t have a premium membership (have a free plan) are only able to play songs by shuffle playing. You use to be able to choose whatever song you would want to listen to on your playlist and you could shuffle play too but now you are only able to shuffle play if you don’t have the premium membership, and also, when I tap on the list of all of my songs in my playlist and I find a song that I want to play, it only plays a preview of the song. I think the shuffle play is kinda dumb because whenever I shuffle play it and my last song on my playlist stops playing (because the song is over) it moves on to a new song that I haven’t added to my playlist and whenever I hit the button that says “Shuffle Play” it controls if the song is paused or playing. I tried exiting out and reopening the app but the song is still there and acts as if it’s in my playlist. I would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the shuffle play only thing. Please change it so that people that don’t have a premium membership can listen to whatever songs they’d like too. Thanks for listen and have a good day.
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3 years ago, its_me234
I love this! All though….
I love this! But I woke up one day wanting to listen to music and I go on the app turn on my playlist and it wont let me see any of the music thought it was me so I’d fix it later but it was the app I think then when I click play all these songs come up that aren’t even on my playlist or that I’ve listened to before and so I go to the song and click play hoping that that would work but it it doesn't and I deleted and then reinstalled it and I still didt work And yes I resented it but for example I clicked my song to play and then it plays a song from frozen I never ever listened to but I’m not sure if it’s something I did or something the game dose because I have this on my tablet and it works perfectly fine but it’s only on my phone and my tablet I usually use it has most of my stuff got my phone bout 11 years after my tablet so you can see how this is annoying to me I play the song but it dosent go on most of the games apps or stuff I go into I get that’s how it is but I am at a lose I don’t want to have to delete the app because for me its a little stressful and I don’t get to listen to my music anymore if you could please fix this or something I’d really appreciate it it’s a really great app it’s truly awesome thanks
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3 years ago, Emily the fan
Its okay, needs an update
Well, beforei loved the app, but now, either its a glitch or a update its hard to find one particular song, it comes up as an album for each song i want that i search for. i cant just listen to that song, and its not like i can repeat the song like i used to be able 2. Also, i cant make an album with a few songs, it adds a bunch of "recommended songs" like no, i only want these songs that i put in, wnd if i try to delete the song, it adds another song. I have tried over and over again to find the song "good 4 you" and it keeps showing albums that randomly pick the song before you, i remember when i could scroll through the songs of an album, now i cant, it just, wont let me, i dont know if its something wrong with my settings, s glitch, or a annoying update but its annoying me when im trying to relax or something and listen to music, and when i cannot repeat the song, sometimes i wanna repeat a song over and over again, now im forced to watch another 30 songs and spend an hour trying to find the song on another album, witch never works. Honestly before all these things i loved the app so much, best music app ever i had thought. Please update back to me. Thank you!
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9 months ago, Nickdbeach
Smart shuffle is completely broken
Smart shuffle is not a bad idea, but it is awful right now. Trying to put my playlist on shuffle is super annoying because smart shuffle comes right beforehand. Every so often i will press the button too fast or something and it will just continuously turn shuffle off and on nonstop. Half the time my app will freeze or crash completely from just simply turning it on. I also have a lot of issues with the queue when smart shuffle is on. If its off and i have songs queued majority of the time it will skip to the next song automatically when i turn it on. If its already on and i try to skip farther ahead in a song with others queued, it just skips to the next song. If i queue another song on top of other already queued songs, it skips several songs forward. And sometimes it just completely deletes all the songs i have queued. Super annoying if i have songs queued and i just want to put my playlist on shuffle, and it is a constant issue. Im at war with smart shuffle majority of the time. It would be so much better if smart shuffle and normal shuffle were two different buttons, would save so much trouble
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1 month ago, posay queeb
Free version experience
The free version of this app is well not good so they always bring so many annoying little things that will mostly force you to buy premium or that will make you delete the app and move to SoundCloud (which is better Ngl) but i cant even a have normal play list if the songs keep switching which I have to buy premium just to turn off and its like what’s the point of organizing my playlist , next now they updated it so i cant see the lyrics without having a limit and I already cant play back or a song or restart it to a certain part with out premium . Also when I want to switch playlist it give me and add like I though I had 30 Minutes of No ads which isnt 30 minutes unless half of it is use on the 6 ad pop ups which are so long but anyways its very trashy for an app to have the most littlest things cost money just to replay a song and or skip a song to go to the next or just to switch playlist so really unless you make good money or have a good job that can give you money for extra stuff or unless Mommy or Daddy is paying for it this app really isnt a go to which im not trying to be rude because most of the songs on hear have very good quality but its just so stupid and overall not a good app for free users . And one more thing if you have switch on and you DONT have premium to turn it off you’ll get random and unwanted songs in your playlist .
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3 years ago, hdgsyjatdjj
Y so many restrictions
Okay so i love listening to music٫ and when i got the app i didnt realize that i was in the 14 day trial. Basically I thought premium was just no adds whatsoever and well..that was dumb lol. Today my trial ended٫ and i found out I would only get to skip songs 6 times per hour, and the audio quality would not be as good. Why. I get the adds and all, and that you need to make money out of the app, but these kinds of restrictions are just forcing you to get premium. At least make it more than just 6 skips per hour!! Like, I love Alec Benjamin, but his songs can be a little inappropriate. Same with Rex Orange Country, bcs he can curse. If I’m listening to music with my little brothers and I have to suddenly stop playing it, what am I supposed to do? I’d have already used my 6 skips and can’t just be like “ok little bro guess I’m turning off my music.” He’s gonna be confused for sure. Oh and the fact they are making the audio quality not as good is outrageous. Why would you make the music quality not as good? Listen, I love the app and I’m going to get premium but please make less restrictions. It makes it hard to enjoy the app and the overall music.
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2 years ago, flameheadboy
SO GOOD but the tiniest things that I (for some reason) need
I love this app! I literally use it every day since my dad got us a family deal(or something? idk.) There are just the tiniest things that kinda bug me when making playlists. I love the fact we finally got the ability to import images on mobile, it’s made it so much easier to make an aesthetically pleasing(?) playlist, but sometimes I get bothered by the fact that, if I DO decide to import an image, sometimes the background color for my playlist is like puke green. Idk how the app chooses the colors for each playlist, but I think it’d look a lot better if you just gave us a color wheel to choose our own color. I also wish it was easier to search for music (with lyrics or even different variations of the song name) multiple times have I been searching for a song using either, the one verse of the song I remembered, or a botched song name. Usually, if I remember any of the lyrics it will show up. Somehow it feels like every time I look up a song name and there’s even one word wrong, it won't show up. Once again idk how any of these things work so it could be an easy fix or even something you’ve been working on. I just came here to say my things I guess.
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2 years ago, MudStainedWall
Sticky Songs
I wish I could give it 5 stars but I can’t. I’ve used the app for years now and this only really started happening a year ago or at least like 6 months ago. But songs that I’ve played a lot ie the songs I really like just don’t play. Or it takes a couple tries for them to start, going back and forth between a song I start to play, just so I can try to try start the song I actually want to hear, and the song I really want to listen to can just be annoying. I feel like I put up with it for long enough that some of the songs that I had no issues with before are now completely locked. I really don’t want to happen to my current favorite songs because it just makes me switch away from my favorite genres and find something that while being good doesn’t have the same sort of liveliness of true discovery. Instead it’s a bit of a feeling of relief like making it out school when it’s evacuated. That may not be the best way to look at it though, a little insensitive if anything else, but I’m just trying to say that it’s forced. It’s not something that I want or need to do, and the thing that’s making me have this musical exodus is the fact that my songs aren’t playing properly.
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11 months ago, hello-bye
Listening History + Personalized mixes
I want to sing praises for the addition of listening history to the mobile app. Please never remove this feature! It’s so useful for discovering new music while doing other things. For example, I can shuffle a playlist of new songs while doing chores, and then go back when I’m done to save the songs I liked. Also good when other people are adding songs to a queue, meaning I would have no way of getting back to the song w/o a history feature. My main gripe (only one I can think of) is how personalized playlists— like daily mixes or radio stations— lately have a tendency to change while I’m listening to them. I’ll pick a station based on seeing a good lineup I want to hear, but then as I get partway through, the playlist automatically reshuffles with new songs, and I don’t get to hear what I wanted to. It happens especially if I “like” a new song while listening. I get that it’s meant to adapt to your taste dynamically, but it’s annoying when it wipes the playlist you were just listening to (not just the upcoming songs, but the ones you already listened to also). In my opinion it should only update once at the start of each day, the first time you click on it
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3 years ago, N1kk133
Wanna love it but......
I love the fact that this app has so much in regards to the amount of music and variety that is available. Wayyy better selection than what I have tried so far....but, I find the “suggested” songs to be very annoying. The songs that are played are nothing close to the music that I listen to and even when I click the “hide the song” button, the same songs are played again! If this app is supposed to be so great that it suggests songs based on what I listen to, I would want it to take the songs that I hide into consideration as well. Also, don’t suggest songs that are part of a genre that I obviously do not listen to! If anything, please allow me to hide the artists and genres that I do not want to appear on any of my suggested songs lists. Everyone has preferences on what they listen to and what they would rather not listen to. Even for people who are not paying for the unlimited skips, the least you could do would be to allow us to not be forced to listen to songs that we cannot stand. It just makes the app very unattractive to potential customers. I’m too scared to pay for the subscription because I cannot control how the app suggests songs like this. I want to just listen to the playlists that I have created without worrying about having songs being inserted randomly. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, aproctor8
3 Simple Fixes to Get Back to 5 Stars
1. You need to include an alphabetical quick scroll on the right-hand side of all of your lists, whether it’s your list of playlists, your Artist Library, or inside an actual playlist looking at songs. No one has the time to swipe for 30 seconds to the bottom of their library when they want to listen to The Who. A quick scroll has been a standard on every music app for years now. Get with the times! 2. The artist library page needs a royal update. Or retro-date, rather. I had an older version of the app until yesterday where all artists whose music you had saved into your library displayed on the same library in a neat, clean fashion, regardless of whether or not you Follow them. Now you can only neatly organize those artists whom you Follow, and the rest are left in this awkward, disorganized list of artists with a big “Follow” button next to it. We know what you’re doing guys. If we want to follow an artist, we will. For now, just let us organize our artist library in a straightforward fashion. 3. Another retro-date: put back the option to view your Songs Library. Sometimes you just wanna shuffle your songs. Yeah, the “Liked Songs” playlist is there, and that’s cool and all, but it’s not intuitive when you have “Playlists” and “Artists” listed up top. Put it back.
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3 years ago, soomxii
trouble with the app
So to get started I’ve had this app since 9th grade and not even when I had my iPhone 6 Plus did it give me issues like the app not working for me. Currently I have the iPhone 12 Pro But in the past couple of days I can’t use it at all, meaning I can’t scroll/interact with the app. I can’t choose a playlist, I can’t search for a song, I can’t play a song. I’ve done everything that I’ve seen online, tried logging out well the app doesn’t respond, so I did the best next thing which was uninstalled. I uninstalled the app and proceeded to log in again it work and I was able to play a song, but just 15 seconds of the song before it stopped and the app went unresponsive like it previously was. I turned off my phone I thought that would help, when I turned it back on and tried using the app it was the same thing. I ended up resetting my phone, entering my iCloud and dealing with all of the starting “new” for the app to not work. Please can a developer help me fix the issue or at least advice me on what to do next? I seriously love the app, but if I can’t get it to work I will have to cancel my subscription for it and get Apple Music instead because listening to music is one of the things I do the most. I seriously only use this app for music streaming so I’d be so sad having to give it up just for that. :’(
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2 years ago, canarylarry
It tracked my location…that’s kinda freaky
Ok so I took a one week vacation to Virginia and about 4 days in I noticed I was getting ads to become a lifeguard at Virginia Beach…I live a good nine hours away from there so that means it tracked my location. I don’t remember ever allowing it to do this. I mean I got ads for my home state before but I never thought anything of it. It took it about 3 days after I got home before the ads switched back to my home state. To be honest I was kind of freaked out about this… Other than that this app was pretty good. I mean there were long ads that occurred frequently and you couldn’t skip them. But other than that I liked it. Wish I would have been made aware that it tracks my location though.. Edit: So ads are now getting ridiculous :/ I don’t use this app as often as I used to so I’ve noticed when I get on I get more ads. I just got 5 one minute ads in a row after just listening to one song. When I first got this app I loved the ad system because it would give you an ad and then give you 30 minutes of ad free listening. Now it gives you multiple ads in a row after pretty much every song. I realize that it has to have ads since it is the free version but this is overkill. I do wish if they were going to give such long ads that there could be an option to skip it.
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2 years ago, Ranpo77
Please fix the new home page interface!
This app has, by far, been my most used app for years. But recently there has been one change that I greatly dislike and it’s very frustrating. The new home interface has made it extremely hard to find new music or music similar to the stuff I listen to. It’s just a bunch of random playlists of stuff I’ve usually already heard. It’s not useful at all. It’s actually quite counterproductive. I can’t jump back in to albums, playlists or artist either. It’s just an eternal scroll of random stuff. And if I want to look at songs I’ve been playing the most recently or any playlist like that, I have to go search for it in other pages. It’s very disappointing and it would be awesome if you guys could rectify this situation. On another note, I can only press the green shuffle button one time and if I want to reshuffle have to go out of the playlists press something else and then go back in. It’s very frustrating, especially for someone like me who was hundreds, sometimes thousands of songs on my playlists (yes I am very obsessed with music 😂). Please fix these things.
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3 years ago, catzlovs12
Pretty good but...
It’s a pretty good app, you can get a lot of music and make your own playlists so that’s nice. It also has good sound quality and does it’s best to stabilize sound so you don’t get really jarred by the start of a new song. My complaints are that there is a bug that just stops your music even when your internet connection is great. It often happens when your phone screen is locked, and sometimes when you open your phone and go to the app it has completely crashed, other times it has just paused it for some reason. My other complaint is more trivial, and it is about the auto play of recommended songs. I understand that the app is designed to act like a radio station, where you can’t really choose which songs you play and some will be played that are relating to the genre. However, I just really hate this feature, especially when I am playing songs from a artist that I really like however it is in a genre that I generally hate. Ideally the recommend song would be close enough to the artist’s style that the user might like the song as well even though they don’t like the genre, however that hasn’t been the case yet for me. Other than my two complaints, this app is pretty great and I recommend it.
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4 years ago, Perfect app to have
I'm just gonna get straight to the point and this is just me speaking my mind but I feel the fact that you can't purchase premium through the actual app and instead have to go to a whole other website is just complex, and this is just my opinion but I dislike the fact that there is not really much you give to the people who don’t have premium, we can't loop songs, we can't make a playlist without 8 other songs being added to it, etc. There are some kids who's parents may not allow them to buy premium. I'm just trying to listen to a song that could only be found on this app and as I said before we can't loop it, I even tried adding it specifically to it's own playlist but it added like 8-9 other songs. Just because you are recommending me something doesn't mean I want it on my playlists. All I'm saying is just give us something, something to at least work with.....I was going to buy premium but now I feel it's not worth it and I should just stick to SoundCloud like I was before. I hope you understand why I feel this way and I hope people without premium get more opportunities at listening to their favorite songs without issues in the future.
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5 years ago, PaleWillows
Please read this.
This is getting extremely irritating. I have a family share premium, and whatever I do, (before this update it was fine, actually, the new UI screwed it up,) I can’t play the next song in my playlist. I try restarting my phone, PC, anything, and it keeps screwing up. I’ve tried everything. For real, fix your bugs and don’t put the old bugs into a new update, PLEASE. Not to mention, for non premium users, fix the ad problem. There’s definitely great ideas, but they are executed quite poorly. It’s clear that you want people to pay to do anything. And really, you shouldn’t even be plaguing them with ads if premium has just as many. 6 hours for each skip? There are 24 hours in a day. You’re telling me they only get FOUR SKIPS EVERY 24 HOURS? Seriously, that’s just downright disgusting and rude at that point. If you’re going to torment them like that, at least make it so it’s 2 additional skips per every 12 hours they wait, otherwise it’s just repetitive. Anyways, remember that UI says a lot too. And you should also add the shortcuts back. They were quite useful. And once again, fix the bugs before sending out a new update because it’s annoying. That’s all I have to say for now, and I apologize if it’s jumbled. Please at least TRY and take this into consideration.
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5 years ago, Loven dis app
No thanks not worth it
I think the idea of the app was spot on. I think the execution was terrible. The app is up to date and on top of these songs but it is a pain to work with. An app should always be user friendly and easy to understand but this isn’t it. I don’t like too much music and don’t know that many singers so when it made me choose three that’s a big no, it messed up my recommendations and I’m stuck with sicko mode as a recommendation because I was joking around. The app doesn’t allow you to play just one song, you have to make a playlist and if it’s not big enough it plays “recommended” music which is extremely irritating. Skipping songs only 6 times per hour is ridiculous and only there to make you pay money. Also the fact that you can’t restart your playlist after you’re done and it starts playing other music is uncalled for. I tried everything from looking it up and restarting my phone. Nothing worked. Ik there are hard core fans who know all the ins and outs of this app but that’s not the point, anyone (within reason) should be able to use and app, if they can’t then there is no point to download this app. Lastly I forgot to mention but not being able to add whole albums is also irritating, adding song by song is meticulous.
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2 years ago, Plz respond i am a BIG fan!!!!
Download this!!!!!!!!!!!!
SEARCH UP: songs that get you in a mood (And it’s by Robin) Thats my playlist!!! It has those songs that get you in that cruella de vil mood; it’s public so go listen to it!! This is obviously a 5 star app, no ads and you can create as many playlists as you want with as many songs as you want, of course there is the payment you have to make but there are no ads so I think it’s a good choice (and you can download your playlist and listen offline👏🏼) However I noticed that you can only add all songs on a playlist made by the songwriter of those songs (for example I was making a kidzbop playlist as a joke btw and I noticed I could put all of the songs from a playlist full of kidzbop songs at once when the playlist was made by kidzbop, but I couldn’t do that when it wasn’t made by kidzbop! I think it’s a great idea that you can do that feature but it would be even better if you could do that for all playlists! Thanks for reading! (Look up that playlist!!!) Also sorry if it was a tad hard to understand what I was talking about I don’t really have a great way with words! Bye!
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4 years ago, lover #1
I’ve been using this app for a day and it’s been doing good but from all the reviews I’ve been reading it seems like it crashes a lot and it has to many ads. And there is like 23 reviews I’ve read that say these things! (I’m a fast reader) pls pls pls pls fix this if this is true and it seems as if it is. And most of the reviews give you guys 1 star and so sense I haven’t used it for a long time I give it 3stars because for now it seems like a good app. And also if you yes you not the creators of the app, if YOU are reading this, before you just start falling for the reviews that say amazing but... and stuff like that, click on “sort by” and click on most critical and you will see probably like 70 reviews saying all this stuff and if you really think about it, there are only like 13 reviews that say good stuff about this app! So as I said 3 stars for now and as I start using this app longer I will see if I still like it or if I’m going to go with the other like 70 reviews that say this app is bad. And if you made it this far goodbye and have a nice day, morning, night, evening, afternoon or wherever you are!
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3 years ago, OMGalaxy!
The Music Just...Stops?!
So, I love this app so much. I can’t live without it 😅 Everything is great! But there is one thing that I have a problem with. I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem but, basically what happens is while I’m listening to a song It just like, out of nowhere the music just stops! I don’t close the app at all. Usually this happens when my phone isn’t even on. (Like if the screen timeout goes off.) This problem is so annoying, probably more annoying then the adds not gonna lie. And when the music stops, it start all over again! Once this happened to me while I was done with the song so I had to listen to the whole thing again! This has happened so many times. It even happened more then 4 times while I was writing this review! I know I could just skip the song but I would probably run out of skips because I don’t have premium. I just want this to be fixed because it’s really annoying. I hope the app developers see this and fix it. Other then that, this apps one of the best ones I have and one of the most used too! Thanks for reading!
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5 years ago,
feedback (updated)
I already scrolled through enough reviews to where I know I'm not the only one, but yo.. what's up with this new update?? I used to like that when if on the "Your Library" tab you could click on a recently played artist or just an artist from the "Artists" tab and it would take you only to the songs you saved from them, but then if you clicked on them from the "Home" tab it would take you to their main profile page. Now it takes you to their main page even if you click on the artist from the library tab. It's extremely inconvenient, I would like to listen to only the songs I have saved from an artist not all of them. Before the update at least we had the choice. And as dramatic as this sound I have to agree with other people, it really IS enough to make me want to delete the app because of how inconvenient it has actually become to listen to my saved songs. Also the layout is just kinda weird. Well not weird but the one before was definitely better. It had your recently played artists or albums or whatever it is you listen to. And now it's not really like that anymore. Now you gotta go to them from the "Home" tab. I won't lie, it doesn't bother me as much as the first thing I mentioned (PLS CHANGE THAT BACK), but it's for sure something I wouldn't mind if y'all brought back.
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5 years ago, RoyalMarz
Please fix this
This app was amazing, loved it so so much. There are few problems though,1. it is very difficult to turn shuffle play on and off and it is difficult to know when it is on and when it isn’t. It would be great if there was a way to fix this. 2. The new update totally screwed the app up, it isn’t worth it anymore, I’m more motivated not get the premium but rather to just go to another app. The library layout is terrible, very difficult to find what you are looking for. Hate it with a passion, and you put a limit to how many songs you can skip without premium? Another issue: when looking through songs, you can’t just pick a song to play and start the playlist from there, it only plays part of the song. Maybe I’m doing some gin wrong there, but it’s terrible now. The ads I don’t really mind, annoying, but fine whatever, the layout in the library/playlist is terrible, the shuffle button is broke, and you can only skip so many songs. And I cannot play songs without shuffle. Please please fix the library layout, skipping thing, and how I can only play songs on shuffle. I don’t even want to bother with this app anymore. Before this update, I had no complaints what so ever. Other than the issues listed, amazing app!
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5 years ago, Corndog3135
Now is unnecessarily complex
The number one thing I hate about this update is the fact that anytime I pick a song, shuffle turns off. It's literally a joke that I have to turn it on every time I pick a new song. What confuses me is the fact that repeat stays on when shuffle turns off. That needs to be fixed. Another thing is the fact that you can't hide the recommended songs that are at the bottom of each playlist. Which tends to always have the same songs on it. Which is quite annoying. Another thing is that when you search for something on a playlist, you cannot slide to the right to add to queue anymore. Which is a major time consumer now. A guy should be able to add to queue in a lot faster time than having to click song options, scroll down, and add to queue, because if there's multiple songs you'd like to add, it should take 10 seconds to add 10 songs. Not 10 seconds to add just one song. One more topic is that I have to go through multiple screens just to go to queue. Whom ever had that idea is considerably unintelligent. It used to be so simple and easy to use. Now it's like you're playing a intelligence and patience game with every user. With this new update, many things became very unnecessarily complex. My patience with this app is going quickly. I hope you fix these format issues.
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4 years ago, Toner_B
Great but...
At the time of writing this, I have some annoyances with the app. Number one being that there is a major crashing problem with this app. I am pretty confident it is not my phone due to it still being fairly new (IPhone 8). At the moment I have counted the app crashing 8 times within the hour. I am on all of the latest app version and iOS. Another issue I have. You used to be able to go into an artist album and look at the songs and preview play them, now you can’t, this is extremely annoying when I’m trying to preview songs to add to my playlists. It was fine before but they are always changing it. Another issue I have are ads. There used to be 2-3 ads about every 30 minutes with the occasional “watch the video to get 30 minutes ad free” ad. Now, ads every 2-3 songs and when the watch video ad comes up, I still end up watching two more ads after the “so called” only video. The list goes on and on with things. This app was much better months ago but it is getting very out of hand. Looks like I’m switching to Apple Music I guess.
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4 years ago, Sailor-Cat
It’s great but..
So I started using it because I didn’t need to have a subscription to use it freely unlike Apple Music which I used for awhile then cancelled the subscription I had. It’s kinda confusing like you can’t really save stuff. Also, the 6 skips an hour thing is annoying too! so I understand it’s most likely to keep the app free and all. but when I made my account it said I could listen with infinite skips and ZERO adds for free nothing about the seven day free premium trial! But no no no life isn’t that simple so basically I download it on my phone for the first time (I made my account on a computer so I could listen to music at school also I still had Apple Music at the time of making the account) and then this notification pops up that my seven day free trial has expired. Oh and this is right after I had texted my mom that’s it completely free! But we could have totally avoided this problem if the developers would just flipping fix their stupid app, and not say that with an account you can “listen completely free with no adds and infinite skips” cause that’s a lie. And don’t reply back to me saying “ That’s not true we say something about the trial!” Because then you’ll be lying even more!😡😡😡
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4 months ago, TheSpeedsterBehindYourDaughter
Way to many ads
It gives an ad every after song, but I use the method we all know of by now to just get rid of them, but it’s annoying, and then it gives me the same ads over and over even though I give it a thumbs down and report it for “seen too many times” and “not relevant to me” and “I just don’t like the ad” and it says it’ll be used to improve my ad recommendations, but I still get the same ads. And then on the app on my phone, whenever I try and select a song on my playlist, or any song, it gives me some random song and I have to skip through a bunch of random songs I don’t want to listen to just to listen to one song and then I can’t rewind a song or listen to it again for some reason. And then when I try to play a specific playlist, it sometimes plays a random song that’s not even on the playlist, and then when I get an ad that says “30 minutes of uninterrupted music” and I get an ad a few songs later (definitely less than 30 minutes). I’m going to file a lawsuit and try and sue you guys for falsely advertising the fact that I’ll get 30 minutes of no ads even though that’s not true unless you guys fix it or stick to that promise and make the app better
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1 year ago, Beth Duberry
Amazing app, but a few critiques…
Lots of amazing songs to choose from and it’s really easy to make playlists and find what music you like best. Although, sometimes when trying to listen to a specific song or artist it will recommend you a song based off of what you are listening to. Although it’s nice to branch out sometimes it’s also important to me to listen to the music I wanna hear in the moment and not similar songs. I also think that for the price premium is set at it’s not exactly worth the money. They could give more opportunities to interest more people into buying premium and not just what’s already given. Also, on some less commonly streamed songs they do not include lyrics like they would with popular songs. I get that it might be difficult to add lyrics but they should give smaller artists the same privileges as larger and more commonly known ones. Overall it’s still a great app and I love to use it to listen to both music,podcasts, and subliminal to help with sleep. There is so many different options for what you might want to listen to in the moment and I would still recommend this app to listen or publish what you like.
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4 years ago, Susanne Martinez
My music suddenly stops playing and ads
I’ve been having this issue for awhile and it’s getting on my nerves. Sometimes when I’m listening to my music, it just suddenly stops playing and when I go back to play it again, it plays from the beginning. It’ll suddenly stop playing half way through the song and when I go back to press play again, the music starts from the beginning. It’s been doing that for about a few months now and at first I thought it was maybe my headphones, but just today I wasn’t using them and the music stopped again. I’m getting really tired of this happening. Also, when it does stop and goes to the beginning, I just skip to the next song on my playlist, but then again, it does the same thing to the next song. I want this to stop! It’s super annoying and I just want to listen to my music without any problems. Also, when ads pop up, it gives you the option to skip them and go straight to your music. I always skip them because, to be honest, your ads are super annoying. I just close out of the app and go back in it again to play music. However, sometimes when I do skip the ads, it still plays an ad. Like, it SUPER ANNOYING and I’m getting sick of it. It gives you the option and you decide to play it anyway. Not cool. Please get back to me ASAP!
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2 years ago, Keira Wolfsea
a few inconvenient things about the lyric appearances
Spotify’s pretty great with the way it makes playlists and suggestions for you and the layout is nice. But you can tell that every song’s lyrics are done by different people because if there’s cuss words some put stars after the first letter, some don’t censor it, some censor the whole thing. and sometimes the lyrics are just incorrect. for example in “lost in the citadel” by lil nas x the correct lyrics are “my god, you’re an angel” but the lyrics say “my guardian angel”. i just wish they would keep everything consistent with lyric writing. just put the whole word for everything, you don’t need to censor words for a song that is already marked explicit. also there should be a feature like apple music where it focuses on one line at a time. and if they wanna be extra fancy they could have different settings for how you want your lyrics to appear. if i’m listening to a song and really like a certain line and wanna screenshot it, i would have to crop it or circle the words which isn’t as cool looking as having one line in focus at a time. but also that should be something users can change. more settings for the way lyrics appear would be cool.
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