American Taxi Dispatch

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12 months ago
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User Reviews for American Taxi Dispatch

1.63 out of 5
172 Ratings
5 years ago, EllieB129
Very unreliable app on the mobile phone
This app works fine for a computer (windows) but is awful on an iPhone. It can take several tries to open the app then it may close out midway through requesting a ride from O'Hare. Put in complete information and ordered cab despite difficulties only to have driver ask for the full address while half way to our destination. Ended up giving him step by step instruction from our phone to get to our destination. App did not save all of the information. Useless app in my opinion. Scrap it and start anew.
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7 years ago, Barnhawk89
Mobile Pay is a great Feature!
About 4 months ago, Mobile Pay, the best feature on the App, stopped Working for no apparent reason-so this was originally a 1-Star Review. However, once I talked to the right person, Laurie, on the American Taxi team, my issue was resolved immediately. Turns out I had been added to a Blocked List as American Taxi was dealing with a Fraud Issue (not directly related to my Info). So, not only did I get an explanation that made sense, I got a resolution. Technology, Fraud Prevention, etc. can make our lives easier or more difficult--what this reminded me of is that *people* like Laurie still play an vitally important Role in enabling the Technology to be a positive force and Troubleshooting when it's not working. My satisfaction with American Taxi couldn't be higher! It's a reliable Company with friendly Drivers, and the App makes it easy to do business with them (Scheduling Rides, Mobile Pay, etc.). I am pleased to give American Taxi my full endorsement and loyalty as a Customer!!
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7 years ago, Pablo Melchi
Insecure but works
I like the app because it easily let you order a taxi and it's faster than calling. However security is not the best, for example if you hit forgot password you will receive your password back which is bad practice because it means somewhere there's a database with plain text password (or something that can be easily retrieved) <-please try at least a one way hash. On the other hand if they have my password exposed it could be the same for credit cards (so I don't recommend giving it to them through the app). I really like what you have done as a company to offer customers an extra value and I hope you take this as feedback and an opportunity to improve
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1 year ago, Matt & Alice
I really tried to use the app. It crashes when it hit submit order and I have to start over. I tried it three times and ordered an Uber instead. From someone who would like to support you I am stunned you haven’t updated the app. It has been what 10 years!? I deleted the app and reloaded it. I have done this on two separate occasions when arriving at Ohare. I’ll try it one more time on my next trip but if it fails I’m going to delete the app and do uber from now on. If I am a manager and give a hoot about my business I would read the reviews. I am not the only one you are losing as a long time patron. Get with it, fix your app or find a job you care enough about to spend a little cash to keep your customers.
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7 months ago, IHeartShoppingXO
Unreliable! Last pickup they didn’t even pick us up and we had to find another way home at twice the price. Have used them for our last 3 trips and for one they have never picked us up on time despite us notifying them as requested. Last night, we arrived from a 10 hour travel day with our young child and despite them having all of our (international) flight info, they went to the domestic terminal. Instead of correcting their error, the driver was combative and blamed us for the mishap and refused to just drive to get us. We had to get a cab costing double ($120) to get us home. No apology, no response to inquiry.
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2 years ago, japlady
10 Years without an update
Guys in 2013 when you first had this app created it was a decent thing, but it’s been almost 10 years it’s time to pay somebody to make you a better app. This thing is borderline useless, unreliable, and lacks basic functionality that we’ve come to expect because of things like Uber and Lyft. If you want to stay competitive you need a better app!
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5 years ago, Valuta
Checked baggage option issue
This is a great app for scheduling a taxi from home. The problem happens when you try to order a cab from the airport. The screen the prompts you to indicate checked luggage brings up a number pad (which is not needed) that blocks the drop down menu. I can’t navigate past this screen, so I wind up having to call the automated system. So it’s a great app about half the time I use it. Would love to see this fixed—just updated and it was still there.
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4 weeks ago, Baby H21
Please support multiple orders on the app/desktop!
We have a large family. When we need to travel to the airport, we require multiple cars. The phone app and desktop website does not allow you to book multiple orders and throws an error of “duplicate order” if placed on the same day. Single car bookings work fine. The app needs a refresh and redesign generally, but it is no frills and works generally as intended.
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5 years ago, J*.
Worked good for me.
I downloaded it, input my information, scheduled the cab for pick up the next morning, viewed the rate, received a confirmation email and text. Rates are good and the app was straightforward. My company recommended this company, but when I saw the other app reviews, I was concerned. However, worked fine.
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5 years ago, blueeyes1229
Please update this app. Some simple testing will go a long way for ease of use. When it asks for checked luggage, it’s hard to get past that screen. Tried to update my cc today and got a “please enter a valid email address” even with my correct email provided. Never was able to update my expired card. Small things go a long way with me. Please fix these little UI things then I’ll be more apt to give a better score.
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11 months ago, DMN1999
Awful payment options
For years now paying through the app has been broken. Apple Pay never works and I can’t even put my card info into the app and pay with card on file. I have tried Amex, Mastercard, visa all through card on file as well as Apple Pay none of them work. They really need to get Apple Pay up and running. This has been an issue with the app for years and their team of engineers can’t figure it out.
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7 years ago, Stevaroo
Good for ordering cabs only
Mobile Pay. I use this firm weekly and loved ordering and paying for cabs on the phone. But a few months ago mobile pay stopped. I’ve sent emails in but got 0 response. Other reviewer talked to Laurie. I wish she would respond to my pleas for help. Still: good for ordering cabs, both now and in the future.
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3 years ago, JackedImpala
Poor user experience with the app
I’ve used American Taxi for years and have found the drivers to be onTime if not early but the phone app needs an overhaul. Im writing this on a plane after tried to schedule a cab for my arrival, couldn’t advance and submit my order, I then updated the app and now it’s throwing an error. Super frustrating. Given the experience I’ve had w the app there is NO WAY I’m putting my CC info in due to security concerns.
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5 years ago, gregger77
Mobile pay not so great for business expenses
The app works fine, but mobile pay is not so great because the email receipt that is sent doesn’t satisfy most company expense reports. It does not ID the form of payment (i.e. the credit card used, not even last 4 digits), so I end up having to run the cc transaction manually and get a paper receipt.
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6 years ago, p.s.Makyo
Cannot get past the waiver screen.
I downloaded this app on the recommendation of a friend, but found out it is a newer version than they were using. After signing up, on the first login it presented a waiver that you have to approve but the keyboard popped up over it and there is no way to actually access the waivers buttons to except or decline it. Stuck at this point and I cannot actually finish logging in. So back to just calling American Taxi for rides again.
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5 years ago, Annoyed at the Airport
Worst Travel App
This app has never been good and has actually gotten worse as time goes on. It’s old, constantly inaccurate and clunky. The wait time estimates are never correct, they actual contradict from texts and other parts of the app, and you sit waiting for way longer then you should ever have to in this day and age of Uber, etc. Tried to stay loyal to this company riding home from airport but I’ve been annoyed and inconvenienced for the last time.
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3 months ago, mryisdtdelrey
Isn’t working on iPad or my iPhone at all
I’ll preface by saying that I’ve never had a problem until yesterday and today. This time, I can’t get it to accept my information at all. It’s useless. I finally called to arrange my pickup for this week and will have to call back to arrange my pickup when I get back. I’ve relied on them for years so I hope they fix this. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, mbmast
Impossible to Login
I register a new account and then try to log in with my just created account. I’m told the user Id/password are invalid. How is this possible? I registered the account literally only a few minutes before trying to log in. And I’m using a password safe, so there’s no chance that I mistyped the password (as I merely copy it from the safe and paste it into the password field, as I did when I registered the account).
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5 months ago, Klaatu1
The app is worthless. Don’t waste your time.
The app regularly crashes, and will not complete an order. If you initiate an order through a phone call (trust me, don’t waste time with their web page either) you won’t be able to pay using the app. The only effective reason for using their on-line services, is to intentionally put yourself in a bad mood.
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5 years ago, playwrighting mum
Always a good experience
I’ve always had great service on my trips to and from O’Hare. The two drivers in my last round trip were super professional and courteous. I am a big fan of American Taxi and love the ease and versatility of the app.
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3 years ago, Tolisten2000
First time using this
Ordered a departure and return pick up for my current trip. So far completed half. I was trying to update special instructions to request the same cab I had before and it continues to fail to update despite phone restart.
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4 months ago, Billboard2
Load application
Very easy to load, you just need to figure out how it works, but it's all very easy , not any problems
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11 months ago, Avatar.1
American Taxi is Best in Chicago
It’s a little antique look and feel but it works. Once you save your preferred locations etc. It’s a breeze. Best value for money in the Chicagoland suburbs to and from airports.
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3 years ago, Htgreybgvdgn
Mobile Pay
This app is absolutely infuriating. Mobile pay hasn’t worked in months. I’m trying to be a good AT customer but I’m at my wits end. I can’t edit my credit cards on file and now I have to pay manually any time I use their service. I can see why the user feedback is a 1.5/5.0. Maybe it’s time to find a new mode of transport?
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2 years ago, Dennis1863
App drags down the rest of their service
American Taxi drivers are generally prompt and polite and I’m willing to pay a bit more for licensed drivers. But the process to order and, especially, pay for rides on this app is awful and gives me no confirmation in the company’s ability to safeguard my credit card data.
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2 years ago, Poolmaster0922
Fine Service-App is HORRIBLE!!
Time for a UX/UI update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I show no Credit Card on file but when I add my card info app says card already in file. This is a dreadful app and it’s time you present a modern app for your users! Please fix…I would be happy to help.
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3 years ago, gagestrong15
Wrong destination
Three times now, I have submitted my destination address and when I get picked up the driver is going to the wrong address. They are places I’ve never even been or heard of in completely different cities. I have always used the exact same destination address too. So I got charged more than the guaranteed rate.
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5 years ago, WMF Chicago
Problems with pre-arranged rides
The app no longer sends a text to confirm the pickup or driver’s phone number. It caused me problems multiple times. Today I waited at OHare for 30 minutes then the driver canceled the ride . . .after I called American Taxi multiple times. You need to fix this or I will stop using American Taxi.
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7 years ago, x1k2v3t23
ready to use their app until their waiver appeared
I have been given rave reviews by this app and I signed up and was ready to start using it until their waiver came up. The waiver basically said that I cannot hold them liable even when they are negligent or their drivers are at fault. and I have a screenshot of that waiver that popped up. I will look elsewhere at other companies
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2 years ago, Malkahh
American Taxi app
I was in a hurry to download this app and get registered. I tried to enter my street address in the street 1 field, and the app refused to accept it. This is a valid address for a condo building. I tried typing it different ways, and it still wouldn’t accept it. The developer needs to fix this, so it works for people in a hurry!
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2 years ago, theycallmebigpapa
No show on a reserved booking
“Taxi was delayed due traffic”…at midnight. They never showed after 1 hour so we took a different taxi. We discovered there was no traffic either. Very dishonest and unreliable company now, after using them for 10 years. Never again will we use this company. Avoid American Taxi.
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1 year ago, WombatCricket
No show
For a while I was quite happy with this app, and if there were any issues I could still get them on the phone. My last order the taxi just never showed up and they couldn’t be reached. If you can’t fill an order made a day in advance, maybe let me know.
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6 years ago, KPMullen
Update recommendation
Any way, when the field you click on calls for a numerical entry (like Cab # or tip) the app calls the key pad rather than the keyboard? That would be a nice feature. Asking for a friend.
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5 years ago, V10264
Fix option to inform of checked bag or carry on
For the most part the app works pretty well. Sometimes the screen to indicate carry on or checked luggage is an issue as your keyboard screen pops up and covers the pull down menu to make a selection.
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2 years ago, BrewmeisterMiller
It used to work
Long ago this app was working fine. Now, you go through the whole process of ordering and when you hit submit it crashes every time. Guess they don’t mind losing business. I wonder if their drivers know how much business they are losing everyday.
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6 years ago, Spanish studentka
Latest update does not allow to submit an order
The calculate rate button also doesn’t work. The interface is ugly, but it worked before. Now it’s not only ugly (which hasn’t changed) but it stopped working, and that is a problem which could end up costing American Taxi company some lost customers.
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1 year ago, Andy2Appy
App crashing
This app is not reliable. It keeps crashing frequently. For a taxi service that is vital, proper testing is required. Looks like the developer is absconding as there have been no recent updates.
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3 years ago, frustarated222
App doesn’t work half of the time
The app often quitsIn the middle of trying to book a reservation. When you Call you only get an online automated system which doesn’t always work. It’s quite challenging to make a reservation and I honestly hate the app.
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2 years ago, ApolloXI
Completely broken
I can’t get beyond their liability waiver after logging in. Can’t scroll and text box pops up and won’t allow me to accept waiver, scroll, or drop the text box back down. Completely unusable in this state. No wonder rideshares are killing taxi services.
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3 years ago, Sensibly Existant
No Longer Opens
The app was functional around a year ago but now it shows the splash screen and crashes. Can’t use it at all. Please fix.
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7 years ago, Lizzy773
Use to work
The app use to work for me but now it acts like it's signing me in but never does. I like the guarantee fare prices I get online & at home but it would be so much easier to order from the app if the app ACTUALLY WORKED
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4 years ago, Luckyfordogs
Unstable and not accurate
Basically all it can do is order a cab. Crashes a lot. The ETA feature produces crazy results. Compared to Uber app it is in kindergarten. Go find app developers that know something. Again this app crashes on iOS a lot. Invest in your business. This is an unstable app full of bugs
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6 years ago, CPT Grizz
Payment Menu Not Working
I am returning home on leave from active duty. I submitted payment information 10 times with no payment history and still no reservation. Seriously disappointed with this app. This app was recommended by my girlfriend’s mom and I can’t figure out why. Thumbs down.
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1 year ago, Stretchaletch
Absolutely terrible
Crashes all the time, won’t load, hasn’t been updated in 10+ years, and is begging me to delete it. I want to use your business, I really do. But this app is garbage and I’ll just take a Lyft instead since, ya know, it works.
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4 years ago, Mr. For Real
App cancels and kicks me out
When I type where I wanna be dropped off at it then kicks me out. So annoying especially when you don't have the time to keep putting where you wanna be droped off. It happens at least like 15 times then after it works.
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2 years ago, Vandy607
Very antiquated app
I don’t even wanna get into how much time I wasted trying to get this thing to work. I finally ended up deleting the app and will use another company. The whole process of trying to upload my info seemed sketchy.
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9 months ago, donmisho
If they had an award show for worst apps, this app would get the Lifetime award for consistently sucking for more than 10 years. The worst UX on the whole App Store. Crashing. PCI compliant? Who the heck knows. But…taking an Uber at O’Hare is an even worse experience, so, I guess it is what it is.
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6 years ago, Anonimausme
Not reliable
Have had several instances of booked cabs ahead of time with them cancelled at the last minute, and last trip showed up 30 minutes late. Done with them as a service provider. Uber it is going forward.
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6 years ago, Mrscongersan
Worst App
This app is terrible, mobile pay not working, trying to track my cab and it keeps saying no cab assigned, check back in 3 or 4 mins. I hope it has been assigned i need to get to the airport! Look of the app is terrible. Needs huge improvements.
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6 years ago, Bollywood Sam
Can’t register
I’ve heard good things about using the app. Unfortunately I can’t even get past the first step of registering. The dialogue box for the release doesn’t allow me to see the full text or button to move forward - on an iPhone.
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