Amsterdam Travel Guide & Map

4.7 (55)
98.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Amsterdam Travel Guide & Map

4.69 out of 5
55 Ratings
6 years ago, Dontspeakdutch
Would highly recommend.
I loaded several Amsterdam travel apps. Where all other apps failed, this one kept me informed and the offline actually works.
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7 years ago, Nafus222
Love to be able to carry this app with us.
Super information at your finger tips. Love to be able to zoom into the city streets and attractions.
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7 years ago, NoahThirteen
Great maps
This app is pretty great. Really good offline map that you can add notes and custom locations to.
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7 years ago, NJ$23
I appreciate being able to use the map even when I am offline.
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7 years ago, Mazel Tov
Really nice map
Nice map! Very detailed. Allows you to pin locations. Recommend!
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11 months ago, diw4444
My reView of this app.
This app is fantastic.
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4 years ago, mjdindc
Keeps pushing paid tours
Paid tours are always pushed. Wants user to log in with google or Facebook. There is no option for any other option.
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5 years ago, ChefAnnette
Not at all user friendly
I expected an offline public transportation map and helpful information. I can do this myself with google maps more successfully and without the ads.
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6 years ago, jdoumecq
May be...
Very first thing showing up when opening the App are adds for locations all around the world... This is not what I’m expecting when visiting Amsterdam. Deleted it right away
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7 years ago, Pumpkin_chu
Free offline
Free and it's offline👍🏻please add some more
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5 years ago, zzjrr
Great app!
Can’t wait to go
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5 years ago, N.kmf
Great app, thanks
Great app, thanks
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9 years ago, Marzico
A life saver
Usually don't rate apps but after a trip to Europe using this offline maps, I can asure you, this app will make your trip easier and you won't miss any important spot in the city. I used London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon! In Budapest I felt lost because they don't have a map for this city but Google also doesn't have a map for Budapest offline. I'll put 6 stars but I can't so 5 it's the closest. One more thing, all this is for FREE! And this is not all, also you can download the information about the historic places in the city and then you can get the info offline. You have to try it!!
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14 years ago, txoof
Decent maps, lacking some information
I recently bought Ulmon Solutions Paris 2Go and was hugely impressed. The map is responsive and the included wikipedia pages are great. This version is also very responsive and has a fairly complete serchable database of streets, but the display of street names is lacking. For smaller streets or areas with a great number of streets, there is no zoom level that is sufficient to show all the street names. This makes it particularly difficult to locate streets in the Centrum. Also, this app lacks the ability to search for addresses. This is a real problem in Amsterdam where some streets such as the Herengracht can wrap all the way across the city. Additionally, not as many locations or wikipedia pages are included with this version. The low battery consumption, swift panning of map tiles, searchable database and excellent price make this app a winner, but some improvments could definitely be made to the display and search features.
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9 years ago, JenLaReina
I downloaded the Ulmon guide for four cities in preparation for a recent trip to Europe: Munich Prague Vienna and Amsterdam. You can drop pins, actually stars on places that you're interested in visiting including sites restaurants hotels etc. The off-line maps are fantastic and the articles helpful. I tend to keep my phone on airplane mode when I am out of the United States this app was fantastic because I was able to use the map even when I wasn't in Wi-Fi. Download the guides before you go on your trip if possible this way you can read and save articles but if you don't download it until you're there that's fine too.
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8 years ago, Budexta
Lifesaver on vacation
I downloaded this app on a recent trip to Amsterdam and was so happy I did. Make sure you have enough room to download the articles as well, you can always delete after you're done with your trip if you need the memory on your phone. This app helped me navigate in Amsterdam, and gave me information about anything I wanted or needed. Since it was downloaded on my phone, it didn't matter that I wasn't connected to wifi and I didn't have to use pricey data. I definitely felt safer knowing I had this app on my phone. Got it for the rest of the cities on my trip too!
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11 years ago, IWasAmsterdam
Useful app
Used this app in Amsterdam when tourist maps did not show the level of detail that this map showed. It was very helpful when using trams. There is construction that causes some trams to go on routes that are not published. When we got off a tram in an odd place, I whipped out this map and did not need wireless to find out where we were and how to get to a landmark I had previously pinned on this map. It was a time saver. I also used this app to plan my trip. I dropped pins on museums and then could determine the order for visiting them.
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9 years ago, Itisme122
Must download if going to Amsterdam!
The map was terrific. Loved being able to save my places I wanted to go to on it. Using the map while offline was great and it didn't drain my battery at all. Much better than a traditional paper map because the blue dot shows you exactly where you are. Will remember this app for other cities!
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10 years ago, 2bogs
Don't go without it!
It provides a clear and relatively simple map of Amsterdam along with many excellent features that add different types of information to the basic map. GPS can be invaluable when you are on the street somewhere and don't have any idea which way to go. It is very user-friendly, time saving and reliable.
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11 years ago, Brad from Austin
Life saver
Awesome app. I used it constantly on my trip to Amsterdam. The gps works great with no wifi or data plan. The map itself has good detail. Zoom in to even the smallest streets. You cannot get lost because you always know where you are and the direction you're facing. I would use these maps wherever I travel.
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8 years ago, Mbgraus
Excellent App!!!
I used this app for my trip to Amsterdam. Extremely helpful and complete. I especially loved the offline maps that also showed you where you were at all times. Restaurant and shop recommendations were great too.
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9 years ago, EmilyLou512
Really helpful
So helpful in getting around the city. GPS works in offline mode, so you can see where you are going. I like that you can star your favorite places, and easily search for restaurants and stores. I wish that it would let you enter and save places that are not loaded in the app, though.
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12 years ago, hoongroov
I thought it was great
This map was better than any of the paper city maps I was given when I arrived. Easy to use. The only thing that took me a minute to decipher was the tram lines. But once I figured them out getting around the city was easy.
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8 years ago, Chas from NJ
Very good Amsterdam maps
I use this app on an old iPad2. It works fine and the maps are very high quality. I've been to The Dam about 10 times so I feel I know the difference between good maps and crappy ones. These are good maps----Charles from NJ, USA
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9 years ago, DouglasThom
Best city maps available
We have used these maps in many cities, and have never been lost. Even in Venice, where signs are missing. I always download these before I travel.
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11 years ago, AnnRounds
Amsterdam Mao
We loved it, used it everyday because it worked with our gps. It provided us with an excellent city map which let us know where we were without being online.
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11 years ago, Pbandclone
Very useful
Great app with GPS function that works offline. All the places i visited were accurately shown on the interactive map, even tram stops. It would be more helpful if the map could show the tram numbers.
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11 years ago, K game player
Great App
Love this App.. I travel extensively and found this app. To be very valuable in pre-trip planning. I do wish there was a way to link this app. To trip advisor reviews. I also find that a good number of highly rated places to eat are not loaded.
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9 years ago, Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn
Thank you,
These maps are wonderful. I love the detail, the ability to mark the places we need, like our hotels and the places we will visit.
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13 years ago, epifania
Simple, offline, easy, useful app
I have used this app during four stays in Amsterdam thus year, and it was always helpful to get around and to decide on my activities.
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10 years ago, angisthewon
Perfect travel app
You can download an offline map and search and navigate without using international data. This was my go-to app in Amsterdam. Great app.
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11 years ago, 111Sport111
Very Detailed
Very detailed at first glance. Will not actually use the map until next month when we are in Amsterdam with GPS turned on. Then we'll see how it flies. Am currently using it to find locales and it is very good at that.
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11 years ago, Missing Miss M
Comprehensive & works offline
The guide is comprehensive, and the maps were helpful because we could access them online. I'd suggest adding directions (shortest and fastest routes, etc.). Overall, a very good guide.
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10 years ago, DwntwnBklyn
Will never travel without it again!!!
Fantastic app. Only thing I would add is address lookup for addresses not associated with a listed place.
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10 years ago, Monikagnesk
A must for vacationers!
Nice to use on my phone - No map! And no phone service but still worked.
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9 years ago, MimiIM
Good app to use while traveling
This app offers good suggestions, but also lets you explore via maps areas you are in or would like to visit.
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11 years ago, free.thought
Very handy
Offline maps feature is super convenient.
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11 years ago, zaphod23
Vey helpful. Location updates in real time without cellular data access. Great if bus and train routes were included.
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9 years ago, stevenevents
Helpful details
This wasn't my only tool, but the place names on businesses helped me navigate the city.
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9 years ago, Azonana
Amstermam and prague maps
Very helpul for planning trips, I use the stars in different colors for each day to save the highsights I want to see.
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11 years ago, Harry6464
Great App. Maps are great and information is too. Easy to use and easier to navigate the city with it
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10 years ago, Daniel aaaa
Is really good they show also the little street and very easily ways to go
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15 years ago, smokin at 4:20
Cannot find a coffeeshop...
I cannot use this app to find a certain address on the maps... Once this problem is fixed, it will be a five star app.
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10 years ago, PTosh
A very good pocket map
I have used this app on two separate trips. It works off-line, is easy to use and simple to mark points of interest. Very helpful.
Show more
11 years ago, Tdp24
Very Helpful
Just used this app to navigate the beautiful maze of canals in Amsterdam. Worked very well. Glad I used it...
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15 years ago, dodifoddiNODDY!
Great app
Really good app - only annoying thing us that this app and the Barcelona app, the title doesn't fit on screen! Please fix this!!!!!
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8 years ago, Vlcfhn
The world in your pocket
Great app with detailed maps, reviews, and recommendations. I discoverd a great restaurant today thanks to an Ulmon recommendation.
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11 years ago, MrJD0g
Used this app for two weeks in Amsterdam, and it was invaluable! Has tons of great resources listed in it. Thx!
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9 years ago, Annabanana81695
Thumbs up
Absolute necessity when traveling
Show more
11 years ago, Nell344
Great app!
This app will be such a help when we go to Amsterdam this summer. Just a great resource!
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