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User Reviews for Amtrak

4.6 out of 5
109K Ratings
3 months ago, NFTStephy
Amtrak app is great, it helps me plan my train rides on the east coast. My travel history includes Grand central station in manhattan as a middle point between New Haven CT for College. I was able to use the app to regularly book tickets at Metropark station in Iselin, NJ after getting dripped off and it only takes about 30 minutes to get to NYC, Amtrak travel FAST! The train stops to board new passengers for a max of 5 minutes and handles everything else en route. Only advice I have is stand on the ramp when boarding and be sure to rush to enter the train you bought a ticket for, once seated, after everyone has time to settle in, Amtrak personnel will go through the rows to check passenger tickets and with this app they just scan it, so easy and great! Amtrak business class is great too, high quality is what you get with Amtrak app along with the total travel experience.
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2 years ago, Tabathaeric4318j
Horrible trip 🤦‍♀️
Was traveling my trip takes almost 16 hrs. I have taken this trip many times in the last year. Some trips were just fine. However lately the staff is just awful. I have to explain this to someone. So I purchased my ticket for $81. Trying to board the train the lady employee kept talking and talking to a customer about anything other than Amtrak information. So I finally get in the train. At this time the whole cart was almost full. So I went to the seat I was assigned to and there was an woman larger than myself it was obviously not gonna work for us for 16hrs if half that time. So both embarrassed I flagged over the conductor and explain our issue and he of coarse said smirky we’re all booked and full. Then the other woman who walks the isle. Again she argued and scolded stating loudly in front of everyone and I felt completely shamed. Not to mention that half of the train was empty. A man almost to late to even run before the doors closed. He got to be seated in one of the seat in the back of the carts. The whole 15 hrs not a person was set there. I had to walk past it in and off train and to the washroom. Hopefully this doesn’t again I also feel that my tickets Iv been buying is nothing to Amtrak. I have mention these employees and still nothing was done on either side
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1 year ago, PaulDelaware
This app needs A LOT of work.
Deleted trips remain on the Home Screen. Sometimes. The app does not distinguish between a specific train trip and the whole journey which might well be several trains. It calls the journey between end points a “trip” too. If you need to delete a specific train, you must choose “modify”. If it asks you if you want to “cancel this trip” it will cancel all segments, not just the one you wanted to cancel. It’s impossible to construct a journey involving specific intermediate stops. For example, to travel between DC and Seattle with stops in Chicago, New Orleans, and Los Angeles can only be done by buying individual trips between each point. This requires me to check all the connections and times manually and risks that a segment could sell out before I get to it which invalidates all the other decisions.
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12 months ago, Fpsnurd
What is the deal with the prices!?
The app works pretty well and figuring out a route seems roughly easy enough but the pricing for tickets and times is wild. One day to the next, one time to the next, the prices seem erratic and make little sense to me. The icon that shows capacity seems unrelated to price most times so I don’t think it’s purely a function of demand or time slot. Standardization of prices would be wonderful. I love trains and taking rail for getting between Newark New Jersey and Philadelphia. It’s quick and easy for the most part and would be great to see the line service expanded. Clarity of stops(maps), entertainment at stops(shops), and standardized pricing (X number of dollars per mile, stops, or zones) would make this so much better. Cars on Amtrak are comfortable and the train moves pretty quick. Easier than getting in and out of an airport. Far more comfortable than the buses. Just needs a few tweaks.
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2 years ago, Tommyboy2884
Worst App on my Phone
This app can barely display your ticket, and most of the time I have to find my reservation number in order to do that. I get a system error any time I try to make a change, and there is no connection to your Amtrak Rewards. It makes no sense. I take Amtrak all the time because the service itself is good in the NE corridor, but you might as well just print your ticket rather than rely on this app. I realize this is a bad review, but for some constructive criticism, please connect this app with people’s rewards accounts. I would be happy if I could just simply apply an upgrade coupon without having to call Amtrak. Btw the Amtrak phone customer service is actually very good, but frustrating that the app can’t do basic things like show your ticket or connect to your rewards coupons.
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1 year ago, November Day
My favorite way to travel
Whenever I travel, I first see if I can take a train. There is something very special about riding on a train. It begins with the train stations which have a lot of history; stately yet romantic in the architectural details. Boarding the train and I settle into a good book. Pausing occasionally to look at the scenery: small towns, big cities, backyards, rivers, graffiti, graveyards, churches, parks; giving me a glimpse of our country. Then I go back to reading. Sometimes I head to the cafe car for a snack and settle at a table there to read. It’s not unusual to share a table with a teacher. They seem to gravitate to the cafe car to grade papers, hahaha, an informal teacher’s lounge. I much prefer trains to flying. It causes me to slow down and take it gemtle. I snuggle back into my book. It’s good.
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2 years ago, Herbalisious
Allow for Landscape User interface on a iPad or other tablets!
Please, its a pretty simple bit of coding to allow your App to adjust to the orientation of an iPad! Many of us use it with the keyboard and having to physically rotate the iPad and keyboard to accommodate the App is a distraction from the user experience! How about allowing me to order my meal when I make a reservation. This will increase my passenger experience and will make your onboard food logistical experience better! If you have a need to talk with another operator that does this, talk with the Swedish railway company! Also, how about getting to the point where a passenger can book a particular seat from those available? That passenger experience would also give Amtrak better boarding times, as passengers would be able to stand on the platform in the position where their reservation (car and seat) would stop.
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2 years ago, Discouraged Dad
Bad Information
Yes, the app lets you book trains and hold tickets. But the only way to check a train’s status officially is to use the app - even the website refers to the app to check train statuses. So when there’s a major winter storm and you realize there may be a problem with the train, you check the status in the app and it indicates the train is on time. Except you go to the station later to find out it’s not only not on time, It’s been cancelled. For hours. When you could have been arranging alternate transport. The children really wanted to try trains to get to schools and back. We were too happy to oblige; to let them try something different, more of an Experience. Except multiple long delays on the way home because Amtrak couldn’t find engines to switch out, and now more delays because they don’t have a way to keep us informed about train status (I don’t blame Amtrak for the weather; just the lack of information). So much for trains.
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2 years ago, Pweb
Useless for Booking Rooms
Their online “purchasing” system doesn’t update more than once or twice a month, it seems, if you’re trying to book a room for a long distance journey, don’t even bother. Anything they list as “available” isn’t. Have been trying to book one from Chicago to LA for over a month, and kept getting errors. I reach out to Amtrak to see what the problem is, they claim there are none available until the end of the month, 3 weeks after when I’ve been trying to book it. And all they can say is the “website takes longer to update.” I love riding the train and was looking forward to seeing parts of the country I had never seen. Now I’m flying. What a joke.
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1 year ago, Jeffery F
Major flaw - guests can cancel reservations not made by them
My wife went to cancel a trip made by her under her own account and accidentally cancelled a trip I had made for our family to visit a sick family member. She does not have access to my account, yet somehow she was able to cancel a reservation that I made under my account. The only thing I can think of is that I had included her Amtrak membership # when entering the guest information when making the reservation and somehow that gave her access from her account to modify/cancel the reservation that I had made under my account. We had to cancel our plans due to the fact that the price of the tickets nearly tripled when I went to rebook the trip - I had booked months in advance so we could afford the trip. Called Customer Service and they were of no help - I just had to lump it and pay the extra money. Thank you Amtrak for taking away our last chance to visit a loved one - thank the Lord for Greyhound!
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2 years ago, Tricia 11
Capitol Corridor
This should be 5 stars, but I will explain the decrease. I really enjoy commuting to my job on Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor. For my outbound trip from Sacramento to San Francisco, it is ideal. Unfortunately, the last return commuter train is too early and I have to wait hours for the next train that leaves EMY at 10:30 pm. I get back to Sac at midnight, if I’m lucky. Train 14 is often late, crowded and I feel the short trip Sacramento passengers are misplaced on this train. The train can be 3-4 hours late. Our journey takes 1 1/2 hrs. It just doesn’t make sense. There is no other method of transportation. Megabus has discontinued this run and FlixBus has an 8 pm, but does not offer it most work days Please Re-instate a later commuter train! We need it so badly. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Jbri490
Worst communication and customer service EVER!
The app which is supposed to be updated in real time says “service disruption” and shows the train coming 1.5 hours late. We waited. For nothing. In the end my child and I had to walk away from the station and seek help. For decades I have taken Amtrak. I will now avoid them if at all possible. Here’s what happened today. As I get to the station I have an email because I have an account and signed up for delay notifications via email. Says the train is cancelled. No alternative transportation, no “jump on in the morning” no just. Sorry tough luck email but hey, Call Amtrak 877 number for help. I did. Waste of time. 30 minutes twice on hold - dead air hold - for 25+….another passenger had similar experience. At least have the courtesy to say the call center is closed, but no, Amtrak can’t even get that right! As mentioned above, the app showed COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INFORMATION than the email I received. I took a screenshot of yet another Amtrak “resource” saying yet a different thing “unavailabe”….what I have to say is this is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! Get the communication consistent from one “resource” to another. Dealing with Amtrak lately has been miserable for me and my family. In short take the bus, or pretty much any other transportation except Amtrak at least until they can get their act straight cause it’s a CLOWN SHOW now.
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4 months ago, Martial vinny
Amtrak big homie
Amtrak is an exceptional transportation service that offers a superior experience to its passengers. The staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating, always going above and beyond to ensure that every passenger is comfortable and has everything they need. The service provided by Amtrak is top-notch, and passengers can expect nothing but the best from their journey. Additionally, Amtrak offers great features that enhance the travel experience, making it even more enjoyable. From comfortable seating to Wi-Fi connectivity, Amtrak has everything a passenger could need to make their journey seamless and enjoyable. All in all, Amtrak is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, stress-free travel experience.
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8 months ago, Joe Strauss
Lots of problems
The app needs a lot of work. Trip confirmations for passes seem to be an ongoing issue. The app regularly will say that there are no seats when you hit confirm. That requires you to go to the website and do the confirmation. A five second procedure can end up taking several minutes which is highly inconvenient. Tickets in the app seem to be inconsistently placed on the Home Screen. You buy a new Pass for the month and the one that is at the top of the page is last months. The status is all over the place. I can’t count the number of times the app shows a train being on time but the board at the Station will show that it is very late. People use the app to plan trips. If the train is an hour late leaving one station, it will likely be late leaving the next. But the app doesn’t carry those delays through the schedule.
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1 year ago, Nener✨
App is okay
You can do alot on the app that the website offers, but I still feel like the app is lacking a lot. One thing I wish it had was when you’re on a trip, you could have an option to look at your stops and where you’re coming up on. There’s a list of all the stops in between for your trip, but I have to access it on the website (app takes me online), and because my trips have had 10+ stops before, sometimes half the list gets cut off and I can’t read the ETAs for the last stops. I wish we could turn on a notification from the app to let us know what stop were coming up on. I’m sure this could annoy people though, so I think being able to turn it off/on would be smart. I also think this would help considering we all know the times are never accurate
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2 years ago, Theresa Giovanna
Horrid, Irresponsible, Anxiety inducing
Amtrak notified me via email that a pre-boarding check was REQUIRED 24 hours prior (the notice was sent well into the 24 hours, not giving me the REQUIRED 24 hours to reply). Rather than click links that could include malware and viruses, I went to view my trip via the Amtrak app. The app did not have a section dedicated to this COVID check. I closed and restarted the app. The app then had a COVID check section. THEN the app claimed not to recognize my trip or info provided (which I also have in print). I am not asking for full on royal treatment (I do not have Markle syndrome: I am a Black woman grounded in reality; I merely ask that vendors, companies, and employees do their reasonable best, and Amtrak apparently can’t manage this simplest of tasks) - however, I do require public accommodations to not make my experience of public travel more grievous or frustrating than necessary.
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5 months ago, onetimesone
Beautiful design, straightforward and yet…
…so far? Useless. From the app, my membership has sat with a “Pending” for months regardless of how many times I’ve logged in give final confirmation. My account on the mobile app seems to have very little synched with the website which is where I end up most times. But it does recognize me and fills in my info. Ok forget earning points, I just need to get somewhere. At the moment, I’ve tried twice to book a round trip. I get all the way through, choose my trains, go to pay…then get this “sorry your chosen accommodations have change” and basically need to start over. I come back hours later (should be enough time for systems to catch up on what’s available) only to go through the same routine and get the same message. I’m only trying to get from point A to point B, not go to a Taylor Swift show. Kidding aside, I’ll try again in the morning from the website. Looks like I’ll be deleting this app. Which is a shame because so many others find it useful.
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3 years ago, blazersgurl2017
Horrible Experience!
First off the train is not practicing social distancing rules there are multiple riders who are placed directly next to others who are not boarding together, there is a notice on the Amtrak website that there will be one passenger to each row, that also is not accurate or being unforced. Also there is mold in the last cart that sits 12 people. I am sending an email with pictures of that issue as well. And it’s not just a few spots of mold I mean the whole upper fixtures where each personal seats lights are have mold on them. I have videos of that as well. When notifying an employee on board they said “oh yeah that could be black mold” but they still decided to sit my 3 year old son directly underneath it! I asked many times if I could move and they stated “due to social distancing I could not, which was not an issue last month when I rode Amtrak trains. I was allowed to move seats due to my own personal safety concerns.
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1 year ago, James Youmans
Loud employees in the car next to business class
We have a 15 month old trying to sleep on a long trip home, two ladies that work for Am Track we’re have a good old time in their conversation the whole trip, laughing talking very loud; until I had enough and ask another employee if they worked for the train and she was rude and told me to talk to the ppl I was complaining about because she wasn’t working yet. They all were in the same car and it was very rude for them to not care about the ppl who pay for their tickets and give them a job to go to and all before 8am. It’s the last train I will take by Am track due to the rude and unprofessional employees of this rail line. There was also a beverage car between the business car and the car they were in. So there was no reason at all for them to be that loud that we could hear everything they said.
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2 years ago, ickoomck
Delayed and Dangerous
My arrival was delayed 2 hours and I found out from someone not aboard the train. The staff apologized over speaker for a delay, but provided no details. I had to call off work. Customer service rerouted me a dozen times before I got a recording saying that what ever department that could help me with the issue was closed for the holiday. This isn’t the reason that this is the first and last time I will use Amtrak, however. There were signs all over stating that masks were required. There was also a recording played over speaker. There was also a “Covid-19 questionnaire” that had to be filled out prior to boarding. So why is half the passengers sitting in my car not only mask less- they are hacking, coughing, sneezing all over the place and the staff (walking back and forth) isn’t enforcing anything? It’s like a moving urgent care and I’m literally praying that I don’t catch anything.
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2 years ago, Sthflboi78
If you need to call Amtrak average wait 45 min
Took a train from Utica NY to Boston witch I had never been. Now the train was over 2 hours late arriving in Boston, at the time not a dime to my name, subway closed and taxi Uber out of the question. Now mind you I had 2 small suitcases and a backpack and laptop! Missed train had to sleep outside, then after waiting on hold for 45 min they tell me I had plenty of time to walk a mile in a strange city with 100lbs in baggage. They were very rude and made it seem like it was my fault that their train was two hours late. Now mind you it would arrive on time I would’ve taken the subway. Then the way I was treated at the station by the attendant her exact words oh this is not how I’m starting my morning and then I asked her if she slept on the street last night? Then she turned around and said actually I did sir. Their customer service is zero
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12 months ago, Dizzzztru
Poor train status
Basically the app is only as good as Amtrak itself, that is to say: mediocre. In particular it was ridiculous that just now at the station my train was either missing or running behind, but according to the train status on the app it had already left ten minutes before! The station attendants were baffled, their system showed the train in another city. It did show up and everyone had to scramble, and the train numbers did not match. Also it did not show which track number to wait at, which is pretty basic. I do like that I can purchase the ticket on my home ahead of time right there on the train itself if needed, however, buying tickets online and having them scanned on your phone has been a thing for a long time. Overall thumbs down.
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2 years ago, Lefti jones
Amtrak ride to San Francisco.
We really enjoyed our train ride from Bakersfield to Emeryville. We were very unhappy that the Thruway bus from Emeryville to San Francisco dropped us off at 555 Mission. We did not realize that we were going to be dropped off just somewhere random in San Francisco. The Amtrak bus stop at 555 Mission is not covered. There is nowhere to sit and wait for other transportation. There were no taxis there trying to pick up fares. It’s just in front of some business. I was so confused that after we got to our hotel I contacted Amtrak by text to make sure the we would board the Thruway bus for our return trip at 555 Mission. When we take another Amtrak trip in the future, if a Thruway bus is involved we many rethink the trip.
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3 months ago, Anonymous-CC
Never again
For the first time I traveled using Amtrak trains and had the most horrible absolutely horrifying experience EVER. I traveled from Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA. An incident that occurred causing train 508 to be stuck more a little over 2 hours at Kelso regarding a semi truck accident. Although I understand unforeseen circumstances are preventable my experience was completely poor from beginning to end. It took atleast an hour before we received Andy update about Why we were sitting ducks at Kelso station. Conductor on board was rude with poor attitude. The cart had No cool air it was 90 outside and due to me arriving at my destination over two hours late I lost my scheduled ride. Public transportation was no longer running I had to spend my last bit of cash to call an Uber to get me home. Going through all that i did makes me feel this would be my first and Last time riding Amtrak.
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2 years ago, Haller would ne thine name
Trains ROCK!
I have been using Amtrak to visit my grandchildren the last 2 weekends. I haven't seen them for a year because of COVID. I usually fly but taking some 6 hr train rides from Milwaukee to southern Illinois has been some of the nicest traveling I have ever done. Every train was on time, everyone at AMTRAK was smiling and helpful. Even the passengers I ran into were helpful. I helped a smaller lady with her baggage as we departed a double decker to keep her from struggling. Other passengers were courteous and helped each other with opening doors and patiently waiting! The seats were comfortable and the process was easy! Good job Amtrak, keep up the good work!!
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2 months ago, uckfinity
Horrific app
You pretty much can’t do anything with this app, maybe a one-way trip if you know all the depot letter designations , if you have to look one up, it opens a whole Nother page that you can’t get back to the other page and it does the same thing when you’re trying to book a round trip pretty soon you’ll end up with four or five pages none of them linked together complete garbage. This must’ve been written by somebody in the second grade because my kids by fifth grade knew how to write software and now that he is graduating high school he laughed so hard at your app. It’s ridiculous a company like yours and you have who riding this crap unbelievable, needless to say, I deleted the app. I guess I will have to go down to the station other ridiculous. What century are you people in. In my company I would’ve fired every single one of you.
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8 months ago, crystal32296
The UI is mediocre at best
There is no incentive to downloading the app vs. just visiting the mobile site. It’s nearly identical and you have to login again for every trip you want to book and if you’re a guest rewards member- when you try to check your account it just redirects you to the website anyway and you’ll still have to login again. Same with checking train schedules (minus the logging in). The train status feature is inaccurate & no matter how many times your ticket says you can pick your assigned seat after booking- no you can’t. The only slightly positive I’m seeing is that, provided there’s service on the train, once your tickets are booked they’re fairly easily accessible on the off chance you don’t have time to stop at the counter and print one.
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2 months ago, Brent Hutchinson
Amtrak is amazing. The Amtrak app is amazing! C
The Amtrak app is amazing. You can effortlessly buy tickets, cancel trips, change tickets. I'm in New York for an appt and I saw I as going to be cutting it close for my 4:03pm trip which was $99, so I modified my trip for a train at 5:10pm that was $67 and was refunded the difference. This app is super easy and makes me feel like a world traveler whenever I book a trip. As far as the actual Amtrak train? Pretty much the same. Everything is always great and makes me happy that I took a train instead of drove. I would actually consider taking a train to go cross country, that is how much I love Amtrak.
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1 year ago, 187 Hitta
Complete inconvenience
I purchased tickets on 6/1/22 to go to chicago on 7/1/22. The day I got on the trained the conductor scanned my ticket through the appand said it wasn’t valid. It was literally the ticket that pops up when you have an upcoming trip. I had to sit on the phone with amtrak for the entire ride because customer service kept trying to tell me i never paid for my ticket when I know i did. I spoke to three different representatives and was on hold for at least 30 min each time. After i was able to get the correct ticket to have the conductor scan it, the lady messed up my return tick and it read the wrong departure time. i ended up having to pay an additional $15 for the correct time that i’d selected in the first place. never ever have i had these issues with amtrak and i am extremely disappointed. please do better.
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2 years ago, minus 50 stars
My first train ran late by 4
Hours - I received no text notification- it missed my connecting train - had to Stan in a ticket line for 45 mins to get my hotel room voucher- then when the shuttle picked me up to take me back to Amtrak station I had to again stand in line another 45 mins for my new tickets- I am a passenger with a disability so I had a roomette booked - I was given a coach seat for an overnite trip - no meal ticket - I was supposed to have dinner on the train - so now I’m squeezed onto a coach seat for a 9 hour trip with my back scoliosis issue!!!! Horrible! When I got off the train lastnite - the red cap transported every passenger from coach first, left me standing on the track for an hour in the heat with a hot exhaust running train on both sides - I paid a whole lot more for a super liner roomette than a coach seat, but I got the last service! Absolutely unacceptable!
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3 years ago, Btjigga
This App Needs to Be Fixed!
Amtrak is now requiring customers (including those who purchase monthly passes) to “confirm” each trip in advance - or risk being denied service. The problem with the app is it only allows customers to confirm trips from two stations. So if you have a monthly pass from Philadelphia to Downingtown, Pa (and therefore are entitled to travel anywhere in between, eg, Ardmore, Paoli, Exton) the app doesn’t let you choose those destinations for confirming a trip. You run the risk of being kicked off the train because the app won’t let you confirm a trip to one of those inlying stations! You might say, “just confirm the trip from Phila to Downingtown and get off where you want”. Well, if the train doesn’t stop in Downingtown (not all do), you can’t! In sum, the app currently is defective. It needs to be fixed so that stations/ destinations can be toggled when confirming trips.
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2 years ago, LoveourUSA
Very easy to navigate through the APP
Easy to read instructions and set up contact information in case of delays or service disruption. My wife and I experienced that and were notified immediately and given several options, Amtrak handled it great thank to the contact information we had provided. In our trip what made everything easier was that we obtained printed copies of our tickets and itinerary, really helped in the long stops allowed us to get off go into the stations even outside when time permitted it and no hassle looking through your phone
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1 year ago, momcat Julie
I ride often now (at age 59) & don’t always know if I’ll make the train I aim for. Gratefully I can step on board parting from the fast pace walk-run from my house and buy a ticket for any upcoming trip on same line (Capital Corridor or San Joaquin) if I did happen to make it because once train departs, there’s no Easy way I have found to pay for the train I’m actually on. Amtrak App design team, that’s all on you for best tracking of us passengers since you are in the “tracking” business. Thanks for clean reliable & kindly staffed patient knowledgeable team!
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1 year ago, Lady.CF
Add to Calendar Tool Is Faulty If Reservation Is Revised
I initially added my three day train itinerary to my iPhone calendar through the Amtrak “add to calendar” trip tool. Several weeks later I had to revise my original reservation which changed the departure city and the departure time. I deleted the original calendar event covering three days, then attempted to add the revised itinerary to my iPhone Calendar again. Rather than adding it, the Amtrak app continuously prompted me with “your itinerary has already been added to your calendar.” Well yes, but I’ve revised that itinerary AND deleted that calendar event. I now need to add the revised itinerary to my calendar, yet I cannot. I logged out of the Amtrak app, uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. I logged back in, and again attempted to add my revised reservation to my calendar, yet the Amtrak app only added my day 2 itinerary, it did not add my day 1 or my day 3. The app engineers must set the Amtrak app to accommodate that travelers will and do revise their reservations, and when we do, we need that revision to be reflected on the “add to calendar” tool. Otherwise, why offer the feature, because now I have to manually add the trip to my calendar, making the “add to calendar” tool useless.
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9 months ago, Multi ride pass
Multi ride pass glitch
Consistently experience glitches when trying to reserve trips using the Amtrak app for the multi ride pass. The app won’t let you book certain trips which appear (and are) available- Stating that they are full when they aren’t. This happens about half the time. If you need to change your reservation to another available train the app won’t let you and you have to call customer service (will allow you to cancel your existing reservation but not rebook a new journey), the app will tell you that you’ve reached your reserved train limit even if you haven’t, etc…. Frequently resort to using the mobile site over the app for the multi ride pass, which offers better functionality.
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3 weeks ago, 240front
Ancient Technology
It's 2023 and the Amtrak app still fails at one of its most important functions - tickets. I recently purchased a ticket, and when I got to the station, it was nowhere to be found. I had to go a station agent to have a paper version printed because the app showed my previous trip. Arrival/departure times also aren't great, and the app has no ability to show where a train is located or whether it's moving. Instead, arrival/departure times just creep forward without any explanation. The app also redirects to a website when I click on Guest Rewards. I know Amtrak's reservations system runs on ancient technology but this is basic functionality for a mobile app.
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1 year ago, pg1000
Miserable and dysfunctional app
I entered all the info, but on the last screen where I purchase the ticket it just sits there and doesn’t do anything. No explanation. Update months later: it continues to break down. Update after another few months : same experience yet again, this time it won’t allow me to check the box indicating I read the conditions (which I actually did). Very disappointing. Update a year later. It just happened again. I have found that the Amtrak phone reservation system is slightly less bad. You have to repeat lots of times and it forgets info, but at least it is possible to purchase a ticket, which the app fails at. Turns out the website is what works best. I recommend that you forget about this app and go directly to amtrak website.
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2 weeks ago, Atnav
Delayed train
I believe this train is 5.5 hours behind schedule now. We sat 3.5 hours outside of San Antonio. I will not have a ride when I get to my destination in Benson AZ which will be 30 plus miles from my destination. This has been a pretty miserable trip. There were long periods of time before we were informed from our conductor regarding our status. They never turned the night lights on making it difficult to sleep. Additionally, a passenger played her music all night without her earphones. She kept talking to herself and I think a conductor could have helped. Please provide a refund/credit or upgrade for this inconvenience. I road to the Midwest on the Southwest Chief and thought all experiences would be comparable, but this Texas route has been disappointing due to the delay to say the least.
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1 month ago, dankeanke1234
rude conductors with attitude
Amtrak upcharged me 25% for booking 2 tickets together for myself and my minor kid vs booking 2 adult tickets each individually. My assumption was that we would get 2 assigned seats together as I’m traveling with unaccompanied minor. We got to the station 2 hours ahead of time, the train gate and track info was announced at the last minute. The train was late. We got in and walked through the whole train trying to find 2 seats together. Twice we came across really rude employees. The last one interrupted, did not let me finished the phrase and was generally rude and disrespectful. He did not even try to fix the problem, blaming me that I was late for the train (which is not true). If you are traveling with an autistic kid just choose a different company - they won’t even try to help you.
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4 years ago, Riehutch
We travel on Amtrak twice a week and find the app to be inconsistent. It often freezes, errors out or you get an app update when you’re ready to check out. It doesn’t store payment information so it needs to be entered every time. Another feature is during the course of buying the ticket the price can change- requiring your to start the transaction all over and pay upward of $30-50 more for the train you were buying. You can’t use your rewards in the app or any discount coupons or credits. If you get an electronic ticket when they scan your ticket on the train they’re going to tell you to change your brightness settings on your phone which automatically adapt to the ambient light in the room. All in all, easier to buy a ticket at the station and print it out.
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2 years ago, nataushia_chism
Don’t Count On Useful Updates
Had a trip planned with some friends that would take us from Seattle, Washington to Leavenworth, WA. All throughout today I kept checking the status of our train to make sure it was still going to leave the station at 4:40pm due to the 3-4 feet of snow Leavenworth had in the last 24-48 hours. The app told me the train had a 6 min delay every time I checked (from 8am all the way to about 4:15pm). Once at the train station I had a question regarding something unrelated and spoke to the ticket agent whom informed me that the train was delayed, I told them I knew about the 5-10 min delay only to be told it was in fact a 8-10 HOUR delay. Really shocking to find this out considering the app never once updated itself, or received any kind of notifications about the delay.
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2 years ago, Roox13
Great customer service
I don’t usually write reviews for apps but lately I’ve really had a very pleasant experience booking with Amtrak. I’ve had to make more plans or adjustments to my trips than I thought I would have, due to Covid, and the user experience has been a real surprise. The app itself works great and when I needed to change the starting point of my journey, I used the chat function and Luke was very helpful and efficient in making the change. I was really surprised in the best way—y’all have figured it out!
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2 years ago, Longing for old times
It’s sad when people don’t follow the rules. Especially because they don’t seem to be enforced. Those of us who do are looked down upon. The viewing car this morning was “filled” with maskless passengers. One in particular 17-18 years young. Looked very defiant kept sticking her tongue out and and making faces. When I finally had enough I got up quietly and left. That young girl stuck her finger in the air along with sticking out her tongue. I just nodded my head and returned to the peacefulness of my room. The sad thing was every time the attendant came by she quickly put her mask back on. Her mother or adult companion appeared to reinforce her behavior. Most of the other passengers in the viewing car weren’t wearing masks either but were more tolerable. I used to look forward to being able to go to the viewing car especially now since it’s the first time I’ve been allowed to travel since before the pandemic occurred. Now since there appears to be no enforcement I’m stuck on staying in my room on a 4 1/2 day trip across the country because of behavior such as this. This is lousy money spent.
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2 years ago, Prayerpilgrim 1
American Rail Lightweight
I’m an American , former soldier, used to living in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We’ve enjoyed a couple of long excursions on Amtrak and it’s always like Amtrak is trying so hard to put a nice brass shine on a dull penny. The lines are nice but perhaps more short regional runs in states not accessible now? Make the short sale to show the value of the long trip. America is a beautiful country and has much to offer, Amtrak regionals (Midwest)(3 state south)(3 state west). Would be incredible! The only negative I have is a 1 line telephone number, poor App and disastrous waiting times.
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8 months ago, jsjarju
Great service for my birthday weekend
First, like to show my appreciation for Amtrak Guest Rewards for helping me on my return trip. The agent helped me to use reward points to pay for the most expensive leg of my trip. Second, I missed my train and agent Tom Wolfe at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, was so attentive making sure to change my ticket to the next day, checked my bag and when I showed up to leave the next day, Mr. Wolfe personally escorted me to my accessible seat. Appreciated the great service I received. Was a welcomed ending to my birthday celebration weekend.
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4 years ago, MamByak
Amtrack and track allocation
I board train from San Jose to Hayward. San Jose station has so many tracks I think 10. I have two issues 1. information about track allocation is done last minute causing panic for part minutes travelers. For example for 4:17 train track allocation happens at 4pm 2. There is one single 15 “ monitor in one place inside the station which says which track the train is allotted. Please learn from Caltrain so many boards, lcd screens per track information is up to date. I missed a train because the track was changed last minute. Please forward to the right folks. I love this train cleanliness, train timings, locations but... but information desolation is poor.
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8 months ago, Slobber_Dog
Time - Local or not
So far, the app has been pretty decent. The only problem I’m experiencing now is that the times are listed without reference to which time zone they indicate. That is to say, I booked a trip while sitting in the Eastern time zone and, as I look at my return ticket information (now sitting in the Pacific time zone) I wonder whether “5:27p” means 5:27 EST or PST. I’d hate to assume that it indicates local time and miss my train. No phone number to the local station…Amtrak customer service phone rep didn’t know either…kind of a glaring omission unless I missed a disclaimer somewhere indicating the time zone.
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2 years ago, Bob on a Rail Pass
Doesn’t know about or remember trips
I have ten upcoming trips. None are in my “future trips” list. To see upcoming trips, I have to enter my reservation number AND my last name, even though I’m already logged in to the app and it displays my last name. Once I do enter that info, it displays my trips. However, it does not remember them, i.e. there’s no way to add the trips to my future trips list. If I wish to view them again, I have to re-enter my reservation number AND my name, each time. In addition, the app doesn’t tell me my arrival date. This is important for multi-day trips. Sure I could make an educated guess, but then why do I have an app?
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2 years ago, cidman60
Great Service
The trip started horribly at NY Sta but I say it was lack of experience with the way they work there. On the train totally different experience. Wow. The conductor was great. She was thoughtful, friendly and surpassed all my expectations. Though it was a long trip we were comfortable all the way. She(conductor) saw our needs since we had an infant an move better seating that helped facilitate our experience. This was our first trip on Amtrak and now we have considered not flying back to NYC. We are Amtrak fans and will return with you
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2 years ago, Flowalsh
accessibility issues for the blind.
I take Amtrak twice a year, I am legally blind, I have to use voiceover which is known for iOS devices Apple, however the problem is when you update your app a lot of the stuff breaks, so now I can’t navigate the Amtrak app, so I’m when I’m ready I’m going to have to call and purchase my ticket that way. It would be really appreciated to the people in the visually impaired community that I don’t address this issue with voice over and with your app. No worries you’re not the only company that does not take Accessibility issues seriously when it comes to apps. I love Amtrak, I won’t stop traveling on it.
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