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User Reviews for Apple Store

3.45 out of 5
113.8K Ratings
1 year ago, A. Uzi
Unauthorized App Uploads
When operating my iPad device, I usually check my app updates quite frequently. When needed, I always input my password however now apps would automatically update without my authorization. Verified my settings in ensuring that automatic uploads were deactivated. Not sure if anyone has been experiencing similar issues. Been tracking all interactions to ensure my account nor my device were compromised. Unfortunately intellectual property crimes in the digital sense and privacy acts are something we as subscribers and digital users need to canvass our security protocols quite frequently.
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3 days ago, Jen Godden jdangedo
Amazing products
I wanted to say thank you to the amazing products that are offered. Apple TV was an innovative technology that Roku imitated. It is my job to call out this injustice and copyright infringement as I see it. Being a loyal Apple customer I was always sure to have all of their most innovative technology. I am an original owner or was gifted A 1st generation iPhone, 2 11 ProMax’s, which were the first phone to have the innovative camera technology that allowed manipulation of physical images which I never gave life to anything other than light beings with only one of the Iphone 11’s and not on the other. I immediately handed their images out through all the apps so they could come right back home to me. 2 iPhone 12’s one of the iPhone12’s was gifted to me for crimes against my Facebook business for the theft of my personal property. I ran a non for profit out of the app so that I could rightfully take it back. Facebook will keep up most precious personal baby family memories forever and do that we can remember future lifetimes.
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3 days ago, WTHarg
Not so good
I am turned off by this app and by Apple in general because you have to have some sort of credit card debit card bank or money in Apple Pay/wallet in order to get apps and to update any apps that you already have. You shouldn’t have to have credit, debit/credit card, and or a bank account in order to update your apps some of which do not require any money along with no in app purchases! You should be able to pay as you go! Now I have apps that I can not use because of the before mentioned; an example of this is iCloud email, I can receive mail but since I removed my payment option I can no longer send emails; which is ridiculous because last time I checked it was free to send and receive emails!
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11 months ago, dacappstoreus
Bad Apple service
I am Apple loyal client for years but my recent experience with Apple service was horrible. I bought a Beats Flex and it died suddenly. I brought it to an Apple Store and they sent it to service. A few days later they told me that a mesh inside is missing and refused to service it unless I pay $59 (the headset itself is sold for $69 and you can buy it for $39 at BestBuy). It is ridiculous that I have no reason to open the earpiece to remove a mesh. They were not any reasonable in listening to me but insisted if I do not pay, they will not fix it, although they admitted the issue was with the bad battery. I could never imagine Apple having such a kind of service. I am very frustrated and it would be the last Apple product I buy.
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2 years ago, who onew
I have been told not to allow my old phone to accept software updates. After the relentless pop ups asking for the software updates, (and much to my hesitation) I did…and yes my phone, that I really liked a lot, and that was in perfect condition, crashed. And guess what… this multimillion dollar company has no one that is able to fix my phone! They offered to mail it off (for over $300) but no guarantee it could be fixed. If by chance they could fix it, it would be wiped clean and I’d loss everything anyway. So it worked, let the software updates happen and we crash your phone, and your are forced to buy a new one now! The old one lasted much longer than we thought or wanted! 😡 Not a very happy camper!
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1 year ago, Copahc
Stop lying about review scores!!!!!
So many apps are horrible and have tons and tons of negative reviews but yet they still have 4.5 review scores. Why? Stop rigging it. It’s false advertisement. You wast our time and money telling us terrible apps are great all so that crappy developers can make money selling their crappy apps. And how about actually monitoring the ads they place in the apps?? I finally found a game I like to play but l’m completely inundated with sexist ads for other sexist apps that I don’t want to see. It’s ridiculous. They make women look like trash. I would love to know where a can make an actual real complaint about the sexist app. I can’t give it a negative review because it won’t matter. It will still have a fake 4.5 star rating.
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2 years ago, BabyBree2712
Great way if you don’t want to come into the store
I recently bought an iPhone 13 pro max and some AirPod pros I really do like the concept of just having a shop online because the Apple stores are constantly packed with people who like looking and admiring at the technology (which I don’t blame it’s nice) but I’m there knowing what I want and what to buy. The scheduled courier delivery was really good as well I scheduled the night before and it came around 2pm the next day and everything was nicely packaged and boxed up safely.
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3 years ago, Blue-Moon-Dragonfly
Great - Apple is a ripoff! Can’t update App Store because I can’t run iOS 13!
Outrageous! Apple is not only extremely expensive — it is a frustrating RIPOFF! I own 4 iOS devices and a MacBook Pro. Now, my iPads are obsolete and no longer supported because I cannot install iOS 13, in order to update other apple apps that I have already spent a fortune on! Including Charging cables that change with every product upgrade. Your business model and markup is unconscionable and untenable. You are consistently proving to be a poorer and poorer product value for the for the cost. Do not mistake my criticism and product re-evaluation for some convoluted delusion of self entitlement—it’s not. The truth is you are nothing better than an opportunistic Carpetbagger! Good luck with that!
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4 months ago, et3po
My problem is not with this app
Hello apple, I am not having issues with this app at all, but it’s the App Store itself. I had already purchased a game on here for free, but eventually I had to take it off my phone so I could update my phone. After I updated it, I couldn’t redownload the game because one of my families card information needed to be updated, but what does the card information have to do with redownloading a game I already had. So please explain this to me apple? Same goes for updating my apps that I already have.
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4 months ago, luisitoburrito
Subpar Experience
It’s an app that serves its purpose but could be so much more. Give us lists for products that are easy to edit and share with others. Give users the ability to save stores and give mini tours of what the inside of stores look. Currently, the Apple Store app only lets you save up to five stores. I have some favorite stores around the world and I think apple enthusiasts would all like to experience them again in small ways: keeping track of where they’ve been. In terms of UI, it is confusing to navigate and I think the app would benefit by simplifying. Being more transparent with pricing without having to jump hoops.
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3 years ago, ren-p.
The best, well thought out, customer focused and highly efficient.
The absolute best, well thought out, customers focused and highly efficient way of doing things. I love this app. I deal with other apps, programs, softwares and various different computer system on diesel highway trucks and automotive application, and none can come up with the ease of use and efficiency of Apple. Apple has spoiled me so much that everything else just seems like it was developed by single IQ personnel. I wish everything was Apple and ran by their system.
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5 months ago, LilaHarpD
Apple is ripping us off
I got a pair of AirPod pros in around May. I lost one of the AirPods and had to go back to the store to get new AirPods. I got the same exact AirPods as before because I asked and they said that I had gotten the AirPod pros and I got AirPod pros again except this time for some reason I can’t charge my AirPods this is because Apple has decided that even though they’re already billionaires they need to steal from us and now my AirPods don’t work so now I have to go back to the Apple Store to get a new charger because they change the port on the AirPods just to make people pay extra money for a new charger I am going to boycott Apple, excluding Apple Music goodbye
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11 months ago, sonny236372
So awesome
Awesome it’s just so good to look for stuff it’s so easy and fast like I need a pacific phone case and is there like you can find anything that’s Apple’s thing but not all technology which is kind of sad but still good though I would recommend it for everyone like it’s so helpful to me because I can find my stuff is it like a Madlib like a magnet or a AirPod that I can edit so I can put stuff on it I’m really happy about this and this is was a very great update so I think it’s perfect.
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3 years ago, camel031682
What is up with this update??? I can not get on half my apps and when I do it takes me 10-12 try’s… you guys need an update ASAP cuz I’ve called the app places and their first question what kind of phone u got! N next was did you do the iOS 15 update and I said yes they said OK since you did the update you either have to erase that update or have to deal with it because that’s because the update is making all these apps act different you guys got a figure out with your brain power and now what to do about all this
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2 years ago, Anti1....
(Cr)apple has been getting worse and worse
How many ios updates have you installed just to have another update to fix the one you installed the day before? Thats a flaw not in their technology but the company itself is flawed and will continue to be flawed. Innovation is lost with SJobs. You truly think SJobs would issue an iphone and then and give them a special letter just to extend the phone’s ‘shelf life’? Ie: iphone 6e. Who sells a phone and expects their customers to purchase the power cube separately? That is over a thousand dollar phone I’m talking about. Ghetto! So this app installation doesnt even work! Pressed it 20x’s and it just “reappears”. Ghetto!! App still unable to update and i have latest ios. Ghetto!!
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2 years ago, Mlott27
Beware (no refund) Glow App blames Apple
I recently downloaded an app that was supposed to be a 30 day trial. That didn’t happen, but was fine with the $2.99 MONTHLY subscription only to be charged for the YEAR. The app Glow says they would refund me but CAN’T because of the way Apple has it setup & that Apple would have to refund me. Apple flat out refuses to give a refund. Even partial refund. An Apple representative said that I shouldn’t email again because the decision was final & will not be readdressed. Highly disappointed in a company that I have been loyal to for decades for this lack of service. Also, the app didn’t function as it should have.
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3 weeks ago, caleb_the_land
They’ll rip you off
Bought a new MacBook and traded in an old one of mine. They said I would get $455 back once I traded it in with them. The whole process went well until they inspected it and found a tiny crack below the screen (one that’s hardly noticeable and doesn’t affect its performance whatsoever). They then changed my offer to $0. That’s absolutely ridiculous and criminal. DO NOT trade in an old device with them. You’re better off selling it on your own. Even though they deemed my MacBook’s value to be worthless, I guarantee you they’d easily refurbish it and sell it for at least $500. Apple, did you really think you’d be so greedy like that and I’d be silent about it? Do better.
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5 months ago, chezdoodlelong
A iPhone Problem
Please respond to this. I downloaded a third party app and whenever I click it, it says “Unable to Verify App: An internet connection is required to verify the trust of the developer' ... This app will not be available until verified.” Does anyone know how to fix it? I updated to iOS17 and I also trusted the app. Unable to Verify App: An internet connection is required to verify the trust of the developer' ... This app will not be available until verified.
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11 months ago, Ahavah Shirah
Would be great to see this run on iOS older than 15
Some folks just have older phones right now, but making this app compatible at least with some features for older phones would be very helpful. For example, it can be used in an Apple store to help the specialist learn more about our phone, but only if the phone is new enough. Or to save a recommendation given in the store. Thanks for considering this update!
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2 years ago, Leudne26
Apple is prohibited of selling iPhones in Brazil
I find important to make people aware that some countries do not fall for the lame excuse apple gives for selling the iPhones without the ear phones and mainly the charger connector. Have you seen the price drop after Apple removed these items? Do you REALLY think apple cares about the environment????? Prof that Apple couldn’t care less about the environment is Apple changing the lighting port USB ( which is universal, everybody has it) to the disgraceful and ridiculous USB-C, making people buying MORE product because apple changed it’s connector. Environment? Right. Apple is PROHIBITED as of September 2022 of selling in Brazil ANY phones without a cable charger + plug and ear phones. The brazilian lawmakers understand that one can’t sell a product missing the essential item for its functionality . We should BOYCOT apple and never buy a chargers from them. I do have an apple phone, but I do not buy any accessory made by apple. It’s just disrespectful how apple deceives its consumers. Just disrespectful and greedy.
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1 month ago, fed up with improvements
Review or feedback of Apple products?
5/3/24: Am I the only one fed up with the app search process which ALWAYS yields a product FIRST that is NOT what you searched for? Clearly a paid response, but disingenuous and annoying. Dishonest, really. Transparent bias. Previously; Why is there no way to review or provide feedback on the various products that come standard on the iPhone? Is it just presumed that they are all perfect and don’t require any customer feedback? They don’t appear on the App Store, so your customers aren’t able to give you feedback.
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1 year ago, Q magnet
Improvements with the Apple app
Hey I tried ordering on the app some years back and there were issues like the order not clearing or going through when making the purchase plus too many glitches so you guys should definitely make better improvements on that so when people start buying stuff from the store online there won’t be any problems when ordering an Apple product of the customers choice.
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1 year ago, werDewoh
Lies about notification preferences
It’s not every day you see one apple business unit ruining the user experience for the rest of the company. I have notifications for “announcements and offers” turned off for the Apple Store app, but lo and behold, today the app still pushes an ad for Mother’s Day items to me in the middle of my workday. I’m very disappointed by this experience and really hope this is a bug and not a sign that the marketing team is being given license to ruin user experience on apple devices. I am not interested in paying for something that interrupts my life with advertisements. I used to be able to expect way better from apple.
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1 year ago, 1chi5o
Abominable Business
I am unable to purchase a blue trackpad for my mother to match her blue iMac. I have a ton of Apple products, and my mom has quite of few now, thanks to my recommendation. After talking to several of apple’s support staff, they informed me they cannot sell us the trackpad to match her iMac—she had to have bought it when she bought the iMac! Unbelievable and completely unacceptable. Capitalism is a bottom-up command structure, not a top-down command structure. Apple—you don’t get to tell us what we can and cannot purchase. You should be ashamed of yourselves, but you won’t be because of all the blind yes-men that protect you from any valid criticism. What a shame.
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4 years ago, Arkanjil
Still badly broken for some
Someone had the bright idea of having this app automatically sign into tour local iCloud account on the device. Well & good, but some users still have a separate Apple ID for iTunes & purchases, and we always will apparently, as Apple won’t let users merge accounts. There is no way that I can find to sign into a different Apple ID if you use one for purchases. There are directions at one point, but they are literally nonsensical. There’s a place in your iCloud settings where you can control which apps use iCloud- but again, this app doesn’t follow the rules and is unlisted. There is no way to send apple feedback on this issue besides reviews, as on the Apple feedback webpage, this app is not listed with the other apple iOS apps. UPDATE: you can now submit feedback in the app. Convenience over usefulness seems to be the working mantra for Apple these days, but this issue is especially aggravating. Punishing older customers for issues that they can’t control is extremely bad form.
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3 years ago, Missourirose
The “automatic” update
Why in the world do my apps NEVER just auto update?? Never all the way from the first possibility to the 11 iPhone (currently own) I have the setting to auto update and always have had it set to that but I have to go into the App Store hit my picture for profile and go to purchased apps, scroll through da h and everyone I have ever downloaded looking for the “update” icon. How ridiculous is that?? Maybe I’m not doing something right but I’d assume having that setting I wouldn’t have to do anything after that!!
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3 years ago, Cat girl 2012
I do everything on this app.
Rarely if ever needed to go to the store. I buy everything using this app! It’s quick and easy. If you know what you like and what you need, this is perfect. I also feel if you order using the app, you’ll get better priority and shipping less times. If you’re just getting to know about apple products or aren’t tech savvy, then visit their store to learn more one-on-one!
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1 year ago, Juan carlos alvarado
Bought a iPhone 13th max with dead pixels
When I bought my iPhone 13 Pro Max shortly after release, I enjoyed it. That was untill maybe a month later when I was watching Netflix in a dark room & when the screen went black & I noticed 2 very noticeable white pixels that did not turn black on that specific scene. Contacted support & they said bring it in. I said “okay” but life gets busy & the nearest Apple Store is 1 hr away & when I was trying to get this phone I had to go 4 days after another because they made it super annoying & hard to acquire said phone. All I want is a fresh phone with fixed pixels is that too much to ask?
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2 years ago, legal🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Worst glitch ever that happens everyday every time
I’m on iPad and I like iPad BUT there is a glitch that happens everyday, and it is that every time I’m in a app I desapear from the app and I can’t use the app. I get so angry when it happens. Please fix or I will never be able to use the apps. And you really need to fix please cause I want to break something when it happens and if it’s not fixed I will break something so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix it. The iPad’s name is “iPad da Isabel”. Also my battery runs out too fast.
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2 months ago, EnslavedtoGod
Apple is only a Controlling mechanism
I had to move from the states for health reasons. I Forgot my Apple ID password in November. Travelled to two countries in Europe to reset password . Both times at the Apple Store, they simply told me it can’t ever be fixed! I’m not even able to delete all and reset! No subscription services I have can Renewed, every minute, I get notification for entering my password continuously. Apple is a Joke that without the ID password, it works as a $50 phone. Shame on this monopoly company! My phone number has changed due to being away from the states more than 6 months:( so Now I gotta throw out 3 Apple devices ???!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
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7 months ago, SpeedRacer86
Store > App
I did multiple trade ins of devices. The first device trade in kit was left in the rain; I had to request a replacement three times over two weeks to get it after being disconnected on twice. The other device trade in kit is stuck in limbo waiting for my new device to ship, which it has and been received. I’ve requested twice to no avail, and the last time I asked if I could just take the device to a store and was told no and probably wouldn’t get my credit through any other method. So I continue to wait and annoy support 1 month+. Would’ve been easier to drive the hour to the store than this.
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4 years ago, addicteddave
So disappointed
Well, I am not typically one to leave a bad review but I guess today is a first. Apple let me down today. My ten year old son made some bad choices, guessed and changed our Apple ID password and spent a thousand bucks on in-app purchases. Granted- we should have caught him that day of instead of the next day, but within 48 hours we had confiscated the phone and contacted Apple. They reviewed everything and gave us back $200. I reached out again with no change in results, and one last time for good measure. They aren’t going to budge. I get that we need to be accountable, but we are out $800 and I feel like they could have done more.
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2 years ago, Kehoe JP
KJV Bible
Twice in the last week I have gone to read my king James Bible and an ad pops upFreezing the page that I can’t get out of so I had to delete it and re download it this time it was a note that said I was winning an award for doing great three days in a row which I could care less I just wanted to read my scripture and again the page froze up would not allow me to go into my scripture even when I try to get out of it it would not allow me to go back in I am not impressed you have some kind of bug is this Bible which doesn’t allow people to just read without interference and pop-ups that freeze the page!
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2 years ago, Terminationshok
Missed delivery date
I ordered a new Macbook Pro. It gave me a delivery date of a month away. Well, the delivery date is here, and my computer does not come. I get an email instead. There's been a change to your delivery date. You couldn’t have told me before the shipment date was missed? Nobody at this company is interested in helping beyond reading me the email. They say it will come next month. Or actually, whenever they want. They sure did ring up my card though! Imagine your card getting charged, and then on the delivery date, you get responses like this when your product fails to arrive on time. “ To set your proper expectation, all customized device will be coming from our warehouse. That is why customized order will need more time to produce it. Yes, Apple will deliver the estimated delivery date but because your order is customized, our order team still need additional time to do it to assemble it with your specific configuration. “
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3 years ago, Baldilocks73
No problems here!
Not sure what most of the reviewers are going on about. This is by far the easiest app to use. You can search for applications, there are categories, you can see your subscriptions, which apps you have purchased that are abs aren’t on the phone. Looks like a lot of people are just here complaining about things they don’t like about iOS 15.
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3 years ago, MBB1984
The Apple Store App is bugged and fails to download Recent Update
This app does not work now because the download of the update fails and even a full restart of the iPhone 13 Pro Max fails to fix any of the App Stores Apple Store App update bug that makes it impossible to update the Apple Store App. And yeah, the Apple App Store App won't work on a previous version so it's just blocking new iPhone users from viewing their Mac Book Pro or other Apple Store Order details on their iPhones in real time... like they branded themselves as requiring customers to have to do... because Apple thought they were too good at Computer Science to fail this bad.
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2 weeks ago, PhilliesPhan
Laughing at most of the reviews because they’re not really app related!
I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh as I read the reviews for this app because they’re not really reviews for this app! Most of the reviews are gripes and some praise for everything from customer service to experience with Apple’s products or even of the Apple stores themselves. The app is good, but the app’s reviews are meaningless.
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3 months ago, hohjjhh
Pls update the ipad Air 1 gen
I have a ipad air 1 gen and I can't get new apps on it and plus it's dated back in 2013 and we shouldn't have to go through this and I'm tired of only playing the games that are on there it's not fair and I want to have a regular ipad instead of a outdated one if we don't get that update yourjust going mad dumb right now okay so please try to update it, it's boring and not fun bc there's nothing to do and Ik y'all don't sell them anymore by the people who still have one should have a update its not faire please fix it it boring to play and not fun
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5 months ago, RobynCrosby
Refund Info Incorrect
When you return an item, they DO NOT process a refund immediately. It is processed within 3-5 days. In the store & on the website, the first sentence says a returned refund is processed immediately, and this is incorrect. Read EVERYTHING in the store when making a purchase, picking out shipping, paying for item(s), and processing return(s). You might even contact support prior to doing so to cross all Ts and dot all Is because they are extremely sensitive to all their policies and procedures.
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9 months ago, Apple-less
Pre order for iphone
So frustrated with Apple. By now you would think they could get it to work right! Every time there are issues. I did the pre order, but when it came time to place the order, I just kept getting error messages. So, I finally had to place a new order and now must wait an extra 3 weeks to get my phone. Apple doesn’t seem to care about the customer experience. By the way, the charge to my credit card was almost instantaneous! They made sure getting my money worked just fine! These continued failures drive me to consider alternative products.
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11 months ago, Scaudio
Apple Store app & i13 are complete garbage
This app tracks you to death, shares info, says 'Apple' takes your Privacy seriously, load of crap… EDITED- ALSO Bought the iPhone 13...worse iPhone in yrs. CONSTANT BUGS-Without Bluetooth device connected there is no “red decline button” on screen so ur phone is taken hostage during an incoming call you don't want to answer UNLESS you unlock it & swipe away ALSO BT IS NON-FUNCTIONAL IF ALARM IS ON-SCREEN… Close-up camera worthless WON'T FOCUS (others same issue - My Galaxy S9+ has MUCH better camera overall regardless >3yrs older.) The internal App Library is worthless-NO sense. Also many other issues, but enough….
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1 year ago, Cire15a
Warning: Do not use the Apple Store app
I hope I can reach a few people before you end up in a situation similar to mine. I ordered AirPods from the apple app, and pre-populated address on the app happed to pop up as I was making the purchase. I contacted apple right away and asked then to correct my order - they said they would and I had nothing to worry about. Turns out- the AirPods were shipped to the old address of a friend (since they no longer live there I could not just ask them to mail them to me). I asked apple for a refund and they told me I need to contact the local police. With crime in America right now- you know the police will not give a crap about my lost AirPods!!!!! I am so disappointed at apple. I’m down almost $300 and they will not give me a refund even though they assured me the AirPods would be delivered to me. Apple has grown so much they can probably afford to ignore lifelong customers. Will be considering making a switch to Samsung.
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3 years ago, whosyou69
jus my opinion
Apples getting a little ridiculous, especially with their low quality devices their making you pay 1,000$ for. When you know within a few days it’s going to be broken. Nothing I get from apple ever lasts,and im not rough with my electronics, but what really ticked me off is you have me pay a good amount for a new phone and then to find out you don’t even get the charging block with your phone and see ITS a ANOTHER 20$ to be able get this block and charge this said phone? I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be waisting my money anymore. Who knows what else they’ll try to gip u on next.
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1 year ago, mike40010
Just why?
Dear apple, Why force us to turn off “Live Photos” everyday? What do you get out of them, that makes you turn it back on every single day? I have to turn it off before I take a picture every day. It’s too much of an inconvenience to customers for it to just be a mistake or oversight. I’ve been an iPhone user since smart phones came out, but this and a couple other issues has me considering a Samsung for my families next phones. We’ve put up with all of your ridiculousness for years now, we even joke about how bad you are. Please do better if you want to keep your position.
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1 month ago, SeaboundAvian
Browsing is fine, placing and tracking orders is iffy
The app works fine for looking at products and has a nice UI. Everything else is hit or miss. When I place an order on the website, the app can never view it(Error: “Your order cannot be viewed on the Apple Store app”). It’s weird the a company as big as Apple can’t sync my web and app orders together. Then there’s also placing an order. Don’t bother using gift cards, they never seem to work. It’s always some random error. Overall just use the website to order.
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2 years ago, Crøwley
Billing and shipping information changes
I moved in July and changed my addresses on my Apple devices. In the order screen I manually input my new address as my shipping address. My order was still sent to my old address anyway. It’s annoying that my manual inputs are being overridden and that with all this automation changing my address on my Apple ID did not propagate to the rest of my phone or apples subsystems. Im waiting on a return or a cancellation, I’m not sure which because I keep getting different answers. And now I can’t even get to a store to replace the order because items aren’t in stock.
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Ik this has nothing to do with the app but trust me out on this
I want to put multiple photos on my background but they don’t go in order because the only thing to do something like that is shuffle photos so they won’t go in order. If there’s a way to put multiple photos without making it go in a random order let me know but if there is not I am kindly asking you to add a mode to do that, thank you.
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4 months ago, Kworldinfo
Phone case & screen protector warranty
Apple cases aren’t that durable or good. Then they do not honor the warranty saying that the damage they see isn’t covered. So save your money on both their cases and the covers. Buy elsewhere for cheaper. Same for screen protector warranty, they purposefully don’t carry the warranty screen protectors in stock, forcing you to have to order online and have the replacement shipped to your house. Knowing you will need one ASAP to protect your phone. And the only protectors they offer in-store aren’t covered by warranty so you will have to buy if you need protection ASAP. Very scammy. So buy elsewhere if you can.
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2 years ago, dandelionlion
Beautiful app. Please make products in cart tappable.
This is a beautiful app that is very enjoyable to use. There is one basic functionality missing. Items that appear in the Bag are not tappable. The only way to view the product’s detail page is to search for it and find it that way. Highly irritating. I’m super surprised something so basic is missing from an app from Apple. Separately, also hate that the app is auto-opened constantly and requires an update almost every time. This happens when tapping an email link or a search engine link. It’s again really irritating. If I want to open the app, I’ll open the app. Might uninstall it :( I use the website to shop and purchase for these reasons. Apple, please fix this!
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2 years ago, Matthew J Clarke
Service nightmare, could be fixed but won’t
Ordered an iPhone 13 Pro, got just a measly charge cable. Returned the charge cable and Apple is refusing to refund me the $1,200 for the phone. They told me to call the cops to find the phone and have iced me cold as a customer. No customer service without a case ID from law enforcement. First case with NYPD went no where. Second case with my AG for consumer fraud, likely no where. Third case with my local precinct was super confused and I couldn’t report the crime. Now i’m going to another precinct to see if i can file a case against the Apple store for not issuing a refund. Really Apple? Really?
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