AppRaven: Apps Gone Free

4.7 (2.6K)
41.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Simon Zvara
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for AppRaven: Apps Gone Free

4.69 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
1 year ago, sarasarasarAAA
Perfect for keeping tabs on apps
I never knew I needed an app like this— I just wish I got it sooner! It’s perfect for keeping watch on prices going up & down for paid apps. I also like the “Sale of the Day” which gives spotlight to an app. What I love the most is that you can like/ dislike/ watch apps. And that you can comment on them and mark which apps you own. Not only that but you can put them in collections. There’s some really neat collections such as “Best games on IOS” and “hidden Gems.” I’ve been having lots of fun commenting on apps and liking/ disliking apps while adding which apps I own. The only downside is that you have to sign up to make an account (which I normally don’t do) but I’m glad that I gave this app a chance.
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2 years ago, ChrisMD2016
The Best!!!
I’m so glad I stumbled across your app. I’ve tried similar apps and AppRaven is the best. It includes everything I want — the ability to keep track of all my current apps, apps I’d like to try, the ability to discover new apps, create app wishlists, and the ability to track when apps go on sale or are updated. The only thing missing is a brief user guide. I’m a Pro user, but I’m not quite sure how to use all the additional features. I also like the idea of the quick symbols on each of my apps, but I not quite sure what each means/represents. Overall, I’m enjoying and would recommend this app to others. Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the good work.
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2 months ago, Tomaszek1
Best app ever amazing amazing !
Now that I’ve been using AppRaven for about three years, I want to comment about this wonderful app Positive thing : AppRaven is amazing! Almost every app is on here you can like or dislike comment what you think it’s good for deals and reviews Negative thing : sometimes people are not the kindest here. People can comment mean things and swear. Positive thing : you can follow people I always thought that that was super cool. You can find people who like the same things as you and you can chat with them. it’s amazing! Negative thing : not all of the apps are here now before you get mad I know it’s super hard already to do all of this, but I’m thinking maybe in one of the future updates they could add more apps it’s just kind of plain because I haven’t seen any new apps around I’ve just seen the old apps These are all my opinions you can agree or not. This is what I think after using it for three years this is my favorite app ever but all apps have negative things and positive things so this is all .
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4 years ago, Dreaming of Wolves
Great but load times have slowed
Edit: realized something critical this app doesn’t have... a way to reset your password! I was logged out and almost couldn’t log in!!! I think this is something that really should be fixed. It should be a priority. I think this app is lovely. However, load times have significantly slowed since the last update. It keeps giving me network errors when I’m clearly connected to my home WiFi and then I have to load again. I love that you can link a list to other people. In fact, I use this app specifically to make lists to suggest to app forums and also to see when certain apps go on sale, which is why a dedicated wishlist that is separate would be awesome! Also I would like the following features: -ability to choose what you get notifications for in settings. I’m talking about phone notifications, not in-app notifications. And then get those notifications. -have a red 1 or whatever number by the app. Like you see in iMessage when someone has texted you or in other social media apps. If that’s possible. Bug: clicking on the loading icon when the app info is loading in causes the app to crash. That’s all! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Justalittlejellyboi
Great way to discover apps that are new to me
Trying to find apps based on my preferences is a crapshoot on google. I’ve regretted downloading apps that were recommended to me by paid reviewers (go figure) There’s a nice little community on AppRaven that seems to genuinely care about other users experiences with apps and will write earnest reviews. It’s way easier to find apps that fit some of my niche wants and user collections are very helpful for things like that. I also like that there’s a way to filter for paid and non paid apps and that you can keep track of prices to get deals. Good app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, CQHATL
Awesome App
I’ve been using this app literally forever. I can’t even imagine how much that I have been able to save over the years. It also a great app to keep up with the latest apps being offered each day that you would never see by going directly to the Apple store. I know that it’s not much but I wish I could afford to purchase the in app purchase but for those of you in a better financial position I would highly recommend upgrading. It’s a wonderful app. Thank you very much to the developers. You have an incredible app. Great job.
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5 months ago, Thirdnail
Wow! Glad I decided to check again for a solution to AppSlice!
Appsliced used to be my App Store alternative but for some reason the store has not been loading any icon data while browsing their app… I don’t really like app advice because of the very limited apps that they offer (maybe 5 apps each day) This app is just amazingly designed with a well thought out GUI, that is familiar and simple yet detailed and filtered per users wants and desires. I haven’t really dug deep, but I do hope that this app offers a ‘fulfilled’ notification section… meaning I can select certain apps that I would like to keep an eye on, and when that app goes on sale to be alerted, as well as have a section that keeps track of all my ‘watched’ apps. (If not, this would make a great feature for app watchers like me) Thank you Dev for making a VERY special app, that I KNOW I will be using everyday! It is absolutely a MUST on my main bar!
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11 months ago, johnfromberkeley
Five star app with a few new bags.
I love appraven. It’s a really great app. It is very focused, but it does so much. I have paid for the lifetime version. That said, there have been some speed bumps with version 2. I have had some network errors when my network is working with everything else, and worst of all, now I can’t sign in. That said I’m sure the developer is going to get right on it. Super talented and dedicated. Don’t hesitate to get the app, the core functionality is working great.
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4 years ago, SquareMike95
Amazing app! - Notifications not working
I love this app so so much and I use it all the time! It has feature I wish the AppStore had but I’m sure they probably won’t add for at least another decade. Only thing that I wish was working are the notifications. I have them turned on in the settings but I’ve never gotten a notification. I have to open the app and see them in there. If that gets fixed, it will be even more amazing than it currently is.
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4 years ago, Jdick516
Fantastic replacement for a wishlist
I’ve been looking for a way to replace the dead wishlist feature on the App Store for a while now and this App is perfect for that and a lot more. With the ability to create collections, Mark apps for price watching or update watching, and the quick ability to mark it as “liked”, “owned”, etc. it handles all the functionality I was looking for. Highly recommended for anyone, just don’t look at the value of your app can be a bit depressing
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2 years ago, Solitary Slowking
Much appreciated
Would love an option to filter apps that are still available in the appstore. Also if liked/disliked apps stopped appearing during searches, (besides collections) navigation would become even more useful to remove apps you are already familiar with. There are several games without a game genre that reduce the ultility of genre+ using premium. Instead of a 'minimal release date' filter i'd prefer one for release year
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3 weeks ago, Sorewasoudesune
Like camelx3 but better
This app has a pretty slick interface and effectively gives you notifications when an app you are interested in has a price change. A bit steep upfront cost but if you use it you can easily break even very quickly. I use it every day and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially bargain hunters.
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4 years ago, Jäsön
This app is what the App Store SHOULD be
Seriously, I wish more people knew about AppRaven. I think we can all agree whatever algorithm the App Store uses is trash. If you’re thinking “I don’t know if I’ll actually use it” I’d say, if you download any apps, you should download this because you will use it. Not to mention it has an entire section for apps on sale and you can sort by sale - free. It’s quality, download it.
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4 years ago, AlbertoPinero
It could have a better design
The app is very good, but I think it has an outdated design. As a suggestion, you could change the design and make it more modern (Apple style). You could copy the design of "Price Tag", which is the same app as AppRaven but with a better design.
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7 months ago, specialappssk
Mixed thoughts…
I ended up buying the full version, as I really wanted the option to track in-app purchase price drops. I am also having issues with the app crashing, and the app freezing up when I try to tap the button to see an app in the App Store. I had none of these issues prior to buying the full version, so that is a bummer. Will give it a couple of months and report back- hopefully these bugs will be resolved.
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4 years ago, Tron831
This app is awesome! I’ve always wanted to have an app that can sort out and show me new and relevant apps that are around the App Store. Also with the notifications feature, it’s really cool when it tells you prices drops and updates and stuff. Just one problem I have, is that for some reason, I can not reach the settings or go to my notifications. It shows the banner and bubble on the app, but when I go into the app and try to go to the Settings and Notifications, it won’t go to them. Other than that, this is an awesome app.
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2 years ago, canering
Excellent community driven resource
This app is perfect for iOS app fans. It functions as an app search engine, recommendation and review database, and lets you track price drops. Also suggests apps that are on sale or trending. The very best all-in-one iOS App available.
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1 year ago, Artbypep
Best way to find what I need
The apple App Store search function is abysmal and not accessible. I play games one handed only for the most part so vertical games are a necessity, and this is the only way I can find decent ones.
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3 years ago, One4skiing
Never use the App Store anymore!
This app is fantastic! This is what the apple App Store has been lacking since day one. This is the place for finding great apps. My go to when searching for an app I don’t bother with the App Store, pointless!!!!
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4 years ago, I like to calculate
Useful Utility
This handy utility is stepping up and doing the job that Apple should have - making the app store an easier experience. There's great potential here - let's hope the developer keeps up the great work.
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4 years ago, hamzaazz
The best app sale reminder
I searched app store for a ton of apps showing discounted or apps on sale for a limited time. But sadly I only got app advice it wasn’t much great every time it sent me useless notifications. Thanks to developer for creating this awesome application :)
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10 months ago, pupdup5
Was such a great app, RIP
I loved this app and used it all the time. But unfortunately the app was updated to no longer support iOS 14, so I can’t use it anymore. Highly recommend the app, just wish it still supported iOS 14 (or at least that the older version of the app would still work)
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4 years ago, JJ All the Way 26
Great way to search for apps
The App Store is so lacking in search, no more wish list, it’s intentionally difficult to use and steers you towards higher priced and blockbuster games. AppRaven fixes all this, and does it for free. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, omnomcookies
Must have app
Great way to keep track of your App Store wishlist and purchases. I use it primarily to get price drop notifications on apps of interest and to browse user collections to discover new apps. Highly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, k lazarus
Very Handy all around
I downloaded this app before the holidays and it was very helpful to know which app goes on sale especially games. It is nice that i could create wish lists or watch list. Very handy
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4 years ago, Wolfemcbane
essential iOS app IMO
Appsgonefree was my 2014 era goto app for finding deals then I switched to Appsliced. Co but app raven is better than these due to the community lists . TLDR if you wanna find cool apps for your iPad even the free version will do nicely ty devxz
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4 years ago, Bdimick
Great app, delivers what it promises
The only way I can think this app could get better was if I could filter out the Mac apps that are on sale. Since I don’t have a Mac, I don’t care to see these.
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4 years ago, Muuzeno
Greatly serves it purpose, appearance is a little cluttered
It's a very nice, well built app. My only complaint is only subjective so don't let it turn you off of the app, but in my opinion it's a little cluttered, and that makes it difficult for me to navigate.
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2 years ago, Anyfreenicknames?
Love it!
Especially for finding lists that others make of the style of games I like or categories of apps.
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1 year ago, Haleyranaew
Great app
This app is awesome. It is a great way to find new apps or old ones you’ve never seen. I use this daily and it’s just so hardly! Thanks
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1 year ago, trogdoor187
Excellent app,everyone who wants something a bit different in a store for apps and games should get this!
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4 years ago, Disappointed Consumer #1
Very needed - good interface - Great App
A well made app to track prices and discover new apps. The more people that get involved the better this app will be. Tell all of your friends.
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4 years ago, DvDarkman
Been waiting for a decent app price tracker since coming to iOS. The ability to share curated app lists is an awesome feature.
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4 years ago, @3Dimension
Very helpful app to tracking sales.
I started to use it lately and it became daily using app. Not only for sales but also for app & games recommendations.
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2 years ago, Cbass619er
Helps with Apple’s horrible App Store
Definitely helps make you’re way through this black hole of an app store. Hopefully the Apple App Team is taking notes.
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4 years ago, PLBrower
Great alternative
Love using this to browse sales and keep lists. It would be nice to have the option to filter for apps with TV support though!
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2 years ago, Hirogen777
Best 3rd party app manager
Better than apples in some ways. Very easy to use highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Mʀ.AMiNE
The best 🫡
Since Apple banned AppZapp, I was looking for an alternative place to land on, AppRaven is the best place i landed on and honestly I am glad I did Easy Five stars 👍🏻
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1 year ago, cbos0503
Saving Money
If you buy a lot of apps (or IAP), this is a great way to save money if you’re a little patient.
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10 months ago, stacker772
Great app once again!
Exceptionally fast developer response to a recent issue. Fantastic app.
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4 years ago, Tom Calabrese
So much better than the App Store
Being able to create and see collections is so helpful!
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1 year ago, oolielynns thoughts
Couldn’t ask for a better app. I love this app I use it all the time!!! Thank you!
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1 year ago, ssangyi
Crashes far too often. Plus I can’t find “games only” category. But then again haven’t been able to browse more than 2 mins as it crashes (14 pro)
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3 years ago, sarahjane229
Thank you!
One of the most creative apps I’ve seen. And I’ve seen lots of apps. Excellent job.
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2 years ago, Parag09
Good for us…
I gave 4 star as to me the user interface is little bit critical… else everything is fine… :-)
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2 years ago, escapedturkey
Absolutely Essential
AppRaven is absolutely essential to finding the best games or apps, the best deals for them. Just get it.
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4 years ago, emobabe1999
great app, no ads
This app is great for browsing the app store and finding those weird apps you love
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4 years ago, good game but ads more car
This app is really helpful it helped me know when apps go free or discount and really helped i love to rate this and i rate it 5/5 keep up the great job.
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5 months ago, DairyFiend
this is what the App Store should look like
Community generated app collections and content. Wishlists. Tags. This app is the best.
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2 years ago, Stone Cold said so
the best
i used many apps like it before, but now appraven is the best. Thank u
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