Asiana Airlines

4.5 (3.3K)
89.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Asiana Airlines
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Asiana Airlines

4.49 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Henrik Zeiss
Fast, convenient and useful
I love this app. I usually use it to check the ticket price and my mileage information. The only down side is the booking information will not export to iOS calendar. It will be even better if user can export booking information into iOS or Google calendar. Also I hope it can add the Star alliance reward ticket searching engine on the website and this app.
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5 years ago, MerchantFarang
Hey, management! Fire your digital dev team!
It’s a remarkable dereliction if duty to launch an app like this then do nothing at all with client feedback. This app and your website — where one goes when the app fails to deliver basic functionality — are complete disasters! Please know that this actually does cost you money. I need to purchase a biz class RT ticket on short notice for a meeting day after tomorrow. My corporate travel agent is gone for the day so booking myself. I logged into the app; it wouldn’t return dates, only an error message. I tried several times, closing and relaunching the app several times. I jumped over to the website and received the same message - thrice! I just booked on JAL though itinerary less convenient and more costly. I’ll give you another try. If same problems persist, I’ll switch to a provider who values their customers opinions more. Do yourselves a favor and fire this team. Bring in an advisor or team who knows what they’re doing.
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7 months ago, No-more-ads
Cannot add Asiana club card to Apple wallet
My old membership card recently expired, and when I tried to add the new card to Apple wallet, nothing happened. Please fix it.
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5 years ago, K. Xu4
Horrible app, doesn’t work, charged me 3 times
This app is extremely bad and needs maintenance immediately. When I tried to make reservations it gave me an error message that the payment did not go through. I entered my info 2 more times and all 3 times got the same error message. Went to my email and turns out the payment did go through and I was charged over $5000. Had to call customer service to cancel 2 of the reservations. And when I try to view the reservations on the app, occasionally it won’t work, sending me back to the home page.
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2 years ago, ieoejdnd
Somewhat functional app with horrible service
This app is just a web browser port into mobile. It works just like the website which is not very good in todays standards. Combine that with horrible customer service from Asiana (web forms don’t work, AI chat service is very limited, they don’t answer the phone when you call) and it makes for a bad experience. I’ll remember that next time and fly something else
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4 years ago, noahpai
Nightmare airline
We are never flying this airline ever again. We spent so much money to fly by business class, and whole experiences were just complete nightmare. The food is horrible, business lounge were packed with crazy amount of people, and the flight was delayed 3 hours just to have more people on the plane by their connection flight. What a horrible airline! No wonder they are selling this airline to another airline. Please don’t book this flight.
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4 years ago, Mr. Coffey
Crash App
This App has major problems. I can’t even open it. It says I need to allow cellular data to open the App and when I turn on cellular data the App gives me the same message and then somehow turns off cellular data for the App in my settings. I tried restarting my phone and everything. I get the same thing every time. Useless! Please fix and let me know when I can use it again, because I’m not going to keep trying.
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4 years ago, EspritZZ
Pointless, clunky UI, subpar performance
I never review. This is my first actually. That being said, this app doesnt even know if you have a trip coming up so you can check something or check in. You must input your information every time to see anything. Random start warning messages don't care about your input. Select “don't show”, it shows... Interface doesnt flow at all. Poorly designed and unhelpful overall.
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5 years ago, OZDia+
The worst airlines app
I am an Asiana Diamond Plus member, but I have to say Asiana website and mobile app are the worst among all airlines which I ever used. I don't understand why the team cannot fix the bugs immediately, and every update is a disaster. The speed is slow, the connect is unstable, and payment for booking is so in convenient. You better change your whole IT team to improve your system. This problem has existed for decades.
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5 years ago, Joeyi1
Cannot login to change password after 5 tries
The design has improved. However, the functionalities are subpar. If a user failed to login and exceeds the threshold of 5 tries, the he or she should be able to go into the app’s login page and to click “recover password”. Instead the image of the plane and Asiana logo appears. Sleeker UI from previous but empty underneath...
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1 year ago, R3I00
Terrible booking experience
The entire booking flow is in a modal. I spent about 30min entering all my info, seat selections, and a bunch of confirmations, my phone slipped and I accidentally touched the X on top right corner and it closed out the entire thing without asking for any confirmation! Worse is when I restarted the seat I selected is now unavailable! I’m going on Expedia to book, screw this tine wasting app
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6 years ago, ndswisher
Broken, useless
This app is no help. Many of the buttons are broken and content areas do not populate. It’s impossible to save your reservation after searching for it. The best way to manage your reservation would be to call the airline directly, because I haven’t even been able to manage my reservation through their website either.
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5 years ago, rdlee632
Mobile boarding pass broken
The main purpose of a mobile app for an airline is to manage your mobile boarding passes. This app utterly fails to make this work. It gives some cryptic error message about “duplicate boarding passes cannot be saved, so get by sms or email”. There are no boarding passes to be duplicated anywhere. Bad coding and inadequate testing.
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1 year ago, sorianosan
The apps is very helpful
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5 years ago, JaneDoe789
Awful change
So now unless I turn off Airplane mode, this app doesn’t work. Even when it does, it asks for INSANE amount of mobile access like my pictures and microphone, which is completely unnecessary. Their utter disregard for our personal information really baffles me. Honestly, if this doesn’t improve, I’m ditching this airline and going to ANA.
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5 years ago, jrose13
This app crashes when you try to find your flight. It also never stores your previous flights so you have to look it up EVERY time. Sadly, this app is actually BETTER than their mess of a website. their website is insanely confusing to actually find an upcoming flight that you booked.
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9 months ago, 常用的学生
Payment is big trouble
It took me 4 hours to finish payment by using different devices: laptop, computer, iphone. United is much more handily in payment
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5 years ago, gamer1408
Poor app
And poor web site. Can’t even display basic information like my Asiana Club tier status or mileage. Old app and web was MUCH better. Can this app get any worse each update. just because I’m in airplane mode (with WiFi on and working), the app won’t do anything but boarding pass mode.
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8 months ago, emwoody28
It takes forever long to sign-up
The registration process is super complicated. And it does allow using safari to finish the email confirmation. It’s kind ridiculous. Terrible booking experience with this app.
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4 months ago, Eurosailornewyork
Horrible app…
People rating this app as good must really be living in a parallel, delusional reality… The app is so user-unfriendly and screwed up - wow… You can’t accomplish anything there. Some weird prompts and error messages, and you can never figure how to get past them. Bad, bad, bad…
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5 years ago, mypapapie
Keeps crashing!
I keep trying to look for flights on here but whenever I try opening the app it consistently crashes! I’ve re-downloaded it numerous times and I’m still having the same issues. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, the.vandy
Can’t log in
I logged in and now it crashes every time I open the app....super inconvenient because my flight leaves in less than 24 hours and I need to check in. The least they could do is have a functioning app.
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6 years ago, ok2useLane
Seat selection button is missing.
You used to be able to select seats from the app when viewing your reservation. But, now I can’t. Why would they remove this feature???
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5 years ago, Omg My eye
Numerous bugs, severe logic error
It doesn't allow you to use the app under airplane mode even when you have wifi. How am I going to use aboard asiana a350? And numerous bugs and deficiencies from the previous version not resolved.
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5 years ago, Geo337
Does it save itineraries. Have to enter booking reference every sing time to check trip even when logged-in. Pop up messages in Korean language when using the app. What can I do with that?
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1 year ago, Al Temecula
Mr Ricketts
Always been a big fan of Asiana Air app is easy to follow
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4 months ago, Jayfaw
I cannot even open the app. It crashes straight away. I get a blank screen then it goes back to my cell phone.
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5 years ago, unclejay
Screen saver
This app is just a screen saver since after downloading it you only get their home screen with nothing on it but a picture. Doesn’t do anything.
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4 years ago, mauihelen
Love this airline
Comfy seats, great leg room. Great service
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4 years ago, Dr PedroMag
Poor app
Terrible way to book, very difficult to navigate, kicked me out several times, would not book until the 14 attempt.
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7 months ago, interp2014
Difficult to use
I face difficulty to use this app
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5 years ago, sr-in-korea
Meal selection
Please add meal section to the app, it’s annoying to check-in in app and make phone call to select meal!!
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6 years ago, skylin3gtr013
So Bad
Just a frustrating app to use. Everything is slow and tedious. Asiana needs to invest some serious time into revamping not just this app but their main website as well.
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3 years ago, Pot_Lid
The App is currently broken in UI-wise
The top section of the app is basically overlapping with notch iphones so It’s impossible to interact with stuff like my info. quick fix is needed asap
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6 years ago, 쬬
Even one star is too much
It does not have option to register or change password. You shoul go ahead and make ID and Paswword and then you can use this app.
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5 years ago, Switpinai
Unable to log in
IDK what kind of update was done but now i was not able to log in. Tried to recover pw, filled in all the info but it came back with “no matching information”.
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10 months ago, ako si Ompong
Very slow
Not user friendly, it took 1hr and multiple tries to buy tickets
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4 years ago, Equanimity21
Crashes when opening the app
Worst app I’ve ever downloaded. Crashes after a long delay of showing the launch screen. iPhone XS
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4 years ago, Ye Ol Bastard
Can’t enter US address
Every time I try to sign up and put in my USA address it keeps saying my address is wrong or will not let me input my address
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5 years ago, Lynnsesang
Bad interface
Very not-intuitive design. Especially when selecting a flight. Im Should learn from other air carrier apps. Most of them are amazing
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4 years ago, nomadic yeti
Would be better with Apple Wallet support
I wish I could add my Asiana Club membership to my Apple Wallet. 😕
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4 years ago, StevenSKS2
Frequent Crashes
Might be due to iOS 13 but yeah the app does not work. Hope you guys can fix this. Will update my rating afterwards.
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2 years ago, UnitedStatesAmerica1
Unable to put or have a choice to obtain my Asiana membership#???
Poor app. I have no choice to go forward obtaining my Asiana #???
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4 years ago, EagleTalon2
It took 10 tries to get credit card through And can’t pick seats just Error
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3 years ago, jmnjoel
Horrible App needs upgrade
It took me 2 hours to book a flight. Kept resetting. Upgrade the system is what is needed. Joel Megino
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6 years ago, Susy1199
The most awful airline app- not working at all
Useless , constantly crashing.
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6 years ago, So far no complaints
No updates for iphone x
Please have an update for iphone x
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5 years ago, Hot Todd A
Horrible app. A very poor reflection on Asiana Airlines.
Click on app, it briefly looks like it’s about to open, then closes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled...
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5 years ago, acrosensel
Can’t even get it to open
Downloaded the app, but it won’t open on my phone.
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5 years ago, mr dave the boss
I hope you didn’t pay for this website. It’s aweful. I like the staff and airline tho. THANK YOU DAvid Griffin
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