ASOS - Discover Fashion Online

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12 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ASOS - Discover Fashion Online

4.85 out of 5
438.9K Ratings
5 years ago, JunGem88
Above & Beyond
I will forever be an ASOS customer! They are literally my go to for EVERYTHING! The compliments I receive are to die for. Literally the best online shopping experience ever. I’ve been a faithful customer for almost a decade. The quality of the products provided, the variety and the customer service provided is beyond exceptional. I was having a mental crisis preparing for my Grandmother’s funeral last December and really needed my dress to arrive within 2 days. I always apply 2 day shipping but on this particular day I failed to take into account the time/zone difference. It was a Thursday afternoon and I was hoping to receive the dress Saturday morning but because of the time of day I was told it would not arrive until Monday. 4 days? I was heartbroken. After speaking with someone via chat and being told there was nothing that could be done, I was very surprised to receive my dress the morning of (2 days later as desired). An angel provided overnight shipping and saved the day. That is the true definition of above and beyond. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, Lady B no GMO for me
Love ASOS and the app ain’t bad either
Been shopping with ASOS for at least 7 years. I have at least 1/3 of my wardrobe from this site. I find that the shampooing is easy and convenient since I don’t like store shopping sometimes with traveling to the location, waiting in line, and the variety is not as great in stores unless you go to a mall. ASOS have great variety, beautiful patterns and selections in sizes and materials. Reasonable prices and frequent sales which I love the most. I like the detailed description of the items. However I would suggest more videos of the models wearing the clothes in motion because people move in their clothes all the time and stagnant shots can be deceiving. Also more motion or angle shots of models wearing the sunglasses or eyewear from various angles on the face, same for the shoes (more angle or videos to see how the feet move in the shoes). Also please have models wear underwear (at least a bra) when modeling the clothes some of them look floppy and much is moving around under the clothes, not a neat look. Also most of the models are in their 20s it seems. Please add some older models. I am an aged woman and would like to see someone wearing some of the items that represent me. Lastly please include more clothes that don’t expose all of the upper and lower back and deep cut décolleté, a neckline cut to the navel is not cute or ladylike especially in a day dress or work dress, not appropriate. Thank you
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5 years ago, XxcollinsxX
Soo customer friendly!!
I love shopping on this app! To begin, I love their products and brand in general. They have a large range of sizing, including a petite section that has a wide variety of products and styles. I find this cool as it is hard to picture myself wearing some things when I know the model wearing it is nearly a foot taller than me. Also it is rare to find a store that has a petite section with common styles and variety. But the app in specific is super user friendly! Online shopping can be hard due to different brands sizing but their size guide is more helpful and advanced than any other website/store I’ve ever seen. You can choose your size in certain brands and it helps you figure out your right size for their products! And it works because I’ve ordered from both petites and general sizing and loved everything. Also their shipping is amazing!!! So fast and easily trackable! I had express shipping on my last order for only $7. I never use express shipping because normally its ridiculous! The only thing I would suggest to improve the store and make the experience even better is to create some kind of rewards program! Urban outfitters has a decent one and since I’m a frequent buyer from ASOS it would serve me well! :)
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3 years ago, kr15t3n3
Truly the Worst Online Shopping Experience
This is the worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had. I found some boots I adore that I can’t find anywhere else. I tried ordering it 7+ times but the order would fail every time. I chatted with probably 10 different agents over the last week trying to get help going through, but they’d all give me bare minimum answers, always telling me to do something I’d already tried. It seemed like they were just eager to get me off the chat. I did everything they suggested and more. I’ve been as patient as possible and done everything I could to troubleshoot, even contacted my bank and switched payment options to make sure it wasn’t on my end. After all the troubleshooting and chatting, the issue is obviously on ASOS’s end and the agents knew it but would always send me away with no solution and wouldn’t bother to escalate the issue. I asked for someone to take a look at my account to ACTUALLY see why it wasn’t going through and the agent just said sorry, just try ordering again in an hour. Now, the boots are sold out in my size because they constantly would send me away and now I can’t get them. I’m so frustrated and sad because I can’t find them anywhere else and ASOS customer service couldn’t care less.
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4 months ago, Day jump
Absolute negligence of customer service!
If I can rate any lower I would. I’m always skeptical about deliveries so the first thing I always do is check a companies policies on delivery. Asos has policy that says they require a signature and if no one answers the door they will leave it with the neighbor or leave a note if they can’t do either or for rescheduled pick up, I placed a 200+ dollar order with them and one day I get a email saying it was delivered when I go to look at the delivery there’s literally nothing in the picture like it’s just a blur the person that took the picture just literally took a picture of nothing and so I contacted them and they disputed the charges for me and said they would refund me and then send me an email four days later saying that they were no longer going to commit to giving me a refund even though they already reviewed my case and granted me a refund. They then went back on their word and said due to my suspicious activity on my account, I was going to be blocked from future purchases and not be awarded my refund and now I have no access to anything. For better examples go look online about ASOS scams and then tell me if you’re comfortable buying from this company they absolutely treated me less than human.
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2 years ago, KriLorPau
They ripped me off and then banned me
I have shopped with ASOS for years. I have only had two instances were I have reached out to customer service due to issues with my order. The second inquiry I made with customer service they BANNED ME. I have always made substantial orders from ASOS because they're e-commerce and it’s the only way to try stuff on. However, I made an x-large order because I got a new job and needed different clothes for it. I had not received it after 28 days. I reached out to customer service about my missing package. They said they were sorry and I should receive a refund in a couple of days. However, I did not receive a refund. I instead received an email informing me that my account was flagged as suspicious and that it did not follow their terms and conditions and that they have now banned me from shopping with them ever again. I emailed them one time and I asked for clarification on what terms and conditions I had broken. They then proceeded to tell me that any and all other emails from me will be deleted and they will not accept any further communication from me. They branded a loyal and considerate customer as a fraudulent customer with no justification. This company and its customer service is beyond disappointing.
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4 years ago, Tobagogurl
International ordering
I loved ASOS ... all my clothes and shoes are from them. I even got my kids into them so the whole house style is on 10! However I had to delete the app and no longer be a customer due to a recent site update. I am stationed in Germany but would shop from their UK website because i prefer the UK clothes style, it comes quicker than ordering from the US but mainly because the language is in English unlike ordering from the German site. I can’t use the German website because I don’t speak or understand the language and there is no option to change the language and using Google translate is a pain. Customer service said they think the site updated and change that option I had before . It’s very unfortunate so I guess I take it as a sign to look for another store or stop shopping and save money. I wish they fix this I or change it back cause they just lost a customer ( and more fellow military customers).Well good ASOS
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3 years ago, K lakic
There are pros and cons
What I do enjoy about the ASOS app is that there is so much to choose from and the items are actually really nice. They also have some pretty awesome sales and they offer Afterpay which makes it a little easier on your wallet if you can’t pay it all up front. What I dislike is the fact they don’t offer exchanges. Which is frustrating when the item you receive either shows up damaged or you got the wrong size and you go to see if you can get the right item but it’s low in stock. However you can’t get your money back until they “inspect” the item first once it’s returned. The shipping takes forever, I’m actually shocked at how long it takes to receive your items. It’s slower then the regular mail and your items are being shipped typically through FedEx. So be prepared to wait a couple weeks for your items and have multiple dates thrown your way of when it might arrive. I do think they should allow exchanges especially when you’re ordering such expensive stuff. So while this is my second time ordering through ASOS I might give them one more try but I am extremely hesitant.
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2 years ago, xDavid831
One of the best Mens Clothing Apps, period.
Their clothes are top notch and amazing quality. I have ordered several times within the past 4 months and have not been disappointed in the quality of the shirts and the consistent discounts and sales they offer. They even got after pay offers for you to pay in increments even when spending over $100 on clothing. I haven't shopped anywhere else more than Uniqlo, Asos, and Pacsun the past couple months and I have not been disappointed in the slightest by All 3. Asos has been my go to though, from the 3. I’ve been obsessed with the color blocking shirts, oversized shirts, the Japanese shirts, and will be purchasing more and more as time goes on. Definitely a MUST for men. And their Jewelry!!! I have a $200 silver cuban chain and Asos sells one similar for about $15-25 and its the same exact weight and shines bright just like my $200 chain. It’s incredible.
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5 years ago, Ema____
Terrible customer service
They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I bought a some items that ended being to big, after I returned it, I didn’t even get half of the refund I was supposed to get. There is no number to call on their website so I had to chat. The person I chatted with was horrible, telling me that I didn’t all my refund because I got a discount. For example, If an item originally cost $40 and I get it at a discounted rate of $21, if I return the item, I should the $21 I paid but I didn’t. I’m not sure how they explained it but they stripped the discount off the other items and deducted it from my refund like they were punishing me for returning items. They don’t even do exchanges so I couldn’t replace the items with the right size or even just the items back that I returned. I was extremely dissatisfied and the person I was chatting with absolutely didn’t care. I have chatted with multiple people from their service area and got the terrible service every time. I will be honest, their clothes are nice but make sure you buy the right size because I would not recommend that you return anything. If it doesn’t fit it right, you are better off keeping it or giving it away.
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2 years ago, Greatly En'tertained
Something feels awry
It’s weird, but definitely noticeable. You can scour through your filters, but sometimes you will not see something unless you go into another item and search through the “related items” field. You’ll scratch your head as to why that product you like that’s in your size NEVER showed up on the original filter when everything else is the same save for a minor difference. I get the AI is supposed to be smart, but this just feels like you miss out on gems. Like I’ll find things better doing a Google search that brings me to ASOS vice just going on ASOS initially. And contacting customer service is a joke. Can’t do it through the app. You go into the app only to be redirected to a website that wants all the information the app already had. Make that make sense. Warn people that you will charge them a foreign transaction fee. Especially since I’m ordering from the US store. I expect the cost to be what I see it to be. Not some foreign additional fee you see on your card cause ASOS doesn’t tell you that ANYWHERE in the small print.
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2 years ago, OliviaLaurenD
Worst Company - DON’T BUY
Seriously the worst shopping + customer service experience ever! I bought a dress 3x, each time my ordered was cancelled (after purchase was made) due to it being “out of stock”. But each time I went back to the item after it was cancelled - it says it’s in stock. I went to customer service every time my order was cancelled (before I repurchased again) and they assured me it was in stock. The third time I ordered it, I even paid MORE than the original price since it wasn’t on sale anymore. I am STILL waiting on refunds totaling over $100 and have no dress to show for it. The only “help” they could give me was to say “it’s out of our control” and “we’ll alert our warehouse”. They even told me I could order it AGAIN and they would “refund me the difference of the price increase once I receive it”?? Yeah, no. This is so unprofessional and I’m never shopping ASOS again. I don’t go out of my way to leave bad reviews ever, but I’m hoping someone else can learn from my mistakes. DON’T DO IT. Please find a better business to support who can deliver or at least offer a resolution to huge mistakes like this. You’ll get nothing but trouble with ASOS!
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5 years ago, KayMack3098
Love the clothes that are on here and have bought a few items. My main concern is the customer service aspect. I recently bought a few items and before purchased I was told that I would receive the items on the estimated date of the 26th of July which is perfect because I need them before the 28th and once I purchased, after a few minutes it tells me that the estimated date is Monday, July 29th. I try to cancel but there was no option for me to do so even though it was in the 15 time limit you have to cancel for the two day delivery option. I attempted to try and find a help option but it was way too difficult to find one and there are no customer service lines; there is only a chat option (which takes forever for them to respond) and an email option. The representative that assisted me through email completely disregarded my message and proceeded to tell me “double check” before I purchase next time. If there is a way to have more personable customer service experiences than having to deal with bots most of the time, it would make everything much better.
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7 months ago, dudbdudhysbdhd
ASOS banned my account because I reach out to the customer service due to the missing of items in my delivery. I legitimate provide a screenshot of the tracking number that they provide to me through the app. That three of my items is not showing any update through the tracking system. I have been waiting for those items for almost half a month then I reach out to them for the customer service. And during the conversation they ask if I want refund or getting my items but it’s been too long so I ask for a refund and BY THE WAY I have purchased one of those fast shipping things I think it’s like $10 or something it’s supposed to ship your items in the next day. INSTEAD OF GIVING ME BACK MY 300+ dollars worth of clothes or refunds THEY SEND ME A EMAIL INFORMS ME THEY BANNED MY ACCOUNT. If you cannot run a business properly, then don’t run a business. This is unacceptable behavior for a company to their customer, you wasted my time wasted my energy trying to contact with you and also stole my money. And now I still have to use my time to write this review because I don’t want anyone else to waste their money on your business.
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1 year ago, ("-....-")
Never Order From Here!!!
I ordered from here for the first time, I was leaving for vacation and paid extra for express shipping. I waited till the estimated delivery date and nothing had changed in the tracking information. I then reached out to customer support to ask if I was going to receive the package on time because I had items specifically ordered for this trip. She assured me the delivery company delivers till 9 and that it would be there. I waited till 11pm and it never arrived. I then talked with another agent who told me I needed to talk to someone the next day, I explained to them it was already 11 pm and almost the next day so I don’t understand why I had to wait an hour to talk to someone else. I was getting very frustrated because my package was not there on the correct date despite paying extra. They all kept giving me the run around. I asked them multiple times what time it would be there because I was leaving for vacation and now the package had to sit on my porch for a week on a busy street. It probably has been stolen. They customer service was terrible and I will never be shopping with this company again.
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4 years ago, Zia1234567
My new favorite shop
I LOVE ASOS!! I used to shop at brands like f21 and others but the quality of those clothes were always poor and they never fit me properly. However ASOS is just my go to for absolutely anything and everything. Their shoes, clothes, jewelry and even makeup are exceptional quality and price range is reasonable and worth it! I FINALLY found clothes that fit me well, especially because I’m an average height, skinny girl. Every single item I got from here became my favorite and I get so many compliments. Quality is just perfect. They even ship so fast! Best part, free returns and student discounts. I’ve never discovered a shop that is my one stop for all my fashion cravings. I recommended this app to all my friends and even my boyfriend approves of my purchases! I’m so happy! Thank you ASOS! Forever your customer. Please keep up the amazing quality and sizing!!
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2 years ago, Ms GCK
Love ASOS but browsing is a pain
I absolutely love ASOS and over the years never had a purchase I was unhappy with. Quality is always great and I love how detailed and accurate item descriptions are. Unfortunately with the massive number of options they have browsing is a nightmare. Any search produces thousands of results and instead of being able to browse page by page it’s endless scrolling and you never know when it’s gonna end. On the top of it - if you lose the window by accident- you gotta start from the beginning! No idea why ASOS thinks this is a good idea. At least they added the info that item is available in different colors. Previously I bought something few times just to learn later that there are other colors I’d prefer. I get it - they pictures are cool and not as uptight like many catalogues but sometimes models are making such “unique” poses you can’t really tell what the item looks like.
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3 years ago, Buddah_k
I got face products that arrived smashed and spilled allover including a shirt. Such a mess. Worst is I can’t get hold of someone to talk to neither I can send an email. After million trials of trying the chat option now they loaded an email service that is making matters worse as it seems nothings can be done right! It’s frustrating and beyond annoying. App is terrible, takes forever to log in with error messages, doesn’t have a chat or contact like other companies. It’s like everything is a mission impossible.. even a hardwood to review something.. it’s a terrible experience and I am beyond disappointed. This is the least someone would need when spending a hard earned money during a hard period to have finally being able to buy something. These people need to learn from others! I can’t believe it that in 2021 there’s a company that no one can reach. Shortage of staff .. hire them.. there are many in need for jobs. If u can’t live up to the promises don’t operate. I’m sorry not at the cost of our nerves and frustration and things can be understood but not to this extend.
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5 years ago, kaymoney111
Talk about worst Christmas
I have ordered from ASOS for a long time. I’m 6’6, 250lbs and they have big and tall. I told my girlfriend to order everything off there for Christmas. She did and only received two things in the order. She messaged them about the missing items. They said wait 8-10 business days and they would look into it. She waited. Then emailed them again and they said wait again. Finally, she then talked to someone and they said you’ll get an email in 24 hours. Instead of resending the products she ordered they emailed back saying that never happens and that she won’t be getting any of the missing items or she will not be able to order again. Also that she will never be able to order again from them and If she sent a email to them it would be automatically deleted. Honestly I was so taken back by all of this. Thanks ASOS. Not only did you rip my girlfriend off, but my Christmas was a huge hassle because of you. I will never order from you again and I tell all of my friends not to order from you either. If you want to order clothes go somewhere else these guys are an awful company.
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6 years ago, GISuser
Few missing key features would make this app 5 stars
Love the app overall, especially the easy and quick buying process. I’ve bought a lot since I discovered Asos a few weeks ago, but I would certainly buy more if it had these features: 1. Add notifications for when a “saved” item (with a specific size), that was out of stock, becomes available again (otherwise I have to remember to go in the app and check my saved list) 2. Show me if a saved item (that is out of stock in the size I saved it in) has a size higher or lower available (I would definitely buy it to see if it would fit) 3. Add ability to see if an item is available in other colors!!! There is a color picker, but there is always only ONE color in the list. Yet I know that that item exists in multiple colors. Why does the color picker not work? 4. While searching, would be helpful to have an icon or similar to indicate: a) I’ve looked at this item already, and b) I’ve bought this item already to make my buying experience even more efficient. 5. Sometimes I use Saved items to check for price drops or tracking if different sizes become available, which means my Saved items list is LONG. The sort function recently added was very helpful. Give us the ability to organize/categorize our saved items — this will be a game changer. Thank you anyway for an app that has revolutionized my shopping experience (goodbye Zara, Mango, etc...hello Asos)!
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3 years ago, Zoey Grae
Customer service gets an F
I cannot believe how horrible ASOS customer service has become. I love shopping ASOS, it's literally my favorite place to shop, but lately I've had missing packages, packages with other people's items, packages without my items, wrong sizes etc. The worst part about having so many problems with packages is that it takes days even weeks to get a hold of customer service on Twitter or Facebook. Then when they finally message you it's not a consistent conversation back and forth, you have to wait another couple days or a week for them to respond. It's absolutely draining and these issues are making me think twice about shopping with ASOS. Please ASOS improve your customer service now before you lose faithful customers and please send people the correct items. I understand that mistakes happen, but this is just ridiculous! With customer service the way that it is now I cannot recommend ASOS.
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5 years ago, Hanko808
Love hate
Pay the $20/year for 2day shipping fee or suffer the consequences of long shipping or lost items. I live in Hawaii in shipping always takes longer but I get my things here within 3 working days👍🏾 Note that their shoes/heels etc never seemed to fit right I ordered a hand full of times changing the size and I still never get a Perfect fit. Darn it!! Jewelry is nice but you MUST check sizes. Customer service is horrible! They really don’t give a shhh! I have been a customer for a several years now and they still haven’t offered me any valued customer discounts. If they muck up your order the representative will flip it on you somehow. I would say they have one good representative out of three! I have premier shipping (2-day) why in the world would I still have to choose an option of standard or two days? I talked to a representative and she slipped by saying they were unusually busy so they changed their shipping options... it’s so shady! Basically, I feel they give a “choice” knowing Premier holders would never check because they “pay” for the faster shipment. Underhanded. As for the clothes, it’s true to size However, you must do your research by blowing up the pic to see how the material looks like and the fit on model closely. Sometimes I order stuff and 1 out of 5 times it looks horrible on me lol I keep coming back because there aren’t many options for big girls that have good quality. Love the clothing options hate everything else!
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7 months ago, Yeshua2311@
ASOS app
What can I say. ASOS is one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing from. Orders are always on time. They arrive in a decent timely manner. Each order comes exactly how you see it in the picture. I’ve been ordering from ASOS for years and have never in the 6 years I’ve been a customer I have never been disappointed. ASOS truly is the definition of what an excellent company is. I appreciate their merchandise and I would shop here before any other company. They have quality and quantity. They give the best discounted prices making it affordable for people to shop. They cater to the to the customer in every way. Between time of receiving merchandise, customer care, service to the customer, prices, and respect by the quality of what they put out. ASOS is truly the best!
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2 years ago, aaaaaaaa123456779
I love the store
I am 205cm, skinnier guy, and it has never been easier for me to buy the sizes I need. There is bunch of stuff on there for everyone and anyone, so you can find things that are low quality, make sure you read the description and reviews. I am very satisfied with the clothes I am getting from ASOS, but I did return back some clothes that were poor quality. Customer service team behind refunds and issues are also always on point, I was resolving things via chat mostly. Returns are easy to do, you just have to print the label the app sends you, reseal the bag you got the clothes in, tape the label on the bag and bring it to ups. They just take the bag from you there. Overall easy to use, price convenient, huge inventory to chose from for any style and vibe.
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3 years ago, Lisha2800
No customer service???
In the past I never had a problem ordering with ASOS until now. I was going to a wedding and I decided to get my ENTIRE outfit from ASOS since they carry my size, and like I said I’ve never had a problem in the past. My total ended up being about $90 something. Well when my parcel finally arrived I literally got 4 BRACELETS!! I immediately tried to find a number to contact them but nope!! They only have online customer service, so I start a conversation with representative and he tells me to send pictures of the box and each picture I sent was wrong and blah blah blah ughhh. Long story short he told me the right parcel was delivered and it was on time so it was nothing he could do for me….. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE AGAIN!!! I absolutely love the styles on the site, but I can not take a chance with my hard earned money during these trying times. The customer needs some kind of insurance or something needs to be put in place where things like this won’t happen. Please proceed with caution you guys.
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4 years ago, ILoveMy_Jennay
New customer
I just bought my first outfit from here. I had heard about this store through other people but never committed. I love that they are US based and now that I’ve bought something I can see that they also have quality clothes. They have a help find your size thing that you can do and it’s way better then the other ones that always ask for a brand. I don’t wear name brand things most the time so I can never finish those ones in particular. Which frustrates me more since I don’t want to have to send anything back and pay any restock fees or extra shipping fees. Best of all their size me calculator was right! I didn’t see reviews on clothes so I was a tad hesitant to buy but it all worked out. Everything fits me perfectly, they are now going to be my go to place to shop online! Thank you ASOS.
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1 year ago, kwamwei
HOAX ALERT: Premium Feature for Free Next Day Delivery Doesn’t Work
I unintentionally selected this option upon checkout, but the items didn’t come next day… or the next 2 days or the next 3. Not even within the next 4 days: the order didn’t arrive until well after I left town, which I was ordering the items for. Instead I received apology emails from Asos everyday for 3 days asking to excuse their inability to deliver as I paid. After the 3rd day, Asos stopped emailing me their apologies and the order casually arrived roughly 8 days after purchased. I attempted to contact Asos to cancel this ridiculous free delivery feature via their customer service, yet, to date Asos has not contacted me back nor refunded me for this ridiculous program. Asos should be held accountable for these extremely deceptive practices. Again, no one has yet contacted me back as of this note. The order fulfilled was well over $300 not to mention I’ve been a consistent customer for several years (just never bought into their “programs,”).
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3 years ago, Miss Angel1981
Love Your Products but Customer Service Needs Work
I love everything about ASOS but their customer service and shipping department need work. I pay for the 2-day shipping membership and sometimes I get my stuff on time yet sometimes i don’t. Customer service has NEVER been helpful to me. Generic answers to my questions with no real help. Highly irritating. Lately the shipping has been suspect. My last 3 orders never arrived when they said they would…took an extra couple of days which is annoying. I pay the subscription so I get my stuff quicker and that just doesn’t always happen. Get it together ASOS! Stop using ontrac!!! As they are never on track with their deliveries. I’m on a delayed day 3 notification of “delayed in transit” on an order I paid for expedited shipping. Probably won’t get it until the middle of next week now and I was supposed to get it this past Tuesday. Highly irritating!!!
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4 years ago, Ab26x
I literally don’t know who is running the customer service or the Order and delivery team but they need to fire who ever it is because they are just going around closing accounts and canceling ASOS orders and definitely making asos lose money, it was my first time shopping here because I came across it and liked the site so I ordered 2 items and a couple hours later I get an email saying “Your order was unsuccessful.... Your order has been canceled because it didn’t pass our validation checks. Customer security is really important to us at ASOS, and in order to protect our customers, all orders are subject to security checks to verify the information provided.” Like what!!!? And didn’t even mention that the payment was declined or anything because the payment definitely went through and surprisingly after talking to a stranger they also mentioned when they first came across Asos and ordered something Asos canceled their order and closed their account out of nowhere..... way to give a first impression to new customers...
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Honestly I’m very disappointed with ASOS. They keep talking about free shipping if you add this or that but I opted for a pick up option and even tho they said delivery was free when I went to an UPS store to pick up they still charged me 5$ plus change for DELIVERY!! WTH is this trickery?? They never mentioned to me UPS would charge it. ALSO THEIR SIZING IS NOT WESTERN COSTUMARY!!! IT IS ASIAN, ALWAYS ORDER A BIGGER SIZE FROM YOUR REGULAR FITTING IT IS NOT THE SAME!!!!! Clothes are made in Cambodia and that’s probably why. Fabric in some clothes are not very good either. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR THINGS. Wait for discounts. Full price is not worth it. ASOS wanna charge high prices in their own designs but it’s not worth it the quality. DONT BE FOOLED!!! They trick their costumers. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I spent about 1k in 2 weeks because of holidays etc. I’m very disappointed. I’ll never recommend anyone ever and only continued shopping on here online because of the pandemic. Will NEVER be coming back. They should be embarrassed for treating a new costumer like me this poorly. DONT SUPPORT ASOS!!!! I rather shop at Marshall’s and Ross. Seriously!!!
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4 years ago, KandGLand
Favorite Shopping App Ever
The ASOS app is absolutely, hands-down, my favorite shopping app EVER. And I do plenty of online clothing shopping... I am hooked on ASOS. I can find just about anything I want. My favorite features and details include tall options, how the height of the model is included, their back-in-stock notifications, awesome discounts, and 2-day shopping for only $19 a year! And major bonus, free returns! It does not get any better than that. There’s only a few things I wish they had, filtering by model height, notifications when items on my saved list go on sale, and a little bit better customer service. Overall, ASOS is always my go-to and I always have a great shopping experience with the app. I might be their biggest fan...
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2 years ago, Ebolla13
No customer service and they blame customers for theft
This company has so many problems. First, they don’t have a customer service line and require using a crappy chat bot to reach support. They also contract with cheap lazy delivery set. My package was stolen because their delivery service left the package outside my building in view of the street rancher than actually delivering to my apartment. I live in Manhattan, it’s obvious that leaving a package outside will be stolen. Then when I contacted for support, they blamed me for the theft. I had to contact them 4 times over 3 weeks to get a refund while they “investigated “. They also just completely forgot to do the “investigation “ and left me having to start all over again with the process. Horrible experience. They hire lazy delivery contractors. They blame customers for theft caused by the delivery contractors. They require customers to run around in circles for weeks to get a refund. And they refuse to talk to customers over the phone. Very unethical and disrespectful company.
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3 years ago, 01929283736
I think it’s great clothing app
There’s only two recommendations I’d give from a petite person’s perspective. It would be so great if in the comment section of products, people had to include their height so we can use that as a reference to figure out if the clothes would fit. Second thing is that not all petite women have short legs a lot of us have some quite long legs and would appreciate it SO MUCH if in the petite section of the store there were more non-high waisted jeans. Mid-rise or around that area. Because the high waisted jeans are basically the only ones available and it doesn’t fit well on long legged petites. They tend to drop down and makes our torsos look short and weird. They also get baggy around the booty area because they drop down.
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6 years ago, csc2576
Could be so good
The app itself is really, really good. No navigational issues, everything is laid out really well, and the favorites feature is great. Great job app developers. My issue is with the company itself... Generally speaking, they have many, many average items that would look alright. But all of their really sick items are constantly out of stock. Like, constantly. I have had at least 7 items saved in my favorites that I have been checking back on for the past ~3 months. Still not in stock. And there is no timeline as to when they will be back in stock either. This is particularly true for Men’s Tall items. I have ordered from ASOS in the past, and my products have all been great! But if you are never in stock with your good items that customers actually want, then what’s the point. I get that you can go out of stock of certain items, but not having those items back in stock after 3+ months just seems unreasonable to me.
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2 years ago, shakaZ04
Okay for the most part but recently dissatisfied
I won’t make this long but I’ve used the same address for 4 different items and have received my packages. But for some reason I use the same on two recent ones and they say my address is "unknown". When trying to get the item sent back they can’t do that and instead schedule a Refund. Why is it that when I use the same address a packages are delivered but in my last two recent ones they’re not? And on top of that they get sent back immediately without even calling my number to discuss delivery issues? I think that if there is an issue with delivery and you express that to asos they should redeliver your package instead of giving you a refund for a item you may never be able to buy again because it’s out of stock. I loved asos but recently it’s been a bummer.
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3 years ago, JayLopez2402
The Asos App is incredibly user friendly. They literally make it so easy for you to shop. The search history never gets erased, they have a “boards” section to create an aesthetic to your liking, they have a Camera/Camera Roll option to upload a photo of a piece of clothing which they can then find something similar off the app, they have diverse sizing such as hourglass, petite and tall, they give relevant suggestions to create a similar vibe based off things you’ve looked at or saved, they also have an option to Shop the models look so that way you don’t have to scour the app trying to find it, they have amazing sales, and the layout of the app is just super simple and easy to use. I wish every clothing app would be like this!!
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6 years ago, jumhancok
Felt like I just got my money stolen.
I order off the app cause they have good looking clothes. When I placed my order. My package was supposed to be coming in on July 5. Somehow the delivery company they contracted with said that they delivered my package on June 30. I never got anything and I was home all day. No one rang my door, not one single knocked. So I contacted their “customer care team” through email seems like that the only way to contact them.. They kept prolonging to call me to fix the situation. They still haven’t called me and it’s been a week. They have not yet give me my refund since I asked for it. They haven’t even told me they would be investigating my order to see if the delivery had actually even been delivered. It’s like they don’t care. They want your money and everything after that your on your own. If you had no problem with your delivery you’re one of the lucky ones. God forbid something goes wrong with your order. ASOS customer care team won’t do ANYTHING to help you with your order.
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5 years ago, swizzballa123
Horrible customer service!!
I recently order a few items that were never delivered. I reached out to customer service to see where my order was and they kept saying that they will deliver at a certain date and time and if it doesn’t arrive, to let them know. I did let them know and when I did, they immediately refunded my order without my consent??? Why would you refund a customers order rather than send out a new order and investigate what happened to the old order. Is that not customer service??? Well I found out the truth. I called FEDEX and they said they don’t know what happened to the order. Instead of ASOS calling FedEx to see what happened, they instead string the customer along till they can find a fix and then when they can’t refund them. The sad thing is this was my FIRST order with them! Well they lost me as a customer. I was hoping this would work but a company with new customer support is a dead company. In retail it’s so important today to have great service.
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3 years ago, Mitchmkm24
Should be 5 stars
I ordered a Black Friday order and after I did I realized that it was going to the wrong address. I then canceled the order and changed the shipping address to the correct address and tried to reorder but I didn’t have the funds in my account for the reorder to process, so I had to wait for the funds to return to my bank account and by that time the Black Friday deal was over so I completely missed out. For situations like this, the app should have a section where you can pause the shipment for a short time and edit the address or a button option to change the shipping address within a certain amount of time after ordering. Or a person should at least be able to reorder at the same discount as the original order. Thank you.
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5 years ago, lkmm.
I’m not a person who leaves reviews often but in this case I though it’s necessary. I like this app, the styles and clothes seem stylish, cute and unique. I appreciate that this app offers diverse brands and recommends clothes based on your history and personal opinion. However, I haven’t ordered nothing because shipping is WAY too high for me, I understand this varies depending on where you live but I can’t even use valid coupons because they’re not approved in the selected delivery country I chose. I wish these valid coupons could be used internationally, in EVERY region. I personally don’t know if this could be an option I just wish somehow this could be possible:( On other note, I wish they could have a section of reviews of clients, this is EXTREMELY helpful when you’re buying anything online. Besides that I haven’t experienced any crashes or further glitches with the app.
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5 years ago, D. Hill
While the ASOS brand represents cheaper more disposable and trendier fashion, the app itself goes above and beyond in tailoring the merchandise to users interests. This is one of the most detailed oriented fashion brand applications I have even seen. Not only does it cover the basics such as the product description and a gallery of images for each selected item but short videos of the model wearing the item are provided as well as a description of the model’s physical dimensions giving shoppers an even better idea of how the product might fit them. The app also employs a very detailed filter covering price, category and even if an item is eco conscious. Navigation within the app is made easy as the app never feels too cluttered or confusing in getting where you want. For those who shop the brand regularly this is a must download.
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3 years ago, Asosistrash
ASOS is trash
So i ordered 200$ worth of clothes for an event i had on the 17th because the site said i would receive it on the 16th. So needless to say i didn’t receive it in time. Now i go out of town tomorrow without my clothes when all day the site told me that it was out for delivery. At the last minute it changes and says check Tomorrow for updated delivery details ... so i contact customer service only to be told I’ll get my things in a week and then i can return them..... i returned a pair of pants before which i never got a refund for but didn’t really care because it was only 30 dollars ..... so now i have no clothes for the event i have to cough up another 200 to purchase something from the mall and am feeling like i won’t be getting a refund for this if i ever get it. I’ve been shopping with ASOS for years and pay for the yearly free delivery and all that jazz. I find it very disheartening that’s there’s nothing that can be done for me in this situation
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5 years ago, Fitnessguru603
Adore ASOS & App ... but please bring back Brand Feature!!
ASOS is my go to place to shop. I adore this store and the app is so so helpful. I used to wish it included user product reviews, but that’s changed because ASOS makes the return process so easy. Now, I actually enjoy ordering, trying on, and forming my own opinion about an item (without buyer’s regret.. bc I can return!). It’s easy on other sites to overly rely on user reviews. My one thing is... please consider bringing back the brand click through functionality! What I’m talking about is: select a product > Product Information > [text reads something like] “Blazer by ASOS EDITION” ^ some time ago, you used to be able to click “ASOS EDITION” and it would pull up all items by that brand. I LOVED that function and maybe was one of few who used it, but I would love to see it return. (Probably a lot of work for devs to re-link all that tho.) I bring it up bc one of my favorite things about ASOS is all the fun brands. I read about their history and where they’re from and I just love it. I know I could go back and filter myself (and I do that) but just wanted to peep over and say I miss the function! Love you ASOS thanks for the great app
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4 years ago, Caseym324
Ordered and paid for 6 items, received 2.
I made an order of 10 items, my order came to my door with the bag ripped open and only 9 items inside. They sent a replacement, it’s not here yet, who knows if it will come. Another order, 6 items. Package arrived, literally 2 of the items inside. Other 4 nowhere to be found. They don’t have a phone number for customer service. Obviously because they know they would get ringed out. How in the world do you send out a package of 2 items to someone who purchased 6 items? Like this is the most incapable fulfillment center, company, and customer service. I’m completely shocked they are in business. The clothes are nice, if you get them! Then they barely respond to emails about order problems. The first 36 hours after emailing about getting robbed on my order, I got 1 email back asking what was missing. Another 24 hours, no email back. What kind of company is this? It’s so absurd. Another 24 hours and I’m contacting my bank.
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1 year ago, YaYa McBird
Plus size clothing in EUROPE!!
I was terrified after moving from the US over to the Portuguese Azores that I would never be able to buy clothes again without a major shipping hassle from the US. I am 6’ tall and US size 26 so yeah. I tower over everyone here! Lol. Found ASOS and am thrilled! Have ordered numerous times and EVERY SINGLE order has been correct, of good quality, proper packaging, and delivered promptly (usually within 10 days). Sizing is true to US numbers, even a bit more generous most times. Pricing is fair. Sweaters haven’t pilled, no noticeable shrinkage, colors are true to photographs. Love the plus size models as well! So happy to know that I will not be left naked here on the island!!! Website also works well! Kudos to ASOS!
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6 years ago, AlLy-K
Horrible customer service
I’ve ordered from the company several times and each time there’s something shady from the conversion rates to shipping. When you contact them you get generic responses that don’t address you as an individual. I think keywords in your emails trigger topics sent to you as if you’re being responded to. I place an order and things change about my order and when I contact them they just send me a link to some associated article for me to read what happened and why they charged me conversion prices when on my app it clearly shows USD I would be careful as you may by something that says one price and then you’re charged another price. I even sent them screenshot of my order with the price I was shown and they kind of gave me a oh well response it is what it is and made no attempts to fix it or compensate the exchange. After like my 4th order I’ve realized this company just doesn’t care that much. Im sorry I’ll have to take by mushiness elsewhere
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5 years ago, Tzipline
Only used for a day but I love!
I’ve always been scared to venture out in clothing and always stuck to the same things but since browsing this website, I’ve found that my tastes need to be expanded and I’m excited to do so. Thank you to the show Euphoria for driving me here after seeing Kat’s outfits and Rue’s as well! I’ve added about $6000 worth of clothes to my wishlist and I definitely plan on buying as much as I can. Most of it it somewhat affordable but even the more expensive things look worth it. I’m excited for my purchase (I also bought the two day delivery for a year for $19). Also - they give discounts to college students but it’s only $10. Still, though - saved money is saved money no matter how much.
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6 years ago, JessAriasMommy
Selection and video shots of products on models are priceless
I freaking love ASOS!! The selection is there, the categories are all filled to the max, functionality and movement throughout the website and app are user friendly and flawless. Shipping is fast, from the IS and 2 day shipping is available as well. They have a full range of styles, sizes, shapes and they stay update on trends for all those trendy dressers. I know there’s a lot of products and that, at times, it can be overwhelming for some. ASOS has awesome filters and sorter options so you can really customize your search, you know, just in case you don’t want to look at everything (trust me, find time to look through everything.) one of the best places to shop online!
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6 months ago, Ajsmel
ASOS is great app! Plus sizes, shoes, great accessories!
I love Asos - they are so easy to shop AND return with free( I always spend enough to get free shipping. Have “ on trend” items in every category . One of THE best places for plus or oversized items - when they say it’s oversized it is! Only wish is they’d be specific in descriptions. I have been shopping ( along with 1 plus size daughter and 1- regular size daughter for years and always have good luck!! Feel confident shopping on asos Bc it’s so easy to return!(and shipping is very fast right now- which is nice bc other stores are taking forever. I’m a size 22, 5’5” tall and usually get a size 22 or 3x but in a lot of things I end up sending back for smaller size . GREAT ONLINE STORE!!
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2 years ago, tresnje
The app is okay - it used to be better when they linked to the specific items for the “complete the look”/“pair with” section for full outfits. the reviews aren’t available for most items and the sizing is infuriating - there is no consistency, so you’re stuck guessing whether the sizing for an item is british, european, american and sometimes MENS vs women’s sizing. the Premier Delivery feature is the biggest waste of my money - not one of my orders since i opted into Premier has arrived next day, despite me ordering before the cutoff time. what a joke, total false advertising. i gave the app a three because it’s a shopping app that gives you access to thousands of items and the wishlist/board feature is nice. there are sales often. just don’t go for Premier Delivery…not even worth the $20 per year…sad.
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