Athleta: Fashion & Athleisure

4.9 (142.1K)
207.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gap Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Athleta: Fashion & Athleisure

4.91 out of 5
142.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Dancearoo
Easy to use. Multi-brand.
The Athleta app has been easy to use for the past two years. I like how they update it every few weeks, keeps me coming back for more! I am able to see the all of the product available easily from my phone. I also like how I am able to switch between brands in order to view their products and love that I can use my Athleta card member rewards with any of them. The only complaint I have is that sometimes items that have been out of stock or are no longer in market will still show up on the SALE section. I do wish those items would be taken off the app in order to avoid disappointments or misunderstandings. Otherwise, great job!
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1 year ago, igvcssrgbnjkk
Recent updates are terrible
I’m sad that Gap/Athleta has resorted to even more banners in the app and slower performance. My major problems with the app (as of Jan 31, 2023) 1. If you have anything in your cart, it’s constantly telling you how many people have that in their cart - aka high pressure sales - not cool. 2. Filters - the filters in this app are very slow, and it doesn’t support having multiple filters at the sale time without a major lag. 3. You forgot me? - If you click away from the app on your phone for even a minute, it re-opens to the homepage and doesn’t remember where you were seconds ago. 4. Punished for logging in - If you aren’t logged in and put an item in your cart, once you log in it drops the item out of your cart, and if it’s the last available it takes the app about 5 minutes to make it available again. 5. Constantly logging me out? - see point above for a wam-bam issue, but I’m asked to log in multiple times and often without even leaving the app. 6. Sometimes pages don’t load - they’ll show one picture, and nothing else on the screen for minutes before the user gives up. You have to go back and re-enter your selection for it to catch up. 7. The gap credit card returns do not show as negatives in the credit card detail - veeeeerry confusing. On a good note, I like the wellness features. That’s about the only positive change I can think of seeing in the past year or more.
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3 years ago, Katrate6
Loss of functionality
Very disappointing!!! The one thing that made up for how glitchy the app could be was the ability to switch between the 4 that feature is gone. Like many others who have reviewed the app, I have had the issue of the app jump around when you are scrolling through items. You lose your place and can’t get to where you were. This also happens on their website. Search phrases are hit or miss. You can search for the exact name of an item and it will not appear. They have to invest in fixing this as it gives the impression that you do not have it. I have had sizes appear (tall) on the website, but they don’t show up on the app. Now with the loss of being able to switch through brands...the app really becomes useless. In a time when online shopping and virtual abilities are so vital...they are really missing the boat. Absolutely love the clothes...BUT not the technical challenges. Please resolve!
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2 years ago, Alicefaith
A few hiccups but overall fine
Mostly I like the app. It’s easy to use. There are a couple of things that are annoying - not a reason not to use it but mentioning here as a request to development: 1. It never remembers me. It makes me sign in almost every time, and it doesn’t remember my ID even so I have to go into Passwords in my phone and scroll down to find it. 2. It frequently decides I’m an idiot and tries to teach me (again) how to use the app. “Tap here to save for later” or whatever, and forces me to acknowledge, and then goes on for several screens showing me how to do things that I’ve a. done a zillion times already and b. should be clear anyway to anyone who’s ever shopped online. I have not found a way to escape until it is done showing me all the things. I’m not refusing cookies or anything like that so no reason for it to think I’ve never been there before. 3. It would be nice to be able to search for something and have it show up once with all the color options listed, rather than showing up individually for each color such that you have to scroll through a jillion items when there are really only seven distinct things but in different colors.
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3 years ago, AlwaysTeaching
App that pairs well with shopping ease
Only issues I’ve ever had with the Athleta/Gal all in one app is occasionally getting logged out and having to log in alllll the time. Would love it if they added facial recognition to the app for that reason. (Unless they have and I missed it.) I also wish they had a full-sized/real app for iPad, not just an enlarged phone version. But again, with password saving and how well the website version works also, I feel like Gap Inc., made shopping as buttery smooth as their Athleta tights for us online shopping warriors. My only regret is buying a ton to try at home and torturing the store staff with occasional returns. All in all. Well done.
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2 years ago, zilaras7
A+ navigation & shopping, D- app advantages & purchasing
This app is easy to navigate and switch between brands. However, I gave it a low rating because there’s literally no advantage to using this than going to the website. I would actually say it’s worse. Every single time I open the app (even if I was just looking at it 5 minutes before), it takes me through this annoying navigation tutorial. It also makes me sign in every time I want to do anything! For example, if I sign in to checkout, I have to sign in AGAIN to redeem any rewards and then half the time I have to sign in again to complete the purchase! It’s ridiculous. I use it just to keep track of my shopping bag so I don’t have another tab open in my browser, but 9 times out of 10 I go to the website to finish my purchase because it’s much faster.
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4 years ago, Brimar503
This app is easy to use and intuitive. You can easily maneuver through different categories (tops, costs, buttons, etc.) with various sub categories. The produce images are easy to view and most details are featured in up close photos. It reminds me of the Nordstrom app. Checkout is quick and my card is remembered and I can use the same login for all Gap brands. I would like to be able to search or filter reviews. The search feature requires exact matches. For example, if I search “petite four pink” I get no results for the correctly spelled color “petit four pink”.
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3 years ago, MNMom2021
Sale page never loads properly
I have the same issue with both the website and the app… when scrolling through items in the sale page, the page will just refresh and lose several of the items that were previously there. It just jumps around constantly, and even if I close the app and reload, it still happens. And I’ve also encountered the exact same issue with the website. It’s becoming such a problem that shopping online or through the app is virtually impossible. I also had my daughter try it on her phone, and the same thing happened. It’s super frustrating… to the point where it’s not worth shopping on your site or app.
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4 years ago, kristajo1231
Prepare to refresh over and over and over
I keep hoping this app will improve; it used to work so well before about fall 2019. But since then, it’s riddled with bugs that seem to get worse and worse instead of better. The first and most frustrating problem is that I get the “Something Went Wrong” error message and prompt to refresh seemingly at random throughout several sections of the app. It’s constantly needing to be refreshed, and when it does, it either reloads the page entirely or makes me re-scroll through items I’ve already seen. I can’t get through probably 2 minutes in the app without running into this message — and it happens over and over and over again. The second problem is that the “Favorites” section has become unusable. While the icon is still shown on items (in the feed - for the most part? - but not on an item page), it’s impossible to get to your own Favorites section because of the aforementioned “Something Went Wrong” endless cycle. I’ve had to resort to putting all my “favorites” into my cart, then moving them to “Saved For Later” just to keep track of the things I like. I love Athleta and their products, but this app needs some serious love. It’s incredibly frustrating to use!
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1 year ago, mmccullah17
Never once has the app worked on my iPhone 13 Pro. It just never loads. I either get a blank white screen or a spinning Athleta logo. I’m now even more upset because the link here in the App Store for “App Support” just links to the feedback section of Athleta’s website. There is nothing about app support there, so I started a chat, only to hear, “I am sorry but I am unable to help you with any app issues.” So I then asked if there was anyone else I could talk to about it, & the associate advised they’d fetch me the customer relations phone #, then the chat dropped & that was the end of it. Athleta - PLEASE do not make it so certain perks are ONLY accessible via the app, when the app itself does not even function for some people. This should be a no-brainer. I’d rate it zero stars if I could. Athleta’s clothes are amazing, but their app is somehow still totally non-functional for some people.
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2 years ago, almostclever44
Glitchy and unreliable
I’m a regular shopper at Athleta — have had the app on my phone for at least a year. During the time, it’s consistently glitchy and unreliable. One major recurring issue is that “favorites” do not save — I’ve gone though and favorited a bunch of items when planning gift purchases, or major sales, etc… and it just deletes all of them instantly. I know this is a problem other people have experienced regularly as well, but it has yet to be resolved. Particularly annoying, since some sales or early access to collections is “in app only,” so you can’t always just circumvent the problem by using the website instead. Sort/filter options are also more limited that what the website allows. For a major company (including Gap/ Banana Republic/ Old Navy/ etc) — this seems like a major oversight.
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3 years ago, NMB-10006
Uff version 3.28.2 is hurting
I love this app and it usually functions very well for me, but for this version, I’m not sure what’s going on… pages not loading, the main page is blank, getting several “something went wrong” errors. In the cart it keeps getting frozen on the pop up telling me how to slide left to delete or save items for later, can’t get past it. Have tried restarting the app and using WiFi and cell data to make sure it wasn’t my connection. Going to need to go to the website to checkout instead.
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2 years ago, The Doughty's
Fix it..
The app is sub-par at best.. has great potential from the layout standpoint but it’s constantly refreshing and sending you to the top of the page. If you leave the app for 1 sec forget it, plan to ‘re-search’ again and scroll scroll scroll to get back where you were. It also annoying that if you favorite an item and it sells out it just removed it from your list. No other shopping app does this, what if it comes back in stock? Or I would like to keep it in mind to find something similar? Nope, she gone! With the last update the app doesn’t even work..I tried to contact customer service to no avail so here is some feedback for you.. fix it!! Especially for the cost of your clothing!!
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1 year ago, GJ-100
Always get an error trying to login
I used the Athleta app to shop across brands for a long time and I loved it. About a year ago after an update the app completely stopped working for me and my husband. We have deleted and then downloaded again to no avail. I can look for items but whenever I try to login, I get a notice that an unexpected error has occurred. Now the only way for me to shop is through a browser. It is unfortunate since there are app only specials and there was such an ease to using the app.
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5 years ago, comfyallday
Smooth App
This app makes it so much more smooth to shop my favorite Athleta gear. I’m used to shopping online using the Athleta website, and this app is so much easier. I can easily apply filters, edit my cart, jump between all the Gap brands (without losing the items in my cart), and my rewards are always right there when I open the app. Even if I’m shopping in store, I just open the app and have my rewards ready to apply. I won’t have to wait to login & click around several times before getting to my rewards (and holding up the line). Love the new app!
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2 years ago, ThatsMRStoyou
Not as good as before
I loved using the app. It is easy to use, holds my info, remembers my favorites, and easy to navigate. However, with the last few updates every 30 seconds (no matter what store I’m shopping on) I get a screen that says “Something went wrong. Uh oh… we weren’t able to process your request. Refresh to try again.” I was hoping this would be fixed with the last three updates, but it seems to be popping up faster. Started at every 5 minutes, then two minutes, now it’s every 30 seconds it seems. Please find this issue and solve it. I am losing interest in using the app because of this.
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3 years ago, tonimesha
Glitchy glitchy glitchy
I have tolerated the glitchiness on this app because I love Athleta, the look, the quality, the price, the frequency of sale. However, I am reaching a breaking point. The app signs me out every time I close it, regardless of having FaceID activated. I have to sign in with my email and password, which I and probably most people have not taken the time to memorize. This is a minor inconvenience, but with this being an app and the ease of use being a prominent feature of apps, this is a big problem.
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2 years ago, Bettyd28
Sign in is always an issue
The navigation on the app is good, and it’s nice and smooth to toggle between the different stores. Great that you can combine your cart and shipping. But sign in is always an issue. The app logs me out randomly and repeatedly, and it’s weirdly tough to get it signed back in. I get a spinning wheel until it times out, even when I uninstall and reinstall the app. This has happened intermittently for the entire time I’ve owned the app, which is more than a year. I wish I could give more stars because this is the only issue I have because it’s excellent for browsing. But it’s completely prohibitive to completing a purchase. Which… is the whole point of having the app.
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4 years ago, ames36portland
Making it easy to get what you love!
This app is pretty great! I love that I can browse sale items or new items and put them in the cart for a sale or reward or check to see if they have it in the store to reserve and try on or buy. I love that it keeps my card info and reward info and I can shop the whole family of brands from the same app and apply my rewards or promos to it. I have had trouble applying promo codes occasionally and not had success with contacting the company to resolve those issues.
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2 years ago, JamieSurvivor
The worst app I ever had on my phone
I never ever left a review for an app. But here I am! The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves. This app is absolutely unusable (and others from the family - Gap, Banana, Old Navy). Not just it stores nothing in you cart or searches. It messes up your address book, or payment selections, or discounts. The moment your phone turns off the app is gone like a ghost. What is also gone is half of the stuff you went through so you have to start from the beginning. Magically disappear in items in the app. Have to start over all the time. I cannot say enough bad things about it. It crashes, it fails to connect. Any issue you can imagine is there. And the one you can’t- also happens.
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3 years ago, jeniferleB
I love Athleta. Hate their app.
This is one of the worst shopping apps I have used. I am giving up on it and will just use the website. I have so many problems logging in because of the user interface on my iPhone. I finally figured out that the app doesn’t display or work properly on the smaller iPhones. It displays fine on iPads or iPhone Max phones. I enter my username/email but there is no place to enter my password and it won’t let me advance without the password. So basically I can’t use the app on my phone. So frustrating. The app has had glitches like this for the past year. I wish Athleta would fix this since normally it is so much easier to shop on an app rather than logging into the website.
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2 years ago, skali1647
Bad to… uh…
This app was pretty consistently buggy (favorites not saving anywhere but the app telling you that your non-existent favorites sold out, constantly refreshing so you can’t even answer a text without it kicking you back to the beginning, etc.). Today’s update though? The app just crashes without even loading. My phone iOS is up to date, so idk what is going on. It’s still pushing notifications, but the app doesn’t work at all. The feedback link just takes you to the customer service page on Athleta’s mobile site with no option for the app. So here’s my feedback: get it together with this app already!
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2 years ago, Erunnermamma
Crashes like a sloth with narcolepsy
Ok guys, I LOVE Athleta and I love the layout and feel of this app, but seriously, I cannot even scroll down an inch without it crashing repeatedly. Like, ALL THE TIME. I keep it up to date, I reinstall, I clear data, but to no avail. It never remembers my thumbprint or password even though I tell it to literally every time I log in. It’s extremely frustrating for an app that is supposed to make browsing easier. I have started going back to the website to browse because I am so done with all the bugs and glitches. I wanna give you a second chance though because I love everything else, so please fix the issues! <3
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3 years ago, Runtheplanet
Recent updates make the app unusable
Not sure what’s happened recently to the app but it’s now unusable. - I have to log back in frequently. - If I look at additional details of an item, I’m not able to navigate back to that item but have to close the app, reopen it and then find the item again. - can’t seem to filter clothing based on activity any more.. don’t want to look at a ton of jackets that aren’t specific to running.
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2 years ago, hfjkiyrdgkoi
Repeatedly encounter issue using app
App consistently gives “oops try again” or “unable to retrieve at this time” when using which is frustrating. Now for almost 2 weeks, I have been unable to access “My Favorites”. Have reported twice and still no call or email. I am able to see everything in wallet and other items when logged in, just nothing in My favorites. Love Athleta but won’t be buying anything until issue is corrected. No wonder parent company has lost money!
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5 years ago, PonyandaPayday
The next level of Athleta service!
I am obsessed with Athleta for their clothes. But I also think the app is an underrated superstar. It works seamlessly from ordering, checking stock in stores to reserving that last coveted item to snag after work! If that wasn’t enough, you can shop the other Gap family brands without having to download 5 other apps. Athleta and the Gap family give me inspiration and hope that a corporation can do business right and care for their customers needs.
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4 years ago, J9penny
Love Everything About Athleta
I not only love the quality of the clothes, I think the application is great too. It’s easy to navigate and allows me to easily save items for later. My favorite feature is being able to scan the magazine to find an item I’m looking at. Also, when in the store and can’t find my size, I can easily scan the item to see if they have my size online. I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, supasales
Luv holiday items & 5⭐️customer service!
BIG thanks to Stephanie in customer service today! She is professional, knowledgeable, helpful & has a good sense of humor too (both of us petite, ha :) New holiday items in red fun! Only downside is pre-thanksgiving promo marketing sent to me, did not have offer details or date :( Regular, loyal customer. Email notification for app DL has not come thru. Will circle back. Thanks again Athleta for petite options, style & top notch service!!
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4 years ago, blondebomber49
I love Athleta
I would like to make some product recommendations 1) a tank that is higher on the chest with straps that are flattering with a longer length that doesn’t fly up during burpees but doesn’t add perceive girth.. speedlight was close and the chi tank in plain colors was also great. 2) a sports bra that’s made for high impact that has molded cups and a bit of padding for figure enhancement... 3) bring back Capri/ crop lengths in decorative styles/ mesh.. prefer petites.. some longer tights are just too hot for HIIT workouts..
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3 years ago, feckingib299
Terrible glitches
I love the athleta & BR brands but I’m getting so fed up with their apps. They jump around all the time and refresh when you are scrolling through, and you can’t find where you left off which is aggravating. It logs me out all the time also which is quite irritating to have to log in all the time even after I saved my password about a hundred times. These issues need to be fixed, it was happening when I had an iPhone 8 and it evens happens with my new 12. Website online does the same thing sometimes. Need consistency and better reliability.
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4 years ago, Kathy metz
Over the phone and online purchases
I love your clothes!! But the fact that you don’t allow fit people card discounts online and now cannot use a cc over the phone makes it super difficult to spend money in your stores. I understand it’s for customer security but also think of the side of the honest people trying to purchase clothes when there’s no store physically close
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6 years ago, Make this work again today
Love Love Love Athleta!
There’s something for all ages and most body types. Be patient and find the styles and sizes that work for you and your wardrobe will be so comfortable and versatile. Many pieces dress up or dress casually. Athleta is my first choice for shopping. I am an active 70 year old, size medium Gramma living in Florida! Hint: If you have a store nearby, stop in to browse and try items on. It’s an easy way to see what works for you. The staff is super helpful. After that, the online app is your next best friend.
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10 months ago, Tmook
Almost Perfecf
The app is overall wonderful. It is easy to navigate, gives great photos of items, and I love that you can check store inventory. The only issue I have with the app is that it will occasionally empty your cart without warning! It’s frustrating because I will have to remember what I added in the first place. It usually happens if you switch modes to one of the other Gap brands OR if you login in to your account on another device.
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1 year ago, LTPGs
What’s not to just love
Everything about Athleta is the highest of quality and fit. The only negative I have is the price. These are all high quality items, however, and when they go on sale, you’ll be lucky if you can nab what you want in the size you need before it is completely sold out. I just happened to hit what I wanted today on the mark.
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4 years ago, Jeanelle S.
Stop logging me out
I would give this app 5 stars if you guys just stop friggin logging me out of the app, it’s so annoying. There’s also no save or remember email option on the log in screen. It’s obnoxious to have to constantly log in every time i want to browse the app. Retype my email, and then guess my password (I mean come on who ever remembers their password anymore). I can’t even log in using facial recognition even tho I’ve enabled it. If I’ve enabled it, I shouldn’t have to type in my password. Might as well just use the mobile website.
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2 years ago, Hairybilly
I love the app when it works
So after I did the update. I Can no longer see my favorites . I tried so many steps to figure out how to retrieve my favorites. When I scroll down on the clothing categories, it shows that I do have some saved as favorites (the red heart is light up) yet when I click on the favorites section is shows that I don’t. Please fix!
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2 years ago, ex-exmployee
The app was working well at first I was an employee for a minute in the summer and it was awesome to be able to bookmark items that you liked to return to later and specify sizes etc before placing in your cart. I loved the front page with suggestions on where to start. It was great. But then it just stopped working. N o t h I n g will load now. No matter how many times I update it, I’ve removed it and then redownloaded; now I can’t even use the app at all anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️. And it’s constantly signing me out even when marking the ‘keep me signed in’ option. Try it out! It’s free, it’s fun for a second.
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1 year ago, sara-d
Items disappear
I have had my cart and wish list full of items for days or even weeks then occasionally they disappear and it says I have zero items saved. It is weird because this has happened several times and it is not because the items sold out. I can go on and refind them. That is frustrating with the app. Everything else works pretty well
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2 years ago, meghan t. r.
Ever since I’ve used the app (over 2 years) it always times-out and says “something went wrong” and request a “refresh” which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It happens probably every 15 seconds in the app. 2 stars because if the app operated correctly it would be great. But the glitches are unbearable.
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2 years ago, Reviews by Emily S
Love Athleta, but the App Is TERRIBLE
The app is slow. It resets frequently so you loose where you were browsing. It asks you to log in to your account multiple times in a session. It walks you through how to navigate the app almost every time you log in. I keep hoping that these basic functions will be fixed with app updates. Alas, I fear they never will be. It’s so bad that I have to pull out a good old desktop browser anytime I want to do some online shopping at Athleta. Even shopping in Safari is better than the app. I have an iPhone 13, so I don’t think it’s an issue with unsupported technology…
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3 years ago, indecisive33
Order History
The app itself is pretty friendly and easy to order/find items. The low rating is because how is it possible the Gap corporation has still NOT figured out how to list all of your orders under the “my orders” tab which is ALWAYS empty no matter how many orders are in process!! This is pretty ridiculous for a company this big. Please fix ASAP!!
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4 years ago, Mrsdowning
Please allow more search options
I think I like the app more than the website because it’s easier to scroll through reviews. One thing I wish the review area had was an option to show pictures. When searching for clothing, I like to see how it fits on others (especially if they share the same height/weight as me).
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2 years ago, ERDocsMom
Somethings wrong!
I’ve been using this app for several years and this week, even though I was signed in, it wouldn’t let me into my account. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now I can’t even sign in. It says an unexpected error occurred. Try again later. I’ve tried for three days! I guess I’ll go back to using the website.
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7 years ago, Leedy c
Love Athleta!!!
I am never disappointed in any part of my Athleta experiences. The products are the beat quality, most durable, and comfortable workout clothes I’ve ever used! The styles are fun and flattering as well!! I love having a store close by. They have the best customer service and care!! Another plus is hat so many things come in a petite, and for my 5’1” it means I get a better fit! Can’t say enough about Athleta!! I tell everyone!!
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2 years ago, ECynthia
No FaceID for Visa
The new update a few days ago now requires a password entry for each login into the Athleta credit card aspect of the app. This was not the case previously and is super inconvenient to have to enter a password each time. I have enough passwords to have to remember and specifically have used the Athleta app to access my credit card account because it allowed for biometric access. Very disappointing. Please change it back ASAP! I hop on every 1-2 days and this is a huge bother now. Annoying the developers didn’t take into account their loyal card holders and ease of access.
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6 years ago, Athleta Chick
5 Star App for a 5 Star store
Whether using the Athleta app to shop online where I am able to easily apply Athleta card rewards to my purchase, or using the app in store with Touch ID to quickly and easily pull up Athleta card rewards to pay for my purchase, I am always impressed with the versatility and reliability of this app. It’s a must-have for all Athleta card holders. It’s so much easier to track rewards this way.
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8 months ago, bellbee1
Love the comfort!
I’m normally a jeans and T-shirts girl. Than my sister gave me some hand me downs. I was like wow. What brand is this? I need to get a few pieces. Honestly I haven’t bought anything else since. These items are really out of my budget but I just get a few piece each month. I just love the comfort. You can dress up or down and you always look put together.
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2 weeks ago, mama2labs
Fairway Skort
I was thrilled when I tried on my new Fairway golf skort! They're so soft yet supportive and comfy. Once I put it on I didn’t want to take it off! The under shorts never ride up so they stay exactly where they need to be. I like the skorts so much I just ordered another pair! They’re made with very high quality materials which is tough to fine these days!
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2 years ago, EveryNicknameIsTaken91746
Great until it starts signing you out.
Love these brands and how easy it is to shop all four in one app. Thing go downhill fast when you start getting signed out. I’ve had my whole cart and wishlist deleted, had orders go to the confirmation page only for me to be promptly signed out with no record of the order going through and then been kicked out for hours on end with an “uh oh!” message when I try to log back in. I really wish they’d fix this problem, it’s been happening for years.
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2 years ago, youcan'tgettherefromhere
Unable to login for 2 Months
It’s been more than 2 months since the app logged me out and I have been unable to login again since then. I have deleted it and reloaded several times but I see this is an issue with many users. I just launched the most recent update and still no go. This is so frustrating as it’s the easiest way for me to shop and there’s been 2-3 App exclusive launches and promos during that time. Why drive traffic to a program you can’t support? Ihaven’t made a purchase across this or any of their brands since the app failed.
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