4.7 (531)
55.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Invaluable LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for AuctionZip

4.66 out of 5
531 Ratings
4 years ago, Billybuffett
Come one giys. You have got to put the calendar back in the website. The wibsiye functions terribly now. It is awful and as a person who works for an auctioneer and I attend auction almost everyday. The people I’ve talked to are leaving auctions up RIGHT NOW!! The are old and don’t like change and if you haven’t noticed you have competitors. Please put it back. Thanks
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4 years ago, Auction Hobbyist
Happy with the app but one suggestion
Been really grateful for the creation of the app. As someone who rarely uses a laptop or desktop computer, it was difficult to navigate the auction zip website on a mobile platform. This has made it way easier. One suggestion for improving the app would be to add a swipe feature when viewing pictures. Having to click the next button each time makes it slow and clunky to look through pics.
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10 months ago, Theseller
Dishonest and Misleading
AuctionZip knowingly allows and encourages auctioneers to be deceptive. Auctioneers list auctions as “In Person” when they are only online. If an auctioneer can’t be honest in how they list their auctions can you really expect them to be honest or have good intentions with your bids(your funds). This has been pointed out to AuctionZip for years, so they must condone the deception. It also makes you wonder why they even give the option to search online vs in person. When I look up in person auctions for the week, is it too much to ask for them to actually be in person?
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4 years ago, dede@317
Where’s the Calendar and Full size Screen
I love AuctionZip Hate Hate the update. Prefer the Calendar and I longer have the full screen. This is very inconvenient. Why would you fix the screen where where it’s black around the outside then your info auctions etc are in the middle like it’s framed. It’s to hard to see and a lot of trouble to enlarge the pictures one by one to see. Please bring the old app back or at least give us a choice for which version we prefer to use Donna
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3 years ago, Happy Carnivore
This app was once a useful resource for finding auctions. I don’t know what the developers have done, but it has now been rendered useless. It won’t allow the dates to search to be changed; you search for one week from the current date whether you want to or not. As far as photos, all that can be viewed are the thumbnails. If you select the first photo to see a larger view, every subsequent photo you try to look at just shows that first photo. I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling, but the problems remain. Yes, it’s a free app...but it’s still overpriced.
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5 years ago, Garrettpdint
Great and simple app to find auctions
This app is very simple and easy to filter what I’m looking for. Makes it incredible easy to find the direction and contact info to auction houses, and allows me to save it to my calendar with a click of a button.
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2 years ago, muckw
Not favorite
Missing syncing with my favorites that have been marked online. About all it shows is the auctions you have been approved for so you can’t just go the the items your interested in unless you want to keep up with lot numbers from various auctions and enter one by one.
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4 years ago, ritalouise
Great place to find auctions.
I love that I am always able to find local auctions wherever I am. I travel a lot and love to attend auctions throughout the country. Descriptions of items are always complete and helpful. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Sweets🤗
Search option
I wish there was a way to do a search for a particular item by name.
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4 years ago, Disappointed8730
You were a great app.
Loved the app when I first got it. If you entered “In person” “within 50 miles” that what you saw. Very informative and well done. Now you also get post from every freakin online auction in the nation mixed in and it’s very difficult to find anything even if you know what auctioneer and date you’re looking for. App is very disappointing and a time waster.
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4 years ago, alex08
What are you guys doing?
The new web design is all sorts of messed up, and the calendar is basically broken. I download the app hoping to find something more accessible the website currently is, (find my calendar with upcoming auctions) and the app doesn’t even have a calendar! I thought with all the reviews left, it would be back on the app by now, but it’s not. I guess the upside is, I’m about save a lot of money.
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3 years ago, stimster82
App not working properly
Anybody else having issues with AuctionZip! Wanting to view the full gallery but only get the first pic. Also not able to extend the date!!
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2 years ago, uncballzer
What about favorites?
App seems good for on the go, but no where near the functionality of the website unless I’m missing something? I’m only able to see bids I place, but not my favorites or save any favorites?
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6 years ago, Neal1199
Best app hands doing for finding local auctions
This app is the most complete resource for auctions across the United States.
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3 years ago, rrghff
Updated app now useless!
While surfing on my iPhone, app asks you to verify you are a person but there is no way to do so or delete the page! Calendar is missing. Search gives you everything instead of filtering searches. This app is terrible and does not deserve a rating. Will delete the app and go elsewhere.
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3 years ago, G O D D I L L A
Nothing works because of update
Most recent update has everything screwed up. Date range for search cannot be changed, pictures from auctions are stuck on one picture as you see the picture numbers change. Unfix your fix.
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3 years ago, Try another game101
Works sometimes
Great app when it works. I have had my share of errors and issues with auctionzip. I even gave them the idea of making an app when their website was sucking horribly. They joined the 21st century, but their app works 50%. They need to hire real devs.
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4 years ago, Pinxy
No Favorites?
I use the online version to find auctions and bookmark (favorite) the items I am interested in. Very disappointed to load this app only to find that there is no way to mark favorites items or auctions. Also no filter for auction types? This app is a total waste of my time.
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2 years ago, biddernumber5
Stop putting online only auctions in the in person category!
Admins need to organize auctions better
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3 years ago, Sparkledump
Horrible UI
The app is getting worse and worse. I’m unable to search by auction house unless I also enter a keyword. To get around this, I open the desktop version of auctionzip on my phone’s browser.
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3 years ago, hisako59
Very user unfriendly
Why doesn’t the search function work the same as the website? Searching for an item at any auction is virtually impossible. It is a very user unfriendly app and I deleted it.
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4 years ago, chents12
Great site
Love this app
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6 years ago, UnrulyJuliee
Great Start
The App is beneficial but the online version is easier to navigate. It would be nice to be able to bookmark or save future auctions.
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4 years ago, frustrated1479
Bring back the calendar
The site is no longer worth using since the change. Bring back the calendar!!!
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4 years ago, Spotet
Who creates an app for phones only, why make the effort only to screw up overall. Who seriously uses a cell phone s to study auction listings. The app creators bottom line is to collect data and personal information for some nefarious purposes
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4 years ago, Awesome qwew
Can’t even get logged in
I have been trying to log in for over an hour and it just keeps spinning like it’s loading then errors out.
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3 years ago, drl123454321
Was ok now useless
Don’t know what they did but the new version is useless!!!! The old version was ok, could change dates now you can only see out one week!!!
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6 years ago, Intelliaudio
The layout looks awesome but no data! Doesn’t find anything! Perhaps the public announcement was a bit too soon?
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2 years ago, icuhowie
Seems new reviews are blocked
Seems new reviews are being blocked
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3 years ago, Pfunluvr
This app is useless. You can only see the first photo and description. Delete
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4 years ago, Billllllllllllllvvhudgkhdd
Calendar view needed
This would be a five star review if it weren’t for the disappearance of calendar view. Please bring it back
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4 years ago, jason 005cf
New site is terrible
This is such a disaster, ruin a perfectly good thing not only for the auctioneers but the attendees as well, smells like a money grab
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3 years ago, LoveandLogic
Embarrassing App
The search function, (which is probably the number one reason you downloaded the app), doesn’t work, plain and simple. After you enter your zip code and have it set to display auctions within a 50 mile radius, it shows auctions in 3 states over at the top. Roughly displaying 2,775 listings. Really? Also, if you want to search online auctions within a radius, forget it. It’s not an option. Whoever is writing code obviously doesn’t care. Just discovered Invaluable owns AuctionZip so I expected more. Please overhaul the app for proper functionality.
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