Audi on demand Car Rental

3.4 (507)
40.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
12 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Audi on demand Car Rental

3.41 out of 5
507 Ratings
3 months ago, Anhel1
No locations after “P”?
The App does not show any locations past Plano, TX. This cannot be right.
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5 years ago, mr ,f
Very poor communication skills
Great experience,,beautiful cars,,for the 200$deposit plus rental,,should be,,my first take I was accused of removing a tire,,1 I dnt even know how to change a tire but he was very persistent about not to worry that I picked good insurance,,I’m telling him ,stop insisting that I would do such a thing and telling me not to worry because I was covered,,then today I bring back a viacle,,guy inspected the car says great you good to go,,20’minuts later I get a message saying how he going to deduct 300 for smoking damage,,I was still in the area so I called the hotline number and the lady told me that they wouldn’t let me go without telling me about that and I’m like we on the phone now and I’m on my way back to the rental place,,when I get there he tells me it was a miss understanding and that next time I’m gonna be charged,I dnt know about other Silvercar places but on 42nd st,,be very careful,,and always make sure they return your money because some how Silvercar intrust their employee with certain power and they can mishandle your funds in your account and claim an error,,besides that ,,Silvercar is good,,but the employees will mess up and find a way for us to pay for it that’s why they make us pay insurance,,that make a mistake it’s easy to blame the renter,,be careful,,things are getting better,,some people just never change
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6 years ago, Omar Simon
Awful. Not what’s promised.
Silvercar is significantly more expensive than any other car rental service. It’s tremendously more expensive than it appears when on the surface. Do not be fooled, I’ve rented from most agencies, dozens of times, and Silvercar is 4-5x as expensive as most others. Setting aside the expense, they cancelled my reservation the morning of my travel due to cars being unavailable. That was a hassle. I waited half a day for a car because I had friends nearby I was looking to catch up with anyways, but when it became available I had to re-enter all of my reservation info. Not a huge inconvenience, but sort of the icing on the cake. Beautiful cars, but I wouldn’t recommend Silvercar. Not worth the extra expense, and they seem to have some growing pains to sort out.
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6 years ago, RFPenny
Terrible Customer Service for a Premium Brand
For what is perceived to be a premium brand, I am astonished at the customer service and booking process. As would have been first-time users, we reserved an A4 a couple of months in advance to be picked up in Orlando. We filled out all pertinent details including drivers license information, flight details and the like. Two days before our flight they cancelled the reservation with no notice. When we called and had to leave a message, they finally called back and claimed we had received texts about completing our profile. The profile was complete since they had all of our information when they finally called us back, and no texts were received. I’m not sure why their policy is to only send texts, and not emails like the confirmation regarding the threat of a cancellation. They rebooked us, at a cost of $30 more than we originally booked for. The customer service provided by Revlon, the associate, was sub par, and when asked to speak to a supervisor, her only response is that he would maybe send us an email. I’m sure that email will go where the texts supposedly went... to no one. So, no thank you Silvercar, you’ve lost a customer.
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3 years ago, coismi
Stranded by SilverCar
I made my reservation three days before I was due to be in Northern Virginia. I had a 5 hour ride share to get dropped at Audi of Chantilly, VA. On the day of my rental reservation, I get a text at 2:17 pm, my reservation is at 3pm, informing me that I need to reverify my ID, bring a passport, and a utility bill. I've been traveling since 9:30 that day. How on earth would i have the items that it says 'may be required' after I'm enroute? I called the SilverCar Helpline and was assured that i was good to go on car rental or I would've changed my plans hours prior. The agent at Audi Chantilly misrepresented the situation more than once and then accused me of fabricating a story. Claimed that I had claimed to have rented from there before. No such claim was made. There was no valid excuse for me not being able to rent the vehicle and not offering to somehow assist me in getting somewhere else to rent a different vehicle. I know its one out of many SilverCar outlets and I was disappointed that the HelpLine offered no help or care.
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4 years ago, jbl1975
WARNING! Read first if you value your $ and time
It would take me half a day to list everything that’s gone wrong with my experience, so I’ll just pinpoint and narrate the obvious conclusions anyone can make after doing any basic research thru reviews and online customer reference sites regarding this company. It’s evident the few and scarce “good” reviews are fabricated by people either working or linked in some financial way to them. If not all, I’d say a good eighty to eighty-five percent are. Just don’t take my word for it and do some diligent research about them before you, or perhaps your vacationing relatives as well, run the risk of living the nightmare I experienced after I mistakenly ignored the many various signs. Even, believe it or not, spiritual signs, that I now recall and have pondered on about. Otherwise, I wish not good, great luck, hopefully you won’t find yourself writing a similar review in the future and thinking “s..., that guy did wrote bout it try and warm ....f..” seriously DON’T use this company. You’ve been extensively warned.
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5 years ago, oshoemaker
Surprised to be extremely disappointed
My VW Golf R was in the shop a little longer than expected. I needed a car to rent and decided to give this a try. I have owned Many VW/Audi’s over the years, I am a member of the Audi Club NW, and participate in Audi events all over the NW. I signed up and made my reservation via the app. Entered my info and thought I was all good. Just a few short hours before my appointment I received a text message that Silvercar need me to provide two pieces of address verification. One being a utility bill, the other being a CC bill. Oh, and both must be printed and all must match my Drivers license address. Given that I have a PO Box that I use for my shipments/billing address and this was just hours before I was supposed to pick up the car there was absolutely no way to make this happen. I am 39 years old, good credit, good driving record, and this was ridiculous. To top it off the text message said “to waive additional fees” when I asked the person over the phone, they said to avoid fraud. The person on the phone was less than helpful and now I am left scrambling at the 11th hour to get a different car. I live in Seattle, born and raised, have an enhanced drivers license, tons of credit cards all with the same billing address (also in WA), etc... never again and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else use the service. Go with one of the reliable and reputable rental services.
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2 years ago, Abteen23
Best rental company
This is the best rental company on the planet! Basically the Southwest Airlines model for cars! I’ve never rented a car and my entire check out process been more than 5 minutes! They always have the best, cleanest, safest luxury car ready for me when I arrive ! I wish they were at more airport and had long hours than 9-5! My biggest complain is I can’t ever find a car to rent on weekends in NYC! The Columbus circle location staff are top notch! Several of their staff have given me their personal cell phone numbers if I need anything! I signed a corporate deal for my entire firm! This startup was so great that Audi bought them!
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5 years ago, Hoosierzimbob
Excellent experience
Used Silvercar for the first time for a family vacation in Phoenix, and the experience was excellent, from pick up to drop off. Upon landing at PHX, I used the app - it had instructions for pick up that were specific to the Phoenix airport. The app kicked off a text message to the local Silvercar service. They asked how many passengers and how much luggage I had, then instructed me how to meet them. I had 5 total people and several bags, and they met me with a Q7, which was was the right size for our group. The service reps did a walk through of the vehicle and I was promptly on my way. On drop off, our car was full, so I texted the service and informed them that we didn’t have room for another passenger to drive us back to the airport after returning it to their location. They then instructed us by text to drop the vehicle in the airport lot closest to our terminal. I took pics of the parking spot and told them where I left it. It was very easy. I’ll definitely use the service again - loved it!
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11 years ago, Cuthroat clothing
Customer for life !
I work with touring acts and am involved in trucking each year I end up renting a ton of cars trucks and vans. Silvercar is my go to for any four car needs I have ! A flare rate on insurance ! A flare rate on gas ! And you are getting a luxury car for the price of a compact elsewhere and you skip all the endless clicking and back and forth trying to find a the car you need at a good price . The wifi in the car is almost useless but I'm not sure they can do anything about that and besides that there isn't anyone thing I would say they could change it was a terrific experience and they are my go to app now traveling around .
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8 years ago, dipanshu
First time user. Loved it
Hertz was $300 a day for Mercedes C class and $120 for Toyota camary. Decided to try Silvercar. After initial hiccup with registration ( which was uber fault ) I booked the car. Called to make sure this was real. At sfo took a train to airport rental and then walked to the sign for Silvercar pickup. Did not realize I should have called already so they would be waiting .. The a4 pickup showed up in 6-8 mins. Then a bit of a drive to pickup. The pickup was super easy and I used the car for a few days. Really nice car with GPS / internet connectivity / clean. Absolutely loved it. The staff is super nice and u know they want to win. Will definitely use again.
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5 years ago, J0HNBLAZE
App has bugs that stop you from using the service
The app has two bugs where if you try to enter the date of your birthday for your driver’s license, the date selector is blank and you can’t enter anything. For the expiration date, it will only allow you to select dates in the past, so you can’t enter a correct date. The problem with this is they already require you to enter this information to be able to hold a reservation. The person at the pick up and the person at the drop off seemed to be aware of both of these bugs. This should’ve been fixed, or they shouldn’t require it to hold a reservation. They threaten to cancel a reservation when their own system won’t allow one to be entered properly. Also, in LA, the pick up location is 1.3 miles from the airport, which is way too far. I had to take a shuttle to a parking lot, and then get picked up by Lyft to make it there. If both of these things were fixed, this could be a good app and service. Until then, they need to change both.
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7 years ago, beasssssttttt
I have never written a bad review for anything before, but Silvercar gets the honor of being my first time. My story: I rented a car based on the location's hours, which were listed as open til 8 on the site, as I had to leave at 7:30 to make my event on time. When they texted earlier in the day, to ask me to let them know when I'd arrive, I let them know 5 hours in advance. I didn't hear anything back. I showed up and found that this location closed at 6pm and so Silvercar cancelled my rental without notifying me, and then promptly rented my car to someone else, so I couldn't even return when they opened and try to salvage my trip. Customer service literally could do nothing for me, and offered me no help, recourse, or compensation. So now I'm going to be late and was stuck renting somewhere else for twice as much. So much fail.
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5 years ago, decustecu
Pretty awesome
After seeing the 1 star reviews, I got worried. I got my Audi at SeaTec. The process was smooth. Everything was explained in detail, I just texted them that I arrived and they told me how to get to their place. Everything was text based and smooth, it was awesome I didn’t have to call anyone. Picking up the car was a breeze, significantly better than other car rental spots. Everything was app based and very quick. Same with drop off. All the employees were nice and helpful. Overall, I would recommend it. The car was great, the system worked fine, it was a breeze.
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6 years ago, ryanpsims
Be careful with insurance and Silvercar
I’ve rented with Silvercar every time we go to LAX. Most of the time we use our Platinum Credit Card to cover the insurance, but after a scratched rim, I’ll think twice. We rented a car back in October that was parked at Disneyland for the entire stay (under a valet’s care), and upon checking back in Silvercar noticed damage to a rim. Since we were busy getting our two kids out of the car, we didn’t have time to document fully what happened - so I trusted they would honestly handle it. Fast forward months of their slow claims process and they have us on the hook for over $600 dollars damage - including repair of two rims, when the original incident noted only one. They didn’t even fill out a damage report! The process smelled of sloppiness, and sort of amateur communication. At least with a larger agency, they have larger departments in house to handle issues. I would recommend going with another rental car agency - especially since now you have to take a shuttle to pick up the car in LAX. If you do go with Silvercar, pay for their insurance to avoid dealing with their claims of an accident happens.
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2 years ago, Sarcazm33326
Great service
Have been using silver car for some years now. Back when they only had silver a4s. Everytime was a great experience- the staff at ft lauderdale was energetic and happy. The staff at columbus circle was professional and timely. Now adays when you call a rental company you get robots and endless menus. Silver star sends texts and youre texting a human. I read the reviews above and they sound like nightmares - perhaps just bad locations? Nothing but good vibes here - makes me wanna make audi my next car when my benz is due
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3 years ago, p_ios
They cancel your reservation without much notice
I booked through Silvercar from Audi of San Jose on Stevens Creek around 25 days in advance. 2 days before I was supposed to pick up the car I started getting text messages that I had not completed my profile and that my reservation would be canceled. I checked on the app, scanned my card entered my license and other details and saved it again. A day before my rental, I got an email in the morning that my Audi was ready to go, but in the evening I got an email and a text message that my reservation was canceled. Ideally these details should get asked for and saved during the reservation itself rather than bothering customers a couple of days before their rental via text messages (some of which get filtered by IOS)
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2 years ago, Jeffallmccar
Horrible !
First; the app does not work. The app does not update. My free rental days have mysteriously disappeared from the app TWICE. No one at silver car knows how to fix this so after you re-send them proof of what should be on your account, they send override codes to book a reservation. This takes several weeks to book a car reservation. Secondly; The Q5 they gave me needed new wipers, an oil change (warning light), it was dented, soiled inside and out with dirt and leaves, $38,000 miles and this “Luxury SUV” was beat up and badly abused. The remote would not unlock the doors. Every time I stopped, I heard swishing water inside the passenger doors !!! I just tried to book again, and my app is blank, all info mysteriously erased AGAIN ! Silvercar is Pathetic at best !
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1 year ago, rulerofallmankind
Audi destroyed the Audi car rental app
Rented with Silvercar multiple times and it was fantastic. Loved the app the experience and the cars. Audi bought them and completely destroyed all of the above. I have no idea why the service even exists anymore. They left most major markets. Don’t offer airport pickup anymore which was free. They will pickup and drop off the car but that will cost you at least $100. The commonly don’t have cars available or not the one you want. Pricing is high now. They turned what what a great driver of exposing people to their product and made it an experience that makes you not like Audi as a company. Honestly not sure who would even use this service anymore as it is now overpriced and inconvenient.
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5 years ago, expatincn
App barely works, very user-unfriendly
So, I registered a new account. After trying to enter my driver’s license details for the first time, I get the error message “Driver already has a license”. Of course, I am aware I have a driver’s license (so, it’s factually correct), but Silvercar did not know that. Eventually it gave in, but complained it was “in the wrong format”. I made the grave error of entering my driver’s license number without spaces. After guessing that the spaces was the issue (the “wrong format” error message did not specify what was in the wrong format), I finally succeeded in saving the info. The next adventure will be to somehow enter credit card information. I need some wine first before I try that.
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6 years ago, swaggsthom
Best rental I’ve ever had.
I never leave reviews but feel compelled to after reading these negative ones. If you pay attention to the easy instructions they provide and haven’t lived under a rock this last decade where you need a major credit card to rent, it’s a breeze. First step. Complete the profile with your license and credit card. Easy. They even call you to remind you to do this. Second step. When you arrive let them know. They’ll guide you to how to get picked up. Third step. Show them your license and credit card and you can ride out into the sunset. Hands down the easiest and most enjoyable experience to date. No pushy jerks. No paperwork. No drama. Check in was under a minute. Literally. And this rental was cheaper than enterprise or comparable rental companies. CHEAPER! and you get a new Audi. Total no brainer. No strings attached rental. Will gladly use them again.
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6 years ago, ericplantenberg
Incredible service!!!
I’ve been renting cars for 25 years and this was by far the best car rental experience I’ve ever had. Chris drove me to my car, with a great attitude and was super knowledgeable! The Audi was amazing. Clean. Drives perfect. But the most unbelievable part of the experience was when i was late for my flight because of traffic (oh and i left late!) they had me drop off the car at airport parking and take a picture of where it was so i wouldn’t miss my flight. Who does that! All by text and the app. Wow. I’m a fan for life.
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7 years ago, pk •••
Serious UI issue. Not a Luxury experience.
Serious UI issues. The first thing you see is a giant "PICK ME UP" call-to-action button. But rather than a nice uber-like pickup/alert system, that button offers to Text or Call the lot. The person who answers is clueless about why you are calling them. He attempts to tell you over the phone how to find some airporter shuttle, which is what the app should do in the first place! End up having to ride a crowded shuttle bus with terrible air freshener and music in order to finally pick up your car. Not a "luxury" experience at all like they are trying to sell it. Much nicer and easier just to get a ride share car from the airport.
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7 years ago, Nivljgdg
I read lots of great reviews so I have decided to choose silvercar as my SPG Platinum gift-5 day free rentals. Unfortunately, everything started going downhill literally, the moment I got into my car. After spending 5 minutes looking for keys, thinking maybe I need to use the app to start the car, as it was confusing because you do use the app to unlock the car. The reality is...the attendant didn't leave the key in the car. So at over 89 degrees in heat, although inside the garage, you could feel the heat wave hitting you in New York city, I had to make a call so the attendant could come back and give me the key. At $169/day, this is definitely far away from what I expected. I didn't even bother using the whole 5 days, I returned the car after 2 days. I am so glad I didn't spend actual money on this rental. If you ask me, to be frank, just get Gold Club at Hertz, pre pay for everything so you don't have to wait. At least, rest assured, you will always find your car key there when their main business is all about renting cars to you. Just my $0.02.
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5 years ago, Mbas456
Thanks, but no thanks.
I rented an A4 for the day in Brooklyn. The vehicle was great, but upon returning it the issues started. The attendant noted a "bubble" in the sidewall of the tire and told me that I caused it due to impact. I don't recall anything unusual, but NYC is covered with potholes. I also did not use a magnifying glass to inspect every tire when picking up the car. I was told that a manager would call the next day with more information. Instead, I got a letter from a debt collection agency a week later seeking $170 in damages for the replacement of the tire. Had Silvercar actually followed up to start a conversation, it would have felt better. I've never had a rental agency handle things this way. Thanks, but no thanks.
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5 years ago, scottnamo
Where are they?
Per app instructions I text when getting off the plane for pickup. Waited for baggage, still no text. Got bags still no text. Called the number in the app, got a machine that asked me to leave a message. 30+ min later still no contact with instructions on how or where to get car. For a luxury experience this is horrible. Could have any other rental car and been on my way by now. Finally got there and they tried to send me out with a tire warning light on, only after I refused to rent the car did they swap it out for another car. Then I had to stop at a target and buy window cleaner and clothes because the window was so dirty and streaky any sun glare was a hazard. Luxury Audi experience, thinking no...
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6 years ago, Grub Boy
Great cars but app needs work
The cars are great but the app is seriously flawed. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to change a reservation. Also the rental locations are off airport so be prepared to spend extra time getting to and from the location from the terminal. Dulles and Austin locations pick you up in your car/or similar which is nice. Newark location is terrible. You have to take a slow as molasses bus to get to a run down lot to get a worn out car. Avoid Newark. And god forbid don’t make changes and make sure your plane is on time! The app can’t handle it. And sadly the staff are dependent on the app as well.
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5 years ago, ACrk33
Do not rent from this company
They cancel your reservation without notice. I booked a car and downloaded their app and entered my name. There was no prompt within the app to enter additional information. They then cancelled my reservation saying I had not filled out relevant info in app, (even though they admitted you are not prompted to do so within the app). They also claimed I did not fill out my info in time, despite them saying that I had until the end of the day to do so (what they really meant was the end of the business day for that particular location). Confusing messaging, bad app, no offer to rectify the situation. Your reservation is not safe with this company, you could easily be left without a car.
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6 years ago, Christian Schultz
Complete Joke - both app & service
This is a review of the service and app. Today I received a text regarding an upcoming reservation telling me to download app and register. I tried diligently and eventually got half of what they required to be accepted (name, phone, email). I never could find where or joe to enter DL and CC (probably a very good thing). I was able to login... only to find I had no reservation... even though I was working on the app because of my upcoming reservation. Called the number on the text. It was some guy driving around (could hear traffic etc), very unprofessional. Eventually it became clear that because I booked through Expedia I needed to enter that reservation number. That took hunting, the link is pale and nearly camouflaged. I entered the reservation number by copy and paste. The app would not accept the number. Manually entered, same result. Then I cut my losses. I deleted app and cancelled reservation. Good thing, the cars are off sight and require a ridiculous procedure to get the car. The app is a joke and the service is worse. Stay away.
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6 years ago, rjaypineda
My “go to” for renting cars
I have been renting from silver car since they first got started with the small fleet near LAX. The service has been wonderful and the check-in and check-out experience is intuitive and fast. It was my first time using Silvercar at SFO, but I was able to follow the instructions to call a shuttle and was on my way home in under 15 minutes. I haven’t had any issues with the cars, and I will continue renting from them in the future!
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7 years ago, AnnieReb
Warning: super shady service
Do not use SilverCar! Their cars are super beat up Audis and because they don't do a walk around with you prior to driving the car they can claim any issue with the car as damage and have your insurance pay to fix up their overly driven car. We had tire issues with the first car literally 5 minutes after driving the car on the highway, we drove back to the airport to get another car which ended up having suspension issues. Our insurance company notified us a few weeks later that SilverCar was having us pay for the repairs despite the fact that these cars had existing issues before we had the car. Super sketchy and horrible service!
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10 years ago, roodogc
Car rental done with style
Think you deserve the best then SilverCar is for you. Sure you can rent other cars for less. If you want and deserve wifi, navigation and a premium car, then the other guys don't even compare and they charge a heck of a lot more. Russ got this right . . . right car, right staff, right amenities, great app and top service! I can't just rate the app since the experience is what I am rating. This is my go to car for a weekend of fun or a business trip.
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5 years ago, hdudjdidishsjxjagwp
Thieves / poor customer service.
They claim I damaged a tire. Which I guess is fine I don’t kind paying but they don’t even make it easy. They sent it to some third party that is forcing me to write down my credit card number on a piece of paper like it’s the 70s in order to pay them. I asked them to just charge me with the card they already have on file and they are incompetent and can’t do anything electronically. I will not be paying them so that I can be a victim of fraud by whatever this third party is. They valued me so much they discounted their BS administrative fee! So great. Will never use this crap service again or even look at an Audi. I’ll test drive the superior bmw designs.
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7 years ago, fram19
Best car rental experience
Do you hate renting a car, because of long lines, unhappy agents, badgering questions about upgrading to the next car level, pre-paying for gas, an accepting or declining insurance coverage? Silvercar has taken away all of the friction. The app is great. Set up a profile, and making a reservation, picking up and dropping off are simple. It's hard to recommend this service enough, because it is far superior to the others.
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6 years ago, Pinoy1998
I had a reservation all set one week in advance. As I was driving, and about 10 minutes away, I received a texted that said to please bring in a utility bill. I was irritated I didn’t receive that info days earlier. When I arrived they wanted a business card from my business and the utility bill, which I provided. When I was trying to check out I was told the system was down and I needed to come back tomorrow, I was leaving early in the AM so that was impossible. So they’re response was just, and I quote” Ya sorry can’t help”! So please read the comments and please realize they have a 2.9 rating for a reason!!!!
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5 years ago, Corpath
A first time Silvercar renter
The ease of silvercar is that you already know what model of car you’re getting right as you book. Since I was going skiing to Winterpark, CO I wanted to make sure to have something with AWD. It was super easy to book an Audi Q5 which was excellent! The app gave me clear instructions on how to pick up and drop of the car. This rental experience is very smartphone heavy so if you’re not tech savvy then this might not be the rental experience for you.
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6 years ago, SDP Yak
Had A Good Experience
I personally had no issues. I rented in Seattle and they met me at the rental car center. The lady was waiting for me and she was friendly. She answered a couple questions and I was out and on the road in less than 5 minutes from the time I was picked up. The car was great and I enjoyed having it for the week. I will plan to use Silvercar again but some of the other customers experiences make me a little cautious.
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8 years ago, Dailysteals
Best rental car experience of my life
I rented from silvercar for the first time this past weekend from the NYC west side location. It was nothing short of spectacular. The way luxury car rentals were always meant to be. The concierge helped make the pick up experience so seamless. He patiently explained how to use all the cool features of the Audi. (No surprises about which car I get, like in that classic Seinfeld episode) When I dropped off the car, he also helped carry out a big bag of garbage I had, which was super helpful since NY was covered in snow! Bonus: - No extra fees for tolls like the hundreds of other rentals I've had. - Returned the car half empty, and was only charged market rate for gas, instead of $10 a gallon like at the rental giants. 10/10 would use again Silvercar is my new Uber
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11 years ago, TitanF
Excellent App
Hard to review just the app when it is really part of a whole user experience. Silvercar - the rental experience - is great. Not so much a premium service as the car you deserve (Audi A4 by the way). And a seamless user experience to back it up. Silvercar is on to something. The app is great - no problems and a refreshing break from the usual rental car app. More like Uber for car rental. Can't wait for more car-app integration to use during future rentals.
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5 years ago, Jstond5432
Good and fair
I honestly don’t understand how anyone can say that they are not the best service. Compared with enterprise, national, or Avis you get far better service and vehicles. Compare it with the big 3 and they give substandard cars, and charge outrageous amounts. Silvercar does not find weasel ways to charge bogus charges, (enterprise) give fair tolls and even fuel. I have never had problems in the Austin, Dallas, or Denver locations. I wish and hope they expand to Houston, San Antonio, & Oklahoma City.
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8 years ago, Seattle IMDb user
Great app and fab service!
App is great with all user experiences considered. What's even better is the service! We arrived at ORD around 10pm with two little kids, and Silvercar offered to pick up and check in at the airport rather than at their offsite location. And after we returned to Seattle, we found we left a kids CD in the car's CD player, and they found it and mailed it back in 2 days! Not to mention the car is new and fun to drive. Excellent experience!
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2 years ago, Love Facebook, hate the App
Used to be my go to… no more
Once Audi bought Silvercar, the experience seems to have worsened. From an inability to enter dates on the app, a repeated “invalid token” message (I have the most updated version) and unexplained 2am return times as my only option!?…I contacted customer service … no response … contacted their Facebook message capability, no response … I ended up using Turo last time… for less… with a better car. How sad. If they treat other customers like this, they’ll loose business. Tried using the app today, same token message. Uninstalled and reinstalled … same issue. I give up.
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7 years ago, Texjay302
New-Easiest Way to Rent a car
I have used Silvercar a couple times and am thoroughly impressed. I was an Avis/ Budget user for over 10yrs...Not anymore. No lines, no paperwork, they pick u up and drop u at the airport, everything is done thru the app, even unlocking to get your car! They made it a very easy process. Plus it's cheaper and they only rent the Audi A4...Which would be a premium with others car rental agencies for triple the price! Great Job Silvercar!
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6 years ago, Xilicious
Not recommended
Booked a vehicle well in advance, followed the instructions and texted them to let them know I had arrived (which was confirmed by a Silvercar text response with instructions). Showed up 12 minutes later only to discover that my rental car was not at the pre-designated location, and was told it would take another 5 minutes to have someone pick me up to drive me to the Silvercar lot. So I walked over to Avis unannounced and was on the road in those same 5 minutes. Would have been on the road 10 minutes faster had I just stuck with Avis in the first place. Lesson learned.
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6 years ago, Dvallenwps
Great first experience
Awesome first experience. Used it for the first time a few weeks ago in Dallas and the whole process couldn’t have gone any better. I got picked up from the airport in the car that I would be renting. We got to the Silvercar location and after about spending 10 minutes or so there, I was out on the road in a beautiful Audi A4. I will definitely be using Silvercar again.
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7 years ago, Silverwd
What took so long
I've been a hertz gold member for more than 20 years, but no more. The entire Silvercar experience is incomparable to anything out there. Reservations/pickup/drop off/excellent German driving machine. So far above all the others. I've used them 10 times in the last year. I changed my regular airline/airport so I could use them when flying to Dallas. They are the best.
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4 years ago, SutterNJ
Great Experience
Rented a Q7 at Denver Airport for family ski trip. Using the app was super simple. Shuttle to facility was easy with almost no wait. Location right near other major rental car companies. Facility was indoors and car was ready and waiting with a professional and helpful customer service person to familiarize me with the vehicle. Vehicle itself was clean with low mileage and fully featured.
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4 years ago, Sjoerdoww
Service is great, app is extremely buggy
There are so many issues with this app. It constantly logs you out, doesn’t load results, unlocking the car doesn’t work, pricing constantly changes, and the list goes on and on. That said, if you managed to book something, you’re golden. Cleanest and newest cars I’ve ever rented, and no sales rep trying to upsell you insurance or extras you don’t need. Please. Fix. The. App. Though
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2 years ago, Lazy Contact Manager
This is my go-to rental where available
I’ve rented four times in various cities and have been pleased each time. Simple, efficient and the people I’ve interacted with are so pleasant. Forget that nonsense of standing at a rental counter while the person looking at the computer decides your fate. Download SilverCar, drive a nice Audi and enjoy your travels.
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3 years ago, Dublinhairgirl
Love using Silvercar
I have rented from Silvercar 3 times and all three times I have had a wonderful experience. Hoping that after their recent transition it’s still has good. Have one reserved at the end of the month. When pricing cars for this next vacay I actually came out paying less for a Q7 compared to a RAV4 from budget
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