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4.7 (54.5K)
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Storytel Audiobooks USA LLC
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Get audiobooks

4.71 out of 5
54.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Brookeysue
So much better then audible!
As I have gotten older and graduated college and began my life as a full time employee I lost my time to read that I loved so very much. As life goes it gets crazier. Now as a mom and full time employee who travels 30 plus minutes one way to work I only had my car time to myself. I finally tried to listen to some of my old favorite books before trying new things to see if I really liked listening to books, and obviously I did. I finished my first book on audible within days and couldn’t get another credit for another month! Well I didn’t want to wait and I couldn’t figure out (on the app) how to get more credits. So I started searching and found Audiobooks! And I have to say it is set up way better and the ability to buy more credits within the app whenever I want is so nice. That way I always have something to listen to on my long drives. Only down side is my “bookmarks” are off occasionally and I have to search or skip to the last part I was at. Otherwise I am very happy with the app!
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4 years ago, Sara Gheesling
Good enough, but could use work
Ok app, great service. Have only listened to one book so far but it was one of the 28 hour books in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King so I think I gave it a fair shot. I’d prefer if it allowed you to use chapter selections instead of choosing by track which just wasn’t the same since they aren’t labeled to give you an idea of what part of the book each track covers. Also the scrolling could use some work - it won’t allow you to simply drag to a different part. If I lost my place (used the book to help me fall asleep some nights) I’d have a hard time finding it again the next day - I’d screenshot the time I started and I’d then have to find the track that was closest then skip forward or backward in 30 second increments. There has to be a better way. But overall I like the app and they have a large selection of books. There hasn’t been a single book I’ve searched for that wasn’t available. Although the search function is also lacking. I don’t think it can find books through a partial title search. I tried searching for “Stephen king dark tower” and it gave me an error. Tried searching for “Stephen king song of” and got an error. He’s written so many books that simply scrolling through a search just for his name wasn’t finding the specific one I wanted. Finally searched for “dark tower vi” and found it. Maybe the coders don’t actually use the app, I don’t know, but I’m sure it would be better if they did.
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3 years ago, momma d on the go
Pretty good app!!
I tried out Audiobooks because they offered me some free books and a free trial period. I’m in my trial period and have been exploring the app. I LOVE the way I can trade a credit for free access to a large library of popular books in the Audiobooks Club. It offers several categories to choose from and one of the categories includes selections available from all the categories. I can binge listen for free to books that would require a credit to be used on another reading app I have. Also it is cool that each month I receive one credit for any book along with one credit for a VIP book. The VIP section has a limited number of books to choose from, but there are many interesting titles. Also there are so many news casts, podcasts, magazines and free books available. The Free Books section has newer edition books and a lot of classic literature available. I get really caught up looking at the entire list and viewing a number of books written by writers from the past - Jane Austen, Mark Train, Aristotle, James Fenimore Lewis, Lewis Carrol and many more! My first listen was The Vanishing Half: A Novel by Brit Bennet for my book club. This was a very interesting read! I rate this 4 stars rather than 5, because it was sometimes a bit difficult for me to fully navigate the app at first. After some trial and error, I have no problems now. Dfnurse777
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4 years ago, CSiegell
Awesome, but needs bugs fixed and improvements
The Audiobooks player is packed with features and looks beautiful. However, the companion watch app on my latest IOS Series 5 watch shows left / right repeat buttons too small , too close to the lower side corners, and won’t register when tapped. Then I’ve had my watch freeze and I have to reboot watch. The shape of the repeat buttons isn’t right either as they should be fully round. The buttons on my iPhone 11 Pro Max show the adjustment i made to “15 seconds”. The watch app won’t update and still shows the default “30 seconds” before I changed It on my phone. Lastly, the watch app is missing next / previous track controls. I’m just now even noticing the watch app going to black screen and main app crashes. Also, while I appreciate the app downloads the book, there are other things I don’t like and have questions about : 1. MP3 Audio books are available all over the internet, why is it Audiobooks will not let us download and play on our own players? 2. Why were we not told clearly in advance that we aren’t going to download a mp3? 3. Why are we not told whether we get to use the downloaded audio without time constraints without purchasing the membership? I hope there is a resolution quickly , as I can’t use this product at work without my watch very well and seems little shady not being informed as a customer.
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4 years ago, mpmusicny
Poor App
Not ready for primetime, at least on my iphone 7 running 12.4.1. The basic problem is the thing is always looking for a network connection before it wants to play, even if you’ve downloaded the book to your device. Very often if you want to start listening when you don’t have a connection (and lots of us live in rural areas where the network goes in and out depending on where you are) the app just refuses to open, sticking on a spinning logo. Further, once it does open, and the books is playing, it will shut down again regularly if it goes through an area with no connection - again, this is trying to play books that you have downloaded to your phone specifically to get around the problem of spotty networks. Finally, when you’re back up and running, it will give you a dialog showing a choice between two saved bookmarks and will ask you which one of these you want to start playing from - usually neither of these bookmarks are within 10 minutes of where you actually stopped listening. I contacted the company once to see if I was doing anything wrong, and the nice young lady somewhat sheepishly acknowledged that the problems I outlined did indeed exist. There’s been at least one update since then, but it hasn’t got any better. It’s a shame, because I really want there to be a solid competitor to Audible, but Audiobooks dot com books can only be played on this app, and this app is really quite poor.
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4 years ago, goodfelladh
Solid alternative to Audible with one key negative
Like many others, I signed up when up when I saw the offer of 3 free credits during the trial. As others have mentioned, this is somewhat deceptive because the third credit is limited to VIP selections, but it’s still a good introductory deal. So far, the book selection looks fine to me - maybe not quite as extensive as Audible, but pretty close. I primarily read history and most everything f I searched for was available. My one key complaint is that the books download as one large block - no chapter headings or any way to really navigate the book outside of manually fast forwarding or setting your own bookmarks. I’ve been listening to Margaret MacMillan’s “The War That Ended Peace,” which is a 30+ hour book on the causes of the First World War. It’s a great listen and I haven’t had issues with it this far, but with a boom this dense I can see a situation in the future where I might want to jump to a particular chapter or section of the book and that’s going to be much harder to do without any sort of chapter links/headings. I assumed that chapter breaks would be kind of standard for streaming audiobooks at this point t, so hopefully those will be added at some point. That’s my main complaint, but otherwise a solid experience so far.
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2 years ago, cjrhjklohb
Audibooks App Review
Nice app once you figure it out. There’s a lot on the app so it can be a bit of an eye sore at first use. I found it a little difficult to navigate initially, had trouble downloading the audiobooks to other devices without downloading the app to each advice but I also didn’t read up on how to do it so I’m sure the information is somewhere in the app. I also wish there were more book options. I tried to transfer my wishlist from Apple Books app but several of the titles weren’t available in the Audiobooks App. But there was a book that Apple Books discontinued and I was able to find it in the Audiobooks app catalog so there is a pretty vast catalog. I’m still learning the app but I’m enjoying it so far. I didn’t understand how instacredits worked and because it’s not explained when the option is offered I accidentally purchased a book I thought was being given as an advance credit. So it’s best to google or ask customer support about certain features because it’s easy to accidentally select an option you didn’t intend to select because you don’t understand it entirely and little detail is provided during the transaction. Overall I enjoy the app and listened to 48 Laws of Power which I loved!!!
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3 years ago, Rovrallovr
Good but needs some work
The app isn’t as intuitive as it could be - fly overs would help a lot over icons at the bottom. It would be excellent if it displayed the chapter that is currently playing. Tracks aren’t very helpful in trying to sort out where you are in the app. I like the fact that I can boost or slow the speed. More control from a locked screen would be excellent or even better it would be awesome to add some SIRI controls when in the car or even at home showing the chapter. For instance, it would be excellent to easily pause the app from any app - widget for while doing other things when the phone rings. Similar to the small PIP of TV or video so control is offered no matter what screen or app I am in (transfer control to the widget to pause or speed up slow down) It would be nice to display on the Lock Screen (and the proposed widget) the sleep timer in effect and how much time remains before cutoff - you could EVEN offer the option to add X number of minutes easily to an existing timer. A quick add of a bookmark from the Lock Screen would be extremely useful if someone is using in the car - of course it would help if voice control could be implemented but a one button push for a quick bookmark would be excellent
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2 years ago, dvl_wmn
Good App, Could Use Some Improvement
After being a user/listener of Audible for a while, I thought I would give some other audio book services/apps a try. Not that Audible is not good, I just knew that some other services were available and decided to give them a try since my membership at Audible had ended. I settled on Audiobooks, as they appeared to have a pretty comparable selection and they also offer a selection of free titles along with membership titles. I am currently listening to ‘Girl, Forgotten’ by Karin Slaughter. The quality of audio and narration is excellent. The only issue I have really found is in the fact that you cannot easily rewind and fast forward to find your place. It jumps way back if you try to rewind. One night, for some reason, the app started playing while I was asleep for a while. When I woke up and heard it, I turned it off and attempted to rewind, but could not easily get anywhere near where I had been when I was last listening to it. I essentially had to listen to about 20 minutes all over again just to not miss anything. The app has been good and glitch free otherwise.
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1 year ago, JustABarbiGurl
It’s got some bugs but worth it
According to the app I’ve been a member for 1222 days. I’ve also joined the book club to have access to even more than just the ones I buy. I’ve listened to so many books that I started creating booklists for series that I want to listen to so I don’t forget about them. Sitting down with an audiobook going with some classical music playing in the background while I do my embroidery projects or when I’m typing away at work is the best stress relief. My only complaint right now, is that many multiple books series are not ALL available in the book clubs. It’ll be the first 4-5 then a couple not in it and then the rest of the series. Which keeps me from starting the series until I have more credits and creating a booklist to wait for later. Unfortunately now, when I go to create a new booklist, it crashes the app and I cannot create anymore so I know I have forgotten quite a few books I wanted to read later when I can afford to buy them. That’s a bug I would welcome having fixed.
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5 years ago, saraemilypoarch
Good experience so far
I’ve just started using this app, but it seems to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. Not only does it have a good selection of books, plus an additional VIP book per month, the app function itself is ideal. It’s got a sleep timer, bookmarks for when you want to go back to something that really impacted you, plus the ability to change the speed which I usually bump up to 1.5 when I listen to audiobooks now. It helps me get so much more reading in, and you don’t sacrifice quality in the process. I also LOVE that it shows where you are in the book as a whole (like 1:55 of 7:42) but it gives you different tracks within that too! It’s really nice to get to see it broken down in little chunks in addition to your total progress. I first listened to the free VIP book “Nudge” and it was surprisingly good! Something I wouldn’t have normally picked to read but thought “why not” and I’m glad I did. We’ll see how things continue to go, but so far I think it’s a good service and a well functioning app.
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2 years ago, Mojo0717
Love the selection, all the newest and popular books can be found which is a big issue most services have. They are dependable as long as a book is downloaded you can access anywhere , if not it is easy to do and rarely has connection or download issues. I love this service and the app is easy to use across devices. It marks your place so if you change devices it will let you connect to the last place you were even on another device. If you want more you can change your subscription amount and it will give you-the option to change it right them where you will get the new extra credits right away or change it at your next date. Ive done that where i want more then but dont want to just buy the book i change my subscription from 2 a month to 3 and boom there it is. So easy to use easy to find help and selection is so awesome! Plus there are bogo deals every month too!
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7 years ago, J.Wood1023
So far so good
I just got this app yesterday but so far so good. There is one feature I can’t seem to find and am slightly annoyed by. However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but if it does I wish it was easier to figure out. Here it is, it seems like you get to select a playback option in the settings (for example mine is 30 seconds) but after you choose it seems you’re stuck with just that option. Sure change it again but I’d like to be able to go back 30 seconds AND go back a chapter. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to restart a chapter or select a chapter specifically. Now like I said I haven’t spent any time looking for any tips or instructions for using this app, so maybe it’s right there and I haven’t realized it yet. But if that’s the case then I’d say this app is quite similar to audible, but not as user friendly in that way. Still, I’d recommend this app for anyone wanting to listen to audiobooks. The playback thing is minor and may not bother most people so clearly they’re doing everything else ok, so worth a download if you’re interested in audiobooks.
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2 years ago, R M27
Good app, could be great
Downloaded the app because vision problems make reading difficult and audiobooks allow me to continue to pursue my life-long love of books. I’ve been using both OverDrive and Audible in the past. Chose Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George as my first selection because it is not available from my library. There is a nice selection here, which is very appreciated for future audiobooks. The app works well so far but I would recommend two areas for improvement. I fall asleep while listening and as many other reviewers have stated it is not easy to scroll back to find where I fell asleep usung either the total time Seekbar or the Track Seekbar. The second improvement I would recommend is related-I wish a dark mode of the app were available because the play screen is largely bright white and a dark mode or less white space on the screen would make restarting the audiobook more pleasant in the middle of the night, especially since scrolling to find my spot is more difficult using this app.
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5 years ago, |)Rock
Great Functionality
Overall, this is a really good app. It has great functionality and I really like that, unlike Audible, I can use my credits within the app. I’ve also used the Scribd app in the past and whenever I adjust the volume in my car it pauses the app, which is really frustrating. I never have that issue here though, which is great. As I said the app has great functionality, but there are a few things in the UI that didn’t seem the most intuitive to me as I read Gregg Horowitz’s Out of the Dark. First, the “hamburger” icon on the top right opens the left side nav, which is both unexpected an unintuitive. There’s also kind of a high learning curve remembering where the wish list is. I expected this to be just another item listed within the side nav, but you have to tap on My Books to get to it. When you think about it, this is a very logical and useful place since it allows you to more easily compare what books you have now with what you want to read in the future, but I find I have to poke around almost every time to remember where it is.
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7 years ago, D'shiz
App is annoying
The product is great. Who doesn’t love audio books. And these guys have an ok selection. But the app functions like crap. I always download a book I’m listening to, never stream. And yet this app is nonstop trying to connect to the net. If you drive through a low signal area you will constantly be fumbling with your phone to restart your book and find your spot. This is very annoying and distracting while driving. The app has overlong pauses between saved files that are totally unnecessary, it really takes away from the flow of the story even when it’s a great reader. I have some 30 odd books from this company even tho I’ve stopped my monthly subscription. It always annoys me when I have to come back to this app. Wish I could listen to them through any of my other audio book apps. “Response” I have more than sufficient room on my iPhone. And this is every book every time. There is absolutely no reason your app needs to connect to the net non-stop whyle I’m listening to my book and yet it is constantly checking for a connection. It’s a shame, I entered the audio book world with this app and my Love for books made me overlook these issues. As I’ve branched our to other apps I’ve been shown how lacking this one is.
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6 years ago, JRose827
Audiobooks so far is the best!
I don’t have a ton to say just yet, as I am new to audiobooks. But I used to have audible for couple years and it was ok but audiobooks offers so much more especially with the use of their app. I really like the features much better for instance just to name a couple the sleep timer since I listen every night which last I checked audible didn’t have since I fall asleep during listening it makes it much easier to find where I left off instead of continuing to play only to wake up to see the book is finished and have to try and remember where I left off. Also like the ease of fast forwarding and track list. I decided recently to try and find audio app that better suited me so I decided to give audiobooks also another one a try to see if I liked them better or if I should just go back to my old subscription. And as of right now I’m definitely leaning towards audiobooks. I definitely like it best of the three I have tried.
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3 years ago, tatalavera
Loving this app so far!
I’m a new user and signed up for the free trial bc I couldn’t find some audiobooks I really wanted to listen to through my library or library apps. I just finished listening to my first book (Man of the Family by Ralph Moody) and loved it! The app makes it so easy to download and listen to books, and the only thing I didn’t like is I don’t think tracks line up with chapters so occasionally when I wanted to restart a chapter (bc I had listened ahead but my kids, who were listening to the book with me, had missed a part when they weren’t with me) I had to just keep skipping through thirty seconds rewinds to get where I wanted to go. (In retrospect , I probably could have bookmarked the spot before going on, but didn’t think of that since I am new to audiobooks.) I like that I can see how much time is left in the book and have been very impressed at the fast download time and how easy it is to find books I am looking for.
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5 years ago, Gung-Woo
Great overall experience. But synch problems
I have been using the app for a few days now. I am listening to “The 5am Club”. I love how I can use my credits directly within the app. I can’t do this with Audible. However, I have experienced two notable problems: 1) I have tried listening to my book both on my iPhone and on my tv (using Apple TV). For some reason, the app isn’t holding my place very well. A few times I have listened to the book on my phone, then come home and turn on my Apple TV to listen, and it is still at the place where I last stopped listening on the Apple TV, which could be an hour or so behind! To solve the synch problem I now just create temporary bookmarks when I stop listening. This is a bit inconvenient; 2) a few times I have hit the 30 second rewind and somehow the app had fast forward instead. I thought it was user error, but it happened several times. This seemed to clear up on its own, as it hasn’t happened recently. But I wonder if it will happen again
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2 years ago, SicEmxxAMY
Definitely a solid app!
I’m currently working through a free trial of this app and I’m digging it so far! It’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for when searching for new books. The main thing I would love to see is a “percentage completed” label on books as you’re reading them. Most reading tracking apps have a percentage option and it’s frustrating to not be able to just put that number in. As someone who’s really into audiobooks, I love that I can click on the narrator’s name to see what else they’re doing! I just finished Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail by Ashley Herring Blake, and it was so easy to just tap on Kristen Dimercurio’s name to see what else she’s read because I enjoyed her narration style. Note: if you’re thinking about using the free trial, just a note that it’s not 3 audiobooks to be chosen from whatever books you want. One of them is, but the other 2 are “VIP” credits and are chosen from a shorter list. Still worth checking out, though!
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3 years ago, redhead_6
Great app, great books
This is an awesome app! I stumbled across it searching online for an audiobook I couldn’t find anywhere else, and wondered why I’d never heard of it before as I’m addicted to audiobooks. I honestly signed up for the free trial to get two audiobooks I’d been dying for, but have realized I like the app so much I might pay for it. I’ve found audiobooks I can’t find anywhere else. I also love their selection of free books - I immediately discovered an audiobook by my favorite author I was totally unaware of narrated by a voice actor I’d never heard of but is better than any other I’ve heard. I couldn’t find it in any other audiobook app or online bookstore. Not to mention the app’s interface is so easy to navigate, and I love the audiobook clubs idea. The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to remove a downloaded book from my device but I’m sure I will. I’m so glad I discovered this app!
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1 year ago, TwoOffToCollege
There are much better apps for audiobooks
The WORST thing about this app is how unreliable it is. This app abruptly stops and cuts off requiring you to tap the screen to start playing the audiobook almost constantly(sometimes 4-5 x within one minute!) If you start a book and realize 20-30 minutes into it that you just do not like it or that the narrator is not someone you can listen to for 9-15 more hours, you are stuck with it. Audible lets you return books for credit in those circumstances. You cannot always tell in the short sample and by the summary and reviews if an audiobook is going to be to your liking. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I sure appreciate being able to swap it for a different book on Audible. After using this app for a couple of years, I am going to stop my subscription . It has not always had the problem of cutting out, but it seems to be getting worse. I think I’m going to have to find another way to finish my current listen. I don’t have the patience to constantly press play.
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5 years ago, RPinkerman
Great App! You get what is advertised as well as what you want with no hassle and easy use!
Hesitantly did the free trial; immediately downloaded 3 books totally free. I was recovering from an illness & thought it would be a good idea to listen to one of my favorite series while bed ridden - The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings. To my surprise, the books were available & included in the free trial credits. It was very nice to actually get what was advertised as well as what I wanted. Beyond that, the actual app was very easy to use, had the sleep timer I needed as well as a “bookmark” feature you can leave notes on so that when/if I fell asleep while listening I could easily find my place again. I have read that you get “free” credits for books each month as well. That will be great & I’m looking forward to using this app for a long time in the future. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read.
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2 years ago, Sree0906
Good service, lots of options to choose from..
Just started using this app by subscribing to a free trial, so far having good time with the audio books app. It has a range of genres to choose from and has good selection of books in each genre. It also has VIP books per month where you can choose from a wide range updated each month. You can also be a part of book clubs and access all books from a club for one credit. They also have special deals like Under $10 and Buy 2 for 1 price which is amazing. You can start listening to various podcasts, magazines, book summaries etc which is free for members. All these for $15 subscription a month makes this app attractive. The app has the ability to change listening speed and can write notes or bookmark at any place. I feel adding a chapter wise listing within the app would be of great help to the listeners. I rate this app 4 stars.
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2 years ago, 2luvjustice
Wish you’d fix the bugs
I just typed a long review and it reset on me so I’m speaking this and if there are any errors I’m sorry anytime I leave the app and leave it on or the Wi-Fi goes out or go to another app this app locks and it’s splash refresh opening screen there’s nothing you can do you can’t reset your phone you can’t offload the app you can’t close the app and open it up again for it to come back you have to delete the app and all your settings offloading would be great because you don’t have to delete your settings but you have to delete the app I’ve already had to delete it several times I am reading Chris Duncan‘s I am not broken because it’s not an audible I’ve been a member of Audible since 2005 and have never had these issues I might have to cancel this and go with the Google version of ChrisDuncan‘s book if this doesn’t get fixed. I do love that you can do high-speeds because on audible for so long I only listen to books on high speeds now
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7 years ago, 518&
well written app designed to be the best on the market
it’s clear that this small audiobooks company goes out of its way to make the user experience the best in the industry. When compared to the audiobooks app offered by Apple and other competitors it has thawed out what makes a better product. The limitations of having one device to hold one audiobook by Apple is vastly Limiting in the age of 2018. The customer service offered by this small upstate New York company is superior to all other companies on the market. Whenever I have called with a problem they go out of their way to be helpful and find a solution, which addresses my problem even if they don’t have a design solution. whenever I’ve asked for an answer to a problem they have truly been helpful. It’s always inspiring when a small business tries hard to help their customers. Keep up the good work and positive business attitude.
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2 years ago, KimYantis
Great app for audiobook lovers!
I discovered audiobooks about a year ago. I would usually listen to them from my local library, however, often times popular books can take weeks- or months- to become available. This app solved that problem for me! It’s a bit of a “luxury” for someone with my income to use. I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on subscriptions and apps, and there’s an endless supply of both these days. However, the hours of entertainment I get from listening to books is worth it. I absolutely love this new way of “reading” all the books I have been wanting to read but never getting around to it! I am currently about to finish “The Lady of the Lake”- the last book in the Witcher series… (other than season of storms), and it has been yet another great listen! Thank you for this app and the hours of job it’s brought me!
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4 years ago, Bob Vila's Bud
Mom’s Best Friend!
After being a stay at home Mom for 10 years, I finally started working again. One thing I have missed about my quiet days at home when the kids are at school, is being able to read a book. Most of my days off are spent catching up on housework and running errands, so I rarely have time to read. I was told by a few friends to try audio books. I tried a few similar apps, but found some issues I didn’t care for. My wish list wasn’t easily accessible, the audio wasn’t great, selection was mediocre, etc. I decided to try Audio Books, and I found my match! I love the app! I’m currently listening to The Outsider by Stephen King (it’s one of my favorite books) and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The app is easy to use! I found some super great Podcasts I love, too! I turn it on when I’m cleaning, cooking, driving, even getting ready for work first thing in the morning.
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7 years ago, LCDairy
Audiobooks Virgin River by Robyn Carr
I have about a 45 minute drive to and from work every day, so that’s 1 1/2 hours of listening to radio stations that get fuzzy or have commercials. I decided to try Audiobooks and much to my surprise, I actually get excited about my drive now. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the book. I’m not fidgeting with the car radio trying to see which station isn’t fuzzy. I’m currently listening to Virgin River by Robyn Carr. I just read the paperback versions of the 2nd and 3rd books in the series but didn’t have the first book in paperback, so I decided to use my trial credit to get the first book. I love this! The female voice who reads is amazing. She can change her pitch for each character and has a great quality to her voice. She knows just the right times to emphasize certain parts. It’s wonderful. If only the price was a little lower it would be perfect.
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4 years ago, kaplalex
Gets the job done for fiction - not for ease of use
The app is not very intuitive for controls which makes it feel slow to navigate and frustrating to use. The book selection seems okay. Though, some non-fiction investment books I read elsewhere weren’t there. I downloaded it because I read two books of a trilogy from one service and I wanted to read the third book (which was unavailable from the other service). The Audiobooks app pulled through in this case - and gave me a free credit to read it too! (MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood) Pros: 2x speed so you’re not stuck listening to books super slow Sleep timer up to 90 minutes Cons: 2x speed seems more distorted than other audio apps on 2x speed (maybe just the book I read or maybe my imagination) Sleep timer stops abruptly instead of fading out Controls are weird - no central menu, to access the menu on the left you tap a button on the right, the last book you were reading is always at the bottom (you can’t swipe it away), and in order to access the last book you were reading from the bottom of the screen, it’s not a simple swipe or a simple tap (honestly idk what it is, if you tap just perfectly it works and if you swipe just perfectly it works. But if you don’t do it perfectly then it just kinda teases you and doesn’t actually do what you would expect it to) All in all, it gets the job done and I’m happy I got to finish the trilogy I was reading for free. Thanks Audiobooks!
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5 years ago, Carl Cann
Credits expiring/pain to stop payments
While the app works well and has a good selection of books, the billing and credits I feel are not good service. There are several books that I personally enjoy but understandably aren’t popular enough to make it to their selection. At that point I find myself listening to other things and the billing continues regardless. That is a bit annoying but what I think is unethical and nonsense is the 15$ I spent is essentially stolen from me if I don’t use it. I think it was after about 3-4months which I think is just absolutely unfair and offensive. To stop payments I have to call in and deal with someone who in the past gently tried to prevent me. If there was an option to control on the app it wouldn’t bother me as much, but to have a business model that tries to have loss prevention measures by inconveniencing customers instead of make a quality model that works for them is wrong in my humble opinion. I give 2 stars instead of 1 because the app does work well, other than it draining money from me if I don’t pay close attention.
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3 years ago, Mountainman/Cityboy
More affordable, and just as good as competitors
What’s to say, I use a library audiobook borrowing app that is free but sometimes I have to wait weeks or months for my book to become available. Often it just doesn’t have the book I want. Audible is expensive and only gives you a book a month and their free trial is only one book. I’m on a free trial now and will likely keep this app, so far I’ve listened to The Infinite Machine about crypto currency Ethereum and also Hello, Shadowlands, an investigative journalism book about corruption and various underworlds across Southeast Asia. Both books have been great, the apps interface is intuitive and it’s more affordable than audible Also I’m going to get a free credit for writing this review, but honestly to me that shows they value their customers. No offers like that from their competitors!
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4 years ago, Chibald
It is so irritating that the books I listen to randomly stop and the app completely closes. I have done much troubleshooting and have asked customer support and yet nothing has worked. I have ignored these problems, but I’m simply just sick of them. I’ve had this app for years and over the past couple years a few silly, but ridiculously inconvenient things seem to keep reoccurring:1) the app randomly closes or the book just stops despite a variety of troubleshooting. 2) It will not allow me to listen to my book without a WiFi or cell signal, even though I have the book downloaded (I have done several troubleshooting attempts for this as well) and 3) It sounds garbled and unintelligible when Bluetooth devices are connected to the phone even though other apps as well as the internet seem to work just fine. Overall, it just is very frustrating because the point of listening to a book is to be in the story and enjoy it- this is ruining my experience and it is quite disappointing that simply ‘putting an IT ticket in’ is the answer.
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5 years ago, Flagplayer
For what I can’t get via my library
I would far prefer to check out audiobooks from my library, but the titles are limited. I am pregnant for the first time and wanted to read some books my friends had recommended, and I only found them here. It’s a good service for listening straight through a book, but since the books I’m listening to are informational, and I don’t care to listen to every chapter, as not all of them pertain to information I am seeking, I wish the book could be navigated by chapter. Instead I have to keep skipping ahead or back 30 seconds at a time and try to figure out where I am in the book this way. Other than that, the app is efficient. It leaves off at my last listening point and can easily be activated in a few seconds before starting my commute. I don’t experience loading times and gaps in playback when I leave the reach of home WiFi, so it’s completely seamless for me. I would recommend.
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2 years ago, girlinpearls
Playback features need improvement: Chapter selection and scrolling
I’m halfway through my second book and continually lament the ability to select by chapter. There are tracks listed but don’t match up to chapters. This is especially painful when picking up my device during playback my thumb touches the beginning of the playback scroll bar and the book starts over! My last place was lost! And there was no “go back to previous place” option. Ugh! Other apps offer this option. I have begun to - almost frantically - use bookmarks just so I have some record of how far I’ve gotten. Make the graphic of the book smaller and use more screen space for added playback features, please! Beyond the playback screen, the rest of the app’s feature appear helpful and easy to navigate. I’m not giving up on the app yet just because there are room for improvements!
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3 years ago, _grace
Love this app/service! Book club is amazing
I’m a big consumer of audiobooks, read them constantly and this is a great way to get them. I’m a huge fan of the book clubs they offer, I love that you can pick a genre from month to month and then see lots of different categories of that genre. I picked Romance and was treated with a great variety. I signed up for the free trial and the book club is what made me stick with it after that. I also appreciate the one free VIP book every month from the selection. The app itself is very well designed. (Only needs a dark mode to be perfect.) I love that you can take notes on a book and they get saved in their own little section. Also I appreciate that you can easily switch between how much is left in the book and how much is left in the chapter on the display page.
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2 years ago, kobstein
So far so good
I just downloaded the app and have been listening to Beautiful Boy for a class I'm taking. This app has really helped me get my reading in during small moments during the day. I've tried may other similar apps and this one works well. The reason for 4/5 stars (and it might be a user problem on my end) is because I've had pretty consistent problems with the audiobook starting over again at the beginning when I open the app later in the day when I try to resume listening. It's not a huge deal, but I don't always know the timestamp where I left off so I have to spend some valuable time trying to find my place again. An annoyance, but not a deal-breaker. Hopefully this is due to some small setting needing to be changed on my end. If not, this would be a great issue to address in future updates to make this app even better!
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7 years ago, Kat18328
Great App
So far this app has been great. It has clear sound, isn't glitchy and it has not froze up on me. So far they have had every book I have searched that I would be interested in listening to. The app itself runs smootly and is easy to figure out. I started my trial by listening to The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer. It was my book groups book this month and I had started reading it but needed to listen to it while getting things done if I was going to finish it in time. That being said the one thing that I wish I could have done in this app is to jump to a different chapter easliy. I wanted to start listining where I had left off reading. I eventually found my spot but it would have been nice to just be able to pick which chapter to start on. But everything else so far has been great about the app so I am still giving it a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Amber Williford, Health Coach
Update: Audiobooks for the win!
Update: I was mislead at sign up with the 2 books per month, when you actually get 1 book of your choice and 1 VIP book which is extremely limited and had nothing I want to read. I chose audiobooks over Audible because I was under the impression when I read "2 books per month" that it was a much better deal. So I have cancelled my subscription. The initial sign up deal is great though! I just wish they were a little more transparent in their offer. Original review: "So far so great! I'm several chapters into my first book and I'm loving the ease of use. when I open the app, my book is there ready to play unlike some other apps I've used where I have to go to my book shelf and load it each time. I also love that you get 2 book credits per month rather than one, that's honestly been the biggest reason why I haven't stuck with other subscription services."
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4 years ago, Doc. Wiser
Genuinely Satisfying
I’ve spent some time with the Audiobook’s app, listening to “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and let me tell you, it’s a long but entertaining dilemma mosts guys struggle to better. I mostly enjoyed the listening experience, b/c of the multi-tasking feature (one doesn’t have to have the app open) and the audio itself, leaving me with more time and attention to divert elsewhere! P.S. So I did a review before an immediate review that I did before this exact one you are reading. Now, both of the previous Reviews that weren’t submitted that I just mention, were b/c of the very two following reasons; First I clicked out of Apple Store and it so generously restarted the app and erased my 10 min. Long Review, then the second time I was disconnect from the wifi and didn’t realize and clicked the “send” button!So yea I’m a bit Stressed. Like reallllly Stressed.
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4 years ago, laura 249er
Difficult to get accompanying pdf files
You always have to ask for the accompanying pdf/appendix or whatever additional documentation that is available instead of being able to just go to a site on the app and download it. This requires you to contact customer service, which takes a while before you are connected with someone. I always have to contact customer service to get these. The most recent one I have tried to obtain has been impossible. A notice popped up when I first began the book (about downloading the file) and the author says to see accompanying appendix in the book but since I was driving I ignored it. I was told that sometimes you have to go to the author’s website to get this (however I was unable to find anything). I asked if I could have whatever popped up when I first downloaded the book (so I could see if there was a website) and was told that they double checked for a pdf and the publisher did not send them one. NOT HELPFUL...and never got the file. Laura 249er
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1 month ago, k8thegreat528
Pros and some cons
Overall this has been a solid app. I use it in addition to audible because I like to have way too many books on rotation at any given time. I enjoy the perk of the VIP selection every month, as I can always find something of interest among these options that I would otherwise likely not have encountered. The cons of this app are that it does not carry all authors/books out there (though has most), and as others have noted..that titles are organized by tracks instead of chapters. The latter is an extremely frustrating quality, as it makes it very difficult to have a sense of how far into a book you are. There seem to be some decent deals available at any given time but I admittedly don't take advantage because I'm almost always only downloading books that I am specifically seeking out ahead of going to the app.
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3 years ago, Bazildabear
Good audiobook source
I've used audible before and liked it but I thought I'd check this one out as well since they had different offerings. Overall, I've had a very similar experience. They seem to give a decent amount of included credits for what you pay. I listen to books on my commute and am halfway through The Lost Apothecary. So far I've had no major interruptions or problems. I only have 2 complaints, and they are very minor. First, there doesn't seem to be an Alexa skill to directly play from this service. I can just run it from my phone on Bluetooth, but it's an extra step. The second is my GPS app (Waze) doesn't recognize this app as spoken words so it doesn't pause when the GPS speaks like it does with other audiobook sources. Again those are very minor things that they might address in the future. Overall I am enjoying the service.
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5 years ago, BigBen219
Happy Kids!
I have two tween/teen boys that found books they really enjoyed listening to during long car rides this weekend. They didn’t have any issues at all stoping and picking back up where they left off over the last two days. It was amazing how they were so quiet and no one was fighting. They couldn’t take their headphones off as we were running around, except for to excitedly discuss what they had listened to so far. One read Ghost by Jason Reynolds and one is still reading Ready Player One. They have to read so much for their school AR program, it is nice to give them the option to occasionally listen to a book. I think it will only encourage a desire for them to read more in time. I am also excited to use this service as I am in the car a few hours a day and love being able to use that time to take in new books.
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7 years ago, Whatnameisntalreadytaken?
Great Ap!
We downloaded My Inventions by Nikola Tesla for a book report for my teen who was having a hard time getting motivated to read (even though he is extremely interested in Tesla). What a great decision that was! The ap, payment (through PayPal), and downloading the book was super easy and super fast. We were halfway through the book an hour later. I really enjoyed being able to experience the book with him. It gave us lots to talk about and I learned some stuff too (that man was super-human. Wow). I can’t wait to download more books and listen to them in my car while waiting for kids at lessons or while I’m sitting in traffic. I have so many on my list. I’ve tried several other audio book type apps- including public library apps and the popular fall backs, but I have to say this has been the best experience overall in comparison.
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5 years ago, Tsteckler33
Trial review
Signed up for the free trial to see how this stacks up to Audible. I like the user interface and main screen as it is a little easier to navigate and not as clunky as the Audible one. The display of my library is also convenient and easy to slide through and pick the title I’m looking for. The only downside right now which is why I can only give it 3 stars is the lack of books available that I am looking for. There seems to be no shortage for big author names and best sellers, but I have struck out with more book series and authors that I was looking forward to listening to. I just got through the 6 Cradel books written by Will Wight and wanted to go back and read his earlier series. No luck on this app for Will at all or a few other authors that I was searching for. Easy to use and pleasant experience so far, but the lack of titles and authors will likely lead me back to Audible until the library selection has had the opportunity to expand.
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6 years ago, EvilSteveReviews
A solid alternative to Audible
I recently made the switch from Audible just to give Audiobooks a try. I’m very happy with the selection and found a bunch of treasures in their free section that I’m so excited to get to. My first book with Audiobooks is the second book in the King Killer series by Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear. I’ve just started it and have 43 epic hours to go! The Audiobooks App isn’t as intuitive as Audible but is easy enough to figure out. Buying a book automatically starts a download, and I didn’t want each one to download right away so it took a bit to negotiate that challenge. Also there isn’t an intuitive “back” button in many circumstances; you have to access the menu to go back to where you were previously. If you’re thinking about trying Audiobooks, I recommend that you do. I think you’ll be happy with the selection and app once you figure it out!
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2 years ago, Melnach
Good app for audio books
I was looking into alternatives to Audible for listening to audiobooks. I signed up for Audiobooks free trial and have continued listening. I have listened to three Jack reacher books so far. I enjoy the genre. I’m not too impressed with the VIP selection so haven’t tried any of those. I noticed that the books are not broken down into chapters. This is not a big deal with books like the Jack reacher series, but might be an issue if I wanted to research in a non-fiction book there of course is the fast forward and rewind for 30 seconds I frequently have to do this because I’ve found myself drifting off and having to rewind. The free trial includes a selection from a VIP category. I haven’t really found any books and that selection to listen to, but maybe I will in the future.
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4 years ago, La Glo
Love this App & the book “Definitely Hispanic!”
Just downloaded the book"Definitely Hispanic" to listen to while I’m driving in my car and looking for a distraction during my physical therapy “homework”. It is touching, close to home & thought provoking all at the same time! I have anxiety & this whole isolation thing during this pandemic has done a job on me, so this book kept me calm & laughing long enough to forget the noise & continue to have hope for humanity! The interface of Audiobooks is so simple & user friendly to download books and get to listening, plus I feel like I get more of a feel for the story & the author when I get to hear their own voices narrating, their passion comes through their voices in a genuine, pure way that you just can’t feel the same way when reading on paper/device, plus you can be hands free!
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2 years ago, the best intern
Good but could be a little better
After recently downloading this app to try an alternative to Libby and Audible, I have been pleasantly surprised. The app functions similarly and has a mostly smooth interface. It’s relatively easy to navigate, it has crashed on me once but that was no big deal. My main issues are that the tracks on my audiobook aren’t named, only numbered by time which can make it a little confusing. I’d like to see chapter titles added in the future. Additionally, the bookmark function is a little clunky and not intuitive. Instead of accessing it from the main listening page, you have to navigate out using the waffle and go to “my notes”. While I do like the notes feature, I think it would be a better experience if you could just see all your bookmarks on the main book page while listening.
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