4.5 (228)
232.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Austrian Airlines AG
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Austrian

4.51 out of 5
228 Ratings
1 year ago, fddsdgbgu
Works as expected
Not sure why the hate. I didn’t try to buy tickets through the app, but I did use it for check- in, tracking the flights and adding passes to the Wallet. Worked flawlessly. Not sure what else is needed from an airline app.
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2 years ago, kdhqiajdhdfow
Amazing App
Very simple and easy to use with great bag tracking features and boarding pass access.
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2 years ago, Kristina423
Terrible service
Terrible customer service on board, flight attendants very rude and unfriendly. I had one of my worst experiences flying with this company, specifically how rude the flight attendant personnel were. The app is also very limited and doesn’t work well. Very disappointed and definitely expected more of this company. I am not flying with them again in the future.
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1 year ago, CTR6541
I was disappointed the app didn’t send notifications on departure and gate changes. Also, boarding pass in my Wallet didn’t update with active information of changes.
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6 months ago, Richard Alex parks
Awsome plane
I was so mad at the people at United airlines for holding us up but when I entered the plane for connection with Austrian airlines I felt much better
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6 months ago, Please forget me
Austrian Airlines never let’s me down with the quality of service provided and the equipment on the aurcraft
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5 months ago, Teslapilot
Great job Austrian!
Lovely app! Works perfect!
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1 year ago, thecoolmacdude
Birth Date on app keeps changing to prior day!
When you enter a Birth Date on the app and go back in to view the detail, the date keeps changing to prior day! This also happens on the website. Please fix! I can’t book a flight if my information is incorrect.
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2 years ago, TJ. Levent
Terrible app and the their website is the same.
This app is terrible, you can’t do anything and it’s extremely slow. Their website is not much better. Kind of pathetic for a airline company like Austrian to have this many issues.
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1 year ago, Yevgeny’s ID
this app, and their site too. Don’t know what happened lately, I’ve removed the app I’ve used for over 10 years,? It used to be fine, but now it’s totally useless. Don’t get it, at least for now
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12 months ago, Плащишко
Absolutely WORST support and app
Your idiots answered on my question with absolutely random name (for some reason, when you say that you are Polina, it means for them that they can call you James). After that they decided that they helped me a lot. Absolute idiots
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2 years ago, Yulalalala
Just terrible
First- so so slow Second- won’t allow me to upload and input my United frequent flyer. Third- bugs and errors all the time… It’s as if they really want you to not use their app. Deleted it!
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2 years ago, bonitajulia
Piece of Crap
This app is completely worthless. It won’t let me login to my existing profile, it won’t allow me to do anything or see any options on my booking when I look for it.
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2 years ago, donutdonut12
Serves no purpose
Every time I enter my booking reference number it doesn’t populate my flight info. Just goes blank and returns to the app’s main screen.
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2 years ago, DM 12321
Can’t even register
While trying to register, app says I need to complete a field but all the fields are compete.
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2 years ago, Betyourasdisnottaken
Just lazy
Lazy written app, missing functionality. Can’t add bookings. Can’t pool Boarding Pass on it?! Sends you to web for everything. Just so bad…
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5 years ago, Wolfgang1768
After looking through all the reviews on this app I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the negative reviews come from technology illiterate people. The app works just fine.
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1 year ago, biev45
Terrible app
Worst airline app. An embarrassment
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5 years ago, Rondo1948
App charged me twice for seating but did not give the seats
I downloaded this app because my tour booked me on the Austrian airline. There is a lot of info to fill out of all your details then when you get to the part where you upgrade your seating i did that and put my credit card info and when i finished the app charged my credit card as soon as i completed the transaction ($150) then gave me an error message that it did not go through. I tried a second time and the same thing happened and a second $150 charge. Still no seats upgrade. I then called the number for USA Austrian Air and booked the seat upgrade with a live representative. She could not see what happened on the app so she charged me a 3rd $150 dollars. I had to call my credit card company to make them aware of what happened. That was yesterday and today i see that all 3 $150 charges are still pending. Im sure i will NOT be paying 2 of those charges. So whatever” convenience i expected from this app was negated by this mishap. Also it said it could not give me the boarding pass in this check in . A waist of time and NOT CONVENIENT.
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6 years ago, Froogalmom
This app is useless!
My husband is about to connect to an Austrian Air flight in Newark. That airport isn’t even on the list of airports in the app. I had to select “all NYC airports” instead and then it still doesn’t tell you from which airport the flight that is brought up will leave from. So how would you know you’re looking at the correct one? The only info I have is the United Airlines flight number that doesn’t correspond to the Austrian flight number. So I downloaded the Flight Aware app to track his Austrian flight with THEIR app instead. That one at least confirms the flight I’m tracking is the correct one because I was able to find it using the United Airlines flight number for it. He was also frustrated that he wasn’t able to book his seat online and had to call them today to get assigned to a seat. He will NOT be flying Austrian again.
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5 years ago, Gizi11
The worst phone line
I made a booking reservation 4 months ago and I forgot what day exactly we are going. I couldn’t open on line at all . I tried this app and it wouldn’t help me with my password. I called up and this person said she won’t help me if I don’t know my booking number . I said can u find it by the name and she denied me! I said I want to speak to someone else and she said no!!! It was a back and forth argument! Horrible service! I called back and it was the same mean person! She still wouldn’t help me! This app is useless if you make up “their” password on line! It won’t come up on this app. This year will be my last flight with this airline! Horrible service and app.
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5 years ago, 123sayitaintso
Horrible waste of time
Asks for all kind of information then you can’t get anything done. Just trying to book a flight and wanted to check availability of seats because I did not want to be crammed into a middle seat next to the toilet. I could not get any seat info. Tried to check in and it says I am not within 24 hrs of departure so I cannot check in and when I called the airline they say they can’t see the seat map because check in has started. Can both of these be true?
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6 years ago, Lmlangf
Utterly dysfunctional
As Austrian’s mobile site has been non-functional for several months now (opening it, I just see the loading symbol and it never loads), I was forced to download this app to try to book a flight. It said my flight couldn’t be booked on the “mobile site”, so I needed to go to the desktop site. It sent me to the browser, where I tried to book the flight. It said it was unable to be booked there either. Total fail for Austrian’s app, mobile, and desktop sites.
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5 years ago, michbsd
Not possible to save itineraries under “my booking”
I would say the absolute MVP checkbox to fill as an airline carrier offering an app - is a way to see upcoming bookings. This app does not offer this (unless trip is as also bought via the app). The rest of the features and functions in the app are mostly useless “nice to haves”. Austrian please step into the 21st century and get this fixed. Hint look at pretty much all your competitors apps - they all, without exception) has this basic basic functionality.
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6 years ago, Oltmb
Still not working correctly
This looks fine as a stand-alone app. However it does not let me check in in many cases. When I go to the Austrian website then I can check in as usual. Very strange. The app does not know that I already checked in and does not allow me to have a mobile boarding pass. With KLM/Air France for instance all apps are integrated and operate seamlessly.
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13 years ago, Dre M
Good app
The app is good, however it would be nice if the personal data was stored in a way that it is not easily viewable. An alternative would be authenticating to load the M&M profile info, again not having it viewable without a password/pib between sessions.
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10 years ago, FJHeumann
Looking forward to flying, but...
...I hope the app is fixed before I fly in 3 weeks. In My Bookings, I can only see the first flight name/number, nothing of the other two that are part of the trip. Unfortunately managing the itinerary info is the major purpose of any of these apps. Seeing the seat numbers would also be important. Passbook coming? I hope so.
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13 years ago, np98
My mom used to work in the airline so I have travelled many times with Austrian Airlines... They give you great service and they are kind and friendly! As for the app, it is quite good and useful and worth downloading!!
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7 years ago, along009
Cannot add frequent flyer info
I have a travel office that creates bookings for me and when I got to the mobile app to add my Miles and More account number, it consistently will not let me add it. My travel office will not do it and I have to either waste time at the airport adding it there or not get credit... very frustrating.
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11 years ago, Oliver Haarp
Useless and troublesome app
I have tried checking in 8 times filling in the data from the scratch accompanied by numerous in-app errors to only find myself with randomly assigned seat at the end. I still could change the seat, but could not print the boarding pass. Furthermore, all this app really does is referring you to the Austrian airlines home page which does not take much effort to open in Safari.
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5 years ago, e-mexx
Useless app
Guys please! I am traveling every week with Austrian. Login: my login data is lost every time even when I flag -> keep me signed in I book flights via a travel agency. Although I linked my M&M profile and entered my personal data ... - the app is not able to pull up bookings linked to my last name (they should be known in your system) - a booking that I looked up manually is not stored / kept but lost again and again - after checking-in in the App the boarding pass is not showing up - No checkin preferences e.g. seat preferences Sorry for dumping my frustration here but this app is totally useless. I just deleted it since it’s not even worth the storage on my phone!!!
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9 years ago, Elan583
Great search functionality
Searching for flights is much simpler and easier than any other airline or travel app I have used.
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5 years ago, paicho23
Sadly didn't work at all
Tried to make a reservation. Good price, got thru all the pages and after putting in my credit card, says payment being processed. Then white screen and nothing. Says try again later or call the agent. Called agent but it was 3 times the price. Tried again on the app. No go. Then same message. Tried a third time and the price online doubled. C'mon guys. Get it together.
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3 years ago, tofulover1956
Great app 😚
I love Austrian airlines. I am flying it all over Europe. This app is underrated. Shouldn’t any of these angry people say a good thing bout this app? I really wish people would be happier bout this app. I really love 🇦🇹 Austrian Airlines 🇦🇹.
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8 years ago, Bart Szyszka
It doesn't show gate or seat info for flights I've checked in to. I ended up checking into a flight early but without getting an option to select my seats, and ended up getting bad seats automatically. And it's riddled with error messages during the check-in process, which go away if you just do the same thing again.
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5 years ago, snack it
forced updates
can you explain 1 simple thing: why do i need to update your app if i want only search for a flight and not book it? Worse of it, you allowed me to waste my time by entering all search params and only AFTER you showed the error saying that i must update. Even more worse thing i could not imagine. Your web site now uses captcha!!!
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10 years ago, TheOneWhoLovesToTravel
Good, but a few bugs
If you read it in Russian, lounge information is either in German or shows no availability for most cities including Vienna.
Show more
9 years ago, Moi320
Cumbersome and outdated
Not a very user friendly app: can't simply check in for my flight by only entering the flight number, have to enter city pair. Cumbersome! Does have some useful information but does NOT have easy functionality of other airline apps I use frequently.
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5 years ago, Silntwatchr
Never processes payment
3 seperate times I attempted to buy tickets, and each time the app went through all the steps until the very end. Once I selected Book now, it says payment processing, then sits on a blank white screen for a VERY long time, then gives an error that payment cannot be processed at this time.
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10 years ago, thewaterbaby
Really useful!
This app's really useful if you travel with this airline! Keeps you up to date and will help you not miss any flight!
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6 years ago, 2chri
Although Lufthansa already implemented the SmartTag function in their app, Austrian doesn’t do it! As a frequent flyer is a great comfort having the luggage with a SmartTag. I kindly ask you to implement as soon as possible this function in your app too.
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10 years ago, Philipp1933
Unstabile and no passbook integration
The app runs unstable on iPhone 5 and crashes or is unable to display the correct content sometimes. Passbook integration for boarding passes would be great. Take a look at the apps from Lufthansa and United and learn.
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8 years ago, 4ringfan
Below the industry average
What is the point if you cannot check-in? Even checking the flight status is complicated and counterintuitive.
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5 years ago, Bringonthenextepisode
Clumsy Entry Fields
Very hard to type your entries. Menus are not as well designed as other airlines’ Apps in that they don’t offer suggestions or simple scrolling options. Makes use on iOS extremely cumbersome and slow. Surprisingly basic.
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6 years ago, LiveHappy70
Just bad
“Updating your booking failed, please try again later”. Keeps failing for simple meal updates. Managed to update 3/4 passengers after trying for about 15 times. Last one still no luck. Website is just as bad.
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10 years ago, andriig
Half screen on iPad
I can imagine that this application could be very handy for frequent travelers like me. Unfortunately it is not usable on iPad as only part of screen is visible. I cannot image how QC unit responsible for development did not see that problem ...
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6 years ago, Allen34345655
Seriously bad application
Austrian is known for notoriously user unfriendly Internet site, and this app is no difference. Many times could not get boarding pass or even find a booking. Please, invest some money and get rid of managers responsible for IT.
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6 years ago, Novice geek
Danger - time waster!
App takes you all the way to payment then goes blank. Telephone Helpdesk says to use website instead. Next time I won’t waste my time with this buggy app!
Show more
11 years ago, BM98
Passes and iphone 5 support
Add Passbook integration for boarding passes and optimize the screen size for iPhone 5. The app is slow and seems to be more of a web app.
Show more
13 years ago, ggr001
I tried to query a flight from Washington to Vienna return. All this app did was refer me to their website. I fail to understand the value of this app. Ridiculous!
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