Autolist - Used Cars for Sale

4.8 (69.6K)
115.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Auto List, Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Autolist - Used Cars for Sale

4.81 out of 5
69.6K Ratings
6 months ago, ShaughnyBoy
The most phenomenal used car shopping app ever the only thing I would like added is under the “Features & Options” tab the ability to select remote engine start as a filter. Another minor problem I’ve had is the “Filter by distance (nearest first)” has issues when showing what vehicles are actually nearest to my location, the first listing would come up 150 mi away and the next would be 50 mi away and all results are salt and peppered like this, hasn’t posed an actual problem yet but it worked just fine a few months ago, would like to see this fixed! Other than that it’s perfect!
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2 years ago, Gezorical
Unbelievably Poor!
It is 2022 right? Not 1922! What I really don’t understand and believe me I have tried, is that the people who have developed this platform must either be incompetent, dumb or have no idea about what people want to see when using this app! No dealer ratings! Why? Unbelievably poor info about the cars! Absolutely every car listed on here states the car exterior color (great! But this is a must!) and the interior color as the same!! I had no idea that you can get a car that is for example, exterior color mineral grey metallic and the interior color is mineral grey metallic! Wow! Isn’t that awesome!! No! It’s totally amateurish! Or totally incompetent or well let’s face it….it’s both! Loads of ads on every listing and zero dealer reviews 🤔! Do they care that you are trying to buy a car and therefore you MUST have all the info you need to ensure that it’s got everything you want before going to the dealer? No dealer reviews means you see a car you want, but when you go there which could be many hours away only to discover that the dealer is…well shall I say “not as honest as you would expect” and then be either told that the car is sold or the dealer adds thousands of dollars to the original price on here so you not only have a potentially long drive, but also out of pocket expenses going there and end up driving home angry! Totally useless app! Don’t waste your time with it! Unless you are a gambler!
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6 years ago, getu56788
The App Is Great But...
This App is A Great Car Shopping App, It would be the best if it didn’t crash so much. Shows lots of car brands and listing in many locations with the option to even took for a certain year or trim of the car. Really good app but for me it crashes way to much to where it’s kinda annoying and hard to use. It literally crashes every time I Sher search for a new car and it leaves the app so I would have to go back into the app many times to just look at the listings I hope this app is fixed and it gets a lot better. I had this app for a long time now and not that many updates ago they seem to have took out a feature that was really helpful when it will tell you if are car listing you have saved had got sold. They don’t seem to do that anymore or even alert you if the price has changed. hope they bring those back. But overall a great app you will find the car you are looking for there.
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3 years ago, pictocat1
Great app, needs bug fixes
I honestly love this app. There's so many options to choose from when looking for vehicles. It's thorough and does the job well. So when it comes to the app itself and how it's designed, Autolist is perfect. However, this app has a couple bugs that need refined. If I'm on the app for more than 10-15 mins it'll freeze up on me. I've had it on two different phones and it always freezes up on both. One of my friends has also had the same experience. If it doesn't freeze, the app just gets pretty laggy and it's annoying. Only other thing (not even sure if the developers can do anything about this) is that the ads are EXTREMELY sensitive to where I'm tapping on the screen. Even if I'm scolling and don't directly tap on the ad, it'll act as if I intentionally tapped on it and open the ad in my browser. Just kind of annoying and I haven't experienced this with other apps, so I don't think it's just because I'm just clumsy with where I'm tapping on the screen. Again, overall an amazing app and it's perfect for anyone looking to find the right car. Just has a few bugs and annoyances that could be improved.
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7 years ago, Blindkarma
One of the better car buying apps
After a month of usage, this has been the best app for notifications about used cars for sale. Searches are easy by make and model plus filters for price, year and amount, etc. The ability to save search criteria and receive notifications works well. It consolidates listings from more sources than the other apps and keeps me notified promptly email. The only thing I don't like is that relistings are labeled as a new listing. It would be nice to filter those and notify that it is a price drop rather than a new listing.
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7 years ago, ngpaige
A comprehensive app!
Autolist does capture all available listings as you would search online. I crosschecked with different websites and that’s what I love about this app — you won’t be missing on any listings. It also has other features like updating your auto loan & interest to gauge monthly payments. User interface is intuitive. Sufficient for browsing as it has all the information you’ll need. I gave it a 4 stars because the push notifications lag. Developers can double check this bug. I would see price drops and new listings a few days on the app before I got the notifications for them. Makes me think there’s another price drop... Overall the best app I’ve had so far to browse for a used car.
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2 years ago, Great Tool, Dangerous App
Great Tool, App is Difficult to Use
As someone who has used Autolist for years to look for anything from project care to daily drivers, I find the consolidation of multiple listings in one place to be extremely helpful. This app was a terrific tool once upon a time. It seems however that the developers are either unaware or unobservant of some extreme quality issues of the app. On my new iPhone 13 running iOS 15, the app is usable for a short amount of time, after which the phone heats up rapidly and the app consumes system resources until the app and the entire phone are nearly unresponsive, and closing the app from the carousel is the only way to remedy the issue. Love the tool, hate the unusable buggy app.
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7 years ago, Traaaaash Collector
Best car search app available!
Autolist, although relatively new is hands down the most detailed and complete car app available in the App Store. Way better than Car Gurus. I love the attention to detail the developers put into this app. All it really needs is a tweak in the monthly payment calculator. It doesn’t allow to add taxes but other than that it’s flawless. This app provides the most details on the vehicle you search out of all the other car apps, making your browsing experience that much better. Great job Autolist!!!
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5 years ago, Glittergurl$
I love it!
This app is amazing for finding the car you want, especially in your price range. I haven’t bought a car from it yet, but I already have some cars in mind to purchase when the time comes. The only complaint I have is in the filters, you can choose what mileage you want the car to have. Right now, it has options for under 25k miles, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k, and 200k. For me, i want under 85k, but it’s hard to find with that range. If possible, it would be nice to have the range go by the 10k instead of 25. That would make it easier to find a car with the mileage I want.
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5 years ago, nicholass56
Still amazing but one thing...
This app is honestly the best way to shop for used cars, it tells you everything and let’s you customize on how you want to shop for a car. Saying that it’s amazing doesn’t do it glory...but there is one thing I miss, the old way to search for a car. I get it that it’s nice to have a search bar instead of picking “make or model” and “body style” but I’d rather have that instead of searching for a car because it’s a whole lot easier. Other than that this app is the best used car app I’ve used and i hope you can see that too! Happy shopping!
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4 years ago, Phil7795
I loved this app even when it first came out. It’s amazing and easy to navigate to find anything you are looking for. The only thing that makes me not want to rate it so high is the stupid and I mean Stupid annoying ad videos that just multiply on my screen and I have to restart the app every time now. So annoying i don’t know if it’s a bug in the app or what but where that comes off I’ll do the 5 stars without a doubt.. 🚗
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6 years ago, IaJeepGuy
Slow to receive updates
This app is slow to receive updates on listings! I used this for several months and will still use it, however I found that you really have to still do some homework to ensure listed vehicles are still available. One particular vehicle I was looking at had sold and yet was still being listed on this app even weeks after the dealer removed the original listing. I don’t know what caused that, but just be sure to always contact the original seller to make sure it’s still available before driving out to see it. Just my 2 cents.
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5 years ago, DAN DAN 09
Freezes!!! ALOT!!!
I’ve had this app for just about a month and I was liking it but about 2 weeks ago it would only let me be on the app for about 3-5 seconds then it would completely freeze. I have deleted and re-download the app multiple times. I have 5G WiFi and have turned my phone off countless times. Nothing is working and I’m really bummed out. I really hope this gets fixed. Thank you for reading and am willing to re-review after problem is solved!
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7 years ago,
Amazing Car App!!
Look no further! If you're looking for a car/truck or just enjoy browsing, you absolutely should get this app. Ease-of-use, extensive filtering options, car-level detail and simple favoriting/alerts functionality make for a smooth and informative experience. Hats off to the devs who have made me a car-searching fanatic. I look forward to seeing what new features get added as they evolve. Top of the line app!
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5 years ago, JGore5417
A couple issues
Issue #1) I can’t look at my favorites because every time I go to tap on it the app then freezes. Issue #2) My favorites have like 2473 majority of which I’m assuming are cars that are sold and idk why if a car is sold why it isn’t automatically taken out of my favorites and off the app. Issue #3) The min slider on year range never works first try unless I leave that app open press home and go into the app again. Issue #4) The in accuracy of EST $$$/mo CarGurus tells me one thing Autolist tells me another on the exact same car. Besides these annoying problems it’s a good app😂😁
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6 years ago, Nickelladue
Too Many Online Vendors
I love this app and I appreciate the way it’s set up. It’s easier to use than autotrader and cars, but my biggest issue is the fact that it has become over run with Vroom and Carvana cars. These online dealerships, though credible, tarnish my search results because there is no way for me to test drive or see the car in person. I would like to see a decline in these types of listings, because now I have to scroll through hundreds of unrelated listings to find one in my area. One solution could be adding type of dealer as a filter. Certified Dealership/ For Sale by Owner/ Online Dealer
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5 years ago, NXPNW
So far so good
Just starting the process to find a new (used) car. I have tried a few different car buying apps and like this one the best. Very easy interface. The inventory seems to cover all the cars in the search area. The best part is seeing the prices change history, how long the car has been listed, and seeing the Carfax history all in one spot. The pictures are great too. I would have given this five stars if I could key word search as part of the search-filter process.
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3 years ago, hwoarang77
Mixed results
The app does a good job in showing cars that you select however, it does not do a good job when using certain vehicle features in the filter. Such as transmission. When I select manual half the results still come up with automatic transmission which gets quite frustrating after a while. I have to scroll through the pics to make sure it is a true manual. Even when reading the description of the vehicle it will say manual and when you get to the pic of the interior you see a big automatic transmission. Make sure you are double checking when using this app. Not all is what it seems.
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3 months ago, Kevmodevo
Autolist 😎
Love the app! Been using it for years. I wanted to leave feedback regarding a bug I’ve encountered but I couldn’t find a way to contact the team aside from the ‘chat with us’ feature. A ‘Report a bug’ option would be sweet! Anyways, with current location set I’ve been receiving nationwide search results regardless of which radius is selected. Thanks all! - a fellow dev :-)
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5 years ago, Rajiv_AJ
Excellent app - saves your time and gets what you want!
I had been searching for a used car for weeks over websites, with in 3-4 days, I could get the car I was looking for. The saved searches, favorites, already viewed and price drop alerts are very helpful! It would be good if the app allow us to crossout cars we don’t like and wish to not see again even under viewed section.
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4 years ago, car enthusiast 97
Bug with latest update for iPad app
This bug started happening in last 1 week. In favorites, when I tap on left side for the car for which I need to see more details, it does not show anything. Also in account settings, most of the options does not open for more details. Looks like iPad version of the app have issues from latest update
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4 years ago, hudsonvalley1
Brilliant app for car hunt
One stop shop for all buying needs. Seller details are available without hassle which is very convenient to get in touch with the seller directly. Rather than the app sending email to seller and you keep waiting for the response. I saw many dealership cars which otherwise are not listed in too many places except usually on their websites.
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3 years ago, Player 15428963.9
Tons of listings and search perimeters
This is a great search application. The only fallback is that the search doesn’t always match what filters I’ve adjusted. For example, I can select “leather” as an options and tons of results come in that specifically say cloth in the vehicle. Other filter options have the same problem making it difficult to sort out thousands of results.
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3 years ago, Hmntthm
Search is not actually search
It’s one of the most basic and pure interactions on the internet. Search. What they present as search is actually a filter and not even really a filter… it’s a browse functionality. It’s just so frustrating to go looking for something, to give a bunch of input and only after giving it all of your time and taps, the results are zero. You could sever up related results or allow for backing out of the search and actually filtering. Getting alerts for your search results would be nice. Just really a frustrating app.
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4 years ago, WK525
Been searching for a hard-to-find model for some time with little success; downloaded Autolist and it located a vehicle that had been listed less than a day before. Was able to check it out days before it popped up on other search sites and ended up buying it. Probably would have missed out if I relied on the other apps—thanks Autolist!
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4 years ago, 738382@$3
Love the app but a ad is ruining it
I absolutely love this app. I love seeing the new cars pop up each day and how you have the availability to save the vehicles. Only complaint is that right now I can’t use the app at all due to this ad video of a Nissan Altima keeps popping up without me clicking on it and I’m unable to close out the video and have to restart the app but then after being on the app for about 10 seconds it happens again.
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6 years ago, imapct🔥🔥
Auto lists is a very good app it is easy to use you can plug the prices in you want to buy a car for and also tell you how much you can pay monthly overall I could say a lot more things about the app but I just want encourage every one get This app because it’s a really good app it got me my first car cause I found the prices that I can afford
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5 years ago, Jacob Rubber
Very good app...just two things though..
This app is among my favorites in car search apps, unfortunately, the app crashes sometimes during prolonged usage, but my biggest gripe would have to be the “darkened picture “ of the vehicle no longer available. I save a bunch of cars and it’s hard to make out exactly which car it is because you can’t see the car. Again, your app is one of my favorites!
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12 months ago, Brenv0219
Car searching
It is really really good they don’t get back at you like as soon as you put something in your category like right away like spam or spam you they actually give you a few hours and then get a hold of you. I really do appreciate them and their prices also
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5 years ago, Snake8012012
Easy to find carfax, pricing history as functionality
This app is great. It does two things that I really wanted. Easy access to the carfax if it's available for free and the price history. I find it strange when a dealer raises the price after lowering it but it makes the pricing easy to follow. I also like the alerts when the price drops or a new car is listed
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7 years ago, Soundtheory Corp.
Really Helpful
This is an easy interface to use. Plenty of filter options available help you find the exact vehicle you want. I have had no problems with this app crashing. I have been using this app for several months now and I have only had one dealership not match the price. Just wish more dealers would get on board.
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6 years ago, Mikalan
Hated online car shopping until now
The best app I've come across. Great design, not a bunch of ads and confusing information. It covers all dealerships if they opt in (I think) . Every type of vehicle. Offers free Carfax. Great filters for search. I am an app person with over 400 and this is my first review. That should say something in itself.
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2 months ago, Verruckt99
Great, but…
Love the app and the simplicity of the interface, but for the love of everything move the contact option on the bottom of the screen, I don’t know how many times I’ve swiped up to leave the app and it’s contacted the dealership about vehicle I just happened to look at. The crashes have gotten better but the heating issue still persists and makes me nervous using the app for extended periods of time. PLEASE FIX THIS
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6 years ago, Thebomb.vom
Love the app
The app is very easy to navigate, I’ve found many vehicles in my price range. I most enjoy that it comes with the carfax report so you know what you’re getting yourself into with a vehicle. Overall just an amazing app, I’ve already recommended to my friends and family and they seem to enjoy it as well.
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1 year ago, NicolasS956
Removed Features and Unorganized Listings
I have been using the Autolist app for a while and what I have noticed recently is an increase of vehicles that have been listed in the wrong category, for example if you wish to find a manual muscle car you will instead get automatic muscle cars. There used to be a report feature to report listings that have been place wrong by the seller but they removed it so now you got a bunch of sellers abusing the system.
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7 years ago, PMA customer
Casts a wide net!
This app pulls up far more options than competing apps. But I wish it had the functionality to remove vehicles from the results list. Ex: I search for specific manual transmission cars, but 90% of the results list vehicles that do NOT have stick. That's not the app's fault, it's bad data entry from the seller, but I would like to be able to remove those cars from my results list.
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4 years ago, uhnut
Great app! Only more improvements please:)
To start off this app is amazing for looking at new/used cars for sure! I would like it if you could name your saved searches and possibly be able to have a search option for named dealerships only and not have all dealerships. Again amazing app!
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2 years ago, Jdbxudhwbuuchdhdytdhy
App is broken
When saving cars to favorites while using wifi and then trying to access them while using LTE it always says “car no longer available” but I called the dealership it was at and it was still available also most of the pictures won’t load for a lot of cars if you’re using LTE instead of wifi
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3 years ago, jayjay0828
1 Tap Contact Issue
The 1 Tap contact can be helpful for many, however it is easy to accidentally press it. I have unfortunately done so accidentally multiple times and I had dealers calling me and emailing me. It drives me crazy. I wish you can possibly add a confirm button after pressing that in case someone accidentally presses it. Please take this into consideration because I love this app. Thanks!
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3 years ago, parker potts
Prices too high
OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace have much better prices and wider selections. Not a good app if you plan on shopping for a used car at a lower price point. If you’re looking for a newer car and have money to spend or plan on financing then I guess this app is decent but at that point you might be better off using car gurus or auto trader or even craigslist honestly because they’ll have many more cars to choose from. Wouldn’t really recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Bat-Breezey
Constant Freezing
This application used to be great. I found my Camaro SS on this application 2 years ago. I want to add another car to my garage and thought coming back to this application could help me like the first vehicle I bought using this application. Now it’s not. This app freezes too often and makes shopping for cars nearly impossible. I would have to force close the app and reopen it. Even doing that, still no luck. I closed out all apps on my phone, restarted, and updated the app. It still does not work. Please, Please Fix!
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6 years ago, bananasteele
So you want info on a used car.
This app gives you information others do not. I like to know the changes in price and how long a vehicle has been on a car lot. This gives YOU buying power. I highly recommend this app when you are looking for a vehicle.
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3 years ago, Blackmore B
Best way to shop
This app is the best way I have seen for automobiles. After lunch I check and find new vehicles added. This app is great. If I want a test drive I schedule it with the dealership and off I go. I can learn everything about what I’m getting before I ever leave my house.
Show more
7 months ago, Jaesean2296
Please update.
I have happily used Autolist for years due to its easy interface but for the past several weeks there have been several issue with the app that have caused me to switch to other apps for car shopping. First of all used cars seemed to be unavailable on the app for some reason. Anything not brand new is bringing up 0 results which has left me extremely unsatisfied. Please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, jmeier301
Great app, but.....
The notifications stating that a price drop occurred don’t show any price drop when I open the app. I’ve never seen anything under the price drops tab. Otherwise, it’s great. I can save cars for later, watch price history, filter on almost anything, etc.
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2 years ago, Degrees23
Could be perfect except too many salvage vehicles
This site has so many vehicles that have a salvage history, branded title, flood history. I need to be able to filter these out but they will not allow it. Fix this Autolist! You could be great. I love that I can see how long a dealer has had a car in stock and the price changes they have made. This is awesome for negotiating!!
Show more
8 months ago, car boy 8766
Just one mistake I really want Auto list to see this
Everything is great but one thing when you try to share a car to someone on the phone it sends the car browser not the actual car your looking at or tried to share
Show more
3 years ago, Ecrock69
More information
You have no information on the Colorado I am looking at .. It says (make a offer) ... like people don’t know that you just trying to get a hold of them. Customers are smarter than that. Put your best prices out with all the pictures and information out there and let them choose to get a hold of the dealerships..
Show more
7 years ago, Awesome Car Search
Widest Car Selection and Easy to Navigate
I found the perfect Toyota Camry for my wife and Ford F 150 for work. Definitely has the widest selection of all the sites and all the other apps for Auto search are slow in comparison. Saved Search and Price Alerts helped me find the right vehicles for me.
Show more
11 months ago, KiaraW2000
Super helpful
I was recommended this app by someone close to me and ever since I’ve been using it, Car List makes it easy to window shop for prices, mileage, monthly payments and more! Here’s to getting a new ride hopefully!
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