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User Reviews for Autotrader – Shop All the Cars

4.7 out of 5
289.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Peter the car buyer
Glitchy, Poor results and too Expensive
I have been using Autotrader for years. The last few times I have used it not only is it glitchy and freeze up, but the quality of the results were not inclusive of many many other results found on other competing websites. Step it up or I will start my car searches where the results can be found. I have also sold a few cars on Autotrader. The last time I TRIED to sell a car I was SHOCKED how expensive it was. Tried it for a few weeks with only a few calls, all tire kickers. I put the same car on another site after a few weeks on Autotrader and we had ten calls in two days and the car was sold within a week. So, again poor results. Autotrader needs to lower the cost to list a car to solve their two biggest problems. 1)Not enough listings 2)because it’s to expensive to list a vehicle. Look, I think Autotrader has been the goto in car searches/selling over the years, but they got too big for their britches! Come back to reality Autotrader and realize you are getting your clocks cleaned cause you got greedy.......
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2 years ago, Aaron102332
The developers have been destroying the app with each update over the years, to the point where it’s unusable now. I have been a longtime user of Autotrader and have been using it for over 5 years. The old app was the best. When they started to modernize the app, each update introduced new bugs and annoyances. The most recent update that introduced a new interface and a type search feature is the absolute worst thing. It was easy to tap make and model in the old app as it was front and center, but now it’s the search bar. The search bar does not recognize some very common models. For example, I type “S550” it brings up every Mercedes model except for the S550. If you do manage to find what you're looking for, when you apply the filter sometimes it doesn’t work, it shows the entire brand instead of what model you’re looking for. The app has had issues with it logging you out of your account for OVER A YEAR! How ridiculous is that? The newest issue is that, if you do manage to stay logged in, it won’t save cars that you want to save. Instead, it will give you an error. What’s also new is that if you tap on a vehicle to open the listing, it will show a blank screen. The app is literally unusable, in addition to showing us showing ads for this ridiculous performance, the developers and the company as a whole should be ashamed.
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1 year ago, SoCal CarGuy00
An Unfortunate Descent Into Chaos
It deeply saddens me to write this review. After consistently providing in depth feedback via the surveys that used to pop up for years; I have been reduced to an App Store reviewer whereas I doubt the team will truly read each one of these reviews. The app is simply beyond use at this point, and an experience as mine is apparently relatively common nowadays. I have used old tactics that used to work to revive the utility of the application (i.e. deleting and reinstalling, clearing the data from my device in between installations) without success. I am not someone who uses many apps on a daily basis but Autotrader has always been a personal favorite of mine considering my lifelong affinity for automobiles as both an industry member and a buyer myself. In the case that my review be read by the team: Please do make a serious attempt at increasing the stability and hence utility of searching on the application, even at the expense of removing alternative features temporarily; it would appear to me that a core line of business and viability of the advertising revenue is at stake. Thank you for your time and new users beware: the application is effectively useless at this time but please use the website in its absence and i’m sure very soon it will be in proper working order.
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3 years ago, Polly Glott
Saved me a lot and made me happy
I needed to replace an Audi. I kept cruising Autotrader and the net deciding what I wanted, seeing the options, and, mainly, working up the nerve to drop that much money on a purchase. One day I noticed the latest model with everything I wanted and very low mileage for 25% off. I contacted the dealer and it was already sold. However I learned from that dealer that the dealers sell their loaner cars at the same time when the new model arrives. So I watched Autotrader like a hawk. Sure enough another one appeared at a dealer closer to me. I emailed them immediately through the app and snagged the prize. I was planning to pay full price for a new car, but I figured a loaner was basically a new car at 25% off. I think I got the new car with everything I wanted and saved $13,000 or more. I presume the app made a little money too—good for them. Unfortunately the Audi dealer we always worked with wasn’t part of Autotrader so they lost my business. Thanks Autotrader! I’m a big fan.
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2 years ago, Hold The Mayos
App Unusable Due To Obnoxious Ads
You’re looking for cars? How about an ad on something else that is not cars? Yes, that’s what you want. Touch any where in the app…even that car you’re trying to look at and no, it’s not going to take you to that car you were looking for but an advertiser that is paying us to funnel traffic to them and we can show them all the clicks we are getting that are in essence, falsifying customer interest. So after happily using this app for years, this current version I have recently deleted because you can no longer scroll vehicles and search results without the app leaving the search results every 2 to 5 seconds and bringing you to another advertisement in a web browser. No matter where you touch in the app at all, it prompts this as if you clicked an ad. I am not interested in the ads and this is just obnoxious. At first this was just irritating, but now it’s made the app completely unusable. I’d rather use other platforms that do not do this. Look, I get it, you have to pay the bills and monetize this content you provide in some kind of way. But you’ve lost me with the poor user experience here. Hope you figure this all out before you lose more of us and this app is no more. Appreciate how this used to be.
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5 years ago, DrDrillgood
Can you maybe unbreak your app?
For the most part I love Autotrader. I find it very useful. I found my most recent vehicle purchase on it. But you guys really need to hammer out the glitches in your app. If I get particularly far in scrolling through a search the app just decides it can’t handle it and shuts down. Then I have to restart my search from the beginning and try to scroll back to where I left off. I think to myself “maybe I should check to see if there’s an update that fixes this.” Yes! An update there is. Great, let’s try this out again. Problem definitely “fixed.” It’s not crashing out of the searches any more because it will only let me see....oh, I dunno....50 of the results? Out of 1600. Yeah that’s just perfect. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Just show me those 50 cars. And let’s forget all about the other 1550 I might be interested in. God forbid you let me see them, because obviously your app can’t handle it without crashing. I’m rolling my eyes so hard that if I was driving, I would crash like your app. Or, I just update my brain to the new software version that only lets me see 5 cars on the road at a time, and then I would never crash. Because that’s how things work, right?
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8 months ago, Vynlovanth
Much Improved Performance
Editing my prior review to state that app version 4.2.1 has much improved performance over the versions we’ve had for the past couple years since the last major overhaul. Previously trying to filter for vehicles would take a long time after each filter was applied (10+ seconds, particularly when changing the “condition” filter, even on a new model iPhone) and freeze the entire app UI while doing so. Not so anymore! The app is much more responsive and fluid in general use, and changing filters is almost immediate now. Even when there is a slight delay to update results (again particularly when changing the “condition” filter), the entire app doesn’t freeze up so you can click other filters and adjust them while the other side of the app is updating results.
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5 years ago, Hollendeeziac
This app is just short of great but for the reasons it’s not, are nothing short of frustrating. If you search for cars and set a mileage or price parameter, lets say under 20,000 miles under $10,000. The search returns 80% of your results with cars that have unlisted mileage. Unlisted mileage doesn’t mean they forgot to list the mileage, it means the mileage is so high they don’t want you to know until you look into the vehicle. There’s no way to exclude these high mileage vehicles (or unlisted as they say), & its a huge waste of time to make people view them. You can’t sort them out to show only actual low mile vehicles, they mix the unlisted in with lets say 15,000. Even if you sort from low to high mileage, still mixes them all up. They could have made a minimum mileage search option, or a “exclude keyword”, but what they should do, is FORCE the advertiser to list the mileage. It is what it is, so put it in the ad. Auto Trader, you need to fix this, and stop making this a frustrating experience. Should be easy and enjoyable. Your developers clearly don’t USE the app, just test it. Maybe you should actually use it for a change, and work on sorting out these issues.
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7 years ago, SZTC
If it Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix it
I agree with a prior review. AT was clean and generally simple. The best in my opinion. Not a bunch of hidden menus and options with overly complicate (IT nerdy) ways to use the tool. Competitor tools tend to overwhelm the user and are confusing to navigate. I’d set all of my advanced settings, multiple vehicles at times, and hit search. And, I’d save the search or vehicle(s) and periodically set alerts. If I were to improve anything - realizing AT must satisfy both the retailers/sellers and buyers experience - I’d continue efforts to only show vehicles asked for under set query parameters. Meaning, if I say Toyota Tundra CrewMax, under 75k miles, max $30k, within 25 miles, don’t show me vehicles that don’t match this criteria. It’s annoying and I abandon tools that do this. Asking the user if they’d like to see similar vehicles or those further out or more dollars, etc. would be fine - though essentially running a finite report criteria and getting back incorrect results is a pain. Clean, Simple, Accurate!
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5 months ago, ncjsivbekms
How is it this bad?!?!
I’ve been using the Autotrader app for around 10 years. It has become unbelievable slow and unresponsive, and having it open for just a couple seconds causes my phone to get incredibly hot and then it starts lagging to the point the app is useless. More often than not, it’ll say theirs an issue and have a reload button, only problem is that the reload button doesn’t work. Then you make a selection to filter, it takes about 10 seconds for it to make that change. And sometimes it doesn’t actually make the change. The ads are horrible, if you so much as graze one, it opens your browser and takes you to whatever the ad was for. Even if you select the filter to remove cars that were in an accident, or damaged severely, it’ll still show them. This app has gotten so bad over the years. I like to research cars, and compare them, and Autotrader used to be my favorite app to use for that. But I have since switched to another app that is significantly more stable, functional and more responsive. This really is a shame since Autotrader used to be the best.
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4 years ago, Arthur.Wolford
App Structure needs fixing.
For finding cars, this app does the job for you. There are various filters you can apply, in addition to being able to save certain vehicles and even your searches. The reason I rated this three stars rather than five is due to the application performance. The app tends to lag and delay response time to scrolling significantly. The result amount listed was tested at 127 results and 100. I do not think the app should be struggling to display these results, and I don’t think it does, however I believe the advertisements cause this latency issue. As they load in continuously, the app must focus on loading the pictures in for the ads, in addition to the specific dimensions. It seems that when the ads is loading in, the performance drops. When this happens, it seems to slow any scrolling, even in the filter screen. As this looks like a big con, and to me it kinda is, the app still gives you the ability to search cars to a tee that fit your style.
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4 years ago, Brown66
Wow - no support??
App support is nonexistent?? Received an error message 404 not found on website for app support? Needed help why the iPhone app error keeps appearing that there was an error fetching the search options. No other way around this message. No exit button? Had to close the app several times and reopening to no avail. So I deleted the app. Still can’t get into the app so I have to resort to the website or my iPad for now. Please fix this error for I use this IPhone app to find cars to buy for my daughter. A one star for now until the app is fixed for iPhone.
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1 year ago, Teufelpup
Better than before, but still not great
Autotrader’s app had gone from being super simple and easy to use years ago, to being pretty much unusable in the last couple years. Frustrating UI, snail slow servers, ads, and a general difficulty in just trying to get drop down menus to select what you were touching have all made the app so irritating that I refused to even touch it for at least a couple years. The UI responsiveness has gotten better, but their servers are still plagued with lag so selecting options takes more than a few seconds of waiting. The worst offender now is the refusal of the app to let you log in so you can save searches and vehicles. I have an iPhone 14 Pro so my passwords are all saved and automatically entered, and for some reason I can log into AutoTraders website just fine, but the app steadfastly insists I entered the wrong email or password. I am about done with autotrader at this point. I have no idea how you can mess this up so badly and repeatedly.
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3 years ago, jeffbaxter126
Much worse than previous version
I want to start this off by saying I’ve used Autotrader for a long time and really like the platform. But, this latest update is a major step backwards in UI. It’s clunky and hard to use compared to the old version. Searching is slow and tedious now. My biggest gripe is removing class selections in favor of models. For instance, instead of being able to select BMW then 5 series to see all available models (535i/550i/540i/etc) you have to select each model individually. This is really annoying if you are unfamiliar with the exact years certain model designations were used or want to see across many years. Second- the app should open to a screen where you select make and model every time, like the website. This is the primary function of the app! Why is it multiple taps away in a harder to use filter menu. Please rethink the way sorting and filtering are handled. The new UI looks nicer but it seems aesthetics took priority over functionality.
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5 years ago, pdvoorheis
Website, fantastic. App, worthless.
AutoTrader is a massive and wildly successful company. They are the leading website for car searches. I love their website and they have been my go-to for years when buying/shopping for a vehicle. That said, their app is so poorly done it’s embarrassing. The app frequently crashes and the crashing problem has existing for a long while. With the recent dark mode update, the app looks terrible. The option wheels hide the text. The functionality is clunky at best compared to the online website. If I want to search for example a Nissan Altima and Maxima in both SL and SV trims, I have to search for 4 separate vehicles. I should be able to select multiple makes/models/trims in a list the way the website allows. I should be able to narrow down mileage limitations more than just the 5 allowed on the app. I could go on and on, but it’s nothing that other users haven’t already complained about. It’s just a shame that a company with nearly one thousand employs won’t do anything about it.
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1 year ago, Poor "customer service"
Bad selling experience
Very difficult to navigate selling process. Didn’t want to deal with FB marketplace nonsense so I tried this app. Listing interface was very easy and uploading pictures was quick. Once the ad is up and paid for, the app becomes almost useless. I couldn’t track views or use messaging in the app at all. Everything came to my email. Then if I used a link, it took me to the website rather than app. Good news though, in a month on a low mileage F150, I had virtually no activity. 2 messages right away that gave me email addresses to reach out to them on. Both did not work. One more when ad was expiring. My truck had some modifications that didn’t fit into the Autotrader algorithm I guess. Ended up on FB for $39k and sold in a week for $37k. Still gave 3 stars as I did not use the buying side of the app.
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2 years ago, mountain guy 01
The new update is lacking.
The new software update to this app is terrible. The most annoying bug is the delayed scrolling that lags and then restarts back to the top of the list when scrolling. For example, if I search for a particular make/model and receive 100 results. I will then start scrolling down through the results and when I get about 15-20 results down the page, the scroll will lag and then reset back to the top at number 1 - it makes the app near useless for quick scanning of search results. Additionally, users can no longer add a keyword into their searches. For example, terms like “turbocharger” or “winch” could be added to searches in the previous version of this app, but that feature has been removed for some reason. It was very useful. Two out of five stars for an app that was 4.5-5 in the past.
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2 years ago, codine777
Worst app ever
I have never left a negative review before, that being said, an app this bad is deserving of a bad review. For starters I have never used an app with this many bugs. I have used this app to find cars in the past and have been using it a lot recently trying to find the right vehicle to purchase next and every time I try to use the advanced search feature, it shows a blank page and shows zero cars. I have to delete and re-download the app to use it and that’s a temporary fix because it happens so often. Even if I get it to work, browsing cars is a nightmare because it freezes up and crashes. This app used to be amazing before the big “update” a couple months ago. If I were the designers, I’d seriously consider going back to the drawing board and maybe even take a few pointers from the previous version. I have now moved on to a different app for my car search
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3 years ago, The Man with No Books
App is getting worse? :p
I don't think that it's exaggerating to say this app is getting worse and worse. For the last week plus there's no place to login on the app, but it gives you an error message if you try to save more than three cars, and tells you to login, which you can't... The app seems pretty unstable. A rating of just one star is kind of harsh however this is a company that had something like $500 million to merge with Kelly so it's not like some coders are working in their basement. Some search criteria are very clunky Eg you cannot select multiple models within a brand in one step; you have to select three shades of brown if you're looking for a tan interior; blah blah blah... they survey for input all the time but don't seem to do anything with it :) You can't search cars by the listing date on the app, but you can on the website. Ie you can't display the new listings first. I set up an alert on the website, it looks like you can't do that on the app, but either way I get notices for "new listings" that display all the old listings... It is frustratingly poor performance for a system that just searches their own database of listings. The support people on the phone have been terrific and I'm sure they have competent talented programmers so what's the deal?!
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2 years ago, babyPandaBurgers
Updated search, no good
Update - worse than ever. The UX around search is terrible. The results take forever to load. Crashes all the time. Truly painful to use. App was buggy at times but worked well. The revamp of the search flows is super clunky, especially for enthusiasts that want to define specific criteria up front, and have multiple searches etc. The redesign is really unresolved. The graphic side is a little nicer but the UX is dismal. Try to revamp the “advanced search” to the IDENTICAL flow you offered before or you’ll lose your enthusiast demographic to one if the other 10 apps that do the same thing. Flows like searching for a vehicle have been around for years ans yours was one of the best - no need to reinvent the wheel, especially with the current build, it is truly inferior to the previous, simple yet flexible app.
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1 month ago, The GTR Guy
All Recent Reviews Are 1-Star!! No Cares Given.
Does anyone that works on this app look at the feedback? If you list 'most recent' you will see this is a nightmare app that needs to be fixed, but it appears no one cares. . I have been trying to buy a car and this has been a total stress-filled nightmare. If I didn't have the conversations with the seller saved on my browser, or the payment saved on my browser, I'd never find it. . I sent $50k via bank wire and no updates with no way to access what is going on. Nothing. If I try to click on the ad to access my payment, or messaging involving that deal, it's not there and it's as if the ad is brand new like I did nothing. To send money like this and have things disappear is not good. . This is the first and last time I'm buying a car on autotrader. There is no excuse for this and I am very nervous about my money and how this exchange is going to go. The app is junk, website is a mess and updates are slow or non-existent. . You have many more car apps to choose from. Avoid this one and avoid unnecessary stress in your life. If feel less safe and less secure using autotrader for my private seller purchase. It would be a lot easier and less stressful to just deal with the seller directly.
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2 years ago, Zen367
Keyword search
Let's say your search filter includes Dodge, Challenger, and you want to use a keyword of "50" (Challenger 50 was a trim model sold a couple years ago) you can't. The app thinks you want to search for a Challenger from the 50's. Which you can't because they were not built in the 50's. So Autotrader returns zero results. The point is there is no way to use a keyword from within the "filtered" results. This was not always the case. At one point in the past I could filter results with a keyword. Seems this feature is gone or has been neutered. To be clear I'm NOT talking about using the eyeglass search icon. I'm talking about when you select a make, model, trim, mileage, distance, price, year, etc....there used to be a option to enter a search keyword too. That option is gone.....:( why?
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4 years ago, Lowe303
Fix this app!
I don’t usually review apps, but I’m hoping if enough people do they’ll fix whatever is wrong with this thing. I have used AutoTrader for years and never had any major issues but lately it has become very laggy. These issues have gotten even worse with the new “update” a few days ago and now it is to the point where it’s really only usable for a few minutes before it becomes basically impossible to use and also heats up my phone. I have tried everything, restarting the app countless times, restarting my phone, and even reinstalling the app. Nothing has helped at all. I know there are other car shopping apps out there but like I said I have been using this app for years and therefore am very comfortable with the software so please fix this! It is a great app when it is working properly.
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2 years ago, beienchciakkfocka
Broken as usual
Yup, this app is broken. When i try to like a car, i get an error and it doesn't allow me to like/save the vehicle. If i exit and swipe out of the app several times, i can favorite a couple cars before the error pops up again. Also, when searching for cars and putting in the parameters, it’ll say “0 results found.” So ill delete the parameter, then put it in again and voila, low and behold it works. The flaws with this app are small but absolutely annoying. Ive switched over to other apps and almost always avoid using this one now because of how flawed it is with tiny but mind boggling glitches. Trash and flawed. I like the layout for the most part but CarFax and Cargurus are allot more user friendly and wayyyy less flawed.
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4 years ago, RacerRhapsody
Wish you weren’t the 900lb gorilla in the room
Due to owning most of Internet traffic for resellers and dealers… Auto trader has the luxury of not including lots of options that lots of people would love to see… For example I can drill down to the year instead of being lumped in groups but yet I can’t drill down to the mileage that I want to select. Case in point, I don’t want any vehicle over 50,000 miles, yet I’m forced to go up to 60,000 miles and then have to eliminate options just based on scrolling. Also I specifically want an SUV with seven seats not eight seats but there is no option for that either. Since Ford decided to make well over half of their expeditions in an eight seater configuration instead of a seven seater, 1 in 10 maybe one in 15 options at auto trader sources for me as actually a viable vehicle for me to even look at.
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6 years ago, Primer315
Bugging out
I love this app bc of the wide variety of vehicles I can find. However, there are quite a lot of posts that have no mileage posted whatsoever. That is a major drag due to the fact that you can’t weed out those postings within your searches. Lately, I’ve been searching for vehicles on a day to day basis and saving quite a few that I have my eyes on. I love being able to go back and look at them and see which one would fit my needs best, well all of a sudden the list of saved vehicles has now disappeared, and I can no longer save new vehicles either. An error message appears stating, “oops. We stalled. Please try again”. I have tried restarting my phone, logging out and back in, and even not using the app for a few days. And it still appears. Please fix this. Thank you.
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9 months ago, clampettt
Finally, nothing’s easy.
Just updated. Hate the new version. My searches weren’t transferred. Can’t see enough saved cars per page. This version seems to favor dealers/sellers maybe and I’m guessing mobile phones, but I use my iPad almost exclusively and it is much worse there. It may look better, but it works worse. May just go back to using the web version. Update 9/23 Website is glitchy in safari also, but worst thing is their customer service if you purchase a car through the private exchange. I’m still waiting on my title beyond the 30-45 day window (which is ridiculously long) and I’m not sure if I will ever get it. Customer service is just giving me the runaround. My temporary tag has expired so I can’t even drive. It’s fully paid for. They have no excuse.
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2 years ago, Do not use Autotrader
Not user intuitive, has issues!
The algorithms for pricing do not factor in upgrades to the vehicle and therefore makes pricing advertised as high and negatively affects sale. This is a problem. The text for ad will not be formatted. They jumble it together and it looks bad and unappealing. Very disappointed in this aspect of Auto trader as well. The AutoTrader app is not user intuitive. You need multiple sign ins and they do not have an easily accessible and identifiable means to see where your vehicle is listed. I look forward to deleting this app as it is frustrating and disadvantageous as a seller in multiple ways. For a market leader in this area I can tell AutoTrader is slacking and lacking in major ways. Go elsewhere and use a different app I recommend!
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6 years ago, John from OH
Used to be great now don’t waste your time
The app used to keep your favorites logged in so as you shop you can quickly reference your saved autos as you finalize which to buy. Now the app forces you to sign out and sign back in to get your saved autos and if you are shopping long you may lose them after 30 minutes - brilliant idea to waste our time. Then when you try and communicate with AT no reply... I have found other more friendly and effective apps. Too bad I bought three cars over the past ten years using AT. You had something special and then you ruined it.
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1 year ago, OccamsBlazer
Update: app is smooth and fast now. Most recent update has broken functionality
Update: the latest update has fixed the below issues. The app is actually a good bit faster now, especially with populating options in custom searches. Thanks dev team! App constantly errors out when making updates to a search. It’s been doing this for about a month now. This update should not have shipped, full stop…Did QA do any testing on an IPhone 14 Pro running latest OS? Because if they did, they’d find the app is barely usable.
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4 years ago, kvbit
I want to like the app
I want to like this app when it works it’s great. Some things I’d like changed is full screen photos, what’s the point of enlarging the photos if they are about the same size? If you are looking at a car you want to be able to get a close look at it. Also photos load really slow so optimization there would be great. But the one continuously frustrating part is all the constant glitches, things don’t load, server drops, can’t connect, errors etc. It is so frustrating and this has been the case for a long time now and who ever is building the app has not been able to fix it. auto trader needs to find a new app developer and rewrite the app so it’s stable. This app doesn’t work as it yet to be fixed. I’ve used it for a long time in the hope that they will get their app straightened out.
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5 years ago, Truth12345z
Text on description page is all scrunched up
Love this app, and have used it for years. However, recently the description pages of individual cars is all messed up and scrunched into the middle of the screen, overlapping and thus making it unreadable (and the autotrader app UNUSABLE). I have tried removing it and re-downloading it. I have tried it on different devices. Still the same problem. Still does not work. Autotrader app guys, here’s an idea: before you push a new update of the app out —- test it to make sure it actually works!
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1 year ago, ywindlass
Good Site, Mediocre App
Autotrader is a solid way to see cars on the market. However the app is just unpolished and has been very much the same for a very long time. One of the most annoying aspects is when you are using the filters to find a car. As soon as you select the filter it will already load all results with whatever settings. So if you want to find a Mazda Miata, when you select Mazda, all the Mazdas in your location range will be loaded, and while it is loading you just have to wait. There should be a way to apply the filters you set so that you can specify what you want before each time the app searches.
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4 years ago, Doonona
Devalues ‘lastest listing’
The fundament thing of finding a good car is seeing the best ones fast. That means as soon as they are listed. Why would ANY developer devalue this metric in a car app. Idiotic overthinking by manipulative morons. Hiding this metric says everything about this app—it’s junk and only wants to spam the user with rubbish listings and bill listers for false hits. I enjoyed deleting this app. I’d doubt if the developers can even drive a car. They’ve certainly never bought a good one using this piece of rubbish app. Additionally, asking for a users physical address when opting out of information is borderline criminal. Yes, intimate all you want, but I will enjoy the anonymous future coming... when this type of gutter dwelling over information gathering will be prohibited and devalued. Bad, morally corrupt companies and developers are at play in this app.
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2 years ago, Chrisnorton
Used to be good
I have used autotrader since it’s beginning. My entire family comes to me to find them vehicles. I was ok with AT moving to a model of promoting dealerships that pay extra. However, the newest trend of telling me a vehicle is located within my search range because it can be delivered is not ok. I understand delivery is very common these days but I can’t casually go look at a car that autotrader says is 1 mile away when it’s actually 150 miles away. Not every customer wants to buy a car unseen and have it delivered. Some actually want to know what is available, today, within 50 miles. I downloaded several other apps today. If they perform better, I will use them in the future.
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8 months ago, ItsTheMainGuyT
App issue, support thinks it’s a me problem
First of all app is great or at least used to be but I’ve been having an issue for weeks where it will not let me save any cars at all it says I’m at 50 cars when I only have 25 even on the website. I contacted support and they gave me troubleshooting steps which have did nothing and I tried to tell them that but still apparently I can fix if when I obviously can’t. I did all the steps to no avail so I’ve just given up using this app. Sad to stop using Autotrader but if it gets fixed I’ll definitely be using this app again on of the top apps to use if you want price updates.
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2 years ago, imNOpicasso
Buggy and needs a new filter
Clicked send feedback in the app and this is where it brought me. Hopefully a one star review will grab the development team’s attention. Overall, I love Autotrader, but there is a new bug that makes scrolling search results on the iOS app impossible. I scroll so far and it jumps way down the list. For example, sort by lowest price, and it just skips a whole section of prices, but then refreshes down the page and puts those there. But only a few. Then I scroll back up and the order is all messed up. Please fix this. I would like to suggest a new filter also. There are a flood of “branded title” listings here, and I am not at all interested in any of them. I will never buy a branded title car. Please make filtering this out an option. A “-branded” in the search bar to filter out descriptions, or an explicit check box filter would either one work. Both would be the best option in case they don’t check the box on the listing. A mandatory check would be a good idea. And the ability to report anyone who doesn’t list correctly. Thank you for your attention to these matters.
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2 years ago, Mario Master 64
Still Horrible, I’m done with the app
I’m back with my 4th one star review of the app, and this time the app is completely unusable. App consistently throws its self into a white screen which causes you to restart the app and renter your criteria. Additionally, when you actually get to look at your results the app puts you back at the very top of the results every time you look at a car and go back to the listings. Keep in mind these issues are on top of all the others such as overheating phones, slow frame rate/stuttering, app crashes, etc. I’ve been using the app for 5 years now and I’m done. The developers do not listen to the people using the app and every-time they try to fix one thing two more things break. Doug would be very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Bodoczy
Not Properly optimized
Ever since they launched the new updated version of this app is has been borderline unusable, it doesn’t allow me to save vehicles anymore it just gives me an error when I try to, I constantly have to keep changing the distance to “any distance” when on the old version it saved it as my default after changing it once, and not to mention it seems like no one tested this I am on an iPhone 8 Plus and if I use the app for more than 10 minutes or so it slows down making it impossible to navigate and if I don’t completely close the app it slows my entire phone down and I’m assuming just takes up all of its processing power for no reason there needs to be a big change to the optimization.
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5 years ago, WesleyCC
Functional but annoying
Overall the app ok, however I have seen two issues. The first is I have went to go test drive cars but they were already sold yet they were showing available on the app. I realize this is could be the dealerships fault for not updating their data but it could also be the app’s fault for not syndicating the data everyday, but nevertheless the integrity of the information shown is still compromised. My second issue is more annoying than anything. The AD vehicles show multiple times on the same screen which skews the results. If the AD vehicles only showed once at the top of the screen I would have given it 4-stars.
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2 years ago, Debian Dog
Ever since they changes this apps core it has been getting worse
I have been using this app for over a decade and I have used it to find my last two cars. About a year ago they changed the core functionality. Want to filter on a green car that is not within you search range. Nope. Since one is not available you cant filter on it. want to search for something modern like adaptive cruise control? Nope. The way you save of searches now does not work as well at it used to. Some of my searches have broken apart in to separate searches and 25 miles is the default? But the VERY LAST straw and why I am uninstalling... is forcing portrait mode. are you kidding me? These are the things you're changing not making the app work better. I AM OUT!
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2 years ago, treehouse project fan
New update is horrible
I’ve been using this app since it came out almost 10 years ago. I’ve been through all the updates. This one’s bad… You have to log in essentially every time you use the app to save any vehicles. It should just keep you logged in like it used to. But the biggest issue is that they got real slimey and made the ads SO sensitive that even if you go to scroll, just the action of placing your finger on the screen to swipe triggers the ad and sends you to the advertiser’s website. This happens constantly. Or if you pull up the drop down tab for sorting and there is an ad underneath, tapping any of the sort options will just open the ad and again send you to the advertisement website. This is so ridiculous!
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1 year ago, E61t61
Misrepresenting as actual salesman
I had two occasions where I checked availability of a vehicle and somebody reached out to me. They acted as if they worked at the dealership….. But in both instances they did not. The second time the lady told me that she would not be there but assured me the vehicle I wanted was available. She said to ask for her manager. So I drove a long distance to the dealership only to find the car had been sold. When they ask who the salesman was I gave her name, they looked puzzled. Once I told them this all came about via Autotrader they were mad and apologetic. They said this happens a lot and that all they do to check inventory is go to the website of the dealership. I was very frustrated and lost a full day traveling that I didn’t have time for.
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6 years ago, TylerMpersonal
Needs Improvement
I have used this app for a couple of years and one thing I’ve noticed is the developer doesn’t improve the app very often. I find it stalls on a regular occasion regardless of the device. And when I set my search criteria to not show vehicle without photos or price somehow they still show up. I don’t understand how someone can try and sell a vehicle without pictures or price. Really need to set that as required information and tell accounts that use stock photos they will lose the privilege of this site if that is continued. Would make a lot better experience for everyone. De-Clutter Autotrader
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7 years ago, No Touch ID!!!!!
Love autotrader
Absolutely love autotrader. Bought a car and found other cars for others. 1 thing missing for me and would love to see included...on the website users can choose to hide or remove certain selections from the search. The user is also able to leave a comment as to why they want the particular selection to not be included in the search. For example...searching for a manual transmission, but the search results include automatic transmissions. The auto transmission cars should be hidden or removed because they were not included in the search criteria and should be flagged
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4 years ago, Johnny_Bravo-5
Such promise, disappointing results
This app is great at showing local cars for sale but allows dealers to flood the listings by sponsoring ads to skew the results. While you may find a car you want you have to scroll and scroll past all the sponsored listings... it makes one question the validity of search results. Unfortunately there’s no way to filter out the places you know you do not want to buy from. We have a dealer with serious questionable reputation and Autotrader has them as a featured dealer... it proves the point that this app is all about who advertises not about autos for sale. As a buyer, there is a severe shortage of private listings. Something you can find in the classifieds. Hopefully they’ll rethink their decision to cater to the biggest spenders, else this app will be as useless as Google news
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4 years ago, Andrew M.G.
Bought a Car!
Like many car enthusiasts, I am always scouring Autotrader. Recently I bought a car that I found on the app! As a service, Autotrader is pretty great- but there are some issues with the app that could using improving. 1. No dark mode. 2. I have noticed some crazy performance degradation when using the app. Like even with full battery but iPhone X struggles to navigate through the app smoothly. (Just updated though so this may be fixed). 3. Lag time with loading pictures. Sometimes pictures take incredible long to load even on a properly good internet connection. 4. Lastly, this is a bit difficult to put into words, but I do think the UI could be worked over. One example would be when going to change the manufacturer after searching for a specific company and model. I always find myself tapping through a few menus to try to remember how to back out of say Volkswagen to get to the full list of manufacturers.
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6 months ago, jenofmarin
No option for buying a Ford Van
Just trucks… i am looking for a newer Ford E350 extended van to camp convert. Its not even an option. This is when i would pref we didnt have such tech. I could pick up a local auto trader book, list or sale and not be restricted nor overlooked: would just be another listing at minimum…. Now with “apps” the minimum is below standard: below par. Because we are limited to the knowledge base of the app developers, who are brilliant but usually know little about the industry to which they develop the app. Case and point. Darn. I used Auto trader past 30 years!!! Now it is an app 😕 …. Limited
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2 years ago, Eldaaran
Bad Advertisements, Good App
Great app/site for finding interesting cars nationwide. Recently, though, it's been overlaying invisible ads for GM rewards cards and other things that you can't see, but that when you try to click on a button or interface element, it redirects you out of the app to the GM website. I've found it does this especially when I'm applying filters to search results. It's impossible to apply filters or make selections on the part of the page covered by the invisible ad. Even when you come back to the app after closing the unwanted ad, the same areas are still covered. The only way out is to close and reopen the app.
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2 years ago, Jjaays
Fixed yet?
The last few updates have been horrible - app is essentially unusable for its intended purpose! Either AutoTrader execs hired in their high school drop out nephew or somehow one of the other (now better) car search sites were able to slip the app developers some cash to make the AutoTrader app the garbage that it is now. It’s hard for me to believe that these last few app updates were purposely made this bad…I’ll keep looking at the reviews of this app to see when it’s usable again, not going through the false hope of seeing another app update and thinking ‘wow, they finally fixed it’ just to be disappointed to discover that this app is an even worse dumpster fire than the prior version…
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