AutoZone - Auto Parts & Repair

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AutoZone, Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for AutoZone - Auto Parts & Repair

4.8 out of 5
103.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Frank-battery
Dead Battery
I started my day with an unexpected dead battery. I only have one car and with the rain we had this day, that was a bad start. I called Autozone and asked for the battery, so Rafael asked the details to ensure they had it. I asked him if they could deliver it, and he told me no. I said “man I really need the battery and only have one car and the rain was very heavy and needed to pick up my kids from school; we hanged up. Then 1 min later here is Rafael calling me, he said Doug is going to deliver the battery for you, So, in less that 15 min he was in the driveway of my house. I told him please leave it in my garage, then and he pulled a rachet and the battery and installed it for me. I cannot ask for a better service, Rafael and Doug thank you for being such a wonderful people, you guys are great.
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3 years ago, MundaneChaos444
No Loyalty
I have been shopping at 86 Boston St AutoZone since I have been old enough to drive. I get my fluids there my parts myAccessories even my batteries!!! In the last 6 weeks I have spent probably $1500. Some of the tools I bought have already broken, they have sold me the wrong parts and I’ve had to walk back only to be given an attitude and rudeness over a receipt. The people that work there do not know much about cars or the things they sell. I hear “I don’t know” from the employees more than from my 3yo. So today I am broke I get paid tomorrow and after calling and being told they had a part yesterday I walked the 3 miles there to be told “we don’t carry that” I asked who the hell told me it was there over the phone?! “Oh me! He says. I didn’t look I assumed we carried it.” Excuse me??? You made me walk 6 miles because you didn’t want to look in the computer?!. Today I needed to press a ball joint. He told me even to use the tool in house I had to pay $120 plus $7 after all the money I spent and what happened yesterday. He’s standing right next to the guy that won’t let me use the tool. They also refused to give me my core refund for an axle I literally bought from them. I’m done I can have an better experience at a junk yard. I have given them so many chances and i still haven’t heard back from corporate on the matters. AutoZone is a joke and will never get another dime out of me. I’d rather spend the extra money at Oreillys
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1 year ago, FalconxmTs
Update no improvement
Update- received an email asking for the details of my order so that they could *help* fix the issue but it’s now been a week well six days but close enough and NOTHING this company used to care it’s sad to see them sellout I was actually told on the phone with customer disservice that I could not speak to a supervisor or anyone in billing unless I purchased the same part for the 3rd!!! 3rd!! Time at 153$ for the part it is not exactly chump change well still waiting if they decide to reach out I’ll update I ordered 4 parts at once three came in the mail when I called I was told there was a “billing problem” but they were all purchased together and they took the entirety of it out of my account so they told me to reorder which I did only to wait three days and the night before the part was supposed to come I received an email that my part was supposed to be delivered that my order was now canceled with no reason given however they took the money out for a second time and I have not even received a reimbursement for the first part 315$ and I cannot complete my work on my truck
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4 years ago, TexasCountryGal
Satisfied customer
I would like to compliment one of your employees at branch #6371, Mike Lee for the excellent service he provided for me last week and the week before. I have always been pleased with the service I receive when he's there. He helps me out all the time in getting me all the right parts and advises me about my vehicle. He’s professional and very kind. He goes above and beyond to get me the right price and services needed for my vehicle. This type of professionalism AND commitment to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction has to be acknowledged. Having in mind such a pleasant experience with your employee, it would be my pleasure to continue doing business with AutoZone. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Julian rises
Bad experience to worst
I was sent wrong items. items didn’t come in the mail. I was told why don’t I do in store pick up but during a pandemic the purpose of ordering online was not to go to the store. still waiting on items after ordering a month ago. items that were sent through Fedex over two weeks ago (tracking last said, Ohio)I’m now told the order was canceled because they didn’t have the part. I’m still waiting on items to be replaced because they were missing. stay away from the stores because all you get is rude people who walk away from you and don’t finish ur transaction, walking away to deal with other customers in the middle of your transactions. Employees that know nothing about cars. The app is worthless. Total bad experience and it’s not even over for me I’m out money for missing things that they’re not replacing I’m out time because I had to go to stores and return all these wrong parts.
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1 year ago, KST75248
Favorite Store McKinney Texas
I have always enjoyed shopping at autozone especially the one in McKinney eldorado the employees are like family they always there with the heart in need with any issue I come in with. Stress is eliminated and on with my day with a smile with my new toys, tools, detail wash products, and love the body work items. I always help others with fixing there cars. I never think about getting parts somewhere else that I am always after the $20 discount. Locked in and looking for more! That is Huge smile. Haha not to many places can do that. Thanks guys as always, much love!!!
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5 years ago, Philliywilly
App has serious functionality issues
I suspect this app will be nice for ordering parts, or even just looking them up, however there are some issues with a couple features in the app which I noticed within the first two minutes: 1. A pop up opened asking me to sign up for auto zone rewards and link the accounts. I attempted to do this, however after entering information, when you click the sign up button, literally nothing happens. It just stays on that screen and you don’t get an email or anything. 2. The TSB list for specific vehicles is a nice feature that I’d like to use, however all it does is show you the name of the TSB, when you attempt to click on one literally nothing happens, it doesn’t show you any more details other than the name.
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8 months ago, JimmyRaysWorld916
This app desperately needs another feature.
For those of us who have had vehicles for a long time and make the added investment of buying lifetime warranty parts it is a struggle and a major TimeSync for the guys at the store to find warranties. Too many times, one man could not find a warranty, when others were able to. I wish that Auto Zone would allow us to look up our own warranties to help expedite the process. Auto Zone, please add the feature for us to look up our own warranties.
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11 months ago, Natedogg115
App makes buying parts easy
Everything about the app is easy and convenient. I am able to select the correct parts for my vehicle that I choose from a stored list. This saves time by not having to re-enter vehicle info each time I use the app. The shopping cart and checkout process are both easy as well. I also like how I can track rewards credits during my shopping trip. Communication on purchases is very professional as well.
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6 months ago, review 2438
misleading and deceptive
Well, I guess the only place that I can start is a lot of your stuff is overpriced. I find a lot of your products, cheaper or products that I can’t even find it all on AmazonThen I can’t activate reward points on orders for next day delivery or pick up that’s kind of ridiculous and then another thing the promo codes can only be used for at home deliveries kind of ridiculous I prefer to go out and get my stuff myself with an in-store pick up and I can’t get a discount bogus f Not to mention all yesterday I couldn’t use the app on either one of my phones because it was having technical difficulties
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3 years ago, 2noob2bTrue
Staff really went above and beyond to help
*update* After writing this review I called up my local shop and the manager offered to deliver the bolt to my home himself, which he did. Autozone might have errors in their inventory system but their employers do their best to make it up to consumers. *Original review* I needed a wheel bolt and my order confirms it is in store so I drove 60 miles to pick it up. Turns out they don’t actually have it in stock and I wasted an hour of my time chasing this bolt from autozone. Never again, I’m done.
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2 weeks ago, Emanuel Matthew
Solid in every way!
When you do hit the feedback button and try to comment something it glitches you out every time but other than that, the filter where you can add your car and specific car parts for it is amazing! Also I do want to find out how to scan receipt's from past purchases to get credit points because the employees tend to forget to put in my phone number for rewards.
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2 years ago, JCboater
I drive pass two other auto part store to get to AutoZone
I always have at least two cars and no one ever works on them but me. I’ve used AutoZone for many years now and I find them the best. I really believe they care about their customers both in the quality of products they supply and the people they employ to service Their customers. When I use to use other stores I always felt the people thought They were doing me a favor for allowing me to shop their. I sure they don’t feel that way now.
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3 years ago, simplyvince
App is good except checkout.
Standard app, let’s you search, good filtering options, going back and forth when searching is fine but checkout seems to always be an issue. I’ve since learned my card with a middle initial can’t be used because there’s nowhere to enter a middle initial during checkout. This is a non issue in other apps that only have first and last name but whatever verification process Autozone uses says to check billing info. Also a pain to have to enter in a new card every time. So now I just use PayPal. If I could save the payment info and/or use the card I wanted I would bump this up to 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Timer user 930
Best way to find parts
I really like the AutoZone app because you can put your car in, as well as several other cars and then search for the part that you need. For other parts places you have to put the car in each time you want to buy a part which is a bother. I make almost all of my purchases from AutoZone because of this app and because of their reward system.
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4 years ago, Mikeezy512
Not as good as website
It’s better to go to see the website. I can see nearest store, I can track my rewards, and I can add my vehicles. I would say the best feature is you can scan products in store and learn a little more than the tag in store. Searching for products not great at all. I search “ Valvoline” it returned no results. I searched “ engine oil” and then it return with results similar to using the products tab. I can go to the tab of products and then narrow down what I want but seems like extra work. Also the app doesn’t show any saving, bundles, promotions that they have available. Again the website seems to make more sense.
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4 years ago, TMC28
I'll never shop at Autozone again
I'm in the process of improving my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. Autozone was my go to parts store. Brakes, water pump, hoses, belts, bulbs, tools, electrical parts and many fluids, were all purchased there. I earned two $20 credits over the last year. One I used on my front brake rebuild. The other, which I earned in May, was going to used on rebuilding the rear brakes. On 9-2-19 I checked my account and find I have zero credits available. Before the credits were good for a year. Now they expire after 3 months. I wasn't notified of any changes to my account. My 20 bucks just disappeared, as I have from your store. This review is aimed for corporate headquarters. I always received excellent service at the store.
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5 years ago, twicker
Does not show the right products
Interface appearance isn't bad; not the best, but would be worth 4* - if it worked. I tried looking for a battery for my car (2018 Subaru base trim of my model). It showed me options "For your car" - which were either Specialty batteries (just want to look at battery prices; don't need Specialty), or were truck batteries that the app says don't fit my car. Yes: it showed me batteries "For my car" that are explicitly NOT for my car. That's a waste of my time, and that's the kind of shoddy programming that is sending me to other companies. There's no lack of competition in this space; use one of the many, many other options so that you can actually get what you need.
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9 months ago, honest horse trader
Discounts never attainable
App works well. Like your products. Also well stocked on most items. But prices are always higher than elsewhere and the discounts never seem to be able to be applied. For some reason there’s always something in the cart that keeps it from ever being applied. Also, I’ve spent a few hundred over the past two months, yet the rewards never come through. The public ends up, interpreting these things to be nothing more than a gimmick in the end. Some things to consider, Honest Horse-trader
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9 months ago, parma27
Best customer service
No matter the store, always the best customer service. Have been broke down during a road trip on different and never failed to find an autozone to get on the road again even got help finding a shop to do what I couldn’t do. Will never go to another auto parts store. Even drive by a couple just for the customer service and quality.
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2 years ago, sue sues dad
Would have been 5 stars
So it took sev times to get the order to even process the problem was I was using my phone shopping for stuff for my mother in law’s car using her card and I had to go back and change everything to her name exc the shipping address. Then after all that I wake up to read that the order got canceled cuz they didn’t have one of the parts?!?! Why list it as next day delivery if you don’t even have it. So I tried again just now just in case it was a fluke. Will update after order is complete.
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4 years ago, Seangoulden
Wish list??
I enjoy using the app rather than going to store and browsing isles I do not know by hand. But i really really wish y’all would add a “wishlist” on the app. I keep on having to move stuff to the cart so I won’t lose it, but then when I’m ready to buy something I would have to delete the items I am not buying then add the items back into cart after my necessary purchase. It’s frustrating and time consuming and I really wish there was a “wishlist” or “Save for Later” or something like that.
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4 years ago, dulac93
App is ok, but needs features
Need the ability to buy online, and pickup in store by another person. When we tried to pickup in store with another person, who had the order on their phone and the pickup barcode in their Apple wallet, they were told that they needed to show the credit card used for the purchase. It was purchased via PayPal. There is no credit card. The only option was to contact customer service and cancel the order. BIG miss on this feature and a policy that contradicts their own app: PayPal to purchase, but need credit card to pickup.
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1 month ago, Pbo753
Promo codes don’t work and won’t honor discounts at store
Trying to buy two front rotors (like most people typically do, buy in pairs) but as soon as I add second rotor it says SUMMERPROMO does not work. So frustrating! This happens so often with promo codes where they don’t work correctly. These online only discounts also take business/sales away from my local AutoZone. Why do you force us to wait three days for parts by having items delivered to our front door wasting time and cost to have FedEx deliver when the parts are sitting on a shelf at the store 1 Mile away from me? Treat you local employees and the customer better and do the right thing.
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3 years ago, Log book savior
Easy peasy
This app worked very nicely on a first time use. I did however have an issue. I am assuming it may not be as compatible with my Iphone as it needs to be. I couldn’t see what I was writing (everything was showing up in half letters or half screen on information screens) descriptions of items wouldn’t show up in full descriptions... a lot of issues in these areas. That being said, I still was able to place an order fairly easy.
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1 week ago, Koa's Best Friend
No military discount on online orders
Why no military discount on online orders. Name and phone number are in your system when I buy in the store. I would have bought this item in the store if available, but since you don’t have it and force me to order online then you won’t give the military discount. I’m a retired soldier all the time, not just when I’m standing in front of the cash register. With that said; I do thank you for providing any military discount at all, I now it’s not a right and provided only by the generosity of Autozone.
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6 years ago, sisterkisser
Decent app for specific cars.
It’s good for looking up parts for your car at autozone, though it ticks me off that app prices can be different than in store prices. Unfortunately it has two major flaws. 1- if you have too many vehicles, then you can’t save all of them in the app. 2- if you want to search generic products, like say, tire lube for mounting tires, there’s no simple way to search without it being for one of your vehicles.
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2 years ago, Kj946
Why wouldn’t there be a receipt?
I deleted my email thinking that the information in the app about my online order would be enough. Well no it wasn’t. I ordered the wrong part the first time. I tried to cancel the order and couldn’t find a way to do so. So I ordered the correct part. I figured that I could return it later. When I took it to the store to return it. I had no receipt. There wasn’t one on the app or in the box with my parts. I’ve learned my lesson. But you really should fix this problem.
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2 years ago, Erocs125
Better descriptions would be helpful
Certainly easy to use and order with good options such as PayPal. Some items such as driver/passenger side parts are not clear. This doesn’t matter much if buying both but easy to get the wrong part if not careful. Similarly, when comparing technologies such as headlight parts, it is difficult to compare. Lastly, some parts indicate the need to call store for ordering but it seems these are “vendor parts” so autozone is the middle man for these.
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3 years ago, Nate Authorized Films
Crucial Store Selector Bug Fix ASAP 🙏🏾
For some reason I can’t change my store within the app. It just takes me to a black screen then I have to restart. The only way I figured out changing my store is possible is by creating an entirely new account where I would then add a new address for the “first time” again. It would be a lot more convenient if I could just change what store I wanted it to recognize as that area of the app is intended. Thanks. Nate Wooldridge
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7 months ago, donster123456
Buying spark plugs
I needed spark plugs for my 2003 ford f150. I went to the auto zone on Blanding Blvd in Jacksonville Florida. The employee suggested the best brand of spark plugs for my truck which I bought. Employee also suggested buying spark plug boot grease which I also bought. I didn’t realize auto zone had spark plugs grease which will keep the spark plug from sticking to the boot. It will be easier next time I change my spark plugs thanks to your employee.
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3 years ago, Tazcon77
N Henry Blvd. Stockbridge Ga Autozone is the best!
I noticed the Autozone in Stockbridge Ga where I work had a 4.5 stars avg rating! So I called it after being told at 2 other stores they did carry the part I needed! So I called the N Henry Blvd location and the guy told me they didn’t have it, but he would be glad to order me one! I was so happy with this I only go to this the location now since all the people working there also gave great service as well!😄
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2 years ago, America Loving Immigrant
Next Day Shipping, more like we don’t know when it’ll ship
Needed a new alternator for my car. My car was dead so, ordering it online was my only option. Upon opening the APP, the first thing they advertise is 20% off Next Day Shipping…. Well, here I am, 2 days AFTER I ordered it and STILL no alternator and STILL not shipped. This is ridiculous and I will never order anything online with them again. So, if you need a part and it’s urgent, you’re better off going through some other company because if you use Autozone, you may as well lay down, put your feet up and have a few drinks because you’ll be waiting a while
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3 years ago, @ Nick Name 0
Don’t order online!
The app will let you order online for ship-to-home, but after they take your money they leave you hanging. The “order details” page doesn’t tell you anything, you only get an order number and a dollar amount. No item names, much less any details or quantity, no shipment tracking number, and no links to the help menu if there is a problem. It does work to search your local stores inventory, but that’s about it. Changing stores works and updates the inventory when you go back to the “shop” page, but it isn’t the most intuitive.
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5 months ago, BrakeGirl
More Purchase Suggestions
Overall the site is good and it functions as it should. My only suggestion would be to add purchase suggestions to each item. For example give a list of what items are commonly purchased with the item currently being viewed. A feature like this could increase your add-on sales and help your customers know what other items they may need for their project.
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4 years ago, gloseahair
Headlights and wiper blade
I had spent over 2and 1/2 hours at Walmart getting this taken care . I would have done it my self but I had had dubbed knee surgery and can’t get down to fix my lights so I came to my local Auto Zone in Mercedes Texas and a very nice and wonderful young lady came to my aide and helped me out she was awesome 10 stars I have always known that our Auto Zone personal are great and always help their customers Thank You Jessica ♥️
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2 years ago, reviewer9266392047
Nice usability, some bugs throughout
The navigability of the app is great, very easy to find what I’m looking for. Big fan of being able to add vehicles and select either one while shopping for parts for that vehicle. There are quite a few bugs in the app. Even as I type this, the review overlay is making me type white text on white background. With some additional QA work, this app could be running even better
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4 years ago, Hawk1812
Easier online...
I have made online purchases two separate times at the Oneal ln. Store and both times have been super convenient, I just order on my iPhone and when I get to the store shortly thereafter I simply walk up to a register and give them My name and they have my things waiting for me so I’m out as fast as I walked in ! ! I recommend this for anyone who want to buy something from autozone . Thanks Autozone!!!!
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3 weeks ago, 66 Ford F-100
On line orders
Really simple to enter a vehicle and then order parts for it. Very user friendly. Only downside is you cannot get military discount online when you live 45 miles away. Not worth a 20% discount when with the price of gas these days. So the upside is the free shipping if you’re willing to wait a few days. Overall A+.
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4 years ago, Xvd68
Years later STILL a terrible app.
I always end up having to call my local store to check for products and prices. Can’t look up a specific product by searching brand name, all you get is choice of categories, and products i saw at the store earlier today are simply not to be found by way of the app in any of the category choices. Don’t use this app to order for either delivery or for pickup from your local store, you’ll pay way more than if you just go to the same store and buy it. A $2.24 drain plug gasket was only 99cents at the store, other gaskets I’ve searched here were also 40% cheaper in store.
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7 months ago, Heff0723
This app does not allow you to checkout with visa/Mastercard. I used the app 5 days ago to order $400 in parts for my broke down truck. I wanted to do same day delivery as I don’t have a car to go pick them up. There was an error message during checkout and it took the $400 from my checking account, but did not complete the order. Now I have an incomplete order, no parts, and no $400 to fix my car. This app is a complete waste, it is trash. And since the app is trash, autozone has lost a 20 plus year customer. I will never use autozone again for even an air freshener.
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4 years ago, Tlaw13
So difficult to use
The app and their online website do not correlate or work in unison. There are items that say you can ship them on one but not the other. Their coupons won’t work if ALL items don’t qualify. You enter your VIN and it doesn’t correlate to the specific products for your vehicle- only the year and make (parts can vary by date of manufacture). Some items not specific to a vehicle cannot be searched easily. It’s NOT user friendly, doesn’t make ordering easy and local deals and ads cannot be looked at- only on the website.
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4 years ago, Carla Jo Reed
Website needs to move in to our Century
1. Did not recognize my password I reset it and immediately changed it to the password I wanted. Phone died in middle of order when it came back up the order was nowhere to be found and I had to sign in again... I signed in and my password again did not work. At least the temporary password was still functional 2. Filtering is a joke By brand only ???? What about high to low, low to high, newly arrived. Available for pick up today, size, number of wires, highest rating, OR HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF NOT VEHICLE NOT SPECIFIC. LEAVE OFF CAR PARTS IF IM SEARCHING FOR A TRUCK /NOT LISTING items that won’t fit
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4 years ago, johnwinstony
App is outdated
I have been searching for a purge valve and the app said no autozone had it and I had to order it a store. The delivery was supposed to be free over night shipping to the store. 2 days later the store and auto zone customer service has no idea where my part is or how long it will take to get there. I finally call different stores to see if they have it in stock and they do. There is a major problem with the tracking system used to track parts, no employee at autozone had any idea about the eta of my package. I will never use this terrible app again or order parts from autozone online.
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1 year ago, Rankist
Login Issues
While attempting to create a login, the app says my email address already has an account associated with it. When I try the Forget Password option and type in my email address, the app says no account exists with that email address. So I just continued as a guest. Also, while entering my credit card information, the app screen keeps moving to the top and doesn’t allow me to actually see where I’m typing. I’m just blinding entering my 16 digits and hoping I’m typing correctly.
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5 years ago, No good screen names left
Fixed crashes, still many problems
The crashes from the last version are fixed. But the app still has many problems. Some examples: If you have multiple vehicles and try to delete the last one, the wrong one will be deleted. If you search for something and get a list of items and then select one item to view details, there is no way to go back to the list of items. There is no way to search for parts without selecting a vehicle. The new look is good. But the functional problems tell me they prioritized look over functionality.
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6 months ago, diasappointed in IFTTT
Love this app
I can save my cars and select them when shopping for parts. Although the inventory at my closest store was depleted, I easily ordered items for delivery. Love that the items shipped for are correctly compatible with your vehicle. Living AutoZone. This will be my second set of brake pads purchased and the experience has been great.
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2 years ago, emcq610
Ordering on line
It was easy and quick I even had to change vehicles because I had inputted my son-in-law a couple weeks ago to find his right parts so I changed my vehicle put it in a description and out came the proper part thank you for being quick easy and dependable
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1 year ago, Rainbow bright 1234
App good, next day and customer service horrible
My order had next day delivery. I got an email saying it was going to be a day late, not a big deal. But it never came. I called a week later to inquire and they said it shipped but had no tracking number. They couldn’t reprocess due to no inventory. I lost the 20% off I used for it. No way was i going to order it again, lose out on the 20% and give them my business. Horrible experience. I will never use autozone again. No communication. Poor customer service. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, short7778
The App needs some polish gang
The App is poorly design and the user experience was not thought through. Navigation between screens is unguided and not intuitive. Entering email/password info to link accounts - after hitting “submit” screen does not not advance, screen doesn’t advise of an issue - screen simply sits there. I had to hit the back button (I think) then tried resubmitting and then was told - “there might be an issue with my account, my email address is already associated with an account.” I know... I just set it up - but you never provided confirmation, and account number... anything. When I had to enter in a field at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard pops-up, but the screen does not Render allowing me to see what I’m typing. The pop-up keyboard covers the fields I’m entering, causing typos and rework. It just needs detailing work. Your app should be an extension of your in-store experience.
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