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Current version
Aerovias del Continente Americano, S.A.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Avianca

4.85 out of 5
15.5K Ratings
7 months ago, ;-(((((((((((((((
Simply amazing
I have traveled with Avianca before but I do have to say that this time they went above and beyond my expectations. I had purchased my mom a first class ticket so she could be more comfortable to my total surprise they upgraded me to first class as well because they had an empty seat and they said so I could keep an eye on my mom! I am grateful and thankful for such great gesture
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1 year ago, Asdfghjklñ! Yo xd
The app-website does not work/Cust service provides no assistance
This is my third (and last) time flying with Avianca and let me tell you, all of my experiences have been extremely stressful. First of all, online check-in for international flights never works (idk if they do it on purpose to have you talk to them) and you always have to be earlier at the airport because of that (even the first time when I just had carry on luggage) second of all, last time I checked in with a live person he said that I needed to pay for my bag. I had paid for it when I purchased the ticket, very calmly I explained to him that I had paid for it already and showed him the receipt, he still said that I had to pay, only after requesting for his supervisor he confirmed the bag was paid and I was good to go (all this unnecessary issue took about 10 minutes). Now, today I’m trying to check in again and the app doesn't work!? Can’t believe they haven’t fixed this by now (it’s been around 4 years already) if this company really cares about customer service then focus first on fixing the very simple things, you need to understand people can’t be all day in front of a computer trying to complete a simple thing that’s checking in.
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8 months ago, Navet03
From an outstanding App to worst!!!
I started using this app in May 2019 on my iPhone and I loved it and enjoyed the airline and its professional employees. For some reason, starting this year Avianca has changed for the worse from customer service, and plane accommodation for less than 5 hours, and now the app has started acting up with problems logging in, failing to post my Lifemiles flights or it disappearing 2 weeks after my latest flight. Currently, I cannot log into the app because it's saying: "Sorry this device cannot be considered safe and you will not be able to use the application." This isn't making any sense because I never had a problem with it before plus I use a VPN and other protection from viruses etc. There's nothing on the site to address the problem and I'm not the only one. I'm not sure if they have anyone monitoring this app review. If they don't fix it, it will downgrade the outstanding past reviews it was known for great service and app. Please let's fix this problem.
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1 year ago, Buchanan14
Rat Company
This is a great airline until they lose your bag and refuse to take ownership or assist you in any way. They gave me a claim number on the first day but for two months after that they were “still searching.” It’s been over 6 months with 0 attempts to them to reach out or offer a solution when contacted. This company is one of a kind because every other airline is easy to get a hold of or file a claim that actually has accountability. They say they will provide follow up within 30 days but then they just send a generic email saying sometimes bags are lost. Also from the day the flight landed and my bag didn’t come they assured me that this happens every day and my bag would be on the next flight and then would be brought to me. That was on April 30, 2022 and it’s November with nothing close to a resolution or compensation. They are incompetent in all aspects of customer service.
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8 months ago, aviation collector
Pretty good app, but I have a question.
First of all, lemme start off by saying that this app is great for tracking when your flight is open for check-in, though I’ve never used it, I have a flight coming up with Avianca, and the app shows how much time you have until the flight, like how many days and hours left until your flight. I only have one question to ask, which is can you only earn LifeMiles when you have booked the flight, or can you earn LifeMiles for a flight when you’ve just made your account when you’ve had a flight booked.
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2 years ago, Charrliez
Does not work
I have changed my password 3 times in a couple days. The passwords work fine on a laptop but “are invalid” on the app. YES, I checked my imputa thoroughly. Takes forever to load. Keeps changing back to Spanish despite repeatedly choosing English. Many other problems with it. Three years ago it was great, now save yourself a partial headache and use a web browser. If you want actual answers from people though don’t count on it either via chat, WhatsApp or phone. The first two ask a bunch of questions & tell you they cannot answer the simplest question as they are training and to go to help which is what people do before resorting to “chat” or call the call center. Good luck getting someone on the phone nowadays.
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3 months ago, StphenB
Worst airline app ever
This app is very poor. As an app itself, it does practically nothing. Any action you want to take – check-in, assign seats, buy service - is actually done on the website in a pop-up window, rather than in the app itsel. You might as well just go to the website. In addition, there is no means to sign into the app. You add your info (confirmation number and surname) and it is added to your flights. While that does simplify things, it also means that either you can’t sign into different accounts or that if someone else wants to use the app on your device, they can’t or their information won’t be private. I also don’t see a means to add payment methods, either in the website or in the app. Moreover, there does not seem to be a location for you to pull up your boarding pass, a basic function, it seems. Plenty of other complaints, but the long and short of it is that this app is worse than useless because you spend a lot of time trying to do things and then find out you can’t, at least not easily. Overall, I find the app useless
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2 weeks ago, triallaw
Primitive Airline app
It makes you enter way too much information for a domestic flight multiple times. For example, when you book you have to put in the date of birth, and when you check in, you have to do it again. instead of asking for the date of birth in the beginning, it re-populates when you continue, asks you for that again. When you get boarding passes, you have to load them in the Wallet one at a time from the beginning.
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3 years ago, TheCustomerisdissapointed
The worst airline app seriously
Honestly completely useless app. There’s no integration of any kind of services into the app so every time you want to make a change it directs you back to the website which is horrible too. No way to make changes to your flight ( like adding seat selection) without having to rebook the whole flight. Absolutely ridiculous! Their customer service is nonexistent at this point. If you can avoid flying with this airline, you should. I’ve traveled with them before and it wasn’t as bad as it is now. I guess they’re cutting expenses everywhere and the customer is suffering as results. App is just a mess !
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2 years ago, Mt. 6:25
Getting better
Last year was a horrible experience! In the midst of the pandemic! But this year looks better in reference to how the airlines like Avianca are handling their business! I’d rather have a live agent than a computer generated program that only answers questions but you cannot really talk to!
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9 months ago, Sierra Jhon
App unusable
I downloaded and opened this app. I immediately was faced with the picture of a dog with this caption underneath: “Sorry this device cannot be considered safe and you will not be able to use the application.” As someone who is generally tech savvy, I deleted the app and reinstalled it, nevertheless I received the same message. Then the app was deleted once again, I restarted my phone, then I downloaded the app a third time. And for the third time I receive the same messages above. This app is completely unusable. For the record my phone is an iPhone 14 Pro, running version iOS 16.5.
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7 months ago, safety05
App not working
I had this app last and was working fine . Then when I added it again this year on my phone its says “sorry your phone doesn’t meet the security requirements to open our app” I’m baffled what does this even mean ! My phone is a iPhone 13 plus pro with everything updated always especially with security. Is anyone experiencing this problem? Can anyone explain this to me? Is there a contact number I can call regarding this matter I tried googling it on the Internet, but there’s no information regarding this situation.
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1 year ago, jamepsfennell
Can’t check in because of a bug
I have a flight from Lima to New York and downloaded the app the check in. Because of a bug in the app, I can’t check in. At some point I am prompted to enter a U.S. known traveler number. When I leave it empty (because I don’t have one) and click save, the app presents a loading screen and then prompts me again for a known traveler number. This repeats over and over, I can’t proceed beyond this point to check in. As a software engineer myself I’m sort of fascinated by how this app doesn’t work for one of its most basic use cases.
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1 year ago, go with Kimball-Midwesf
Best Flight in 25 years .
Everything from planning to booking and the flight was perfection. Flights are filled to capacity yet, most comfortable flight I have had in 25 years. Staff is friendly knowledgeable and put the customer first. Highly recommended .
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1 year ago, jrstub
Be aware of mobile boarding passes being deleted
Despite using mobile check in to acquire my boarding passes, they were deleted from the app and Wallet after checking in my bags and receiving physical passes. They were not available to download after checking in and this caused confusion for gate agents and myself when I didn’t have access to the mobile boarding passes and wasn’t aware the passes were deleted.
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3 years ago, Montgomerycnj
Worst customer service ever experienced in my life
This airlines is the worst I have ever experienced in my life. They don’t care about passengers at all, in fact animals are treated better than the customers who are unfortunate enough to buy a ticket on this airline. I am cancelling my account with them and never using them again and encouraging everyone I know to stay as far away from them as possible. They make Spirit airlines look like the Ritz Carlton, and that’s not an easy thing to do. My red hat’s off to you Avianca, ciao!
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2 years ago, Avianca flight 571
Great Service
Avianca gave me and my wife excellent customer service and went above and beyond for us regarding the issues we were having. Thanks again and I look forward seeing you again on my next trip to Honduras
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12 months ago, Mydojoofzen1
The app works
Well I’ve been using the app for about 2 years so far I have no problems, but I can only say this because I only used the app in the states not in Colombia so next time im there u will report back But so far I will give 5 stars
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2 years ago, Nicohg93
Worst Airline Experience Ever!
Customer service is extremely rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Their guidances are not clearly stated anywhere resulting in a lot of restrictions. They made me lose my flight for not having a physical COVID card (even though my picture worked for everywhere else), worst thing is, in Colombia I used the same picture at customs and they had no problem with it. The airline attendant just wanted a power trip and not allow multiple people on the flight.
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8 months ago, Gis Tiz
Check-In doesn't work
What's the point of having an application if something as basic as a check-in feature doesn't work?? Going to have to get to my 6am flight even earlier to check in person after a long phone call with customer service, who were incredibly unhelpful and told me to "screenshot the error then show the airline agent when I check in in person to avoid being charged for airport check in"
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12 months ago, YaniEliRia
Fast service
it only takes a few minutes, is fast and secured
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1 year ago, CJZF!
Really bad service!!!
First and last time traveling with Avianca, I did the checking online to make it easier, I asked for a wheelchair service for my mother in law, and also I paid $12 dollars for priority to aboard in the group A, and I was frustrated because the trip was leaving at 11:05 pm and we were waiting still for a wheelchair at 10:30, they charged me $12 and they didn’t gave her a cup of water, I had traveled in different airlines and for sure we won’t do it again with Avianca!!!!
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3 years ago, Luznur
It does not work
Does not work at all. I wasted my time trying to enter the flight info several times and when I was going ti select the flight it said there were no flight that day or it showed an error message. It was frustrating, disappointing and a waste of time. The web site does not work either. I tried calling the customer service but they never answered. It has been a extremely negative customer experience.
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2 years ago, Ragzy10
Can’t do anything and no tech support
Downloaded the app per their suggestion in their email, to prepare for my upcoming trip. I can’t add my trip because every time I enter my reservation number and last name, they say it’s wrong. It works online on the website and through their WhatsApp customer service, but not on the app. Pointless app and was basically told on the phone oh well just use the website because we don’t have tech support. Awesome.
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1 year ago, Victor merchan
Either it’s glitching or the app is just beyond horrible
I don’t even know where to begin with but I can say is that this app is so glitchy, I’m not able to login in nor access my digital plane ticket, it’s just beyond horrible; dames goes for the website so horrible and so glitchy, I don’t know whose behind both the app development and the website development what a terrible job like seriously do better!! This is not okay whatsoever, get it together!!!
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2 years ago, Nolancan
Poor app
You try and login, but it does not let you. Gives you wrong password error, but you can login online. You try and link to lifemiles, but it does not. You login to lifemiles and the issue is with Avianca app. Tells you no internet connection does not allow you to move forward. Poorly written app. Change profile pic, does not work. Truly a waste of your time. Avianca does not have employees, so NO service. Just bad all around.
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4 months ago, Marpixel
No point to the app you still use the browser
You still need to use a browser within the app to check-in, making this app pointless as it doesn't store any other info other then “your trips”. Avianca in general used to be a great company until they made their planes like Spirit and South West. The only reason I use them in Colombia is because there isn’t really more choices to fly in.
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1 year ago, Marks fish
This is one of the worst airline apps I’ve ever used!!!! Trying to add baggage to my ticket was ridiculous. It just kept sending me back to the previous page. The airline changed my flight and I was directed to a certain link, but that link never worked. I had to call Avianca which meant being on hold for 90 minutes. There is just no reason for an app to be this glitchy. I’m done with Avianca!
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1 year ago, TenderWolf
Directs to website for checking in. It is just a portal to the website.
Was trying to check in for my flight. I had to check in online otherwise would have had it pay at airport. The website had bug and did not go through to last stage. I tried the app hoping it would work but the app just links to the Avianca website. Same crap.
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2 years ago, SnazzyOz
Can’t check in
What is the point of this app if you can’t add your trip here? I add the reservation number and last name and the button doesn’t enable, leaving me without any way of moving forward. Additionally I tried creating a lifemiles account and it gives me an error on the creation page that reads: “Your email is not associated with lifemiles, contact support…” THIS IS WHY I AM CREATING AN ACCOUNT… Please do better
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3 years ago, EICHACON
Usability improved
I like the new colours. Icons. A lot easier than the previous one specially on the app check-in. Easy to check offers and research the previous searches Well done Avianca. Please add a wallet and save usual passengers
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2 years ago, Romanaka
It has been a while since I was forced to work with such a terrible App. It’s absolutely useless. What is worse is that customers are forced to wait hours when calling the 1-800 number. Bad App and terrible customer service. The only reason I keep using Avianca is because it’s the ONLY airline that flies to Nicaragua. They have a monopoly right now so they do whatever they want. It’s truly sad.
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9 months ago, jess21560
Amazing user experience
Best flying app I have ever used, the UX and software team is so incredibly talented! Everything is clear and concise and there is an English option. 10/10
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2 years ago, Juananesp
Won’t work if you don’t submit your contact all in caps
Turns out my contact information is in proper case, so I cannot find the flight, not check in… essentially I cannot do anything because the query only goes in when things are written in all upper case (if I actually do this the system tells me no reservation can be found), this loop makes the app useless.
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7 months ago, Triple Frustrated
The App does not open on my iPhone
I am getting a screen with a dog and and Avianca logo when I try to open the App. Ot says that my phone does not meet the security requirements to open the which is strange. I called AVIANCA for technical support as I am traveling tomorrow but they respond me as I am a ignorant on IT, which I am not. I tried many things including uninstalling and installing the app again but nothing works
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6 months ago, TylerHHI
To the point
Honestly it’s a cut and dry app that’s straight to the point. Book / fill out info and bam ticket. Will say prices are much cheaper visiting on the actual website vs Expedia, orbits etc.
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2 years ago, happyhapppyshopper
First time using this app. Very easy to navigate. All info you need about your trips is very easy to find. Highly recommend to any one.
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8 months ago, SaltyMiner
Seat Selection Scam
When you buy a flight which includes plus seats, they don’t let you choose from all the available seats If you attempt to purchase a ticket which does not include plus seats, you can choose from more seats So there are more seats available, and you already paid for them, but you cannot choose them. Scam
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7 months ago, Luz Zapata
Baggage lost
This is the first time that I fly with Avianca and it might be my last, they lost our luggage and who knows when we will get it back. They should do a better job at keeping track of bags and making sure they arrive at their destination. We are not sure when we will get it. Incredibly disappointed at the service.
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3 years ago, Orijdl
WORST airline app
The worst airline app. Will not allow me to enter my person details because despite the data being correct it shows me an error message. Additionally, will not let you add your flight onto the app because it will tell you your information is incorrect, although it isn’t. Terrible and useless app. Would rate it 0 stars if possible.
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6 months ago, customer that was misled
Updated app
Today I tried using the app the updated app before you were able to see which days are cheaper to fly now it looks like they erases it. Why would you take that option off?
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1 year ago, Great Entrepreneurship
Fraudulent Activities
I’m really disappointed about my last reservation made by Avianca LifeMiles Hotels, since at the moment to arrive to the supposed hotel address, it didn’t exist, and although I called them several times, they never gave me any solution. It was really disgusting, and irresponsible, fraudulent and ilegal. So sad to see a supposed reputed airline program affecting their customers.
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1 month ago, J0Yk
The least user friendly app . Very bad.
Dislike the quality of the app . Please be aware that this app takes all your information hoards it and denies the completion of flight payment once you lock in a certain fare . Unbelievable . They never explain why and their favorite customer service word is “unfortunately” this app is a failure and a scam . Beware .
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3 months ago, Del Carmen Z
We truly appreciate how we are treated at Avianca. All the different airports staff have been great. The human touch makes the difference for sure. Thank you!
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2 years ago, mjaldana81
Good service
Even though I had to wait on a line of 45 minutes, I got a good experience the call center lady was helpful and diligent..
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2 years ago, Lt of girls
I will give 5 starts in my experience always have ve been excellente, not complains, I hope continues likes this.
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10 months ago, SCHR0D1NG3RS C4T
App is not user friendly and barely functional
Dead clicks and broken links around every corner. If you manage to check in through the app without it crashing or timing out, you better make sure you take a screenshot of your boarding pass or you're never seeing it again.
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3 months ago, JGS1976hfhfh
Worse checking process
Avianca checking process using the app is inefficient. Many of the the menus do not work. If there is a space at the end of the name you can not move to next steps. It took me 15 minutes to check in 3 people. In other airlines takes me 3 min.
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7 months ago, Mixora
Quality of app seems to go in the direction of the airline
Sometimes the app won’t search flights. You add a trip to the app and the next time you open you have to add it again even though I’m logged in. Crashes constantly.
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1 year ago, Andravid
Terrible as Avianca is getting a cheap airline
The app doesn’t work properly! The website doesn’t work properly! Call center take hours to answer!!! Check in online have so many problems and if you don’t check in online they charge you at the airport!!! Avianca is getting such a poor airlines! Not recommended…
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