Avis - Car Rental

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User Reviews for Avis - Car Rental

4.7 out of 5
244.3K Ratings
3 years ago, angCurtis35
I was having a hard time finding a rental company that didn’t cost me a fortune plus a deposit on top of that! This company worked with me and I didn’t have to go into detail and explain myself as I often feel I have to, I am very comfortable in their vehicle! In fact I actually love it! 2020 Kia Optima. Since I’ve had the car, it’s been a complete turnaround on my mentalState of mind.,It has greatly affected my moodAnd emotional status in a positive way! I recently lost my Toyota Camry and the unfortunate car accident on route 1A. I had only liability insurance and unfortunately I didn’t have collision. My insurance company paid the other party involved in the accident $7905! When my car is completely totaled, they hit me, and they were able to drive off! Their front bumper was a little damage sure, anyway that’s besides the point clearly I’m still upset about it. But besides all that, yes I have been extremely grateful and hopeful that I can get a lot done while I have this rental so I can get old blue back on the road! So thank you Avis company for working with me!The two young folks that were working the desk the day I picked up the car we’re extremely kind and helpful and got me in right away! The airport was pretty dead because of the snowstorm but they both seemed like they took pride in their job and we’re also dressed very nicely by the way! Very professional! I love the app I love the rental car I love everything you guys are awesome! 👍👍😊
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6 years ago, Perpetually Tired
Disappointed and almost done with Avis.
Over the years, Avis has made a consistent decline in the quality and amenities included in the basic full size vehicle. It’s very disappointing to feel as though I’m getting less and less for the same amount of money I spend. In addition to this fact, Avis has become less likely to issue significant upgrades, unless it is clearly convenient for your station representatives. I used to be part of the Avis First program- what ever happened to that program? Now when I get upgraded, it’s to a gas-guzzling SUV (which I NEVER ask for because I prefer driving a regular sedan). It’s almost as tho you can’t get them rented- so why not give them as upgrades. I DONT LIKE RENTING SUVs. I just want a sedan with leather seats, and I prefer Ford since that’s what I drive personally. These requests seem to always inconvenience your local station reps. I used to be part of Avis First- a higher tier Preferred program that was actually pretty good. Bring that back please
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6 years ago, 176465536728
Late renter beware I’m Albuquerue
I was worried when I reserved my rental for my late night trip to Albuquerque and trying to find a car that would be available after midnight but Avis said they’d be there. So when I arrived at the terminal in the rental car area I was ushered through to the garage where preferred AVIS renters were to be met by someone with my vehicle ready. Finally arriving all the way out there hoping to be quickly seated in my new rental, I was met by darkness and my name was no where on the preferred rental board. I also could not find any attendant at all due to the fact that they all went home. So I made my way back into the terminal to talk to Melissa who thankfully was still there and was able to help me access a car and put me in the right direction. Too bad the left-hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing as the inside counter person had no idea of the staff activities in the garage. So if you’re arriving late, call ahead and get the facts about your car and be sure to grab papers and keys before heading to the garage after midnight. I did try calling from my connecting flight in Dallas just to make sure everything would be well when I arrived late in New Mexico by calling the Avis 800 number , which put me in a merry-go-round of voicemails that took ne nowhere close to Albuquerque‘s car desk area to ask any such questions. In the end, all was well.
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6 months ago, 7Astral7
be careful
I am writing especially for American tourists, please read my message before you book any car through this app, you will lose money 100%, and so I booked a car through this app, they charged me 575% of the initial amount and I had to pay the rest of the money in the amount of 1200+ $ when I pick up the car, but when I arrived at the Avis location to pick up my car, they told me that they did not have this car and apologized for the damage caused, they wasted my precious time + because of them I lost an important business meeting, but that's not all, after I wrote to Carla's support service to get my money back for the goods not received, they refused to return the money to me without any reason, and there can't be any reason and it doesn't matter to me since I I didn't receive my car and besides the fact that they were obliged to immediately return my money, they also owed me compensation for the damage and inconvenience caused, but they even refuse to return my money to me, and this is chaos and illegal action, I ask all tourists to be be careful from this app and Avis rental car, if you suddenly pay in advance through a credit card or through another and you have a problem with the car, then you will most likely lose all your money thanks, and I am not going to pay not one cent, and after I have a problem with my credit history, there will be legal problems with this company with my lawyer
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1 year ago, yyosiqq
Reservations “Not Honored”
This is a company that values some customers a lot more than others. I have a lot going on and regularly need to change plans to book flights and rental cars last minute. Today was the 3rd time I have booked a car with Avis (and Budget) in the morning to pick up at the destination airport later that evening… only to be told at the counter that “we didn’t plan well and are running low on cars — my manager is not honoring same day bookings unfortunately”. Why is it OK for a company to allow you to make last minute travel plans with them and confirm a rental car pick up— and then simply say oops we are out when you arrive in a new city?? I was told that people who booked months in advance would be priority for being honored. 1) Why are customers who have the need to make last minute travel plans valued so much less than customers who happen to have been planning a trip months in advance? 2) The real question is why guarantee a booking for someone online if there is any chance at all that they won’t be able to get a car when they arrive? I love Jetblue and love that I can get TrueBlue points with Avis and Budget, but I’ll be moving on from this incompetence now.
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11 months ago, Hamk23
Dishonest Company: Don’t Use
I rented a Jeep to drive it around to determine if I want to buy one. I did not take the jeep off-roading. I merely drove it around town while on vacation in Virginia (where is rains a lot). When they gave me the Jeep, the wheel well was already covered in mud. I should have said something, but I didn’t. When I returned the Jeep. There was a little bit of grass on the floorboards of the back seat from the kids shoes (from getting in and out of the vehicle for a whole week). They took 1 photo and duplicated it 3 times and then charged us $125 extra, for “sand” in the car. When we spoke to a representative about it on a recorded call, he agreed there was no sand just a little grass (we never went anywhere with sand) and it was the same picture duplicated. However the company decided not to do what was right, but to go after more money. They charged us extra for having to vacuum the vehicle, which is something they should be doing after each return. There was no extra work involved. There was just a little bit of grass on the floorboards. If you don’t intend to have the vehicle detailed before returning it, use another company. Avis care little about ethics, only about money.
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4 years ago, Saved J.O.Y
Terrible cars at this location
This is the 2nd time I’ve rented a car from AVIS & EVERY car I’ve ever gotten has been run down. Today I picked up a car & rep said there wasn’t any damages to it. After getting into the car, not only did it have chips on the bumper but the drivers seat seems broken (I went back into the location to info rep. & he said there weren’t any more cars. The car is suppose to be an upgrade and it rides HARD like there’s a problem with the tires, it pulls to 1 side as if it needs an alignment, it rumbles & accelerates hard as if there is a problem with the transmission. I had to wait over 45 min. for the rep because he was cleaning cars. Waiting caused need to be late for some very important meetings. Therefore, I had no choice but to leave in this broken down car. The last car I rented was a nice full size car with lots of upgrades ( unlike this one) but, it was obvious someone had smoked in it. I drove it out of town by myself at night and I wasn’t sure the car would make it. When I got to Atlanta I had to switch the car out & it wasn’t any better. This will be the last time I will rent a car from AVIS until they begin to get newer & better fleets of cars.
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2 years ago, ezmony511
The modern day?
We talk about technology what is it? Just gathering data for whose benefits? What good is it to go to t He site and try to do something no matter what is it suppose to be the convience n time n direct map to your needs with ease n simplicity? So my complaint is just give me one company that wll do this without wasting our time just to get one general question answer or straight to what you ask for without playing musical chair with different agents that don’t nothing about anything you are calling about without transferring to another of the same! I see a lot of wasted time being used n that means money is being fork out to something that is not even the road to its purposes? Or is it just data they after n by that just junk up of emails with the same around and around again. I just wanted to know where can I buy this item if available or whatever the best next avenue is please provide? Location, contact info etc., etc. that’s what I thought all this technology is for. Simplicity n convince and service to the need of that petticoat item or services we inquired about.
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4 years ago, wtfsmokeshop
Horrible customer service at rock hill location
I booked a prepaid car using this app.. I arrive after taking a $30 Uber to get there and am informed they “can’t” rent to me. Keep in mind I am a preferred member with over 60 rentals this year alone. I was then directed to call customer service to return my car. I asked for the number and the response was “this avis site doesn’t have a customer service number call the number that’s on your email.” When I then showed this “avis agent” that the number on my email to call for issues was in fact her local branch’s direct number. Still no help.. finally I was able to google avis customer service and get through to the billing department and get a refund. This did not help the situation as I was at this location with a newborn baby and a rude Avis agent. After a little research I’ve seen several complaints about this specific location. Rock hill galleria is a privately owned franchise and they constantly have complaints about the owner himself being just as rude. Why avis hasn’t stripped him of his ability to ruin their name? I have no idea and until this rude, inconsiderate, and poorly ran Avis is not allowed to use their name I will never rent from you again.
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5 years ago, Ephesians525
Vehicle and Service Great but....
I have used Avis for the past year and have told everyone I know how great the service and cars have been. Well, this Camry I currently I have now, runs great, was clean but someone had smoked in the vehicle. The car was dropped off at my workplace and when I got in the car I noticed it right away and didn’t have time to exchange the car if I wanted to keep my schedule. I have been driving with a rear window partially open even though it is cold, it prevents me from getting a headache. Just wanted you to know. I am renting a vehicle for a personal trip to Albany NY this weekend and hopefully don’t have this issue again. I totally understand that it is difficult to managed drivers who smoke vs those who don’t but it is a big concern for me and my wife. Thank you for your time. Mr. Albert Vazquez
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2 years ago, Tmite Betheone
Return Car Feature is Poor
I was excited about using this feature as it saves time, especially with after hour returns. I dropped the car off at the airport. Followed all of the instruction. Left keys in the car. Then clicked on return car. I kept getting the error, “unable to return”. Refresh GPS. Now I’m sitting in the Avis parking lot. I can’t go nowhere else as they have the spikes so you can’t leave the parking lot. There’s no attendant there as it’s after hours. So I kept refreshing GPS all the way up into the airport and still couldn’t return the vehicle. This features needs serious work. The concept is nice and it will be a huge improvement when it works but currently it’s in a failed state. I missed the shuttle sitting there trying to keep refreshing the GPS. All apps has its bugs but this one is a big one that was offered to me and didn’t work. I got the notification to use it and it doesn’t work. What sense did that make? Fix the GPS problem and you can move on to something else.
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1 year ago, Lack of management
Poor service
Where do I start? Poor customer service after the morning shift. No Preferred or President line Rude staff and no visible ID tags. No on site or hands on manager. The manager I was told work remotely from Birmingham Al or Knoxville TN. The cars are almost never ready or cleaned and the servicing staff for the vehicles are lazy and there is a high turnover rate in that department and shortage of staff. The representatives are without working printers, lack of pens, Avis booklet covers, etc. Customers are going to other agencies while at the Airport for a car due to lack of availability. I’ve talked to several staff members and the morale their is at an all time high. Frustrated staff members with no management support and no tools will always yield poor customer service. Many times I’m always late for my business meetings due to waiting on a car or waiting for someone to check for keys or waiting for someone to clean the vehicle or waiting for someone to come in or the representative to get a break from the desk to go find a car. This is unacceptable. Today I have a vehicle not of my preferences/choice that I had to wait almost an hour after my pickup time to get. I’ve waited as long as 2 hours past my car pick up time. This is the ONLY location in Huntsville Al and it is at the airport. Please fix these issues asap because I’ve been a loyal customer for over 8 years and I have a business account with Avis. Thank You Mona J G4F729
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2 years ago, rowdy adams
I am new to the Avis Preferred group but after 4 rentals, I am very much less than impressed with the service, the app, and the system. My first rental with Avis ,I waited 1 hr 45 mins in St Louis to get to the counter and had to wait an additional 30 mins for a car After I had reserved online etc. I had signed up as a preferred member. The following week in Indianapolis I was told Avis couldn’t rent me a car because the system showed I hadn’t returned my previous rental. 2 weeks later in San Antonio, the app alerted me that my car was ready the night before and to go straight to the preferred counter. When I landed, the app told me there were no cars available but to check with the preferred counter. I waited 30 minutes in line AGAIN and was told there were no cars available. When I gave my Wizard #, viola the car I had reserved came up and was ready. Am currently sitting waiting on a car after I had reserved is wizard# etc…. Strongly reconsidering my choice of change rental companies. BTW, came to Avis via the Capital One United Club MilagePlus card…
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5 years ago, Benyor
Avis customer service Auckland New Zealand
I never had so much grief dealing with Avis in New Zealand. I rented a car for 3 weeks and had to extend it by 2 more weeks so I called Avis and asked to extend. Avis representative in Christchurch New Zealand was very nice and cordial and confirmed I can keep the car for 2 more weeks at the same rate. Few days after I returned the car I was shocked when I received the invoice. Avis doubled my rate from the day I rented the car. I called many times arguing with customer service in Auckland that I was told the rate will not change. A few days after, I received a very frustrating email for a lady (I still have her email on file) from Avis Auckland customer service letting me know the rate is the rate and my request has been rejected. She also added I need to provide her with the name of the person I talked to to validate my claim. She implied I was lying. Im used to Avis in the US which would never do that to any customer. But I guess outside of the US, customers are at the bottom of the list. I’m going back to National!!!
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10 months ago, miguelv96
Shady and deceitful
Rented a vehicle with avis for an out of state visit with family. Was able to prepay and the app said I was good to go. Confirmed my reservation, total price when I landed and check in was easy (to a fault). Working on the assumption that all my options (declined all added services) would be honored and went directly to choosing a vehicle on the app. When I returned my vehicle I noticed I was being charged almost double what I was quoted. Tried to contact support but as I returned my vehicle after customer service hours, I had to wait until the next day. They informed me I accepted liability protection (I did not). Provided them with a screenshot of the original agreement showing all options declined. They informed me that they could not do anything about it. If your reading this double check your agreement before driving off and just because you declined the services AVIS IS ABLE TO ADD THOSE SERVICES ON LATER AND CLAIM YOU AGREED TO THEM. Will be taking to my credit card company about a partial chargeback as they refuse to work with me regarding this.
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3 years ago, iphone shan
Excellent and Easy Car rental Company
I have rented cars from several rental company’s over the years. Recently I decided to give Avis a try. I downloaded the Avis app and couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was to use. It gives several options to choose from on a variety of things. I reserved my car and basically walked into Avis and the employee asked my name, handed me the keys and my rental agreement that was already printed and ready to go. It was fast, easy and the employees (Virginia Beach Blvd location) were friendly and informative. I won’t use any other company except for Avis. I also have turned my family and friends into Avis. Thank you Avis for your customer service and for making my car rentals a quick and easy experience.
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3 years ago, jdevans4agec
Decent app until time to pickup car
The little issues (mentioned below) combined really make using the app a chore when picking up the car. Making reservations: - Upcoming rentals seem to be sorted by modification date rather than pick up date (e.g. later rental listed at top before earlier rental) - Pictures in app look cheesy, always outdated or un-rentable vehicles shown - I like option to select prices with tax, that’s helpful, should be a profile level setting to keep on/off continuously Picking up car: - When trying to chose/view other cars in app, that has been disabled for me and I receive an error message saying “There was a problem with the payment method on the account. Please update it and try again”. - No idea why since the credit card saved to my account is correct, not expired and used to pay for rental (confirmed obviously by rental charges on that card after return) - And my name/space number wasn’t listed on board at pickup, no email informing me about me assigned car either - I asked the associate at Preferred desk about error message - they told me it’s because I wanted to pay with cash?! How’s that possible when my reservation used the credit card on my profile?! Very annoying - Express pass doesn’t work all the time at exit gate either - Frustrating process ruins whole experience Returning car: Returning process through the app was pretty easy.
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2 months ago, VB Boom
I reserved a car and after I use my points it came out to $134 and some change which I prepaid ..after my trip a checked my credit card to see if I was reimbursed for the hold and I see I was charged by Avis a full amount…I checked the app and the points weren’t applied I called them about this and they ask for email stating that points were used I told them I never received emails from them saying points were applied and this is my 3rd time doing so.. was told that I didn’t apply the points and therefore I can’t apply any points and refused to apply points since as they said rental is closed…I did my rental agreement just like I’ve done before and I questioned whether they had a computer glitch and both people I spoke with flatly said no…. I mentioned why would I reserve a car and not use my over 15,000 points…was told you just didn’t apply it …HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE..will not EVER tell anyone to use Avis…I Will you up these points and triple Check and then I’m Done
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3 months ago, pensacolian
Double-Dippers of PII
If you book Avis thru a travel agent, Avis will associate the email address you've given the travel agent with the agents themselves. And so if at a later time you try to create an acct of your own with Avis, you will not be able to do si using the same email address. Avis doesn't tell you this; instead of informing you you cannot use the email address, its website and app let you "register," only to leave you hanging because their own system reroutes emails to your travel agent. The app/most of the Avis reps won't tell you this as you navigate the app/speak with them online/on the phone. You will not be able to access any Avis reward points/frequent traveler program, etc. unless you provide them with a second email. You're told they've sent you a "confirmation email," when in fact they have not (they *cannot*, because in thier database your email address is tied to the travel agent). Luckily the last rep I spoke with explained all this to me.
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1 year ago, ShawnBailey01
Please fix your app
I keep getting an error that I will be locked out of my account if I don’t change my password. I have tried to change my password at least 10 different times on 3 different days, and I keep getting the same pop up that I can’t use a password that I have already used. None of the passwords were the same, or even close. I shouldn’t have to keep doing this. I have since cancelled my reservation for this week, and rescheduled thru Enterprise. Being that Avis has always been my go to for renting cars for business and personal trips, I hope this is fixed for my next trip after this one so that I can go back to using my favorite car rental company.
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6 years ago, TakenByPicture
Horrific - Anti-Ease of Use
This applications setup process is totally broken and non-obvious. It automatically latches an email address without means of changing it. It grabbed my personal email rather than work. The app on first use has a giant create account button (80% of the screen) there is also a create account with wizard number. But if one has ever logged into the website, the apparent correct action is none of the above. Instead, one clicks the tiny login button. The error messages associated with try to create an ‘App’ account, when one already has.a website account are woeful. (The are apparently one in the same, but the error message doesn’t say, an account already exists, it says “parameter error’.. the AVIS customer support attached to the error messages was woeful. The initial screen shows a primary create new account button, or a create account with wizard number. If you already have an account, use neither, use the login button at top right. And then, in spite of prompts use only account name, not the promoted for wizard number. On a 2 to 19 scale, this app is -1 waste of time. Truly BAD, BAD, BAD. On a scale of 1 to 10, thirds account setup pages are a zero. Not to mention the use of 0’s embedded into alpha strings so users cannot tell if a given character is a zero or an ‘O’. AVUS truly gets a total fail on this app. It is as if the app was never field tested with real customers, just pure junk.
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5 years ago, FabFive95
Can’t count on app - Update
Had confirmed reservation in BLOC / downtown LA only to arrive and be told there were no cars. Solution was to pay for a Lyft to LAX to pay a HIGHER rate and waste hours of my families weekend in the process. 2019, “the cloud”, modern telecom networks and AVIS can’t figure out how to keep their inventory updated in THEIR system??? Am I remised to state that this is their fundamental business? Not good... Update - Avis rectified the situation eventually and am glad they took responsibility for the situation, expressed sincere apology and reconciled. Would’ve put a 5star after ordeal if I had not had to put in >30min in phone, two different calls, and writing this review to get “attention”. I will be calling ahead to confirm future reservations at smaller distribution sites that have a high probability of being inventory limited and or not “up to date” in the system.
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6 years ago, SurfGravy
Make my UX magical...Mind the gap!
While this latest release is leaps and bounds better, there’s still some work needed to make my UX an A+. Give us full access to all rental modifications. As a user I would like the ability to return my vehicle before the date of the scheduled return. For example, the app will not let me return my vehicle one day early. I am only able to add days to my rental. Full access to reservation mods would make any change far more efficient for the user, and here’s why: The 1800 preferred automated/rep phone user experience is very clunky, very slow and forces the user to *only* use voice prompts, no keypad entries are allowed. Not only does the user need to repeat their entries, but annoyingly loud. This is a security risk when making mods in a public space. Aren’t most customers renting cars away from home or in a public space? With that said, my other alt is to make the mods via web, but the web’s UI and UX is buggy, often timing out during fetch, or just does not have most basic rental modification features. Calling and speaking to a rep is an absolute nightmare, even as a preferred plus member. Please consider my user story for your next app development sprint, it would greatly improve the UX. Make my UX magical...Mind the gap! The details are not the details; they make the design.
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3 months ago, takumilau
Inability to change business and personal profile
First of all this App has some pretty cool features like choose your own car at pickup location and walk to you assigned car without talking to a human. However I cannot believe it does not let you setup a business profile separate from your personal profile. Come on Avis it’s 2024. People travel for both business and vacation. If it’s business, it should be billed to the company credit card. If it’s for vacation, it should be billed to the personal credit card. To make this worse, you does not allowed change of method of payment if it’s prepaid. I prepaid with my personal card for vacation but when I arrived at the pickup location it changed to the last card I used which was a business credit card. Please fix this issue or learn from Uber/Lyft.
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4 years ago, 1samchaps
Poor customer service
We arrived at DFW very excited that we were going going to be able to rent our Toyota Prius that we prepaid online almost $400 for a week. When we got to the counter the agent asked if that was what we rented? I showed her that and her reply was we rented it out earlier that day. I explained to her we wanted the Prius Becuase we were looking into purchasing a Prius And this would be our opportunity to test drive one. She said we don’t have any Prius and the only car they had was a Toyota Corolla. I then asked is their anything that was similar to a hybrid? Her reply was we only had a Toyota Corolla. I then told her that Avis bait and switched my purchase for the rental. If I would have known that I would not be able to rent my Pruis I would have went else where. They did not to remedy the situation even though I gave them the opportunity. I added a driver and they charged me over $150 dollars as well. But they did thank me for being a preferred member. I will never rent from Avis again. Very poor service.
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5 months ago, Fede Conde
Best way to rent with Avis
This is the best way to interact with Avis since on the phone they have only a voice-prompt chat bot that unless you are in an sound isolation chamber will pick the slightest sound as a prompt. I have never been able to make the return function work not in small local franchises or in the large airport facilities. Also gets tricky when they give you a Budget vehicle or any time you are attempting any change of sorts when you are already renting. If you are on a happy path this is the way to go. If you have issues or need something special - you have all my sympathy. Also - EV rentals are not fully incorporated in the app. Lastly even if you qualify as Presidents Club - you’ll always be subject to whatever they are left with which can result in a good car or a smoker-used vehicle. Just set your expectations accordingly and not by the marketed intents. Not quite there yet.
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2 years ago, CiCi01124219
Different quotes
I drive for ubereats & with them your suppose to get a discounted price. I’ve gotten 3 different quotes from different representatives. When I went in person to the kennesaw location & was about to pay I got quoted $321 for a week, $100 included in that price went towards the security deposit. When I called last week, I got quoted $300 for security deposit & $385 for the week. That was the actual price I’ve paid before for a week & security deposit without going through the Uber rental program because I only had prepaid cards which they do not accept. I called today & was quoted $200 for a security deposit & $345 for the week. I’m not sure if prices fluctuate during the week or holidays or if they just changed depending on who I talk to but it was very confusing. I’ve paid at over $200 cheaper for a rental going through a different company and I will continue doing so!
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5 years ago, Ms. Lips
Ontario Airport Staff(Love Love the App)
I have rented a lot of cars over the years but the Customer Service of the Avis Preferred Counter at Ontario Airport and the Avis Counter when Preferred is not available is awesome! They always take care of me one way or another. I love the way this Avis App is set up now that I know how to really pay attention to it I was going to the counter all the time not realizing my car was already available with the lane number, what type of car and the fuel status. Having this feature takes the guesswork out what your getting and if you need to make changes because it was not what you expected, the process at the counter is easier to adjust to accommodate you to getting into more of what you desire! Thank you Avis!
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6 years ago, J1ill
New app updates
I’m so sorry! Because I LOVE your company, and I LOVE your employees, this app change is just not so great. I travel every week for work. I used to get push notifications every time I landed and took my phone off airplane mode. Now I have to sign In nearly time, I don’t get push notifications, and I am usually on the ground about 15 min before the app acknowledges that I have a car rented for today. Face recognition - I’ve clicked to turn it in every time I’ve signed in and it still isn’t kicking in. (Also, Sacramento Avis has a lot of issues picking up the cars and with even getting to the rental center, but all the other cities are great). I’d love to see this app improved to keep up with all the other great aspects of this company. (Aside note - SFO - best rental experience, consistently, every time, and your employees simply ROCK. Exceptional everywhere I go!)
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6 years ago, Mikeua68
Yet another dirty rental
Twice in a row I have received a rental car from Avis that had not been cleaned, didn’t even have the trash removed. This time though, the previous user smoked in the car, it reeked of stale cigarettes and ashes all over. This is not acceptable for a second time in 2 weeks. I called customer service because I was in a rush when I picked up the car and could not complain to the Avis rep at the counter. When I called customer service, they didn’t even take my name but said they would notate my account. I had to force the customer service rep to notate it so that I would not be charged the $250 fee for smoking in the car. Hope the previous renter gets charged. Also, the last time I rented a car from Avis and reported it not being washed, they said “We will be sure to train the person to not rent a non washed car”, this time I will be expecting some type of retribution for the inconvenience of having to wash my own rental car and trying to get the nasty smell out.
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2 years ago, Wazu_67
The Run Around
Avis rentals wasted soo much of my time and money, from the unreliable rentals given (2 system malfunctions rendered my 2 separate rentals to be inoperable in ways that you sent your servicemen to help “resolve issues” just to not fix anything and leave me in the same cycle to redo the exact same thing the next day, to then get it towed (this scenario happened twice, on 2 separate rentals..) for me to be charged for such, as well no reimbursement towards the rental, as well have be continued to be charged over a vehicle I have not had in my possession in over a month… I have lost thousands of dollars attempting to rent through Avis, let alone the time and energy spent just to be heard, and understood, let alone have any of my issues resolved. Thus here I am, making a public statement about such, so maybe my issues will be valued in was to resolve your customer experience issues (which I thought was the foundation of a Truthful company.)
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6 years ago, Drdfw5291
Dr. Mark
There are many aspects of the app that I really like and find the improvements to be better and better all the time. However — one EXTREMELY frustrating thing for me is the inability for the app to keep me signed in. It asks me to enable my Face ID each time and the app NEVER keeps me logged in. I don’t have this issue with any other app where I have log in information. I have even tried to delete and reload the app on several occasions. This doesn’t seem to be a difficult fix to make and I can’t imagine I’m the only person to have this issue. It’s very frustrating for me when I basically go from one Avis rental to the next. Thanks! Hopefully there’s something that you can do to improve this feature for me.
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3 years ago, 09876Mer
Avis lost my initial car, then the replacement broke down
It was pretty much a nightmare from the start. Someone else took my rental car in Nashville that had been reserved so they gave me a Mustang as a replacement that broke down after 4 days. I stayed on hold waiting for emergency roadside assistance for 30 minutes. They could send a tow truck for the mustang but could not get me to another car since the nearest Avis was 100 miles away, but offered to let me Uber and try to get reimbursement later. What a nightmare! I got a ride to the nearest Avis, and then turned the next car in a day early but never received any credit, nor an apology for all the mistakes and inconvenience. Lastly, they did not credit the account I wanted my points to go to so I had to sit on hold again for an hour to speak to someone, only for them to put me on hold again for another 15 minutes, and then hang up on me. Frustrating is not the word!
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3 years ago, Ethan Stids
Lancaster Ca Avis Avenue J
This is the best car rental business I have experienced in my years of travel for my job. Kaylee and Sheri are always here when I do a Saturday or Sunday pickup. They are totally organized and on their game at Superior customer service. When they are busy they always come out to acknowledge to everyone they will be right with us, they move the line very quickly together. These ladies also clean the cars!! The cars are always super clean and washed and ready to go. If you are tired of standing around at enterprise and waiting for a clean car long after you rented it. Go here!!! You will not be disappointed. I’ve been coming here for 6 weeks straight and they do not miss a beat here. Forever Lancaster Avis!!! On Avenue J.
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5 years ago, Ventas14
I tried to reserve a mustang GT on the app. It would not give me the option. It did however say Mustang with no real details. I arrived at the site and in the spot was a regular Mustang. I went to the counter and asked why I wasn’t given a GT or the option to rent a GT. They said they could do it but it was going to be 1000 dollars more expensive. And they were giving me the car I requested. I explained this did not happen the last time I rent or the time before. And that I never was given the option for the car I wanted even though it was there. The counter clammed up and said take itnor leave it. All while telling people cars were coming and having no one was receiving a vehicle. The last time I rented I got the vehicle I was looking for with great service. I was expecting to have a certain vehicle for Memorial Day and felt like I was taken advantage of. I excepted the vehicle that was there and left highly disappointed in the whole Avis preferred experience in Denver.
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7 months ago, I got this again
App Review
This is a review of the app. It is not a review of Avis. Apparently a lot of people think that they have a complaint about a Avis. This is the appropriate forum. I give this app three stars, because there are some functionality issues that can be improved. For example, when selecting the airline one must scroll through a large number of Airlines -it would be easier to be able to type in a few ladders and then Select. then type in a few letters, There should be a better way of doing it. Overall, it is much easier to rent on the app, then via telephone. However, when I get to my destination and I request a car such as a Tesla, they told me I need to reserve it on the app although there’s no means of doing it. Obviously, there’s a disconnect between the app and service.
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3 months ago, cpalmer487
Poor customer service
I’ve been a customer for years. Somehow the name on my Avis proffered account was overwritten and I can no longer link reservations I make through my work concur profile. Over the course of several hours, I spoke to 4 different individuals, who gave me 4 different answers on how to fix their mistake. One of which was “oh you can’t actually change your name online in the profile, I don’t know why it says you can”, another representative stated the exact opposite after saying they could only link my reservation to my Avis preferred account if I agreed to pay 4x the original price because it was impossible to update my name on the account. Several phone calls later, I was assured it was resolved, twice, I still can’t link my existing reservation to my Avis account. The whole experience raised the bar for incompetence in customer service…. So congratulations I guess.
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4 years ago, MoneyBagzSlim$
Almost but just not quite
Would give it 5 stars but just a few minor big things. First they should let u add multiple Drivers on one account so that me and wife can accumulate together. Second, when trying to use free day points it doesn’t always allow me to go through with the reservation. I do the exact same length and time of my rentals when I do it so it’s not what I’m putting. It’s just the app some weeks don’t let us use our points and that can be also annoying when u have saved something up and planned to do something only for it to not be working that week. Otherwise great app easy to manage and scroll through
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4 years ago, Rdw traveler
Customer Service / cleanliness of car
I first checked in at the ORF AVIS counter. The lady at the regular counter was nice enough. However, I was directed over to the preferred counter inside the parking garage. That clerk was rude and seemed like I was bothering her. I was practically the only one there, besides her. The airport was pretty empty. I made it to the car, the car’s first check inside the dark parking garage seemed ok, and it had the “car has been AVIS sanitized” sicker on the mirror. Once I got out of the garage and into the light, I learned it was not cleaned. It had nose (or finger) smudges all over the back two side windows. A few days later, I opened the passenger side front door to get something. There were two chewed toothpicks in the door handle. I’m pretty sure more time was spent hanging the “cleaned” sign than actually cleaning. Other than that, the car runs great and is great on fuel mileage. The windshield washer is bone dry.
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6 years ago, SRI1225
Beware small airports
Beware of small airports. Upon landing at Burlington Vermont I used the Avis App to select a different vehicle. I chose a four wheel drive Explorer as there was no additional charge. Upon arrival at the counter I was informed that there was a “glitch in the system “ and too many customers were taking upgrades that they weren’t entitled to. I was given the basic Elantra (original car) which caused real problems crossing the mountains. Previously I have used the App to change vehicles without problems. The switch option has a limited timeframe. I have never been able to change prior to landing (I have always been honest and booked at my scheduled arrival time). I’m thinking of switching rental companies to compare vehicle change options. Lastly beware of using the App to change the drop-off city. My plans changed and I used the Application to return to a different city. I’m can’t say I wasn’t told but on returning the vehicle I had exorbitant mileage charges that were not in my original agreement. Making changes with a real computer allows better control of actual charges.
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5 years ago, beeryintrovert
Lack of Information
The app should state something to the effect of “please be aware that the first time you rent a car as a preferred member, we will need to run your credit card and capture your drivers license.” This will prevent the first time Avis Preferred member from getting off of the Preferred stop, only to find that their name may be on the board, but you still have to see someone at the counter because the car wasn’t assigned. They go to the regular counter, only to find that there is a Preferred counter in a completely different building. While the logistics of the buildings have nothing to do with the app, clear information about could provide a better user experience.
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4 years ago, GigiBean123
Pointless App, Still Requires Counter Wait Time
I have had the Avis “Preferred” app for two car rentals now. The first car rental I had to go to the counter instead of being able to pick my car and walk right to it. After I got to the counter the price was more than double my original reservation. It was eventually rectified but not without arguing with the customer service rep. My second rental I still had to go to the counter to be told which vehicle instead of being able to go directly to the car from the number on the “Preferred” board. Both times I was unable to choose a vehicle from the app as it advertised. I’m now trying to add a second form of payment using the app and it instead defers me to call Customer Service even though the app says it can store up to four credit cards. The whole point of this app is to aid in convenience, but it is nothing more than a hassle. Do not recommend this mess.
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6 years ago, such poor service
Ridiculous operations management
I had a reserved pick up for 3:30am. I arrived 10 mins early to find no one at the counter. I then had to wait 40 mins for someone to show up. I called customer service twice during my wait and one of them actually told me that I just have to wait with no other assistance. After the 40 min wait 3 Avis employees show up together. They told me they were on break and forced to take breaks at certain times. Even though they had a print out on the desk that clearly said I was picking up at 3:30am, ALL THREE of the employees took a break at the same time. Truly unacceptable and weighs heavily on my future rentals. What’s the point of being a Preferred if your treated like you don’t even exist. By the way, the three employees could not care less and presented as if this is normal for people to have to wait for them. If it’s true to have all employees break at the same time, the management seriously needs to be re-evaluated.
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4 years ago, natsnotpleasex
No words
This app is as bad as the growing incompetency of the company. Why are we all still here?!?! (My boss is a saddistic mule who prefers- awful customer service, incorrect billing, the “skip the line” farse....etc- over change). He spent 3 weeks trying to get a new password and change his primary email address (bc he got locked out of his account). I spent 5 hrs trying to set up an Avis for business account bc i was tossed around from one incompetent call rep to another. Its not so much that they were clueless but more so that they acted like they don’t get paid enough or trained enough to do their job..... But i digress— the app won’t let you change primary credit card; it autofills AWD with not associated with the account rather “guest”; you can not chose your car and the rate at which the app actually does one thing accurately is inconsistent at best. So again....why are we here?!? This company gets away with bad and the app is garbage.
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4 years ago, M-to the B
Had for years, never works right
I have been a loyal Avis member for several years. Over 30+ rentals Over that time. The AVIS app is awful and I don’t understand why. This is literally the thing driving me towards a competitor most likely. The UX/UI isn’t good, it never matches with reservations I make online under the same account/user ID #, and I have never been able to just walk to the car with the app, despite being a preferred member and doing all the things I am supposed to. The reservations I have, when they do appear in the app, always disappear and I have to go hunting thru emails for confirmation numbers. I could go on and on, but overall, when this is the most customer engaging part of your company, it’s bloody terrible.
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5 years ago, fthom1775
Go Lucy B.
I was in line awaiting my turn at the counter at the Atlanta rental car center. There were approximately 6 people in front of me. It was taking unusually long for the people at the counter to get their cars. I thought they were just too chatty. Finally when it was my turn, Lucy greeted me with a smile and told me that it may be a few minutes because the my car wasn’t ready. They were running a little behind. In the mean time she encourage me to download the Avis app and since I was already a member, to update my profile. She made waiting pleasant with a big smile a great customer care. Lucy when your boss sees this, you have some explaining to do! ;-) Sincerely, Carlos Henriquez Preferred Member C9E513
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3 years ago, Bjgirlie
Bad service for being an Avis Preferred customer
I’ve been renting Avis cars for quite a while now where Ive become an Avis preferred member for several years but when I go to pick up my car anymore at the airport at Midland international Airport they never have my car ready I always have to walk very far out to get my car and they used to have my keys the form set up ready to go all they did was hand me it and I was on my way so I’m very disappointed in the customer service on how long it’s taking!! I got one today I had to wait in line for 40 minutes to get my car not happy with that also the prices have doubled the last several months why is that ? So not being treated as a preferred member and prices have doubled hope this gets fixed or I will have to find another company to rent from
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2 years ago, P-Yaz
Unable to return my car using the app
I tried to return the car using the app and it would just say that it could not confirm my location at the facility. I called the Avis help line and talked to someone with chickens and roosters in the background who could not understand what I was telling him. Then he just put me on hole and I was suddenly transferred to someone else who had a hard time understanding me. He said that he sent the return info to somewhere. But as a result of the phone call I have received three copies of the rental contract and my car is still showing as not returned. The app works ok only some of the time.
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10 months ago, Webrat
Far from usable
I’m surprised to see such a high rating given all the technical issues with the app. I can’t update my credit card information, says I have to call. No reason why. Checking out with the app? That feature hasn’t worked for me in at least a year. Want to see an image of your rental? Not happening. Filling out a change of address or credit card info? Not a native app experience and requires complete manual entry of data except the state where they use the clunky iOS spinner selector. I could go on and on but for the people from Avis that will read this you need to do a heuristic review and usability test of your app. If I had a choice (for business travel) I’d use a different company but I’m stuck with you. Hoping to see some improvements in the near future!
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5 years ago, LADYSDW
Poor Service
I just signed up as an Avis Preferred customer and reserved a SUV pickup at the JIA airport. I had to walk inside to the counter, walk outside to the booth, then walk all the way to the very back of the parking garage. (So much for being “preferred”). Then, when I finally got to the vehicle, it was dirty both inside and out. The first person in site who worked for Avis didn’t speak English, so he summoned a lady over who them walked away to get someone else. A guy came back with her and took the vehicle to wash it. She said he’d be back in 10 minutes, however, if I preferred to exchange the vehicle, I’d have to walk all the way back inside the airport because they don’t have computers outside. Last week, I rode with Alamo at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and experienced EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have appointments today and am now late due to Avis’ incompetency. The lady offered no apology, no seat, no NOTHING. I am HIGHLY UPSET with my first experience with Avis.
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