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Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras S/A.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Azul

3.99 out of 5
845 Ratings
2 years ago, Thiagoz34
Doesn’t work if your a foreigner
Planning on using Azul to take trips to Brazil. Only thing is it doesn’t work if your a foreigner. It makes you provide an address from Brazil only. Other than that it’s a great app to check the flight status.
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12 months ago, wdpgibson
Poor app
The app is poor and I’ve had since aleays issues checking in, I have issues when purchasing with agency and also direct on Azul website, the payment is not accepted because the card is a foreign, I have to contact Azul which it isn’t easy and at the end always have to be redirected to the cashier at the airport which is very annoying and I always keep hearing the same “ We are working on the app” like years!
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1 year ago, @atmazza
App is OK but Useless for Intl Check-In
App is ok and dont crash often but check-in which is the most important won’t work if you traveling international to a country that needs visa. I know they need to check visas at the counter but they should let check-in be made and request to passenger to retrieve boarding pass at counter that way agent would check docs and visas and passenger would be able to secure their seats of choice.
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11 months ago, ronci11
Scammers/ bait and switch
I bought a premium economy ticket and paid extra to get it ( Espaco Azul )and at the last minute they pull a bait and switch and said I never had or that their were special conditions. Basically they didn’t reserve my seats and then made excuses after I paid extra so I’m justly cheated out of money here. And right now flying economy I would like my money back or at least half given you guys screwed me on this one. But I know you want. Instead out of pure spite I’m going to leave this review here so others can be warned of how unethical you are and your shady business practices. How does a customer pay extra money and then get economy my ticket even said premium economy. Hope you go out of business and everyone involved in this company
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2 years ago, gracieyi7
Poor user experience
1) The exit button on the top left corner is too close to the iPhone “search” option. 2) There is no option to pay for a reservation using an international credit card. 3) Unable to reset account password with Azul#. It only works if the user has a CPF. 4) It’s silly how users can see available seats only after entering all required passenger information. Overall I like the airline, but the digital user experience is suboptimal.
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11 months ago, rjgamel
I could not use the Azul app to search for air fares. I needed to use a 3rd party app, FareBoom. After making my reservation, I attempted to access my record on Azul so I could manage seats, bags, check-in, etc. Whenever I attempted this, the app would freeze on a white screen. I cannot even view my reservation at all. It would be nice to see my reservation is active on Azul, so I can receive notifications.
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5 months ago, Kinetic Talk
Terrible /Terrivel
It does not work if you live outside Brazil. It doesn’t accept addresses or phone numbers, despite having the ability to select other countries. Text message (SMS) is never sent. Emails never arrive. No receipt available anywhere (not even online). In between the app and website, it took me over 30 minutes to purchase a ticket, and only after I provided a Brazilian address from a family member.
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10 months ago, CharlieAlfa10
Such a bad app
The worst airline app I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t have options for foreigners. It crashes all the time, tried to buy tickets and filling data all the way to choose seats and suddenly it crashes. I lost the patience and bought the ticket on another airline, even that was a bit more expensive. They need to rethink about their app and website quality. I hope their aircraft maintenance are better than this.
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1 year ago, BellMR
Cumbersome and limited
As an US-based customer the App doesn’t provide me the option to include my United Airlines Premier Platinum number nor I can properly inform my address and mobile phone numbers. The form provided doesn’t allow for proper formatting of that information nor I can pick a US state from the drop-down menu that is offered by the App. AA and United do a great job. Just learn from them!
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1 year ago, special treatment
Good experiente
Great overall, just the web and app are really lacking flexibility usability - not a pleasant experience. It’s hard to navigate if you’re not Brazilian - the site is less than useful As far as the flight and processes I’m very happy with Azul
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9 months ago, FM_Aqua
Easy to use Feature Rich
Is a good and convenient app, feature rich. But there is still room for improvement.
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2 years ago, fcfervenza
It doesn’t allow to enter a telephone number for contact that’s not a Brazilian number. This is not helpful because ignores that many passengers are foreigners. So if you don’t have a Brazilian phone number the App doesn’t allow you to make a check in.
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9 months ago, Lexi Westie
Not user friendly
I wish once you select a language it would remain the same and not reflect Portuguese . Makes it difficult to navigate. Also very useless on how many loops you have to jump through to create an account. it seems like a good app. But those two issues make it difficult to use.
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4 years ago, quadros
When you click on a return ticket, you can not choose a return date. It allows u to choose a departure and the space for return keeps going back to departure date. U have to chase different segments if u wish to purchase a return ticket. Very frustrating!
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4 months ago, Lilly71578
Nice experience.
They offer more than most airlines. Very professional and kind. Will use them often!😊
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7 years ago, LuizPadilha
Terrible since the update
Since the newest update in which the interface changed, it’s not possible to antecipate any flights through the app. I always get an error and they make me go to the airport to do that. Also I can’t get the discount of 10% using my Azul credit card through the app. That’s just terrible. I’m very disappointed and giving up my credit card.
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2 years ago, Vinicius Ferracciu
Great when works
Great when works but very limited tools and we need to call and hear ALL unnecessary information until speak with a representative.
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2 years ago, Vincyours
Nice and easy
It is a nice way to bypass all the troubles with websites however I would expect better discounts
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6 months ago, vajskelfkfwmwloalsbebrkd
Useless App
This app has failed to locate my reservation and when it finally did, the check-in process was useless since the app would crash before I could even begin. In summary, the app is completely useless to me. Do not believe the likely bought 5-star reviews.
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3 years ago, BurgerBiter
Easy to use all in features
Clean, simple and easy to use. This app delivers what you need.
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2 years ago, bortoloto35
Unfortunately the app is outdated. I have dual citizenship and I was unable to check in or buy seats due to the system not recognizing my CC . I had to call customer service so I could complete my transaction.
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1 year ago, ivRunning
Very poor password management
App lets you enter passwords not meeting password requirements, then subsequently blocks login. You often get stuck on payment options for seat reservations. This is impossible to recover from without getting in touch with Travel agent. We’re poor telephone support.
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4 years ago, Lsoledade
Getting better every trip !
Azul is always improving itself!
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9 months ago, smdcbaker
Aplicativo azul
Excellent, easy to navigate , and so helpful to have all the information right there for you Love it ! Congratulations Azul!
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1 year ago, Matatake
Good and fast service
I requested some special needs and my request was fulfilled promptly.
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5 years ago, dtjrf311
It’s a good app in general, but it fails on warning about gate updates. Information from airport is never reflected on it as well as comes much late than event. I used to receive the notifications at home!!!!
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3 years ago, ReiTrad
Lots of room for improvement
- App/System asks and allows to provide TSA number but it is not generated on the boarding pass neither stored im the Azul database (my account). - App could be more intuitive.
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4 months ago, EliasPhD
This weekend the Azul App did not work
The Azul App has been one of the best to use in Brazil. But yesterday and today (February 6 and 7, 2024), unfortunately, did not work at all. Every time would come a message stating something like: “This function is not working.”
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1 year ago, Not happy 2222
Cannot change or edit credit card. Cannot change from reais to dollar. Does not accept amex and only says opss and no info. Very sad, took me over one hour to buy my ticket.
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3 years ago, nino parisi
Excellent service
Always use azul when flying to Brasil. It is a fantastic experience. Love it
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2 years ago, Nelio Lopes USA
Horrible special assistance
My wife and I had our worse experience of our lives with the special services with weel chair
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2 years ago, andreselpitufooriginal
Didn't let me create an account
Azul doesn't have an easy way for foreigners to create account account. Also most of their software like the app default to Portuguese which makes it difficult to navigate for non speakers
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6 years ago, Zjohn1988
Language only in Portuguese
Please add a feature to change languages. As your service expands to the US and other countries, it would be great to have a seamless experience using the app.
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1 year ago, DanS1-
Good App
For international travel, the app is clean and simple. Not a lot of information or frills but gets the job done.
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2 years ago, Mauricio-Bahia
Beautiful interface, TERRIBLE functionality
Check in experience is a complete nightmare. App freezes, crashes, literally impossible to use
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7 years ago, Mecla 15/02/2017
Totally user friendly!
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1 year ago, GACHE85
The best airlines app.
No issues no extra questions.
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5 years ago, Pedro A Har
Please add English
It will be a more helpful application if you can have the option of changing into English language. Thank you for your consideration.
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4 months ago, Trip March 2024
Never works
I had to be closing the app and reopening all the time to be able to go to the next screen. Not possible to check in, so I had to do on my computer. Horrible!!!
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1 year ago, ncintra
Easy friendly — quick
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1 year ago, billnorman
Very poorly designed.
Fields do not line up. Questions do no relate to my country or residence. Phone numbers jumbled up with incorrect fields. Some screens impossible to navigate due to keyboard interference. Pretty much a mess with much work needed to correct.
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4 years ago, RobertMinMd
Great App for buying ticket
Easy to use but must have a Brazilian CPF number to buy tickets.
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5 years ago, srduke44
Portuguese language only
Please expand the app. With US Jet Blue affiliation and connections, it would be beneficial for travelers abroad to manage their travel with this app with various language versions and Apple Wallet compatibility.
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3 weeks ago, SingleFatherOfTheYear
Easy simple and fast
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3 years ago, EliseConheeney
First Fly
Worked very fast
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2 years ago, Ralph22222
Slow and with many flaws
I’m rarely able to check in and get birding pass. Terrible app and website (which present similar issues)
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1 year ago, Cestark
Not user friendly
Too many errors were displaying when attempting to check in.
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4 months ago, Superescarlata
I’ve been flying Azul from the USA, several times. Neither the app nor the website work routinely. Both need to improve in reliability.
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1 year ago, Sandro de Souza
Won’t register points for flights, confusing since it won’t find trips
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5 years ago, gamebitxh
Waste of space
This app never works. Trying to retrieve your flight here is nearly impossible. Also bags price are wrong. When u call to add a bag, is $120 more than what states on the description. Very disappointing and frustrating.
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