B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio

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B&H Photo Video Pro Audio
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11 months ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio

4.85 out of 5
145.9K Ratings
2 years ago, cmj141
Lowest prices and great shipping policy
I buy everything from BHPHOTO because their prices are the lowest around and they offer fast shipping and free shipping to top it off. I love only 2 hours away from nyc in PA so everything is on my doorstep in 2 days or less. Their prices are so low that Bestbuy stopped matching BHPHOTO prices. There’s only rare occurrences that BHPHOTO doesn’t have the merchandise I want which I usually call them up and ask them to order it. They will look into it. Sometimes they don’t or won’t order it because it’s something they just don’t want to sell for some reason like the White CoolerMaster 850 SFX power supply or nvidia Founders Edition cards. Idk why they don’t carry these but would love it if they did. Besides that I enjoy shopping at BHPhoto. I built my entire PC from merchandise I ordered from them. I even returned an item and they made it easy with a prepaid shipping label which they deduct from your refund money but it does make life easier when returning items. Oh and they package items really well. Also they have merchandise that their competitors don’t carry like recently I bought I 5-pack of lian li fans for like $130. You can’t get a 5-pack for that price and you can’t find a 5-pack anywhere. So BHPHOTO is a gem of an electronics store. I hope they start carrying 3D printer supplies. I highly recommend. 5 stars. Please excuse any typos. For some reason the text isn’t showing up as I type it in the mobile app
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2 years ago, TheRealNickBoyer
Broken App as of June 20, 2022
I’ve been using the B&H app for years and haven’t had any problems. It’s super convenient to browse and purchase things when I’m not at my computer. But lately I’ve been at my computer a lot more so I haven’t used the app in a while. Just got on the app and needed to verify that I am a human so I do the “press and hold” thing. The verification goes through, the window goes away, and then it pops back up. So I keep doing it over and over and I’m stuck in this endless loop. I assume it’s just a weird bug so I delete the app and reinstall it. Almost the same thing happens when I get on the app again, except this time the verification window goes away and as I’m typing in something to search, it pops back up again. I can’t even type in 1 word in the search bar before having to verify that I’m a human. What is this??? It’s basically unusable now. I’m only giving the app 2 stars because I USED to have no issues. Now I’m assuming this is a bug that will be fixed at some point and it will go back to being a functional app. And for what it’s worth, I’m just using my iPhone with the app. I don’t have any cookies turned off or anything like that. I’m not even on a VPN or doing anything outside the ordinary that would trigger the verification to pop up
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4 years ago, iiskan
Could be better
1) When you try to filter a search list, during a search that has a lot of options (for example: 27”), filter doesn’t allow to tap on any of the filter options (except sorting) and it’s not possible to scroll left/right in certain filter options (for example in search of 27”, it’s not possible to scroll “category” or “brand”) 2) Some things are available for checkout, yet only when I’m done typing ALL the necessary shipping and card information, I get the warning that I can’t buy all the things in my cart (it doesn’t even say what kind of stuff in my cart doesn’t allow me to make my order). For example, recently I tried to buy an Apple USB lightning Cable, everything was good, until I typed everything and tried to make an order. By the way, there is no possible reason why cables can’t be shipped to my country (Uzbekistan). 3) Probably not the problem of developer, but somehow system doesn’t allow me to order things with batteries in them to my country (Uzbekistan), which are NOT banned to ship here. I guess system doesn’t have relevant information regarding shipping rules to some countries, which people need to work on, because it kept me from buying a ton of things.
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3 years ago, Clyde James 23
Loyal 2nd Generation Customer
For as long as I can remember, my Dad purchased his photography stuff from B&H. If he couldn’t find it local, he’d take the train into the city. In his retirement to rural Tennessee from New York, he continued to buy from B&H and relied on their huge selection of papers, film, and chemicals to keep his hobby going. In 1968 my Dad introduced me to photography with a Polaroid Swinger. Then in 1970, I got my first 35mm. It was a Mamiya Sekkor 1000DTL. I ran so much film through it, I wore out the film advance sprockets. My next camera, a used Nikon F, also came from B&H, as I remember. I now own a Nikon Df, the last gift from my parents before my mom passed away, and I recently purchased the D850. My introduction to digital world has been through my father and the knowledgeable staff and wide selection of supplies, equipment and accessories at B&H. You’ll find your experience with them to be professional and pleasant. Good news for the grandkids...
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11 months ago, genbaez
B&H has always been a pleasant experience, but today…
Today I called to find out how parking will be for the BuildExpo coming up this September 2023. As always had a pleasant conversation with the customer representative who was kind enough to forward me to the marketing section. At all times I conveyed paying for parking as there is no free lunch 🥗. I explained I was coming from Texas and wanted to know the parking availability in the area, not being too familiar with that area of Manhattan. The experience was as if I was a problem asking such question and that B&H is not paying for parking 🅿️. Reiterated, I didn’t expected, as is me paying for it. Response was there are places for parking in every conner by the store 🏬 and hang-up. Madam, if asking a simple question as the one above irritates you, perhaps marketing should not be your area. By the way when I RSVP, I was not able to find any links for parking availability. Next time please add the links so we do not have to badder you. Respectfully.
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5 years ago, ach194
App not working with order status/tracking
Update: (-4 stars) the app recently caused stress when it showed both of my boxes as delivered but if you look on the website (B&H) it shows one box not delivered. I’m also having issues tracking the orders when clicking through your order status on the front page. I only get it to work by going into my account and then looking at recent orders but even that is no good when it gives you the wrong info. The store has always been one of the best and the app is now following in those footsteps. Sorting and filtering is fantastic and I can quickly see my options. This is unlike some other sites that give you a handful of options leaving you to sift through hundreds of products. Well done!
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6 years ago, YouEnvyMySS
App not up to B and H Standards!
I've had this app installed for all of 30 minutes and I'm not impressed. I just placed a large order via phone a few hours ago. I downloaded this app to track it and likely buy more stuff. Logged into APP using web ID. NO ORDER STATUS. Odd. I have an email confirmation. Oh, wait. I used a different email on the phone when ordering. Ok, let's log out of the app and register/login with the email used on the phone. Could not find a way to log out! I had to exit and close the app. After registering and logging in with the 2nd email used when I phone-ordered. I go looking for my order. NO ORDER STATUS! odd. Where,s my stuff? So off I go to buy more stuff, a camera shoulder bag. Filter by Nikon... That's cool... Lets add more filter criteria... Ooops! Made a mistake... Ok, let's simply clear all filter criteria... NOPE. Close app and start again... Once I did so, I started browsing my list. Guess what? NO DESCRIPTIONS displayed in the list of displayed items. I spent more time screwing around with the UI than I did buying anything. Oh, that reminds me! There's no means to add a default credit card and shipping address... Like I said at the beginning: not up to B and H Standards
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2 years ago, RCNemo
B&H purchasing process
After several attempts at making a purchase, I finally was able to complete the process. However, it is unclear how the item will be shipped, UPS or USPS. Usually, because we live in a small town, I try to include BOTH my mailing address (a P.O. Box) and the street address. I’m still not sure if the item will be shipped. If an attempt is made to ship the item to my street address by mail, it will be returned as undeliverable. If shipped to my P.O.Box but by UPS via their “mail innovations” program, it will be returned as undeliverable by them as undeliverable. Hence it will be VERY helpful if B&H would indicate in the sale process what delivery will be made. Otherwise, I love B&H for their service, inventories, price and customer support.
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4 years ago, T7696
First time using this application
This is a great application in presenting information customers find will find of value. This is my second time purchasing items from B&H and first time using this application. One issue I had with using this app is the method of payment system failed to recognize my PayPal account during checkout. It would an improvement this service function. Spending less time going through the hassle of supplying credit card information and billing address would make things easier for most online shoppers. Overall, good application that sells great products. Ultimately there is room for improvements that has potential to offer customers quicker checkouts.
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5 years ago, Chriscotterman
B&H Rocks!! 👍🏼😎👍🏼
Just keeps getting better. This app is very cool!! I order a lot from B&H. I’ve been a customer for over 35 years and use to shop in the crazy small and cutthroat counter ordering (take no prisoners😆) original store in NYC. Now, after the beautiful store and dramatically improving their customer service both online and in the store I can’t wait to place orders, knowing they will always take care of their customers. Honestly, B&H never seems to never miss a beat. I now find ordering via the app even easier (in some situations) than on the web. Which is amazing. Because their website is literally one of the best merchant websites - period! Can’t imagine a world without B&H!🤣 I couldn’t be in business without them😎!
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2 years ago, ckpics
Despicable store credit card
Last year I opened a B& H store credit card and purchased a Canon 5 DSR. That’s the good news. The Bad news is B&H decided to not renew their contract with Synchrony bank which has forced them to close everyone’s account. This will reflect poorly on my credit score as a closed account. As I have been paying down my balance the credit limit also gets reduced. My fear is other my other credit card companies may see this on my credit report causing a avalanche of lower credit score and credit limits. To make matters worse B&H didn’t even have the courage to notify me directly as a their customer and explain the reasons for this action. Shame on you B&H.
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5 years ago, Lief Yip
Really need to think of the way to filter the tripod head
Nice app overall. There is only one big issue that drives me nuts. When I receive a request looking for a tripod head. They were going to tell me which camera and which lens and also accessories on the camera. However, it will not be accurate. Let’s say I am looking for a head can support 30lbs, I have to check also everything between 30-50 lbs. If it is possible to group them up, it will be awesome. And even whenever I am opening the app on Saturday more than three times. Is that possible to remove the notification about the store and check out hours? Those people know the rules
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5 years ago, quadrozontal
Good layout, glitchy.
This layout and filter setup is nice. I love shopping on it but, I also hate shopping on it. The second you back out of the app to say check a message or read an external review on an item, it resets to the main page. This is super irritating. You have about 30 seconds to back out, accomplish your other thing. And then dive back into the app or what you’ve searched for is going to be looked for again. Once you locate an item it’s a simple search for X item, but if you are trying to whittle down a purchase such as my hunt for a decent first mirrorless it is a huge PIA. I’ve probably spent more time looking through the section and setting up the filter parameters than actually finding a camera. Just my two cents. Other than that it’s a good catalog app.
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6 years ago, Abu Simbel 2
Above and beyond customer service
Bought a Nikon D850 which was on back order since I placed my order. Finally it was shipped to me, via FedEx, while I was out of the country. The delivery required a signature, so I asked FedEx to hold it at a store near me but they would only hold it for five days, two days short of my return to the USA. I contacted FedEx by email and by phone and they wouldn’t budge, and they strongly refused to extend the hold even for 1 day. I emailed B&H customer service, and they were very prompt in their response, and they contacted my local office manager and managed to extend the hold for another five days!! I will pick up my camera tomorrow, thanks to the awesome people at B&H customer service
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2 years ago, Mac1236
Always the Best
B&H has never failed me. It’s my go-to store for lots of Pro Sound gear, and they are rarely out of stock on what I need. The website is one of the best in any business; it’s extremely easy to find what you want, you get good descriptions, and they always make suggestions for related items that may be helpful. This last feature has reminded me many times of things I had either forgotten I needed, or hadn’t thought about in the first place! It’s a great idea to have this feature. Overall it’s an excellent shop with loads of gear at competitive prices. This is why I keep coming back.
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7 years ago, much multani
Amazing store
i have been dealing with this store for many years, in fact since they moved from down town location to uptown current location. They have developed into a premier dealer in the big apple. They provide unparalleled customer service with the aim to please you and make sure the customer gets what he really needs. No question asked exchange/ return has earned them consumer loyalty. All round product information, extensive choice, classes to improve the skills are added services which are greatly appreciated. Competitive pricing assures you that you donot have to search arround and buy with confidence!
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5 years ago, SoulCycler
Best-of-Breed App UI & UX
B&H does everything right. A great UI (User Interface) organized and laid out allowing users to easily intuit were everything is. Combine this with great product assortment, prices, customer service, free expedited shipping, price matching and omni-channel marketing, B&H delivers what every modern business should with an app. This translates to a great UX (User Experience) and higher traction / conversions. Note: “Omni-Channel marketing”, in layman’s terms, is how B&H follows a user from device to desktop and intelligently offers product content that’s both relevant and current to their interests regardless of website or app they may be using. Bravo and job well done!
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7 years ago, Mr.MooreSince79
The Best!!
Well this is my second time ordering from B&H. Based on the first order I’m giving them this rating because of the prompt and professional courtesy I’ve experienced. I order a device from them that when I purchased was one price and literally the next day the price dropped. Needless to say I wasn’t to pleased about it. The customer service rep assured me that they would take care of me and they did. They gave me back the difference. My package arrived quickly in a secure box and my device was in perfect working order. Since then I’ve been a returning customer and will continue to be.
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4 years ago, dr john quest
So annoying
This app is an easy way to order from a great supplier of film & photo gear, but SO annoying to use. EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE APP, there’s a warning page that pops up, EVERY TIME. If you are researching a product or considering several products to buy and going back and forth between a browser and this app, EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU GO BACK TO THIS APP, THE WARNING PAGE POPS UP!!!! EVERY TIME!!!!!! It could be the one about COVID19 or how they are closed on Saturdays or... I DON’T NEED TO SEE THE SAME WARNING POP UP 8 TIMES IN ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’ve sent B&H this same request 5 times in the past, they don’t seem to care).
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7 months ago, Ed in Arlington
B&H Photo’s web operator, Comenity Bank, is grossly substandard
B&H Photo’s web operator, Comenity Bank, is grossly substandard. Web operations administered by Comenity Bank appear to be incapable of revealing the most basic transaction info such as transaction dates and account balances, making the internet useless for B&H Photo customers to manage their accounts online. Furthermore their customer service personnel are the rudest, most insolent and obnoxious jerks I have ever encountered by a factor of ten. I will not be doing business ever again with entities whose web operations are handled by Comenity Bank. Because Comenity apparently is incapable of handing me off to personnel competent enough to get me able to at least log in via their app (which I can at least do via their web-site), I would rate them at 0 stars but it doesn’t accept 0-star ratings.
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4 months ago, Dr Dimento
Being a huge B&H fan, I'm no less amazed with their app. B&H is a professionals and amateur alike "goto" store for electronics and enjoyable lifestyle gadgetry. Their app joins their level of quality service, competitive pricing, and customer friendly user interface. If you just want to learn more about a product with ease of use and well presented documentation, B&H is the place. f you want simplicity and easy ordering the B&H app is the place. B&H, it's my kind of place to shop AND they didn't pay me or prompt me to say that; their quality of products, their customer satisfaction, and their competitive pricing, did.
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5 years ago, JB App Reviews
Order information & no tracking
As of recently the app seems to fail in 3 fundamental areas: Order information - for my recent orders it shows duplicates of single items ordered or none at all Order Tracking : Developers have removed the ability to track shipping progress within the app, instead you are only presented with a tracking number which doesn't even deep link, so you have to copy and search etc, this is an incredibly poor experience compared to the previous capability to get granular information in-app. The app also seems to be "buy it now centric" in its flow which doesn't make it easy to navigate, research etc. The app experience overall has deteriorated significantly in the last 8-12 months.
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2 years ago, Global8
Checkout is Absurd
It took me about 5 minutes to scroll through and select my items, then about 20 minutes to edit (?really) or rather, add a different ship to address than my usual. No reason it should take so long to check out. The edit process is slow and cumbersome. Please look into this, as this is not the first time this has happened. On my last purchase, the online checkout didn’t work at all and I had to call into the sales department. I’ve only been doing business with B&H for about 20 years !
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3 years ago, Martini Medic
Everything about B&H aligns with the equivalent of Disney World for electronics enthusiasts!!! They carry most everything related to electronics at their Manhattan store and their website is even better, carrying everything else you might need or want. The staff are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and friendly making me almost want to work there - they seemingly smile all day long. Highly recommend B&H over most any other competitor for the simple reason of ease of transactions, friendly & knowledgeable staff, and quality & current product lines matched by great prices.
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4 years ago, Bobomancer
Notification spam disregards settings
I allow this app to send notifications about order status and price changes on items in my cart. Every other category of app notifications is disabled through the in-app settings screen, and has been for some time. And yet, this app spams me relentlessly with push notifications for “events,” sales, and promos. It’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and they’ve been coming in particularly heavy as a result. I didn’t ask for this. In fact, I asked for NOT this. I attempted to report this to customer service, and they said I had to contact a special iPhone app support email. The mailbox for that address is full and not accepting messages, which suggests no one is looking at it. Usually BH customer service is pretty good, so this is pretty disappointing. No one seems to care, and the app has been updated multiple times without fixing the issue, so I don’t know what to conclude other than that they’re fine with it. If it weren’t for order status, I’d just disable notifications entirely. Which I guess is what I’ll do, but if I can’t trust this app to respect my notification settings, what else is it doing that it shouldn’t be??
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12 months ago, Rjkphoto58
B and H
I like to call B and H the promised land!! I have bought all my photography equipment there and have never been dissatisfied. I have had a couple problems over the many years I have been dealing with them, and when I ask for help with a problem on an order, it gets taken care of….. I had a problem with an expensive but defective item, when I brought this to their attention, they do not delay, they take care of it. It is all about service and it’s the reason I will go to no other store!!! Ray Kramer
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6 years ago, @Havs
B&H is always on point.
I placed yet another order today with B&H, this for Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100, which I was pleased to see was back in stock! I’ve order numerous times from B&H, from MacBooks to film, to digital SLRs for personal and work use, to darkroom chemicals and many accessories. Over the years, I have never been disappointed nor unsatisfied with the website, customer support and prompt communication regarding my orders. All items are properly packaged and timely shipping has been spot on. I will continue to use B&H for all photo needs, and look forward to visiting the store in NY in the future.
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5 years ago, 416stills
35 years
I’ve been doing business with B&H since I began shooting professionally and have only had one dispute. That’s a pretty a pretty good track record. We ordered from the ads in the back of the photography magazines. You called to place your order in those days. I found that the others would take my order without telling me whether or not it was in stock. A week later I’m still waiting on the item to arrive. B&H has never done that to me. I highly recommend them!
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4 years ago, Win on it
Incredibly disappointed with this app and with this company. Was told that the monitor I had purchased would be back in stock and shipped in Oct. 12th and then was told that my order would not be included in this shipment and that I would have to wait until the next shipment on the Oct. 27th. Super disappointed and will most likely have to look elsewhere AND pay more money because of their errors. Horrible experience so far Update-now they say my shipment would not be arriving until December, this was AFTER I called and let them know of my disappointment, so they manually adjust my order and push it back until December because of their own miscalculations?? What a horribly immature and petty thing to do.
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3 years ago, KillJones
Good App But...
B&H is absolutely incredible. I rely on them for al of my camera and film equipment. I grabbed the app for quicker shopping and, while it’s good, I notice there were some layout issues which caused a tap on one item to open the detail for another. This almost led to me purchasing the wrong item. My issue occurred on an iPhone 12 Plus. Despite the headache, the app made checkout with my B&H card dead simple. Between this and the company’s stellar values and fantastic customer service? Highly recommended. Just pay attention for the possible need to offset your tapping! 😂
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5 years ago, iluv2shoot
The Best
I have been a customer for 15 years and more than just buying products I rely on the professionalism of the staff and sometimes I make a special trip into the store and walk out without buying anything. This is after spending an hour in the store talking to many of the staff. A wonderful new addition is the tech area in the corner of the store and the guys there are extremely. Each department has a staff member that is focused on their particular products and they know their products very well and how they perform. I always rely on their recommendation before I make a purchase.
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6 months ago, Nessman606
Best Camera Store I’ve dealt with
Been a customer for several years, I’ve worked in photography professionally more than 30 years, I’ve used several equipment dealers over that time but the one constant partner has always been B&H, every time I’ve had an issue with equipment they’ve moved heaven and earth to make sure I was taken care of, absolutely no issues at all, from knowledgeable staff to kind folks they do it right, I’d give them 10 stars if it were possible.
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6 years ago, clint a. fred
Adding to Wishlist is not easy
I was big fan of this app until this update. Adding items to wishlist now require more steps... Adding to cart first, then go to cart , and slide out option, then finally move it to wishlist...Yikes. Also, I’m not big fun of big “add to cart” button on this version. It’s distracting somehow to my eyes. I’ll be using website for now, instead of app. *** Update *** As per the update from the developer, I changed rating from two to three stars. “Add to wishlist” situation is better that my original comment, but still couple steps more than using website and why they move it to “share sheet” area to begin with?it’s really odd place to place such functionality. Plus, share sheet is user configurable, and my case quite few extensions are already added. So “add wishlist” button is not apparently visible, until scroll to far right... and of course, that big “add to cart” is still there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m big fan of B&H! Just not fun of this particular update.
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6 years ago, mzahrte
Review of App, not the store or their service
Love the store, love the selections, love the service. But this app has an irritating deficiency...every time I leave the app, it resets. While it will retain the last search string, as well as those searches previously, it won’t retain any filtering. For example, I’m searching for IP surveillance cameras. I’m able to search by brand name, and then filter by 8-12 different categories. I find a camera that might work, so I leave the app to search the camera model to see if there are any reviews available from 3rd party sources. When I get back to the B&H app, it’s reset to the home screen and all my filtering is gone.
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7 years ago, Khud gabbar
Doing business for almost 7 years now.
Best in business. Recently i had minor issue with my new camera on 31st day after the purchase and policy is for 30 days with any issues. I called and explained the issue Without wasting anytime he said No Worries will take of the issue. Now that’s what i call Customer service. No wonder i have been doing business with b&h. Keep up the good work and stay blessed. The entire team was very helpful in answering all my questions before i make my final choice on dslr.
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2 years ago, 651steveb
Customer satisfaction
I have been a customer for around 12 years. And in every transaction they have always been professional and excellent. On 2 occasions the price of merchandise dropped by as much as $500 within 2 weeks of my purchase, and both times they have given the new sale price, even after the transaction conclusion. They have never missed a chance to treat me as if I am their first, and most important customer
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4 years ago, AlineART
Fair and Square
The “power of trust” in economics is perhaps the greatest driver of exchange or barter. B&H was recommended to me in the 1970’s as a store in New York you could trust through mail order. I was told “No ‘bait and switch’ nor hassle about issues with products shipped.” The sales, customer service, shipping, and marketing provided a person like me, an amateur photographer with limited experience in Louisiana a reliable product every time for almost 50 years. In a world of high competition, market deception, and store-front decline, trust is paramount. Thanks B&H.
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6 years ago, kleio EL
3D Touch bug
This app is a great app by all standards and I’m only sharing my experience so as to improve the experience for all other users of the app. I just realized that when I long press to bring up options on some items within the app, the app just quits. I don’t know why this happens, because 3D Touch works for other items on the app without issues. Kindly fix this so we can continue having a seamless experience buying and browsing for items. Thank you!
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5 years ago, QQ700
Can't check out and missing info
Their website is nearly not useable on iPhone safari because many links are not clickable. So I downloaded this app now all are clickable but when I processed to check out...my cart info and payment/shipping are all messed up overlaying each other transparently. Only a button pay BH is readable. I hope I can attach images. Also started charging sales tax but will refund you if you apply a Bh credit card. Why make it so complicated? I think no tax if buy from Adorama. I almost applied the cc/12month finance, but you cannot find it in the app. WTH... Bh was my 1st choice and I spent thousands of dollars with them. no more from today. Come on, it has been 2019. The worst eCommerce experience.
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2 years ago, Ralph Netta
It’s not my repertoire
It’s not my repertoire to write letters of praise and thanks but in the case of B&F Camera I’d like to make an exception, in the fifty five years that I’d been making images never have I come across a camera store or company that ever came close to the level of service or expertise of B&F Camera in New York City; their people are the most professional, courteous, knowledgeable and posse that “aim to please attitude,” they just seem to care. I can recall numerous times that the level of service went above and beyond my expectations, and I’d like to say thank you too whoever does the hiring and or training at B&F Camera! Have I mentioned the politeness? Going into the holiday season I’d like to wish all at B&F a happy and successful holiday season and throughout the years, Stay healthy and safe my friends at B&F, Ralph Netta Edison, New Jersey
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5 months ago, Blakeb1991!
Can’t scroll longer than the current view
On both the iPad app and iPhone app, whenever I’m looking at a list of products on the app, I can scroll just a little bit, but after a short while, when I swipe up to have it keep loading more items, it won’t. It keeps perpetually limiting the number of items I can view on a list of products (like say for instance there’s 100 items on the list, but I can maybe see like 20-30 before it just stops loading more further down the page. Also, constantly logs me out, even in the middle of me using/being on the app.
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5 months ago, potatohills
Fantastic Compny to do business with!
Love the app! Works all the time. The people that run this business are the top of the line in expertise, professionalism, courtesy, etc. Have been doing business with them over 20 years which includes purchasing 2 Nikon cameras, camcorder (which is still a working camera after 15 years), lenses, usb flash drives, etc. Doing business with this company, is absolutely the best experience you can have!
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4 years ago, _zakray
Bar none
It’s simply all about the filtering. I occasionally shop at other photo/video retailers but if I need to find my options for a new purchase, nothing compares to B&H. Every feature of a product that you can think of is something you can filter or sort through your results with. Need a lens adapter? Narrow it down by the camera mount, lens mount, whether it has electronic contacts, whether it has glass inside... perfect. Only thing I’d ask for is a dark mode!
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8 months ago, nofunsir
Thinks itself is a bot. Sloowww. Forced updates
- App keeps prompting to prove I’m human after three clicks. - Pages often don’t load, then timeout. - Animations are far too slow, make you wait. - Nag page pops up (very slowly) many seconds after adding item to cart and I’ve already navigated away, wanting me to add more stuff it THINKS is related to the item. Clicking these never loads. (This is on newest iPhone 12) Automatic 1 star. As a software engineer, this demonstrates to me laziness by the API devs, and greed and control by the managers to either remove features behind a pay wall (bait and switch) or force unwanted "features". There is absolutely NO REASON to force updates, unless the devs are incompetent ESPECIALLY if app updates are just "performance and bug fixes". If that's the case, do you really want to trust your data to devs who create apps with so many bugs and performance issues? Managers, talk to your engineers or devs. Fix it. Until then I suggest users delete this app and disable automatic updates.
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7 years ago, JCG Photos
Best customer service
I’ve been buying all my camera equipment since I started my photography journey 11 years ago and always like the fact that everything you need sure I will find it in B&H and a few times I had a problem with equipment they were able to exchange or refund the money, best customers service and very professional, so if you are looking to have a professional attention and advice here is the place !!!
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2 years ago, Papa lake
Greatest camera store on the face of the earth
I’ve been doing business with VNH for approximately 20 years first because of business and then because I get hooked on photography and I’ve purchased mini lenses cameras and other equipment for my various canon cameras I purchased with them extremely helpful and knowledgeable never had a problem I would highly recommend using B & H for everything electronically and photographically PDT
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2 years ago, snsuhshdif
Fantastic app!
Seriously this is what shopping online should feel like! I’m a long time video customer since 2006, I just love this app, it almost makes me feel as good as those days when a b & h paper catalog would show up in the mail! It works well, the search actually functions even with used items, the online cart and checkout was great. It’s just as good as the web version!
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5 years ago, NatuRaOx2
The best
As the title says B&H is the best company to deal with . They have been phenomenal to me . I’ve wanted to buy closer to me and local. I was going to use Roberts Camera in Indiana instead for all my photography needs . Also my towns local camera store owned by a friend. No one has been as good to me as B&H Photo , period ! The best for returns , product information and matching prices from other Companies. Thanks B&H !!! Customer service is number one in my book . I will show this in purchasing here first.
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2 years ago, SteverRoast
Great Store; Rotten, New Online Storefront
B & H obviously spent a lot of time and money designing a new online mobile storefront. They should’ve saved the effort. Trying to order on my iPad took me three times as long as it used to, and every time, just when I wanted to add something to the shopping cart, the “+” button disappeared. Screen area is used poorly, and the storefront layout doesn’t follow a comfortable, familiar pattern. As programmer for many decades, I understand the lure of a writing something new and different. But sometimes, you just end up with an expensive turkey. The experience left me, a long time customer, wanting to buy somewhere else.
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6 years ago, madmike w
Mavic Pro alpine white bundle
Ordered the bundle for a crazy low price from B&H Photo and received it very quickly! Bundle came with 3 batteries and one battery was defective. Without any hassle whatsoever B&H said return the bundle and they would send me out a new bundle. I mailed it back and within 3 days I received my new bundle. Everything worked excellent and I couldn’t be happier with my Mavic Pro or B&H photo for how great they handled the situation and how fast they got my Mavic back to me. I will forever be a customer!!!!
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