Babylist Baby Registry

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BabyList Inc
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Babylist Baby Registry

4.92 out of 5
99.8K Ratings
3 months ago, ALLtheALRIGHT
Fantastic for moms, complicated for older adults, still 5 stars!
I have had to go through Babylist customer service twice, each agent I communicated with responded promptly and resolved my issue, far surpassing my expectations. I have never had customer service resulting in such immediate change before in my life, honestly. I had to try to return a breast pump that malfunctioned, and without any kind of proof/explanation of damage/sending back of the item, they communicated with the company and a completely new pump is on its way! I also had to return a book that I received two of, and instead of having me send the item back in, they sent me a gift card for the amount of the book and told me to donate it! So I was able to give it to my age-gap little brother, and that brought me joy. I would absolutely recommend Babylist to anyone. The only thing I would suggest is to try and make the gift giver’s side of things slightly more user-friendly, we had some elderly people that were unable to figure out how to put in the order number and did not want to give their email/receive news/Babylist promotions. That was actually how I received duplicates in the first place. Overall I would rate my Babylist experience at an 8/10 only for the struggle for my friends and family, for moms, this is an amazing service that I would absolutely use again!
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6 years ago, zenchoco
Great for new mommy’s
I would not recommend purchasing through the app as most parents have said. But, that does not mean you can’t access what you want to purchase but simply looking it up. This simply connects you to what you want to buy and pretty much totals it up for you. Of course you can purchase in the app but I see there are a couple issues with that. Aside from this, it’s perfect for all the tips it gives you as in what infant car seat should I buy? Should I get a nanny? Should I take off work? Or my personal favorite, how much clothes should I buy for the baby?!? Do you research use the app to your advantage but don’t expect it to do all of it for you this is not a cure all but it is a very helpful push in the right direction. I’m a first time mommy and this has calmed my nerves so much so, to the point where I have everything in my registry that I want and a few extras. I highly recommend this app if you want to plan a little and calculate how much you will be spending! Again do your research with diapers, wipes, soaps ahead of time so you can figure out how much you might be spending! Good luck to you all and I hope this helped!!
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1 year ago, BF237
Good Registry-Stay away from Babylist Health
I used Babylist for our registry and was generally happy. HOWEVER, beware the Babylist Health division of this company. I attempted to order a breast pump through Babylist health because I know my health insurance covers pumps. I made my order and provided my health insurance info, and the order seemed to go through just fine. About a month later they sent me a prescription form for my doctor to fax in, further indicating to me that everything was on track. My doctor confirmed they sent in the form but I didn’t hear anything for a while. Getting pretty close to my due date, I became nervous that I hadn’t heard anything/received any emails, etc. I reached out to support and after over a week of emailing back and forth I was told that my insurance was not compatible with their service and they would need to cancel my order. It’s infuriating that after 4 MONTHS since I initially placed my order, the only way I found out that they wouldn’t be able to provide this service was when I affirmatively reached out asking where my pump was. Unprofessional. Now, days away from my due date, with a return-to-work date looming in the near future, I am pump-less and have to start the process all over. Not stress that I need right now. I do not recommend using Babylist Health, even if you know your insurance will cover your pump.
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1 year ago, Bbcegee34
Returns are not the easiest
I decided to register with babylist since it was literally mentioned by everyone I would encounter who just had a baby. It is nice to have everything listed in one place, but I did find some things that were inconvenient. 1. Order numbers. Let’s say you link something from target. The gift giver is taken to target’s page and purchases the item. The gift giver must then go back and add the order number. A lot of people did not go back and add the order numbers. Not babylist’s fault, but made returns problematic/ not happen at all. 2. Target- if you link something from target and the order number IS included, target wants to handle the return/exchange in store. Pressing the return button on the babylist registry will not do anything. The problem with this is target will not take a return greater than $100 without a receipt -even the order number provided by guests through baby list will be insufficient. — register with target directly instead of linking target items. 3. If figure okay, I’ll just link stuff from babylist directly, beware that a lot of the popular items say “in stock soon ”. Things like the keekaroo and other popular gifts are often out of stock. Overall, I would suggest registering at multiple different places!
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4 years ago, KiiroDunn
Thank you, big sister!
I’ll never know how she came across from Babylist but my sister’s youngest is 8 years old. She recommended this app and I am forever grateful. This app isn’t just a registry app that you download... No, you are downloading articles, other parent’s stories, and even the “what to do if...” newsletters. Babylist even sends you weekly emails, if you sign up for it, about any price changes to the items that you add onto your registry. That’s a plus! This app comes with live people to chat with to help you with literally any question you have. Believe me, I’m a first time mom... I want multiple resources to answer my question instead of just listening to one. And they give will give them to you. I’m only 26 weeks pregnant, and despite being worried every now and then, this app has helped me through a lot. From reading comforting notes that they leave you every few days, to looking at neat little videos to remind myself that I can do this! So, whoever’s reading this review, download this app. You will be proud you did.
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5 years ago, Jessa-b
I would have liked for there to be away for my family and friends to be able to purchase all the items with one checkout but can understand how that’s not possible right now. But think it would be really cool in the future for them to be able to find a way to link that somehow. Also I might have to write up a little slip explaining how to use this registry the best and most efficient way and add it to my invites. Such as telling them they can shop for these items in store if desired but just to make sure to mark it as purchased on the registry. On the positive side this registry is wonderful! I have always been one to love all the little “mom” shops for lactation bars and natural lactation supplements along with all the cute baby boutiques.😍 Now instead of thinking I’ll have to purchase them to get them I have a registry I can add all those great mommy things and adorable items from as many stores as I desire! All in one place. Definitely worth it. I have one other registry for other items needed and have made this registry a compilation of pricier fun things along with needed items. I’ve really enjoyed the experience.
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7 years ago, Hellonoelle
Great for parents not for your guests
It’s easy and great to use but a lot of my guests had issues using it such as wanting to purchase multiple items and having to complete 3 different check outs. Also when buying multiple items from the same store the cart would empty when they would add the item from each of the pop ups Babylist pulls up when an item is selected. I’m starting to end up with texts and calls asking if they can just send money or give a gift card because they wanted to get a few items but thought that Babylist wasn’t easy for them to use in the sense that it kept redirecting them and they just had to check out like 6 different times which I could COMPLETELY understand as being annoying. I really liked this app and was hoping that it would be a great way to consolidate my gift registry but now I feel bad and a little bummed that this being my first baby and people can’t get the items I want so we’re just getting money and gift cards to these places. Or just items that we didn’t ask for because it was easier to buy than to use the registry. Should’ve rethought this from the gift givers perspective before using it. :(
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5 years ago, give me them coins
Love! Convenient and easy!
I just happened to stumble upon this app when I first started putting together my baby registry and I’m so glad I found it! I hate being tied down to just a few stores when it comes to registering as I like a lot of items from different places. Which is one of the things I love about this app. It lets you search from any store you want and add it to your registry. It’s the best! I also love this app because I am a big fan of having everything in one convenient spot. I don’t have to go between 2 registries and those looking at my registry don’t have to either (the app does allow you to link other registries, though. So you can still have everything in one spot, which is great). Overall I think this app is the best! I’m not picky when it comes to a lot of things, so just having an app that has allowed me to have everything in one place and add whatever I want from any store has been the greatest thing! Simple to use and convenient! Would definitely recommend!
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5 years ago, LadyDoris94
Best Baby Registry Out There
I’m not sure why anyone would use any other baby registry other than Babylist. Aside from being pretty awesome its so convenient. I love that you can add to the registry from pretty much any store, shop, boutique or website. This is particular great for me because I tend not to like a lot of the baby stuff that’s out there at all the major department stores. I also don’t believe that pink and blue should be my only options for color. You can add everything you need to Babylist and it’ll list all the stores it’s available at along with its pricing. So you and your family and friends can choose where you’d like to purchase from. Aside from that there are other things you can add to the registry like a diaper fund, daycare fund & you can even put on your registry that you’ll accept hand me downs.
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1 year ago, Farm'ar
I really DON’T recommend it!!!!!!!!!
I really don't recommend! the app has many flaws, such as: the person who buys has to go back to the website to enter all the information about the purchase, this is very time-consuming and stressful, many buyers buy repeatedly because there is no app control for this, it is a lot of work tinker with this app! the application forces you to buy with the gift card only what they sell, what they sell are just a few products! they offer several stores to buy, but they throw you to buy on their website first! you sometimes don't know what you're going to get! and you often don't know when you will receive it because you depend on your guest/buyer to have the patience to fill in all the information! the site remembers the address for the buyer but does not resize the address the person needs to have the address written down or saved to put it on the purchase site! it's all a lot of work! the site ends an interesting idea, which is that you can buy in any store but still needs to improve a lot! I got very upset, a pregnant person already with so many daily tasks doesn't need and can't go through that! I do not recommend it!
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4 years ago, Schulla21
Not sure where all these 5 ⭐️ reviews are from
Your “15% completion discount” is bogus. This so called discount comes ONLY from the “Baby List Store.” To top it off, of all my items, only 4 qualified, and 2 are out of stock from the Baby List store. I am so mad I deleted my other registries and did everything here. Also, people always “reserve” things but then don’t go back to purchase, so then other people can’t buy them! I am not going to contact my friends and family and say, “Hey, did you purchase this? Oh you didn’t? Can you unreserve it so other people can purchase it?” Also a tip, if you do decide to go with Baby List I suggesting deleting the Baby List Store gift card option that they automatically put on your registry, because like I said above, the store has barely anything and you can’t use the gift card anywhere else! Your guests would never ever assume that. I feel like this practice is so wrong of BL. Only giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because their customer service was quick to respond via email... even though they were unable to solve the issue 😒
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2 years ago, StarnJuan
Not all that.
This app is not really good, the hello box is not free, they make you pay for it by paying $10 in shipping even if you are buying something. Then you get charged 6$ minimum for shipping if you don’t spend 50$. Almost everything is super expensive on the app. Even for a 10$ item you will end up paying 20$ for it. 15% only seems to apply to the baby list. Literally almost everything on the app is around $50 or more. It’s supposed to be helpful not try to sell you stuff at a higher rate. You’re better off buying baby stuff from Ross and DD’s. The same baby bottles that were on this app for 30$ were at Ross for 16$. Not worth the time to try to find cheaper stuff on this app. Clothing come in packs that are either 30$ for like two shirts or 100$ for a few items. Do your shopping in stores cause this is too expensive, especially because you will need money for the baby in the future. You don’t want to spend everything on your baby right now when you can easily get the same products else where for less. Do not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Simply_Perfect96
Well, let’s see
I’m a young, first time mom. So of course I had no idea what kind of products to trust, or things I needed. I needed a way to help organize everything that I needed to buy for my baby. The thing about Babylist is, it’s great for that. It’s great at giving plenty of ideas and exploring any site you want, to decide which products are best and most needed. BUT, I have noticed, Babylist has a priority of really making you feel like you need the most expensive items from their store. I mean they’ll really shove it in your face constantly. “Baby Essentials” for Babylist included a $300 crib sheet set? Yeah right. We moms wanna save money! But Babylist seems to constantly be whispering in your ear “yes pay $200 for a baby gym yes” wow look I really did turn into a mother, writing reviews now. Anyways, it is a fun app. I love to scroll through my list and love that other people can see it too. The advertisement for its own Babylist store just stresses me out sometimes
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4 years ago, Alex012354
Small variety & always out of stock!
Babylist app pros: Having one baby registry with items from multiple stores. Cons: Small variety, most, IF not all items are very high priced, always out of stock, & Babylist gift cards are ONLY for Babylist store. That would be understandable if I had a wider selection to choose from and if the items were restocked sooner. I received $200 worth in baby list gift cards and it has sadly been a complete waste! I was excited thinking I’d be able to purchase the rest of the items left on my registry but I quickly found out it was only Babylist items. I was very disappointed after I realized that they did not have most of the items I needed. I have only been able to purchase two small items because the few other things that my LO needed have been out of stock and have not been restocked for a couple weeks now. Other items have been removed from site. Since gift cards are strictly Babylist items it would be very convenient if we were provided with a bigger selection of affordable items and it'd be helpful if items were restocked quicker.
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7 years ago, MomSATX83
I have mixed feelings about this one...
I love the fact that I can do everything on one list, keep it organized and people can compare prices easily. The problem I found after having a baby shower, is that a lot of people did not use the Registry because it seemed online only, the only way they would know they could buy stuff in store is by actually viewing my Registry and me putting a note at the top that they could buy certain items at target, etc. So I ended up with a lot of things I did not need, or did not want just because this is my third child and I already know what works, and what does not. Not only that, I ended up with some double items as well, and some people reserved items on my list but I never got them. So now I don't know if I should remove the reservation or not. Had I to do it over again I probably would just register at a couple different big stores and deal with two registries.
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3 months ago, Upsetcustomer2211
Love Babylist!
I love Babylist! It’s so convenient and definitely my go to! I’ve left off one start because of the recent glitches I’ve seen where the items purchased shows double what was purchased or more. I have to go back out of the purchased items list and back in to fix it. They should really fix this glitch. Otherwise it’s a pretty good app. I will say another thing is the links don’t always pull all the info in and you have to manually enter the price of the item or the picture of the item. That can be frustrating sometimes. Especially if you’re not paying close attention before saving the item. If they can fix these issues all will be well. One more thing, the actual Babylist items are soooooo freaking expensive!!! Thankfully it lists the pricing options at other places too!
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6 years ago, Dvrba16
Wish there was extra features
I love the idea of not having to choose one specific place to register, so this is such a great idea. I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback from family or friends so I’m assuming they’re liking it, but there have been a few older family members a tad confused on navigating it. I like being able to see what’s been reserved and bought and by who, but I made the mistake of telling one person that that information is available to me and they weren’t happy with that. Needless to say I’ll be acting surprised at our shower with the other guests. I REALLY wish there was a notes spot at the top to leave any information that would be good for guests to know. I also wish there was a way to indicate items that are more important for us to get. I ended up asterisk-ing items and putting them in “general” so they’d be at the top, hoping people would get it.
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5 years ago, Fsuseminole
Easy, Super Convenient App for Baby Registry!
I absolutely loved this app for my baby registry! It was super easy and convenient to add items from any store to one registry for friends and family. I loved seeing the items people bought along the way, it was super tempting to see who purchased items on your registry because it will show you in “more details” however that’s great for AFTER when you need to send thank you cards- it reminds you of who got you specific gifts. It’s easy to share your registry with friends and family via direct link directly to your registry or BabyList will send you FREE registry cards for you to pass out or add to your baby shower invitation. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make it easier for friends & family to purchase items for you!
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4 years ago, Raspberrypuree
Worst app ever; no updates and wrong info!
This is the worst app that I have ever used. Babylist would write an email occasionally notifying us about price changes, but Babylist never notified us when items on our registry sold out or were no longer available. We had to delete and add new items weeks after realizing that the items were no longer available. Additionally, Babylist allowed people to reserve an item never having purchased it! So anyone else who looked at the registry thought that the items were not available. We ended up buying so many items on our own registry because our guests thought that the items were not available. To add insult to injury it currently says that 47 out of 47 items on my registry were purchased when clearly only 45 out of 47 items were purchased. The high chair and and are marked on th registry as being available yet Babylist tells anyone who visits our registry that all gifts were already purchased! This app has so many problems. I definitely do not recommend Babylist app!
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4 years ago, Neesh112319
Not ideal for guests
I did like that you can search for whatever item you want to add from any store & consolidate everything on one complete list. However, it was very difficult for guests to checkout especially if they wanted to buy multiple items that were at different stores. They had to checkout for each site separately & also had to pay shipping through EACH site. A lot of people tried to search for items at the same store to avoid this which would’ve been the same as if I found one store to do one registry. I also noticed that they would email me the price change list but several items would show as one price on babylist site but once they redirect you to the actual store site to purchase, the item would be a completely different price. This also deterred guests from buying certain things because they anticipated one price but then saw another on the store site. Not convenient enough to use ever again
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4 years ago, 2018Bride
Great Concept but still needs some work
I love the idea of being able to have one registry with options to buy in whatever store you choose! My issue is that people can “reserve” or “mark purchased” on items that they never actually buy which means it looks like someone has gotten it for you when they never did. It is kind of awkward to say “hey did you buy me this? I never received it”. There should be an option for the registry owner to take it out of reserved mode so as to make it appear available for others to buy. You only get access to tracking info if it is purchased on the Babylist website but they should allow tracking info for other orders as well.... I have had items that have been reserved for months but I do not actually know if I will get them which can be difficult when planning for baby! If they could rectify these issues I would give 5 stars!
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6 years ago, Tina 198755!
Easy to use and a little too addicting
This app is amazing! You can add stores that are not mainstream to really create something more about your families specific needs, wants, and personalities. I recently used it to get my friend’s gifts for her baby shower. You can reserve the gift online before buying it and then go back later to type in the number. If you somehow forget the items number, they have an option for that too! Absolutely no stress! I loved seeing that I could purchase her headbands from a special Business that she would have otherwise not have been able to put into any other baby registry. Again, allows you to really personalize it and add even special wants such as a fund for a doula, babysitting, dog walking, etc. Great and addicting app!
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4 months ago, Jonnybravo(;
Great App - Couple of Minor Flaws
My wife and I have used this app for our first baby and everything went relatively smooth. Simple to use, easy for guests to follow, etc. My only complaints from a user end is that you can no longer collapse the categories on your phone. This was extremely convenient and the new format is just a little tougher to use since everything was available vertically previously. Now you have to scroll left to right. My other flaw is that if a guest is linked to an external site and makes a purchase they have to go back into the app to mark purchased. Due to this, we did have a couple of duplicates. Overall, great app, but would love these two fixes or at least a reminder to mark as purchased to pop up on the screen before exiting the app.
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1 year ago, lts14
Lots of nice features!
I’m using Babylist for the first time and there are lots of nice features. I love that there is a price compare feature and the app creates space for gift buyers to shop from various stores. As I’m adding items to the registry, it is so easy to share the item to Babylist directly from the product site. Then Babylist does the price compare work for you! I also appreciate the checklist for registry items…I’m finding that “necessity“ (not excessive) items are listed which is very helpful for a first time parent. So far Babylist is very user friendly! My only concern is if items will get marked as “bought” so there aren’t too many doubles of things. Hopefully there are reminders for gift buyers using the registry.
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4 years ago, Sami1722
I got this app about 1 to 2 weeks ago. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant. When I first got it it didn’t work. I was fine with that I figured it would work when I was further along. The other day I fainted. I went to the hospital and they found what they believe may be bleeding in the gestational sack. While I know the baby is okay (got an ultrasound and were able to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler), I’ve been using this app obsessively because I’m terrified that something may happen. Today it worked and I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat clearly. I know this can’t tell me if something is wrong and won’t help in a medical situation, it gives me peace of mind to know I can use the app to check on him when I feel anxious.
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1 year ago, bummedoutinOK
Great idea, poor execution
The idea of a site/app that allows you to build a registry is great, but it had way too many problems for me to recommend. It is a multi-step, multi-site process for a guest to order through babylist, which deters buyers. It is also confusing for the parents to track items. The selection in the babylist store is extremely limited, and exorbitantly priced. Many of our items were purchased with no indication from babylist, so we ended up with quite a few multiples. Returning an item is an aggravating process, too. They do not have anything to do with returns on items purchased from other sellers, even if the buyer linked to the item through babylist. I made a purchase through their store, and I have tried contacting them 3 times about a return and have received no answer. Overall, I do not recommend this app or service.
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5 years ago, This_Is_Carly_B
Everything in one place!
I’m due Aug2019 with my second (1st kiddo is 11 y.o., though, so it’s been awhile), and this app is awesome! It’s super user-friendly and I can add any item from any website to my registry, which I love! It’s so easy to add and delete items as you wish, and I love the price comparison of the same item across sites so that buyers can get the best deal! Everything is categorized, and as people begin to purchase items, you can select to see what’s still available. I also use it as kind of a “wish list”, because I don’t actually expect that everything listed will be purchased, but it’s a great place to store all the cute things I’ll want to have for the baby. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Hillaru
TERRIBLE customer service
The app itself is pretty nice and easy. However DO NOT order from there website!! It is the absolute worst customer service I have ever received! I ordered a high chair and it took weeks to get it. They never sent me a confirmation email so I assumed the package was not sent and I ordered from another website. I emailed the company to cancel the order and they sent me a cancel email back, than emailed me again and said it was still being sent. They didn’t apologize ONCE for messing up!!!!!! They could of said sorry instead they said it will take 3-5 days to mail it back to them than 3-5 days for them to process AND 10 days for the refund to go to the card. That’s 20 business days for anyone counting. The worst part I emailed them back about it (her name was Heather Bond FYI) and they (she) ignored everything I said! I have a credit there and I do NOT even want to use it because of how terrible they reacted to the entire situation!!!!!
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2 years ago, Lady Kaichou
Great app!
The “Gifts Purchased” aspect is the only thing I wish had more user options. Example: It would be convenient if we were given the option to revert something previously marked as “Mark as purchased”. For instance, I had someone tell me they were buying me a certain item, so I went ahead and added it to my registry/marked it as purchased. They ended up going with a different brand, so I removed the item from my registry except it still counted in the “Gifts Purchased” tally section. It would be nice if we could delete things completely in these and other similar scenarios so we know exactly how many gifts were purchased in the end.
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7 years ago, luckylady1020
Everything about this app is genius! I'm in my seventh month and I haven't set foot in a Buy Buy Baby store or any other crazy huge store that's all about baby stuff. I relied on Babylist because it provides you with a lot of information on what you will need, may need, don't really need, price ranges, etc. Of course I was overwhelmed at first with the number of products there are out there but once I stuck to a certain brand, everything was easy. So glad Babylist was advertised on my Pinterest board because I love how you can add anything from any website! I've told friends about this and majority have never heard of Babylist and now they're using it for their registries! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
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1 year ago, BriannaWedemeier
Anyone looking to do their registry with Babylist I highly suggest looking else where. Their return policy is awful and they do not care about the safety of children only money. We ordered a very expensive car seat through them and after getting the car seat have been notified of major safety issues. We reached out to try and return the car seat however they are refusing. The car seat is brand new, never used as I am still pregnant, all tags still on it, but because it’s opened they will not take it back. It is opened because 1. Who doesn’t open a box to check out what they just bought works? 2. We planned to keep it till all the safety issues came about. After explaining myself to them, proving it still has all tags, proving there is major safety issues that we don’t feel comfortable with our child in the car seat, and saying we will still spend the money on their site they will not return it. Between our guests at the shower and us personally we have given Babylist a lot of money. You’d think they would have more compassion towards their customers who are keeping them in business and also care about the safety of children being they are a baby registry site. Beware! Take you registry elsewhere! Babylist is a nightmare!
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12 months ago, L1S3K4
Tells Parents to Teach Babies about LGBTQIA+
I used this app for my baby shower registry and it seemed to work great. It allowed my guests to price shop around different sites within the app. After my baby was born I started getting their newsletter, and it had some useful information in it. However, the last one I got announced “ It’s not too late to share Pride Month with your toddler. And, despite what some may say, they’re not too young to know about Pride or the LGBTQIA+ community” I have no issue with the gay community, but I do have an issue with teaching babies and toddlers about it. They are too young. They are just learning what their hands/feet/etc can do. They certainly don’t need to know what being LGBTQIA+ means. I think this is wrong to push on to babies and toddlers. This is why I’m deleting this app, and if you agree with my opinion then I suggest you do not download this app either.
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1 year ago, Harleen36668
organization is so messy
When you add a new item to a category it doesn’t get sorted with the similar items and it just bugs me because when I’m scrolling through clothes for instance, I go through socks, then pants, then more socks, some shoes, socks, outfits, and then more socks. Like I wish similar items were grouped together so it’s way less disorganized and less just thrown in there. I wish it was grouped by gender, like gender of the clothes and items (idk my baby’s gender yet so there is a mix of boys and girls stuff, it’s hectic and annoying). This would have 5 stars if the organization was way better, but as of now it’s just whatever you throw on the list and then you’re left to dig to find stuff.
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2 years ago, 1g8dj8d4g9j
Not great for purchasers
I have never used it as a mom, but I can imagine the benefits from their side. However, as someone using it to purchase items for someone else it is not very convenient to use. I would so much rather separate registries. I did this for my wedding so I imagine it would be similar for a baby. The website does not show you what is in stock near you so you have to search them separately yourself, which kind of ruins the point of the list for the consumer. Even though half of these items were selected through target, since they dont have a target registry, I cant look them up on target to make it easier for myself. It seems as though they push online only items to put on the registry, which again is fine for mom but less convenient for (last minute) shoppers.
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6 years ago, jjstatum
My list is not available to the public yet but I read some of the reviews about the multiple checkouts and instead made my categories by store rather than product type! That way guests can shop by a preferred store and keep their purchases in one place if they wish. I also use the “description” section to list the color or specific product or to mention that the product is also listed under another store or if coupons are available. This is even great for those planning to become pregnant that want to keep track of products they are learning about.
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1 year ago, Melissa Gol
Not as reliable as you think
I started a registry with Babylist and ended up missing several items that were purchased (some expensive) but never arrived at my home. I contacted babylist customer service and the only solution they could offer me is to call every store myself to find out where my gifts are. None of the gift givers provided a confirmation or tracking number so didn’t have any information to even provide when calling these stores. babylist then suggested I contact each person on my registry to have THEM try and find a tracking number (many of these are older women who aren’t tech savvy) They offered me absolutely no other help or even a credit. I am out $200 worth of gifts now. Be careful using babylist as they don’t require your gift givers to provide any sort of receipt or tracking number. And they won’t help you.
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3 years ago, Kboweezy
Confusing , hard to return anything
If I could do it again I would never use this registry it’s confusing not only to the user but to the gift givers as well . They have it to where you have to set limits on how many of the items you want but it regularly is set to unlimited so I got a lot of repeat gifts. I feel if you need more than one of the item you should be able to change the quantity. Secondly I have a bunch of returns and no gift receipts for any of them because if the gift giver doesn’t write where they got it and order number then no one will ever know where your receipt is . So your stuck with all these gift unless the gift giver takes the time to say I purchased this this is the order number from this store . Which in most cases people just order and go. This was a huge mistake . I do not recommend!
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6 years ago, sk111816
Reserved but not purchased
Using this as a registry was exciting and fun because you have every store & every item at your fingertips to add to your list versus having multiple registries....So I just had my baby shower- here is the MAJOR downfall- people can “reserve” items without purchasing them and never “release” them. In the end I had major items that had been “reserved” and not available for anyone else to purchase, and now I don’t have them because that person never actually bought it. Frustrating bc people then went off my registry to get items and now I have to return them to get what I really needed. I feel that items should only be “reserved” for a 24 hour period before they are released. Just my opinion :)
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6 years ago, Britt4Broncos
Second time user
I used this website with my first baby and it made it so easy. I’m not sure if they had the app then, but this pregnancy they (obviously) do and I love it! It did easy for my to go in and add things and check in my registries. All stores sell different items and different brands, so it’s so hard to register at only one location. This makes it way easier on me and anyone that wants to buy us a gift! I especially love being able to write little notes and reminders to people on the site as well. So far, haven’t heard of anyone having issues navigating! This is so great. I recommend it to everyone!
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6 years ago, KatLariviere
Sooo helpful!!!
This app has made my baby registry life sooo much easier. This is my first child and I had no clue where to start or what to do, until I found this app :)) you can add any other registry’s you’ve already started to this one. Once you register your account in the app, Baby list will send you a SUPER helpful Magazine/guide in the mail! You can shop in the app on the Baby list store or any other story and easily add it to registry. It will also help you organize everything into categories (nursery, diapering, clothes, bath time, etc.) I highly highly recommend this app! It will help you out tremendously <3 ENJOY!!!
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6 years ago, K[5225
Helping me and my Husband stay organized
We are loving this app! It’s great to have one platform for managing the variety of gifts across all websites. I also appreciate how we can write notes on each product page (I have been using this as a way to describe age ranges for clothing) and easily see which guest has contributed which gift on the ‘reserved screen’ so we can prepare for sending out thank you cards. To further the one platform strength, here is what I think is missing that could really set this app apart: It would be nice if we could also manage gifts received outside of the registry. Perhaps, upload the received gifts (or even take photos) as a way of documenting and organizing for thank you cards? Also, if there was a way to input notes in general, for managing thank you cards or for sending reminders to spouses, this would further decrease the chances we would need to use any other platform. Overall, this is a great app I highly recommend for expecting parents.
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4 years ago, Canda97
I use it every day!
I never thought making a baby registry would be as easy as it has been with baby list. I don’t have any experience making one otherwise and I don’t plan to! I spend a little bit of time on it everyday shopping around at different stores and I’ve slowly but surely made an entire registry I’m so happy with! It’s so easy to find which store that has the item you’re looking for at the best price, read reviews, and easily remove items from your registry as well. Babylist, thank you for your ads that popped up on FB for months, I’m so glad I finally gave in😅
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2 years ago, tjp1555
Technical Difficulties
Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and I like the fact that you can select items from different stores and have them all in one place, but I’ve been having quite a few technical difficulties. You’re supposed to be able to delete and organize your registry categories, and it is an option that I can see on the app, but it will not let me select it and does not work from the browser either. I’ve been chatting on the phone with support and basically there’s nothing they can tell me to do to fix it. Not a huge issue but it is very annoying. There are also glitches when trying to enter/select login info.
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5 years ago, Mizladi10
LOVING App.... SOO far
I’ve been using this app for about 2 weeks now, after learning babies sex, and so far I am totally loving this app! I can shop the multiple stores that are already loaded in the app but I can also add some of my favorite stores like children's place! I also love that items which are sold in multiple place, prices are reflected so I, family or friends can shop lower prices!! I cant say about purchasing issues through the app as I haven’t yet handed out invitations or the FREE insert cards letting people know WE are registered at BABYLIST!! I WILL UPDATE ONCE Purchases are made!!
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6 years ago, nikkiz76
Good app for adding multiple websites
I enjoyed being able to have all of my registry items in one place for all of my family and friends to see. However, when it comes to reserving gifts it was quite frustrating. People reserved gifts and never ended up buying them, and other guests had no idea what was bought or not. I don’t think the reserve should be an option. Also, it allows you to see who purchased/reserved what as the manager of the registry. For someone like me, that was a huge temptation to ignore! That probably shouldn’t be a feature either. Other than those two complaints it is a great app with a really nice organizational flow.
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3 years ago, Jojounicorn
It’s great that you can build a registry from any store and keep it all in one place… and that’s pretty much it. There’s just a lot of bugs in this app. Redundant buttons on the same window, misspelled words have to be tapped 3 times before you can actually correct the spelling, And I found myself searching/adding/editing items and then could not get back to the registry list to check my work - so I closed/restarted the app in order to do that. It also looks like you can edit your registry url, but every time I change it/save, it reverts back to the random default. I just find myself fighting with this app every time I use it but the main reason I keep using it is that I’m not tied to a single store.
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3 years ago, AnnaLincoln95
Older Family Members
This was a great option for our baby registry, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Loved the options to view listings of products at multiple stores or simply mark an item as claimed if it was bought another way. It was a bit difficult for some of our older family members to navigate and the multiple listings actually created some confusion for them. My mother in law purchased a gift card for us and my only complaint is the swing I had wanted was not available through the Babylist store and the only crib mattress options were expensive ones I hadn’t originally researched as well. The weekly updates was a fun feature but sometimes the app wouldn’t update what week of pregnancy I was on until a few weeks later? Not sure why. I used another app during my pregnancy so I wasn’t as concerned with this feature. We also ordered the cards to be inserted in baby shower cards and they arrived very quickly! Overall - good app but four stars for ease of use.
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5 years ago, Chicorgi
Could be a game changer, but lacks...
I thought that this would be so efficient in condensing my registries into one place; however, it didn’t transfer all of my items! I only have registries in two places, so I noticed immediately that I was missing some very desired items off the get go. Even when I tried to go back and redo the entire thing by removing all items and registries and reentering, it was even worse (ex. Had 68 items, but only 51 showed). Coupled with reading other reviews on actual use by those who purchased through this, I no longer have confidence that this would work for me nor my friends who would be directed to use it. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to stick with the old school method of using multiple registries.
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6 years ago, Dsnyerin81
Mommy List not so much a Registry
It’s really too soon for me to have a registry. However as a first time mom there’s a lot to research, learn, and many many choices. I’ve found that I LOVE BabyList as a way for me to keep track of my own choices. I can also find and store those cute Etsy items that I just love. It’s nice to be able to show family what I’m thinking without having to remember where I saw something. I also really appreciate BabyList’s guides. The narrowed down research has been incredibly helpful. We will see about using it as a registry when the time comes.
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12 months ago, renny6497
“Missing money” after a refund
I had to cancel an order right after it was placed because I hadn’t double checked the shipping address and there’s no way to change it. Was immediately sent an email stating there was a refund and “showing” that my card would be refunded and that the Babylist gift card money would also be refunded. I have talked with four separate people over chat and email and am still somehow missing all 300+ dollars of Babylist money. As I continue reaching out I am told they are “working on it” and that there isn’t any estimate of when the problem will be resolved. Truly frustrating, especially when the end of my pregnancy is getting close and the money is supposed to be going toward an important purchase.
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