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User Reviews for Back Market - Buy & Sell

4.72 out of 5
31.8K Ratings
1 year ago, s.n.r.j
I have ordered a few things from here and have nothing but great experiences for everything. My son broke my laptop and when I was struggling with money I knew I couldn’t afford a new one. But I came across this website. Of course a little skeptical at first, I decided to just really hope for the best and go through with it. I’ve had my computer for almost a year now with absolutely zero issues. It’s a MacBook Air and I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars. I bought an iPhone 11 and it’s literally in perfect condition not a single scratch on it, and it’s worked great with no issues for the last few months. I’ll definitely be getting all of my electronics on here from now on. Thank you for all you do and allowing these things to be affordable for so many, but also because of the recycling aspect as well. Also keep in mind, they are transparent as far as quality goes. If you get fair, you’re not going to get the best looking devices. Although my friend got a fair phone, and it was in great condition just scratches on the back. But they tell you that in the description. I always go with excellent, and even though I'm paying extra, I'm still paying far less than what I would if I got it brand new, and they’ve all been great so far. I think it’s really worth it.
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1 year ago, LeSurion
Yes yes yes!
I bought a renewed 2020 MacBook Air on this site and everything from the search to the delivery went perfectly. First of all I love the idea of saving money. Why do I have to pay the rent of a NYC apartment for a brand new Mac? No no no! That being said when I found Back Market I searched for my perfect machine for weeks. I was still nervous about buying refurbished online. But their emails were thoughtful and the app had so much information on each product and how the buying process would work. By the time I decided to take the leap I was reassured that it would work out well. The reviews were great for the provider and it came two days later! Only two days. I bought the product I’m “excellent” condition and it is like a brand new machine! I can’t believe it and I have been inspecting it since I got it… no scratches, nothing wrong with its operation and everything it was reported to be on the app. I am going to use this site for all my electronic needs from now on so I can pay rent while enjoying my new Apple lifestyle. Best birthday present ever!
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8 months ago, 123451;
I don’t trust the company
I recently bought a unlocked Google pixel phone from this company and have never had problems like this before . I’ve always been able to set up a unlocked phone over the phone with metro pcs I did it with my last phone . But I was having problems for weeks trying to set up the phone it was asking for a second set of numbers to set up the phone that I didn’t have . I reached out to the company with my problem and they said that the seller says I have the right number but it wasn’t correct. They told me I couldn’t refund the phone but pick another one I mean I didn’t want another phone I wanted to figure out the problem. I went down to the metro pcs store and the worker helped me realize the phone was locked through a AT&T account and we needed a pin. I told the company and they said I could return the phone with no problems and a full refund. I returned the phone September 20th and I’ve been reaching out for an update often. They updated me letting me know the seller received the package the 27th and I don’t know what I’m waiting on . I asked them October 5th when will I get my refund and they told me once the seller received the package it will hit your account in 7 business days . Today would technically be the 7th day from the 27th and I have messaged them once again because I have not received my refund yet.
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2 years ago, Claudia Galas
Room for improvement, overall 8/10
Def a legit company. Got my iPhone 11 pro max in the mail, fantastic condition and it looks/works brand freaking new. Already had a screen protector on it which was freaking awesome. Got e-mails from the company about delivery updates, paid for the 2 day shipping and get it in two days, so def very satisfied. However I do see room for improvement. When I opened the FedEx package it did have one layer of bubble wrap over the phone but in a non sealed box which was already half opened. I think investing in better, more protective packing would be smart as I could easily see a phone/device getting damaged by a careless delivery person, accident or not. Weather concerns too as if the packing got wet, the phone definitely would have been as well. And one more thing I think should be included is a SIM card tray injector. Getting the sim card tray to open is tricky for many, luckily I have experience and I know an earring is always the perfect substitute but not many know this and end up damaging the tray trying to force it open. Anyway just some considerate things to consider for better ratings and more satisfied customers :)
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1 year ago, TNTammyL
Back Market is a SCAM
The App is Back Market and Back Market us. My actual Rating is Negative -5. Please Do Not waste any amount of money to purchase from them. They are an absolute Fraud! They have Sellers that Bait and Switch! I ordered an Excellent iPhone paying the higher price for just that. I was excited to get it and that ended immediately when I opened the Plastic UPS bag with a cheap small box and just a small bubble wrap bag on the iPhone. Sadly, the Screen was cracked as you can see in the pic. (I literally used my old iPhone for six years and had a perfect screen using screen protectors.) This Newly Refurbished not only had the cracked screen but also a Cracked Camera Lens! It’s been an arduous month trying to get any type of Customer Service! I called and was told, “At Back Market, we are just the Market. If you have problems you need to contact the Seller!” They provided no way to do that and to this day I can’t find a legitimate number for Santa Monica Wireless, Wireless to Wireless, Inc. The reason is that is because it’s all a Scam! If you read the thousands of reviews one clear picture appears! This is what they do! They lie, cheat and steal money from Customers! Santa Monica Wireless has been Reported to the Better Business Bureau. They currently have a “D”Rating and are Still allowed to sell on Back Market!
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6 months ago, HelpForReviews
Bad Seller
I bought a laptop a few months back and it arrived with dents (not from shipping) which i accepted due to it being labeled “fair condition” and it ran perfectly. A while ago the battery started not to charge and die when off the charger, so i sent it in for a repair which is in the year warranty. Then, just today, customer service is said that i caused a deep dent and the seller won’t fix it, which to add, the seller took a picture of it and apparently this is the only reason i can’t get it fixed. I said it was sent like that, they claimed it was damaged in shipping and i should’ve messaged, then they say that the item was label as the wrong condition and the dent was “fairly odd for fair condition”. and as of now, they claim that i should’ve just reported it and keep restating that their hands are tied and merchants have rights too. Seeing the condition i knew what i was getting dents at most, now, the seller is blaming this damage on me but they knew the damage when selling it. This dent has nothing to do with the battery issue, i just don’t understand. Just unbelievable that they can blame it on me and lie about the condition, yet the issue isn’t resolved. Definitely some scam merchants so i would be careful who you chose to buy from. I bought from a high rated one, yet this still happened.
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10 months ago, yo yoshirocks
Absolutely love this store!!!
I’ve heard a lot of good things about Back Market. I’ve seen all the ads. I follow their Instagram and everything and they claim to be the best place for refurbished tech. I was looking for a new iPhone, but wanted to save money so I decided to give it a shot. The buying experience was very very easy. Prices were absolutely amazing and the ordering process was super simple. There was a few glitches here and there, but the customer support is really responsive. They get back to you within 20 minutes. When I receive the phone, it was packaged nicely and I bought it in the “fair condition” to my surprise I was very impressed. It had a few blemishes I’ll admit. But nothing that could’ve been covered up with a screen protector best part about this app what’s the fact that you can actually do a diagnostic on the device you just bought and that alone makes this probably one of the best tech sites I’ve ever been on. I would definitely consider buying all my stuff from this company. Hands down!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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7 months ago, rollinwiththefl0w
I searched the World Wide Web for a legitimate company I could sell my phones to. I came across Backmarket. Their website design caught my eye so good job to whoever designs their websites. They explain what they do and it’s very simple if you just answer their questions about your phones/‘s honestly they will give you an offer. You accept it or deny it. They’ll even send you the shipping materials FREE! Send your package to them and they’ll get it and check the phones just to make sure they’re just as you described. If for any reason they find a defect they will let you know and give you a lower offer but if you don’t want to take it you don’t have to! I took it cause I’d rather have $$$$ than 3 cell phones sitting around. I sold an Apple iPhone SE 2022 and got $68 and an iPhone XR and got $112 and an iPhone 12 lavender but because of the recent radiation scare in the iPhone 12, they gave me $68. Okay well, I hope this review answered questions and gave you some insight on the process. Thank you Backmarket you rock!
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3 years ago, Stillwithoutaphone
The first phone I ordered was as described and a good deal. The second phone didn’t work. Turns out the seller screwed up and sent the wrong phone. No apology or sense of urgency to fix there screw up. So my present was late by a week. But they did sent the correct phone after they received the return. Now on to my 3rd phone and maybe last. I ordered a excellent quality purple iPhone 11. The price was high compared to others, but I needed it quickly. When I received the phone, it had scratches all over screen, it was poor at best. I let the seller know, and they didnt seem concerned. They just asked I return the phone. So I asked when my excellent quality phone should arrive. They said they will give me a refund after they receive the phone and look at it. So now when I look online the phone is relisted for sale at fair quality. It wasn’t there on the day I recieved the crappy phone. So I am with a phone and without my money for over a week. When I shop foranother phone they have a excellent purple iPhone 11 listed for sale. Wierd huh. If you use the app plan on it taking several weeks. That way you have time to get the phone, then have time to get the problems worked out, or your refund, then get the right phone.
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8 months ago, IamVERYhappy_1
Please use it!
I had to get a new phone case here, because my old phone case was breaking DOWN. Everything. The sides were falling off. The back was dangling. I also care about the environment. So, what was the best course of action? An environmentally friendly phone case! I searched and a lot of them were very expensive. However, I found this website and it was literally perfect. It was good for the environment. It was cheaper. It was a Certified B Corp. I got a really nice phone case in perfect quality, a relatively cheaper price, and it included two screen protectors. Not to mention, free shipping in less than a week. I’m gonna be buying the rest of my electronics here. Please use this app or the website, it has very good quality things that have way less of a carbon footprint. If you don’t believe me then you can check out the thousands of other reviews. P.S. You can’t see your favorites on the app, you have to use the website to see them!
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5 months ago, Pink Nectari
I recently ordered a used gaming laptop and platronics headset for work. Now I know it partially isn't BackMarkets fault, its the seller, but my laptop came without a working charger and I needed it for work so I had to pay almost an extra $100 to get a new charger fast to even tell if the issue was my laptop or the charger. Their customer service has room for improvement. Although polite, I don't genuinely believe the agent knew what I was telling them or understood the issue I was facing. I expected more empathy and a clear resolution.. I got a replacement charger, which would've been great if I didn't need the laptop for work. Also would've been acceptable if that replacement charger actually worked. Spoiler: It didn't. The headphones also didn't work well, the mute button was non functional and noise cancelling non existent. I'm just returning them to save myself the hassle. Hoping nothing is wrong with my laptop down the line *knock on wood*. Granted I didn't do a ton of research into the sellers, but also feel like thats not my job. It's BackMarkets. I may buy from them again with much lower expectations.
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1 year ago, nikki_twerkk
Back market
I just got my iPhone 12 Pro Max today I am loving it .its like brand new the front as a bit off scratches on the glass screen but other then that nothing that a screen protector can’t cover & fix .the battery life is a 100% which is great & the back is flawless no scratches & the side off the phone is perfect no scratches also am also loving my phone color it’s called pacific Blue it’s so beautiful & all I oder screen protector & phone cases it really looks brand new now I am a very satisfied customer i order all my technology from back market the only thing they need to do is upgrade the customer service because Sometimes when I text them they take forever to respond. That’s the only thing I don’t like. Other than that I am a satisfied customer also if I have any problem with the product I Oder I can always return the product if you’re not satisfied that is so good 😊 💯
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2 years ago, justqork
I was SCAMMED on BackMarket
I have used, back market before, so when I was looking to buy a new refurbished MacBook I didn’t hesitate when I saw one That I liked I purchased it for a little more than 500 usd at the time, I thought it was a really good deal. Then a week later the computer arrived. I was so full with joy I ripped the box open, but then I noticed the computer was different than regular Macbooks, so I opened it up and sure enough the Mac book belongs to some company named linkedin it was a working computer already installed with the linkedin software this computer was completely useless to me or to any regular customer, so I contacted back market support immediately and the man on the phone tells me that I must put a complaint with the company through the app practically forcing me to speak with the company that scammed me in order to get my money back and that right there just showed me how little they care for this situation since they didn’t even check the legitimacy of this company or the products that are being sent out and i just can’t even understand how they can call themselves a legitimate seller application when the allow scammers on to there platforms.
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1 year ago, Morgan Stringer
Not Everything Will Always be Perfect
I have ordered 3 devices from backmarket. I’ve order two 2015 macbooks in excellent condition and while the performance was excellent the cosmetics were not. There were scratches on the bottom of both laptops and a dent in one. I guess they assumed people wouldn’t care as much since it was on the bottom, but as a person paying that extra $200 for excellent condition I want it to be in EXCELLENT condition no matter what. I’ve also bought an 2020 iPad Air recently. I ordered it in good condition. Expecting it to come in not so hot of shape the cosmetics on there were in excellent condition. It had tiny scratches but you’ll have to be really looking for them to find them. BUT! the performance with glitching out and restarting in the middle of using it was killing me. That was the first item from them I had to send back. When it comes to backmarket things will rarely be perfect unless you are paying them the actual retail price of the product that’s similar to apple’s retail price.
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1 year ago, tandramarie
So happy found Back Market
I just found this BM company couple weeks ago when searching for refurbished Apple iPad. And there’s an app too! YAY! Searching for iPad for person that’s mentally challenged and has an iPad for couple years. They kept spraying cleaning products on to clean the screen and it’s now water logged! Didn’t have funds to purchase a new Apple tablet, so took chance w/ BM. Lots of items to research and try to decide on. BM app explained all questions I had about company. Placed an order, received order within couple days, well packaged. BM has kept us informed all the way. So far tablet is working fine. My only concern it’s not holding charge like I think it should. Maybe, and I hope I’m wrong and worried for nothing. They do offer, optional extra coverage which I bought. I wished I’d took the offer to buy the old tablet. So far, I’m happy with Back Market and have been searching for other items. This is a good app and I’ve been back to buy other items.
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2 years ago, haidkxb
It needs work
It’s a good place to buy refurbished/certified electronics. I helped in professional iPhone repair shop before. What I really appreciate about phones are when you have customer you can tell them everything about the phone, it’s amazing to interact with people and let them know what they are using. For example I love checking the battery health which the app/website does not let you see. This is because when you see a product on app/website the pictures of the electronics does not have any damage signs (it’s just a photo) obviously. Taking picture of each electronic physically as they are is no means of easy work. But aside from all these if backmarket going to put info like whether it’s locked or unlocked etc why not put the health of battery. The health of battery is critical for any electronic device, as old battery tends to slow the device (could be dangerous if it’s unchecked and shipped) This would really help people choose good phone they are satisfied with. Just my honest opinion.
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3 years ago, OliveL33
So far so good
I have just ordered two iPhones from this site and haven’t received them yet and will update this when I have, but so far I found all the prices to be more then fair. They also seem to price items accordingly based of there condition, I purchased one item and was emailed in a timely manner with my order form, and same with the second, and the second was even personalized which was a nice touch. Really excited for the iphones!! Edit: I finally just got one of the phones the wait was not very long at all the emails keeping me up-to-date with the delivery and tracking were very nice the phone is currently charging it seems to be an amazing condition no scratches or damage to the exterior of the phone my next phone will be coming Saturday and I’m excited to see how that one fares out I’m very happy with this app and I will continue to purchase off of it! ♥️♥️♥️
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2 years ago, TheRealRubberDucky
Absolutely amazing app
I’ve been using this app for well over a year now I’ve ordered many items on here and I’m beyond satisfied I recommend this app to all my friends and family I couldn’t be happier. Customer service is top tier quick responses from back market themselves and from the refurbishes they partner with. All the products on the app are top tier no matter what quality you buy them in just be prepared for a few minor cosmetic damage and when I say minor I mean it. I bought a iPhone XS Max in “fair” quality and once received it had two tiny scratches on the screen that was it works perfectly. I’m in love with this app and I’m impressed and very supportive of this company and I recommend this app to anyone who is in need of some tech for a good price you will find it here along with fast shipping.
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6 months ago, brreeezzeee
October 2022 story plus update December2023
Hi! My name is Wendy, and I am a real person, a real back market customer, and I am writing this review for YOU! One year ago… I needed another cell phone. Again! I had the state and federal grant for phone assistance. ( a whopping $30 a month benefit towards my cellular bill.) I had went thru 3 cheapees’ and one kinda spendy phones in less than a year. It had been rough. But I needed a good phone, dependable, durable, and I needed it to be completely unlocked. And it really needed to last awhile! I some how stumbled on to the ‘Back Market’ ap while using a friends iPhone. Of course I checked it out, I am shopping for a cheap but good for longer than 4 to 6 months phone!!! I thought maybe too good to be true… but being somewhat desperate, i shopped and bought my first iPhone for under $100! That was one year ago, and I am very pleased to still have a working phone a reliable phone and my first iphone is as I had hoped, even still one year later. Thank you , Back Market!!! That was over a year ago. My iphone 6s for under $100 also my first iPhone, is still in great shape! No cracks no dings no issues at all. APPLE is no longer updating to newest iOS for any iPhones older than an iPhones 8. AND January 2025 they will no longer update iOS to any iPhone earlier than an iPhone X. So it is time to update and upgrade! Thank you Back Market!!!
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3 years ago, hdbif CB SS k
iPhone XS
I purchased the iPhone XS . I was extremely scared to buy anything from this business because I never heard of them before. I started reading the reviews and got to like 50 of them saying that they loved this seller . I went through pictures . Some had mixed reviews stating that the package didn’t arrive and that the phone ordered was not the phone they received. I just went ahead and and purchased. I purchased on a Tuesday and gotten my shipping information the same day . I clicked on it and it stated that my package was delivered to another address . I got in touch with support and he informed about the situation. I received my phone that Friday !!! No scratches no cracks . The phone powers on , the camera works perfect, the battery was 73% . I can say I will be ordering more items from them !
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7 months ago, Marco Felizzola
Don’t buy !
My old phone broke so I bought one from here … IPhone 14 pro max 128gb purple locked for T-Mobile (I have T-Mobile) … they gave me the phone and it was in perfect condition but it is locked for AT&T… they told me they will contact the merchant and they will tell me if they can unlock it.. I had to wait 4 days for the merchant to get back to me and all I got told was they can’t do anything and I should send the phone back and after they receive it, I will have to wait 3-5 days after they receive it for them to issue a refund. So this entire time I’ve had no way of having a phone for service when it comes to data, calling, texting, internet… yep, I paid $879 for them to send me a phone I can’t use; I basically let them borrow my money for 2 weeks while I had no access to any mobile service at all.. the phone they sent me still has a balance with AT&T and there is no way for me to use it with my current carrier… even though I paid for a T-MOBILE phone. Absolute waste of my time and money
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2 months ago, Freedom4sale
Double talk
I was very happy when I first received my iPhone SE I was told and wanted to buy the Gen 3 SE so I rolled the dice and purchased said item which was in great condition and worked well but for one BIG problem it wasn’t a Gen 3 even though everything on black market website said it was and is a SE3 but in fact turned out to be the Gen2 ..I admit it has been awhile since I’ve purchased the phone but you would think that the invoice or whatever it is should still be available on the website when I open my BM app..for some reasons I don’t know it says I haven’t purchased anything from them so what do you do I’m sure I can find an email or figure it out on my end the thing is It shouldn’t have to be like this I shouldn’t have to deep dive to show that I’m not scamming or lying or whatever something like this should never happen in the first place so yeah it doesn’t deserve a star but since the phone I received came fast and was in good shape I gave them one star I’m just being honest hopefully I’m not the only one BM…
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3 years ago, Monte6lack
BackMarket is Legit
I was looking to order a phone off of this website before it became a bigger thing and I have to say overall a great experience. They were very friendly and helpful as the purchase was sold by a remanufacturer company which was defective and as I was trying to figure out the refund or exchange policy of a defective product and the seller was being overly quiet and not helpful at all to say the least, and BackMarket helped me out to get my full refund as they are able to read the conversation with the seller and contact them to help you out. Which they did in the matter on a day. I do recommend this app to anyone, and if you have a bad experience with a product or seller overall BackMarket will for sure have other sellers and product to choose from.
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11 months ago, BlkMarZe
Arguably one of the ‘Best Looking Apps’ I’ve Ever Seen
I like the usability and ease of use of the app’s products. You can find a lot of useful things for good prices and I prefer here to A-zon any day. The app even has a function in it where you can literally compare the type of condition you want your product in. I’ve only seen the phones so far. But what I want to know is if I can connect it just regular but prepaid plans as well to them. DevTeam get back to Me ASAP once this review is read, you hear? Appreciate it, thanks a bunch. Very dope app. And I like the use of vocabulary in there. It’s not “too company like” or real techie to where someone who doesn’t know Tech won’t Understand what you saying. The text speech is a lot like talking to someone who’s really been ‘in it’ feel Me?😁🙂💯👍🏾
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2 years ago, SleepyCube
Don’t judge a book by its cover!
When I was looking for a set of Airpods, I couldn’t find anything that was less than $200! I kept looking everywhere and then I found out about BackMarket, I was very skeptical because the theme was kinda of suspicious, and also the name “BackMarket” was similar to another word. Anyways, I found a pair of Airpod Gen 3’s and I chose the excellent condition, this was my first time buying a refurbished item so my expectations were very low. Once it came in, I was surprised by the quality of the Airpods! They fit perfectly in my ear, easy setup, and overall a good experience, I haven’t gotten any issues with the AirPods! Just made my 3rd purchase from BackMarket now, I definitely recommend this app if anyone is trying to get good tech at a low and affordable price! 🙌
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1 year ago, coconut greek yogurt
Bought a purple iphone 12 !
before buying the phone i read a bunch of reviews and saw videos of people buying from this app. most of good reviews, but some were bad. i went ahead and decided to purchase anyway. i don’t regret it all! i bought the purple iphone 12 64 gb in excellent condition. the phone came in 5 days after purchasing and shipping was quick! took a day to ship. the phone itself came in PERFECT condition. no stretches on any part of the phone, camera works fantastic, buttons and speaker work fabulous as well. i spent around $444 in total (with student discount applied). would definitely recommend buying on back market 12/10!
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1 year ago, NoThankY0u718
Worse customer service dishonest third parties
I’ve been using back market for a few years. The way kids go through electronics why not go second hand. This last purchase was literally my last purchase. I ordered a phone in Jan sent it back feb because it wasn’t working properly. I was sent a damaged item in return. When I contacted seller about I was asked to send pictures. I complied. I was asked two more times for the same pictures. I requested a refund. I was told by back market and the seller I would receive my refund within 24 hrs of the device being received. I sent the device back and no refund. Two days later I received email that a new phone was on the way. I contacted them an told them I requested a refund and I would not be home to receive the package. They said they would contact seller and stop delivery. Package was delivered anyway at least that is what their system says. So now they have my money and their phone….smh never again
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2 years ago, Rc_usmC@08
Over all Rating
This was my first time using Back Market and prices are cheap & affordable. Wait till you place an order, i had one purchase so I can not rate on how sellers handle shipping your orders but my the seller of my first purchase didn't coordinate with Back Market and viceversa. The invoice stated that it was a 2-day FedEx delivery which turned out to be 5 days. It clearly states 2-3 Business days only, it was delayed not because of the weather but because the seller took too long sending it. Also FedEx went around the whole state of California to deliver my package. I waited for 3 days for the package to arrive which means I missed 3 days of staying at home & doing more important stuff I needed to get done. No coordination between Seller and BackMarket, no customer service help nor anyone alive for inquiries. Not recommended highly to friends, I might lose my credibility with them.
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11 months ago, Devansley
Excellent Products
I’ve bought several phones and laptops for myself and family from Back Market and I don’t regret a single one. Even when selecting “fair” condition, the cosmetic issues have been so minor they could easily be labeled “like new.” I bought a 2013 MacBook because my kid was begging for a MacBook but there was no way I was gonna buy a brand new one and even being near a decade old it looked great and performed even better and worked at lot longer than I thought it ever would between my kid dropping it on accident several times and lugging it around to grandma’s house and sleep overs. Back Market doesn’t skimp on the quality of what they offer, at least in my experience. Products are great, prices are great, and buying refurbished reduces electronic waste. All good things in my book.
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2 years ago, AftaGodsHeart
Okay but could be better
As far as the buying aspect, it is pretty descent, however it’s not the best at all when you are selling. They take your phone and you don’t know what they have done to it. I had a phone that I was selling and it was in perfectly good shape and all, but I I received it back, because I didn’t accept the counteroffer, it had a small crack in the screen and the side that wasn’t there before I sent it. So beware of that because there is no one to talk to for getting this looked into. Everything is one the app and no phone to call. Sometimes it just a little too much to type. I will continue to purchase but not sell unless I can be guaranteed my item will not come back to me in worse condition than when it was sent. I always take care of my phones for this particular reason, to resell when I want to upgrade.
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3 years ago, PansAreScary
It’s decent
I have gotten three products off of here: IPhone 7 plus, hp chrome book, and a gaming headset. Each product has had some kind of issue. iPhone 7 Plus was scratched when ordered in perfect condition (they refunded me the difference). Hp chrome book did not connect to wifi at all (they sent a replacement). Gaming headset has mic that cuts in and out (in the process of seeing what I can do). The customer service is great, I will not deny that. I just wish they could get things right the first time. It feels like they are trying to prove that their customer service is good, when what matters is giving the consumer a worth while product. Either way the rewards you get shopping with this company (cheap products and saving the environment) are definitely worth the headaches. That’s not to mention the super fast shipping!
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1 week ago, Inevitable79
Prices and promises….
The prices are confusing. Except for when you trade something in it very specific and quick to low ball you… then you mail your device on 5/29 and the refurbisher gets your trade in on 6/4 it’s now 6/6 still no word from the refurbisher but then again they get to “play with your device for 2days!” Then they get to decide whether or not they want to pay you the $35 they offered you, and they can counter offer you or return your device after they’ve possibly dropped it or gotten it wet who knows? Not you… good luck. I’m NEVER GOING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE OR TRADE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN….And BTW if you respond to this review, I have it set to not alert me, and I have no interest in what you have to say or what you think about my opinion. Bye and good luck ripping people off….TRUST ME EVERYONE ITS NOT A GOOD DEAL! And if your needing money go to CoinStar you’ll get more and it’ll be faster…
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2 years ago, Suapoopa<3
I’ve never had to rate this low.
I decided after long debate to sell my phone to back market and it was probably the worst decision I’ve made as far as selling an electronic. I’m confused as to why a lot of the process is not upfront and clear. Why is it not completely clear how long getting paid will take? And the extra added steps at the end, should have been done beforehand not last second🤷🏽‍♀️ You essentially have to wait 8 days before you receive any type of payment. It may not seem like long to others, but I wish that that had been communicated before I sent it out. Instead everything just felt user un-friendly and it was hard for me to find answers about what I needed help with. I had yet to purchase something from back market, but this has really spoiled things for me. Deleting as soon as possible. 🤦🏽‍♀️
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1 month ago, GamerCane
This app has been recommended by people I trust. Accessibility needs work.
I just turned on this app after being given a recommendation to check it out. I love good deals on refurbished tech but often distrust sellers online. This marketplace looks legitimate and I wanted to explore it. Unfortunately, as a user of the iOS Voiceover screen reader, I found basically every button unlabeled. The text in the app itself is readable, so great job with that, but all the buttons just say "button." However, I'll check in again in a while and see what happens. The language is friendly, so maybe the authors will fix things up. I don't actually know if the app store allows review updates, but if it does, I'll update my review. ;)
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2 years ago, Eckorare
Be careful when buying from the app or website
If you attempt to buy anything from this marketplace. You should know that you more than likely will not get the item you ordered in the condition listed. The electronics for sale are listed in one of three conditions: fair, good, and excellent. Most likely you will not get what you ordered, end up having to request a refund or replacement and have your time wasted. The orders are usually sent out in three days and when you request a return, the seller has up to two days to respond. Then when you send the package back to the seller, it will take longer than three days to get there. So in all you could end up wasting up to two weeks or more, only to end up back where you started. I have attempted to make two orders and have ended up requesting refunds for both. One was listed in fair condition, but had other issues not listed. The second was listed as excellent condition, but was in no way in excellent condition. I would say the second order wouldn’t even pass for fair condition. I can not recommend Back Market to anyone, based solely on my experience with my two orders. The biggest issue is that Back Market doesn’t seem to monitor or hold the sellers accountable for bad business behavior. Buy at your own risk.
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5 months ago, Riel19
I needed to sell my new iPad for some extra cash and at first I thought it was kind of scamy just in the sense of it’s too good to be true but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. I sent my iPad in. It didn’t take long for it to get there and I believe they looked at my iPad the same day to make sure it was in the same condition that I said it was. And they released the funds and not too long after I got my payment in my bank account! I wish they had it available to trade in your Dell laptop for funds *hint hint* everything comes with time, and I also have some tech that I want to buy from them specially that PlayStation 5✨😣
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2 years ago, natertot5000
Wonderful company, wonderful app
I got an iPhone 12 mini on this app three months ago, and it was a super easy process. The phone’s condition was labeled “excellent“, and it really is excellent. Battery health was at 86 percent, but that was the only downside I saw. On the bright side, it’s the original Apple part. I just got some AirPods this last week, and they’re great, too. And just today I got a push notification asking if I could run a diagnostic on my phone through their app to make sure my phone was up to their standards. It was. I really like this company and the high standards they have. It definitely beats buying a product for the full price!
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2 years ago, Victor Castor
Good Phone Quality Bad Customer Service
I bought my phone from back market and there was a problem with the phone, I contact the seller for help and ship my phone back. After they receive the phone, no update or news from seller. After 2 business days they send me a message about refund and that it was a mistake from their team “ This was most likely due to a mistake that was made while your request was being processed. We will, however, report the situation to our team to ensure this does not happen again in the future. We deducted $10 for return label.” I lost $10 too. Bad customer service very slow respond. But overall the quality of the phone is acceptable because my friend also bought one.
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2 years ago, R!CK762
Purchased 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch
I purchase this 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch in “good”condition. What I received is not what I paid for. As the quality of items states on the back market site, “good” condition items will have light cosmetic scratches on the body but the screen should be clear of any damage. I the item I received has 3 large and deep scuffs in the side of the device which is also slightly bent! The screen also has 3 deep scratches in it one even noticeable when the display is on. When selecting to pay the extra money for a item in better condition I would expect to get what I paid for. Unfortunately I was given an item by back market definition “fair” I will not be buying from this site again. You have lost my business and the business of many others. I will make sure to share my experiences!
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1 year ago, JohnnyB7401
Use to be a Great App
Recently just bought a Galaxy watch from Back Market. The Watch was described as in Excellent condition. I had previous bought a galaxy watch in only Good condition. The watch that I received in Excellent condition was received in dirty condition and with scratch and in much worse shape then the watch that is now 2 years old, bought in only good condition. The new watch doesn’t turn on like it should, with the flick of the wrist. I emailed my concerns to Back Market upon receiving the watch and sent in Pictures. Still no Response from them. So I guess the app is making them money and they are no longer so concerned about their clients. My advice. Never pay MORE MONEY for an excellent condition product. The ones in Good condition are as good or better and the Back Market will respond slowly if at all as they are no longer a Going concern. Only BUY GOOD condition
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2 years ago, La Oublieux
It is not user friendly when it comes to resolving issues related to delivery. My package was send to an address I sent a gift before instead of my address which is my billing address. It was so difficult to find someone to discuss this matter because your phone number is very well hidden, and only 8 am to 8 pm. To be able to re route packages from UPS site it’s impossible. I am very disappointed that I have not been able to resolve this despite the hours plying with this website to find someone to help. Extremely upset, I need this key board for work and who knows when I’m getting it.
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12 months ago, Not matching the Ad
The Vendor “ItsWorthMore”
I ordered an IPad Pro from BackMarket and my IPad Pro was shipped by the above-mentioned Vendor for a much less Capacity Model. (Note: I had ordered one with 1000 GB but received one with 512 GB instead.) Being this was my second order from BackMarket, I thought I could TRUST what they shipped. It is only by accident and my curiosity that I checked the Capacity my this IPad Pro and fount it out… I’d like to suggest the Buyers be AWARE and be on the alert. BTW, I also recommended my sister-in-law to purchase an IPhone 13 from BackMarket as I did purchase an IPhone 12 without no surprise and am happy with my order. The Seller obviously was aware that my order is for 1000 GB. Therefore, I am not certain how this could have happened???
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2 years ago, J19931234
Great devices, great prices
My personal experience with this site has been great. I bought a good quality device and I would have described it was great because it had minimal evidence of usage. This was a good indicator to me that they have pretty high quality standards. I have now made a second purchase and I am confident that I will be pleased with the quality. If you want the latest tech without the huge price tag this is the place for you. It’s so awesome how they explain how you are literally minimizing your carbon footprint by purchasing a used device. I love the website layout and the overall appearance. They have a costumer for life.
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1 year ago, Tim Jarratt
Best in class
I’ve made a few unexpected tech purchases this past year, often on a tight budget. I can always find a good deal on BackMarket, even outside their primary category (clearly it’s phones) Even better the quality of what I’m delivered is often better than what I expect. And it arrives sooner than promised more often than not. My only complaint is that sometimes the push notifications I receive open the app but don’t do anything. Shouldn’t they show me some special content ? That’s kind of annoying and discourages me from opening the app more often.
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2 years ago, j hmmmm in
After receiving my I watch was unable to activate it because it was not properly refurbished and was still connected to somebody else’s iCloud account therefore I could not use it upon returning said Wanch a refund it was issued quite promptly as I was happy with that the next day this company tried to take money out of my account without my permission, and charged my account for $106 for no reason, I had sent the product back and requested a refund and got the refund and then out of nowhere they just decide to take more money out of my account without permission and when trying to contact them about this issue no response was ever given. They would not answer my requests do you have someone contact me about this issue and I had to do a stop payment on this company due to this. Be careful with this company
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3 years ago, TigTheCompilationKing
I’m a frequent flyer with Back Market. I have purchased an  Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse,  watch 5 and an  watch 6, Airpod Pro’s, an iPhone 11 Pro and just recently a 12 Pro. My nieces and nephew love it too because they get all my old tech lol. I’m a big believer in helping reduce e-waste and giving new life to previously owned tech. With all these products i have purchased, i have never had a bad experience with Back Market. If you are in the market to upgrade or just purchase some slightly new electronic goods, do yourself a favor and make Back Market your first stop. You won’t be sorry.
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2 years ago, N. ike
Not happy this time around
I have used back market before and what is advertised in description was true in the past . However , this time I paid a huge amount of money for this iPhone 12 Pro that states it is fully unlocked and I get the phone it looks amazing and it’s locked. I’m very disappointed. I have written the seller no response yet . But the bottom line is it should not have sold as fully unlocked if it wasn’t. It’s refurbished and I get that . But the false information makes me not want to use the site anymore . Im going to see what the seller says before im completely done with back market . There have been positive reviews with the seller so I trusted the company . But now I’m shaky .
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2 years ago, SypherBaker
Hesitant at first.
When I first saw the add for back market on instagram, I was skeptical. I tapped the add and checked out the phones. I was taken aback by the deals they were offering. Not only that but they went above and beyond and added a 12 month warranty for free when you buy the phone! Plus 30 days love it or return policy as well! I browsed my heart out and found an iPhone for a steal! First one I ever owned! Never thought I would have one but the deal was way to good to pass up since I needed to update anyway. The standard shipping is 3 days but I received mine in 2. They are not clowning around.
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2 years ago, Designer822
Totally satisfied
After I submitted my payment and tax was added in my total cost was almost as much as purchasing a new 13 pro with Apple Store. I almost canceled the order and was concerned that battery condition might be less than 100%. The phone arrived sooner than expected. It appeared to be brand new condition and the battery health was 100%. My experience through out the process has been flawless. I am telling all my friends about Back Market and I’m sure I’ll be doing some more shopping. The app is flawless too. You will not be disappointed and will save money.
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2 years ago, Jewles126
iPhone 8 Plus
I’ve always wanted the plus phone. Ironically for the last 2 1/2 years I actually had the iPhone 11 but never got use to the way it looked and don’t care for any of the newer versions. I wanted a new phone but wanted to downgrade and finally get this one. I just found out about Back Market a couple months back and had I known sooner I would of gotten this phone then! I chose excellent condition and am happy with it, I love it better than my iPhone 11. Light scratches on the back but I did get the black one and have a case on so you can’t even tell.
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