Background Remover+

Graphics & Design
4.8 (8.1K)
249.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Background Remover+

4.8 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Lukalot
Excellent background remover
I've spent the last hour trying a bunch of background removal apps. This one is the best so far- it's straight to the point with an attractive, simple UI and a one-time payment for smart cropping. The tools are good, though I feel like they're lacking a magnetic scissors tool which would improve my cropping results. Overall highly recommended.
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11 months ago, Voodoogrl76
New updates changed the functionality of the app
This is my goto app for background removal. I have recommended and shared the name and how much I loved it with 1000’s of people through Facebook reseller groups. This latest update has decreased the functionality substantially. The AI Eraser does not work like it used to, forcing you to do all edits manually. The background feature used to be a simple drop down of colors (of which resellers are prone to use either black or white). Now it has backgrounds that will never be useful as the default and you have to go through the palette adding additional steps. I hope this review helps the developers as, I will not be as much of a promoter of the app until it starts working smoothly again.
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11 months ago, Ray-Gun Black
Newest update is terrible
Don’t waste your money. The newest update to this app sadly makes it useless. I paid for an app that would allow me to use a simple work flow to remove backgrounds, perform simple edits and easily export the results to my desktop for more in-depth editing/uploading. It used to do all of these things. The update has resulted in an app with a slow, buggy background removal, and a much more complicated work flow in order to make room for new, additional background options that I will never use. In addition to that, I no longer have control over where the app sends my saved files to. I can see them in the apps ‘recent’ folder, and edit them there, but I can no longer find them in my phone’s files to export them via air drop to my desktop. Now it’s just useless to me, and every other designer I’ve talked to who previously used it as a time saving tool. I had no complaints about its previous format, and used it nearly 500 times a week for work. This update was completely unnecessary and rendered this app useless.
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3 years ago, avalonai2
Amazing Fast Magic
Honestly I wasn’t expecting much more than any other I’ve tried but this app is amazing. I threw the most difficult images that I had with backgrounds that had me searching for a solution. This is that solution. My only problem is, there needs to be a version of this that works on video that would be fanstastic!
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2 years ago, Limahi
Amazing, still trying different tools
Still getting to know the tools. The Smart Background removal is AMAZING. On all the photos I tested with - One click and it’s as if it read my mind. Everything I hoped for when I need fast and accurate background removal. $9.99 “Lifetime”. It’d be great if there were more background colors to choose from. Very happy though.
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2 months ago, AEN2019
BEST background remover app OUT THERE!
For a day, this app wasn’t working properly. That day I searched high and low for a new app. NOTHING comes close to the AI capability of this app in removing backgrounds. I create decor set ups and then remove the backgrounds using this app. I get crisp, clean edges and almost perfect background removal in the most complex set ups. This app is amazing.
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3 years ago, cunderhill
Like another reviewer stated, I wasn’t expecting much out of this compared to other apps that do the same thing. I’m blown away by how well this works. Give it a shot. You can use it free, but you’ll have to use the manual mode. It’s worth the $10 to upgrade to the automatic mode.
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3 years ago, Raven645
Great app, just one small problem
Hello, this is one of the best background eraser apps I've seen yet, though I have just one small problem. I would like it if you could zoom in more and rotate the screen. I also would enjoy if you could make the magic wand/color remover a bit more accurate, and not so blurry. Thank you, that's all I needed! It's a great app!
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4 years ago, jaslacy
Unexpectedly Pleased
Was expecting this app to either just sort of work or not at all as is true with most apps like this one but nope from the time to when I first opened it to when I was saving my first pic thru the app it was like 8 seconds at most. This is going to get used a lot!
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1 year ago, lmkendall
The programe, when paid for, includes erase and restore, and saves at the same resolution as the original. It also includes cropping. It could use some more features, but saving at the same or greater resolution is the biggie for me.
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2 years ago, I like vetrtical games
I love it
When I was doing a tutorial on how to tween Gacha people with KineMaster and Gacha club, one of the steps was to open background eraser and erase the background and save it then open the second screen shot and crop it and I may think it will work!
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3 years ago, Mandingo-17
Best $10 purchase
I hate how every app is now subscription based, i was expecting this one to be the same but no. Its $10 and done, and let me tell you, ITS THE BEST $10 I’VE EVER SPENT. Every line is so smooth and it looks natural. Its not grainy at all. Amazing experience!!
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2 months ago, DianeVarner
Failed, Try Again
Unfortunately, this stopped working. Opened the app a week ago and it worked fine. Perhaps a recent update has made a difference?? I love this app and look forward to it working again soon - thank you!
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11 months ago, dominoe82
The last update ruined this app.
There used to be a feature called color eraser. This made it easy to get rid of big chunks of a certain color in a specific area. Now they replaced it with AI removal which doesn’t work well at all. I even paid for the upgraded version of the app because I liked it at one point. I wish they would take back the update that took away the color eraser and added the AI eraser. It was a downgrade
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1 year ago, Immrporter
Remove unwanted items
So far so good but I’ve only started. I wish it would let me use it a few days before asking for a review. But it looks like what I wanted.
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3 years ago, bone345
I can do
Found one that works great and I was able to do it on my own just wish could use on my iMac as well but it’s still great thank you
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2 years ago, Real Hilan
Must reccomend
Instantly erases the background of the photos very convenient for pictures that you don’t want people to see the background
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3 years ago, Pinkrose86
Best one time $9.99 spent
I’ve tried all the other background remover and this one is the best BC it gets all the background without you having to go back to erase unwanted background.
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2 years ago, error: this nickname is taken!
Its ok, i tried doing it, i just wanted to erase white background for a discord emoji, and didn't want to pay anything, i wanted to do it quickly. I used the color eraser but it didnt solid erase all white, i downloaded the photo and there were random pieces of white, i wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t want to pay and just want the white background
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3 years ago, wolf child272727
Wonderful! Just 1 problem
I use this app to edit gacha characters. This app is so useful and I love it, but sometimes it won’t work and it will just turn all white where I removed it. It gets annoying. I would love if it was fixed.
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2 years ago, REJane1
Free Version is Trash
Tried to do a simple background removal of the solid wall behind a painting & the manual remover couldn’t “see” the edges of the painting (a dark blue square against a red background). Maybe the $10 version is great, but since the free version is terrible, I’m not gambling on it. Don’t bother to download the app unless you want to buy the premium version & that one I cannot vouch for.
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4 years ago, Jorge Moto
Get this app!
So far so good. I needed to have the background removed for a picture I wanted to use, and this app worked perfectly. Very easy to use and does exactly as advertised.
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4 years ago, PleasantBud
It just works!
This is amazing. You can open Photoshop and carefully erase the background bit by bit or you can use this. Good work!
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4 years ago, TheCatzMeowMix
The Cats Meow Mix
This works great. I had to look for a background eraser since cutting out things no longer works right on Bazaart. So far this is great for me and I would recommend it. I give it 5 Lions.🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁
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3 years ago, sneakersteve
Better then expected
I’m just a casual simple user. This app exceeded my expectations for the price. I wasn’t going to pay high monthly subscription fees for occasional use. This app is perfect and fit my budget.
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5 months ago, EsmeewdoubleE
Don’t recommend
A 3 day trial is not enough for some of us to decide wether we like the app or not. I barley edited one photo and couldn’t even save it to my photos. 2.99 a week is crazy. I found a different app that doesn’t charge unless you’re trying to FaceTune. Id look else where before downloading this app. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, Di-P :)
Not free!
Don’t trust the rating, it’s deceptive! They ask for a review after you’re allow to see what the app can do, but then you can’t use the “smart” feature and are stuck with a dumb eraser. I’m so glad I didn’t review them before learning this. If you have to pay, I get it, but asking for a review first is just shady!
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4 years ago, Harold9902
Mind blowing!
It’s so simple and accurate. I didn’t have to do anything. The app automatically removed the background in my photo.
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2 years ago, soakingthepot
Sometimes it works usually crashes
Great when it works, I have the iPhone 13 pro max and it crashes every time I use it making it unusable. It crashes every time you try to save the photos to your camera roll.
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2 years ago, peggy sue i love you
I never thought this would be so simple.
Thank you
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5 months ago, Yuk shy
Your place is a little bit more expensive
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3 years ago, BAWilki
A Flawless App
This is the best app I’ve ever used for this purpose. It is very functional, easy to use, and it works flawlessly leaving crisp well defined edges. I love it!
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3 years ago, ChuchReview
Best option
I tried a few in a row and this one was the most accurate and useful in the free version
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5 months ago, bjjpr
The Best
This is the BEST background eraser EVER! Can’t go wrong with it. Others will erase part of the photos that shouldn’t be erased, this app doesn’t. Thumbs up 👍
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2 years ago, ittybitty2xx
False advertisement
They allow you to see how they can erase the background then they immediately ask for a review and then tell you to get that picture you have to pay monthly fees ! Should say that from the beginning not try to trick people into writing these reviews
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4 years ago, BAR112
Works pretty well for making png’s
Not worth $9.99 for smart-erase feature. You need to erase pretty much manually (time-consuming and inaccurate); although I do appreciate the “feather” feature. I would prefer auto-cutout; for that I use Bazaart app.
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2 years ago, Santa'sNo1Baby
Fabulous App
First app I have ever used that does what it says it’ll do! I said remove the background and it did holy crap I love it!
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2 years ago, oudgsnsmd
Love it
Been using this app for awhile and must say I LOVE IT!!! Works like a charm, would give this 10 stars if I could.
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4 years ago, Cheyt88
It works
I’m just using this app, but it works well. I’ll be happy to pay for it. Hopefully a one time payment.
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2 years ago, Nathanswet
Do I need to pay?
I was wondering if I pay the 9.99 is it for the life time of monthly
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4 years ago, breezanac
Love it
I love this app cuase I can back my gacha life videos. I always use it and it’s my forvroite app I used this app over 2 years I’m so happy
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11 months ago, TurboOhio
Better available apps
One picture created and then requires $2.99 per week after a 3-day trial. Why not just tell us up front that I’ll be spending about $12/month?
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4 years ago, W.13th
SMART Background Removal is a hell of a lot smarter than I thought it'd be. Genius level, imo. Saves a literal ton of time. Best I've used. Nice work here, devs
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4 years ago, Cashieff❤️
I’m beyond amazed
I honestly thought this was another fake ad crap but it proved me wrong. I honestly love it 10/10🙌🏾❤️
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2 years ago, wertuiifd
Amazingly user friendly
Anyone can use it
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7 months ago, MojodaArtist
Is this really FREE
The very best free and perfectly basic tools and options needed for any ‘cut out’. For real and free of cost! Wow
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4 years ago, 6string6
It works like,easy and results are excellent.
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4 years ago, jhncrg
Simple and Easy
Everyone should try this app!
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4 years ago, Bookertown
This app is what I’ve been looking for. 😎
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1 year ago, Yohinocota
I love it smmmmm
It erases everything I need to use it every minute
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